The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 20, 1917, Image 7

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While last week's buying was spirited and satisfactory, yet we are well prepared for this week's selling. Sensible, practical
gifts are most approved by and for old and young. Wise buyers are this year more than ever before making gifts of
articles, their friends and relatives really need. You will not go wrong on Handkerchiefs, Neckwear, Clothing, Underwear,
Towels, Bedding, Shoes, Hosiery. Gloves and any of the hundreds of items really necessary to all Men, Women & Children.
A wiut: SELbCHUN AWAITS VOIT hfpf (Join the Red Cross Today-Wbile Humanity Bleeds; Do Merciful Deeds)
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II. L. Hasbrouck, Optometrist.
Shoes made or repaired at Johneen'i
Ixiuie Glaum at the Electric today.
Laraway's is the Christmas store.
Just go and see.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Avery left
last week for a visit in Portland.
E. C. Wolf left last week for an ex
tended visit in Portland.
II yon want shoes that don't go
wrong no to Johneen'i.
E. L. Harper, of Portland, is now
with the Bon Ton barber shop.
E. H. Shepard was a business visitor
in Portland the latter part of last week.
Sessue Hayakawa at the Electric
Friday and Saturday.
W. J. Filz was a business visitor in
Portland the latter part of last week.
Miss DeForrest Gould spent the week
end in Portland visiting friends.
The finest Sterling silverware at
Lara way's.
Blanche Sweet at the Electric Friday
and Saturday of next week.
C. J. Calkins was a business visitor
in Portland the latter part of last week.
VV. H. Davis was a business visitor
in Mosier the latter part of last week.
Leslie Butler was in Tacoma and
Seattle last week on business.
J. J. Wasley was a Portland business
visitor the first of theweek.
Douglas Fairbanks at the Electric
Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 31 and Jan.l.
J. P. Thomsen was in The Dalles the
first of the week on business.
F. E. Battey was a businesss visitor
in Portland thefirst of the week.
If your shoes have gone wrong take
them to Johnsen.
Mrs. H. H. Hattery, of Pendleton, is
here the guest of Mrs. J. W. Sifton.
Miss Hazel Hollenbeck was a Port
land visitor the first of the week.
Eyes scientifically examined by H. L.
Hasbrouck, Optometrist, lieilbronner
Uldg. f8-tf
New Navel Oranges
40c, 50c, 60c doz.
Large Florida Grapefruit 15c
Dromedary Dates, 20c
White Figs, 10c
Large Cluster Raisins, 25c lb
Fancy Cranberries, 25c lb
Christmas Candies,
25c to $1. 00 per lb
Walnuts and Almonds, 30c lb
Queen Olives, 25c pint
Midget Pickles, 20c pint
Dill Pickles, 20c doz
Libby's Mincemeat, 25c lb
Shreded Cocoanut
10c, 20c, 35c
"The Star Grocery"
perigo & SON
Mm T.inp c: . i ... -
oiuiuutun nas leit lor
Portland to spend the winter.
C E. Copple has been visitng in
Grants Pass the past week.
Have you seen Laraway'a Pyralin
ivory fine for Christmas presents.
Mrs. J. H. Lausmann has left for
Chicago to visit relatives and friends.
Mrs. Chas. T. Early was here last
week visiting her sister, Mrs. L. N.
Blowers, and family.
Mrs. J. Williams, her many friends
will be glad to learn, is recovering
from a recent serious illness.
Harry Post was here the first of the
week spending a short furloueh with
his parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Post
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ward were in
Portland the latter part of last week
visiting friends.
E. N. White, of Detroit- Mich., has
arrived here and is employed by his
father, F. M. White.
C H. Vaughan was a business visit
or in Portland the latter part of last
Father Maximilian Kline was in
Portland the latter part of last week
visiting friends.
Thaddeus S. Lane and J. Kipp, orch
ardists of Spokane, were here last
week visiting F. W. Buff.
J. K. McGregor, of Mosier, was he ra
last Thursday to secure repairs for his
Born To Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Colby,
Thursday, December 13, a 12-pound
Judge Buck, who has been ill at his
home on the Heights, was able to be
out calling on friends last week.
Highest cash price paid for your used
furniture, stoves and ruga. Call McClain
at E. A. Franz Co, s20tf
Sgt. Shoemaker will arrive next
week from Fort Canby to spend the
holidays here with his family.
N. C. Evans was here from Portland
the latter part of last week attending
to matters of business.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Wallace were
in Portland the latter part of last
week visiting friends.
S. W. Curran was here the latter
part of last week from Viento on busi
ness. Mrs. M. Ostergard, of Viento, was
here last week visiting her daughter,
Mrs. William Paasch, and family.
