The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 04, 1921, Image 2

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AKIIUk U. MOH. Publisher
Subscription, 82.00 Per Year.
We regret the loss of the fair this
year. The decision of the, board, how
ever, in postponing the event, until it
could be lifted from h makeshift basis,
is correct.
Hali' HurroiiK'
: iiwil .! i lillh'.
HoimI Hlver.
Adding Macblna, IIM
Inquire K. W. Clitud-JnSOtf
met Iti
DIhiiIrv HdvcrtlsiiiK, ver Inch, transient rait
15 OMta utbi Unn ami ji oenti tor
anain; conlracl rate, Brtt time 20 0
cent lor Mine aciv. aHin.
Local reaitlns uolleet.. Scents per line.
Clasislned Ada. -26 cents for one inserllon, 6
lines or less; 10 cent n foreacli additional I user,
lion of same ad.
When subscribers desire ft change In address
this office Rhould be untitled promptly, und
week before if possible. Always five old ad
drews as well us the new. Also, Hood Klver
aubscribers should notify Ihisotllce at once
when changing their address rrom one rural
route to another, or from city delivery to
country delivery, or vice versa. If yon do not
get your paper promptly, notify us by mall or
telephone and the matter will be Investigated
Dead 'Ian Found at Mosier
While hunt
the younj et
found the dea
years old. 1
and a small a
cated that he
a cow near Mosier,
jf Dr. W. S. Nichol
ody of a man about til)
ences of a camp fire
munt of p
lied while
Over in central Oregon is F'end, one
of the moft metropolitan-like small
cities in the Northwest. The Oregon
State Editorial Association held its an
nual convention at liend last week,
and representatives of The Glacier
along with newspaper men from vari
ous parts of the state were present,
and they all returned to their respect
ive .homes impressed with the progres
eiveness, em rgy, optimism, vision and
hospitality of this comparatively new
center of Oregon industry, liend is
the center of a district of much natura
resources. The last of the world's
irreat forests of white pine lie off to
tho south, southeast and v est of the
city. Great irrigation projects are
being developed. Bend citizens have
already attempted big things and put
them through. They are attempting
big things, and they will not cease
their efforts until their tasks are ac
complished. Bend is going to grow. The visitor
who goes to the central Oregon me
tropolis and sees the resources and is
touched by the Bend spirit makes such
a prophesy without reservation.
Bend has two newspaper men, R. W.
Sawyer, publisher of the Bend Bulle
tin, and A. Whisnant, publisher of the
Bend Press, (they call them Bob and
Whizz over there), who are making a
large contribution toward the work of
carrying forward Bend progress. These
two editors, with apparently unlimited
cooperation of their fellow citizens,
greeted their fellows of the craft with
a hospitality that will not soon be for
gotten. If any of the newspaper men
at the convention failed to get the
story of Bend progress and her oppor
tunities for development, it was not
the fault of the two Bend newspaper
Hood Kiv
men who joi
grocers' pici
day of la t
richer. Tha
having pitta
Oregon City
tion declare
occasion of
A large
era and Hm
Portland th
nual buyer
(l i
i cers and meat shop
it: r,()00 attending the
Bonneville Wednes
i returned home $50
n the tug of war,
fst them the strong
The local delega-
Bonneville picnic, an
of Hood River groc
of all lines are in
; attending the an-activities.
For Ha
Oregon, has toj
spotlight, spet
tfrea, good pail
A in golnu
rd Hug. The classiest one In
.windshield, fende' s.bum pers,
lometer, clock, sbocki, new
t. Tnis car la as good u new.
in n -t sel 1, can be seen by ap
pointment. Write Hox 177., Mosier, Ore. IgS.
For MM
My pigs, !f7
lei. I'arkdale
8 weeks
For Hale - 6 ho
springs, mattresses,
ciiblnet, fruit Jurs. 1
bed POOH) set, gurtlei
gal. gas tank , 15 gal.
