The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 18, 1918, Image 2

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AKTHlIt D. MUE. Publisher.
SuWription, S1.50 IV r Yeir.
America's national curse has been
indifference. We were indifferent to
the murder of babes and the ravishing
of women in Belgium. We were indif
ferent to the murder of women and
children aboard the I.usitania The
inevitable declaration of war against
the imperial German government for
a Bonth or two aroused us to a pitch
of enthusiasm. Then the novelty of
being at war wore otf and we, as a na
tion, seemed to drop back into our old
lethargy of indifference. We received
the plans of food production and con
servation, tuned at first to a high key.
and then we grew indifferent, even to
the daily warnings that were placard
ed everywhere. Always, from high
places to low places, we have been in
different to the great task that con
fronts us. In the great eastern cen
ters of population, for a day or two,
the people will arouse to a fury of in
dignation over the incendiary destruc
tion of a munitions plant or food stor
age warehouse, and then indifference,
an all enfolding mantle, drops over
them again.
All of us have been too indifferent,
perhaps, because we haven't sensed
the truth of the crisis that confronts
America. Hut we are arousing, thank
God, and such messages of facts as
were given us here last Friday night
by Dr. W. J. Kerr will go far toward
welding the resources of our cnuntry'j
into a great war machine and of bring
ing unification and grim determination
to the American people.
When we look straight into the face
of facts, we see that our indifference
may bring to our children the heritage
of German bondage, and when we con
sider Belgium, Russia, Italy, all of us
are willing to sacrifice everything we
have in preference to such a contin
gency. Americans, all, will die fight
ing that such a yoke shall never be
placed on the people of the Land of
the Free and the Home of the Brave.
Our children would curse us for such
an heritage.
We must arouse, and by our deeds,
not merely empty words that do not
fill the mouths of starving people, show
our allies that we are in this war just
as earnestly as they are ; that we have
realized that our fight for existence is
just as necessary as theirs. And when
we do this, when all of us do this
thing, then will we begin to travel the
road to victory that must be ours.
The Hood River campaign for the
Third Liberty Loan has not been spec
tacular, but swiftly, surely and stead
ily, after the campaign began Satur
day, April 6, subscribers of the Apple
Valley answered the call to duty and
before last week was over the county
had exceeded its $120,000 quota. All
districts made their totals without
trouble. Some of the communities of
the nation and some of those of Ore
gon have doubled and tripled their
quotas. Some of these districts have
laid up these enviable records at a
great sacrifice. To such districts is
due the greatest honor, the greatest re
spect. In other districts, where war
activities are bringing about an unusu
al prosperity, quotas were doubled and
tripled. The honor to such districts
should not be so great as in those
where in ever business line the war
brings a severe sacrifice. The war has
hit Hood River hard. And still worse,
there is a doubt about the future that
is not reassuring. Despite these cir
cumstances, our citizens have rallied
to the call of duty and have main
tained their record for 100 per rent
patriotism. Furthermore, Hood River
is ready for every call that conies.
With the National Council of Defense
and principals of schools of the county
in charge, work began Monday of en
rolling the United States Boys' Work
ing Reserve, the members of which
will register and be ready for mobiliz
ation for farm labor. It may be that
some of the boys are already engaged.
They will register anyhow, and contin
ue at their work. Registrants must
be from 1(1 to 21 years old. It is
planned by the registration to secure a
census of the nations' boy power.
It should not ne necessary to solicit
registration of Hood River boys for
this work. They should proceed at
once to their school principals and ex
pedite the work of enrollment.
More than two months must pass
before we will celebrate the Fourth of
July. We betieve this will give time
a plenty to assemble the name of every (
Ibiod Kiver boy in the service. The
Glacier wants to secure this list as an :
honor roll, to be read at our celebra
tion on Independence day. We want
this list to lie complete. If you have
a relative or friend in the service,
send the name to the Glacier office, ,
Write the name plainly on a postal
card, in order that it may be spelled
properly on the roll of honor. j
We of America must be Americans
before Republicans, Democrats or any
thing else, declared Will R. Hays,
newly elected National chairman of
the Republican party organization in j
an address in Portland last week. The
younjj Iodianan appealed to all bis
he are n to forget prejudices and to
throw themselves wholeheartedly into
the wcrk of winnirs the fight. Com-
- . Portland durnff the firt week
'"N 10 corudi.u Hur.i.s? u,e nrii eeN
0f the third Hbvrty loan drive, Mr.
Hays' talk was a great incentive to
the pun-hast: of the securities. In
part he said :
We will continue to fight, by the
eternal, until victorious American arms
have forever ended the intolerable ar
rogance cf scientifically trained ttratal
tty. We will have -peace but only a
peace by victory and never a peace by
compromise bargaining.
The President of the I'nited States
wrote a declaration of the war aims of
this country. 1 think it is a Magr.i
Charta for the freedom of the wond, a
magnificent, wonderful instrument.
But letween that victory and this mo
ment stands the Prussian army, the
greatest military establishment in the
history of the world. That victory w ill
le ours; we will w in this war, but this
war will not win itself.
There are still smug individuals in
this country who tit with their hands
folded and expect to wake up some
mornirgand find this war over. Wrong,
woefully, criminally wrong. This war
will not be won until the resources of
ths country in men and material have
been taxed to the last possible atom.
It may take five years, five millions of
men and a hundred billions of dollars.
We might just as well, as intelligent
men and women, prepare for just that
kind 01 a conflict. This same Prussia
fought before for HO years, and the
man that does not recognize the neces
sities, the dangers of the moment, is
either ignorant of what is going on
alnrnt him or is willfully trying not to
see. Kveryone must make this an in
dividual matter; whether or not we
buy this extra suit of clothes, or eat
that extra roll, right down to the indi
vidual as to ever' section, what will lie
the result and effect on the sum total
in this we do and that we do not do?
