The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 05, 1920, Image 10

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After having visited the Youngs,
Crosby and other rel;ities Miss Orace
Gilmor returned to her home at Kenl
Wednesday of last week. She wai ac
companled by Mrs. C. B. Hamilton w!
children who will visit at the Gilmor
L. A. Chapman'is now becoming ac
quainted with customers at the store
formerly owned by H. C. Johnson & Co.
After 16 years without a vacation
Gordon Haskins will enjoy a few days'
outing in the mountains with his fam
ily and friends. Others whose families
will complete the camping party are C.
F. A I low ay and J. P. Naumes.
Mr. and Mrs. John Brown and daugh
ter, Miss Gladys Brown, of Oregon
City, and Mrs. Louise Shevetts, of
Hillsboro, have been visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lenz.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walstrom and
Robert, Jr., stopped in Odell for a
short call one day Jat week while on
the way to Hood River to mi et friends
who were coming for a short visit at
their Middle Vellev home. They re
port that fire destroyed the K. M. Ire
land tenant house.
Mi'mherH of Kemn I.odife report a
fine time as guests of hllewilde Lodge
of Hood River last Thursday night.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Cutler
Saturday, July 24, a daughter.
Mrs. Cutler will go to Portland for a
visit while H. C, George and Cecil
Cutler enjoy a few days at the coast.
A. L Ferguson is building a new
apple house. Tile is the material chosen
for this roomy and substantial ware
house, the dimensions of which are
Mrs. Albert Hull and children, Lil
lian and Hillie, will enjoy a two weeks'
visit with relatives at Gridley, Oak
land and San Francisco.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Dunbar are en
joying a motor trip end visit with rela
tives at Newberg.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Calkins and
Apple Season
will soon be here
How are you fixed
Mr. Grower for
your Fall Supplies
We are now delivering
Box Nails
Cutler Box Presses
Wenatchee Picking Bags
Northwest Ladders
Dick Smith Nail Strippers
If you have not placed
yoyr order do so now,
so we may protect you
against shortage and
higher prices.
E. A. Franz Co.
nephews, Frank and Geo. Murdock,
motored from Portland for a week end
visit at tne home of Mr. Calkins'
brother, A. C. Calkins.
A band of 2100 sheep driven through
Odell on foot during the warm weather
made very slow progress and were en
countered later by motorists who went
hlaekberrying on the Ixst Lake road.
Mrs. Sarah E. Tousey, of Portland,
came up Monday for a few days' busi
ness visit.
Miss Grace M. Chambers and Miss
Florence Gregory climbed as far as
Cooper's Spur Sunday. They report B
fine trip.
Nine Odell and Central Vale boys
made the climb to the top of Mount
Hood Sunday. They were Nate Gilker-
sori. Orey ( ameron, Harry 1 log, rred
Kfifirert, Flmer Annala, Aallo Annala
Vinton Jones and Alberts and Alfred
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Flog and Misses
Esther and Ruth Annala motored to
Cloud Cap Inn and climbed as far as
Cooper's Spur Sunday.
Mrs. Wm. Lester was brought home
Sunday from the Hood River hospital
where she had spent about 10 days
She hsa been seriously ill.
MrB. Eva Morgan expects to go to
Mt. Pleasant, Wash., the last of the
week for a visit at the homcof her
Regular church services will be held
next Sunday at the Methodist church,
Sunday school at 10 a. m., Epworth
League at p. m. and preaching ser
vices at 11 a. m. and 8.30 p.. m.
The next meeting of the MethodiHt
Ladies' Aid Society will be held at the
home of Mrs. Roscoe Miller Wednes
day, August 18.
erected in
Hill entertained
rung a party of
s father's 90th
e of Mr. Hill,
Monday driving a new Overland. Mrs.
Manner will remain for a longer visit.
Mr. and Mrs. James Fletcher and
children motored over the Highway to
Portland on Thursday.
Carpenters are at work on an appla
house for Miss Bessie Henry. The
building will be 4.r
Nels Hagen has
fur new residence
the early fall.
Mr. inl Mrs. 0.
at dinner Tuesday eve
12 in honor of Mr. Hill
birthday, and an unc
James Casey's, of i'oillund, 7'JLh birth
day. The guests were old acquaint
ances in Iowa. Later in the evening a
few neighbors dropped in to wish the
old gentlemen many happy returns of
the (lay. Out of town guests were Mr.
and Mrs. James Casey and daughter,
Ura, of Portland.
The young people of the Riverside
Christian Endeavor met at the home of
Miss Frances Fuller Sunday evening.
I Geo. Ingalls left Wednesday for
Grass Valley to spend a Ifew weeks
with his mother.
Messrs. Furrow, Fuller. Hill and
Hansen were entertained at lunch
Tuesday by Mrs. W. H. Chipping, of
Hood River.
