The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 06, 1920, Image 11

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111 I I H-I-t.1 i i l 1. 1 i i i 1,1 i i
II. L Hasbrouek, Optometrist.
Klc. tricttl repairing at Dakin Electric
Works. IhKtf
Forties iloes painting, aign work and
eudtnininc. Tel. 8014. i,,itl
Dr. Murphy, dentist, Brosiui Building
Telephone 2833, , jjj.i 111 "
We :ire HOW prepared to saw
wood, Sutherlio aSliav, Til. .i.tTi' jtntf
A. S. Kolstad and P. L Hoardwell
motored to Portland yesterday.
Chas. T. Karly was up from Port
land on business last week.
Dr. and Mrs. J. I). Gutter? visited
in Portland last week.
Miss Hazel Hollenbeck spent last
Thursday in Portland visiting friends.
O. ('. Hughes was a business visitor
in Portland the latter part of last
K. T. Folts and son, Vern, spent last
Thursday in Portland.
W. K. Barr was a business visitor in
Clatakanie last week.
Mrs. C. C. Ross was in The Dalles
yesterdav visiting relatives and friends.
W. A. Carnal was a business visitor
in the Dalles yesterday.
Kx press and Baggage Hauled. Tel.
K IS. (Goodrich, No. 3061. jtStl
M. Oatargard was up from Viento
Tue.-day on business.
If you have an automobile thai needa
repairing aee 0. C. Emery at the Cas
cade Oarage, Tel. :if24. apr22tl
Baby Grand Chevrolet For Sale 1919
Model, driven only 4900 miles, tine con
dition. Price 975. liennelt liros. m25tl
lives scientifically examined by II. L.
Haabrouck, optometrist, Heiibronner
G. L. Davenport will handle ship
ments of applet ami produce. H,
Front idreet, Portland, Ore. mlMl
Chas. Steinhauser was here from
Parkdale last week en route to Port
land on business.
After a visit with Mr. Henderson at
Tillamook, Mrs. John L. Henderson
returned here last week.
Mrs. Ann Heighley, of Ashland,
Ohio, has been here the guest of her
brother, John Itaker and daughters.
F. A. Olmstead was a business visi
t ir in Portland the latter part of last
Mrs. F. It. Loving and two younger
sms left last week for Denver to visit
h ?r sister, Mrs. O. J. Thomas.
Highest cash price paid for onr used
furniture, stoves and rugs. Call McClain
at B. A. F ran Co. eliOt f
The Columbia Laundry is gain oper
ating. Tel. :io.ri2 and are will call for
ywnr laundry. aS9
Anyone wishing to hire truck for
Moral hauling, call F. W. Chindlund,
Tel. S:tll, Hotel Oregon. jl6tl
Ten months' guarantee on storage
battery repairs. Dakin Electric Works,
Third and Oak Sts. tf
For guaranteed storage battery and
other electrical repairs, go to Dakin
Electrical Works, 111116 Third 8t tf
Bom- To Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mc
Clain. on Monday night, May :f, a
E. Shelley Morgan'is up from Port
land looking after nis Frankton orch
ard place."
Carl Kent has been busy the past
week retmting the lobbies at the Hotel
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Shannon were
down from Dee the first of the week on
Hugh G, Hall is limping, having
twisted one of his knees badly Monday
evening while entering an automobile.
Mr. and Mrs K. E. Stevens, who
spent the winter in Portland, returned
here last week.
"Put a qualified engineer on the
Comiiission. " Vote for Khea l.uper,
Reputdican nomination for Public Scr
vice Commissioner. Paid adv.
We can weld or braze anything
Work guaranteed. Give ni a trial
Elliott-Overlang Co. The Cascade Oa
rage, tel. S6S4. al6tl
Irrigation adv i-e, surveys and engirt
eering of anv project, confer ii h Eltiert
K. Newt II, once at Mt. Hood Hotel.
It pays to do things right. mtti
I have returned from Portland to
Hood River, and am ready lor contract
on concrete work. Joe Dobaon. Tel.
