The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 01, 1920, Image 10

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A good representation of members
from Hazel Kebekah lodge motored to
1'arkdale Tuesday evening of last
week. They report a fine time and
royal entertainment.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Sheppard motored
to Portland last week to enjoy the pro
gram planned by and for the Shriners.
Miss Eleanor Coe is leaving soon for
Rupert, Ida.
W. F. Hammer, deputy internal rev
enue collector, spent a few hours in
Odell Wednesday of last week, looking
after the interests of the internal reve
nue service.
Dr. and Mrs. K. X. Hull. Dr. and
Mrs. Collie and Miss Grace M. Cham
bers motored to Portland Wednesday of
last week to attend some of the attrac
tions of Shriner week.
After having spent almost a year in
California, Mrs. G. E. Bowerman and
Miss Leita Kowerman returned home
Tuesday. Miss Leta will spend the
ensuing school year in Whittier. where
she was reelected teacher in the school
which she taught last year.
Miss Martha Ferguson returned home
Monday evening. She had spent the
past week visiting her friend, Miss
Leila Ruby, of Portland.
Born -To Mr. and Mrs. Noel Davis,
Monday, JurL 28, a son.
The board of trustees of Odell Meth
odist church has been looking at vari
ous properties with intent to buy. The
new property, when acquired, will be
tne parsonage.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Benefiel and son
are here for a visit at the home of their
son, A. L. Benefiel.
F. P. Miller, G. W. Miller and Mi'ss
Philerna Miller, of Celina, O.. have
been visting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. C. H. Hunter. The visitors are
tourists who have spent the past six
months in California. They expect to
stop in Nampa.Ida., on their homeward
trip. Mr. Hunter brought them via
the Highway from Portland, and they
Btate that in their opinion Oregon is
the most beautiful country they have
Z. O. Annala sjient a part of last
week in Portland.
C. C. Fisher and family, accompanied
by Francis Odell, motored to Portland
last week. While trving roller skates
at the rink Dick Fisher fell and broke
his right arm. A surgeon attended the
noy anu ne. appears 10 oe uuiiik as wen
as could be possible.
Something like 100 friends gathered
on the lawn at the pleasant home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Annala Sunday nf
ternoon and enjoyed a picnic lunch.
We were pleased Monday when our
friend, Horace Sylvester, of Rainier,
called. He, with his wife and little
daughter, are visiting at the home of
Mrs. Sylvester's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
E. B. Moss. Mr. Sylvester was form
erly one of our Odell boys, but has not
been here since he went to Rainier
about five years ago.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Plog have gone to
their old home in Iowa for a visit with
relatives and friends.
Friends of Miss Eleanor Coe were
invited to the home of Mrs. Dane
Kemp Wednesday evening for a happy
going away party for Miss Coe, wl
leaves for Rupert, Idaho, Friday.
Miss Mildred Crockett is recovering
slowly from a recent operation for ap
pendicitis. She is in a Portland hos
pital. Her mother, Mrs. II. L Dean
iB with her and they hope they may be
able to take Miss Crockett to the home
of her aunt at a time not far distant
Tuesday eveninga a rally will be held
at the Methodist church. Refresh
ments will be served. Rev. Newham
announces that matters of vital im
portance concerning the church will be
The Mefhodist Ladies' Aid Society
held its annual election of officers at
the home of Mrs. E. W. Jaijues last
week, the result being as follows: Mrs.
G. A. Weber, pres. ; Mrs. Clayton
Fletcher, vice pres. ; Mrs. L C Wein
heimer, treas. ; Mrs. E. C. Newham,
sec. The next meeting will be held at
the home of Mrs. J, C, Duckwall next
Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. A. M. Snow, of Findlay, ().,
field secretary of the Woman's Home
Missionary Society of the Methodist
church, occupied the pulpit Sunday
morning and organized an auxiliary at
the conclusion of the service with the
following officers ; Mrs. E.C.Newham,
pres. ; Mrs. L. C. Weinheimer, 1st.
vice pres. ; Mrs. Mont Hawthorne, 2nd,
vice pres.; Mrs. W. W. Gilkeraon, cor.
sec. ; Mrs. Win. Lester, rec, sec. ; Mrs.
