The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 03, 1918, Image 7

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II. L. Ilasbronck, Optometrist.
Shoes made or repaired at Johnaen's
Robert Brock spent the week end In
rortiana with iriends and relatives.
C H. Sproat was here the latter
part oi last week on business.
If yoo want aboes that don't eo
t I
wrung ku w ifuuuHU a.
F. W. Buff spent the holidays with
jrienua ana relatives in ror liana.
Miss Ethel Goudy spent Christmas in
Portland with her parents.
M. R. Tucker and family are spend
ing the winter in Portland.
Randall Pratt, of The Dalles, spent
the holidays here visiting friends.
W. H. Goodenough, of Camas, Wn.,
was here last week visiting friends.
It your shoes have gone wrong take
them to Johnsen.
J. F. Thompson was here from the
Upper Valley Monday on business.
D. I. Stone is now residing with a
sister in Santa Ana, Calif.
S. W. Heppner was a business visitor
in Portland over the week end.
Trafford E. Smith was a Portland
business visitor last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Stranahan were
week end visitors in Portland.
C. Dethman and A. J. Derby were
in Tend the latter part of last week.
C. K. Marshal was a business visitor
in Portland the first of the week.
Jacob Merle spent New Year in The
Dalles with friends.
Albert Tozier, who has been residing
for the past several months at his Dee
ranch, has left for Portland to visit
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Cass and son,
after a visit with Mrs. Cass' relatives
in Portland, have been here spending
the New Year holidays with Mr. Cass'
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Cass.
Mr. Cass is teaching at Raymond, Wn.
J Miss Lucy Kopan, a teacher of the
city schools, has been in Corvallis for
the holidays visiting friends.
To prevent frozen radiators use John
son's Freeze Proof. For sale at the Tire
Mrs. Ben Johnson is recovering from
an operation at the Cottage hospital
last week.
Melvin Coon, brother of Mrs. William
Fobs, is recovering at a Portland hospi
tal from an operation for appendiciti .
V. C. Brock, who is an appraiser for
the Spokane Federal Land Bank, was
home for New Year's.
W. W. Hardinger was up from Port
land the latter part of last week look
ing after ranch interests.
C. F. Waldo and daughter, Miss Ed
rith, were here from Portland last Sat
urday visiting friends.
W. G. E. Smith spent the week end
in Portland, visiting friends and at
tending to matters of business.
F. W. Dehart, of Underwood, accom
panied by his son, was here Saturday
on business.
M. H. Nickelsen was in The Dalles
last week visiting friends and rela
tives. Marsh Isenberg, who recently under
went an operation for appendicitis in
Portland, returned home Sunday.
Calvin Evinger, who recently under
went an operation for appendicitis in
Portland, is recovering rapidly.
Johnson's Freeze Proof will prevent
water from freezing to 20 below zero.
For sale at The Tire Shop.
Earl K. Bartmess and family have
been here for the Christmas vacation
visiting relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Gibson left Mon
day for Portland for a visit with rela
tives and friends.
Miss Josephs Stampher spent Christ
mas in Portland with friends and rela
tives. J. L. Johnson has been in Portland
spending the holidays with relatives
and friends.
Eyes scientifically examined by II. L.
Ilasbrouck, Optometrist, Ileilbronner
Hid. f8-lf
Judge Buck spent the holidays in
Portland with his daughter, Miss Net
tie Buck.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Molden spent
the holidays with friends and relatives
at Parkland, Wash.
I have taken the agency for the Spir
elhv Corset. Call at Buelow Tailor Shop.
Mrs. Karl Buelow, Hood River, Or. tf
Mr. and Mrs. Medford Reed have
been spending the holidays with
friends and relatives in Portland.
Norton Cowden, of Silverton, was
hern spending the Christmas holidays
with Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Brock.
Highest csbIi price paid for your iiBed
furniture, stoves and rugs. Call McClain
at E. A. Franz Co. e20tf
Mrs. A. W. Isbell and daughter
spent Christmas at Hermiston visiting
friends and relatives.
Ralph Lewis and family, of the
Odell district, spent Christmas with
relatives and friends in Portland.
Miss Vera Lafferty spent Christmas
in Portland with her sister, Mrs. Law
rence Grimm.
Fresh ground graham and whole
wheat flour at Kelly Bros', ware
house, nl-tf
Miss Etheljane McDonald has recov
ered from an operation for the removal
of tonsils last week.
