The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 06, 1916, Image 7

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Go to Law, The Cleaner, tl
Shoes made or repaired at Johneen's
F. H. Coolidga mi connfled to hit
heme, a iutferer from eolda, last week.
Hana Lags on in Portland the lat
ter part of lait week visiting frienda.
If yon want ahoea that don't go
wrong go to Johnsen'a.
A. W. Stone ipent a portion of laat
week in Portland.
L. D. Perkins, of Goldendale, ia a
business visitor in the city thla week.
If your shoes have gone wrong take
them to Johnsen. 1
j. W. Morton waa a visitor in White
Salmon, Wash., during the holidays.
J. W. Morton, lawyer, office rooms 7
and 8, Smith building, Hood(River, Or.
Typewriters for renV Slocom & Can
Held Co. tf
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Clark were
Portland visitors the first of the week.
Don't you just love doughnut and cof
fee? Try some of onr baking. Blue Rib
bon Bakery, phone 2373 tf
C. A. Reed and family spent a por
tion of the holidays in Portland with
friends and relatives.
Dr. H. D. W. Pineo waa on the sick
list last week, having been a grip vie
time. Get your horseshoeing done at the
shop of W. G. Snow, corner of Fourth
and Columbia streets.
C. A. Bell wss indisposed the first of
the week, suffering from a severe at
tack of grip.
Baggage transferred day or night
Phones, day 2521, residence 3473. Geo.
Carlton. tf
Will Masters, of Portland, was here
New Year's day to attend the funeral
cervice of Miss Flora Furrow."
Mrs. Geo. 1. Sargent spent a portion
of the holidays in Portland visiting rel
atives and friends.
Frank A. Massee has left for south
ern California to join his family and
spend the remainder of the winter.
We have just received an assortment
of the "Riser" Hand Colored Highway
views. Slocom & Canfield Co. tf
Mrs. Noal. W. Bone spent the latter
part of last week with Portland
Mr. and Msr. J. W. Palmer, of Mead
owbrook Farm, on the West Side, spent
the latter part of last wi ek in Portland
Miss Forence Copsn, of Dallas, spent
the holidays here with her sister, Miss
Alice Copan.
Get your horseshoeing done at the
shop of W. G. Snow, corner of Fourth
and Columbia streets.
J. Wesley Lsdd and B. W. Newell
were visitors last week at Homer Rog
ers' Mount Hood Lodge.
Little Miss Martha, daughter of Dr.
and Mrs. J. M. Waugb, was hostess at
a birthday party on New Year's day.
Charles Hayward, of Lafayette, was
here laBt week to visit his son, Joe
Hayward, who wss ill.
Mrs. A. P. Sprague, of Portland,
was here last week visiting local
Miss Grace Eberly, of El Paso, Tex.,
has arrived here for a visit with her
brother, Ed Eberly.
Rev. G. E. Matlock, pastor of the
Christian church, has been ill with
Little Miss Virginia, dsugbter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. H. Vaughan, has been very
Chas. E. Copper, of Grants Pass, has
been spending the holidays with the
family of his brother, E. J. Copper.
Seth Larawsy and family, of Eugene,
arrived last week to spend a portion of
the holidays here with bis parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. F. Laraway.
Mrs. Edwin B. Winter and little son
were able to leave the Cottage hospital
for their West Side home last Satur
day. .
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Gessling and
little daughter returned last Saturday
from Tacoma, Wash., where they had
been visiting Mr. Gessling'a parents. .
Everyone asks this question many
times daily.
We are all dependent upon the time.
Our lives are regulated by our
The lack of a watch is a big handi
cap to both men and women.
Therefore, why try to get along
without one?
Let us show you a good watch; one
you can depend upon. We can suit
both your taste and your pocketbook.
W. F. LARAWAY, Jeweler v
We Not Only Sell Flash Lights
.m -iii- 1 v MAnn!w 4lm nrhon wnrth while. -
. one momn.
Apple City Electric Shop, Third Street
Hood Hirer. Ore. K. COLBY, Mgr
Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. Kresse and small
son and Mra. Kr east's brother, Harry
Brawn, spent New Year's in Golden
dale with relatives.
Miss Elisabeth Canon left Sunday
after a visit with bar parents, Mr. and
Mra. J. K. Carson, to resume bar stud-
lam t llMM...h. -' r
Miss Edytbe Brunquist, who ia teach
ing at Newberg. has returned after
spending the holidays here with friends
and relatives.
Mr. and Mra. William Aldrldge have
left for Indianapolis, Ind., having been
called there by the serious illness of
Mr. Aldridge'a father.
