The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 08, 1916, Image 5

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    Absolutely Puro
Mr. and Mn. Alfred Eastman, of
ueimoni, are nere zor berry harvest.
Mr. Eastman and Geo. Ledford have
berriea of fine quality and they rank
with the growers who market the early
berries of the valley.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Knoblock expect
to leave soon for the former home of
Mr. Knoblock in Wisconsin, where they
will remain for several weeks' visit.
They will then go to Denver, Colo., for
a short visit, then to Salt Lake City.
Mr. Knoblock will return here after a
six weeks' vacation. Mrs. Knoblock
and the children will spend the sum
mer, returning home about September.
Miss Mary Sheppard la attending the
Washington state normal at Ellensburg
for an eight weeks summer school.
She taught very successfully at Central
Vale and will return for the beginning
of next school year.
Cbildren'a Day will be observed at
the Methodist church next Sunday, ser
vice beginning at 10 o'clock a. m.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Hendon and James
McFarlane motored from Portland Sat
urday. Messrs. Hendon, McFarlane and
0. H. and W. C. Ehrck went on a fish
ing trip Sunday. The return trip to
Portland was made Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Caldwell and C.
E. Lovell went to Portland Sunday in
Mr. Lovell'a car. They returned Sun
day evening.
Mr. and Mra. Dane Kemp entertain
ed relatives at dinner Sunday in honor
of their wedding anniversary.
The Merry Matrona were very pleas
antly entertained Tuesday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. R. N. Kemp.
E. W. Dunbar and Earl Dunbar spent
the week end in Portland where Earl
selected a five passenger Reo touring
car which will be shipped today.
After having spent several weeks in
Portland M. Carrigg has returned to
Miss Dorothy Black, of Lyle, Wash.,
has been visiting friends in Ode 1 1 the
past week.
Mrs. W. 0. Munsell and daughter,
little Miss Dorothy, of Portland, ar
rived Monday for a week's visit at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Smith.
Mrs. J. W. McDonald, of Banks,Ore.,
was a business visitor in Ode II several
days within the past week.
Mrs. M. Hawthorne returned home
Friday after having visited relatives in
Oregon City.
R. B. Palmer was here Monday look
ing after business connected with his
homestead, which ia located on the
mountain southwest of Udell, tie re
ports Mrs. Palmer and the baby daugh
ter in good health. Mr. and Mrs.
Palmer and the baby are with Mrs.
Palmer's parents at Sunnyvale, Cel.,
for the summer.
Considered from whatever view point
the County Sunday School Association
convention of last week was a grand
success. The program waa splendid
and the attendance far exceeded that
of any previous convention your corres
pondent has had the privilege of at
tending. Miss Mary Van Horn went to Port
land Tuesday to attend the rose carni
val 0. A. Ensminger and Robert Conk
ling expect to be Portland visitors this
Miss Leita Bowerman returned home
Monday after having finished a very
successful year teaching near Scotts
Mills, Ore. She will be a student at
Monmouth next year.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Johnson of The
Dalles motored here Sunday for a visit
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. P.
Strawberry harvest now. Everyone
Friends in Odell have received invi
tations to the commencement exercises
of the June class of Jefferson high
school, Portland, Friday evening, June
16. Miss Frances Tousey is a member
of the class.
Eva M. Gunn. teacher of piano and
haromny. Residence Lockman house,
The Ladiea Aid aociety will meet for
work at the church Friday afternoon of
this week.
The W. C. T. U. will have a social
evening and literary program at the
church Thursday evening, June 16. Re
freshments will be served. All come.
R. H. Wsogh, who baseon ill for
several days, is improving, we are glad
to know.
Mrs. George Riddell will thiseek
be a guest of her son, Hsyward, and
family, of Portland, at their auramer
home located on the Columbia highway.
The very successful county Sunday
school convention which was held at
Odell last week attracted a good num
ber from Pine Grove. Thursdsy even
ing the M. E. church, where the aes
sions were held, waa filled to its fullest
Robert Waugh. who is at heme on
his vacation, will return to hia school
in September, the commencement of
hia third year at the Willamette unl
veraity. Rev. and Mra. G. E. Heineck, Miss
Anna Godberson and Miss Es"
Schmidt went to Portland Jueaday
morning via the Columbia highway.
Miss Godberaon returned Tuesday
The grange social last Saturday even
ing attracted a large cumber and an
interesting program waa enjoyed by
SatOrday evening. June 24, "enter
tainment will b held "
under ine direction . of the Woman
Work eoramittee, of the grange, Mra
Louie Boyden has consented to furnish
tWO twariinaa at kl. .!- uUMB
lftorttMnlng at 11 o'clock
S.U; "nih?. pMtor' Rav- Heineck.
