The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 15, 1917, Image 4

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OUR BROOM only raises dust to settle on furniture, curtains, pio
tures-everyvvhere. The dnst you drive from one spot simply goes to
another. Stop sweeping! Throw your broom away! There b a bet
ter way to clean; a better way to take the dust from every fibre of
mattresses, portieres, rugs-from everything that gathers or absorbs it.
That's the secret of a clean house-a house free from dust--the secret
of the easy way to clean.
From March 15th to April 1st we will make a special offer on
Vacuum Cleaners.
: Sells for $27.50
Payments $3 per month
Sells for $22.50
Payments $2 per month
Phone us for a free demonstration and watch our windows at our new location
in the First National Bank Building.
" llKiuays at your Service
The recent $6,000,000 roa4 bonding
act, to be voted on by the people on
June 4, is as follows:
An act to provide for the construc
tion of roads and highways in the
state of Oregon, to provide for the
issuance of bonds by the state of Ore
gon to raise money to carry out the
purposes of this act; to authorize the
State Highway Commission to take
men action and perform such duties as
may be necessary to meet the require
ments of this act; to designate and
authorize the construction of certain
hard-surfaced highways and certain
post roads and certain forest roads,
"and to provide for other post roads
and forest roads; to provide for the
letting of contracts for the construc
tion, paving and maintenance of roads
and highways; to make the surplus
arising from the fees collected under
House Bill No. 509 of the present
legislative session a fund under the
jurisdiction of the State Highway
Commission with which to pay interest
and principal on bonded indebtedness
of the state, contracted by the state
for road purposes, and other lawful
claims incurred by said commission,
and to provide for modifying the terms
of House Dill No. 21 passed by the
2ith legislative assembly of the state
of Oregon, and to provide for submit
ting this act to the people and for the
calling of a special election therefor,
and declaring an emergency."
Be it enacted by the people of the
state of Oregon s
Section !. The State Highway Com-! mission is hereby authorized, empow
mission is hereby authorized, empow
ered and directed, during the next five
years, to sell the bonds of the state of
Oregon as hereinafter provided, in an
amount sufficient to raise enough
Hood River Garage
for Demonstration of
New Chevrolet Car
The most Powerful Car
of its class
$625 f.o.b. Hood River
Electric Lights and Starter
Growers having Cider Apples, phone
us at once. Telephone No. 1363, and
we will advise you as to deliveries.
Hood River Apple Vinegar Co.
mission shall provide such method as it
may deem necesaxy for the advertise
ment of each issue of Mid Donas oeiorc
the same are sold, and shall also re
quire such deposit with bids as may
be required, and generally snail eon-
duct the sale end issuance of said
bonds under such rules and regulations
not inconsistent with this act as shall
be adopted by said Commission.
Section L The money arising from
the sale of each issue of bonds shall be
deposited in the state treasury to the
credit of a special fund, which shall be :
used in carrying into effect the provi- j
siona of this act. The secretary of J
state is hereby authorized and directed
to audit all claims incurred in carry
ing out the provisions of this act in
the same manner as other claims
against the state are audited, and pay
the same from any moneys provided j
by law for the payment thereof upon
the submission of duly verified vouch
ers therefor approved by the Commis- j
sion ; provided, that bonds and coupons
shall be paid as is provided in Section
3 hereof.
Section 6. The highways described
in Sections 6 and 7 of this act are
hereby determined to be highways of
first importance to the general public
of the state of Oregon. It is hereby
determined that the following high
ways should be permanently con
structed and finished with hard sur
face. 1. The Columbia River Highway
from the Multnomah county line to
Astoria, Seaside, and south in Clatsop
county to the Tillamook county line.
Inasmuch as the counties of Columbia
and Clatsop have already expended
large sums of money in constructing
the said Columbia Highway through
said counties and in doing so have
practically exhausted their ability to
raise money by an issuance of county
bonds, the State Highway Commission
is hereby authorized, from the funds
arising under this act, in addition to
paving said highway, to use from said
funds sufficient to provide for the
preparation of said highway through
said counties for the paving thereof.
