The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 10, 1920, Image 12

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    il!!-llQAliiLAril:R- gHUggPAY, -H'Xr: 10, 1920
W. L Cain. I, 01
Hakr, t,t standi
made an exchange
Hiikt r is lu re I
ond A;-
1 and (.'. T.
Ii.'ornia. have
I ertiffl. Mr.
er his inter
Mr. and Mrs.
e to Standish.
isi expect to
i' strawberry
A. Bom,
, Saturday
rtfc at t lie high
"iday say
I on of the flit-
Thnse who were p
school nimirien .. mei
Mr. Gibson '8 addres
est of mary good ones.
The class play attracted a record
audience and tho.-e who composed the
cast of characters acquitted them-elves
creditably. The lemon taught was excellent.
Ruth Young is vi;
friends in Port land,
Mistes Bolin ariil Johnson have re
turned to Salem, the home of the par
ents of hoth young ladies. Miss John-
is for a summer vacation
iltng. She Will go to Chi
to other points, Including
Alaska and will return just in time for
the opening of school next autumn.
S iq has been reelected as one of the
lacutly of the (Well high school.
son has la
spent travi
ago, then
V. M. Vose, Mrs. VcSS, Harvey and
Clarence left Saturday, bound lor Bay
ward, B. C. , whoie they expect to
spend the lurhmer m a Cottage on their
timber property. They tan expect to
return here for the opening id' the
school year.
After havintr ppent a few davs in
Odell Mr. and Mis. A. B. CutUr and
children, lJorothy and Robert, motored
to their home in Portland Friday.
Twenty members
ily. sons, daughters-in-law ariij
Mr. She) lav is attending i
business In Detroit, Mith,
Mr. and Mrs. Csl Marts,
ied by Mr. and Mrs T.
m' tored to Wnodhurn, Wash
for a sin it with Mr. Msrtt par
ents. Little Jewel, Blsine and Karl
were al io of the party. Mrs. Martz
Jewel and Blaina stayed for a longer
visit. The other members of the parly
returned to Odell Sunday evening.
' Mrs. K A. Toose, of Sherwood, and
Mrs. I.. W. Wallace, of Willariiina, are
here for a vieil St the boflte of their,
brother, A. C. Calkins.
Odell grange ennouncel a dance next
Friday night.
An tMlUSOally interesting meeting is
promised Thursday evening when mem
bore of the giange will hear a report
relatives and ! f,n state graSge by returned delegates.
( Following the 'regular order of busi
ness refrsshments will be served. All
grangers and their families are cordi
ally invited to be present.
Mrs. Irma Hale, of Ranler, is here
for a visit at the home of her mother,
Mrs. Luis Abs her.
A baked food sale will be held Fri
day afternoon at Johnson's store.
Auspices Ladies' Aid Society.
The Mothers' Club meeting has been
postponed until Thursday, duly 1, whs
, . ,,, . . . i i
Rie ting ol the I?adies' Aid So
y. held at the home of Mrs. Ciay
Fletcher last week, will be the last
ting of the society until after
Ladies' Aid
ith Mrs. .Jas.
Wm. Col it-r visited his sister-in-law,
Mrs. Kd Hawkee, last week. Mr. Col
lief is a railway engineer with head
quarter.; at Pendleton, He was on his
was to visit his sons, Ralph, at Taeo
ma, and Cleon, at Mt. Angel.
Mrs. Julia Hunt and daughter, Luel
la, have gone to Mem for a visit after
which they expect to spend the summer
in Portland.
Mrs. Martin Dragseth and Mrs.
Brownlee wei t to Portland for the
Ysaye-Klman concert last week.
M rs. Guy Linville, formerly Ger
trude Stanton, of Portland, has a little
son, born last Sunday.
