The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 25, 1918, Image 3

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    HOOD iUVER ULAl'lEU. THlIlSlUY. APIUL !.', 1918
In A-l Condition
Cadillac Touring Car
Has been run less than 15,000
miles, and has been thoroughly
overhauled this winter by
Covey Motor Car Co., Portland
This Car is really a great bar
gain and could be altered to
make a fine Two-Ton Truck.
Apply: WALTER KIMBALL Odell 88
Irvin S. Cobb, newspaper man, war
correspondent, magazine writer, is do
ing his bit in the dugouts of the Y. M.
C. A. nearest the American front lines
over there. He is employing his time
telling stories to soldiers under the
auspices of the National War Work
Council of the Y. M. C. A., doing his
part in keeping the morale of the
American army at the topmost point.
He is undergoing hardships, dodging
into underground stations as sharpnel
bursts, and keeping a smile in the
midst of it all.
He is telling soldiers stories of the
south, stones of home, that they want
to hear, doing a wonderful work and
enjoying it. Fourteen hours a day he
is tit it, 10 hours a day more than he
ever worked before. He is acquiring
an intimate knowledge of the Ameri
can lighting man, amusing him in his
leisure hours and making life just a
little happier for him. His is a cheer
ful, helpful, encouraging message in
the midst of booming cannon and im
minent death and reports from the
front are that he is getting it over big.
At the old Gust Westerburg Ranch
at Bloucher Station
One farm wagon, complete; feed grinder, corn sheller, sin
gle horse plow, potato plow, garden seeder, cross-cut saw,
platform scales, hoes, picks, mattocks, crowbar, coin knife,
hand sickles, scythes, brush hook, wagon jack, wire stretch-
er, tile spoon, powder auger, eight-foot pruner, large and
small pruning shears, pruning saw, picking buckets and f
sacks, picking ladders, box nailing press, Sharpless separa-
tor, milk cans and pail, four extra cow stanchions, set dou-
ble harness, four horse blankets, halters, two extra collars,
125 orchard boxes, three cows and a calf, one three-year-old
work horse, one pony.
These articles are priced at the place and will be sold there. 1
See W. F. HAMMER at the ranch. Phone Odell 1 8, or
Hood River Abstract & Investment Company i
' ' PHONE 1331
IffiVl LADIES! Llilf T)
II 11 We have just received a new I !i I
II 1 1 kt f I I I
Country Club Toilet I
ILX-AjA Preparations 1
i-- J8 C Come in & let us show them to you Ul J
555 Chas. N. Clarke CS
ig- YOUR Drugaist S-7
Dissolution of Partnership.
This is to announce the dissolution of the partnership
between myself and C. A. Tucker in conducting the Cas
cade Garage. I have purchased the interest of Mr. Tuc
ker and have assumed all liabilities and will collect all
debts owed the firm. In order that the business may be
settled at once will all who have accounts due the Cascade
Garage please remit by mail or call at the Heights Garage
where I am continuing in business.
Capt. H. E. Williams, of Portland,
is now recruiting men for the Oregon
State Poliee. All applications should
be sent to (X Morgan Hldg., Portland.
tjualitications and duties of the State
Police are as follows :
A body of state police to prevent
and detect crime and apprehend crim
inals. All male citizens of the United
States between the ages of lrt and 4!
years of age, physically qualified, are
eligible for service in this body.
The term of enlistment will be for
two years unless sooner discharged by
proper authority.
The entire time of the personnel of
the command will be given to their du
ties, exceptions being governed by
Remuneration for enlisted men $i0
per month and up. Uniform and
equipment furnished free of charge.
For those who wish to serve their
state and country in the abolishment
of sedition and other crimes which are
rampant during war this service w ill
he particularly interesting.
