The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 08, 1920, Image 8

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Is Your Car
An Orphan?
- -
Bumps, Scratches, Bangs and Scars
is the probable treatment your orphan car is receiving in a
public garage. Your car cannot have parents, but it can have
a home of its own where it will be absolutely protected and
where it will be at your immediate convenience at all times.
The increased used car value will more than equal the initial
cost of protection.
A new garage offers more than care and protection.
is an investment and an' asset.
You already have too many storage receipts in your pos
session. Your car tired of its transient life, linng it
home. Keep it home. It pays.
Plans, Specifications and Material Lists of
Modern Garages are Free to Customers
Bridal Veil Lumbering Co.
NELSON hMRY, Manager
Phone 2181 4th and Cascade
' The Cutler Grader '
Side view of Two Section
On account of the difficulty of obtaining delivery
of material, we strongly advise growers to place their
orders early for
Phone H. K. DAVENPORT, Odell 367
or write us for circulars and prices.
353 East Tenth Street, Portland, Oregon
To the Citizens of Hood River:
1 have just purchased the grocery store of H. W.
CHAPMAN & CX). on the Heights and ! take this meth
od of soliciting a portion of your business. I intend to
carry a full line of the best and most wholesome Groceries
at prices that are right.
I am selling a good bulk Coffee at 40 cents per pound.
I will buy any produce the ranchers may have to market.
I earnestly solicit a part of your business. Thanking
you in advance for same.
Yours for Business
J. A.
I'lione 1361
Time Table No. 33
Taking effect Wednesday, October 29th. 1919.
I : "
umiijii 'iiiiiiHi i mwm&
...... . '1
OlTHBOCim 535
. S I Ms. S Us. I 1 No.
Mo,or Motor " "-" '.'.'J.
EST 55 'ssg station. Mg jsa
4 00 I 10.46 8.00 . ...Lt. M4 Ihrcr kr 3.00 9.25 i
4.03 I 10.48 8.05 Powerdsle , 2.U7 .
4.12 10.57 8.15 fwitcubck ..... ! 2.50 9 15 I
4.X 11.10 8.25 1 Van Horn 2.40 9.02
4.29 11.18 8.30 Mohr 2.S5 8.58
4 35 11.18 8.40 Odell I 2.30 8.53
4.40 11.23 8.45 2.25 8.4
4.43 11. 3S 8-50 Bloucher ' 2 20 8.4S
4.47 11.30 0.00 Holstein I'.IO 8 37
4 50 11 33 9.05 I Wmsnii 2.05 8.34 j
4.57 11.38 9 20 IV rw. 2.00 8.30
5 02 11.4319.25! Tront Creek 11.15 8.J5
6.12 11 .53 9. 36 I Wondworth 11. OS 8.15 !
6 17 12 00 10 00 ftr. Parkiilt Lt 11.00 8 10
r. M. 1 C I A. M. I I A.M. I A. M.
stesm. t Motor, q
Ominir to !imit-.l nare nn Mi
tor Cs
handled on the ttaaQtrsins, eitliei
Model for small growers
12th St., The Heights
No. t No. 8
Diily only
nni inn iieTT iiciPMcr m
or following the passenger.
I A . 1 III 1 ...
W. G. Scheone, who was arretted by
Spokane, Wash, authorities Wednesday
of last week while trying to dispose of
loot taken from the store of Yasui
Bros., confessed the burglary and
waived extradition. Sheriff Johnson
returned with his prisoner Thursday
In the capture of Scheone Spokane
authorities also seized a portion of the
loot which Scheone was trying to dis
pose of to pawnbrokers. Watches and
jewelry, valued at approximately $X00,
however, is still missing. A man who
gave the name of Al Price, who aided
Scheone in the burglary and who grew
familiar with the Japanese store while
picking strawberries for Yasui Bros.,
made away with the more valuable ar
ticles. The value of the merchandise
recovered will reach about $ 1,000.
After a visit to Alaka, H. E. Shrop
shire, Birmingham, Ala., fruit mer
chant, came here last week to see Hood
River orchards before returning home.
Mr. Shorpshire, who came to Portland
recently as a delegate to the T. P. A.
convention, states that his firm handled
about 35 carloads of the Hearts and
Club brand of Hood River apples ship
ped by Dan Wuille & Co. last season.
"We expect to double this the com-
imr vpar " rvs Mr. Shropshire, who
was "shown over the orchard district
ThnrwdHv hv Walter Woolnert. "The
Hood River anples are the best that
Birmingham gets. We consider them
a staple article, so standardized is the
grade and pack. "
Divorce Case Reaches Court
First court proceedings in the divorce
case of C. 1. Yeoman against Mrs. Kuth
J. Yeoman occurred here last week,
when J. H. Stanleton. Portland attor
ney, who has been retained by the de
fendant, came here for a hearing on
his annotation for tow attorney s tees.