A. F. Bickford left Sunday with C.
K. Bcflton, Al Graff and Leroy Childs
members will meet
Mrs. II. C. Johnson,
Friends In Odell will exter
smvpathv to the parents and
of Karl Peddicord, who pas
recently at Tucson, Arizona.
at the home of
y fam
of one
children, gathered at the hum
of the sons Wednesday evening of last
week in honor of the 83rd birthday of
A. M. McCoy.
Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mr. John Ste
venson and daughters. Heattk'e and
Auirey, motored from their home near
Wasco lat week for a visit at t ha
hjme of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. VV. Ward,
near Hood River. They Ware callers
Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
A. L. Bener! I.
Mrs. A. B, Shelley and children
Marguerite, Lawrence and Troy, mo
tored from The Dalles and aie spend- 1
ing the week at the home of ,Vlr. and
Mrs. L 1). Hoyed.
id fr
city at
Claude Sampion arid !
man Spent a few hours i.
day, fi fter having spi
few months at RoO tet
transfers d to Astoria.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Tavl
led by Mr. an I Mrs. M.
joyed the motor trip to ar
, al Well as their stay in
( the sessions of State grange to which
i all weie delegates.
The Methodist Sunday school will
hold its annual Children's day exercises
at 10 o'clock next Sunday morning.
The program committee has arranged
for special vocal end Instrumental
music, drills and recitations. Regular
preaching services will follow these
exercises. Being the day before Flag
l)ay the exsreiw I of the evening will
be of a patrol ic nature, beginning with
tfie Kuwortn League hour at 7.:i0 p.
rn., with Horace Gilkerson, leader.
to 1 1;
trip to Yakima.
F. Metcalf, of Centerville,
IS a guest last week of her
8W, Mrs. J. E. Malloy.
I Mrs. Lyman Rice and son,
I ton, arrived Sunday for a
Mr. and Mrs. Avery.
Mrs. C. T. Roberts and fam
id to Salem last week,
ha Club was pleasantly en
by Mrs. J. E. Andrews last
n excellent musical program
of The Dalles,
her parents last
The Liberty Theatre
Open Saturday, June 12th
A Society Exile
A Mult and Jeff Comedy
Usiiiil Prices, l()c and 25c
The Hpworth League meets Sunday
evening at 8 o'clock. Leader. Miss
Zoe Scobee. Topic, The Common Mis
takes of Our Daily Living. All are
invited, the older members as well as
the younger.
Mr. and Mrs. F. II. Rlackman left
Wednesday for Dallas and Corvallis.
Roger Hiackman will return with
is driving a new
a Portland visitor
had a
of tl
say i
fr-room house mi Ptate Street, well located,
large loL mode' n ; needs some repairs, Price
sFi.tino. fgfto cash, balance mortgages) 0 per
Clarence Packer
Overland car.
Mrs. Fuirow was
last week.
Miss Mamie Coperude has been quite
ill with measles.
Three ladies from Willow Flat mot
ored to Hood River on a shopping trip
last rhursday. On their return they
ctured tire. I hey are proud
Seord time-in changing tires
lasculino help, but refuse to
ler they soiled their dainty
tne process
Strawberry growers are getting their
crews together preparing to pick ber
l ies this week.
Little Maurice Coperude, who met
with an accident while playing with a
dynamite cap, is reported to be doing
nicely at the Cottage hospital. Hil
mother expects to bring him home
Mrs. H. H. Pawbusfa entertained a
putty of little folks in honor of her
daughter, Velma's birthday. The
little giils present were Anne Iloun
sell, Mary Lewis, Kdna and Ruth In
gals, Alice and Anna Belle Benson.
Mrs Felix Kile and baby, of Park -dale,
are visiting her mother, Mrs. J.
() Cameron.
James Benson left Sa'.urdav for Van
couver to make arrangements fo mov
ing his family to that city. Mrs. Ban
son and Children are staving at the
Chevron ranch to help with the straw berry
Alfred Thomson is building a new
apple house.
Wm. Gilkerson, student at 0. A. C.,
expects to return home Thursday even
Mis'! Mae Davidson spent several
days at the Davidson Fruit Co.'s ranch
last week looking after ranch inter-
Save Money on Your Work Clothes
We own and operate 297 Stores.
We buy in quantities for cash.
We sell for cash.
We buy direct from the manufacturer, saving you the middle
men profits.
We sell at one price to everybody.
It is our aim to sell you the best merchandise obtainable at the
lowest possible prices. We are organized to save you money. Let
us prove this to you.
The Northwestern Transportation Co.
Leaves Portland Tuts., Thure.,andSat at 7a. m
Arrives at Hood River about Bp. m.
Leaves Hood River Wed., Fri . and Sun. B:46 a. m.