A German Battle Hymn
If we wish to know the spirit in
which a people make war, we go, not
to the guarded and formal speeches of
its public men, but to the songs that
the poets write and the soldiers sing;
they come glowing from the red-hot
furnace of emotion that sustains the
power of the nation. It is illuminat
ing, therefore, to read this translation
of a battle song that was found on a
German soldier taken prisoner in It
aly. William Koscoe Thayer, the his
torian of Italy, has made it public on
this side of the water.
The song is worthy of the age when
the ancestors of the modern Germans
burst out of the gloomy forests of the
north to overthrow an earlier Italian
civilization. It is primeval, savage ;
it tells us what the Germans them
selves think of their diplomatists' as
sertion that this was for them a "war
of defense." If our readers wish to
see what wide contrasts there may be
between the war spirits of great na
tions at war, let them, after reading
this, read Mrs. Howe's Battle Hymn
of the Republic.
Son of Germany in armB : Forward !
This is the hour of joy and of glory.
Oh, our artillerist, thy powerful
cannon, thine invulnerable brother,
calls thee ; was it not made to renew
the world?
Oh, our rifleman, behold ! thou art
the force that wins; wherever thou
penetratest is Germany.
Oh, our cavalryman, spur, attack,
overthrow! let thy will spur on thy
I horse like a winged victory. That
cowardly nesh (the Italians) is made
to manure the fields, which shall be
thine and thy sons'.
Son of Germany in arms, the great
hour has come.
Life does not finish, it passes on and
is transformed without rest; the life of
the conquered is absorbed by the con
queror; the life of the slain belongs to
the slayer; see then how thou canst
gather on the breast of thy holy
fatherland the life of the world.
Do not bend to womanish Jpity to
ward women and children; the child of
the conquered has often been the con
queror tomorrow; and what will vic
tory avail of revenge comes tomorrow?
What sort of a father wouldst thou be
if thou shouldst kill thy enemy and
leave alive the enemy of thy son?
Son of Germany in arms, forward !
Fulminate, shatter, beat down, trans
fix, devastate, burn, KILL, KILL,
The hour of glory opens for us.
The Youth's Companion.
Land Plaster.
i Box Shooks.
Give us your order at once so that you can depend upon
your supplies for this season.
Kelly Bros.
Phone 1401
Rock Springs and Utah Coal Best Grades Only.
Wood of all kinds special quotat ions on carload lots.
Crushed Rock add Sand and Gravel.
Remember we are always at your service for any
of the above items or for the transfer of your trunk
or any other hauling.
Transfer & Livery Co.
When J. L. Simpson, candidate for j
the Republican nomination for gover- j
nor, tinishel his recent tour of central
and stlheastern Oregon, he had made 1
one ol tbe most unique journeys ever
undertaken by a candidate for office in
In many places he was the tirst man
ever to appear in the interest of elec
tion to the highest othce in the state.
This w as true at Lakeview and other
points in the extreme south, which
formerly were reached only through
long journey by rail through other
His campaign was carried to the
people of Oregon directly and in ali
the territory which he covered he was
able to see more than 15 per cent of
the registered voters. His system on
this is as unique as his tour.
Before leaving Portland he had in
his pocket a schedule which told him
exactly how many people he was to
see in each city. He made it a point
not to leave town until a small pocket
indicator which he punched regularly
showed the required quota.
The appearance of a candidate for
governor all covered with mud at the
tiller of a small auto led many to be
lieve that Mr. Simpson was indeed in
earnest in his endeavor to reach most
of Oregon before election time.
His journey covered more than MOO
miles in this light car and was made
at a time when the roads for the most
part were considered impassable. He
crossed the state tirst from The Dalles
to lakeview and then went directly
east to the Idaho line, disposing of his
small car at Ontario, where it was
rattled for the benefit of the Red Cross
Chapter of that place.
In the 10 days that he was en route
he made himself known and talked
over his principles with more than l!k)
individuals besides talking on the Lib
erty Ioan before audiences numbering
in all more than 8000 persons.