2. The Pacific Highway from Mult
nomah county line through Washington
county and Yamhill county by way of
Hillsboro, Forest Grove, McMinnville
to Dallas, Monmouth and Independ
ence, in Polk county ; to Corvallis and
Monroe in Benton county, and through
Eugene to the north line of Douglas
3. The Pacific Highway from the
Multnomah county line through Oswe
go, Oregon City and Canby in Clacka
mas county, thence through Marion
and Linn counties, to a junction with
the highway at Junction City.
4. Such portions of the Columbia
River Highway between the Multno
mah eounty line easterly through the
city of Hood River and Hood River
county and through The Dalles and
Wasco county. through Sherman
county, through Gilliam county, by
way of the town of Arlington and up
the Columbia River to the confluence
of the Umatilla River with the Colum
bia River, thence up the Umatilla
River through Hermiston, Stanfield,
Echo and Pendleton, and thence bv
requirements of I such route as shall be determined by
the State Highway Commission to La
Grande, Baker and to the Idaho line,
as the county' courts of the . various
counties affected shall agre to prepare
the road ready for paving. Provided,
that inasmuch as the county of Hood
River has raised by a bond issue and
expended upon said Columbia River
Highway practically its full constitu
tional limit, said Commission may ex
pend on said Columbia River Highway
in Huod River county, such portion of
the money arising under this act as it
may deem proper in preparing said
Columbia River Highway for paving.
The various county courts in said
counties in eastern Oregon through
uhiph sM Pnltimhia Rivpr Hitrhtt'nv
Highway Commission. weDare a form nrrti'optnH ahull strrrpp with th Stntt
Of interest-bearinc Crold bond of the : Hiahwav. f'nmmisKirtn nnnn whnt nnr-
Hood River, March 14.
ci;tsu niaoiorIt id not conceivable
;n ih mirwl nt anv intelligent person
that an ordinary two-ton truck such as
the one recently purcnasea Dy rev. n.
A. aunaay con wjui u wism -Unjj
Pivor rnnntv sufficient to cause
such a flurry of criticism when a mod
ern six or eight cylinder machine, of
which there are a number in this val
ley, with their pneumatic tires, travel
ing at a speed of from JJo to m miles
per hour, as against the truck's 10 to
14 miles with its solid ruooer ures.
I m well known and established
tant that th vrpat Hmount of damage
done to our roads today is caused by
me nign speeu i wraui me Buujiumut
travels, and that the tire in passing
tho rnid forma a vacuum or suc
tion, causing the tire to pick up the
dirt and scatter it indiscriminately,
forming ruts and chucK noies, a wing
that iiihnnt msaihlv occur with a ma
chine of the type of the Sunday truck
which has nara compression ruuoer
War run nam ntimhpr tit RtateS to
day where any hard-tired vehicles of a
width of four inches or over are ex
empt from taxes. Now, is it not reas
onable that if it were not an advantage
to the roads those states would not
have exempted that class of vehicles
from taxes?
And ncrflin there fire rountles9 num
bers of wagons traveling the roads
with much narrower tires, carrying
thrpo timoa th tnnnnp'e that the Sun
day truck can possibly carry, and yet
there is no complaint about mat ciass
of tramc.
Now, if the distinguished gentlemen
will come forward with one small
grain of practical argument why the
big sixes and big eights should have
free access to the roads at any and all
times, while the Sunday truck is
barred, we should be pleased to hear it.
I will say that I am as thoroughly in
accord with the movement for gooi
roads as any man in Hood River valley
and feel confident that 1 have rendered
the county as much free service as any
other man in the county. If 1 thought
for an instant that my truck was caus
ing damage in excess of any other ma.
chine, 1 would cease to use it.
L. C. Heizer.
Half Brother Rev. W. A. Sundav.
4 .
money to meet the
this act.