MM m'
We are expert automobile electricians
A tiial w ill convince von. F.lliott ver-
land Co. The Cascade ri.nage, pi e
KS4. a I. ill
When you want your riot bet prCMtad
and cleaned y the BKMt Wailary
method with a Huffman steam prewar,
telephone J. C Meyer, No. 1121 and he
will send for t hem . 22'f
An insiection w ill com nice MM that
the servii-e of the Palace Hotel, Port
land, Oregon, W ashington and Twelfth
streets, is second to none. Convenient
to shopping and theatre district-, clean
est rooms in city for .Wets, and up.
Oxford Tics
A gMl looking ami comfortable
walking shoe, for drei or s rvicc.
21H51 Red Cris Rn.wn Calf Mi
litary heel Oiforde, perforated toe,
Welt Sole
20 Selby brown kid Military
heel Oifords, imitation tip, welt
SI.V3 Red Crms lU k kid Mili
tary heel OtJaeaH iniitation tip,
telt olea
$12.50 m
2 Br.wn kid Mlitary heel
O i lords, stitchrfl tip, welt ode
Black kid MiHUry heel m
lord, p ain toe torn
I'ortland yes-
After a vacation of several weVks
spent in Utah and Califonia. J. W.
West returned here yesterday.
W. M. Dickerson. San Francisco sales
agent or the Apple Crowers Assoeia- !
tion, is here visiting the home office.
Misa Vera Hill, of The Dalit 8. spent I
ouiajsy nere me guest of Mrs. 1. D.
After a visit with relatives at Wood
bum. Mrs. P. A. Tollman has returned
St. Mark's Cuild will trive a silver
tea at the home of Mrs. Ceo. Sharp on
Brookside Drive Friday afternoon from
2.80 to 6 o'clock.
The members of the Altar Society of
St. Mary's church gave a card party
Tuesday evening at the Fast Side home
of Mrs. Mary Fletcher.
Mrs. Fred W. Wasson w ho has been
spending the winter in Beach,
Calif., will arrive here soon to join Mr.
Searches of records and reliable ab
stracts made bv Oregon Abstract Com
pany, a. w. Onthank, Manager, :i'i,r
Oak Street. Phone 1V21. iv't)-tf
. -
Sunday evening. May 6, a special
musical concert Will he given at the
Methodist church. A full program
will be announced next week.
There will be a business meeting of
the Methodist Ladies' Aid held in the
church parlors Friday afternoon at 2.1W
Wanted- Roomers and boarders. In
quire of Mrs. H B. Emmel, 711 Co
lumbia Street. 1 also have a good gar
age to rent.
Mrs. B. K. Hawkins and daughter
were here last week for a day'H visit
accompanying Mr. Hawkins, who trav
els for the Blake, Mcl'all Paper Co.
Harold Tucker, who has been with
the F. A. Franz Co. for the past year,
is now in charge of Kelly Bros, retail
Harry Hilts is again with the Con
solidated Mercantile Co. For the past
vear Mr. Hilts has been with the Ire
land Fruit Co.
J, B. Doggett was down from Mt.
Hood last week to consult, a physician.
Mr. Doggett injured one of his knees
Accompanied by her daughter. Mrs.
F. C. Stephens, of Minneapolis, is
here visiting the family of Ceo. C.
(I idden.
Walter Furry last week purchased
from C. H. Spmat his residence on
Twelfth street. The "consideration was
6 000. R. E. Scott made the deal.
V. C. Brock, who is now an apprais
er for the Spokane Land Bank, has
been here the nast several days visit
ing friends and attending to business.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Dau
benspeck, of Stevenson, Wash., Satur
day, May 1, at the Storksnest, a seven
pound daughter, Betty Jane.
Born Saturday, May 1, at the
Storksnest, to Mr. and Mrs. B. L.
Brumbaugh, a 7 pound baby girl who
has been christened Helen Carol.
After a vacation of two weeks with
his brother. J. W. Crew, of Oakland,
Calif., C. C. Crew is again at his post
at the First National Hank.
W. O. Iligman and family plan on
leaving soon for Illinois for a visit of
several weeks with relatives and
Mother's Day will be aptironriately
observed at the Methodist church next
Sunday at 1 1 o'clock. A special invi
tation is extended to the mothers of
Hood River to attend this service.