BOeS to Odell In ...I.. t n.
a u ii u ax pnnaMTB ssn t i i .l.
f. . m wuiinren s
vf V o lDeJe- Snnv achool 10
hnn. --llSSmeJr the SQnd" KhOOl
"vvaav will a is unvnian Ws a m
r . j f"uiBnoency oi Mra. Ma'
Last Sundiv
2,eucif,,tad of. duet ieTby
ik. i TV- . . u na House. nd
the Violinist! mhn rH...j . :-i
v. -wmuwictj unc i a i mil-
u. "re-,Mi" M'8"tte Ferrin and
X. x u Bent0D- Preceding
wwiHiav aLiiuui mmmm inn m .. i .
nonary service was given under the
SUDerintenrianrn n XI n.ii
Mrs. Mabel Lage called attention to a
-.uui.i.nnce wnico required home
practical miasinnar amrk T. .l.
evening Mrs. McDonald had 'charge of
TV.OnSE?!.n,eeUnB- Sub'Mt'
Next Sstnrriaa O 1. .1 i
elocution and folk dancea will begin at
k."bb nan unaer tne instruction of
Mrs. Bovden and Mi.a Marl. n..i....
for the chilren of grsngers. Mrs. Boy-
i o ,n eiocu"n. graduate
u ocun aaxion school of Oratory,
Denver. Cain nn.t ialii.. ( c.i 1
of Dramatic Art, Chicago, III., and has
uu several years oi experience in
teachinir. having mnHn.lail . a.k
aw a n .vhkhiuvw aaatawa VI
her own at Salt Lake city previous to
cuuimg io nooo niver. hiss tsartmess
is a sister of Miss Aldine Bartmess,
WhO SO ia Willi and favnvahln Irn.ain In
the Pine Grove district. Arrangements
will be made by the committee to have
a aewing class withjuiss Joy Mason as
The committee on cemeterv imnrove-
ment, consisting of Mrs. G. H. Stan
ton, chairman, and Mra. J. O. Jarvia
of the Woman's Work committee of the
grange. Rev. G. E. Heineck. pastor of
the M. E. church and active member
of the Brotherhood, Mrs. Sam Camp
bell, of the Parent-Teacher Associa
tion, Mrs. James Malloy, of the Ladies'
Aid society, toeether with Hans La ire.
director, and V. Winchell, aecretary
and treasurer of the Butte Cemetery
Association, met for work May 30, and
with the help of othera who responded
to the call in last week'a Glacier ren
dered valuable service to the commit
tee. Special mention is made of the
Boy Scouts, who were asked to help.
and several worked like Trojans and
went DacK later to finish, weeds and
brush were removed, old pieces of wood
picked up and all the refuse burned.
But don't let those who failed to help
last week think the work is done. On
the contrsry it is only begun, and if
there ia not a live organisation behind
the movement the greater part of the
work will be but temporary, as the
weeds are sure to grow again. The
cemetery should be seeded down and
a proper caretaker provided. Looking
towards this end a meeting of the As
sociation is called for Tuesday evening..
June 13, at the school house. As only
owners of lota are entitled to member
ship as the Association now stands, it
behooves everyone in Hood Kiver val
ley who owns lots in the Pine Grove
cemetery to be present at thia meeting.
Steve Martson. Irom Greaham. is
visiting relatives and friends in Frank-
ton thia week. Mr. Marston is a
nephew of Will and Sam Eby.
George Struck, of the East Side, was
seen in Frankton Sunday.
The last meeting of the Four Leaf
Clover club at Mrs. J. R. Nickelsen's
home wss well attended and a good
time ia reportedby all. The next meet
ing will be at the home of Mrs. Stan
ton, on the highway.
John Phillips must be thinking of us
ing his Ford in the logging camp. He
drove it up Post Canyon Sunday as far
aa the road was cut out.
Aaron Farnswortb, one of the early
settlers of Hsrney county, was in
Frankton last week. He is an uncle of
the Eby brothers.
Mrs. D. P. Allen and daughters vis
ited the first of tbe week with her
daughter, Mrs. Archie Radliff. Mrs.
Allen was on her way from The Dalles
to join her husband on a ranch near
Items are as scarce as the proverbial
hen'o teeth thia week. If you ask for
news tbe answer is, "Haven't any."
"Have you heard anything definite
from Chicago?" is their question. - Of
course we haven't, and so it goes. All
the bets we have heard in Frankton so
far have been on Teddy, and its Demo
cratic money, too. Maybe they car.
smoke Hughes out, and then he might
get here, but T. R. holda the trump
card. However, we'll all know more
about it next week.
Mrs. C. W. Brown and email son,
spent several days the past week visit
ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will
Farrell, leaving Friday for her home in
Miss Emma Wollum was a guest Sun
day at the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Perry.
Mr. and Mrs. Cake and family and
Mr. and Mrs. Simon and family, of
Portland, have moved onto tbe McFar
lane ranch, having rented the place.
The neighbors will be glad to welcome
them into tbe community.
Mr. and Mra. Guise have terminated
their visit at tbe cherry ranch of J. R.
Nunamaker and left for Walla Walla,
Wn., where they will visit Mr. and
Mra. Alexander McKeniie.