"Lay in your fuel supply." It
sounds like September or October ad
vice, doesn't it? Yet it is emphatic
Apriltime advice, coming from the
federal government. Transportation
facilities of the country are taxed to
the utmost. A flow of coal from mines
to consumer should be regular through
out this summer. While this request
for the fuel supply is far more urgent
in Atlantic coast and middle western
communities than here, where wood is
the chief fuel, it still applies to us,
and we should follow it in so far as
The recent patriotic meetings that
have been held here and in various
valley communities have been made
much more inspiring by the songs of
the double quartet organized by J. R.
Nickelsen and directed by Mrs. C. 11.
Sletton. To the organizer and director
and to Mrs. Geo. I. Slocom, Mrs. M.
L. Hutton, Mrs. C. O. Huelat, Miss
Aldine Bartiness, Miss Gladys Reavis,
A. J. Graff, K. E. House, Chas. N.
Clarke and A. C. Crews the Liberty
Loan committee of Hood River owes a
debt of thanks.
The Monday night meeting of the
Commercial club was one of the best
ever held here. While it might have
seemed to an outsider that the meeting
at the outset was developing into a
family quarrel, differences of opinion
were expressed and finally a satisfac
tory conclusion reached. An honest
confession is good for the soul. C. A.
Bell made his argument, 'fessed up
and got right, and the session ended in
a burst of good feeling.
The great work of the American
people until the war is ended must be
to back the army in every manner pos
isble and to aviod the insidious effects
of hun propaganda. The work of the
army is to kill or capture German sol
diers, who, driven by the kaiser's
bition, seek the subjugation of
the We will miss the old Bailey Gatzert
from the river this summer. The
steamer, which had become a miri-Co-lumbht
institution, was sold last week
by the Regulator line to Seattle inter
ests. It has been taken to I'uget sound
for the Seattle-Bremerton run.
The Portland library board should
have fired Miss Hunt forthwith. Her
talk and excuses about constitutional
right is nonsense. Such talk and action
as she has been guilty of would lead
fast to 1'nispian bondage and cannot, be
If a solicting team has overlooked
you, do not let that be an excuse for
not subscribing for a Liberty Bond.
Go down to any bank and you will be
promptly given an opportunity.
Portland is setting
pace in building ships.
an exemplary
J Lettc rs From and About Soldiers J
! Mrs. Kdgar Franz as just received a
I letter from her husband, who is sta
j tinned with an aero squadron at Gar
j den City. N. Y.( the letter stating that
j his comrade, VVillard Young, had been
If we charged an admission fee
it would be worth it to see the splendid display of all ,
that is new and good in seasonable Shoes.
If you are an admirer of Quality
or (.tickler for values you certainly will lie more than delighted with
our offerings. Come when you can. ftay as long as you pleane. To
baik costs nothing. To boy costs but little.
granted a 15 day furlough for a visit '
with his father E. J. Young at Wash
ington, Pa.
J. EL Bailey hat received a letter
from his son, Sgt. Curly Bailey, cf
Kansas City. Mo., who announces his
i safe arrival in France. David Bailey
is in the service at an American train
ing camp in England, and Wm. E.
Bailey, formerly with the local post
1 office force, ib at Fort Stevens.
Mrs.J.C.Johnsen has received a letter 1
from her son, Joe M., recent Whitman
College graduate, w ho announced that
he was en route to Fort Myer. Va., 1
where k will train with the 30th En-'
gineers, know n as the gas and flame
unit. ""
Wm. W. Hall, formerly pitcher for,
the Hood Kiver baseball - team and
later a star of other mid-Columbia ,
teams, recently enlisted in a squadron 1
of the aviation corps. The young ath- ;
lete in a letter to hia father, William j
Hall, announces that he is training as '
a tlver at a school at Hempstead, N. Y.
James Clark, Pine Grove orchaiJist, j
who enlisted last year with a Canadian
regiment of artillery, has written hia j
w ife that his command has left Eng-j
land for the hghting iront in t ranee.
Mr. Clark writes that his organization
has just completed a six weeks' period
of intensive training.
Randall S. Pratt, formerly here as j
manager of the Hood River Fancy
Fruit Products Co., is now located at
Benicia, Calif., with an ordnance
training class. Mr. Pratt attended one
of the ordnance classes at the Univer
sity of Oregon.
"This is the life" writes Amos Per
kins, Jr., to his parents here. "I have
learned more and have seen more in
my recent few months in the navy
than 1 ever thought 1 would see or
learn in all my life time."
Young Perkins, who has just been
promoted from second class seaman to
sightsetter, is on the U. S. South Da
kota. He writes interestingly of re
cent trips ashore. He says that he
saw the historic spot w here Cornwallis
surrendered to Washington, has visited
Washington's monument and sat in the
carriage owned by the Father of His
Country. Young Perkins has also had
a leave to visit. Philadelphia and New
York city.
While the English people greet the
American soldiers in training there
iL-ith u mvnl welcome antl whole
hearted hospitality, Edwin Barr, mem-
i .1 : J.,.....i .
tier OI an aerial servii-e ueiai-iuiieMi,
writes bis parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Geortre E. Barr, of the Mount Hood
district, that their inability to pur
chase staple food stuffs prohibits the
English from entertaining the soldiers
at meals. The young soldier writes
that the supply of staples has reached
the point where it is necessary for vis
itors to carry their allotment with
them to the home of their hosts, and
yet the rationing is so worked out that
nobody will reach the iioint of hunger.
The young man writes that only dark
w ar breads are obtainable in England.
This food, he says, is very appetizing.
Rev. Frank Spaulding, first minister
of Hood River's pioneer religious in
stitution, the Belmont Methodist
church, now has two sons in France.
