The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 20, 1917, Image 3

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for the bat results in deep frying (lute
in, shortening tad salad dressings.
MAZOLA U the pure, delicious oil produced
from American corn which enables the house
wife to serve the ten of food ind u the time
time save the country's butter, lard, suet, in accordance
with the plan of Food Administrator Hoover.
Mazola reaches cooking heat long before it smokes,
prevents fried foods from becoming greasy, makes
them more digestible and is mtrt ttttumitai than the
old cooking mediums.
Maiola does not transmit taste or odor from one
food to another can be used over and over again.
It comes in pint, quart, half-gallon and gallon tins
for greatest economy buy in the large sizes. Ask
your grocer for a copy of the free Mazola Book of
Recipes or write us direct.
Your mniwv muIJ ii
All of our deliveries in all parts of the city are
made by our exclusive automobile service. Your
purchases of Meats, highest class fresh and cured,
Butter and Eggs and Fish, will betaken to your
home promptly. ,
We believe that we work for our own best inter
ests, when we give our customers the best service
that we can possibly render and supply their wants
with the best product at the best values. This is
our aim.
We give ' Green Trading Stamps
Rock Springs and Utah Coal Best Grades Only.
Wood of all kinds special quotations on carload lots.
Crushed Rock add Sand and Gravel.
Remember we are always at your service for any
of the above items or for the transfer of your trunk
or any other hauling.
Transfer & Livery Co,
Protect Your Surplus Crops
BEFORE you harvest your fruit, grain or hay, provide a
shed or barn in which to store it. And how about that
surplus that you expect this year ? Maybe you Ml need some
temporary sheds. There's no need to sacrifice your crop
when we have so much
for Barn or Shed Building, In our yard you will find every
thing in building material. Make up your list and bring it
in today. s
Yard West of Freight Depot-Phone 2181 x
Meats and Groceries
Delivered at any residence in Hood River
Prompt service and courteous treatment
Telephone 2134
If 11 We have just received a new III
s I 1 Country Club Toilet ' J
OJlAJ Preparatioils II II
I- lUl Come In & let us show them to you LJ
Chas. N. Clarke
Ar-iJ YOUR DniSKist
Dr. Carolyn Underhill
Smlfh Building. Telephone 2021
does Dot giv emir niitfaction.
Corn Products Refining Cov
17 Battery Place, New York .
NrtlttJ, 0rfM
Telephones Offloa, 1W1; residence, WL
BUBQKON 0. R. N, Oo.
The Red Croat Chtpetr has received
the following communication from Se
attle headquarter! relative to the Hali
fax disaster:
"Halifax haa made an argent appeal
to the people of Canada for $25,000,000
to relieve the suffering and destitute,
for restoring the means of self support
to destitute families, and for the re
construction of dwellings so sorely
needed now that winter has set in.
"America , has already responded
quickly and generously. The Red
Cross immediately sent to Halifax a
staff of 100 doctors, 150 nurses and 50
trained workers, and it is reported
that the personnel and material either
there or on the way will fully meet
the present or temporary needs.
"We are advised that the only help
ful gift right now is money. No indi
vidual appeal should be made by the
Red Cross. However, all Red Cross
Chanters should accpet unsolicited con
tributions of money only.
"Your Chapter should be sure and
have such money designated 'Exclus
ively for Permanent Halifax Relief.'
Forward all donations promptly by
check to this office.
5 "The division office will report re
ceipts to Washington daily by wire,
and make detailed report to national
headquarters each Saturday night."
E. E. Britt, a pioneer Pacific coast
automoble man, who was formerly with
the old Tourist Motor Co. at Los An
geles, has purchased an interest in the
Hood River garage. Mr. Britt will
come to Hood River and participate in
the active management of the corpora
tion, i
Mr. Britt came to Portland in 1906
in the interest of the Tourist Company.
He has since been connected with the
Covey Motor Car Co. and the Portland
branch of the White Company.
Mrs. Slade's Brother Escapes
Mrs. J. E.Slade Saturday received a
letter from her brother, W. S. Ayars,
superintendent of the Halifax school
for the reeducation of wounded Cans
dianjsoldiers, announcing the escapejof
himself and his family from the ter
rible munition ship explosion.
- While the Ayars home was over a
mile from the scene of the explosion,
Mr. Avars states in his letter that not
a whole window pane was left.