Mrs. L. J. Bronaugh spent the holi
days at Camp Lewis with her husband,
who is in Co. B., First Field hospital.
0 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Enschede spent
the holidays at Forest Grove with rela
tives. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Leonard were
here for the holidays with Mr. and
Mrs. G. H. Bayldone.
Miss Grace Tripp a student of the
University of California has been here
visiting her sister, Miss Evelyn Tripp.
Floyd Wright, of Whitman college,
spent the holidays here with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed C. Wright.
Mrs. A. M. Kelly, of the Upper Val
ley, has recovered from an operation
at the Cottage hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Surrell, of Ar
lington, were here last week visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Clvde Arnold and baby
spent the holidays with Mrs. Arnold's
parents in Seattle.
Bishop Paddock spent Christmas at
Lamp Lewis, where he conducted ser
vices for the soldiers.
Walter Nichols, a student at Reed
College, was here during the holidays
visiting friends.
Mrs. Marjorie Fouts, of Portland,
has been here visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Baker.
E. E. Gould was in Portland the lat
ter part of last week visiting friends
and attending to business.
T. A. Schall. after a visit here with
relatives and friends, returned to his
home in Portland last rnday.
Vern Whitcomb, who is attending a
Portland business college, spent the
holidays here with friends.
Misses Addice Perkina and Paulina
LeFrancq spent the week end in Port
land with Iriends.
Benjamin Breed, a student at the
university of Oregon, spent the New
Year s holiday here with his parent!,
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Breed.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Bone, who spent
the holidays in Portland with relatives,
expect to remain in the Rose City for
Having bought the Hotel Oregon
Barber Shop, and taken possession, I
solicit a poition of the 'public's patron
age. H. A. Loveall. d27
MrS. HarVCV JnnM and xKiUron tiana
left for Indianapolis, Ind., where they
wm Knu me remainder oi the winter
visiting friends and relatives.
Miss Ella McDonald
t Creswell, spent the holidays here
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. McDonald.
Miss Miriam Flagler, a student at
JM. Helen s Hall, has been here spend
ing the holidays with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Flagler.
Glen Corey, a senior at the Oregon
Agricultural College, ia home ananriinor
the vacation with his parents and
Mr. and Mrs. E. O. McCnnn. aft a
visit with Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Blythe
at Twin Oaks Farm, have returned to
to their home in the Upper Valley.
Mr. BflH Mra &th T arol'al mnA
child, of Eugene, are here visiting Mr.
i.urawny a parents, mt. ana Mrs. W.
Mrs. R. D. McKlnnon. of I a P.ranHo
is here to spend several weeks with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Car
ter, on the East Side.
H. F. J. SiVvprlimnn loft SntiirHuv
for Kansas City, Mo., where he will
spena tne next three months on busi-
L. O'Brien, of Centorvilln Wash
has been here the guest of his daugh
ter, Mrs. Sherman J. Frank, and hus
Ray Furrow, who has been in train
ing in California as a member of the
Engineers Reserve Corps, spent the
holidays here with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Onthank. of Eu
gene, were here for Christmas to visit
Mr. Onthank'a parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A. W. Onthank.
Henry Blagg. son of Mr. and Mrs.
F. H. Blagg, a graduate of O. A. C,
is now member of an engineering regi
ment at Vancouver, Wash.
Now is the time to have vour bat
tery inspected and put in condition for
the season's service. See Dakin, the
batteryman. State Bank Building.
Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Gillam. of Un
derwood, spent Christmas here with
Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Jackson, Mrs. Gil
lam's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. J. McFarland. who
Tiave been residing on the West Side,
returned last week to Portland, where
they will spend the winter.
Mrs. Fred Donnerberg. of Bremerton.
where her husband is stationed in the
navy was here for the holidays with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. (J. Dethman.
Mrs. Mary A. Congdon, of Portland,
after having been here to spend the
holidays with her daughter, Mrs. K. J.
Young, and family, has returned home.
Raymond G. Moore, of Underwood,
who recently enlisted in radio service
of the army, was here last week visit
ing friends.
Miss Mariwhitmar Whitehead is
home from Portland spending the holi
days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Al Whithead.
Don't neglect your storage battery
this winter. Save yourself trouble and
expense. Leave it with Dakin, the
battery man.