Karle M. Spauling is a member of an
engineers regiment, and Olin B.
Spaulding is a sergeant in the l(5th
Aero Squadron now training in Eng
land. Another son, Lee Spaulding, is a
member of a company of marines at
Quantico, Va., with the rank of cor
noral. Frank Snauldintr. a fourth
son. is in the service, and is probably
in France by this time.
"There are several American Ore
gon boys in our camp here in Eng
land," writes the young aviator son,
"and newspapers from our home state
are passed around, and it is mighty
good to us, although it is old. All the
boys here are well and in good spirits,
looking for a safe and quick return."
l"l" l"l"l 1 "I i 1 I 1 1 1 i I I 1 1 ....
Abe Johnson, formerly animal train
er with a circus, drifted into the Hood
River valley last year to pick straw
berries. His ramping equipment was
carried from noint to point aboard a
wagon, rigged up on the style of the
old prairie schooners. Mr. Johnson,
known in the circus world as "Dog"
lohnson, had the misfortune to lose
his team toward the end of apple har
vest season.
But the. old circus man has been
busy throughout the winter months,
training the dogs and a goat he
brought into the valley with him and
other dogs acquired, since his arrival,
to draw his camp outfit and supplies
from point to point. Led by two (logs,
hitched abreast, and three dogs and a
goat, traveling tandem, the outfit of
the animal trainer has recently at
tracted residents along valley high
ways. Hood River Garage Sales
The Hood River Garage reports the
following sales for the past week : Ho
mer Perry, 4110 Chevrolet; 11. G. Van
Allen, Baby Grand Chevrolet, and John
Wick man, of Udell, Paige Lynwood.
0-W. R. & N. Co. Time Table
No. .", Fast Mail 5:22 a. in.
No. ll.Spokane-l'ort. Pass t! : 1 7 a. m.
Nu. lit, Pacific Count Fiji H: l0a. to.
No. 1, Portland Local :55 p. ni.
No. 17, Ore.-Wash. Limited. A :50 p. m.
No. o Salt Lake Express. . . 12:!f a. m.
No. 2, Pendleton 1ical 10 :.0 a. m.
No. IH, Ore.-Wash. Ltd 12:05 p. m.
No. 12, Port.-Spnkane Pass.. 8:52 p. m.
No. 4, Portland-Pniiet Hound 9:03 p. m.
J. II. FRED1UCY. Agent.
Special Shoes for Boys
Good heavy ones that will stanu
rough wear. The Pair $2.25
Suitable for Dress or Work Wear;
Lace or Button. These are Extra
BIG VALUES. Your Choice the
Par $3.48
There are values in this lot up to
a Pair. Not all sizes but certainly a
Bargain in what art left. Good
styles, high grade quality, for only,
the Paf $1.98
Mt. Hood It. K. Co.
("Hutlrld. ('. H.
Ki ig wu, Mr". J. K.
Kuruixh. W.J.
Idiewllde CvmrUry
Miller, K. K.
1'etern, H. C.
lliweue, Mrs. .1. J. K.
Hi Hon, Mm. J W.
Wet Fork Mill and
Tluilier l'o
kltnhull, Wa'.trr
Ogdt n, Win, (i.
Anderson, Jolin
Kly,('liai. T.
iVd'ii, lint, K.
Mllenliach, Miirlun
Thompson, J. t
Humble, It 1
Helmer. 1.
Hlnrlclis, C. D.
HmtiiM'U, Ki'orot J
Mi'Cullmti. ". VV.
Volutin, M I'H. Kelx
Went, ,lo. W.
v rilfiu, 1.. I .
DiThi-r, T. A.
Siomkl, K.
Sidney, H. M.
GleuMiu, Jesuit' V.
ireen, K. H
Kern, Mix. Mary
Vont, J.O
JenkiiiK,)'. it.
Hi nnell, I, M.
( lurk. I.. K.
Mci'tillv. J. II.
t':'lrtc Te U ihone
IV It KrHdi t'o,
T;iini nMi, u.
Keck, W C.
MoldcnMiif iitt-
Saltier Co.
Porter, ,1.1'.
.Sidlunjer, 11. 1,.
Kenneit, K. It.
Cnlklns, c. J.
f'ike, Wllwiri
Fletcher, Allison
Kran., K. A.
Uluke, Krimk
HIckH, H M.
HeliKhl, Jo., Alex 11.
M. Vuv, J. H.
MHIk, Mr A Mm. 1.1
1'ierKin, I. 1..
Pelhr.Ker, '.. K.
Walters, Walter
Criun. K. a.
Sproat, O. H.
KUnaden, (). 11.
IVrlKO, J. W.
Hinley, Chris.
Kodamer. II. W.
Kenloi), ('. KIiik
Brow rt. Win. W.
Chapman, Klijitri
C.illle, W. It.
Ciillin'twin, .1. M.
!venpirl, K. Jr.
lieihman, Wm. M
l.Hige. Hans
Mark, I (I.
l.luiiN, .Martnn W.
I'ooley. K. It.
Skinner. Frank K.
I. Hnley, ('ha
Walamiki, II.
W eaver, Ui-o
WtlltimiH, Mrs A K
llavt, P. W.
-nil. m. m
HirsiWH, T, K.
Hull. K T.
ImikH), T. K
KHIIHrfH, K. I i.
Kui; a, T.
Lewis, A .
McDtrmotl, Kllen I
MeHCliuni, I., o.
Miller, K.J. ,
NlHhlnkK. V.
I'lirniftlee, Wm. ti.
Anna:, .). I.
Im Idson, H. K.
Knz. W. J,
Urn 11, J. r.
Hiiwe, Alnui
Howe, lli'Hter A.
Null. U.K.
Kiiinitlt, H. W.
llnrtirlt. W. J.