"Walls and ceilings were shattered,"
he wrote, "but we have about repaired
everything with tarred paper and
lathes. The force of the explosion was
the greatest I have ever heard. The
hundreds of inhabitants not killed are
wearing bandages. The big new mili
tary hospital just opposite our place is
crowded with injured. It has a capac
ity for 1,000 patients."
Since news of the explosion Mrs.
Slade had been making vain attempts
to get news of her brother bv tele
gram. Emery Grows Fine Corn
D. P. Emery has the Hood River
county record for a fine corn crop.
From a tract of but little more than
an acre Mr. Emery has harvested 225
bushels. The corn is of the Golden
Yellow variety.
The Summit rancher also raised re
markable crop of popcorn and Golden
Bantam sweetcorn, tteans, pumpkins
and melons.
Strings "of the fine corn have been
exhibited at the Franz hardware store
and -at the Butler Banking Co. Mr.
Emery will sell his entire crop for
Cut This Out It Is Worth Money.
DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this
slip, enclose with 5c and mail it to Foley
& Co., 2835 Sheffield Ave., Chicago, 111.,
writing your name and address clearly.
You will receive in return a trial pack
age containing Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound, for coughs, colds and croup;
Foley Kidney Pills, for pain in sides and
back, rheumatism, backache, kidney
and bladder ailments; and Foley Cathar
tic Tablets, a wholesome and thoroughly
cleansing cathartfc for constipation, bil
iousness, headache and sluggish bowels.
Sold eyery where.
Sheriff First to.Be Wounded
Sheriff Johnson was the victim of
the joshing Saturday of his fellow offi
cers, who say he was the first member
of the exemption board to receive a
wound while in service. The sheriff
Saturday mornng, as he reached his
hand into an improvised pine board
pigonhole in which he had placed the
allotted 31 questionnaire to be mailed
that day to draft eligibles, plunged his
hand against a nail. A wound was cut
in his forefinger.
Peroxide and other first aid remedies
were used and Sheriff Johnson pro
ceeded to the postoffice with his batch
of mail. J
Chamberlain's Tablets.
Chamberlain's Tablets are intended
esDeciallv for stomach troubles, biliou
ness and constipation, and have met
with much success in the treatment of
those diseases. People who have suf
fered for years with stomach trouble and
have been unable to obtain any perma
nent relief, have been completely cured
by the use of these tablets. Chamber
lain's Tablets are also of great value for
biliousness. Chrome constipation may
be permanently cured by taking Cham
berlain's Tablets and observing the plain
printed directions with each bottle.
This is the
Stove Polish
Should Us
TTS different fr
I others because more care1
is taken in the making
and the materials used are
higher grade.
Black Silk
Stove Polish
Make, a brilliant, itlky polish that does
not rub off or dust off, and the .hiuelasts
four time as long as ordinary stove
polish. Used on sample stoves and sold
by hardware arid grocery dealers.
Ail we aak biatrial. Uarttea your cook "tove,
your pnrior store or your irae ranee. If yoe
don't find it the fees eteve BeHeh ym em
need, your dealer to authorized to rvfutti your
Saoney. lnftiHt on blaHl Silk Store Feliah.
Made la liquid or paste one quality.
Black Silk Stove Polish Works
Sterling, UUaoi.
Ci. SJSeek Silk Ale-Orytiif teen SmshmI ea
rta. reiriatera. stove-moee Prevents ruatin.
Te Haa nk atetal for .liver, nktel
orbreae. Itkasaaeoualfor
Lester Turner, auditor of the North
western department of the American
Red Cross, here Friday, paid a high
compliment to the local Chapter.
"In all Oregon and Washington."
said Mr. Turner, "outside of the larg
er cities, I have found no Chapter with
a better equipped work room. You
deserve great credit for what you are
Capt. Ralph Fenton, Medical Re
serve Corns, who was here from Port
land, said that he had visited most of
the Red Cross Chapters of the state,
and that the local headquarters were
equipped better than any he had seen
except that of Portland.
Return to Oregon Joyful
"It is indeed a pleasure to get back
to Oregon," says Mrs. S. J. Burge,
formerly resident of the Odel! section,
who for the past several years has been
residing in Cenrtalia, 111. Mrs. Burge,
who arrived Saturday, says that the
temperature registered at 10 below
zero, the morning she left the middle
"Until we had passed to the west of
the Rocky mountains," says Mrs.
Burge, "the cold was severe and the
trains were kept warm only with diffi
culty. To get back here among the fir
clad bills is like returning to a land of
Steinhardt & Kelly Send Thermometers
Steinhardt & Kelly, the well known
New York fruit firm, have remembered
their Hood River valley fruit growing
friends with handsome thermometers.