Old purebred Duroc Jer
l.nva Hud Orchard Co.
t JnZllf
e range, heating stove,
eleotna heater kitchen
itther rocker, dress box,
cultivator and hails. Ml
ill lank etc. W. li. Ilck-Juli'.tf
For Hsle Cash Fordson TaCtOf-OU V'
low, Internal i ma! ' Inch Disc addres
HIHstrom, Wlllamlna, Ore.
Kor Hftte
1 Km pounds
of horses,
if taken ttt
i. T(
r no. 7
I. 4K79.
121 tf
Man Burned in Brush Fire
For Htile or Trade acre
IhO apple trees, 29 pear trees,
acres strawberries MOO, 8e
-louthwest from ball ground
on A valon Way
: cherry trees, 'V;t
owner VA mi lea
For Sale M. I'. Projector with take-up at
tachment. Four framed oil pftlntings, Hub
Jects, Ijiadscape'a. For prices call A. J. Oil-h-sple.
Phone f7"i8 . Jlltf
r sale n
ml house
In. wood XH mile
K7.!)0 per cord R
North Harr
U. Noel. a4.
The proposed penetration of the In
visible Empire, into 'the Northwest,
on first glance presents comic aspects.
The requests of the Klu Klux Klan
officials, in Portland the first of the
week, that authorities of the city join
them at the Multnomah hotel and
there receive, through the discourse of
masked leaders, the tenets of the or
der, smacked of opera bouffe. The
Portland authorities went, they saw
and they laughed. Up in the North
west people are, not taking the Invis
ible Empire as seriously as apparently
they are in some parts of the country.
It is reported that the Klan is signing
up members in numbers in various
points, but it is likely that many of
these join for the novelty of the ex
perience, in the way of a frolic. The
Klu Klux Klan is likely to be laughed
out of existence in the Northwest.
And yet this comedy is liable any
time to be turnetl into tragedy. Tragic
events have followed the organization
of the Klu Klux Klan in the South.
The Klu Klux Klan makes an appeal
to racial and religious prejudice. It is
cashing in here on tho Pacific ('oast on
prejudices arising from our Japanese
problem. Its mystery and secretness
carry a threat of violence in the en
forcement of its basic principles. On
their face these principles are just,
such as all good Americans should
Hans Olten, aged about 40, was
brought to thj Cottage hospital yester
dav from Mo ier suffering from tern
ble burns sustained in a brush fire
lie was not expected to recover. Mr
Olsen was rUahed here by James Car
roll in an automobile He had Peen en
gaged fighting the fire and probably
became trapped. Just, how he receiv
the burns had not been ascertained
The fire was raging yesterday after
noon about two miles up Mosier creek
south of the town. A body of timber
and surrounding orchards were men
aced. and the entire male popualtion of
Mosier was cj.lled out to fight the 'fire
which was brought under control about
2 o'clock
Notice of Street Completion 5th Street
Improvement District
Notice is hereby given that the
Transfer & Livery Company, contract
or. has -filed written notice this 3rd
day of August, 1921, of the completion
of the improvement of Seventh Street
between Oak Street and Columbia
Street, and Eighth Street between
Cascade Avenue and Columbia Street
all in accordance with his contract
hitherto made and entered into a
specified in Ordinance No. tiOO, tnd
that the amount due said Contractors
upon its acceptance is hereby stated t(
be $2,!2.6r..
And notice is further given that any
objections to the acceptance of said
work under the contract with the said
contractor on the part of said City
may be filed in the office of the under
signed City Recorder by any interested
party at any time within lf days from
the date of first publication of salt
notice, towit, within 15 days from the
1th dav of August, 1921.