Mr. and Mrs. Drucks, of San Jose,
Calif., are visiting at tbe ranch home
of Mr. and Mra. Wm. Warren. Mra.
Drucka ia a sister of Mrs. Warren.
Mra. J. W. Davis and Mra. Robert
Jones attended Decoration aervicea at
Idlewilde cemetery May 30. Mra. M.
H. Crafts, of Portland, Bent a box of
roses to Isy on tbe grave of her father,
tbe late Robert Jonea.
Some of the atrawberry pickers
camped in tbe brush have made them
selves very fresh during the week,
milking tbe cows of some of our neigh
bora. Be careful, folka. or the city
marshal will get you.
W. H. Davis and family and Miss
Hsllie Reynolds, of Hood River, spent
Sunday at the borne of Mra. J. W. Da
via. Mra. Chas. Sherril and three sons
spent the week visiting at the home of
her parenta. Mr. and Mra. Crapper in
tbe Oak Grove district.
Mr. and Mrs. Marsh Isenberg and
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Isenberg. and
daughter, of Hood River, spent Sundsy
with Mr. and Mra. Howard laenberg.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sheldrake left
Tueaday morning on the atage auto for
Portland, where they will take in part
of the rose festival. They will go by
way of the Columbia highway.
Mra. J. D. Smullen and children left
Tueaday for a visit at Salem and other
pointa. They will Uke in the rose car
nival. The Mount Hood ditch board held a
meeting Tuesday night at the hall.
Erma Miller returned home Sunday
aner apenaing several asys wito ner
auoi, aiiis f railer, at Hood River.
Zibe and John Dimmick, of Walla
Walla, Wash., spent a few dsys visit
ing in the Upper Valley at tbe Dim
mick and Parkins homea. Tbey re
turned home Sunday morning, making
we cnp in ineir aura.
Miss Msrv Van Horn anant tha afcak
wun airs. j. a. uimmtck.
Tbe Memorial nroeram riven hv tha
cnaeavor Jueadav evenlnff. aaaiatad
by the Parkdale orcbeatra, waa well
attended and enjoyed by alL Decora
tions were earried out in red, white and
blue. Tbe Endeavor wiabea to thank
thoae who took part and also those who
attended and helped to make the pro
gram a success.
Bermce Everson and Alma Kitchel
returned home Thursday evening from
me uueu convention.
Rangera Barton. Walters and Hess
have made a couple of tripa up the
mountain during the past week. The
full staff will not be put on until July
Pfaonso Beal started work in Kellv's
mill Tuesday. He does not expect to
leave oeiore the orst.
The members of I. O. O. F. lodse en
joyed a supper last Saturday night and
a large crowd of the members were
Bernice Stone haa been earrvins tha
mail for a number of dava aa her father
nun bis bip in getting off a borse.
Mrs. Cbas. Shaw waa in Hood River
tbe latter part of tbe week.
Father Kellv waa vi.itino- at the
homea of some of hia parisbonera Sun'
A large crowd of Mount Hood young
people attended the dance at Parkdale
Saturday night.
L. F. Henderson ia in the vallev look
ing over the orcharda. Ha ia oversee
ing the destruction of the old Reis
orchard at present.
Roy Blags went to Hood River Tues
George Coooer waa at Odell Thurs
Mr. Elkins, who had been visiting
for ?a few weeka with hia sister. Mrs.
Welch, haa returned to has home in
eaatern Oregon.
Hazel Miller and Florence Rood went
to Hood River Wednesday, where tbey
win pack berriea for the former a aunt,
Miss Frasier.
The Parent-Teacher Association will
give a social Friday night, June 9, at
tbe school house. The committee hss
arranged a program. Parkdale orches
tra will play.
L. F. Puddy made his regular trio to
Hood River Monday, returning Tues
Deputy Assessor Edick was in Park-
dale vicinity Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Massee and Ted
dy spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Monroe, at P.rkdale.
Miss Mary Sheppard left Sunday for
Ellensburg. Wash., where she will at
tend normal school.
Mrs. H. Chevron entertained the
Mothers' club last week in honor of
Mra. F. Schults and Mra. A. Niehans,
who are going away. It waa decided
to postpone any further meeting until
after the busy season.. .
Mrr. F. Schults and aon went to The
Dalles Saturday, where they will visit
for a week. Then tbey will go to Es
tacada, Ore., to visit Mra. Schults'
grandfather, Mr. Waterbury. From
there they will join Mr. Schults at
Spokane, where they will make their
Mrs. A. Niehans will visit with her
daughters in Portland and attend tbe
Mrs. H. Furrow accompanied her
father, Mr. Bell, of Denver, Colo., to
Portland Monday, where they spent
the day. Mr. Bell started back to
Denver Wednesday.
W. H. Chipping and family have
moved to their Willow Flat ranch for
the summer.
Mrs. L. F. Henderson' ia visiting
Mrs. N. W. Bone for a few days.
0. H. Hill made his first picking of
berries Monday. Soon everyone will
be busy.
Mrs. C. R. Schmick left for Califor
nia Saturday, where she expects to
make her home.