Provided, that not more than $1,000,
000 in bonds shall be issued hereunder
during the year 1917, and that not
more than $2, 000, 000. in addition to any
surplus unissued o unexpended out of
the $1,000,000 authorized for the year
1197 Bball be issued during the year
1918. -
Section 2. The State Highway Corn
ered and directed to enter into such
contracts, appoint such officials, and
do any other act or thincr necessary to
fully meet the requirements ofi this
Section 3. The attorney general
shall, under the direction of the State
state of Oregon, to be sold in order to
provide funds for the carrying out of
the purposes of this act. Said bonds
shall be numbered serially, beginning
at Number 1, and shall be payable in
the order of their issuance. Said
State Highway Commission is hereby
authorized, empowered and directed to
issue bonds of the state of Oregon for
the purpose of carrying out the provi
sions of this act in an amount not ex
ceeding $6,000,000, of which sum, at
least $600,000 shall be issued in denom
inations of $500 each or less. The
bonds issued in any year under the
provisions of this act shall be payable
one-twentieth each year, commencing
with the sixth year after the issuance
thereof. One-half of the bonds pay
able each year shall be payable on the
1st day of April and the other half on
the 1st day of October. Eachbond
shall bear upon its face a statement
showing the date of its maturity. Said
bonds shall bear interest at the rate
of four per cent per annum, payable
semi-annually on April 1st and October
1st. Principal and interest on said
bonds shall be payable at the office of
the state treasurer at Salem, Oregon,
and if said State Highway Commision
shall so direct, said bonds may also
provide for payment at some other
place. Said bonds shall be in a form
embodying an absolute promise of the
state of Oregon to pay the amount
thereof in gold coin of the United
States of America of the value and
weight and fineness of the date of such
bond, and shall be in such denomina
tions as the State Highway Commis
sion shall elect. They shall be signed
by the governor, secretary of state
and state treasurer. Said bonds shall
bear coupons evidencing the interest to
become due thereon for each install
ment of such interest, upon which
shall be printed the facsimile of the
signature of said officers. Said com
mission may. at its option, cause a
part or all of said bonds to be payable
to the purchaser in the office of the
state treasurer and provide an appro
priate endorsement upon each of such
bonds to the effect that the same will
be paid only to the owner appearing on
the register thereof, and providing a
method for reregistering the same as
the title may be passed, and it may
also provide that a part or all of said
bonds shall be payable to bearer and
not subject to registration. Not less
than ten days before the payment of
the principal or interest falls due on
any of the bonds provided for in this
act, the State Highway Commission
shall certify to the state treasurer the
amount necessary to meet the payment
thereof. Upon receipt of such certi
ficate by the state treasurer he shall
prepare and verify a claim for the
amount mentioned therein, attaching
thereto said certificate, and present
the same to the secretary of state,
who shall audit such ciaim in like
manner as other claims against the
state are audited, and pay the same
out of any moneys' provided by law
for the payment thereof. The state
treasurer is authorized and directed to
make any such payments of principal
or interest on said bonds at such
places, other than at Salem, Oregon,
as the State Highway Commission may
provide. All bonds and interest cou
pons upon payment shall be deposited
by the state treasurer with the secre
tary of state to be attached to the
original claim of the state treasurer
for the payment thereof.
Section 4, The State Highway Com-
tions of said highway are to be paved
with a hard-surface paving and what
portions are to be constructed as post
roads, and whenever any of said
counties shall have prepared a portion
of said highway ready for paving, then
the State Highway Commission shall
proceed promptly to pave the same
under the provisions of this act, and
the remainder thereof shall be im
proved as a post road under the provi
sions of this act, and such portion so
improved as a post road shall not be
eligible for paving at the expense of
the. state under the provisions of this
5. The Pacific Highway through
Jackson county, where the same has
not already been paved, along the
route heretofore adopted by the State
Highway Commission. Inasmuch as
the county of Jackson has already ex
pended large sums of money in con
structing said Pacific Highway, and
in paving a large portion thereof, and
in so doing has practically exhausted its
ability to raise money by any issuance
of county bonds, the said Highway
Commission is hereby authorized, from
the funds arising from this act, in ad
dition to completing the paving of said
highway in Jackson county, to use
from said funds sufficient to provide
for completing the preparation of said
highway through said county, for the
paving thereof.