KolKtad, A. H.
Mieverkrnpp, 11.
Allen, H. IV
A nderson, II. C and
Arjdprtum, A. V.
Aoi, II.
Adiiiim, Jennie
HarklHRH. Mm II. O.
llenareKard. K.
llell.C. A.HJidOlnM.
Ilicklord, A. K
Boles, Ham
Hrett Klliolt
Hrooka, A. I..
Itrown, Henry C.
Hyrd, Mrs. M. ('.
Cameron, Maik
( loud, K. B.
Cochran. (. C,
rilniutnn, Copple
Craln.C. K
crlten, J. W.
Crowell, Maryhelh 8
Hheppard, Mary K.
Hherinan, Kva
Hklll, It. II.
Slaveus, K. M
KluttH, c A
Hiliith, Ueo. I
Smith, s. K
smith, .Mr A Mrs.T.C.
Standard I, umbel ( u.
Steele, Clara B.
Stewart, J. 1..
Stewart, Wm.
StrariHliaii, Jaq.
Straiialian, John
Hiunner, c. K.
Halo, K.
Sherricb, . C.
Mlade, Kliz. Janet
Hmllh. Alice .1.
Slander, W m.
Taylor, .linnet. M
Tharp, Win.
Thrane, Marcns
Tompkins, P. I
Tn, pin, A. J.
Trusty, Mrs K. D.
Cnderwood, Clarence
Wplntieimer, I., ('.
Ward,, I. .1.
Weber, Wm. Sr.
Weill, ( Waller
Wlckham, John
Wuesl, (ten. A.
Alloway, C. K.
Avenll, H. M.
Baldwin, I,. M.
Hinicliani, Clarence
Brltton, John 11.
Brock, (iladys W.
Carter, Claude K.
Cliaflee, Chas. J.
Chevron, Henry
Clark, Mrs U A. K.
Pa Is, Noel
Dethman, Mrs. ('.
liellmiHU, Frank C,
Uallawav, (,e-, M.
Hlbson. W. K.
(4 Ihhs, Harleigu
itw, John
Hazlett, J. H.
llolliuati, ti. A.
llounseil, C. K
lloworth, James i'.
Hoyt, C, D.
Hunter, Harry F,
Halverson, Mina
Ingles, Win.
I wusa, I.
Jackson, Davtd M.
.larrett, J. K. Mrs.
Kashtwagl, K.
Kulsey, Albert K.
K unison. C. R.
Kollas, Alphonse
Kresse, Herman O.
Krussow, H. W.
Iirson, Olc.
I,ee, John r.
Imtnnn, Chas. (j.
Mills, W K. Sr.
Hnhr, Peter H.
Mohr, Snssn A.
Nakagawa, T.
Penney, J. c. Cv Inc.
R'llmkP, Albert
Sasaki, U.
Moot i, R. K.
Sears, Mrs. A.
Skinner, Kathertna
skinner, Susan K.
Jsmitlison John K.
Tameno, .1.
Tantorelle, Paty
CnnnlnKliaru, Wm.
Criilkshank, l (i.
Davenport,, H. K.
Davenpnrt, Mrn.H.K.
Imveriport. H. I'.
I Htvldnnn, B. (i.
Davidson, K. L.
Davldxon. Mra. L. :.
Davidson, P. M.
DeWltt. II. T.
Khy, 8. M.
Kmry. Nelmn
Karrell, H. W.
KieldK, CIiuh. 8.
Freeman, Sam
Frank, S. ,1.
HilkerHon, K. E.
(ioldNbiiry, John
Orafl, A. .1.
Uuttery, Dr. and Mrs
J. D.
(flhsiin, L. It.
Hllbert, C. .
Hansen, J. V.
Hawttinrne, Mont.
HeiKlilH (aruge
Heuer, L. C.
Hill, O. II.
Hodxe, Allien
Horl, V.
Honifoyn, M.
iHhikawa, K.
Ireland, I.. K.
JeppeRen, Krtna
JolmHon, O.
Keir, A. 8.
Kemp, K. II.
(topper t, K. C.
Latlerty, Cecil r.
I. ay, W. t.
MeCnllngh, MarKrt
Mp iirdy, O. A., S.
Matt, K. K.
Mlrlinels, K. B.
Miller, (Ins
Miller, J. I.
1 Martdi, (lien
Nickelsen, C. D.
Nilea, (lien C.
i Nunamaker, D. O.
Nunaniaker, Floyd
(Hrura. I.
O'Nell, Vera
I oood, M I
j Packer, ciart nco
! Paddock, C. C.
. I'enderKast, FrnBk
IVIern. A. W.
HeterN, Hetty
I'etern, Alaritierttp II.
Peters, Maruaret, It.
Pint, John K.
Pillen, M, M.'
Peneo, K. Val
Perlgo, KaHierlc!..
Perign, K.H.
i Perlari, R. H Jr.
Ilaviln C. N.
Kokh, Chaa. A
Hallenhach, A C
Hheplar, Mrs. A. J.
Hhenpard. (leo.
i aiinatra, n.
Thunip'ou, Wm.
V'annier, H. M
Vincent, Preston I..
w sik-er, Claude W.
Watt, J, F.
Weber, H. II.
West Alva Kay
Wleden, Frank
William. A. K.
Wilson, (Jritce
Arneaon.Ini H,
Barton, Kalpn
Beneflel, Arlhnr
Kenenel, Mrs. Kulh
Hlngamaa. Mtitoo L.
jJird.Wtn. U.
Sheppurd, Mrs. Job
Abraham, Anfna H
Allen, flarenc II.
Allen, Oenevteve K.
Andernon, Clifford
Andemon, !. A
Armstrong. J. W,
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Burton. Chas. K.
Ctxiper Sidney A.
Cix, Alfretl
Coulter. W. B.