Mrs. T. A. Felton and aon spent the
week end in Hood River visiting
Mrs. C. Fletcher was on the aick list
last week. Mrs. W. D. Allen haa also
baa been very sick, but both are much
Miss Alice Tomkins. of Cascade
Locks, visited at the Sheppard home
last week.
We are glad to hear Mrs. Alice Lein-
inger, who was hurt in a runaway, is
much better.
If there was a sign post at McVay's
corner, so many ears en route for
Mount Hood wouldn't think Mount
Hood waa in Nels Hagen'a orchard. It
doesn't look much like a highway.
Dr. G. Tufts spent a few daya here
looking after hia ranch property. Sun
day evening he spoke in the Baptist
church on tbe Heights, leaving on
Tuesday for eaatern Oregon towns,
where be will make addresses on tbe
one day rest law.
Mra. Anton Flint and two little
daughters, Lottie and Eva, spent the
week end visiting relatives in Hood
J. R. Edgar and C B. Com p ton at
tended the dance at tbe Karstetter
boma near Summit Saturday evening.
Tbe Union Sunday school waa repre
sented at tbe county convention held at
Odell. Mra. a. u. Emilio and daugh
ter, Grace, attended Thursdsy and en
joyed two very interesting addresses.
Mrs. Emilio and daughter apent Fri
day shopping in Hood River.
Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Kirby and Roy
went to Hood River last week.
R. A. Collins went to Mobr'a on bus-
ienss Thursdsy.
Saturday Mra. W. F. Shannon was
hostess at a lawn party given in honor
of Miss Clarice Davenport Many la
diea were present and all had a good
time, uuests were present irom Hood
River, Winana and Portland.
Mra. Edith Mayo ia visiting her
brother, W. F. Shannon, and family.
Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Blowers, of
Hood River, called on Mr. and Mrs. E.
N. Bachmann Sunday.
The main channel of tbe D. I. & P.
Co. waa out of business Sunday, due to
a email washout.
Mr. Woolpert. of White Salmon, was
here part of Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Moe motored op
from Hood River Sundsy to call on
friends and to aee the progress of this
Ra. 1. D. Cain Breached hia fare
well aermon Sunday evening. Dr.
Cain- haa a call from Pasco at a roach
larger aalary. We are sorry to lose
him, aa bo waa more than an average
Mrs. Elisabeth Nelson, from Walls
Walla, and her daughter, Mra. Nelia
Pate, from Ugden, Utah, on meir way
to the rose festival, were eallera on
aira. a. J. naama, or., auu
Monday. Tueaday tbey left via auto
over the Columbia highway ior rorv
' Tha O.-W. R. & N. Co.. has eut out
the watchman weat of town and &. A.
Pierce mourns the loss of an eaay job,
Strawberriea are plentiful in the
market at 121 eenta per box.
School haa eloaed and our teachers
are gone. The kids are all happy.
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Smith, from Un
derwood, and Mra. Smith's brother.
Charles Fudse. from Elroira, N. I..
came down from Underwood, via the
steamer Tahoma Tuesdsy. Tbey spent
the afternoon and night with rostmas
ter and Mra. A. O. Adams, going to
Portland Wednesday morning via auto
over tbe highway.
Miss Kate Msvs and her mother left
Mondav niaht for an extensive trio
through Ksnsas. Nebraska ana Texas
They may be gone a year. Miss Mays
bss just closed ber third term aa teach
er in our public schools.
Miss Alice Tomkine waa'a delegate
from our Sunday achool to the county
Sunday echool convention held at Odell
last week. She reports having a splen
did time snd a lr nnvention
Cittal i-u rvigcMg otur reporla th
mud fa' jilU9i .d the road im
Lut tOflJi, .was pay day atStne
min. uoys nave pu
month and are happy.
Min Hattia Flovd went to Portland
Decoration day, returning Wednesday.
Hsrry Hsckett is picking his straw
berries and they are of a very fine
A. C. Staten ia now busy with his
strawberries out on bis ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Taft and eon,
Charles, Mrs. left's mother, Mrs.
Bryant, and W. H. Taft motored down
the Columbia highway as far aa Eagle
creek Decoration day, taking t r
lunch and spending the day.
The tent meetings on June street are
still going on. They are quite well at
tended. .
Leon Littlefield came down from the
Green Point lumbr mill Saturday.
A large number of berry pickers
came in Saturday.
Mrs. A. L. Carmicbael went to Port
land last week to meet her sister, Mrs.
Ellen Kunts, who has been very ill,
snd return with her to Hood River.
Mrs. Kunts was a resident here for
several years. Her son, Lindon, ac
companied her. She haa been in Marsh-
field ior some time witn ner aon,
Misa Lillie Fisher is home from the
hospital looking quite well.
Mr. and Mrs. Mace Baldwin and aon,
Blanchar, are here for a short time.