Miss Gertrude Nickelsen, who is
teaching at Union, spent the holidays
here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. D. Nickelsen.
Miss Marv dinger was recently here
visiting at the home of Judge and Mrs.
L. N. Blowers and to see her lather,
E. S. Olinger.
J. D. Wall, after spending Christmas
here with his family, returned to Port
land last week. He will spend the
winter there.
J. E. Robertson, who is with the
Hammond Lumber Co. at Astoria,
spent the holidays here with his
Searches of records and reliable ab
stracts made by Oregon Abstract Com
pany, A. ,W. untnanK, Manager, auo
Oak Street. Phone 1621. jy20-tf
Mrs. Phoebe Couchman recently vis
ited her nephews, Amos Perkins and
Charles Losier, both of whom are in
the navy in Seattle.
Miss Evelyn Hasbrouck, who is
teaching at Enterprise, has been home
for the holidays with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. H. L. Hasbrouck.
F. E. Battev and family have moved
to Portland, where Mr. Battey will be
associated with Cutler Bros, in the
manufacture of grading machines.
Your storage battery properly cared
for by Dakin, the battery man. Work
guaranteed first class. State Bank
Miss Helen Davidson, after a visit
with relatives and friends here, has
returned to Wasco, where he is in
charge of the domestic science of the
high school.
Ellsworth Rickett, who was formerly
a member of Kolstad's orchestra, was
here from Portland Monday night to
augment the orchestra for the fire
men's ball.
Miss Estella Rich, who is teaching in
Seattle, was here over the holidays
visiting friends. Miss Rich was for
merly a member of the local school
S. J. Moore spent New Year's in
Portland with Mrs. Moore and little
daugter, who have been there for the
entire nonaay season wun ner pnrcum,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Furnish.
C. C. Hutchins, secretary of the
White Salmon Commercial club, was
here Saturday on business. Mr.
Hutchins is getting out a new road
map of the mid-Columbia.
J. W. Anderson will leave the latter
part of this week for eastern Oregon
in the interest of the Republic truck
and Cleveland 12-20 tractors, which he
We have 7 per cent money for Farm
Loans with prepayment privileges, and
can give you prompt service. Abstracts,
Insurance and Surveying. Hood River
Abstract and In v. Co. Phone 1331. tf
Miss Edna Jones, of Los Angeles,
was here last week visiting the family
of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. I. Slocom. Miss
Jones formerly resided with the Slo
com family.
Mrs. L. J. Butterfield and two sons
soent Christmas in Portland with Mr.
Butterfield, who joined them there
from Astoria where he is now engaged
with the Budget.
Business Opportunity I have for sale
or 'lease, sale preferred, excellent site
for box factory or other manufacturing
nlanL S!-a acres land, irood witer power
partly developed. Two miles west of
Hoju River on Columbia Highway
Address J. R. Phillips, R. F. D. No
8. dl3-tf
R, G. Seearce, a member of 2nd Co.,
0. C A.; stationed at Fort Stevens.
spent the Christmas holidays here
with hit parents, Mr. and Mra. H. M,
Dakin & Dakin have opened a speci
alty electric shop in the basement of
the Hood River Banklbuilding. Partic
ular attention is given to particular
work lor particular people.
Frank Vannier has been in Vancou
ver visiting his brother. Joe. who is
stationed at the barracks there, and in
Portland visiting friends. He returned
Mra. W. I Clark and son, Newton,
after having spent aeveral days here
visiting friends, have returned to Port
land, where young Mr. Clark is at
tending Lincoln high school.
Amos Perkins, who is now in the
navy, stationed at the University of
Washington on a special training task,
spent the holidays here with his par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon G. Brown are
at Corvallis, where Mr. Brown will
spend the next three weeks engaged in
work connected with the local experi
ment station.
Mrs. Dean Ballard, of Seattle, and
Miss Helen Knight, the latter of the
University of California, are home for
the holidays with their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Knight.
Dakin & Dakin have opened a speci
alty electric shop in the basement of
the Hood Kiver Bank building. Par
ticular attention given to particular
work for particular people.
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Adams have
moved from Cascade Locks, where Mr.
Adams for a number of years has been
postmaster, to Underwood, Wash.
James Henderson succeeded Mr. Ad
ams as postmaster.
Miss Ruth Morton, a student at 0.