6. Commencing on the Columbia
River Highway at or near Arlington
in Gilliam county, thence up Willow
creek in Morrow county, through the
cities of lone, Lexington and Heppner
in Morrow --county and through Pilot
Rock, Pendleton, Adams, Athena,
Weston, Milton and Freewater in
Umatilla county to the Oregon and
Washington state line.
7. A road from the south line of
Clatsop county, at the end of its high
way described in paragraph 1 hereof,
south by Wheeler to Garibaldi.
8. A road from the Multnomah
county line by Tigard, Rex and New
berg to McMinnville.
For the purposes of this act the
above highways are to be known as
hard-surfaced highways.
(To be concluded next week)
Triple Birthday Celebration
With the date approximating the
natal anniversaries of the three guests
of honor, Pine Grove people partici
pated last Saturday evening at the
home of Dr. and Mrs. M. Thrane, in
celebrating the birthdays of Mrs. Wal
ter .Wells; A. J. Graff and J. E. An
drews. The following were present
for the party :
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wells, Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. C.
K. Benton, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Scott,
Dr. and Mrs. M. Thrane, A. J. Gaff,
Master Cecil Thrane and Mr. and Mrs,
H E. House.
When to take Chamberlain's Tablets
When you feel dull and stupid after
When constipated or bilious.
When you have a sick headache.
When you have a sour stomach.
When your belch after eating.
When you have indigestion.
When nervous or desponnent.
When you have no relish for meals.
When your liver is torpid.
Obtainable everywhere.
Commercial Printing at Glacier office.
Monday and Tuesday, Mar. 1H-20
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MnimfHiturr llrlt-k, I'nrlillon and Drain 1 lit-.
For infnrinMt-iitn
write ti
C0Ll"yiBIA BRICK WORKS "'tK-VV"?'"5"'
Taft Transfer Company
East Fork Irrigation District
' Statement of Receipts and Disbursements, for the year: Febru
ary 1, 1916, to January 31, 1917, compiled by George R. Wilbur,
Secretary. .
Cash balance February 1, 1916 :....$ 3,975.25
Sale of bonds 23,937.50
Accrued interest on bonds 357.50
1913 Tax with interest 327.24
1914 Tax with interest,., 3,634.96
iyi5 Tax with interest 24,760.83
sale of pipe, valves, etc.
Sale of gasoline engine.:.
Ditch Rental
Lost warrant cancelled ..
neiuna overpayment .
Refund of excess freight
Old E. F. Company transfer acct.
Gaugers '
Directors . .
Secretary & office expense
Superintendent & expense
Treasurer, 1915 salary
Premium on official bonds
Lu m ber ill.
Tax refund (errors)
Tools and hardware
Printing and advertising .
Auditing books
Freight, express and cartage....!.
Miscellaneous (unclassified)
Rent warehouse
Central Timber & Contracting Co. ditching
Coast Culvert& Flume Co. metal flumes
James Lineham, ditching ..."..I
Moe pipe line
National Tank & Pipe Co.7pipe
Palmer-Ellison Con. Co. .flumes, pipe
Chas. Solomon, ditching
Engineering. . ; .Z'."ZT
Rent, warehouse !..""
Hardware, etc
Labor ..... :
Freight,, cartage & express 1 .7 "
Printing . -'ZT"'"
Miscellaneous (unclassified)!.! 7
r reigm
Labor !7
Valves . !''"!' 7T "
Lumber. !.!!!
Blacksmithing. !!,..!! IT
Cement !!ZZI! ZZ '
Powder . .Z!Z " Z
Printing and sale'of bonds"'
Printing briefs for Supreme Court in water suit
Taxes on real estate
Bond Coupon Interest
jugni or way .
Tax refund (illegal) Z I Z 1
Interest on registered warrants!.
Balance overdraft Jan. 31
. 4.464.99