"Apply enginee'ing efficiency to
state control of public utilities." Vote
for lihea l.uper Republican nomina
tiort for Public Service Commissioner.
-Paid adv.
W. C. Dietf, representative of the j
Celro-Kola Co., of Portland, was here
last week introducing medicines and
soda fountain beverages of the com
pany. Mrs. C. N. Clarke will'plant 10 acres
of a ranch place owned by har at Du
fur to d'Anjou pears this spring. A.
Lerojx, has left for Dufur to superin
tend the planting of the new tract.
D. 1. Stone, owner of extensive ranch
property on the headwaters of the West
Fork, arrived the first of the week
from Santa Ana. Calif., where he has
been re-iding for the past two years.
Mrs. Dean D. Ballard, of Seattle,
will arrive this week for a visit with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. .1.
Knight. Misa Helen Knight, student
at the University of California, will
arrive home today for a visit.
David Marlor arrived Monday from
Fsoondido, Calif., joining Mrs. Marlor
and sun, George Finlev, who arrived
from the south several weeks ago. a r
and Mrs. Marlor wiill make ih-.-ir home
on Twin Oaks Farm with Mrs Marlor'a
parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Blvthe.
For Sale Fir-t class power spray out
tit consisting ol Mitchell engine, Uteri
piimp and I LI) gal. tank mounted on
steel truck, complete w itb nozles and
gun, for $Lo it) delivered to IPx-l Him r
depot, J. D. Pergen, Hill-boro, Ore.
H. If, V stonier was in
terday on business.
Red Cross and Selby Pumps, Ties and Oxfords Are Best
Those lines represent the best ideas of the most skilled craftsman of many years exper
ience producing Footwear of the very best grades of leather made in authorative styles
and giving the maximum of comfort and service.
We have Given Particular Attention to Our Shoe Department. Have
had years of experience in buying, selling and fitting shoes, are in
touch with some of the best Shoe Manufacturers in the world, and
we believ e that the best shoe, priced right, is the cheapest. We carry
Ladies' Dress Shoes in AAA to D widths and in all sizes.
For feet that are unusual, we have the Combination Last, which has a narrow, close fit
ting heel and imtopt and a wide, roomy ball and vamp. The Arch Preserver, Shoes and
).f mis for weak arches and insteps. For Growing Girls we have shoes and oxfords with
low heels and round toes, made to suit the requirements of the Girls who need the larger
sizes, but should nt wear shei mide for Lilies. Foatform Shoo an 1 low cuts for
children, have th? wi le, roomy, good looking shapes, that give the little feet the room
thev need.
WTe Give &C Green
Tcading Stamps
R. W. Simpson was down from Mo
sier Tuesday night to attend a meeting
of the Commanderv of Knights Temp
E. M. Holman ruffered severely Sun
day from the effects of a particle of
stone imbedded in one of his eyelids.
Following its removal by a physician
Monday morning he has recovered.
W. F. Andrews, who recently leased
his Oak Grove orchard place to A. W.
Melcher, of Chicago, has purchased
from R B. Bragg the latter's home on
Cascade avenue. He paid $3,200 rash
for the cottage.
Mrs. Marv K. Pferdnor, en mute to
her home in Portland from San Anton
j io, Tex., where she had spent the win
; ter, arrived here .Saturday for a viit
I with her daughter, Mrs. Edna Ellen
Gordon G. Brown has purchased f torn
Ouy Y. Edwards a lot at the corner of
Ninth street and Cascade avenue. He
is flow planting trees and shrubs on
the lot, planning to build next sum
mer. Mrs. Almont H. FergUBOO and dangh
ter, will go to Portland this week for
the initial session of the State Sunday
I i
school convention, r rorn there they
accompany Miss Martha Ferguson
to Salem for Willamette university
May day festivities.
Circuit Judge Wilson, iust back from
a visit with relatives In Ohio, has an
nounced that a session of court will be
convened here Monday. It is expected
that only the hearing and disposition of
motions, demurrers anil setting of law
cases for trial will come before the
Ashley Wilson, formerly manager of
the Mount Hood R. R. Co. were, who
for the past several years has been
connected with the White Motor Car
Co., and Mrs. Wilson were here the
attar part of last week from Portland
visiting friends. Mr. Wilson is now
connected with th.; Portland oflice of
the motor concern.