James Fletcher, treas. ; Mrs. G. A.
Weber, mitejiox custodian. The new
organization is launching forth with 12
charter members.
Mrs. O. A. Weber entertained Mrs.
A. M. Snow, of Findlay, 0., during
the hitter's stay Saturday and Sunday.
A. Q. Wing was elected school
and ClMyton Wentz director at
school meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Sherrieb and
daughter, Miss Carol, left Thursday
fr Portland to visit relatives and
friends for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Steele were in
Portland last week taking in the rose
Mrs. Hon:er Redfield will leave on
Thursday for a six weeks' visit at the
home of her daughter in Yakima
Mrs. G. I. Sargent returned Saturday
from Parkdale, where she was a guest
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Brown.
John Anderson and Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Farrell made the trio to Cloud
Cap Inn Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gallaway and sons
and Miss Lou Gallaway left Tuesday
for a few days' visit with friends in
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Somerville,
after spending two weeks' vacation in
Astoria, Seaside and Portland, spent
the week end at the home of their un
cle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Som
erville. Their home is in Pendleton.
H. M. Holbrook returned Saturday
from a trip to Yellowtone park.
Trafford E. Smith is expecting his
mother and sister from Philadelphia to
spend the summer months on the ranch.
Miss Betty Eppingand brother, Carl,
will spend their vacation with their
mother on the ranch.
Miss Blanch Goxfenough left If 00
dav for Portland, where she will take
up work as a trained nurse.
HarolrT Aiken and Mr. and Mr
Hutchinson and son motored to Port
land Thursday to see the rose canrival
L. F. Hanel and family spent Sun
day at the frank ilanel home
II. C. Wyatt took a party over the
Highway Sunduy. 1 hose in the party
were Misses Marian Wyatt, Frances
DotTKett, Gladys Aubert, Helen Au
bert and Blanche Aubert.
Bernice Fiscus is spending the week
with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs
C. W. Kitchel.
A band of gypsies camped here Sat
urday night.
Mr. and Mrs. ('has. Adams, of Wasco
who have been touring southern Ore
gon, anu Mr. anil Mrs. 11. h. ualligan
siieot Sunday at the E. C. Miller
Geo. Hanel went to Hood River last
week to consult a physician regarding
his foot.
Ross Ringer and family spent Sun
day at the Punch Bowl.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Edick were up
from Hood Kiver Sunday.
Marjorie Shields is visiting her grand
mother, Mrs. I. F. Everson, this week
Next Sunday being the Fourth of
July patriotic services will be held
here Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. McMillan and
daughter, Miss Wilma, of Little Rock,
Ark., who have been attending the
anriner convention in rortianu, are
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Harr.
Curly Runicore had a party of 14 on
a tour of the valley Sunday. They
visited the Mount flood Lodge, Lava
Beds, Punch Howl and the Billy Sun
day ranch, going back by way of the
Neal creek canyon.
Horn was in The
Dalles re-
Fire last Friay afternoon originating
from some unknown source destroyed
the residence on the East Side place nf
Dr. E. L. House, which was occupied
by the family of J. W. MrCuintion.
The flames spread so rapidly that the
family was unable to save any furni
ture or household goods.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Jarvis last mat
entertained a Shriner friend, D. D.
Ferguson, who i-ame out from Fargo,
N. D., for the Portland oooclavo. Miss
I aiiiu ivi Coulter, teacher in a BpokSM
high school, has also been a g'ii t at
the Jarvis home.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Jeffries have had
as their guests Mr. ami Mrs. Scrun, of
Portland, who motored up over the
Accompanied bv their daughter. Mis
Eulah, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McCully
will leave txlay for Portland to attend
vhe Pioneer reunion. They expect also
to visit in Salem before returning
Mrs. McKenna. of I -a Grande, is
here visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Carter.
a Hugh McGilvray. of Portland, is a
guest at the P. B. Lara way home.
A basket social will beheld tomorrow
evening at the home nf Mr. mi d Mrs.
F. H. Blackmail. AM !ad.e are aaked
to brink a backet containing supper for
two. The baskets will be sold for 50
cents. The Ladies' Aid will nerve
coffee. A musical program haa leen
arranged. The social will begin at 7 1
o'clock. A!' are invited.