Mace ia filling the place of E. B. Win
ter while he ia looking after hia ber
ries, tfa 4 ,n
Mrs. May Jonea. mother of Mace
Baldwin, and her eranddauahter. Mar
ion Baldwin, are up at the Mount Hood
ranch looking after things while M
is here. . . .
Tbe picnie dinner in the Chautauqua
nark Decoration dav wsb well attended
and much enjoyed by all who partici
Mrs. Armond Labbee. of Portland.
daughter of Mr. and Mra. J. F. Csrnes,
is here for the strawberry season.
Miss Annie Carnes spent Sunday af
ternoon with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. F. Carnes.
Mr. and Mra. L. E. Taft were down
on tbe Columbia highway Sundsy with
Rev. H. V. Rominger on Saturday
evening at 8 o'clock at the Chapel will
give a stereopticon lecture on "The
lowery Kingdom." Mr. Komtnger bss
given this to crowded houses all over
the middle west and the Pacine eoast.
It will provide a most delightful even
ing. But this is not all. Everything
will be as realistic aa possible. With
cherry blossoms and wisteria lanterns
snd our charming Geisha girls you will
think you are really there in "lokio,
Fair Tokio."
At intermission a group of these
Japanese maidena will render gay little
songs of the Orient, while others will
serve tea and luscious home made can
dies. We hope our friends of Hood River
and White Salmon will take the ferry
and their autoa and make an evening
of it, enjoying the beautiful moonlight
and a trip to Japan via Underwood.
(rrom tbe Enterprise)
The fifteenth annual meeting of tbe
Camas Prsirie and Vicinity Pioneer
Associstion will be held in Glen wood
tomorrow. The meeting will be held in
Kunnbausen hall and will be an all day
session with a baaket dinner at noon
and a big dance at night.
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Doisev and fam
ily have returned from an automobile
trip to Portland. They hsd a delight
ful trio over the scenic bigbwsy. Ev
ery member of the fsmily, especially
Miss Helen, returned home enthused
with the scenic gradeur of the wonder
ful highway and pronounced it the
greatest automobile trip ever taken.
The automobile road to Morrison
creek, projected by Thode Brothers, Dr.
n i f . i -. . m ti. .
Deianeira ana oiner cimeni or iroui
Lake, is being completed and put in
excellent condition. It will be entirely
finished by the time tbe tourists begin
coming into the valley this spring.
Tbe rosd trsvereses forests and runa
along the White Salmon river. From
Morrison creek it will be easy for
mountain climbers to resch Mount Ad
Cutler Bros. Busy
One of the busiest of Hood River's
industriea at the present time ia the
Last side grsding machine factory of
Cutler Bros., orchsrdists who conduct
the msnufscturing business in connec
tion with apple growing. C.W. White,
of Cashmere, waa here Monday, pur
chasing four of tbe new machines,
which grsde the applea by a syatem of
weights. Wire orders are pouring in
from other Northwestern fruit districts
snd tbe men fear that they will be un
sble to fill them.
When you want breads, pastries, pies,
foods that will make you tbink of tLe
days of your yoath, for they will bring
back the appetite of your growing days,
they are so good, just call tbe Blue Rib
bon Bakery, phone 2373. tf
Go to La w. The Cleaner, tf
JUNE 8, 1916
Union Pacific
Ranks First
of the United States in
Scenery. Service
the three things count most
in making travel pleasant
Take advantage of Low
Round trip Fares and go East
this summer via the cool,
smooth, granite-clean Union
Pacific. Ask for "TOUR"
literature and the cost of a
journey "back home".
Union Pacific is popular route
to Yellowstone
National Park
Include a visit with Eastern
trip. Through Sleeping Car
Service direct to the Park.
J. H. Fredricy, Agt.
Denver $55.00
Omaha 60.00
Kansas City... (0.00
St. Louis: 71.20
Chicago 72.50
Detroit 83.50
Washington ..10.5O
Boston 110.00
New York.... 110.70
Notice of Final Settlement
In the Connty Court of tbe Stale of Oregon,
lur nuuu Aiver uuumy.
In tbe Matter of tbe Eitata of Barah C. Totte-
vid, Deceased.
Notice ii hereby elven that tha nnderalarn
d Administrator of tbe above entitled ea
tale baa flled bli final account In tbe above
entitled court, and tbat tbe Judge of aald
uourinaaaei rriaay, me sum day oi June,
1910. ft the bour of 10 o'clock a. m.. at tbe
County Court Boom in the City ol Hood
Kiver, uregon, aa tne lime and place lor tbe
nearing ana earning oi saia final Account.
All person! bavlna objection thereto are re-
2ulred to appear at aald time and place and
le tbe aarae. If an v thev have.
Dated and first pnbllshei thia 1st day of
june, mi o. urtMAM i.iuhibvin,
Jnl-Jnli Administrator,
Notice or Sale
Notice la hereby: Tbat the nnderslcned. a
livery and boarding stable keeper, claims and
baa a lien upon and against that certain Im
ported black Percheron Btalllon. Booerbe.
