The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 20, 1917, Image 8

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o you
your bathroom
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of old fashioned plumbing
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Geo. Sheppard it now looking after
the interest of the Consolidated Mer
cantile Co. in their Odell I lore.
Mrt.Job Sheppard arrived home San
day from an extended visit with her
three daughters who reside in Indiana.
L. A. E. Clark haa gone to Stanfield,
Ore., where he ia engaged in pruning
Page ft Son's orchard. He reports dry,
dusty weather there, while we are hav
ing rain a plenty. Page & Son have
developed a fine property. The season
just closed they sold 500 tons of alfalfa
nay at siz per ton in we buck, iney
have built a modern house and barn
and have arranged every convenience
for the use of their foreman.
' Z. O. Annals and Aalto Annala re
turned home Saturday after having
spent the week m Portland. Aalto
submitted to an operation to remedy
eye trouble. He returned to Portland
Tuesday to have stitches removed.
Loval Rhoades returned home Sunday
after having spent several week with
relatives in California.
Mrs. E. T. Folta ia in St Vincent'a
hospital recovering from an operation
which waa performed Saturday. Her
condition ia reported as satisfactory as
could be expected.
Grade school teachers, with the as
sistance of the high school, are prepar
ing for a community Christmas tree in
the high school auditorium Friday even
ing. Programs arranged by the school
are always fine and we expect this to
be equal to the usual high standard. -
Teachers in both high and grade
schools will spend their holiday vaca
tion at home. Misa Johnson and Miss
Thickens go to Seattle, Miss Swanson
to Portland, Miss Ferdine, The Dalles,
Mrs. Yeates, Fossil. Miss Hukari and
Mr. Vose are residents of our valley.
While a part? of relatives and friends
were at Vancouver to visit Odell boys
who have enlisted and were ordered to
Texas, Edward Jeppesen and Edna
Trusty were married. Other members
of the party were greatly surprised.
Mrs. Manzanita Pillen, whose home
is in Alabama, arrived in Hood River
Monday night and ia visiting at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Allison
Mr. and Mrs.Jas. McFarlane went to
Portland last week to look up a house.
They expect to make their home in
Portland after January 1, when Mr.
McFarllane will be employed by the
Cutler Fruit Grader Co.
0. H. Ehrck spent the week end in
Chas. W. Gunn, of the quartermas
ter's corps.hasbeen ordered to Florida.
Horace Gilkerson, LeRoy Krohn, Ed
ward Jeppesen and Walter Plog were
ordered to Texas and later Nate Gil
kerson was also ordered to Texas. The
latter spent a few hours Sunday with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gil
' erson.
We intended giving a summary of
apples shipped through local warehous
es, but have not secured necessary in
formation and must wait until next
E. T. Kruger, from Kansas City,
Mo., was a week end visitor at the
home of C. D. Hollenbeck, where his
two children are living.
There has been some sickness report
ed. Mrs. Ernest Mauri taon and Mrs.
Dan Malaer have been under the doc
tor's care.
Miss Lucille Craven, one of the inter
mediate teachers in the Frankton
school, left today for her home at In
dependence, Ore., to spend Christmas
with the home folks.
Tomorrow is the shortest day in the
year and it with two more days, and
they are short, are all you have to do
that Christmas shopping in. From a
letter just received from C. F. Gray
and famiy, old Frankton residents liv
ing in southern Arizona, we learn that
it hasn't rained a drop there in the past
five months.
We have made about a dozen inquir
ies after news and the answers have all
been, "Yes, it rained." We called up
E. W. Birga, weather observer, and
asked him how much rain had fallen
and he said since Thanksgiving week
about six feet no, inches, so it has
rained some.
Virgil Absten, who recently enlisted
in a cavalry troop and was assigned to
duty as broncho buster,breaking horses
for the service, was thrown and very
seriously hurt last week. His brother,
Homer, is also a membr of a cavalry
troop. They are stationed at Camp
We understand that when the county
commissioners meet next week to con
sider the budget problem for the com
ing year that an effort will be made to
have some provision made for getting
the Hood River Volunteer fire company
boys to and from fires that occur out in
the country. Last year during the dry
season they responded to every call and
did splendid work in saving property
menaced by forest and other fires.