The small park, or garden, at the
Liberty Temple in Portland was plan
ned by L. M. Thielen, formerly a local
landscape gardener. . The Oregonian of
Sunday says :
"While many have been charmed by'
the wee park in the midst of a busy
city street that surrounds Liberty Tem
ple, few know that it is the city of
Portland that has made the arrange
ments and carried out the effect of a
landscape garden built on top of an
asphalt street.
"The city collected a floral aisplay
of r0 varities of plants at a cost of
nearly $'J000. The planning was the
work of L. M. Thielen, landscape en
gineer. The plants were taken from
the city parks, under his direction, and
boxed so they could be moved in good
"Perhaps the most striking plants on
display are the camillias, a most beau
tiful collection containing some of the
choicest that grow. Attractive, too,
are the laurels, both English and Port
ugese, several varieities of evergreen
viburnums, a veriety of veronicas, an
dromedas, tilarias, ilex crenata and
boxwood. The plants are edged with
vinca minor and banked with tanbark
to obtain the massed effect.
"Foliage effects were obtained large
ly by the use of various evergreen vi
burnums. The scarlet berries of the
aucubas have created much comment
among interested passersby. Then
there is the eosmantacus with its holly
like foliage, often taken for holly it
self. The Oregon grape is also in
"Two big plants on either side of
the entrance to Liberty .Temple are
Irish yew. No German plants have
been used or allowed in the wonderful
display of flowers andshrubbery.
"It is the plan tojmaintain the floral
and shrubbery display as iong as the
Temple stands. The plants will be
changed, however, as they go out of
bloom for others more in season."
Some Hood River People Have
Learned That Neglect is
The slightest symptom uf kidney
trouble is far too serums to be over
looked. It's the small, neglected trini
ties that so often lead to serious kidney
ailments. That pain in the 'small" of
your back; that urinary irregularity;
tli.e headaches and dizy spells ; that
weak, neary, worn out feeling, may le
nature's warning of kidney weakness.
Why n?k your life by ueglectiut! the?
symptom? Reach the cause of the
trouble while there yet is time begin
treating your kidneys at once with a
tried and proven kiduev reuiedv. No
need to experiment IVmn's Kidney
Pills have been successfully used in
thousands of cases of kidney trouble i"T
over 50 years. iKiau's Kidney Tills
are used and recommended throughout
ti e civilized world. Endorsed at home.
Itead this Hood kiver testimonv.
A. C. Stevens. '.l Twelfth St., says:
"1 know lKiau's Kidney Tills are just
the thing for a weak and aching back.
I have found them to lie very beneficial
for rheumatic pains, too. 1 could'nt
recommend a more reliable medicine
than Doan'a Kidney'Pills for these trou
bles. I have been taking them off and
on for a long time and they have never
failed to give me tbe best of satisfac
tion. Mr. S evens is only one of many Hood
River eople who nave gratefully en
dorsed Huiin's Kidney Pills. If "your
back aches if your kidney's bother
you, don't simply ask for a kidney rem
edyask distinctly for lOANS" KID
NEY PILLS, the same that Mr. Ste
vens relies on the remedy backed by
home testimony. tHI cents at all stores.
Koster-Milburn Co. , Props., Puffalo, N.
V. "When your buck is lame remem
lier the Name." i
Sacks, Sacks
and more SacKs
We want sacks pretty badly and it
will pay you to see
Phone 121.)