Mr. and Mra. C. N. Ravlin bava re
moved to the city, Mr. Ravlin to re
sume his dutiea as secretary of the Com
mercial club.
Mrs. S. Bond and son arrived last
week from Canby to visit with Mr. and
Mrs. James Wishart, in the Upper Val
ley. Mrs. C. J. Nepple and little daugh
ter, of Portland, were here over the
holidays visiting Mr. Nerple's parenta,
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Nepple.
Mies Doris Dabney and brother, Clif
ord, of Portland, were here last week
viBiting at the home of their uncle, 0.
P. Dabney, and family.
C. H. Stranahan was at Oswego last
week to attend a meeting of men inter
ested in a new cement factory con
structed there.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Parker and little
son, Charles, have left for Montret.1,
Canada, where they will spend the re
mainder of the winter.
Murray Kay and family have removed
to Portland, wbeie Mr. Kay has ac
cepted a position with the S. P. &. S.
K. R. Co.
Mrs. E. E. Ksesser entertained the
members of the Good Samaritan Sun
day school class of Asbury church at
her home on New Year'a eve.
"Grandpa" William Ellis is danger
ously ill st the Eoreka rooming house,
where he hsa been living for the past
several years.
All rewly . elected officers of Canby
Corps are urged to be present for in
stallation Saturday afternoon of this
B. R. Richter and Daniel Schroeder,
ranchers of tne Trout Lake communi
ty, were in the city yesterday on busi
ness. '
You want a loaf of good bread. You
haven't time to bake it. You don't
want to send to the bakery. It's a long
walk. Just call 2373, Blue Ribbon Bak
ery, and it will be delivered. tf
The Ladies' Aid of the M. E. church
will hold a business meeting tomorrow
afternoon in the church parlors. A
good attendarce is urged as business of
importsnce will be considered.
E. F. Keir, of Nelson, B. C , who
has been spending the holidays with
local relatives, left Monday for Port
land and Centralis for visits in each
place before returning to his home.
Phil Janney, of Seattle, where he is
on the staff of the Pacific Coast Builder
and Engineer, returned borne Monday
after a visit here with the family of
Dr. F. C. Brosius. '
Miss Nell Blowers, who bad been
spending the holidays here with her
parents,. Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Blowers,
returned to the University of Oregon
Joe M. Johnsen, after having spent
the Christmas vacation here with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Johnsen,
returned to his work at Whitman Col
lege, Walla Walla, last Sunday.
Mrs. N. J. Murray, who had been
spending the holidays here with her
daughter, Mrs. William Weber, and
family, returned to her home in The
Dalles last week.
I will be glad to meet my friends at
the horseshoeing shop of W. G. Snow,
corner Fourth and Columbia streets,
where am I now employed. V. C.
Jackson, formerly of Schermann &
C. P. McCann, formerly owner of the
West Side place now occupied by the
experiment station, participated in a
large real estate deal in Portland last
week, having sold a large apartment
house of which he was owner. The
consideration was $125,000.
Is It?
We keep fresh batteries on hand at all
times. An Edison Mazda light gives
100 efficiency; a Tungsten only 85
efficiency; a Tungston light may be a
few cents cheaper at first cost, but re
member if they do last they collect a
toll every month they are in oae.
In fact, for the amount of candle power per
watt, the Mazda light at 27c will eqnalise a
Tungston at 25c and 5 per cent off for cash tn
Born To Mr.and Mrs. John Lindsay,
of Frankton, on Thursday, December
30, a son.
Mra. Cbaa. T. Early and son, Ray
mond B. Early, both of whom recently
returned from a visit in New York,
have taken apartments at the Villa St.
Clara in Portland for the remainder of
the winter. -
1 will be glad to meet my friends at
the horseshoeing shoo of W. G. Snow.
corner Fourth and Columbia streets.
where I am now em cloved. V. C.
Jackson, formerly of Schermann A
Prof. A. C Crews, the newly elected
superintendent of Asbury M. E. Sun
day school ia anxious to meet all the
members of the Sunday achool next
Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Do not
fail to be present.
When yon want breads, pastries, pies, I
foods that will make vou think of ti e
days of your youth, for they will bring
oac tne appetite of your growing days,
they are ao good, Just call the Blue Rib
boo Bakery, phone 2373. tf
During the month of January, in or
der to accommodate their country pat
rons tne managers or the Electne thes
tre will begin their afternoon matinees
st 1.30, thus affording patronssn op
portunity to witness the entire program
and reach home before dark. -
James G.White and bride, of Port
land, were here over the week end vis
iting Mr. White's sister, Mrs. C. O.