They are handicapped by not having
any way to get to these fires. We hope
that something can be done to help
them to help others.
The big Christmas Red Cross drive is
on in Frankton this week. Chas. Gal of the captains for the West
Side, has appointed M. J. Foley, E. J.
Copper, E. C. Rand, J. I. Moreland and
M. R. Noble to assist. Every family
will be requested to do their bit.
Merry Christmas to all the Glacier
At a special school meeting held last
Tuesday evening George Gal la way was
elected director to nil out the one and
a half years of the unexpired term of
F. R. Absten.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Ireland have
moved to Portland for the winter.
Mrs. E. R. Bradley, of Hood River,
spent a few days recently with Mrs. 0.
L. Worden.
Fred Ries and family have moved tq
Odell for the winter.
Capt. Winfred Arena and bride, who
have been home at Walegwin for the
past week, spent Wednesday calling on
friends. Tbey left for Camp Lewis
Thursday evening, where Capt. Arena
will be stationed as a training officer.
W. H.Austin was called to Red Oaks,
Ia., recently on account of the serious
illness of his mother.
We understand that John Hillstrom
has gone to enlist or get married.
Either one might be serious.
There ia to be a short program and
Christmas tree at the Middle Valley
school Friday afternoon. The commun
ity is invited.
Mrs. Elizabeth Curtis will spend the
holidays at Fossil with her mother and
Among the Hood River shoppers from
Milddle Valley Saturday were the
Hodges, Hillstroms, Mcll wraiths, Aus
tins and Mrs. O. L. Worden.
Very effective work was done by the
Ladiea Aid at Mrs. M. H. Craft's Sat
urday. The Red Cross will meet at the
Worden home next Saturday. .
:ISii Hi h
Let's All Do Our Be to Make
this Christmas a Merry One. We Need It
While it is true we are at war, and both as a Nation and as
individuals we are pledged to our last drop of blood - and our
last dollar to win this war, and it is worth every sacrifice we may be
called upon to make. . This is Our War because it is for humanity and
Freedom against brutality, oppression and greed. Our country has ev
er been champion for the right, and it is up to each one of us to do all
in our power to prosecute this struggle to the end that right will triumph and brute
force will be wiped out for good and all.
At the same time there is no reason why we should ignore the Christmas Season.
Christmas means a great deal to the World and to Each One of Us.
Our Children Need a Merry Xmas
and it won t hurt the old folks, so let's all get busy and spread the Christmas spirit as far
as we can. The price of good cheer has not gone up; a pleasant word and a smile re
main at the old prices; the supply is unlimited and there is no embargo on the distribu
tion of these good things. Here is one line you are not asked to Hooverize in.
So Here Is To a Merry Christmas to AIL
Hood River
Join the Red Cross Today-All You Need--A Heart and a Dollar
(By Betty Epping)
Last Friday the most delightful party
of the year was given by the senior
and junior classes in the lorm or a
hard times party to the under class
men. Special prizes were given to the
ones in best costume, Jessie Lewis cap
turing the girls' prize and Earl Tucker
the boys' prize.
Friday afternoon the senior girls'
basketball team was humbled by the
ireshmenjsextette to the tune or 117,
The senior girls were in the lead by
four points at the end of the first half,
but in the second the babes sort of
roused up and you know the score,
The senior boys put it over the fresh
men 215, so both sidas were equally
happy and sorrowful. Next Friday at
3 o clock there will be another class
Olive Wildin was elected captain of
the girls' basket ball team. The team
will play Camas a week from today at
A change of school schedule has been
made during the winter months. The
periods have been arranged so that we
now get out at 3.15. Many are hoping
that this will last throughout the whole
spring term.
Harry Post and Si Sonnicksen have
been home on furlough the past week.