W. S. Chapman was here the latter
part of last week from Portlandon
Orman Gobs, of Elk Point, S. D., has
arrived for an extended visit with his
sister, Mrs. L. A. Kerr. ,
Fresh ground graham and whole
wheat flour at Kelly Bros', ware
house. . nl-tf
Mr. Jand Mrs. Asa B. Cutler and Mr.
and Mrs. Frank W.Kutler have left for
Portland, where they will spend the
Dr. W. S. Nichol, who traded his
place recently to Fred Thuley, of
Washougal, Wash., has moved to the
C C. Isom ranch at Mosier.
Having bought the Hotel Oregon
Barber Shop, and taken possession, I
solicit a poition of the public's patron-age.-H.
A. Loveall. d27
Miss Anna Schaetz, of Brownsville,
after a visit with the family of J. H.
Mohr, returned home the latter part of
last week.
Deputy Clerk Francis was in Port
land last week to attend the convetion
of county clerks and county commis
sioners. Glen C. Niles, formerly of the Capi
tal City National Bank at Salem, is
now a member of the Butler Bank
Mrs. W. G. Weber was called to The
Dalles Sunday to be with her mother,
Mrs. Nancy J. Murray, who is suffer
ing from an attack of pneumonia.
Engineer Kline, of the State High
way Department, who was located here
all fall, has gone to The Dalles, where
he is working on the location of the
Columbia Highway.
We have 7 per cent money for Farm
Loans with prepayment privileges, and
can give you prompt service. Abstracts,
Insurance and Surveying. Hood River
Abstract and Inv. Co. Phone 1331. tf
Men's Cuff Buttons and Links 19c to $1.69
Men's Tie Pins and Tie Clasps 11c to 98c
One lot Ladies' Brooches and Lavallieres to $l--38c
Ladies' Fancy Hat Pins, the pair. .... 13c to 68c
Automobile Owners!
- """" "
Do not store your care for the winter without first
branch! Our new department will .Jf1
care that has characterized all fhS iork J
H. P. Jochimsen will be m charge o ttwwork. J
With best wishes to all of our Hood River vauey
friends and customers for -
A Merry Christmas and
A Happy and Prosperous New Year.
A. O. Anderson it in Portland on the
federal grand jury.
Mrs. A. J. Derby, who went to The
Dalles hospital last week for treat
ment, is reported much better.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Wasson, who
have been visiting here, will leave
soon for Portland to spend the winter.
Edwin Sonnichsen, after a four day
furlough here with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C P. Sonnichsen, returned
yesterday to Fort Canby, Wash.
Accompanying her mother, little Miss
Bernice Johannsen, who is recovering
from an operation for apendicitis, re
turned home Monday from The Dalles.
Victor Johnson, who recently enlisted
at Vancouver Barracks, was home over
the week end vioiting his mother, Mrs.
Lina Johnson.
The annual election of officers will be
held at the next reguar meetiing of
Hood Kiver Uxlge, No. 105, A.r . & A.
M., next Saturday night
Nixon Battev returned'Mondav even
ing from Fort Canby, where he had
been visiting his brother, Gershom, a
member of 12th Co.
C. J. Wurtz. brother of Mrs. Kaes-
ser, and wife, of Buhl, Ida., will ar
river the latter part of this week to
spend the Christmas holidays with Mr.
and Mrs. E. E. Kaesser and family.
W. L. Clark will leave next Monday
to spend Christmas day in Portland
with Mrs. Clark and Newton. Later
in the week Mrs. Clark and Newton
will visit in Hood River..
Mrs. Geo. Hinish and children have
arrived from Portland to spend the hol
idays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John A. Wilson, . Mr. Hinish will ar
rive later in the week.
Claude C. Collins, of 12th Co.. has
been up from Fort Canby to visit his
mother, Mrs. Phoebe Couchman, before
she left for Alaska to visit her daugh
ter, Mrs. Thomas Richardson.
Unique and precious, for the wood
from which they are made is limited,
are those myrtlewood articles on sale
at Lara way's. Nothing better for a
Christmas present.
Douglas Lockman, who recently ar
rived from Petaluma, Cal., for a visit
with friends and relatives, has left for
Portland, where he will spend the winter.
Miss Marjory Pond. Of Parkdale, left
the latter part of last week for a visit
with relatives in Boston. She was ac
companied as far as this city by her
mother, Mrs. J. n. fond.' -
D. McDonald was called to Moro last
Thursday by the serious illness of his
mother, Mrs. Ann McDonald. Mrs.
McDonald, who is 7a years or age, is
much better.
Mrs. S. J. Moore and little daughter
have left for Portland to spend the
holidays with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Furnish. Mr. Moore will
join them Sunday.