$500 court money and $200 a month for
Mrs. Yeoman until the case is disposed
of. The hearing was postponed, how
ever, at the requests of Mr. Stapleton
fur more time. Mr. Yeoman charges
his wife with cruelty and improper
conduct with several other men.
Leroy Childs' Father Passes
Lerov Childs returned last Friday
from Kedlandu. Calif., where he had
been called by the fatal illness of his
father, A. O. Childs, aged 77, who died
Thursday, June 24. Mr. Childs, ac
comanied by his wife and two small
sons, arrived at Redlands three hours
after his father had passed away. Fu
neral services were held the following
Mr. Childs had been an orange grow
er at Redlands for 30 years. In addi
tion to the local son, he is survied by
his widow and a daughter. Mrs. Harold
M. Sherman, of Redlands.
The younger MrB. Childs remained in
California. With her mother-in-law
accompanying her for a visit, she ex
pects to return home later in the sum
mer. Notice or Street Improvement
Oak Street
Pursuant to the order, of the Common
Council contained in Ordinance No. KM,
of the City of Hood River, passed by
the Common Council on the Mth day oi
Mav. 1920. and approved by the Mayor
on the 28th day of May. 1920, and said
ordinance reconsidered and repassed
June 21, 1920, and approved by the
Mayor on the same date, notice is
hereby given that the undersigned City
Recorder will receive bids for the im
provement of Oak street from the
west line of Ninth street west to the
south line of Cascade avenue, by grad
ing, draining, the construction of ce
ment sidewalks, the construction of
cement curbs and gutters and by pav
ing, as follows, to-wit:
A cement sidewalk six (6) feet in
width shall be constructed two (2) feet
north of the north line of the property
abutting the south line of Oak street,
from the west line of Tenth street west
to the east line of Thirteenth street.
A cement curb and gutter, on both
the north side and the south side of
.said portion of Oak street a distance of
twelve (12) feet from the property
line, beginning at the west line of
Tenth street and extending west to the
east line of Thirteenth street.
Pavement shall be placed upon the
surface of said portion of Oak. street
for the full width thereof between the
curb lines, beginning at the west line
of Ninth street and extending west to
the east line of Thirteenth street.
Paving shall be placed upon said
portion of Oak street sixteen (18) feet
in width, being eight (8) feet on either
side of the center line of Oak street,
beginning at the east line of Thirteenth
street and extending west to the louth
line of Cascade avenue, said work to be
done in the manner and form as set
forth in the specifications prepared by
the city surveyor and now on file in my
Sealed protiosals for the work will be
received at my office up to 8 o'clock p.
m. July 19. 1920, and the Common
Council will at its next regular meet
ing after the completion of the publica
tion of this notice, to wit : On the 29th
day of July, 1920, at the council cham
bers, at the hour of 8 o'clock p. m.,
proceed to open and consider all bids
for said work, which if ordered by the
Common Council by said Ordinance No.
r93, duly enacted as above specified :
that the improvement will be let in one
contract, and will be required to be
completed within 30 days from the date
of the awarding the same to the suc
cessful bidder, who will be required to
furnish a bond to the Crty of Hood
River in a sum of not less than 25 per
cent of the estimated coat of the con
tract for the faithful performance
thereof ; that complete specifications
are on file in my office covering the im
provements for which bids are called,
which may be examined by prospective
bidders upon application, or copies
thereof will be furnished upon the de
posit of $5.00 to insure the safe return
thereof to the City of Hood River after
the awarding of the contract, and said
contract will be awarded to the lowest
Snd best bidder upon said specifications.
The City reserves the right to reject
any or ail bids, or to waive any defects
therein, for the benefit of the City of
Hood River. The terms of the specifi
cations shall be notice to prospective
bidders of the requirements demanded
by avid City in the performance of said
This notice is given for ten days by
publication in the Hood River Glacier,
a newspaper published at the City of
Hood River. Oregon, the date of the
first publication being the 1st day of
July. 1920.
H. L. Howe,
jlj8 City Recorder.
The Struggle Discourages Many a
Citizen of Hood River
Around all day with an aching back,
Can't rest at night ;
Enough to make any one "give out,"
Doan's Kidney Pills "are helpfag
thousands. They are for kidney back
ache ;
And other kidney ills.
Here is Hood River proof of their
merit :
Mrs. D. V. Dickson, 812 Cascade av.,
says; "I know Doan's Kidney Pills
will do what is claimed for them and
gladly recommend them. I have used
Doan's with benefit. My kidneys were
weak and 1 became run down and had
no energy. Frequent backaches made
me miserable, and I had dizzy, nervous
headaches. My kidneys acted irregu
larly and annoyed me considerably. I
read of Doan's Kidney Pills and used
them from the Kresse Drug Co., and
they were just what I needed. They
helped me right a way and I was soon
free from backaches and my energy
was restored."