We have just received our Spring shipment
These Harrows are well known on the
east side and have proved their worth will
pay for themselves in one season in time
We also have the
Roderick Lean Extension Discs
You do not gamble when you buy
either of these implements
Both have been tried and not found wanting
Blowers Hardware
Corner of Oak and First Streets
Notice of Sheriffs Sale
Ily virlurof an execution in foreclosure duly '
IsNiieil Ity the IMerlt ol tUf ('limit Court of the
Comity of Hood Kiver, Hlnte uf l)retnii. lHtet
the Until day of March, litis, in h certHiu hcIhiii '
In the Circuit Court lor nod County unit
state, wherein J. K. Hull a I'lHintil) rwiv
ereil Juilh'inent against J. II all, Jr. and
Klizariftti Hall tor the Mini of jfftmi.00 Willi 7
per cent interest from August 3, 1117, and costa
and dixburM-menlH taxed al t'di.hl), and attor
neys teen In the sum ot f7u.tM Willi G per cent
inlerest from Keb. M. l'lls. j
Notice Is hereby Riven that 1 will on the -litli
day of April, 1918. at the east front diior ol t lie
Court limine In Hood Itiver, in hid County, j
at S:lW o'clock lu the allernoou of said day,
sell al unbltc anctlou to the hlKhest bidder, I
fur caah, the following described property,
to wit: Au undivided one-hall interest m ami
to the Knst one-halt of the southeast quarter
ul Section hour (II, Township One (I I South,
Knnife Ten (Id) Kast ol the Wllliinietle Mert
diau, si I mil id In Hood Kiver County, Slate ot i
Oregon, TfiKi-n atidllevied upon as the prop, i
erty of the said ,1. K. flail, Jr. and Kllzabetli :
Hall, or aa much thereof as may be necessary
to satisfy the said Judgment in favor ol J. i'
Hull against said J. K. Hull, Jr. and Kllr.aheth
Hall, with Interest thereon, together with all
costa and disbursements that have or may
accrue. THOS. F. JOHNSON. Sherllt
Hated at Hrod Kiver, Oregon, .March 27th,
Wife. B.'fi
Seed Beans for sale. Michigan Pea Bean and Lady
Washington. Selected Seed Stock. The Michigan
Pea Beans best suited for this section, do not take
so long to mature and all mature at once. A lim
ited stock on hand.
Notice to Creditors.
In the County Court ol the State of Oregon,
for Hood Itiver futility.
In the Matter of the Katate of Thomas J. I'lles,
Not lee is hereby given that the undersigned
has been appointed administrator of the Ks
tate of Thomas J. riles, by tl;e County Court
ol the Smte ot Oregon, for Hood River County ,
and has iimllfled as sueh. All persons hav.
lug (Malms against said estate are hereby re
iUlred to present, the smne, duly vended ar
eording to law, tojthe undersigned adminis
trator, wlthiu six months irom the date ol
tills notice, at the oHloe of A.J. Derby, First
Nationsl Hank Huilding, Hood Kiver. Ore.
Hated and tirst published April 4lh, HUH.
1MV1L) 1'YLKS.
tu2 Administrator
For Auto or horse drawn vehicles,
Service to any part of the
Valley at any time
Telephone 1201
Fashion Livery Co.
Hood River, Oregon
Mrs. Castner Leaves Today
Mrs. Chs. H. Castner, president of
the Oregon State Federation of Wo
men's cluba, will leave today for Hot
Springs, Ark., to attend the biennial
convention of the National Federation.
Hollowing the convention Mrs. Castner
will proceed to Washington, 1). C,
where she will attend conferences of
the woman's committee of the National
Council of Defense.
For the past several weeks Mrs.
Castner has been devoting her time
largely to organizing the women work
ers of the state to carry on a campaign
for the sale of War Savings Stamps.
Constipation ami Indigestion
These are twin evils. Persons suf
ering from imbjteation are often
troubled with constipation. Mrs. Rob
ert Allison. Mattoon, 111., writes that
when she first moved to Mattoon she
was a great sufferer from indigestion
and constipation. Food distressed her
and there was a feeling like a heavy
weight pressing on her stomach and
chest. She did not rest well at night,
and foil worn out a good part of the
time. One bottle of Chamberlain's
Tablets corrected this trouble so that
she has since felt like a different
Hood River Has Liberty Measles
Hood River county is experiencing
an epidemic of German or Liberty
measles. During the past 10 days chil
dren of the grade schools of the county
have contracted the disease. Many
hicrh school students have hpen kent
away from their classes and the meas
les have invaded the business ranks of
the city.