Cozad, Ja. t'..
Craiu. Chas. O.
Cramer, II.
Crapper, Mrs. Ida
Clapper, H. 1
I'reson. K K.
('rink: hank. A. R.
Cuddeford. C C.
Cunning, J. I.
Church. F. li.
Caldwell, Klla J.
Caldwell. It. W.
Campbell. S. li.
Carnes. J. V.
lavis. Aubrey
Davis, H. .1
Davis, Itov
Davis. W. C.
Dmsmisir. F'av
Ihian. f:. f:.
Dunliur. K. W.
Dyer. W. B.
Davenport, K. R.
Davidson, Atleen
I, B.
Davidson. Nellie
Davidson, W. J.
1 lavidson. Vera
Dickson, Kuhy M.
Disbrow, Mary M.
1 lowning, M. O.
Fastman, A. J.
F'.di.troni, Herman
Khvck. W C.
Elliott. W. ti.
Ellis, Cuv S.
Endow, Shw
Krdowr. Y.
F'.dar, John R.
Ftin y. Ceo. L.
lvans. FranceH
Fai red, Wm
FVIton, Thomas A.
F'enwick, F'rank
F'enwiek, F'rank Jr.
I'eirm. 11. K.
Ferrin. Marguerite
1 iclds, llfi-lwrt
F'iist Church t'hris-
tian Science
Ficlchcr. Mary J.
Klin I . llarrv
Furry. W. f .
F'osberg, Chas,
Frani-is, Mattel II.
F'rnry, J. H. "
F'riday, (ieo. W.
F'uller, Chas. F.
F'urrow, .1. H.
Fisher, Thus.
F'orry, Miss Allie
F'oro', Waller
Postman. Miss K. M.
Fmsier, . T.
tlehriiig, Jas. H.
(ItHirge, H. S.
Chidden, (jtsi. C.
(ioka, E.
(looch. L. 1
(irair. Uila B.
(Iraham, A. J.
(iraham, Mrs. Belle
(insane. A. H.
(ireene. Julia
C.atchell, W. E.
Claze, C. E.
Howell, Frank
Haas, Henri
Hamilton, C. V..
Hansen, Peter
Hansen, Stig
Harris, Fi. N.
Hart, W. K.
Hoskins, F'.lennor
Hicks. .1. W.
Hill, Jerome
Holgate. liattie
Horn. J. T.
Huston. Jasper
Howe, Geo. i.
Howe. Marian
Huw't'll, Arthur
Half. J. P.
Hukari. A.
Hukah, A. A.
Hukari, Eernpi
Hukari, Lina
Hull, FJeanor D.
Hunt, Julia A.
Hunt. J. H.
Hutaon. F rank B.
Husbands, K. II.
Hall. It. S.
Hicks, Mrs. M. D.
Hill, Marshall
Hmrichs, Ralph
Holma, W.J.
Ingalls, (ieo.
Ingalls. J. W.
lsenberg, M. H.
Isenberg. W. A.
Lshikawa, S,
Ishisaka. S.
Imhnlz, llilma
Jones, Harvey F?.
Jamii. Frank
Johnson, Narcissia
Jarvis, Mrs. R. J.
J'K-himsenJ.11. P.
Johnson. J. H.
Jordan. A. C.
Jeppos.n, Mrs. E.
Jonnsnn, G. V.
Kellogg, A. M.
Kellogg. H. A.
Kemp, Dane
Kenm-dy, J. K.
Kile, H. F.
Kimball. Stuart
Kirkfiatrick. Mr. and
Mrs. Willis
Kissinger, W. IT.
Kiyono, Y.
Kollas, Albert
Krueger, John
Carlson, (i-iiiard
t a iik hey, U.S.
I Handler, r rank
Ctsia;r, James
I rain, Mrs. M. A.
Crews, Artie C.
Pavls. Mrs. li.ailwvn
Derby, A. .1.
Ix tliman, Alfred
Detliinan, Fred
ladhiuan, Herman
liethmaii, Jessie
llonnerbei'K.Mrs 1..D.
Faeliuau, Beuj. F.
F..isl!nan, Way
Filtthlillon. Jesse
K.brck, ( has.
Fawbush, II. II.
First ( hurcn of
( llll-t. Scientist
Flint, Anion
Finn, M mine
hosier, ( has. T
Fui'lis, Adoiph ,t Q.
(tailauay, fo. H
(iallawuy, Con M
Uallawoj , Mary i.
(tailauay, WillardM.
(Iuis, Butord
(loriUin. F remont II.
(unild, K F.
linen. W. F'.
llall.o. K
Hannali, W in.
Harlow, Chas. 11.
Ilali ii, Clarence B.
Haywaid, Millard
Hell, II C.
HulbriMike, MarshaU
Holland, Kd
lloluiuu, K M
Hood, W. .'.
Hoskm. C. K.
Husk in, Harry
liouslnii, F F,,
Howe, lienry I.
llaiversiin, lAiiiint
HiiKxins, I.. H.
hiKies, uilo
jakku, a. r. f:.
.litkku, K. A.
Jakku, . I .1 u
Jim I lien, te. W.
Johnson, F.silier
Johnson, (teo. B
kuesscr, Fi. K
Ki-ilonK, A. 1)
Kerr, .Mrs. 1,. A.
Kliiigler, Mamuel II.
Kmitsou, .Mrs c. K
Kollas, U. V.
Kriea. Allien Jr.
Krussow , ( isear W.
K iirihasa, s.
K ymsion, James U.
Cage, F.d Fi.
I. ape. K. M
Utrawny, P. II.
LelniiiKer, llarley
Lewis, K K
Cogslet, Kd
Lynn, (ieo. II.
Miilloy, J. F:.
Mionker, M rs. M. C,
viorrihey, James
Met uidv, lleo. A.
