The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 15, 1920, Image 9

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7( Woodwork
for everything that need preserving and beautifyind
AND to-day, as during the past 71 years, the name "FULLER" means
the same high standard in Paints, Varnishes, Stains, Enamels, etc.
During this long period of time, in all conditions of weather, season in
and season out, FULLER Products have proven their superior lasting and
beautifying qualities.
Thousands of homes and buildings have withstood the test of timo and the
elements and are giving the maximum of service through "FULLER Paint
For exteriors and interiors, the FULLER line meets every possible need,
i There's a special FULLER product for everything that needs preserving
and beautifying.
Never was there a better time or better
reason for painting than right now. High
cost of everything makes your investment
in home or building worth a great deal
more than formerly. FULLER Paint and
other products are the best investment for
the protection of your property that you
can possibly make. They save a great deal
more than they cost.
Look Up a
Some of the
for interior woodwork
DECORET combined stain
and varnish in all shades
for reflnishing furniture, etc.
DEHOR ATO the Sanitary I
. ' Kalsomine
W. P. Fuller & Co!
Northwest Branch Houses at
Portland, Seattle, Tacoma,
Spokane, Boise. 1
Train Kills Unidentified Man
An unidentified man about 40 years
old was killed last Thursday by u
switch engine in the (). W. R. & N.
yards. The man, whose body was ter
ribly mutilated, is thought to have ar
rived on an afternoon passenger train
from the East. The locomotive was
I Moving at a speed of only about three
miles an hour when it struck the man,
and his apparent deliberate action in
I stenriinir before it leads to the suicide
Coroner Anderson took possession of
the hodv.
The accident victim whs finally ident
ified as Dan J. McLuney through per
forated initials in his hat. A few days
before he came here he had been un
der surveillance in The Dalles because
of actions indicating- insanity. At a
coroner's inquest Monday the jury re
turned a verdict of deliberate suicide.
No relatives have been located.
Rubber Stamps at (ilacier of lire.
Surest Thing in the World
Two and two have always made four. There would not be more than three
million five hundred thousand Ford cars in daily service which is just alnntt one
half of all the ant. .mobiles in America if the Ford, as a reliable motor car. did
not meet the demands of all classes of people averywhere and under all circum
stances. Two and two have always made four. If the malenal. the iron and the
marvelous Vanadium ste-l used in the construction of the Ford chassis, were not
of the highest quality known to the science of Metallurgy, then the Ford car
could not have won its world-wide reputation for reliability.
Two and two have always made four. When replacements and repairs are
required on Ford cars, the Ford owner will be w isg in bringing his car to our
place, lecae we use only the Genuine Ford fata, and we have the Ford skilled
mechanics, and all the Ford knowledge that gies to maintain the high standard
of qualitv which is original in the Ford car.
When you want a Ford car or a For 1 truck, and when you want repairs or
replacement for the same, we earnestly solicit your business, assuring ou of
prompt attention, real Ford service, and economical Ford prices.
DeWitt Motor Co.
liurgelt Drawing School flans
C. N. Burgett. The Dalles architect,
is drawing plans for a new
grade school to be erected this summer
to replace the old Park street building.
The building will cost approximat ly
Sf.h.OOO. which will be raited by a re
cently voted bond issue of $42,000 and
a special tax levy. The construction
will be brick, concrete atid tile.
Special emphasis is being placed on
the lighting and heating of the new
structure, which will be modern
Sato Him Will Kuildf j
Sato Hros., Upper Valley Japanese
orchardii'ts, are fi Mowing the example
set by a number of their white neigh
bors and are beginning the construc
tion of a new apple packing plant.
The structure will be 40x90 feet, one
story. It will have a concerte base
ment'providing storage for fruit. The
Baldwin-Swojie Construction Co. has
the contract. The Japanese men grow
strawberries as well as apples, and the
new structure will facilitate their ber
ry harvest.
Burnett Brutheis have a new e. r at
ir Cascade garage, the t'l , . .
ight Six. which ha become known ;i
lie little brother of the Chai.dlar. Th
tandsome appearan of the car ha
vnn it mu'-h favorable comment.
The coming of the ( levelai id Six
wises new standards in the light car
field. In the lines of its design, in the
ncety of all its fittings and furm-lings,
and in the beauty of its finish, it
reflects the ideals which created it,
and which are built into it.