Price 60c at all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. Dickson had. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y. 7
Notice to Creditors
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Hood River.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been appointed by the
Cqunty Court of Hood River County,
)regon, administrator of the estate of
rwarian E. Sallenbach, deceased. All
persona having claims against the said
estate are required to present the same,
properly verified, within six months
from the date of this notice, to the un
dersigned administrator, at Parkdale,
Dated and first published July 1st,
1920. Arthur C. Sallenbach,
jlj22 Administrator.
Notice or Final Account
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, as executor of the estate of
William Boorrnan deceased, has filed
his final account in the county court of
the state of Oregon for Hood River
county, and that Saturday, the 10th
day of July, 1920, at the hour of 10
o'clock a. m.f of said day in the court
room of said court, has been appointed
by said court as the time and place for
hearing of objections thereto and the
settlement thereof.
Dated and first published June 17th,
Alfred W. Bootman,
jnl7jy8 Executor.
Notice to Creditors
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for Hood River County.
In the matter of the Estate of Leti
tia E. Eddy, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been appointed adminis
trator of the above entitled estate by
the County Court of Hood River Coun
ty, Oregon, and has qualified as such.
All persons having claims against
said estate are hereby notified to pre
sent the same within six months from
the date of this notice properly verifi
ed, at the office of A. J. Derby, First
National Bank Building, Hood River,
Dated and first published June 17th,
1920. W. T. Eddy,
jnl7jyl5 Administrator.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Hood River County.
Oregon Lumber Company, a corpora
tion, Plaintiff, vs. Robert Hitch, De
fendant. To Robert Hitch, the above named
defendant :
In the name of the State of Oregon,
you are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint filed against you
u , , . I. a i
III uie uuuvc eiiiibicu ouil on aui uGiiut;
the expiration of six weeks from the
date of the first publication of this
summons, to-wit, on or before the 22nd
day of July, 1920, and if yu fail so to
appear ana answer, lor wane inereor,
the plaintiff will apply to the court for
the relief prayed for in its complaint
herein, to-wit, for judgment against
you for the sum of $1925.10 and inter
est thereon from December 5, 1914, at
7 er cent per annum, and for the fur
ther sum oi $ 10b. Kb and interest there
on at 7 per cent tier annum from March
19, 1920 and for $300.00 attorney s
fees, and for its costs and disburse
ments herein, and for a judgment and
decree foreclosing that certain mort
gage madr, executed and delivered by
you to the plaintiff, bearing date the
5th day of December, 1914, wherein
and whereby you mortgaged to the
plaintiff, to secure the indebtedness
for which paintiff seeks to recover
judgment herein, the following de
scribed real property situated in Hood
River County, Oregon, to-wit :
Commencing at a point on the
boundary line between Sections 14 and
J3, Township 1 North. Range 9 East,
W. M., 8960 South 0 degrees 0
minutes. West of the Northeast corner
of Section 14 which point is also the
Northwest corner of Ixt 66 in First
Addition to Riverside Park in Section
13, and running thence North 89 de
grees 27 minutes, West 1320 feet;
thence South 0 degrees 0 minutes West
1625 feet, more or less, to an intersec
tion with the North boundary of the
right of way of the Dee Irrigation &
Power Com pan v : thence in an Easterly
direction along the North houndary of
the right of way of the Dee Irrigation
I IVwer Company to a point on the
East boundary of said Section 14 which
point is 157 feet North I degrees 0
minutes. East of the Southeast corner
of said Section 14 ; thence North 0 de
grees 0 minutes East 1184.5 feet to the
place of beginning, containing 42.78
acres more or less ; save and except
the right of way of the Oregon Lumber
Company l-eireing Railrrad, being a
strip of land 40 feet wide over and
across said land ; also a strip of land A)
feet wide along both the West and
East boundaries of above described
land for proiioaed count v road: the
above described land situated in Sec
tion 14, Township 1 North, Range 9
East, W. II., and Section 23. Township
1 North. Ranire 9 East. W. M..
and directing that you be barred and
foreclosed of alt right, title and inter
est in and to said premises and that
the same be sold in the manner pro
vided by law for the sale of real prop
erty upon execution and the proceeds
thereof be applied in payment or said
judgment, costs and attorney's fees.
This summons is served upon you by
publication by order of the Honorable
Fred W. Wilson, Judge of the above
entitled Court, made and entered on
the 4th day of June, 1920, and direct-
, . i . . i 1 1 - i i . ,
ing mat the same oe puonsnea in me
Hood River Glacier, a newspaper of
general circulation printed and pub-
ished in Hood River, in said County
and State.
The date of the first publication of
this summons is June 10, 1920. the date
of the last publication is July 22. 1920.
. . - m ti
Huntington wuson.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
810-813 Lewis Building.
Portland, Ore.
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