Mi'lMinough, II. J.
Mi Kee. .I K.
Newell, Silas B.
Newton, Ftoht.
North, W. it.
Nye. O. It.
Owens, Thus.
I'uaseii, Aug.
Paasch, F'red
Piutsch, 11 ugo
Paasch, S in.
Page, A. 1..
Parkins, Irwin D.
Parroti, Phil S.
I'iersou, J. I..
Kadlojd, F W
Kalhbun, Mrs. C.
Keavls, Mury b',
Uotierls. U K.
Kolierlson, K. K.
Kngers, W. t. A M.
Koa, diss.
Samuel, It C.
Shlraishl, Y.
shall, J. II
SiadH, A. P.
Smith, A. F.
Smith. I,. F.
Holey, Chas.
Sonnlksen, (.'. ('
Spencer, (j. F
Slevens, A. (',
Hiocklon, Mrs. K.
Sione, W. II.
Mranahan, Correau
Siruhel, K. W.
Stiglum, T.
Thomlson, J. I).
Thompson, A (J.
Tostevin, N. V.
Vannier, F'rsncts
Vannier, Waller
V'nughsn, Hubert
Veach, S A.
Von l.ubken, F 1.. H
Willie, .Sol
Walker, A. T.
Walson, (ten. W,
Waugh, It. H.
While, F'.lmer M.
W ickham, Jasper
Wollam. John
Vamlla, V.
Acroe. O. L.
Annala. Arvi O.
Annala, Wato 'A.
Andrews, J. hi.
Angus, F. W.
Arnold. Mrs. S. W.
Austin. Walter H.
Avery, Thou.
Anderson. K. P.
Arnold. Clyde
Brumbaugh, D. L.
Breed, f. L.
Berry, f:ii. It.
Baiimess, Mi-a. FJarl K
Barton, Kd
Barton, I,. O.
Black, Jas. A.
Bias-g, Mrs. F.arl
Blagg, Farl
Blount, T. W.
Blythe. S. F.
Boles, T. A.
Bone. N. W.
Bradley. Eldon R.
Brohman, Clias.
Biuwn, Gordon G.
Biicher, W. H.
Burtchctt, J.
Barnes, C. E.
Hero". A. H.
Blagden. F. W.
Iloxer. A.
tarter. M. C.
Carter, J. I..
Casement, W.
Cash. Ashley II.
Carson, J. K.
Cass, C. A
Chamberlain, froo.
Chapman, H. W.
('hipping, Anr.a Mac
Cornstock, E. It.
Craft, M. H.
Christner. Jerry
Clark, Edgar P.
Clark, Mary A.
Clark. W. B.
Krumenacher. Kenneth
Krussow. Anna I,.
Kelly. R. W.
King, W.J,
LalTerty, U. Iwis
1-atrerty. Vera M.
Ukr. H. M.
Larrick, Darley Mrs,
liuterback, Met
Lender, A. C.
Lester, J. I).
Lindsay, L. E.
Loveall. H. A.
lxivell. Mrs. C. E.
Lovell, Homer
Lovell. Jas. A.
Lovell. Mrs. Jas. A.
Ixtving, F". B.
Luthy, F'nsl
Lybarger, T. J.
Larkin, H. H.
Lautcrbarh, Addie R.
McDonald, 11. A.
McDonald. S. U.
Mi l joiKhiui, J. O.
Mack, F. L.
Itt.'Kenzie, Colon
Mai tin. J. M.
Martz, Cal J. .
Mp, F. A.
Malsoii, (J.
Mch illo, W. A.
Meyers. Fjlith M.
Mever. Jos. C.
Miller. J. A.
Miller. Wm. A.
Moure. Marian L.
Morrison, Mr. and Mrs.
H. N.
Mellon, Geo.
Miller, F. H.
Miller, Roy C.
Mowers, C. Don
Nash. G. W.
Naumes. J. P.
Neal. it. R.
NickelMn, M. H.
Clvmr. Chaa. H.
j Cole. G. C,
Union Suits for Men .OK.
Day and Night
Automobile Service
to all parts of the Valley.
Nortler, Albert
Tasasuma. T.
T.iuschi r, L. ..
Thickens, Miss J. G.
Toitihnson. A. D.
Tomuhins, J. 'I.
Treau, Coia F'..
Triiui. Kvelyn A.
Ogawa. T.
(lkamura. J.
O Neil!. Laura
Plovr. Fiina L.
Phillips, MuM
arker, 1 . L.
Peildicord, W in. .1.
l'ettit. Puul
'lurk. 1 IomI II.
Taylor. Hubbard
Tewi-kesburv, W, B.
Trusty, ,. B.
Tufts, (i. L.
Turner, I ,aura E.
Ddelius. M.
Van Ausilal. Virginia R
Vannet. Marv
Vaiiuct. Anne
Voistortf, Mrs. Louise
V'ose. V. M
'inc'nl. A. L.
V aril, (ieo. W.
Waterbury. (i. P.
Weinhe.mer. A. H .
eliihemit r, A. I..
West, John
VS heea r. .1. S.
Wheeler, W. I '
Wsldnrs, Svcn
Warden, i . I..
Hincr.Kli.alieth W.
Warner, ltuthana M.
VV'eils, A lino Mary
Wells, lien. K.
Wells, E L.
W oils. I'l l I V I'..
W hit,', Unmet C.
W hitecitton, N. F.
W ieiluer, l ten. A.
Wiedner, U'sier It.
M'int1 lis, l.tnni'ans
Wood, .1 M,
Willi ley. Harry W.
Wiclilnnd. Mary
Wilkinson, Mr. and
Mrs W.
W lllls, .1 A.
Willis, M. M.
Young, F rank
oting, K. M.
oils, William
'ugh, F. M.