Edwin C. Eberly, formerly with E.
E. Kaesser but who is'now with a for
estry company at Vancouver Barracks,
will spend the Christmas holidays here
if he can get out of quarantine. Mr.
Eberly is in the measles quarantine.
Miss Alta Anderson, traveling audit
or for the Dulmage Motor Car Co.,
which ODerates branches at Seattle and
other Puget Sound cities, arrived yes
terday for a visit with ner iatner, j.
W. Anderson.
Mrs. Rebecca Cooper is recovering
from a recent operation for goitre at
the Good Samaritan hospital in Los
Angeles, Calif. Mrs. Cooper and her
son, Geo. M. Cooper, have been at Los
Angeles for the oast several months.
Miss Clara Partis, who has been at
tending a Portland business college, is
here for the holidays with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. George Partis. Miss
Partis is spending part of her vacation
at her old place in the Cram store.
Anyone wishing to subscribe for or
renew subscriptions to Ladies' Home
Journal at $1.50 per year, Saturday
Evening Post, $1.50, Country Gentle
man, $1, phone Mrs. Harry Bailey,
Arthur, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. A.
Kerr, of the Frankton district, has en
listed with the 20th Co.. Forestry Ser
vice Corus. Engineers. He left last
week for Washington, D. C, where he
will receive his training.
Mr. and Mrs. William Irwin were
called to Portland the first of the week
to attend the funeral of Mr. Irwin's
brother. Thomas Irwin. Mr. Irwin.
who was 56 years of age, died from the
effects or a recent operation.
Rev. and Mrs. Elijah Hulll Long
brake and daughter, Miss Esther, left
Monday for Berwyn, 111., where they
will spend the holidays. Kev. Long
brake has accepted a call to the pastor
ate of the Ashland, 111., church.
Wanted Young men and young la
dies wanted to prepare for telegraph
service to fill vacancies caused by un
usual enlistment, war and signal corps ;
biar demand for telegraph operators.
Call or write Telegraph Dept., 60B Pan
ama Bldg., Portland, Oregon. d2U
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Van Allen, Mrs,
Pat Lindsey and Miss Claudia Wrenn
were in Portland the first of the week
to bid farewll to Ed Wrenn, who has
left for training at Camp Kelly, Tex,
Mr. Wrenn has enlisted in the aviation
Lieut Henderson, who recently re
turned from Fort Leavenworth, Kas.,
where he underwent a six weeks'
training in the Engineers' Reserve
corps, left Friday afternoon for Camp
Lewis, where ne nas Deen aeumea ior
active duty.
The children of the Heights Baptist
church will present a Christmas can
tata entitled, "Santa and his Auto
Sleigh," with Miss Frudenee bpight at
the piano next Monday evening at 7.30
o'clock. All parents and friends are
cordially invited to be present
David A. Aronson, Portland manager
for the Sherwin-Williams Paint Co.,
was in the city last week on business.
Mr. Aronson was here for the purpose
of creating interest of apple growers
in a new form of lime-sulphur. The
preparation is in powder form. Mr.
Aronson says that none of the effect
iveness is lost in the less bulky prepar
ation. Business Opportunity I have for sale
or lease, sale preferred, excellent site
for box factory or other manufacturing
plant, i)i acres land, good witer power
partly developed. Two miles west of
Hood River on Columbia Highway.
Address J. R. Phillips, R. F. D. No.
3. dl3-tf
Robert Murray, formerly coach of
The Dalles high school athletic teams,
who recently received the commission
of second lieutenant at the Presidio
training camp, has been detailed for
duty at Camp Fremont, California.
Mrs. W. G. Weber, his sister, was in
The Dalles visiting Lieut Murray.last
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Warren, of
Prince Island, where Mr. Warren is
connected with a large gold mining
concern, left yesterday after a visit
with the family of their nepehw, M. P.
Warren. Mr. Warren says they came
especially to see their little new grand
niece, the first baby born to the family
for 20 years.
Willard Young and Edgar Franz, who
recently enlisted in the aviation corps
at Vancouver Barracks, spent a brief
leave at home Sunday with friends and
relatives. The young men had expect
ed they would have to leave Vancouver
last Wednesday. A shortage of cars,
however, detained them until the first
of this week.
Fine Christmas Windows
Proportionate to the size of the city
and the population of the valley one
would have to travel far to find a city
with finer Christmas show widows than
those of Hood River. Especially at
tractive are the grocery windows of
the Consolidated Mercantile Co., Perigo
and Kaesser's, the displays evidencing
care and taste on the part of the dec
orators. Cram has windows that are especially
attractive with Christmas offerings,
and the big windows of the Paris Fair
are filled with tempting articles. The
Eliot block, the whole Tower floor front
takn up with the windows of the Franz
Hardware and Furniture Company.per
haps create more interest than any
others of the city. The fine display of
toys send the youngsters into ecstasies,
while exhibits of other windows are
just as tempting to the elders.