A. C. accompanied by her sister, Miss
Delia Morton, of Seattle, were here
last week visiting friends. They spent
Christmas at White Salmon with their
Daniel 'J. McGill, of the internal
revenue service, arrived here yesterday
from Portland and will be located at
the courthouse for the next two weeks
to assist Hood River county citizens in
making their reports on income taxes.
Crawford C. Lemmon. who is now
stationed at Tacoma, Wash., for the
Pacific Fruit & Produce Co., was here
over the holidays with Mrs. Lemmon,
who was visiting her parents Kev. and
Mrs. J. L. Hershner. '
E. B. Michaels will leave about Jan
uary 18 for Salt Lake, where he will
attend the annual convention of 'the
managers of the J. C. Penny Co.
stores. Mr. Michaels expects to be
away about three weeks.
H. K. Love, an Underwood orchard-
ist, has been here the holiday guest of
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Slade. Mr. Love's
mother, Mrs. Pattie B. Love, spent
the holidays in Seattle with relatives
and friends.
Miss Pearl Stewart, who is a student
at the Oregon Normal at Monmouth,
after having been here to spend the
holidays with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. William Stewart, has returned to
her studies.
An inspection will convince you that
the service of the Palace Hotel, Port
land, Oregon, Washington aud Twelfth
ttreets, is second to none. Convenient
so shopping and theatre districts, clean-1
est rooms in city for 50 cts. and up. fltf
Mrs. Minnie J. Vonder Ahe has re
turned from San Francisco, where she
visited her son, Karl, first class seaman
at the Goat Island naval training
school. She says that the boys at the
training station are looking fine.
Miss Myrtle Fisher spent the first
of the week in Portland and at Van
couver Barracks. Miss Georgia Lynn,
who had been spending the holidays in
Portland with her grandmother, Mrs.
R. B. Byerlee, accompanied Miss Fish
er to Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Edgington and
family, of Sisters, are here for the
New Year vacation with his parents.
Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Edgington. They
spent the Christmas holidays in Port
land. Mr. Edgington 's mother was
also in Portland for Christmas. i
W. M. Ganger, formerly a local resi
dent but who with his family now re
sides at Bull Kun, returned to his
home Monday after a visit here with J.
H. Ferguson, who has been seriously
ill. Mr. Ferguson is reported much
better now.
Arlo Bradley, who has purchased a
bakery at Hillsboro, spent the holidays
here with his family. The Blue Rib
bon Bakery is now being operated by
Mr. Bradley's rather, Willis Bradley.
Young Mr. Bradely's family will loin
him at Hillsboro soon.
Alice, the daughter of Judge and
Mrs. L. N. Blowers, was treated at the
Cottage hospital Monday afternoon for
a split bone in her arm. The injury
was sustained in a tall recently and
the seriousness was not ascertained
until an X-ray photograph was made
Sunday afternoon.
R. H. Atkinson, city ticket agent
for the O.-W. R. & N. Co. in Port
land, was here over Sunday accompan
ied by Mrs. Atkinson and two children.
Mr. Atkinson states that the fortland
Y. M. C. A. Ski club will make its an
nual pilgrimage to Homer Rogers
Mount Hood Lodge in the near future.
Julius Jacobsen, after a short vaca
tion at home with his parents. Mr. and
Mrs. C. Jacobsen, returned last week
to Walla Walla, Wash., where he is a
student in Whitman College. Mr. Ja
cobsen is spending a portion of his
time engaged as bookkeeper for a mer
cantile concern of the eastern Wash
ington city.
J. S. Simonton has received a tele
gram from his son, J. v.. bimonton,
formerly a sawmill man of the Oak
Grove district, who announced that he
had sustained a broken leg irr a mill
accident at Kalama, Wash., where he
has been residing for the past several
months. Mr. Simonton was on the
carriage at the Kalama mill when a
log struck him.
Accompanied bv his bride, formerly
Miss Lou Ann Hiatt, of Vancouver,
Wash., William Wilkes, who is in
training at the Bremerton Navy Yard.
has been here spending a Christmas
furlough with his sister, Mrs. Dee
Tomlinson. Mr. and Mrs. Wilkes were
married at Vancouver the day before
Christmas and came immediately to
Hood River for a viist.