Pflaiighaupt. I-'ril A.
Poe. It. C.
Prather. F. A.
Pine, W. T.
Price, Mrs. W. T.
Pyles, David
Havlin. Mm. M. W.
Hav. A.
Reed. Chas. A
l(sl, Chas. W.
Pies Virginia V..
Bobbins, Wm.
Roliei is, K inse
Kodamer. Mrs. II. W.
Rune irti, V rilcn A .
Robliins. (',. It.
Sawyer, Anna M.
Schemnp, A. H.
hank, A. It.
SheirUin. Mrs. J. T.
Shilan. K.
.Siumakev, Klhe K.
Skinner, (ic. P.
Slis'nm, Kelsav
Sonnichsen. C. P.
Spencer. F'rank D.
Stalnaker. Alice
Stiles, (i. H.
Stranahan, Chas.
Stranahan. Gist. F.
Sunday, (itsi. H.
Silltlelhn, Bessie
Sutherhn. t'has. E.
Swuine, Mrs. Bessie
Savage, Marceilus S.
Schucknecht. Chas. A.
Shav Alice
Sherrieh. Belle
Sh'iemaker. Marian A.
Takagi, tieo. I.
For Hale High class horse s years old, li.VI
lbs, perlect In every respect, Shirt slock till
Seventh st. aifii
F'or Sale Good iny; w ill wVrk any idace;
price, SW. See Wutkins man or phone Kl-'l.
F'or Sale StrawtKTry plants from selected
bed of heavy producing strain; have In, (HP
more than I need. Pboneluh'. a:!ii
For Sale Dry wood delivered lor ?;..MI per
cord. Wanted JVo pair second band htiL'uy
snails in good condition. l'hone5", IH a .'i
For Hale Team, wagon and harness, -'.".
Wm. Keeling, K. 1. :i. phone nti.'i ni'i
F'tir Sale A good small team ot horses See
the Star ttriM'ery. u.!o
F'or Sine at a Biiigaln-Hveacres of laud. '.,
mile from (ink (ipovestore; t hree acres cleared
balance slashed and makes good pasture.
See W. II . McClahi at Krati,'s or phone sail.
For F'ale Team, wagon and harness, umlii
iflKK): age K yearn old; gent le and true; photic
!. HJ5
For Sale-Timothy hay. C. T. HobertK, tele
phone tW. nistf
For Sale (ir trade for pigs or a cow : White
drop-head sewing machine, almost new Mrs.
Delia ( ale, It. I. I. i.Jo
F'or Sale-IMI acre stock ranch, I'pper Val.
ley. adjoining free range; hi acres under culti.
vation; free water; Ihrw houses and three
barns; water piped to one house; 1 1 head of
cattle and 1 horses go witli place, on which Is
located good power site. W. M. Keeling, H
l, 3, Hood River tt 'h
For Sale A voting horse, or will exchange
animal lor anything I can use. Also have
cows and 1-foot and ltLln. wood lor site. (i.T.
Absher, plione Odell 31. n Jfi
For Sale Mix weeks old Duroc pigs. Phone
Vsd. lllStf
F'or Sale-Cow; heavy milker; will be fresh
May 1. F'onrth call. Plione Odell l.Vi. nti
Pigs for Male, (i W. Dunbar, Phone odelllli.
For Hale Bronze Turkey eggs. Phone 5TK1.
For t-'ale-Afler .May 1st, .'. tirst class milk
cows. V. T. Ilea n regard. in"
For Sale-I.lght hack, Sift. Phone Qdcll r.X.
For Sale-Team, welglnm.' about 11 K) ibv,
very gentle and in giaid coiidif.on. Price, with
harness, 51(10, Also single bOggv, which I ill
sell cneap. ( all at inv rancb, 1. 1 m I one mile
south ol Tucker tirtdge.on tlie Fcigusoo road,
(inn C. Johnson. K. D No. a. iryJltf
For Hale-Hay. JiT a-r ton. IniUlre st the
(lerdes HoU-l. Pnoue IT". I. alllf
F'or Sale- Ancona-ggs lor setting, Si 5o for IS.
J. I.. Jotinson, phon-'istj am
F"orSale--At a baigain, a l(iegg capacity
Pelaloma Incuhator as good as new. Cost S KI.
will sell for hall. William M. Moore, plume
IT21. mi
F'or Sale Selected s'ed Kita.tia s al the right
price. Phone ;iil or :ill2 111JMI
.For Sale -Ten nerea, W! F'.U, SF'.' SW1;
Sec. ,-5, T. 2 N K II F;. "()kiu; liinlier. Sell
cheap or trade. Carrier No. 3d, Portland,
Ore. ai
For Sale Bay mare, gentle for woman to
drive; will work either single or double.
W eight about 1.1,0. .1. A. Wallers, K. F l. 2,
phone 5WH, rn2stf
F or Sale-inn Xm flrsl claas Clark Heedllm
strawberry plants. SatoJtnis., Parkdale. mi
For Rate-strawberrv plants In the patch
II unperlOQii, .1. H.MboemMKer.iel.BTS".'. ml 4 if
For 8ale-Tme-to-Name Nursery ofleri for
Spring plsnlirjg. leading varieties of apple,
pear.cnerry.etc. I'boue 47SH.S.UUlKn. matt
Special Gossard Brassieres
Excellent Quality. Regular $1.50
Quality. Your Choice 79C
New Silk Dress Skirts
Just Rece.ved $3.98
New Silk Petticoats
New Silk Petticoats, some with Jer
sey tops with silk flounce and hea
ther bloom tops with silk flounce.
Just opened up. Your Choice
$1.98 to $5.00
TEL. 1191; RES. 2m
For Hale liisid biiildiui; sand and gravel
Tulca yard. Can easily be loaded ou Ml. Hood
cars. Hoot Itivei I aiming Co. alllf
lor Sale rl rick saddle pony, young and In
(icrhel condition, tor sale at a bargain. Tel.