The handsomely mounted and accurate
instruments arrived here recently and
will register the cold and hot weather
on hundreds of Hood Kiver orchard
places tor years to come.
Stomach Trouble and Constipation.
Those who are afflicted with stomach
trouble and constipation should read Ihe
following: "I have never found any
thing so good for stomach trouble and
constipation as Chamberlain's Tablets.
I have used them off and on now for the
paet two years. They not only regulate
the action of the bowels but stimulate
the liver and keep one's body in a heal
thy condition," writes Airs. Benjamin
Hooper, Auburn, N. Y.
Notice or Sheriff Sate
Notice Is hereoy given thai by virtue of a
writ of execution and order ot sale, loaned out
of the Circuit Court of the Slate of Oregou, for
Hood River County, by the Clerk thereof,
dated the 1th day ot December, IU17, In a cer
tain suit wherein C. K. Bone is plaintlfl and
William John Uower Is defendant, and .In
which suit the above named plaintiff recov
ered judgment against the said defendant on
the Wud day or November, 1917, for the sum ol
II 165.00, wltn Interest thereon at the rate of six
per cent, per aaunm, irom ine will day 01
December, 1915, for the turther sum of flUtl
attorney's fees, and for plaiutlll's oosta and
disbursement, taxed at CM.7&, which writ ol
execution and order of sale commands me as
Sheriff ot Hood Kiver County, Oregon, to
make sale of the real property described in
said Judgment and decree to satisfy the same,
and the coats and ex peoses of said sale, I will,
at the hour of 10.30 o'clock a. m ,ou Saturday,
the Sib day of January. 1H18, at the front door
of the courthouse. In the City and County ol
Hood Kiver, uregon, sen ai pumic auction to
the highest bidder for cash, all the right,
title aad Interest which the said defendant
had in and to said real property hereinafter
described, on the loin day of July, 1911, the
dale ot said mortgage, or which the said de
fendant has since acquired, to-wit: The south
hair or toe norm nan or lot s, section s, town
ship 1 north ot range to east of the W 11 lain.
ette meridian.
Dated and first published this 8th day of
Decern oer, ivii. inus, r . jutuvsorv.
d6J3 Hueritl of Hood Kiver County, Oregon.
Notice of Sheriffs Sale
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a
writ or execution ana oraer ot sale, issued
out of the Circuit Court of the State ol Oregon,
lor Hood Kiver County, by tne uiem thereof,
dated the 4th day of December, 1917, In a cer
tain suit wnerein v. . Hone is piaintin ana
tieorge Alexander Qedrim and Mary (iedrlin
are defendants, and in which suit the above
named plalntlft recovered Judgment against
the said defendants on the 22nd day of No
vember. 1917. for the sum of $1170.00. with in
terest thereon at the rate of six per cent per
annum, rrom tne lxtn aay or January, ini,
for the further sum of J10U attorney's fees, and
lorplalntln s costs and disbursements, taxed
at 8-4.76, which writ of execution and order of
sale commands me asnneritioi nooa mver
County, Oregon, to make sale of the real
property described in said Judgment and do-
UIDC, I Ktti.ij , 1 1 u n, ... u. ,uo warn auu
expenses of said sale, I will at the hour of
10.30 o'ciock a. in., on saturuay, me tim uay oi
January. 1918. at the front door of tne court-
house in tne city ana couniy oi nooa ttiver.
Uregon, sell at punuc auction to me oignesi
bidder for rash, all the righttitle and inter
est which the said defendants had in and to
ssld real property hereinafter described, on
tbe lMiil'tay of July, 1911, the date of said
mortgage, or which the said defendant has
since acquired, to-wit:
The North half of tbe South half of Lot Six,
Section!), Township One, North of Range 10
Kast or tne Willamette Meridian.