The Cleveland Six is built with four
types of body each designed with doe
thought to grace of line and to com
fort. The touring car seats five persons in
'mutual comfort. It rides smoothly at
any 8eed. Its deep cushions are up
holstered in genuine hand-buffed leath
er. Its well fitted top adds a touch of
r-or the n any who desire a roomy
three passenger single seat roadster,
the Cleveland offers a mot satisfying
model. A bur, wide seat, lots of leg
room and cushions tilted just hs vou
want them. It's a snappy, serviceable
car. ruder the rear aeca is a spacious
stowaway compaitment. A bevel glass
window is used in the back curtail il of
the touring car and the roadster.
Two attiactive models complete the
Cleveland line a five passenger sedan
and a four passenger coupe, substan
tially built bodies of pleasing design,
trim ami finish.
The t ii it k notion of simple glycerine
buckthorn Mark, etc., as mixed in Adlcr,
okR, is Mirpri-ing. One spo nfltl r.
lievea ANY CASK ge on Itnmaclt
or Four stomach. Adlei i k:i acts i D
HOT II upper mid lower battel and ra
moves all foul accumulated BLSItei
liicli poisoned Moniach. ( Mien CURE"1
niiMipitioii. Prevents appemliciti
ne lady report she has no more ptifl
in back of bend or gas mi Stomal h ain't
using Adler i-ka. A.S. Keir, druggist
You will too
When you consider that the
growth of our business de
pends upon the kind of tires we
sell and the service we render,
you realize that Miller Tires
must be exceptional or we
would not feature them as
we do.
They are. They are long-distance
runners built by uni
form workmen to a champion
ship standard. No tircj cost you
less per mile, none others are
Geared-to-thc'R oad.
Program for Hood River Sunday School Association
The program for the Hood River County Sunday School Association, which will meet
next Wednesday, is as follows:
10:ir Song Service, L R. Acheson.
10:li0 Keynote Message, Rev. W. O. Benthin.
10:55 Music.
will provide coffee, cream and sugar.
Bring your lunches.
Aftrruuuu raatun
11 M "The Problem Shop," Harold F. Hum
Ix rt, Shopkeeper:
How put enthusiasm into a lifeless school?
How increase attendance and hold mem
How to secure teachers?
How get workers realize responsibility?
How use Bible in class recitation?
How grade ungraded Sunday School?
How to start and maintain a leadership
Training Cfcss?
8 How divide the Sunday School period for
worship and instruction?
St How make opening service of worship
10 How maintain (order?
11 How increase offering?
12 How make secretary's report interesting?
IS How conduct verse finding contest?
14 How use illustrations effectively?
15 How hold older txcys ami girls?
16 How secure reasonable lesson preparation?
17 How make adult classes valuable
18 How secure hearty co-operation of parents?
11:45 Veterans' Recognition Service
Five subscriptions to the Oregon Sunday
School Outlook will Ite awarded for one
year to the school having present the
largest number of members who have
lieen connected with the Sunday School
work for more than 35 years.)
Special music by Rev. and Mrs D. M.
12:00 Luncheon, Ladies of Entertaining Church
1:30 Song Service, L R Acheson.
1:50 The Sunday School Future of Hood
Hood Rivei County. Resrt of Commit
tees. Election of Officers.
Expression, Miss
220 Education Through
Georgia Parker
2:50 Roll Call of Sunday Schools i Delegates
stand, give number, average attendance
for post month, amount given to Associa
tion work. Recognition to school having
largest number in attendance in propor
tion to average attendance Recognition
to school paying largest per capita toward
Association work.
3:10 Address The Winning of Youth
Harold F Humbert
Euruuui trrtw r
7:30 Praise Service.
7:45 Solo, Harold F Humbert.
7:50 'Installation of Officers.
8:00 Rose Song, by Girls of Mrs Kellar's
Class. Congregational Church Sunday
Religious Education and the New Age,
Rev. Harold F Humbert.
B) I hilds
Tit' Oil Applic.ilHin
vfJather conditions during the past
Ihree week? have been WC Ui, favor
able ft.r the implication if the oil
spray. Foliage development i now
rapidly taking place and the leaf rn
lets will soon he hatching, s.. il is ad
visahle to apply the oil immediately
even though weather conditions are not
ntitely lavorahle. Use tha oil at the
rate of 8 100 until the leaves hegin to
.how a little. This sueiigth will prob
nably not he safe alter the 16ih oi 17th
of the month If yuu have ni t finished
it this time cut the strength down to
In traveling al ng some of the high
ways of t!ie valLey the presence of a
lot of very poorly spruyed orchards is
noticeable. Streaked limbs on apraved
trees are signs of a Door job. There
will tie lots of leaf roller on trees that
show this condition and a grower whose
trees show this condition shiuld be
ashanied of himself and his work. A
grower who sprays this way can make
more money by leaving the oil in the P
barrel than hy putting it on the trees.