HayeB L. Hickford and Mr. and Mrs
Ned Van Horn represented Pine Grove
at the Legion convention at Astoria
last week.
Mrs. Iv I. Apgar and young son
were here from Portland over the
week end, guests of Mrs. James Clark
Mrs. M. Thrane entertained last
week in'honor of Mrs. S. M. Dennison,
here from Seattle on a visit. About
80 were present.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Piepenbrink
were up from Portland last week visit
ing Mr. and MrB. F. H. Hlaekman.
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Evans and
daughter, Miss Carrie, of Albany, have
been here guests at the Blackmail
home. Monday, accompanied by Mr
and Mrs. B. R. Ferrin, Mr. and Mrs
Hlackman and their guests motored to
Cloud Cap Inn. The Jarvis family
motored to the Trout Lake and ice
cave region Sunday.
A little son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Co
azd was violently ill Sunday morning
after swallowing a cup of coal oil. The
little fallow was rushed to the Cottage
hospital, making a complete recovery
after a few hours.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wells, of Port
land, have been here visiting Mr. Wells'
mother, Mrs. Mollie Strieker.
Mrs. Nettie Gleason Stuart, of Walla
Walla, is the guest of Mrs. E. E. Lage
I'uesday afternoon Mrs. Lage enter
tamed VI triends with a swimming
party for Mrs. Stuart.
Misses Winnifred and Mary Anna
Newby, of Portland, are guests of Miss
Myrtle Jarvis.
Miss Marguerite Ferrin has returned
from a visit at Oregon City.
A grange social will be given Satur
lay evening when Prof. L. H. Gibson
will deilver an address. A musical
program m Deing arranged, and splen
did music will be provided for dancing
following the program.
Mrs. George Ertle and little daugh
ter spent a week at the George Parr
home. They were accompanied home
by Paul Parr.
Mrs. Frank Hanel, George Hanel,
Mrs. Tom Hopper and Mrs. Fied Hop
per were Hood River visitors Monday.
Louis F. Hanel and family spent
Sunday at the Frank Hanel home.
Mrs. Smith and daughter and Miss
Hester Osmond went to Stevenson
Thursday to visit relatives. They re
turned to Mount Hood Sunday accom-
nanied by Mrs. Myrtle McElvery and
two sons.
The Mount Hood Ditch Co. held a
business meeting at Wyatt's store Mon
day evening.
Mrs. Chas. Lott, Mrs. Cecil Kitchel,
Mrs. Myrtle Mclvery, Mrs. Smith and
Miss Hester Osmond were Hood River
visitors Monday.
Mrs. George Parr soent the past
week at Parkdale with Mr. Parr and
Robert J. Barr. who are working for
L. ,C. lialdwin.
Friends here received invitations to
the wedding of Miss Lesta E. Cook and
Mr. Rates, a veteran of the world war.
What Shall I Have
For Dinner?
Roast, Steak or Chop
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hoi days.
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Hood River Market
I he community was greatly sur
prised Monday evening when Kay liih
son came home with his bride.
The I. (Ink a ranch has been sold to a
Japanese living to the south of the
place. Goka plans on returning to
Japan on account of the old age am
illness of his father.
Mr. ami Mrs. Henry Chevron and
family with friends from The Dalles,
motored to Ronncville and spent Sun
O. 11. Hill and H. L. Furrow spent
1 n -1-I . I 1 1 . I i. -
UIM M II llll:.' HI
luck is reiKirted.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jarvis expect
to be domiciled in their new cottage in
the near future.
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Lewis and two
hildren snent Sunday as guests of
Mr. and Mrs. VV. A. Melville, of Wil
low Flat.
Nels Hagen, wife and daughters
motored to Portland Saturday,
Miss Frances Fuller returned Wed
nesday evening from Albany, where she
had been attending the Presbyterian
Young People's conference.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Manner and
daughter, Erma, left Friday for Wood
land, Wash. Mr. Manner returned on
Falls Creek. Good
Mrs. Oxborrow, Sr., came Friday to
make a short visit with her son, S. G.
Oxborow, and family. She will return
to her home in Madras this wtek.
Mrs. Mareia Colfax, of Portland, is
visiting at the home of her uncle, Cant.
Schetky, and cousin, Mr.s. S. F. Aitken.
Mrs. ('. M. Hurlburt. entertained some
of her friends at a luncheon last Wed
nesday In honor of Mrs. Smith and
daughter, Miss Dorothy, of Philadel
Mrs. Q I. Sargent entertained some
friends Wednesilav. Mrs. Colfax was
the guest of honor.
Mrs. II. M. Hoi brook had as her
iruests l'riday the members of her
French class.
Miss Louise Nelson came Monday for
i lew weeKs visit with her mend,
Miss Ruth Nicholson, at Sunnybrook
Farm. Miss Nelson was formerly a res
ident of Helmoiit.