Dated and first published, this 6th day of
December. 1917. THOS. F. J0HN80N,
2C-3 Sheriff it H ood Hirer Connty, Ore.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale
Notice is hereby given that by vlrtneofa
Writ of Execution and Order of Bale, Issued
out of the Circuit Court of the Btateof Oregon,
for Hood Kiver County, by tbe Clerk there
of, dated the 4th day of December, 1917, In a
certain suit wherein C. K. Bone Is plaintlfl
and William Femyongh Is defendant, and
In which suit the above named plaintiff re
covered Judgment against tbe said defendant
on the 22nd day or November, 1917, for the
sum of $1165 00, with interest thereon at the
rate of six per cent per annum, from tbe 1st
dsy of January, 1916, tor the further cam of
$100 attorney's fees, and for plaintiffs costs
and disbursements, taxed at $32.75 which writ
of execution and order of sale, commands me
anjMierltt of Hood Kiver County, Oregon, to
make sale of the real property described in
said Judgment and decree, to satisfy tbe same,
and the costs and expenses of said sale, 1 will,
at the hour of 10:30 o'clock a. m on Saturday,
the iih day of January, 1918, at the front door
of the Court House in the City and County ol
Hood River, Oregon, sell at public auction to
tbe highest bidder for cash, all the right, title
and interest which the said defendant haa in
and to said real Dronertv hereinafter descriD-
ed, on the 80th day of July. 1911, the date of
said mortgage, or wmcn tne saia aerendant
has since acquired, to-wit:
Tha Nnrt h ilfr.f Ihn norlh half nflt HI
Sec. 8, Township 1 North of Kange 10, East of
tne Willamette Meridian.
Dated and first published this 6th day of
Decern oer. ii7.
d6J3 Sherlfl of Hood Kiver County, Oregon.
In tbe Circuit Court of the State ot Oregon
for Hood Kiver Countv.
J. H. Hazlett, administrator of the estate of
A. M. Cunning, deceased, natntin, Vs. H. A.
Cunning. Arthur Cunning, Officer Cunning,
Kosa Llnthacum, Byron Carr, Mary Amber
Carr, Carrie A. Southard, Emma QUdys
Boyd, DeLoe Butler, Hex Butler, and the But.
ler Banking company, a corporation, Utfea
To Arthur Canning, Officer Cunning, Rosa
Linthacnm Byron Carr, Mary Amber Carr,
Carrie A. Southard, Emma Gladys Boyd,
DeLos Botler and Rex Butler, defendants:
in the name of tne State of Oregon: You are
hereby required to appear and answer the
complaint filed against yon in the above enti
tled salt on or before Saturday, the 12th day of
January, ivis; ana, it yon ran 10 an appear
ana answer, lor want inereoi.mepieinun will
aoDl v to the above described Court for tbe de
cree prayed tor in her complaint herein, to
wit: For a decree establishing her ownership In
and to a flve-thirty-flrsu (VS1) undivided in
terest in a certain note and mortgage formerly
swned by the Dead point Improvement Com
pany, and now held by Butler Banking Com
pany, as tiustee, for the benefit of tbe stock
holders of tha said Deadpolnt Improvement
You are hereby served with this summons
by order of the Honorable L. N. Blowers,
County Jndge of Hood River County, Oregon,
made and entered on November x6, 1917, which
order prescribed that yon shall appear and
answer said complaint on or before Baturday,
the 12th day of January, 1918: and that you
be aerved with this summons by publication
thereof in the Hood Kiver Glacier at least
once a week tor six (A) successive weeks.
And you are hereby notified that tbe data of
tbe first publication of this summons Is Nov
ember 28, 1917.
J1Q . Attorneys tor Plaintiff.
Ycunj C.lcMzorp
Reserve strength (or mother
hood is of two-fold importance
and thoughtful women before
and after maternity take
.St i i
It supplies pure cod liver oil
for rich blood and contains
lime and soda with medicinal
glycerine, all important ingredi
ents for strengthening the
nervous system and furnishing
abundant nourishment
It is free from alcohol
Insist on the genuine.
The Norwegian cod liver oil in
Scott's EsMilsioa is aow refined in our
own American laboratories which
makes it pure and palatable.
Scott at Bowne.Bloomfirld. N.J. 17-20
If Alva Hardman, member of Co. F.
18th Engineers, survives the onslaught
of the Huns and returns from France,
where his regiment is now stationed,
he will be privileged to read his obitu
ary notice. For the past 10 days young
Hardman has been mourned as dead by
Hood River relatives and friends. Last
Thursday his fiancee, Miss Jessie M.
Eddy, received from Mr. Hardman a
letter written on November 28. Mrs.
W. J. Copper received a letter from
each of her two sons, Walter and John,
members of the same company, both of
whom mention young Hardman.
An investigation has revealed that
the report of the young man's death
emanated from rumors starting in his
home community. A letter was re
ceived from Jesse Hutson, a comrade,
telling of his illness from pneumonia.
Stories of his illness became magnified
as they were circulated until at length
the young soldier had succumbed.