This notice is published in the Hood
Kiver Glacier for two consecutive is
sues thereof, the date of the first nub
lication thereof being the 4th dav of
August, 1921.
alall City Recorder,
adopt, but if we
Klan method of e
America is dnn I
resort to the
g them, then
Five-ton Mtandard track, equipped wit!
dump body ami hoist, A I tires nti all mm
wheels, mechanically perfect, by installing
sideboards, this can he mnde into a very
iikiIIIhi.1i' wheal h ii ii li in: I ruck. t.MYMMO
'i'.j-ton Wit-Hi x, lots of speed, lots of power
will pay lor Itself In it short time. (775 00
21011 IMC. new tires on nil four wheels
F.very part of this machine Is in the very best
of condition, has run exclusively on pave
ment and we consider It lo be one of the beat
buys In our shop. We ure hacking II with tin
same liberal guarantee that applies to our new
trucks, f IU50.U0
i ton Federal, thoroughly overhauled ftcm
stall lo llnlsh, all standard nulls, such as Con
tinental motor, Mrown l.lpe I'ansmlsslou and
Tlmkeii rear axle. (L.MIOO.
I'.ton (IMC, on pneumatic tires. We are
overhauling tills truck at the present time.
Toll la an excellent machine lor wotk lu soft
lllelds where Iraellon Is Impossible for solid
I Ires. IlllO.nO
1',, ton Nash, overhauled self starter, elec
tric I Ik li lis and cab. t. , on
I'.j-tou four-wheel drive Wlnl her, entirely
overhauled. This truck has decided advan
luge due to the fact that any one wheel whlcii
can secure Iraellon has power enough to move
the truck. tUhOM.
I ton UMf , carelully overhauled from s'em
toaleru. All the tires are lu Hist class eondl
lion unit then are years of hard
truck fllMMK).
1-ton Moreland,
Irom start to finish
bargain at 1(775 01).
I ton Hepubllc on so, Id tires, first ela
expreM body, cab and windshield,
mechanical condition. JmOOO.
, lou (IMC, ll'ixfi pneumatic tires, a I
will be dittlcitlt to duplicate any when
in solid Urea, overhauled
all standard units and a
1 1,
i. 00.
tion the hordes
of the South bv
served a us
keeping i
ntwly frei
orking on
i lluick, t QQlpped with R6x ptieuiiifttlc
The entire machine has been carefully
n led and we believe under priced eon-
llulck iiiallty and prestige. t75 00.
11 11 r ,11 to these we have a number t
neks ranging In llH from Fords to thc
niide. We will be glad to send you
plete list of used curs upon mipllea
' will also gram very liberal terms lo
taking advi
I he next IhlrC
Utility ol
Hut the time has gone when t
I rt-r ' . for Mi.'h an , rgnrnzi d
terb'us Ixaly in Ariel. .-an bock
is superfluous and potentially
flu liei ause of tnc possible ':i
and class strife it may efMta
iMCftnd Pofttie hislrtbutors tor Orefl
' i ol Ht , ( 'or. Taylor, Portland, m,
For Sale---is tons. New cutting of timothy
and clover hay with a few tons alfalfa. John
Dock wall, 1'lione Odell 2(9, intr
Kor Hiile A u Ideal orchard team, low and
block, 7 years old, weight abouiusoo pounds.
Also new Mitchell witgou, 'A loch axel, with
basket ruck. I'hone odell 145. jlltl
For Hale -A good two-seated hack, nearly
new, bolh tongue and shafts. Also wimiii.
Call me for light motor trucking, ouemsey-
.leisev nun iwi mrm, WJ1MW1I i'uvih.
no. 01 moiiciici muuoii, lei. uur 1 1 J u nil 'll
For Hale-1
or Sale Flume lumber, building material,
tree props. Saw mill near Hummlt. I'hotie
Udell 108. W. I. Kirby, Hiaid Klver, K. F.
D, 2. J naif
I f In market for home near town, 5, 10 or lf
acres, good Improvements, It will pay you to
see II. 1'. Allen, phone 5129. jBttf
Kor Hale Kir and pine lfi-ln. and -I - ft. wood,
delivered anywhere within two miles of Hood
Klver. K. Ueauregard., tel. Odell 808. nillilt
l or Hale-Kord best engine in the Valley,
cylinders rewound 'new pistons-complete new
ii in .ml. valves etc. last year. A buy at 1200.