Udell ;i"7l. HlH
For Sale, F'.vcliange or Kent The I.Ml Mark
lev Farm ou Lake Uronch sotittiwest ol Dee,
Phone fi'.kiH. iirJltl
Hay tot Sale- -.1l per ton lor 1st or Unit cut
ting Aiialla liny al my place 1 mile south
west ot Van Horn. A. L. Page. m'.'lll
Fur Sale As we Intend to use auto trucks
we otter lor side our horses, harness, wagons
and racks. Also st'sjd manure lor sale, lull
1 'rs nsier i'o. initf
For Sale :i'4 In. Mitchell wagon, corrngaleil
Iron roller, dic burrow, two-horse buggy with
side springs and a few other small artlci.
Cheap lor cash. May he seen at the W. I,,
sin nh place. J. H. Newton, tel. iCM. I-7tf
For F xchange Clark Seedling strawberry
plants I'ur work horse. W. H. Oibsoti & Hon,
pliotie Odell J:iltl
For Sale Tlie leading varieties ot apples,
pears, peitches, t runes and plum trees. Also
2 ytar old asparagus plants. F A. Massee,
phont, Udell 110. jiltl
F'or Sale Clark Seedling Strawberry Plants,
An shsMlutely pure, strain of good, strong,
well grown plants Orders booked for early
spring shipment. W. H. t.itison A Sou, K. D.
No. 2, phone Odd! H7. o4-tt
1 oi Kent -1 louVcke tphnroonis, at Hoi Slate
slreet, In suites ol two or three and hath.
Plione l.'iSI.
For Kent Good li-room house with garden
spot, corner 12Hi and May sts. Phone hssit. tf
For Kent Furnished house for summer
months. May Is to Sept. 1. Terms reasonable.
Phone aS or call lu'.n stale st. uls
F'or Kent The quarters formerly occupied
by Heller Fmlt in Hall bldg Also storage
space in Columbia oarage bldg. Phone 131)1.
Hood Klvrr Abstract Co. altf
For Hent-10 acre fruit ranch, miles from
tow n. Good limise and buildings on the place.
Phone -ii-U. in
Wanled-'JI to 4(1 acres; must be level, nndt r
ditcii, tree from rock, red shot soil, on gisid
road, near school, at least cleared, very lit
tle orchard If anv; want 10 use as general
farm. Will he In Hood Kiver shortly P M
Pedt rson, ;Ni N. Law tidale ave., Chicago,' 111!
Wanted-To buy a barrel sprayer. Phone
::l'l nls.
Wanted Two or three setting hens. CM.
Clarke. nis
Warned- Housekeeper. Phone Mrs. Kiank
Miller, Odell M. als
Wanted-To buy your used furniture at
highest prices. Save your rnnne'v by tradttig
with II. Gross,! bird Street Second, hiuid Dea
ler Tel. M. Mf
U.'(inl.l'l,. l.., .......1 r "
" " "'.- j'.io tte.i no iniiire, sioves
and riias. Cash or new goods In exchange.
... n. nun,, ,,o. 8a(
Notice of Sherifrs Sale
Itv virtue cf an execution duly Issued hy the
Cleik ol ihe 1 iicint ( onrt of Hie County of
Hood Kiver and state ol Oregon, dated April
hi, 1!'1 In a certain suit 111 said Circuit Court
for the loreclos'.ire of mortgage wherein A
Kiihnke was plulntlit and Lewis c. Honne
niaii, et al, were defendants, and wherein on
Aprils. IMS, the said plaintm received his
Judgment against said defi ndants, Lewis C
Souueman, et. al, for Ihe sum of fT.IKKI IMI with
Interest thereon at the rate or 7 per cent per
annum from the first day of December 1HIS
and lor the sum of frmM asand for attorney's
lees and 8I11 nil costs and disbursements- and
which said execution is against and directs
that the hereinafter described real property
be sold to satlsty said sums and the costs anil
expenses of said sale.
Notice is hereby given that I will on the
lsth day ot My, lllls, at the front door ol the
Courthouse, in the City of Hmid Kiver, Hood
Kiver County, State ol Orcgon, at 1(1 o'clock In
the forenoon of said day, sell at public auction
to the highest bidder lor mail, the billowing
described teil property H. Dialed iu the Coun
ty ot Hood Kiver, State of Oregon, to-wlt:
Beginning at a point .1!) rods suit : i..,.t r,,,,i.
ol tbe center of Section 7. In Township 2
North. Kange 11 I'nst ol I he Willamette Merid
Inn: running Itience West xa roils and 4 feel to
center of county road, running North and
South through said Section 7; thence running
.southerly following the center ol said county
road -li rods and si,, feet: them running Fjitit
SI roila and It) feet, more or less, to quarter
section line, running North anil Sontn
through said Section 7: thence North follow
ing said quarter section Hue ai rods and K
h et to the place of beginning, containing 1(1 "7
acres of land, more or less, all in IDsid Kiver
County, Smte of Oregon.
Or so much thereof as may he necessary to
snllsfy the said Judgment In favor of the said
plaintiff and against said delendants, lwls
c. sotineinan et al, together with all costs that
have or mav accrue.
Dated April lfi, MIS.
Sheriff of Hood Kiver County, Oregon.
Notice to Creditors
No'ice U hereby given that the underalgned
has beHD appointed administratrix of the e.
tate 01 John H Fletcher, deceased, by the
County Court ol Hood Kiver County All
pctsons having claims against said estate
should present them properly verified within
s'x monlh" from date id this notice at my
residence near Hood Kiver.
Dated and first published this lsth day or
lmU Administratrix.