Mrs. Florence Rand, Grand Temple
Guard of Oregon Pythian Sisters, re
turned last week from lleppner, where
she assisted in the institution of a new
organization of Pythian Sisters. Mem
bers of the Sisters from a number of
eastern Oregon points joined grand offi
cers in the work of installing the new
At a family dinner party at Sunny
Brook Farm, Mrs. Mary Vannet an
nounced the engagement of her daugh
ter, Ann, to Kenneth E. Hodgmen, of
Medford, and Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Nich
olson announced the engagement of
their son, Raymond Edward, to Miss
Marguerite Burgh, of I'ortland. The
marriages will take place in the near
Carl Cray, president of the Union
Pacific Co., passed through here Mon
day en route to Underwood, where he
inspected property of the Highland
Orchard Co., in which he is interested.
Mr. Cray was sent here bv Dr. II. L.
Geary, manager of the orchards. He
continued his trip to Portland over the
S. P. &. S. line. While here Mr. Gray
was presented by Agent Fredriey with
a box of Newtown apples.
A power iole at the foot of First
street, after gaining a reputation as a
catch all for runaway automobiles, was
finally demolished last week when a
motor truck ran wild down the grade
and smashed into it. The pole received
its first bump last fall when a big
truck became unmanageable because
of snow and ploughed its way down
the grade. A crew of men has replaced
the pole.
Mrs. S. Comin, member of the cleri
cal force at the First National Bank,
starting to work early one day last
week to make up time last the after
noon before when her sister. Miss Lulu
Good, was Injured by falling down a
stairway, set off a burglar alarm at
the ank and created excitement. The
alarm had been set to automat ica 1 1
release an hour later than usual, and
Mrs. Connns, not knowing this, starteil
the alarm bells when she opened a
Herbert Egbert Wi.sco countv ranch
er and candidate for Hi publican nornin-
, atton for joint representative from
Hood River and Wasco counties, while
rn itoting around an obstruction in the
road near Barrett school house Sunday
night, collided with a wagon and team.
j The front i f the car was badly dam-
, aged and the pule of the wagon broken.
! "1 did not learn whose wagon it was."
says Mr. Egbert. "I told the boy driv
ing it to have his wagon fixed and I
would pay the bill. Apparently he
duln t want to trust me, and I gave
aim a $2 lull, which satished him.
Mr. Egbert's car was towed here for
The new Columbia II ighway stretch
l.i tween here and Mosier makes it con
venient for Mosier members of local
fraternal orders to visit the city. With
Mo-ier now closer to the metropolis of
the Apple Valley than some of the out
lying II i River county set ions. Mo
sier citizens are beginning to visit here
frequently. A 'number of Mosier Ma
sons were here last night to attend a
session of the lodge when A. F.
Bickford and his two sons, Haves L.
and Claire Bickford were made Master
Mokicii-Huelat-Sather Co.
"TH Hi of P.Mon.l trrrlc"
' r- I
UNION SUITS, $1.25 to $2.50
TWO PIECE, 75c to $1.25
Masons. A number of Masons of Un
derwood, ipeclal guests of the local
ledge, were heie to attend thejunusual
Extending an invitation to be at the
blossom festival in Hood River, A. W.
I'eters is at the Hotel Portland, said
the Oregonian last'Thusrday. Blossom
time is the big event in the Hood Riv
er valley and is comparable with the
cherry blossom time in Japan. For
miles the landscape is covered with
the colorful apple blossoms and the
etTect is of a beautiful picture. About
next year when there will be a'hard
surfaced road not only to Hood River
but up into the valley itself, a new era
will strart, for thereafter each year
I'ortlandera will make a pilgrimage to
Hood Hiver to see the blossoms. Of
course, that means that the visitors
will be properly taken care of in the
way of being provided with restau
rants, and some day blossom season in
Hood Kiver valley may rival the Rose
Festival in I'ortland.