Huelst. and family. The wedding of
Mr. and Mrs. White occurred on New
Yesr's in Pendleton. Tbey were enroute
to southern California on a honeymoon.
A good wholesome meal at the Hoff
Bran Restaurant in rear of Garrabrant
& Parker's next to Hood Biver State
Bank is what you want when in town.
Fried chicken dinners on Saturday for
25 cents. tf
Mr. and Mrs. Percival Adams, well
known here, Mr. Adams being a son of
Mrs. M. Sue Armstrong, entertained a
farty of friends in Pot Hand lust week,
n the Sunday society section of the
Oregonian appeared a photograph of
Mrs. Adams, the item reciting her
charms as a hostess.
Banks Mortimer, who has been em
ployed here by the Columbia Auto &
Machine Co., left lueeday for Butte,
Mont., where he has sccepted a posi
tion with the Butte Automobile Co.
L. H. Goodenburger, formerly of this
city, ia also with the Butte auto com
The following Portland people have
been participating in an outing at
Homer Roger's Mount Hood Lodge the
past week: Mr. and Mrs. G. Kirkham
Smith, Miss Mary Stewart Smith, Miss
i sther Tucker, Collin Livingstone,
Spencer Biddle, Mr and Mrs. Erskin
Wood, Miss Ruth Teal, Miss (Catherine
Hart, Miss Margery Hoffman, Feidi
nand Smith, Erskine Sigert and Will
iam Wheeler.
Accident and Health,
Fidelity and Casualty,
Surety Bonds.
Reed & Henderson, Inc.
Postal Receipts Less
Receipts at the postoffice show a
slight decrease over those of last year.
A report of Postmaster Reavis shows
the receipts for the quarter ending De
cember 31 of this year to be $5,284.89
as against $5,412.48 for the same period
of laBt year. The Christmas business,
also, was less, the December receipts
of 1914 being $2,176.33, while that for
the month just passed was but $2,
Mrs. Barklage Resigns School Position
"It would appear from recent public
ity attendant on the resignation of
Mrs. H. G. Barklage, formerly Mrs.
Maud Strauss, a teacher in the local
city schools that the city school board
had just adopted a rule to taboo teach
ing by married women," says J. O.
McLaughlin, city school superintendent.
"The fact of the matter is that the
board has always given the preference
to unmarried women. Mrs. Barklage
waa not dismissed from the city scheols,
but resigned her position."
A. W. Stone Gets Thanks
A. W. Stone, general manager of the
Apple Growers Association, who sent
President Wilson two lioxes or Hood
River apples, one of Newtowns and one
of Spitzenburgs, received last week a
letter of thanks from J. P. Tumulty,
the president's privste secretary.
"the President has asked me to
thank you for the courtesy you have
extended him," said Mr. Tumulty in
his letter. "He deeply appreciates your
Skaters Visit Sloughs
The continued low temperatures of
last week Irose the surface or the Co
lumbia sloughs so solidly that it was
possiole to skate on the ponds bunday,
On Sunday afternoon hundreds of
plessure seekers were on the ice.
The snow of Sunday night made the
skating bad, but devotees of the sport
hsve swept a clean area and have con
tinued to state throughout the week.
Barrett Meeting Tomorrow
The following program will be ren
dered tomorrow afternoon at 3.30 by
the Parent-Teacher Association of the
Barrett district: Violin solo. Minuet
in G, George Ledford; vocal solo, rVi ia
Aldine Bsrtmess; vocal duet, "Across
the Still Lagoon," Miss Bartmess and
S. G. Oxborrow; vocal solo, "The Last
Night." Mr. Oxborrow; paper, "How
to Dispose of 'the Oregon-California
Railroad Urant Lands, Mrs. w. w
Rodwell. The latter question will be
Lofts Boys Into T. & L Co.
A. C Lofts, formerly in the coal and
transfer business here, has purchased a
half interest in the business of the
Transfer & Livery Co. Mr. Lofts, who
after closing out bis former business,
nurchased farm property at Chester-
brook, Yamhill county, left the first of
the week to close up business there,
and be and his family will resume their
residence again in Hood River, Mr
Lofta taking an active pert in the busi
ness of the Transfer & Livery Co.
Sunday Law Will Be Ignored
The Blue Sky Sunday closing law.
which by decision of the federsl court
in Portland has been declsred valid.
will, for the time being be ignored
"Unless some appeal ia msde to the
city council and the mayor, and I re
reive some instructions from them,"
asys City Marshal Carson, "I will psy
no attention to the law. We have
never bad any trouble here over Sun
day closing.