K. W. Arena. K. D. iultnf
Kor Hale Dry
at summer priC
ton iruck.
body UVln. fir wood dsllve
s We do hauling wflh our
ii ed
Halt.uiau Bros. ju'Jtl
le At a llHrgaln a modern residence,
two blocks from center of business district, 12
rooms, Including four large bedrooms, large
double sitting room, kitchen pantry, targe
closets, bathroom and enclosed porch. BQQlp-
ped Willi lurnaceaud has convenient garage.
Call W. J, Maker. mill!
K or Hale - .Stephens Salient Hlx. The Oar of
Heauty. I am ottering this car at a greatly
reduced price. Wm. Weber. miUlf
Kor Hale Four-room house ami large pftnlry.
house plastered, a large wtaid house. Three
lots, sidewalk find newer connections In. Price
SIKOO I'hone 1184, in 1 1
Kor Hale HO acres land!', miles from Clfy
of Hood River, part bottom land with free
water, balance good pasture land not bonded
for water. 1200 cords fir atid oak wisal stum-
isge, county road thru land, fair btti. dings,
'rice 8;i7.60 per acre. J. K. l'hllllps. I'hone
1)54 Jti24lf
For Sale- 'JO acres all level brush lund, some
timber, M-H mile south of Karkdale on east side
f road at K el ley's mill. Write or I null I re of
H. F. J. Hleverkropp. Hood Klver. Ore. phone
7Hti. nstf
Kor Hale Oood Iota for aale In all parts of
he city, prices right. A. W. Ontnank a Co. iHtf
Kor Kent Kooms and board, reasonable,
me block lo high school suitable for teacher
and sludenls Also cottage for light house
keeping. I'hone :I0I4. ait!
Kor Kent A 6-ro
near high school.
mi furnished house right
For Information, call MM,
Kent- Furnished room with dressing
t ic 1 1 1 leu ut ii preferred. Tel. 84M all !
Kor Kent
Two lurnlshf
tie 1411.
A beautiful i
'all 4881.
untry botni
t i4i r
For Kent Nice, large, ally room, private
iinlly, close In, modern In every respect, ti
si I, tfM Front HI. Jy'tl
For Kent 2 furnished rooms in one of the
est locations In Mood Kiver; modern con
enlenees, at reasonable price. Call N21 Oak
L . or tel. 8448, dStf
Wanted Married man with small famll
lororclianl work. Must lie experienced am
sd b ums!. ir, wile to board help dnrlng bar
si I'hone or write . I. K- Clark, tel. 474(1. all
Wanted Sedan or Touring car, modern
II rst class i'iiiiiI it ion, as part payment for a
1 large house and lot lieur city high schoo
Write full particulars nd I will examine oar
in or belore August loth. Ira K. W illiams
inionds, Washlulon. in
Wanted To bftle hay lor parties. Kver
h i ug furnsshed but tags, dinner and horse-
Iced. .1. O. Cameron. Tel. Iti7 Odell. Iy7tl
Wanted -'l o buy voung hogs lor feeders; -
ly maiket price al any time. V. T. Iteaure
gard. I'hone 1878. iiiMf
Wanted To tiny your used tin nlture, stoves
tnd rugs. Cash or new good In exchange
a. rraai ro. tmi
W iinteil Ti
ii! small house In city.
1,. st
if hud
A lurge Airedale, answering to liami
Under please plume :i.'.' atll
laist I M'li' - liar I'ln. set with sapphires
ml pearls w Ith diamond center Keward on
turn to r. I", linker, Hotel Oregon, II
Iver nut
si Aug. 1st. on street istcket book con.
tinning silver Hint nickels One bill of goods
mis name insme r inner please nave hi tin
ftlce, reeetv e n-ward. al
Fstray nolle
d black ami
h Kintlei
dell 112.
tluv lie
. a 8wkl
y from
aughev .
try in
men w ho Pe:
ieir eoefl
eek t
Can by
, out
Wet i
o of the
Toet hav
k' :
't i
n. The
n bodv &
i - tie Or trad
draught colt.