If he recovers from an attempt
o commit suicide yesterday, R. Clay
Crawford, wanted on a charge of lar
ceny by bailee, will be brought here
farom Minneapolis, Where he is now
recovering at a hospital. News of
Crawford's attempt at suicide reached
here through a telergam to authorities
from police officers at Crookston.
Minn., where Crawford's wife's par
ents reside. The message stated that
the w.mnd was serious but that it was
not considered fatal.
('raw ford disappeared from here in
late February, leaving ostensibly to
pilot a French aeroplane from Spokane
to Hood Kiver. Claiming that he was
foimerly an ace of the British and
American armies, he borrowed nearlv
a inouaarKi oonara irom I acuity mem
bers of the high school, where he had
been director of physical training for
about a month. He also posed as an
ex member of Sousa's band, and made
his get away with a large amount of
funds collected from boys of the high
schoi I who were forming a students'
Ten days ago authorities secured
trace of Crawford In Chicago. He was
traced from there to M inneaiiolis. and
fear of arrest, it is supposed, caused
his attempt to kill himself.
Just before noon yesterdav Sheriff
Johnson received a wire from Minneap
olia thai Crawford was under aire t
and was being held awaiting the ar
rival of a local offieer.
Rnnd Mass Meeting
mass meeting of the citizens of
Height will be held at Taylor 'a
next Wednesday night fordiscu -Of
the proposed citv bonds of
Pomona Grange Meeting Postponed
The Pomona grange meeting, sched
uleJ for next Tuesday has been post
poned a week because of the children's
pageant to lie held at Fine drove.
For electrical troubles and storage
hallaiiee, see Dakin, ill-ifi 'id si. mstf
Dou bfestamps every
i CO.
At an election Monday night oflicers
of the American Legion for the ensu
ing year were elected as follows ; Kd.
W. Van Horn, commander; Stewart
Kimball, vice commander ; (Hen Hunt.
Adjutant; Harold llershner, financial
officer ; Fordham B. Kimball, historian;
Ceo. R. Wilbur, chaplain; V. H. Abra
bam, Geo. H. Wilbur and Walter Ford,
executive committee.
The Legion has been awanled a blan
ket concession by the city council for
all entertainments July 4. All funds
raised for the day will be devoted to a
fund for the construction of a Legion
home. A committee will b appointed
soon to make definite plana for the In
dependence Day celebration.
GROWERS $225,000
The Apple Crowers Association last
week made a distribution of ' " ' !
on the 1919 apple crop, bringing the
total funds distributed to date to grow
ers to $2,(HMI,(MH). The latest distribu
tion includes 40 to 10 cents per box on
Spitzenbergs. Arkansas Blacks, Red
Cheeks and Ortleys and 10 cents per
box on Newtowns. No advance wai
made on Ben Davis, the only other va
riety on which pools have not been
closed. The Association has remaining
for another distribution about $860,000,
Citi7ens of the countv are responding
liberally to the appeal of the Salvation
Army campaign committee, according
to K. O. Blanchar, chairman. Letters
have been mailed to all prospective
contributors, with checks printed even
to the amount of the contribution ex
pected. Only the signature in needed
These are returning in gratifying num
ber, it ia said. The Dee district, where
a chief part of the fund was contrib
uted by the Oregon Lumber Co. work
ers, has sent in $1(50, in ex.'ess of the
quota set.
1 TfU ollir Li EiHUiULU
While two shifts of men have been
placed at work at the Sonny paving
plant, (,. h. Krbbee, contractor in
charge of the surfacing, states that the
route will be open to tratlic at certain
j hours. He gives the following official
j schedule of hours during wlm b traltii
will be allowed over the road :
Between 12, noon, and 1.90 p. m. ;
between 4 and 4 HO l. m. ; between '.
and 9.90 p. m. ; between 1.30 and 7.H0
a. m
With good weather prevailing the
paving of the eight mileaof unsurfacei!
road between Wyeth and the city limits
of II I River will be ruahed, it is said.
Colonial Pumps
Are very smart in aearance end
practical for all around
2K.47 Red Cross black kid Col
onial pump, baby Louis heel,
well soles
291 Selby brown rail Colonial
pump, Louis heel
Same in black kid leather, l-ouis
heel turn
.'02 -Selby black kid, low be I.