The many friends of Dr. J. H. Mc
Vay will regret to learn that it was
again necessary for him to go to the
Cottage hospital yesterday for an
operation on one of his hips. It has
been known lor the past several weeks
that an operation was necessary, but
Dr. McVay postponed it until after the
holidays. It is believed that Dr. Mc
Vay will be able to walk as soon as he
recovers from yesterday's operation.
Mrs. M. L. Rhode, who rides here
with the family of her daughter, Mrs.
W. S. Kaestner, left last week for
Chicago to bid good bye to her son.
John Rhode, member'of a regiment of
engineers, before he leaves for service
in France. Mrs. Rhode will visit for a
time with another son, Grant Rhode,
before returning here.
mother, Mrs. Chas. Kaestner, a Hood
River booster, expects to visit here
next spring.
A family reunion was enjoyed during
the holidays by the children of L. H.
Huggins. All were present for the
Yuletide festivities at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Huggins. Lieut Chester
Huggins is now stationed at Camp
Lewis, Wash. William is engaged in
the office of the Pacific Power & Light
Co. at Sunnyside, Wash., and Charles
is engaged on the Heights with his
father in the Sanitary meatgmarket
and grocery. Mrs. J. J. Van Dellen
was here from The Dalles.
Billy Sunday, who grapples Satan
for a month beginning in Washington
January 6, issued this New Year's
greeting :
"When the curtain drops on 1918
may it see the kaiser on his knees
pleading with Uncle Sam to call off
the dogs of war.
lo that end we will go without
"We will go without meat.
"We will go without shoes.
"We will sit by tireless stoves.
"We will lift our hands to Heaven
and vow we will win or die.'"
(By Betty Epping)
Happy New Year !
Everybody got back to work yester
day on the job with new resolutions
to make the most of the year 1918.
The alumni party was held at the
auditorium last Friday evening and
officers were elected.
Friday evening, January 11, our boys'
team of basket ball players will meet
the Odell high school team here. The
local girls' team will meet that of
Odell or the crack girls' team from
Local friends have received an
nouncements of the wedding on Sun
day, Decembr 30, of Miss Dorothy Mc-
Lucas and Herbert u. Monroe, at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. McLucas. of Gateway. The
bride removed from here to Gateway
with her parents last year. The bride
groom is the son of a well known
stockman and farmer of Trout Creek,
Perry Monroe.
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe will make their
home at Gateway, where the bride
groom is interested in a garage.
Heights Committee Turns in $228
The committee that solicited the
Heights section of the city in their re
cent Red Cross drive, turned in a total
of $228 memberships. The committee
has issued the following expression of
thanks to those who assisted them :
We wish to thank the people on the
Heights for their kinoness and cour
tesy toward us on the recent Red Cross
drive, when the elements seemed allied
with the kaiser s forces. Iheir kindly
greetings and generous response to our
cause made the . gloomy days seem
Mrs. Chas. N. Clarke, Mrs. Ceo. 1.
Howe, Mrs. Carrie Bailey, Mrs. J. L.
Hershner, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. K. C. Buck
lin, Mrs. S. G. Campbell, Mrs. E. L.
Scobee, Mrs. Keller, Mrs. L. B. Gib
son, Mrs. J. K. Carson, Mrs. J. F.
Volstorff, Mrs. Lenora True. Mrs.
Frank Chandler, Chairman, Mrs. J. W.
Ingalls, Secretary.
A. G. Aiken is Dead
A. G. Aiken, who died Sunday night
at the Soldiers' home in Roseburg, was
the first man to climh Mount Adams,
the ascent being made when he was
working in a survey crew on a military
highway. He was the first white man
to come to Coos bay, once owned the
townsite of North Bend, which he pur
chased for a horse and saddle, and dis
covered the first coal in- the Marsh fie Id
locality and mined it and transported
the coal to settlements by ox team.
Mr. Aiken was 81 years old and a na
tive of Pennsylvania.
Laraways Hold Reunion
With the exception of their daughter,
Mrs. Amy Gove, of Idaho, all of the
children of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Lara-
way joined their parents in a New
Year s reunion at the orchard home of
their older daughter, Mrs. W. F. Coop
er, and family, on the JrJast blue, in
addition to Mr. and Mrs. Cooper and
children those present were Ralph Lar-
away and family, of Marehheld; beth
Laraway and lamily, of Eugene; Percy
15. Laraway and family, and Thurston
Laraway, a student of the U. of 0.