The store of Pat Lind3ey has taken
on its annual Christmas time -decora
tion and cheer. The decorations here
were made by Cecil Lafferty.
The city's drug store windows are
especially attractive at this time.
Vanderbilt Fears Damage
After an examination of his orchard
Monday Oscar Vanderbilt expressed
the fear that a heavy freeze later in
the year may cause serious damage to
Hood River apple trees.
"I find the sap rising in the trees,"
says Mr. Vanderbilt. "Our late fall
and winter so far have been as warm
as springtime, and vegetation is as far
advanced as late March. I have Shasta
daisies blooming and. my raspberry
bushes are green. I found new growth
on some honeysuckle vines that was
several inches in length."
Patrons Asked to Help Rural Carriers
Postmaster Reavis has issued an an
nouncement to the patrons of rural
free deliveries, asking that they call
at the postoffice when in the city for
heavy packages that they may be ex
pecting. The recent heavy rains have
made part of the roads traversed by
the carrieis almost impassable. One
carrier, Ole Nelson, of Delivery No. 1,
because of the washout of the Hood
river steelbridge, has to travel double
his usual distance in delivering his
Dee Makes Record
Before Tuesday night the lumbering
town of Dee had made the record of
enrolling all of the 40 adult men and
women of the place as 1918 members of
the Ked Cross. Ihe heavy rainstorm
prevented soliciting in the orchard sec
tion around the town. This work will
be undertaken by the following com
mittee appointed by Mrs. T. J. Kin
naird, captain of the Dee drive : Mrs.
A. E. Williams. Mrs. C. F. Sheplar,
Mrs. W. J. Horbelt, Mrs. R. W. Em
mett and R. A. Collins. ,
Mrs. Castner Will Talk
Beginning with a consideration of
the club woman in the emergency, by
Mrs. Chas. H. Castner, alseries'of con
servation discussions by some of the
ablest leaders of women's work in the
entire country will be striking features
of Farmers and Homemakers Week at
O. A. C. this year, December 81-J ami
ary 6.
Congregational Church
Sunday school at 9.45 a. m. Sermon
at 11 a. m. Subject "Windows of the
Soul." Special Christmas music at
this service. Christmas entertainment
given by the Sunday school at 6.30 p.
m. Subject of the program, "Christ
the Hope of the World." Odell Union
church, Christian Endeavor at 7 p. m.
Sermon at 7.30 p. m.
M. L. Hutton, Pastor.
Methodist Church
Regular services will be held next
Sunday, and each Sunday following,
spending the arrival of the new minis-
tar TamKrfl nrp PYTwtpd tn ftttpnH
! services and to keep up their budget
pledges in order to have finances and
interest in good condition when the new
man arrives.
It will pay you to see Dr. Eaton and
I have him fit your glasses. All work
' guaranteed first-class. Charges reason
able, 1017 Mull street, three doors east
of Heights Greenhouse. Dr. A. V. iytton,
Optometrist - d20
do i our uinstmas Mopping uany do it rsowi
Here are a Few Suggestions we have to offer
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chines combined in one.
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Brings all the great artists into
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Cameras and Kodaks
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Khaki-covered Writing Kits Bibles Fountain
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Our Christmas Cards
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Beautiful Hand-Colored Highway Pictures
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Our Book Dept. fc-
Is up to the minute. Everything for the chil
dren. A good assortment of War History. The
best of the New Fiction.
Join the Red Cross today Every Miser helps the Kaiser
Slocom & Canf ield Company
u--rmmirmm i
Union Pacific System
ON SALE December io, , 12, 23, 24 and 25
return limit, January 3, 191S
San Francisco.. ?31.64 Tide raerotk initio if
IfelfefSU Los Angeles... i 48.65 uPon4"'Ucat'onto U
SMSI'W On Sale December 11 to a8 J. H. FREDRICY
tJWTS1k ' return limit, January 15,1918 Agent I GsSf
P Suw fro chorea eft. Hood River, Oregon "
iflm Weiss' hfj'wm
J. M. Culbertson & Co.
Ladies' Silk Sweater Coats -'--$8.79
Extra Quality Pure Wool Sweaters $6.98
Medium Weight Pure Wool Sweaters'... $3.89
All-Wool Sleeveless Sweaters, khaki color $3.89
Boys' and Girls' All-Wool Sweaters -$2.89
I Bragg Mercantile Co.