Phone 8614 L S. MILLER. Agent
Central Vale school Is to have two
teachers from the east for next term:
Miss Fannie lirenenian. from lilair,
Wis., and MifS l.anah I'urdy Oxford,
Wis. Hoth teachers come highly recommended.
Mis. GeOtge Wishart returned home
alter spending the past three weeks
Visiting relatives and friends in Port
land. 1 School closed Friday with a picnic at
the Toll bridge. Everybody reported a
f ond time.
Mrs. Mabel Naiver lelurned to Hood
Rivet Friday.
Miss Cloy Smith returned to her
heme in I'oitlaid Saturday.
lira Sheldrake and childorn have re
turned to Parkdale after Spending sev
eral months at the Fvcrson home.
The usual church services were held
Sunday evening,
Men's Work Gloves
Wo have just received a large shipment of men's lea
ther work gloves. These are off our contract of several
mouths back, so we own them at much under the present
market. We are giving you the benefit of the low prices
on these gloves and are pricing them extremely low.
Men's Short Wrist Gloves in mule skin, hog hide, horse
hide, buckskin and corduroy buck,
49.69,98, 1.19. 1.25, 1.49, J. 79. 189, 249.
2.69, and 3.25
Men's Gauntlet Work Gloves, mule skin 98,
Men's Gauntlet Horse Hide Palm Gloves, mule skin
back : 1,69
Men's Gauntlet Lineman double palm and cuff Gloves 1 ,90
Men's Gauntlet Horse Hide, Heavy Split horse cull' 1,98
Men's Heavy Blue Bib Overalls, 2-20 Denim, Indigo
Dye 2.19
Men's Heavy Blue Jackets, 2-20 Denim, Indigo Dye 2.19
Men's Blue Ghambray Work Shirts, full cut, 2 pock
ets 1.19
Men's Heavy Khaki Twill Work Shirts -. 2.69
Men's Heavy Illack Sateen Work Shirts 1,98
Men's Extra Size Work Shirts, for the big man -1.89
Men's Work Suits
Men's One-Piece Work Suits, Heavy Khaki Twill 3.49
Men's One-Piece Work Suits, Heavy Khaki Twill 3,98
Shoes Shoes Shoes
In 1919 we sold over $5,000,000 worth of shoes. This year
we have already passed this mark.
Will you be one of those that shiire in the savings that
these enormous purchases make possible.
Men's Brown Elk Outing Shoe f 3.69
Men's Brown Galf Blucher Work Shoe 4,50
Men's Brown Galf Blucher, Half Double Sole 5.50
Men's Brown Veal Blucher, Full Double Sole 6.90
Men's Black Calf Dress.Shoe, Blucher 6.90
Men's Black Galf Dress Shoe, English Walker 7.90
M. n's Brown Galf Dress Shoe, English Walker 7.90
Men's Brown Galf Army Munson Last, a Real Dress Shoe
for the man that wants a broad shoe 10.90
Crystal Mite
10 bars, 59c
1 1 IflT gasiiirza
c 4 Ha.tionwicle Institution
5c per Can
l ei $m
Stranahan & Slaven
General Goatractori ami Baidsti
Is entitled to lirsl consideration. We are in the
market for your
Culls and Field Strawberries
If you are a member of the Association you must get
released otherwise your berries go out of the Valley
Our labor pay roll alone last year was over. $16,000
and in addition to this were numerous other local ex
penses all of which help to keep money, in the Valley
Telephone 3531
Miss Kate Winkler, of Vancouver,
ton I last week the guest of the Misses
M ii ml A. Shogren.
Foster Mcl.ynn, wife and child spent
th week end at the home of their
aunta, the Misses Shogren, returning
to their home in Portland over the
Highway Sunday evening.
The Misses May and Anne Sbogren
were business visitors in The Italles
Mi -rs. (linger and Hennett motored
to The Dalles Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J, Saul and son are
P pending the week on their little farm
southwest of Hosier.
Miss Kltie Wright went to Hood
Km r Wednesday to visit a few days
with Mirs Kmma VVollam.
.1. I'. Carroll accompanied his on,
John, and wife to Rood River Thurs
day where they purchased some lumber
to use in remodeling the old Wood NSi'
dt nee recent I v ! ught by Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Carroll:
Chaa. Wright arrived from Aehwood.
Wednesday to visit a for a few weeks
with relatives.