(6td2), the property of Anthony Oalllgber, the
said norse now oeing retained Dy ine under
signed In lis posaeaslon at Hood River, Ore
gon, until such lien la paid, and having been
in Its said possession continuously since May
31, 109, and said borne having been left with
tbe undersigned for board on or about May 81,
laua, ano continuously since tnatsaia date tne
undersigned did furnish board and keep said
horse In accordance with tbe following state,
ment towlt:
Board and keep so furnished:
From May 81, 1909, to July 81, 1910 if SO
From December 1, 1913, to April 15, 1916 . 678.00
By cash received for services of tald
stallion for breeding DurDoses tMb '
Less Bute License llO.OO
Refund 5.00 S 16 B30.00
Balance due 1532.60
The amounts so charged are the reasonable
value of tbe bosrd and keep so lurnlsbed; and
tbe amounts credited on said account are all
of the moneys received to apply on the aarae.
More than thirty (30) days have expired
since tbe detention of said horse nnder said
And notice Is further given: That tbe above
described horse will be sold at public auction
by the undersigned at its livery stable. No. 106
First street In the City of Hood River. Hood
River County. Oregon, on Saturday, June 10.
1910, to tbe highest bidder for cisti In band,
for the purpose ot satisfying aald lien.
Dated May 18, 1916.
m2S-jn8 By A. G. Lofts, President.
Summons tor Publication In Foreclosure
or Tax Lien
In tbe Circuit Court of the State of Oregon,
for Heod Rivet County.
O. C. Johnson, Plaintiff
H. H. Hall, Defendant
To H. H. Hall, the above named defendant:
In the name of the State of Oregon, yon are
hereby notified tbat O. C Johnson, tbe bolder
of Certificate of Delinquency numbered 16ft,
issued on tbe 1st day of February, 1910 by the
Tax Collector of the County of Hood River,
State of Oregon, for the amount of 61-100 Dol
lars, the same being the amount then dne and
delinquent for taxes for tbe year 1910, together
with penalty, Interest and costs thereon upon
tbe real property assessed to you, of wblcb
you are the owner as appears of record, sltn
a ted In aald Connty and State, and particu
larly i bounded and described as follows, to
wlt: Lot 87, Block 10, Hood River Park.
Yon are lurtner notified that said O. C.
Johnson has paid taxes on said premises for
firlor or subsequent years, with tbe rate ot
nteresl on said amounts as follows:
Year's Date Tax Rec't
Tax Paid No.
Rate of
1911 Jan. 1, 1016 'I'
191Z Jan.8,. 8020
1911 Jan. 8. 191 8790
1914 Jan. 8, 1910 7414
ZKe 15 per eent
per annum
the 16 per eent
per annum
JOo U per oent
per annum
16c 16 per oent
per annum
Bald H. H. Hail, as the owner of the legal
title ,of tbe above described property aa the
same appears of record, and each of tbe other
persons above named are bertby further noti
fied that ihe plaintiff will apply to tbe Circuit
Court of tbe County and Slate aforesaid for a
decree foreclosing tbe Hen sgalnst the pro
perty above described and mentioned In aald
certificate. And you are hereby summoned
to appear within the next sixty days after the
first publication ot this summons, exclusive
or the day of said first publication, and de
fend Ibis action or pay tbe amount due aa
above abown, together with cota and accrued
Interest, and In case of yonr failure to do so, a
decree will be rendered foreclosing tbe lien of
said taxes and costs against tbe land and
premises above named.
Tbia summons Is published by order of tbe
Honorable E. E. Btan ton. Judge of tbe County
Court or tbe State of Oregon, for tbe County of
Hood River, and aald order was made and
dated this th day of April, 1918, and tbe date
of the first publication of this summons Is the
Rth day of April. 1916.
All proctss and papers In this proceeding
may Deserved upon tbe undersigned residing
within the Slate of Oregon, at the address
hereafter mentioned.
A. J. DtCKBY, Attorney for Plaintiff.
Address, Hood River, Ore. a37-JnS9
Bids Wanted
Bids will be received by the school
board of 8chool District No. 11, for 81
cords of four foot body fir wood, no sec
ond growth ; wcod to be delivered and
piled in basement on or before Ang. 15.
Bids will be open Jane 19 at seven p.
m. The board reserves the right to re
ject any or all bida.
m25-jnl5 Clerk.
Summons for Publication In Foreclosure
of Tax Lien
In the Circuit Court of toe lute of Oregon,
ior sum raver vouniy.
a C. Johnson, Plaintiff
kf. at. Sweeny, Defendant.
To U. If. Sweeny, the above named defend
ant: ,
Ia the nsme of Btato of Oregon, you are her,
by notified tbat OCJobnaonibolder of Certifi
cate oi Delinquency numoerea un. issoed on
the 1st day of February 1916, by the Tax Col
lector of Ins County of Hood Elver, State ot
Oregon, for the amount ot 61-100 Dollars, tbe
same Demg in amount inen aue ana aenn
aoent for taxes for the vear 1910. Uaretner with
penalty. Interest and eosta thereon upon the
real (property assessed to you, or which yon
are the owner as appears of record, situated
In aald County and Stale, and particularly
bounded and descrlbtd aa follows, to-wlu
ul IS, Bloc I, Hood Kiver Park.
