The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 06, 1920, Image 8

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    noon river glacier; Thursday, may 6, 1920
YOTI who use
3 1 1 inch tires
ronstiluto more
than half the
tire buyers of the
To build this spe
cial molded 3 1
in. tire, a $7,000,
COO factory was
built and a spe
cial organization
brought together.
i; I I
Firestone Plant
No. 2, making
this one size only,
has a capacity
of 16,000 tires a
This quantity
production means
savings for the
car owner -lowest
costs and bet
ter tire values.
Buy Fires tones.
Af tnir
Oivner as
tllar it a FireStptM Pledge, to the big car
to Iheowttert of light tors. Set fie new
nd Qvertiut Firestone Cod.
7 m
Do You Want
Service ?
If you do, try us. We
are trying to do our best
to give real Service.
Every Department is be
ing brought to shape to
serve you. . . In time,
when you hear the word
SERVICE you will at
once think of the HOOD
Hood River Garage
Phone 4444
t npples in
1919 sea-
The follow i I is a siimm
the Bureau of MarU'lO '
mentn i.f apple! fur lust pi
The unusually large crou
the Pacific northwest in tr
son, occttrrinit i" a period of high
price levels, brought almost undgearned
of returns t" many orchard iata and
gave satisfaction to practically all
irrowers. in n any instances this year's
apnle crop paid for the entire tarm,
and many on
ment of agl c -Cure's
1919-20 apple
nor tii west.
hard! changed hands at
prices, says me depart
however, the a l eaaon d
so profitable. A number o
ou abatacli ) were eni i
their part. The prevailing high price
and good export demand in the Sprint
of l!)l!i, together with rumors of a
prospective hort crop, misled many
early in the iieason. Opening liigh
prices had a tendency to curtail epn
sumption. Inadequate aid rongeated
storage facilities which tended to im
pair Keeping qualities, together with
two severe freezes, caused large
quantities of pour fniit to be dumped
on the market-. The severe declines
m foreign exchange interferred seri
ously with the anticipated export
movement, and the final realisation
that the apple crop over the United
States as a whole rai heavy instead
of short aha ' in ed losses i'"r many
apple operators. Acute car shortages
caused much (rouble and loss. Many
early f. o. b. tabs were ca;i.-lci be
. cause deliveries could no! be made,
i Hundreds of cars were' fro sen in tran
sit, resulting in serious monetary loss
es, and the tiling of huge damage
I claims again- l lb' railroads.
The inadequate toragi facilities and
limited car supply in the face of in
creesed production in the Northwest is
demanding the serious consideration of
growers anil p flippers. Lack of suffi
cient storage space caused heavy losse:
this year. Barw, garages, stores and,
in fact, every available space was tilled
to OVefflowing With packed and nil
parked "fruit. While some fruit was
frosen in these temporary and common
storages during the extreme cold
weather in December, the heaviest
shrinkage and deterioration was proba
bly caused by poor or no ventilation
and overheating to keep out the frost.
The very large Hood River crop,
which gave promise of being the best
in yi ars, with inadequate facilities for
handling, caused beav.v losses to some
eiowers. Storages, common. cJd and
t mporary, were crowded to utmost
ca aeity, and growers were forced to
keep much of the crop in whatever
itoraga they could find on the farm.
The i ar shortage was serious and
cauffld much los. Some fruit was
fro.en on the tio in October, but the
heaviest loss by freezing occurred in
December, when radically all apples
i;i temporary sturi ;e were either frosen
or spoiled by hi iters, and repacking
with a big shrinkage was general. By
products plant look a big portion of
thi damaged i ni t.
While the quality of the fruit was
good it did not Keep well, principally
in cause of the many adverse conditions
incident to handling. Newtowns pre
dominated and the SpitzenburgS make
un about 06 i ' ent of the crop. The
balance is composed chiefly of Jona
i hns, Wintei iiananaa, Ortleyl and Ar
kanaaa Blacks.
Total shipm i ta from July, 1919, to
February, 19X0, both inclusive, were
32,663 cara. divided as follows: From
Oregon, 5(127 Cura; Washington, 28,895:
Idaho, 9861 ; Montana)) 490. Oregon
sHipmenta were 8136 cars from Hood
River, K22 from eaatorn Oregon. 819
II1L' Stat
seel ion :
ti rn regnn and 61
district. Shipmei
.ns were as folk
n Uie
cars : Dufur. Ill
er, 1180; Mohis, Hi; M osier, 166; Odell,
691; ParkdalA, 147 , Summit l: Ihe
h ill s, 29; Trootcreek, 1 1 ; Van Horn,
616: Woodworth, 11; Holatein I: '.ld
en bale Ll ; Underwood. 98; White
Sal. non. Is I ; Marvhill, 2.