The Delayed Dormant Application
The dtflieulties that have occurred in
applying the oil at the proper lime will
make it difficult t apply the delayed
dormant application of lime sulfur at
the logical time in a good many orch
ards. The delayed dormant stage is
rapidly approaching in the lower sec
tions of the valley. On the West Side
wheie the oil is not being applied"
giowers should plan to apply their
spray the latterfpart of this week ( 16th
or I7tb). Where oil is being applied
we will have to await developments
befoie giving out a recommendation.
The St that we have not I ..en
bothered with scab to any great extent
during the past two or three y:ars
-huiild not cause glowers to lessen
their tight against the fungus. Fiom
pr SITU, in licalions three thorough ap
plications, the delayed dormant, pink
ind calyx application of lime sullur
will absolutalj pi event scab from de
veloping this season. We can continue
to keep the valley free from the dis
ease it I bete precautions are taken.
Use the lime-sulfur at the rate of 1-25.
If brown aphis hai bothered, old black
leal 1-120H.
Spra inn of Anjuu IVus
The pears In the lxiwer Valley will
reach the ' pink" stage in abjut a
week. Pears other than the Anjou
v.ay he sprayi d with the
.vilhotil Injury. Lime sulfur on the
Anjou, however, causes a russet and
iMttJd not be used. Atomic Milfur has
teen found effective tor this applica
. ion. It should be used at the rate of
VI pounds to 100 gallons a. id can be ob
; lined i al Bennett Br.. Arsenate of
lead, 2 10) (pnwd.r) fhoull be added
foi the contiol of the green fruit
A'orm, an in-ect which causes an in
jury similar to that of the leaf roller,
Ue lime sullur 1 25 on pears other
ban the Anjou, plui the arsenate of
A rhort htisine s meeting wes held
iy the Club last Wednesday, so many
nen.bers I. en g desiroUl of attending
rhe lot. r hind ineeti. g hi Id tb:it day.
i he Club vol d to sppioprisle to tne
ivi. ci in i.iUi e, W t, C (J Huelat,
hflirman, ru n of money .-tiffi lenl to
iHlieha e tiliee g.i.lia. e KJMIa 1 01 the
in w mi to purl. Lt ltois weie lead
from i h- a 'era I tn com nit ers re
q e i n 'he t blti to consider trie mat
UM ol taking Uu the itiiil , of i ol tical and al o Ihe mallei ol provid
ing in miis ol education for bl. d u lulls
ill the state ol Oregon, tiuii g theoi for
arrnrig I h I r livinif. Mm liobin-on
-a appointed I i preset I lle.-e two
nl jivl to I lie Oub al tho text uiiet-
The Club membership having grown
-o Urge us lo make il very difficult to
eive the pioposed dinner as an enter
lainment for the husbands, it was de-
sidai to abandon "busLanda1 " night
lor this year.
At a nueling of Ihe board of director-
immediaUlv following the regular
tub an aa ting, Mis. W. A. Schatfner
.vhh appointed to retires, ni the Club
on the committee of citizens which iB
woiking in the interests of the new
The Club will meet Wednesday, April
21, for nomination of offi.ers for the
ensuing year.
Miss (Irace R. Wilmot, a consulting
decorator of New York city, will ad
dress c'uli women of the mid-Columbia
under the aupsicea of the Woman's
club Saturday, April 24. Miss Wilmot,
who is touring the country under fed
eral direction, will talk on home decor
ating. All club women of the district
have been invited to attend the meet
ing. For electrical troubles and ttorage
batteries, see Hakin. 111-15 lid St m8tf
An Oregon family of four bsd $100 a
month to get along on in l!H3. but had
grown into i family of ten uith only
$45 a month income in hot, bow in the
world would it live-'
That Is the Case
The State University, the Agricultural
College, and the Oregon Normal. In
l!lli ihev had 2W students; now they
have 5400. And $1 in 1013 is only as
good a Ci cents today, in purchasing
If You Yourself
Were Responsible
cool I yon rarry on the work of the
College, I niver-ity and Normal on the
same tate mi . port a in 10HT
You Could Not
Neither can the ,-tate University, the
Agricultural College, snd the Normal
School d, it WU1 von not help thee
three instutmns W continue their uee
iul and productive work (or Oregon by
voting on Mar I'l for the Higher Edu-cati-'iml
relief measure?
P.M KilTrrtlvmrm Invrtnt by i oim nymmi
In bfh forth Joiat Alarnol lUHK ( wnniir
M lor Hlber txlarauaa la USSWSSk, Ml Pn-rfx-fc
Block, Port lead.