Mother Confers Degree
When Thurston Laraway, home for
the Christmas vacation, was initiated
into the Chapter of the Order of the
Eastern Star Friday night, the degree
was conferred by his mother, Mrs. W.
F. Laraway, who for many years has
been prominent in the organization.
When home for the Thanksgiving va
cation young Mr. Laraway was initi
ated into the Masonic lodge, the
charge being delivered by his father,
who lastzyear was Grand Chancelllor
of the Knights Templar of Oregon.
Congregational Church
Sunday school at 9.45 a. m. Sermon
at 11 a. m., subject, "We are Laborers
Together With God." Christian En
deavor at 7 p. m., Mrs. I. R. Acheson,
leader. Preaching at the Odell Union
church at 7.45 p. m. Subject, "The
Church That Wins"
M. L. Hutton, Pastor.
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Services will be held in Church
Building, 9th and Eugene, Sunday, 11 :00
a. m. ; bubject: "is the universe, inclu
ding man, evolved by atomic force ? "
Sundav School at 11 a. m.
Wednesday service, 8 p. m.
The reading room is open daily from 2
to S p. m., in the Hall building.
Lovell Infant Dies
The nine months old infant of Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Lovell passed away at
the Lovell home JTuesday. Following
funeral services at the Bartmess chap
el this morning interment will take
place at Idlewilde cemetery.
Christian & Missionary Alliance
Evangelistic services are being held
every night this week at the Christian
and Missionary Alliance. Dr. A. C,
Eaton is assisting the pastor. Rev. D
Mr. Kaestner'sjM. Carpenter,
Dividends From Preferred Stock
Will Pay Your Lighting Bill
Pacific Power & Light Company
7 Cumulative Preferred Stock
Still Available
Dividends payable quarterly: Feb. 1st, May 1st, Aug. 1st, Nov. 1st.
Terms of Offering ss
(Cash Payment)
Under this plan you may buy
as many snares of Preferred
Stock as you desire, the price
being $100 per share, plus ac
crued dividends to date of payment.
(Time Payment)
Under this plan you may buy any num
ber of shares up to 25, paying $10 per
share down and $10 per share each
month until the purchase price of $100
per share is paid up; the final payment
to include accrued dividend from the
last preceding dividend date.
Interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum will be allowed and paid quarterly
by the company to you on all partial payments. If you purchase stock on this
time-payment plan you have the option of withdrawing all partial payments
(including unpaid interest thereon at the rate of 6 per cent per annum) on ten
days' notice at any time prior to the date of final payment On the other hand
you may pay up your stock in full at any time during the time-payment period.
Your stock certificate carrying the regular 7 per cent per annum dividend will be
delivered to you when final payment is made.
Where You Can Buy the Stock
You may secure full information regarding Preferred Stock
or you may make your actual purchase of this stock at
any of our offices, in all communities served. Any employe
of the company will be glad to give you all the information
you wish or on request we will mail you same.
Pacific Power & light Company
"Always at Your Service"
Give us a trial with your
next specimen. All kinds of
scientific taxidermy work
done. Birds mounted true
to life. Rug work of all
J. M. Culbertson & Co.
Of course
Ira healthii
I trade.with
"The Star Grocery"
where I get all kinds of "good
things to eat." Especially do I
Campbell's Soups
so easy to make
in a hurry and it just hits the
spot when you are hungry. Bet
ter order a dozen cans today.
When In Portland stop st the modern
Palace Hotel, at Washington and 12th
streets, in center of shopping and thea
tre districts. Il-tl
We wish our Patrons
and Friends
A Happy and Prosperous
New Year!
And we wish to announce that in our
recent deal with the Snow & Forden Co.,
we merely sold our lease on the Cascade
Avenue building and not our business.
For the present we will continue our
down town and Heights business all at the
Heights Garage, but as soon as possible
we will secure new down town quarters
and operate both branches. We will be
pleased to have our patrons accustomed
to visiting our downtown garage to call on
us on the Heights.
J. F. Volstorff.
C. A. Tucker.
Military Wrist Watches
U. S. Soldiers
Elgin Military Watches are especially adapted to hard
outdoor use.
Complete in sturdyj compact case of special design.
Strong, mannish looking, silvered dial with luminous
hands and figures. Heavy cow-boy style strap of battle
ship gray.
Other designs, built upon substantial lines, all of
moderate price and time-keeping qualities.
Come in and let us show them to you.