Mrs. Emma Eppmg, Miss Hetty Ep-
ping, Mrs. I. f,. hmith anil (laughter.
Josephine, left Monday over the High
way tor Portland.
Mrs. M. P. Isenberg passed another
mile stone Friday. All the children.
grandchildren anil great-grandchildren
who live in Helmont and Hood Rivei
gave her a surprise party, everyone
having a good time. Dainty refresh
mei ts Were served. All united in wish
ing her many happy returns of the day.
Harold Weber, of Creston, la., neph
ew ot Mr. mid Mrs. Wm. Farrell, left
riiiir.-day for a few days' visit with
f r iends in Pendleton.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Metcalf and chil-
iren and Mrs. Regnell are spending
their vacation visiting Mrs. Henry
Hackett Bad family in Astoria.
lohn Anderson and Nell Nunamaker
left early Monday morning for Herke
ley, Cal. Thev intend to drive through.
Mr. and Mrs. Hoover and daughter
left Monday over the Highway for a
few days' stay in Portland.
James M
ert, have
aunt, Mrs.
home in
Wilson and brother, Rob
eft for a visit with their
I, King Wilson, at Oswego,
eaving for a visit at their old
K.,', lings. Md.
I Box Nails Camp Stoves
Box Hatchets Ranges
Pruning Compound Detroit Vapor Oil Stove
Screen Doors
Kitchen Ware
(Successors to STEW ART HARDWARE CO.)
1 ' ,
H. A. Hrown and family have arrived
from Hill City. Ida., to visit his par
Mrs. Edna Meyers, of Mill City, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Smith, at the hotel.
W. A. P u is has sold his ranch south
of town to C. A. Wray.
. M. Bcearoa has returned from a
Pm weeks' visit with relatives and
friends in Indiana and Montana.
Mrs. Wni. Johnson and daughter were
in The Dal lea last week.
I. K. Proctof and J. L. Lelliott were
elected by the legion as delegates to
attend tin state convention at Astoria
last week. They left Thursday morn
ing accompanied by Gordon Proctor, of
New York, nephew of J. E. Proctor,
who is here spending the summer on
his father's ranch.
The eldest of Harry Hudson's little
sons is now carrying his let t arm in a
cast, having broken it recently while
ruling on horse. The double break
has bee! set three different times.
Mrs. t ruest Evans and Miss Beaaie
Jones were isitors in Hood River Fri
day fore'inon. going over the Highway.
Mr and Mrs. S. E. Evans and son.
Forrest, accommpanied by their daugh
ter, Mrs. ,1. R. Wilcox, and husband.
tarted on a camping trip of a couple
of weeks Knday morning. Thev went
tirst to Sesside and then on to Crater
Lake and will come home through cen
tral Oregon. Such were the plans when
they started out.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Minton spent I
a few days recently in the Mount Hood j
the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.
M. Craft
Gtd Chamberlain and family were '
out can. ping for a few days last week
near Warm Springs. They did not find
many (terries as it was a little late.
i 4 Morden was in Hood River Sat
urday. Mr. a; ,! Mrs. J. W. Shingler and
familv. of Redmond, are to le located
for a season on the Page place near
Mrs. Krrcflt Evans and children, ae-.-ompanied
by Miss liesne Jones, left
early Monday morning for a motor trip
to Huntington, wltete Mr. Evans is
working. They expected to stop over
A reward of 410 will be given to the
finder of Mr. Atkins' wrist watch, i
which was lost Friday night. July 30,
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on the steps of the I. O. 0. F. hall in
Mosier. The watch can be easily iden-1
Small shipments of peach plums are
now Iieine made each day.
K. M. Strauss and family were in
Hood River Sunday afternoon.
A fir.e girl arrived in the home of
Mr. and Mrs Howard Rote Saturday,
July 31.
Mr and Mrs. W. I.. Rowland ail
son. Claude, accompanied By Mrs. Nan
Hunter and Miss lienor a Hunter, epre
in Hood River Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. N. A. Hunter and family were'
pleasantly surprised late Saturday eren-:
inr when an automobile drove up to
their house ami the occupants pi.
to be Mrs. Hunter's brolMr and if .
Mrs. J. S.
Vest hi.
. fmm i
and their
tear Med-
tral Ore;
and I4tw
feeling rested and sui
part of the journey
ing to camp near
in Pendleton the first
Mm. J. EMer and I
were in Mosier Sunda
southwest of town.
. VY
Rill Hanlcy Has Visions
William Hanlev, the sage of Harney
county, here on a motor tour Monday,
congratulated the people of Hood River
on the completion of paving ! tween
here and Portland. He evidenced an
optimism and visions of his own. He
I i -
'Oregon people are better citixena
decree the past
v construction.
re as eh
Pari River
M mat?
oumhia.o Bums,
iream realized."
I h
five years
boMeve we
se to Port
iere eitrht
f the time
txtend all.
s. down at'
mette and
to see my