Mrs. Marcus Thrane, who has been
ill in Portland, has returned home.
The Sunday school will observi as
dren's day next Sunday.
The social grange haa been postponed
until July 10.
Mrs. M. Dragseth is entertaining her
mother, Mrs. Wagner, of Wilaonville.
Mr. sod Mrs Paul Hucbner.of York.
Nebr.. lave been gueft of Mrs. Henry
Seiverkropp. They left Tueadav for
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wells and Mrs. Je
rome Wells motored to Wasco Saturday
Shipments of commercially packed
Clark Seedling strawberries by the
Annie Growers Association reached 50
i-ars Saturday night. 1.. L. Ireland
the only other local shipper of berries
(his season, reported shipment of 4,000
crates. He had also shipped 50 tons
f canning stock to the Starr Canning
Co., of Tort land. While definite fig
ures are not available for deliveriea of
canning stock to Libby, McNeil & Lib
by, of The Dalles, and the Hood River
Canning Co., it is reported that they
nave lieen normal.
The berry harvest, according to indi
cations, is verv nearly over. Weather
conditions to dale Have neon ideal for
tho production of large, well formed
strawberries. The cool weather has
prevented overripe stock, the usual
Iread of berry shippers, and carlots.
it is declared, have arrived in the north
Middle West, where practically all of
Hood Kiver's product is. consumed, in
vrellent coudition.
The harvest of berries at Dec is fair
I well over. A carload shipment has
lot been assembled at Parkdale. While
the Uiwer Valley lierries riened in
good shape during the cold weather,
the low temperatures were injurious to
the fruit around Dee ami in the Upjier
Vullev. The crop will fall short of
pre harvest expectations by about 25
ler cent.
The Apple (Jrowers Association now
estimates that it will not receive more
than 2.r. additional carloads for Mifr-ment.
W. A
Mrs. J. P. Ross attended to business
in Hood River last week.
Mrs. J. E. Proctor and daughter,
Dena, were in The Dalles recently.
At the school meeting last week Geo.
Chamberlain was reelected to till the
three year term aa director. E. JA,
Race was elected school clerk.
Miss Thsiwa Johnson went to Port
land to visit her aunt, Mrs. Larsen, and
friends during the rose festival.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Engleke motored
to Portland over the Highway to see
the Shriners and rose carnival.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Chown and chil
dren spent a few days last week in
Judge Newland, of Lenoir N. C,
stopped over recently while en .-oute to
the Democrat) ic convention in San
Francisco, to visit his son, B. A. New
Siime Mosier people to visit the
Shriners' convention and rose carnival
last week Wednesday were L. J. Mer
rill, James Wilson. Robert Wilson and
Richard Scearce.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Saul and little son
passed through Mosier last week on
their way to Eastern Oregon. They are
traveling and camping out for Mrs
Saul's health.
Ray Bailey, Jno Beldin, Roy Duvall
and Cliff Roades let last week Wednes
day for a few days' fishing on the Des
Mrs. J. P. Carroll visited her riftugh
ter, Mrs. W. J. Wollam, in Hood River
last week.
The pleasant social held at the
Christian church last week was a sue
cess in every way. 1 he program was
pleasing and well rendered, although a
few of the numbers had to be omitted
The refreshments were readily disposed
of, some of the cakes being returned to
be sold again, as the proceeds were for
the fund to assist in paying for th
new concrete walk and retaining wal
now being constructed. The sum real
ized from the social was $43.75.
The Ladies' Aid was pleasantly en
tertained at the home of Mrs. Jno. 0
Beldin last week Wednesday afternoon,
After the business session ice cream
and cake were served. Those present
were Mrs. p. A. Ailing ton. Mrs. Geo.
Chamberlain, Mrs. E. J. Middleswart,
Mrs. Amos Root, Mrs. W. A. Hus
bands, Mrs. S. E. Evans, Mrs. Ernest
Evans, Mrs. M. Harlan, Mrs. C. G.
Nichol, Mrs, C. Holley, Mrs. James
("amp, Mra. E. A. Race, Mrs. B. W.
Veatch, Mrs. Wm. Johnson. Mrs. E. M.