The disease is of an extremely mild
Students Express Appreciation
Students of the high school declare
that they are willing to express their
appreciation of action by the members
of the Commercial cluh, who recently
voted to allow the high school free use
of athletic apparatus, by donating
their work in cleaning up a proposed
camp for visiting automobile tourists.
The Commercial club's athletic quar
ters have been turned over to the
women of the Red Cross, who meet
twice a week for the manufacture of
hospital and surgical supplies.
Rheumatic Tains Relieved
"I have used Chamberlain's Lini
ment for pains in the chest and lame
ness of the shoulders due to rheuma
tism, and am pleased to say that it has
never failed to give me prompt re
lief," writes Mrs. S. N. Finch, of
Batavia, N. Y.
Reeman Tractor Creates Interest
The Ceeman walking tractor, a small
machine that draws a plow across a
field, just as a horse or mule, arriving
at the Cascade avenue garage of the
Snow-Forden Motor Co. last week, at
tracted a widesperad attention. The
little machine, which develops a four
horse power on the pulley, will draw a
plow or cultivator as slowly or as fast
as the operator wishes. It is just the
thing for the strawberry rancher.
Indian Has Valuable Cherry Tree
Peter Coon, Indian landowner across
whose place the Columbia Highway
between Hood River and Mosier will
extend, attaches great value to a small
cherry tree that must be removed
when the road is built. Peter has in
terviewed Engineer Cruikshank, claim
ing that the tree is of a rare species
and worth much money. Mr. Cruik
shank has reported Mr. Coon's request
to the board of viewers.
J. H Koberg, who owns young tim
ber of a size used for piling, through
which the highway must pass, has
asked the viewers to set a value on the
trees that must be removed from the
right of way.
Cut This Out It is Worth Money
DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this
slip, enclose with Gc and mail it to
Foley & Co., 2835 Sheffield Ave., Chi
cago, 111., writing your name and ad
dress clearly. You will receive in
return a trial package containing
Foley's Honey ana Tar Compound, for
coughs, colds and croup; Foley Kidney
Pills, for pain in sides and back ; rheu
matism, backache, kidney and bladder
ailments ; and Foley Cathartic Tablets,
a wholesome and thoroughly cleansing
cathartic, for constipation, biliousness,
headache and sluggish bowels. Sold
Notice to Creditors
Nn'lee In hereby given that the undersigned
has been appointed administratrix of the es
tate of John 1) Fletcher, deceased, by the
I'ounty Court ol Hood River County. All
persons having claims against said estate
snould present them properly verified within
six monlbs from dale ot tills notice at my
residence near Hid Kiver
Dated and Qrut puhMshea tnl lHth day of
Notice of Sheriffs Sale
Hy virtue of an execution In foreclosure
duly Issued by I he Clerk of the Circuit Court i
ot the County ol Hood Kiver, Htate ol Oregon, I
dated the first day of April, ItdX, in a certain i
action in the Circuit Court tor saldCounly j
and Mtale, wherein Klhel' u Milliard as 'lain-j
till recovered judgement against Mihis H. i
Soule, Carl K. Jones, Trustee in Bankruptcy in j
the mutter of Silas H Houle, Hankrupt, I he !
Ouuld Company, a Corporation, for the sum
ot Hlx Hundred fMl mi) Hollars, with 7 per !
cent interest Horn ix touer II. IHih, ana mior i
ney's lira in the sum of One Hundred (lil (ill)
Hollars, and the further sum of Thirty One and !