Yon are further notified that aald O. C.
Johnson haa paid taxes on said premises tor
pnuror luimnjurat yeara. wiia l US rate Of in
terest on aaia s mounts aa lOitowa:
Year's Date Tax Reel . Sate of
Tax Paid No. """" Interest
1918 Jan. IS, 1916 8921 80c IS per cent
per annum
1911 Jan. IS, 1911 8793 SOe 16 per cent
1914 Jan. 13.1914 7418 18o II per eent
per annum
Bald M. M. Sweeny, as the owner or the legal
title of the above described property as the
same appears of record, and each of the ol ber
persons above named are nereDy further noti
fied tbat tbe Blalntlfl will dd!v to the Circuit
Conrt ot the County and State aforesaid for a
decree foreclosing tbe lien against tbe pro
perty aouve aeeennea ana nientioneu in said
certificate. And you are nerebv summoned
to appear within sixty days after tbe first
publication or Ibis summons, exolnslveot tbe
day or said first publication, and defend thia
action or pay the amount doe - aa above
shown, together with casta and accrued In
terest, and in case of vour failure to do ao. a
decree will be rendered foreclosing tbe lien of
saia taxes ana costs against ine land and
premises a Dove namea.
Tbia summons Is published by order of the
nonoraoie jv. b. otsnton, juaae Of tne couniv
Court of the Slate of Oregon, for the County
or Hood River, and said order was made and
dated this tlb day or Am-il. 1914. and the dale
or tbe first publication of this summons Is the
mn day oi April, 1918.
ah process ana Danerf in this nroeeed.
Ing may be served uoon tbe nnderalrned re.
siding within the State of Oregon, at the ad.
ureas nereaiier mentiouea.
A. J. DKRBY, Attorney for Plaintiff.
Address, Hood River, Ore. - ar-Jn
Notice sf Sale sf City Bui Property for Delhv
qneit Assessment!
Notice la herebv e-iven. thai on Anrtl
24, 1916. a warrant was duly and regularly is
sued by tbe City Recorder of the City of
nouu niver, uregon, to me aireciea ana
delivered, commanding me to forthwith
advertise the properties hereinafter de
scribed, against wblcb assessments for the
cost oi tne eonstruction or a Sewer system
wuuiu newer asibu-ici na A, livision HO, 6, in
said City or Hood River, Oregon, has been
heretofore made and levied, which warrant
desorlbed !the property ss lots 4, 6, 32 and 8,
block 86, Hood River Proper, an addition to
the City or Hood River, Oregon, assessed to
manae k. rattee. Amount due, 8114.88, with
Interest at ( per oent per annum since July 18,
That also on said Anrll 2a. 191A a warrant m
duly and reg-ularly issued by the City Recorder of
tne uity ot Hood Kiver, Oregon, to me directed
and delivered, commanding me to forthwith ad-
vertiss the property hereinafter described, scainst
wnicu an assessment Ior the coat of the improve
ment oi may street in aaia city oi Hood Kiver,
Oreffon. hss been heretofore made and levied.
which warrant described the property as Lots 22
and 23, Block 86 of Hood River Proper, an addition
to the City of Hood River. Oregon, assessed to
Maude . f sttee. Amount due, 8112.64, with In
terest at 6 per eent per annum since April 8, 1916.
Also on said April 24. 1916. a warrant was dulv
snd regularly issued by the City Recorder of the
City of Hood River, Oregon, to me directed and
delivered, commanding; me to forthwith advertise
the property hereinafter described, against which
sn assessment for the cost of the improvement of
Oak street in said City of Hood River, Oregon,
has been heretofore made and levied, which war
rant described the Dronertv aa the west half Wx
of Lot 6, and all of Lot 6, Block 6, Waucoma, an
addition to the City of Hood River, Oregon, asses
ed tolfarjorie E. Fouts, Amount due, 8122.40. with
interest at e per cent per annum since August 18.
1915. .
Also on said Anril 24. 1918. a warrant was dulv
and regularly issued by the City Recorder of the
City of Hood Jtiver, Oregon, to me directed and
delivered, commanding me to forthwith advertise
the property hereinafter described, against which
an assessment for the cost of the improvement of
Prospect avenue in said City of Hood River. Ore
gon, has heretofore been made and levied, which
warrant described the property as Lots 4 and 6,
Block 86, of Hood River Proper, an addition to the
City of Hood River, Oregon, assessed to Msude .
Pattee. Amount due, 1143.82, with interest at 6
per cent per annum since March 14, 1916,
That also on said Anril 24. 1910. a warrant waa
duly and regularly issued by the City Recorder of
the City of Hood River, Oregon, to me directed
and delivered, commanding me to forthwith ad
vertise the property hereinafter d escribed, aerainat
which an assessment for the coat of the improve
ment of Ninth Street in said Citv of Hood River.