Carl Houston is now in the marine
training camp at Quintico, Va. Sid
Carnine is at Fortress Monroe studying
Lloyd Blowers had a little scare Sat
urday afternoon when his car skidded
and turned over near Mrs. Alma
Howe's. Three other boys were with
him, but none were seriously hurt.
All the schools let out tomrrow for
the Christmas holidays. The high
school will take up Wednesday, Janu
ary 2, and the grade schools Monday,
January 7. .
Hereafter grade 'pupils will not be
allowed to come to the high school lit
eraries unless accompanied by their
parents or some older person.
Wednesday morning the Adelphic so
ciety presented its assembly program
in the form of a play. It was amusing
and well given.
; Plans are under way to give the foot
ball team a banquet just after the hol
Esther Soackman. of White Salmon.
is now going to school here. She ia a
a member ox the junior class.
Local friends of , Miss DeForrest
uould, teacher of the Uak Grove school,
have just learned of her weddintr Sun
day afternoon at St. David's Episcopal
church in for Hand, to Dayton McLucas,
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McLucas,
of Gateway. . Rev. Thomas Jenkins.
pastor of the Portland church, offici
ated. Mr. McLucas, who formerly re
sided here with his family, haa just
enlisted in the United States engineers
corps and expects to be called into
training atonce. Both young people
are popular graduates of the high
Mrs. McLucas haa returned hert to
resume her work as teacher.
Misa Irene Fisher, formerly of the
local telephone office, and J. M. Burpee
were married -last Saturday in Portland
where they will make their home.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M.' Winkler were
present for the wedding.
Thompson Discusses Potato Grading
Parkdale, Ore., Dec 18, 1917.
Editor Glacier: In regard to Mr.
Grampa' potato spiel, I quite agree
with him on grading. But I did not
know Mr. Grampa was so high an
authority. I thought nrohahlv hn had
reference to the potatoes he bought in
me upper vaney. nr. Mteuey bought
about $22,000 worth of potatoes in the
Upper Valley, and he told me he had
nokick coming on grading and ouality.
It is very.hard to grade when you have
nothing to grade from.
' J. r. inompson.
I have taten the'aeencv for the Boir-
ella Corset. Call at Boelow Tailor Shop.
Mrs. Karl Buelow, Hood River, Or, tf
Join the Red Cross today don't wait to be asked, but join now
We have opened our store at the corner of State and Third Streets
with new importations of Japanese Goods direct from the Flowery I
Silk Embroideries, Shirt Waists, Kimonos, Handker
chiefs, Table Runners, Lacquered Glove and Hand
kerchief Boxes, Miyajima Wooden Ware, Work Bas-
m m
kets, China Ware, Novelties, Hand Painted Views of
the Columbia River Highway; we have all kinds of
TOYS for 5 cents, 10 cents and 15 cents and up.
We Invite Your Inspection
Yasui Brothers Company
State (EL Third Streets Hood River, Oregon
Join the Red Cross today every Miser helps the Kais'er
Your Christmas
will be complete if the "fixins" are of the
right kind and quality. We are prepared to
furnish you everything necessary to make
this occasion the success it should be. v
Consolidated Mercantile Company
Half Breed Arrested for Abduction
Harry Clark, a halfbreed negro, ar
rested here Saturday by Deputy Mar
shal Frazier on a charge of the abduc
tion of Winifred Symentire, a 15 year
old Indian girl who has been attending
the Warm Springs Reservation school,
attempted to escape by burning a hole
in the ceiling of the jail Sunday after
noon. The man, of huge six although only
20 years old, had succeeded in firing
the ceiling by measa of heated bars
which he had pried front a window.
When Marshal Carseo returned to find
him trying to escape Clark threatened
fight and the officer had to use fore ia
locking him in a steal ce!l..
Ladies' Georgette Crepe Waists $5.89
Crepe de Chine Waists $3.89
Tub Silk and Emb'd Voile $1.89
Wirthmore Waists 89c
Bragg riercantile Co.