Colonial pump
glft57 Red Cros brown krd Col
onial one eyelet, ribVm tie, leath
er I. ui heel, hand turn de
J"i66 Same in black
For the Summer Wear is Here
It needs no introduction in Hood River. Uniform satis
faction for many seasons gives this excellent line first place in
every wearer's estimation, which speaks volumes. We bought
on a low market, and in spite of the prevailing high cost of
material and labor, our prices are as low as last season.
We carry every style Long Sleeve Ankle, Short
Sleeve Ankle, Oxford and Knee, Athletic, Sleeveless
Knee Lengths.
There is only one place in Hood River where
you can get strictly fresh candy.
For only one place in Hood River is there a
factory capable of turning out candy in sufficient
quantities to supply the retail demand lor such a
product, and that is at
Our candy factory was given the rating of
"clean" by the State inspector of health and sani
tation during his recent stop in Hood River.
Remember Fresh Candy- Purest of Candy
Cleanest of Candy is obtainable only at Hicks'.
And at considerably cheaper prices than
charged in Portland for exactly the same quality
'M-m, Boy; Let's go.
Porsuadr'd lv
Citizens o my County, elector!
will find my name on the bal
lot at the coming Primariei M
candidate for Republican nom
ination for joint representative
from Hood Kiver and VVmcO
Counties. I have no promises
to make, but I assure you that
I will serve my constituents to
the best of my ability if nomi
nated and elected.
The Dalles, Oregon.
1'itiil Adv.
Workmen sre i OOtplaCiM an elabor
ate storage wxrebouse and hunker sys
tem for the ThH Transfer Co. on the
O.-W. R. & N. tracks near the Stand
ard Oil station just east of the city.
The new building is Ol tile construc
tion. It ia fiO by 160 feet and three
stories. Coal bunkers, winch will en
able the concern to store H((0 tons of
fuel, will enable the unloading of cars
directly on Hrrival, and the coal can
then be loaded conveniently into motor
The concern, as soon aa the new
plant, which cost approximately la
000. is completed, plans on having
moving pictures taken of the coal
bunkers in operation. The storage bins
for coal, it is dei dared, will prevent a
fuel famine Filch as caused much in
convenience here last December.
The UBS base ball aeaaon will la
ushered in nevt Sunday with a game at
Columbia park between the Hood River
legion team and the lloneyman Hard
ware team, "f I'ortland. The legion
team, now affiliated with the Inter-ritv
League of Portland, bids fair to stand
in the leading rank at the close of the
season. A iiurnlr of the playera were
formerly stars during college daya.
With the legion I'ost in rharge of
bare ball activities, it ia expected that
interest in base ball will be more en
thusiastic than usual this year.
( ounlv Coort News
At session of the county court yes
terday a delegation of Eaat Harrett
orchardists asked that the road from
the new Rd creek bride to the inter- j
section with the main West Side road
at the Advent church he graveled.
The court also considered a proposal
of the State Highway Commission that
additional land he condemned for the I
Rnthton grade right of way. It was j
arranged to call forSbida under the
market road law for a mile of concrete
paving at Odell.
Kuan's for 25 Onts
While com
but few chine
in I fishermen caugbSj
ine nrsi aav oi tne
arasm. Saturdav.
each day's fishing
has grown betterlntil now ton quanti
ties are being shipped to the canners.
While fishermen are charging 14 cents
per pound, the hah are being retailed
hy meat market men for 25 cents per
Vr I I'o'h p has tb" agency
lor toe Nu li.ui corset. Tel. 3311. tf
Golden Age
id' !!. in ntul if Ik,' -i -
best materials olMainahlo.
I X L Macaroni Sauce
is specially prepared to use with
Ihi'seand comes in small Klccans.
Huv them all here at the same
old price
The Star Grocery
" (;Kd Things to Eat "
Hot and Cold
Ice Cream
Hot Drinks
Soda Fountain
,A. G. Clark, manager of the Associ
ited Industrie of Oregon, will be here
teit Monday night to address tha
' Jul
for the