Strauss, Mrs. wm. Marsh and one
guest, Mrs. C. J. E. Carlson. The
next meeting will be held at the home
of Mrs. Geo. Chamberlain.
G. P. Morden and family returned
Friday from rortland, where they spent
mc wees seeing uie carnival anu .-Minn
er festivities.
Geo. Chambrlian motored to Hood
River valley Friday in search of straw
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Vensel returned
Friday from spending a couple of days
in I'ortland. I hey were accompanied
home over the Highway by Mrs. Ven
sel's cousin, Mr. Davis, who is in the
consualr service in Honolulu.
Miss Carrie Zibble, of Tacoma, spent
few days here last week with her
aunt, Mrs. S. E. Evans, and family.
She motored over in her new Essex.
Returning she was accompaned by her
cousins, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Wilcox, as
far as Portland, where they all enjoyed
the Shriners and rose carnival.
The full list of little guests present
at the party given by Evelyn Beldin
was: Montana Chamberlain, Ruth and
Margaret Cornett, Nedia and V'Ona
Evans, Neta and Hattie ("amp, Irene
Horn,Marcella Race. Dorothy and Ruth
Strauss and Luella Nielsen. Mrs. II.
11. Nielsen was also present and as-
sister, Mrs. Beldin, in serving refresh
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Strauss and son,
Ferdinand, motored to Crown Point
Sunday, where they met W. Gloyd,
with Mr. and Mrs. II. W. Danielson
and children. After erfjoying a picnic
lunch at Eagle creek camping grounds
Mr. Gloyd and Mr. Danielson returned
to Portland and Mr. Strauss and party
with Mrs. Danielson and children came
to Mosier.
C. A. Hage was a business visitor in
fhe Dalles Tuesday.
Cherry harvest is now on in full force
n the Mosier valley. In most instances
I he fruit is proving more plentiful and
arger than earlier in the week.
Misses Frances and Jennie Cole, of
Portland, are visiting at the Englekt
Mrs. F. D. Stewart and daughter, of
Maupin, are siiending the week with
er sisters, Mrs. Ray Bailev and Mrs.
Paul Itailey.
Mrs. Mosher, of Elgin, is visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. rolsom.
i the KnlrprlM)
The Public Service Commission of
Washington held a hearing on the pro
Epworth League next Sonday t
ing at 8 o'clock wiH be a pall
meeting.. Topic, "Our Duty to
Country." Rev. Gallaher, leader.
The Hood Kiver cherry crop'is look
ing much better since warmer weather
lun prevailed. Indications point to a
vital of about 75 per cent of last year.
J. R. Nunamaker, who owns the larg
est acreage of cherries, estimates that
he will pick 30 tons, whereas he mar-
ul 40 last season. The warm
weather has caused the fruit to grow
rapidly. Harvesting will be under
way next week.
filack cherries will be packed and
shipped east in refrigerator cars.
While the Royal Ann and Governor
Wood crop has been sold to cannera,
the pi ice has not been given out.
Lemmon Goes to Mfdford
Craw fori! C. Iemmon, one of the or
ganizers of the Hood Kiver Produce
Exchange, who for several years was
with the Pacific Fruit & Produce Cat,
has been appointed to take charge of
the affairs of the Oregon (Jrowers As
sociation, in the Rogue Kiver Valley.
Mr. Lmnicn, who last season was 'field
manager of the PerhajB Fruit Co. at
Yakima, will be stationed at Med ford.
En route to his new poet, Mr. Lem
mon was recently here with Mrs.
Iemnion, visiting the letter's parents.
Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Herahner.
Hut low 's Hay Is hne
A. W. Kolck last Saturday performed
a feat of hay cutting on the West Side
place of Carl Buelow. The croak
heavy growth of Alaike clover, was
cut on land sloping toward the Hood
river gorge. In places the grade was
over 35 degrees arid the mowing ma
chine had to ha held down to ptexut it
toppling down the hill.
hay field had no irriga
Kcd increase of rates asked bv the
racihc Power & Light Co. June 21.
The decision of the commission will lie
given out later.
w. i.otui. tne road Puiider, was in
town last week and went out on the
Sowden road to select his camp, which
he has located near Paradise Flat,
where a rock quarry has been located.