Tl-UU ($11.7'.') Hollars on the -sub day of March, i
Win. j
Notice Is hereby given that I wi!lnn t he 17th !
day ol May, I'JIN. at the east front door of the j
Court House In Hood Kiver In said County, at t
l:;M o'clock In the allernoou of suld day, sell
at public auction to the highest bidder, for
cash, the following described property, to wit:
Hltualed in Hood Kiver County, State of
Oiegon, In the Northwest (Quarter (NW4) of
the Northwest Quarter iN W'-4I of Hecllon 24,
I ownshlp One North, Kange N Ine Kast ot the
Willamette Meridian and mure lully de
scribed as follows:
Beginning at ft point which Is the section
corner common to sections II, 14 -'.'! and 21,
Township One North, Kuuge Nine Kast ot
Willamette Meridian and running south thir
teen hundred and twenty (l;mn leet; thence
north w,o Mi east nine hundred and ninety
feet: thence north thirteen bundled and
twenty (1820) feet to an Intersection with the I
south boundary ol lot number F8 of the First !
Addition of Riverside I'arg Mubdivlslou;
I hence smith 8i) 5hi west nine hundred and !
ninety 0WI feet to the place of beginning, con-:
talning thirty acres morn or less. Taken and
levied upon as the property of the said defen
dants, or ,w much thereof as may be necessary
to satisfy the said Judgment in favor of
F.thelyn Huliard agalnstsaid llefendauts, with
Interest thereon, together with all rosin and
disbursements that have or may accrue.
THi IS. K JOHNSON, Sherlll.
Hated at Hood Kiver, Oregon, April Kith,
IMS. 814-m U
Notice of Sheriffs Sale
Bv virtue of an execution duly Issned by the
Clerk of the Circuit Court of the County of
Hood River atid State ol Oregon, dated April
If., ISIS, in a certain suit In said Circuit Court
for the foreclosure of mortgage wherein A.
Kilhlike waa plaintllt and Lewis ('.bonne
man, et al, were defendants, and wherein on
Aprils. IMS, the said plaintllt received his
Judgment against said defendants, Lewis (,'. al, for the sum of Ifi.Oim.ini. with
interest thereon at the rate of 7 per cent per
a nun in from the first day of liecember, lids,
and for the sum of $:iil().(IO as and for attorney's
fees and JIO.OU costs and disbursements: and
whicn said execution la against and direr is
that the hereinafter described real projierty
be sold to satisfy said sums and the costs and
expenses of said sale.
Notice is hereby given that I will on the
isth day ol May, lids, at the front door of the
Courthouse, lu the City of Iood River, Hood
River County. State of Oregon, at 10 o'clock in
the forenoon 'ifsald day, sell at public auction
to the highest bidder fur casn, the following
described retl property situated In the Coun
ty ol Hood Kiver, state or Oregon, to wli:
Beginning at a point 3D rods and ;l feel south
of the center of Section 7, In Township H
North, Kange 11 Fastot the Willamette Merid
ian: running thence West 82 rods and 4 leet to
center of county road, running North and
South through said Section 7: thence running
Southerly following the center of said county
road -JO rods and S feet; thence running Fast
SO roda and l() feet, more or less, to quarter
section line, running North and Souln
through said Section 7; thence North follow
ing said quarter section line al rods and M2
feet to the place of beginning, coulaiulng 1(1 21
acres of land, more or less, all In Hood IHver
County, state of Oregon
Or so much thereof as may be necessary to
satisfy the said Judgment In favor of thesnld
plaintiff and against said defendants, Iewls
C. Sonneman el al, together with all ooata that
nave or may accrue.
Dated April 16, mix.
iismlf. THOS. F. JOIJNSON,
StitflQ ii Hood Kiver Uiutiiy, Orevot:.
vSteamer Tahoma
Down Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays
Up Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
AU kinds of freight and passengers handled. Hows and automobiles
given Hpecial attention.
Jack Bagley, Agent, Phone 3623
Tel. 5441
We are selling Schillings Best Line with
a Money Back guarantee if you are
not satisfied after using them.
Kaesser's Grocery
Grocery of Quality
E. E. KAESSER, Proprietor
Phone 3192
Hunt Paint & Wall Paper Co.
Complete line of PAINTS, OILS, BRUSHES, Etc.
Heath & Milligau Mixed Faints
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