Oregon, has heretofore been made and levied.
wnicn warrant aescriDeo tne property as Lot s.
Block 6, Waucoma, an addition to the City of
Hood River, Oregon, assessed to alarjorie B.
Fouts. Amount due, 8104.64. with interest at (
ner cent ner annum since December 22. 1914.
And that also on said April 4, 1916, another
warrant was duly and regularly issued by the City
Recorder of the City of Hood River.
Oregon, to me directed and delivered.
commanding me to forthwith advertise the
property hereinafter described, against which
assessment for ths cost of the improvement of
Ninth street in said City oi Hood Kiver, Oregon,
has heretofore been made and levied, which war
rant described the property as the west half
iw;v ox i-ot o, ana an oi Lot . Blocs , wauco
ma, an addition to the City of Hood River, Oregon,
sssessed to Marjorie E. Fouts. Amount due.
$276.46, with interest at 6 per eent per annum sines
Uecember i&i. 1914.
Tbat each of said warrants did further com
mand me to sell said properties, or so much
thereof as can be sold seDaratelv to advan
tage, sufficient to pay the said delinquent as
sessments against each of said properties, to
gether with Interest, costs snd disbursements,
in tne manner provided Dy law, and return
toe proceeds oi sucd saie to tne city Treasurer
of the City of Hood Kiver. Oregon.
NOW, THEREFORE, in pursuance of the said
warrants, and for the purpose of satisfying the
said aennquent assessments, 1 will, on Saturday,
the 10th day of June, 1916. at the hour of tan (101
o'clock in the forenoon of that day. at the front
door of the City Hall, in the City of Hood River,
County of Hood River. State of Oregon, nraeeed
to sell at public auction to the highest bidder, for
cash in hand, the said several lots, tracts or par
eels of lands above mentioned, or so much of each
of the same as can be sold separately to advantage,
sufficient to pay the said several delinquent assess.'
ments, together with the interest, costs and dis
bursements provided by law. and will continue
said sale from day to day thereafter until said
property is sold, or so much thereof as may be
necessary to satisfy the said assessments.
Dated at Hood Kiver, Oregon, this 24th day of
April A, U.. 118.
mll-j8 J. K. CARSON.
Marshall or tha City of Hood River, Oregon,
Summons for Publication In Foreclosure
or Tax Lien
In tbe Circuit Court of the Btate of Oregon
ior noon mver uounty.
O. C. Johnson, Plaintiff
J. H. Sweeny, Defendant,
Tn T IT Bbu. Ill Ii ii .1 1 J t m ft I i
In tbe name or the State ot Oregon, von are
hereby notified tbat O. C. Johnson, the bolder
or Certificate or Delinquency, numbered 184,
Issued on tbe 1st day or February, 1915, by the
Tax Collector of tbe County of Hood River,
siaieoi uregon, ior tne amount oi oi-iuu loi
lars, the same being the amount then due and
delinquent for taxes for the year 1910, together
wito penalty, interest ana eosta tnereon upon
tbe real property assessed to yon. of wblch
you are tbe owner aa appears of record, silo-
aieo in aaia wounty ana atste, ana particular
ly oounaea ana aesennea as rouows to-wlt:
Lot is, discs i, Hood Kiver Park.
You are further notified that said O. C.
Johnson has paid the taxes on said Dremlaes
VF. " .... v. imi WU fwii Willi Hlf IW
of Interest on said amounts aa follows:
Year's Date Tax Rec't Rate of
Tax Paid No. Interest
1912 Jan. IS, 1916 8922 SOe IS per eent
1918 Jan. 13, 1916 8794
1914 Jan. 13,1916 7419
per annum
20c 16 per eent
rr annnm
18e 16 per oent
Said J. H. Sweeny aa the owner or the legal
title to tbe above described Dronertv aa the
aaroe appears oi reoora, ana eacn oi me oiner
persons a Dove namea are nereDy further noti
fied tbat tbe Dlalntlff will annlv to the Clrenlt
Court ot the Connty and Btate aforesaid for a
decree foreclosing tbe lien against the pro
perty above described and mentioned In aald
certificate. And you are hereby summoned
to appear within alxty days after the first
Soblicatlon of this summons, exclusive of the
ay of said first publication, and defend this
action or pay tbe amount doe as above abown
together with eosta and accrued interest, and
in case of your failure to do so, a decree will
be rendered foreelosing the lien ot said taxes
and costs against tbe lead and premises above
This summons Is published by order of the
Honorable E. K. Stanton, Judgeof tbe Connty
Court or tbe Btate or Oregon (or tha County of
Hood Rivet, and aald order waa made and
dated tbls 26th day of A mil. 1918. and tha data
of the first publication ot thia summons Is the
rth day of April, 1916.
Aiiiprooees ana papers in tma proceeding
may be served upon the undersigned residing
within i be State or Oregon, at the address
berealter mentioned.
A. j. derby, Attorney tor Plaintiff.
Address, Hood River, Ore, aS-jitiS
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