Many Hood River People Have Been
Called as Witnesses
Week after week has been published
the testimony of Hood River people
kidney sufferers, backache victims
people who have endured many forms
of kidney,;bladder or urinary disorders.
These witnesses have used Doan's Kid
ney Pills. All have given their en
thusiastic approval.' It's the same
everywhere. 50,000 American men and
women are publicly recommending
Doan's, always in the home papers.
Isn't it a wonderful, convincing mass
of proof? If you are a sufferer your
verdict must be, "Try Doan's first."
Here's one more Hood River case.
E. U. Rodger, railroad brakeman, 1301
Columbia street, -says : "I haven't
had occasion to take Doan's Kidney
Pills for a number of years, but,
speaking, from Jpast experience, I
found them to be just the thing for
backache. 1 took two boxes of Doan's
Kidney Pills when my back was hurt
ing and since then, I haven't had to
use anything for backache or other
signs of kidney trouble."
Mr. Rodger is only one of many
Hood River people who have grateful
ly endorsed Doan's Kidney Pills. If
your backaches, if your kidneys bother
you, don't simply ask for a kidney
remedy, ask distinctly for Doan's Kid
ney Pills, the same that Mr. Rodger
had, the remedy backed by home testi
mony. 60 cents at all stores. Foster
Milburn Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
"When your back is lame, remember
the name." -
Dealers in
Fruit and Farm
. Lands
F, B. Snyder
B. B. Powell
Hood River Plumb
ing Company.
Tinning and Sheet Metal Work. Gasoline
Engines, Pumps, Rama. Repairing Prompt
ly Attended. Estimates Furnished. Phone
1624. Next to City Water Office.
Horse Blankets
Wagon Sheets, etc.
We make our Harness; also
ha ve in Stock all kinds of Shoe
William Weber
: Bell Building
Notice of Final Account and Settlement
In the County Court of the State of Oregon
for tbe County of Hoed River.
In tbe Matter of the Estate of David Allln
Tui ner, deceased.
Notice la hereby given that the undersigned
executors have filed with asid Court their
final account and have asked for final settle
ment of ssld eotate, and an order directing
how and to whom distribution shall be made,
and for their discharge and tbe exoneration
of their bondsmen, and aaid Court haa by
order fixed January 11th, 1WH, at 10 o'clock a.
ni., In tbe court room, In the court house, In
the City of Hood Kiver, In the County of Hood
River, 8tat of Oregon, as the time and place
for bearing objections to said final account,
and to such further order as tbe Court may
make In the premises, and all persons having
objections thereto are hereby notified to file
same on or before said time.
In accordance with said order, this notice is
published for four successive weeks beginning
December 131a, 1917.
exveatora of tbe Will o( David Allen Turner.
- i
Time to think about r
and while on the subject, why not take a
look at the fine line of
we are. showing. We can show you Ranges
priced from
' -$32 $80
Blowers Hardware Co
The Firm That "MaKes Good"
Phone 1691
For Auto or horse drawn vehicles,
Service to any part of the
Valley at any time
Telephone 1201
Hood River, Oregon
iSteamer Tahoma
Down Sundays. Tuesdays, Thursdays
Up Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
All kinds of freight -and passengers handled. Horses and automobiles
given special attention.
Jack Bagley, Agent, Phone 3623
We have obtained a small amount of Dry Mill Wood which
will be shipped in by cars. If you wish some of it please
order at once so we can deliver direct from cars.
Phone 4251
Taft Transfer Company
Route Your Freight by
On the up-river trip, the "BAILEY GATZERT, on
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, arrives Hood River, 4:20
p. m. On down-river trip on Wednesday, Friday and Sun
day, arrives Hood River 9:30 a. m.
The "DALLES CITY" operates on alternate days, at
the same time on a schedule just the reverse of the above.
For Free 'Bus call Fashion Livery Co. Telephone 1201.
We are selling Schillings Best Line with
a Money Back guarantee if you are
not satisfied after using them.
Kaesser's Grocery
Grocery of Quality
E. E. KAESSER, Proprietor
Hunt Paint &
Complete Una of PAINTS, OILS, BRUSHES, Etc.
Oak and 1st Sts.
Livery Co.
the "Regulator Line.
Phone 3192
Wall Paper Co.
Heath & Milligan Mixed Faints
Glidden's Varnishes
Room Mouldings
Bulk Calcimine Mixed to Order
. Plate and Card Bail
Dry Paste