Herbert Hoover declared his position
on Asiatic problems in California Mon
day in a telegram to the Hoover cam
paign headquarters at Los Angeles.
The telegram said :
"1 have always been in favor of the
exclusion of Japanese immigration and
the prevention of Asiatic ownership of
land and natural resources. The anti
dote to sggreaaive action against us by
:m country is either a league of na
tions to prevent such thing a, or the
alternative, gigantic armament, and a
militai ism of our own."
Friday anil Saturday. May 7 and S,
Constance Talmadge in "Romance and
Arahclle." anil a Mult and JassT car
toon. Sunday, May !. H. B, Warner in
"The Pagan God," Holmes Travelog
ami a two real Hillie West comedy.
Monday and Iaaaday, May Id aed
11, Alice Lake in "Should a Woman
Tell?" Big special production taker
Ion the rock bound coast Of New Pig
land. Also Topics of the Day. IQc and
Wednesday and Tfcojfaday. May 12
and IS, I sv l ody. the Screen's most
vivid and beloved character, in "The
Beluvd Cheater." Abe a two reel
Sunshine luBaady.
Vera Kolstad at tlie'cttv organ
Thursday and Friday. May 6 and 7.
I'n-.. ill. i I van, heroine of the "Virgin
of StHiiiboul," in her latest live reel
offering, "Pratt) Saaootli, also apii da
Number 6 of Use gripping western ser
ial, "Elmo the Mighty.'
Saturday. May 8. Mav Allison in a
clever si tu ty .Irama. "The I'nlifts."
Sunda, May .. Florence Keed in
"lb r Coda of Honor." lso a Dray Pie-
Thursday and Friday, May 13 and 14.
Number 7 of "Blow the Mighty" and
M;r Mtl.aren in "Kwiges ami Ruh-
( hnstian 4 Missionary Alliance
choir has been fern el at the
ASSOCIATION, of Hood River,
Oregon, offen i!.s G'.. interest
bearing bonds, lne in 15 years,
to the amount of $15,000, f'r the
purpose of adding thirty beds to
its present capacity of twenty
beds. The new building to be of
Concrete Fire Proof construction
and so planned, that, when need
ed, it can be expanded by new
construction, into a 100 bed hos
pital, for the least cost and most
economical administration.
The new building will contain
a passenger (patient) elevator to
all floors and a Model Surgery
with Obstetric conveniences on
the top door, removing all annoy
ances arising from this class of
cases to patients on the other
The proposed buildings, equip
ment and grounds will be fully
worth $2o, 000,00, on which we
pay as in the past, interest, taxes
and insurance as any other busi
ness does, never having had a
dollar's worth of donation or
charity offered or accepted. We
propose, however, with the en
larged equipment! to devote such
bedfl as may be needed in the
male and female wanh to only
charity cases recommended by a
legally orgonized local charity,
such as the Red Cross, etc. Sub
scriptions may be made in multi
plea of $100.00 at either Bank,
for the next SO days, when, if
the total issue is subscribed,
building will be rushed to com
pletion at the earliest date pos
stole. Yours, in the interest of this
Ordered by the Hoard of Directors.
The Monitor
Light Six
It will be your last chance to get immediate
delivery on a Monitor Light Six, as we are entire
y sold out except for one car, FivePassener
Touring, and one Touring 4 Chummy Roadster.
Why not add your name to our list of satisfied owners
and possess a sturdy car that will do duty all the year around ?
Fall's Tires and Tubes Curtis Tires and Tubes
General Service for all makes of Automobiles by a good
mechanic with ten years of general experience.
Vote for Good RoadsVote 302 X Yes
for 4 State Koad Bond Limit
. No Property Tax! Direct Tax.
Mo Increase m Auto License Fees. No t ease of Gasoline Tax
IV.s.ns Ai., lu.ns. J,. .,;,.! ..,M.lino lax will pa hoih principal and
ini. r. M on all Ihe hond 11...I ih . , onsiiiuiional amendment Wroval of
It, is anu is n. . I.. rmn , .! t ompU lion of Mai.- Highway
Hood River Motor Car Co.
Telephone 2Sol
:hw of a lot re-