Mr. I'idl will establish his camp at
once and expects to start work on the
Snowden road the first of Jul or as
soon after as he ran get his material
ready on the ground.
C. J. Harrison, manager of the
rel Box & Lumber Co., reorta that
their two mills at Laurel are running
full force and that their box factory is
turning out 4.000 apple Uixes per day
and that they are to increase the out
put to 6,000 per day. The company
has already sold between 60.000 and
70.000 boxes in the White Salmon dis
trict, and Mr. Harrison states that
they will be able to take care of the
needs of the district in the box line.
Boxes this year are selling at 25c at
the mill.
Bill Provides for Reserve
Mrs. C H. Castner. member of the
state executive committee of an organ
isation that is working for a imma
nent wild fowl preserve at Harney
Lake, haa started the circulation of pe
titions in this county for an initiative'
bill, which provides for the preserve
and which will be Toted on in Novem
ber. Miss Frances Castner, who has been
circulating petitions injthe city, states
that they are being signed generally
by electors.
is always a time of unusual interest. Great crowds gather together
to participate in the events of the day. You will want to be there
looking as nice as the other fellow. Are you prepared for the great
J. C. Penney's Clothes will make you look right. That exquisite
tailoring, superb style, richness of cloth and pattern, so necessary to
make the well dressed man, are embodied in these garments. A
call will convince you that no such qualities as we offer can be pur
chased elsewhere at as low a price as they can be purchased here.
I will have one of my Graders set up
in the McDonald Building on Cascade
Avenue, 2d, 3d and 5th of July.
Everybody welcome. Come in and
show me where you think that it can be
I am ready to take orders for a few of
these machines for fall delivery.
No Special Sales
Hut our prices every day of the week and every
week of the month are at the lowest possible level
consistent with the needs of our business. We put
to practice our motto, that our customers will get
full value for every purchase made.
We invite the closest scrutiny of our 'price on
any sale a customer may choose.
Hood River Market
Telephone 4311.
Announcing the Opening
of our
The Highway
Auto Co.
Day and Night Service and Storage
Tires, Tubes and Accessories
Affiliated with The Tire Shop
Hood River
5th and Oak
Phone 4331
lion, late
to be
ring rain rauaeil
ly rank,
Stores Will Be CM
Except for meat market, which ii
be open until 10 a. m. , all local places
of business will be rinsed all day next
Monday for celebration of the Fourth
01 July. I he meat market anrtoun-r
M n.U-rs nf the Commercial Club,
Mi i chants' Association and Women's
Club will meet today with Jay W.
Stevens, representative of the Pacific
Fire Protective Hureau, anil Horace
Svki-. of the Oregon State Fire Mar
shal's office, who will give lectures on
fire prevention. Mr, Stevens will also
exhibit a reel of moving pictures,
show ing how fires start from careless
ness, at the Liberty Theatre.
A recent report of the tire marshal
shows Oregon's fire loss for a year, up
March 31. to have been $l,y. 871.55.
No property seems exempt. The fol
lowing itemized list of damage, shows
the need for study of fire prevention :
Dwellings and contents. $269,871.21;
farm dwellings and contents. $109,652.
&); farm barns and contents, $407, ij.
01; manufacturing. 112.26; schools,
churchea. public buildings $Xi.2W.W ;
arehouaea, $26,975. 79; mercantile
midinga and contents. $342.322.00 ;
hutiT. apartments, etc.. $24,251.37;
hay and grain in field. $44,M1.9I ; laun
drie aiMrtrifM, $51,890.54: miscel
laneous. $336,043.69; shipyards, and
foundries. $19,676.93.
Vertical Lift and 5foot Cut
Tire 0
I to Hae Lanndn
that no data
will be
Feeding 10.000 daily in four large
cafettttas. and caring for the aick
among 35.000 factory workers means
kit of soiled linen and lota of laundry
work. In fact it means so'much laun
dry work that the Goodyear Tire
Rubber Co. announceathat it will in
stall and operate it on laundry' m the
The laundry will be fully equipped
and in charge of an experienced laun
dry man. and will Ihave a forcejof 25
working in tWo daily shifts. The
laundry will handle several thousand
of table, sad bed linen daily.
We carry Repair Parts for
John Deere, McCormicK, Champion
Deering and Osborne Mowers