I,, i Siii dav and Monday Mii-srs.
Jas. Cherry, Wm. Vensel, and Frank
Miililleswart enjoyed a fishing trip near
Kaskala, Ore.
Judge Atkinson, with road commis
sioners Hichs and 'Clausen were in
M iier Thursday looking ovsr tome
Deeeeeaury road improvements.
.lanes Camp and daughter, Mae,
went to tin sham Thnrsilay to visit a
few days w ith Mr. Camp s parents
and to be present Thursday evening at
the graduation exercises of the uresh
am High school. Mr. Camp's younger
! i itier. Altwrt, is in the class.
Mesara. Beldin am! Cherry enjoyed a
f. a days this week on the upper
waters of the Kat Fork of Hoed River.
M.srs. S K. F.vans and Lee R.
Kvans ami Clyde Hatiey left Wednes
laj for a few days' trip to Yakima,
A h.
Mrs. John Lantry and sop, of I. vie.
Wash., sjient the week here with Mrs.
Vieline Sellir.ger.
Mrs. W. H. Cook accompanied by
ier daughter-, Mise I vie and Wa'
a- 1 Miss Anna Sollie, were in Hood
Uiver Saturday afterrom and evening.
A cofJrrete sidewalk is being laid in
front of the Christian church this
Messrs. t'herrv. Bennett and Vessel
eased Mr. I.amb to The Dalles
Saturday morning where he will re
ceive medical treatment.
Mr- Thell Wir.ans and children, of
arrived Saturday evening to visit with
old friends and also to attend to busi-
I neas affairs. The doctor was obliged
to return home Monday becau e ol
I business. Mrs. Robinson remained
through the wt t k. The Sunday school
at the Imm.tnuel church held their
; Children's dav exercises Sunday. June!
, (, instead of next Sunday so that Dr.
' and Mrs. Robinson could be present.
I here were 65 present at Sunday'
Phcws Mvslcriously Affected
S ime peculiar atmosnherie condition
jit; thought to have been responsible
i Monday morning for putting the I ical
telephone exchange practically cut of
commission for Short time. The local
system, know n BS the auto-mar Hal, is !
! delicate and raint torn.s often effect ii. '
F'or a short period a larue percentile,'
of callers were unable to get co mic- I
tion. While the mechanical depart'
ment of the system puzzled ovt r the!
trouhle. normal service was resumed
as suddenly as the interruption bad occurred.
Funeral services for Mrs. L. E.
Eddy? aged 80 and a native of Arkan
sas, were hel l yesterdav afternoon.
VV. . Eddy. Mrs. Eddy S only son,
former member of the engineering
stall' of the State Highway Commis
sion, who is now a highway engineer
with the United States .Forestry ser
vice, had arrived here last Friday from
Wonder with his wife to spend a vaca
tion with his mother. They were
within a mile of her Frankton home
when neighbors announced her sudden
death from heart trouble.
A message was received Tuesday
from a granddaughter. Mrs. A I van
Herd man, if Melrose, that shv could
not attend the funeral services because
of the serious ibne-s of her husband.
Lofts Gets Sewer Contract
The cit y council Monday night award
ed t: A. C. I.ofts a contract for lavinir
a sewer on Oak street between Tenth
and Thirteenth. The cost of the work
will reach abont $1,500. The city is
asking for bids on the paving of the
street, which intersects with Cascade
avenue, the city extension of the Co
luniliia River Highway, at an acute
The continued cold weather, which
has prevented any freshet stage of the
Columbia, has saved the council the
solution of disposition of garbage
should the low land dumps be covered
with water. Had a freshet stage been
reached the city, the council members
Stats, might have been forced to in
stall an incinerator.
Express and Bs
B." H. Goodrich, N
Hauled. Tl.
u a lew ua
ther, Mrs.
Kith Mrs. Win
T. MeClure and
Vertical Lift M and 5-foot Cut
We carry Repair Parts for
John Deere, PcCormicK, Champion
Deering and Osborne Mowers
Mrs. Chris Nelson ard daughter,
.irenre. of Port land are visiting at
he McClurc home. Mr. MeClure is
Irs. Nelson's mother.
John IVnnv. Sf l'lli. spent a few
ay in Mosier this week 1 1 iSjSg after
Dr. and Mrs. KUonfon. of Tillamook.