' I " I. Wash
l or Sale -A gd all-round work liorat .
fhl about l.,'tixi iMiiiuds. Also gonl inlleh
l a I Higaln If taken at once. Tel. 5nT9,
I W.C. Sumnera a4
i-oi ,, ' used ear bargains 1KIS Mitchell
paaw tiger, perfecl mrclianleal condition, a at ftaV.M). ISIS Chevrolet 5 pa-wnger, en
II baeJM l)-ii overhauled. MH 111
. real t nluiubla Seiv Ice Siallou. a4
ii s-..le Avery Scyllnder tractor in first
adltlun, alMi gang plow. lei. 4' U' J.'Mf
F.r sale-Three Bne Jersey euwe. Can be
" I All milking. Two freeh In slept
. la, Hiisuio. Wash. al
Kof sale - Kreeh .leraey Cow. Ralph Blawl
in. Kid. 4. Tei.tao;. attf I
. A Otiernae) cow, years old. Joat I
M a i n heifer calf Call . t ilings. i;s.'. a4tf
ForSHi- At a bargain by owner. IP acre
- and barn, cow. boriM- chickens itnd
Will exchange Oeneral store, buildings
welling, clear except small street assess
cut, h bout 810,008, la well located Willamette
alley town, for desirable small place with
sd MlMlaga. Addreaa C.K. Olacier all
For general innsonry work,
or tirick ta Ing, plastering, ca
li l .', or addreaa aus'sj K
Klver. Ore.
csmcrete. i
1 Fred Mi
$5 Paid by the Comfort
Foot Powder Co.
fur any CMtJ of pt ispiratinti
Off rvaiilest feet that it fails' t
will ,
Kane by the j n mi
tomeye v aa daeaM
to District Att rne
Clerk Shoemaker tvl
preparing the ft rt a
IMP ('handier. 7 pasm-ngrr car.
ion Was taken in on debt and
Tond hand Ideal
if lfix "Mill
tl a load .
idler 1 1 ,
Sp ul pru ck on roui;h Inm
Iht. N r Mill furnish jnlhinK
in dimentkinns on imnu iluii no
tice. Where tt sin ,1 e w ill
deliver to any pari of tin Valley
HORN IWOS . I'ropa.
Tel. MM
We are prepared to do your
Hemstitching, Ruffling, Fluting
and Buttonholing.
Mrs. J. W. Forbes in charge.
See those
we have just opened up. They
are beauties. The very newest.
Men's Low Cut Shoes
in black and tan leathers, sizes
6 to 8. Exceptional values.
Your choice, $2.50
New Fall Wash Goods
Now is a good time to do your sewing for school
wear. Our new Fall Ginghams, Devonshires and
Crepes an; beginning to arrive and they include some
very attractive patterns in checks, plaids, stripes and
plain colors, and our prices are most attractive. Come
in and see them.
SpeciaIMen's Hats
New Fall Styles and Colors. All sizes from 6J to
11. These are exceptional values as you will admit
when you see them. Your choice while dl AO
they last Jbl.a70
Men's Elastic Ribbed Union Suits
With long or short sleeves, ankle length -summer
weight. All sizes in this lot. They are real nr
bargains at the suit 5DC
Bathing Suits
For Men, Women and Children. A good assort
ment in fancy, colors and styles, in cotton, wool and
cotton mixed and all wool material, at prices the lowest.
Ladies' Shoes, Oxfords and Slippers
Broken lots that we are closing out. d1 OA
Extra big values in this lot at the pair, only piaOaf
Misses' and Children's Muslin Pants
Good grade of muslin, embroidery trimmed, f
the pair ItC
For wool, cotton or silk, standard brands, O
the package OC
Retailers of
To Wear
Hood River's
Largest and Best
have many details to attend
to at harvest time, some of
which can be taken care of
now. Among these are
Look over your supply. You will
find some of them lost or worn
out. Perhaps you have a new
variety coming into bearing or need
a name stamp. Place your order
NOW and have them ready when
We also carry Stamping Ink and Pads
' aod
1 le
penuity will
dence of bit aci
.Itk, n.
I'll. .11,