Saturday, January 8th, at 9 a. m. We Open
Our Annual Clearance and Prelnventory Sale
ING OUR 13 DAYS CLEARANCE SALE. In the face of steadily advancing prices, it
took a good deal of resolution for us to decide to reduced prices at this time. As you
know, when we advertise reduced prices, it means that we actually reduce our regular reasonable
prices, and our guarantee of satisfaction or money back holds good. (We also give 2VC Green
Trading Stamps,) so you can readily see that WE GIVE YOU MORE REAL VALUE FOR YOUR
MONEY than anyone else can offer you. As we take inventory the last week in January, and as
we still have heavy stocks on hand, we decided to have our January Clearance Sale and to make
it even stronger by combining our Pre-Inventory Sale with it, this in many instances giving you
double reductions. You cannot invest your money to better advantage now than in
reliable merchandise at present prices as prices are advancing from day to day.
During our January Sales you can buy the best of merchandise here for LESS than PRESENT
PRICES. An opportunity for real money saving that will not likely be again presented to you for
sometime. YOU KNOW THIS IS SO. Remember the Time and the Place-No Excep
tions or Reserves.
Bragg Mercantile Company
J. T. Holman Celebrates Birthday
A happy family reunion waa 'partici
pated in on Cbristmss dsy at the home
of Mr. and Mrs J. T. Holman on the
Heights. The occasion waa in celehra-
lion, not only of Christmas, but of Mr.
Holmsn's 70th birthday. All of the
children and their families, with the
exception of two sons-in-law, Ed Bar
ton, of Athena, where he ts in charge
of a wheat ranch, and James Provence,
of Portland, where he ia engaged in
business were present.
An excellent dinner wss served
and a huge birthday ' cake, baked
by Mrs. C. C Holman, was cut. Those
present -were Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hol
man and sons, Roy and Wilbur: Mr.
and Mrs. C. C. Holman and daughter,
Rose: Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Holman and
son, Floyd, and daughter, Edna; Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Holman; Mrs. Ella Pro
vence and son, Harold, of Portia d;
Mrs. Grace Barton and daughter. Irma,
of Athena; Mr. and Mrs. J. L Neal,
of White Salmon, and Mr. and Mis.
Payer, of Oklahoma.
New Liquor Laws Violated
Violations of the new Piohibition
laws began as early as Monday to
cause annoyance to Sheriff Johnson,
who on that date received a circular
letter of a California brewing concern,
which, according to the postmark, had
been mailed in Hood Kiver the dsy be
fore If it were intended that the
sheriff be made the tictim of a practi
cal joke, the joke may rebound and
prove a boomerang for the perpetrator:
for the officer has btieh on the trail of
the guilty party.
However, it does not appear that the
sheriff wss singled out as the victim of
a joke, since other local citizens have
reported the receipt of letters, roailed
in violation of law.
Mrs. Castner at Corvallis This Week
Mrs. Chas. H. Castner ia at Corvallis
this week, presiding over women's con
ferences that are being held there in
connection with fanners' week. Tues
day evening Mrs. Castner delivered an
address on "The Efficiency of Woman
in the Home." Tomorrow evening she
will again talk, her subject being, "So
cial Life in the High School."
Christmas Carols Sung
At the meeting of the music depart
ment of the Womans' club at the Riv
erside Congreagtional church last week
the following participated in the pro
gram: Mra. Rslph Koot, Mrs. C. C.
Lemmon, Mrs. C. 0. Huelat, Mrs. D.
H. Drewery, L. A. Henderson, Este
Brosius, O. T Wedemeyer and Geo R
Wilbur. Rev. A. S. Donat read a paper
on the development of Christian music
Congregational Church
Sunday morning worship at 11 o'clock.
Minister's subject, "Nature and Test
of Truth." Church choir and soloist
will sing. Sunday school st 9. 60 o'clock.
Classes are organized for children.
young people and adul'a. I here will
be no Vesper service.
Next Wednesday anrusl church re
ports followed by a social at tie church
Christian Church
Bible scnool at 9.45. Harry Casb,
superintendent. Classes for all ages.
Morning service and Lord's supper at
II o'clock. Christian Endeavor 6 15 p.
m. Evening service at 7 30. Morning
subject "The Bible doctrine of the
Holy Spirit." Evening, "Sin and Its
I uie." All ate most cordially invited
to attend our services.
Methodist Church
Sunday school at 10 a. m. Public
worship at II a. m. and 7.30 p. m.
Themes; Morning, "Sleeper, Awake I"
evening, "The Marks of Christ." Ep
worlh League at 6.30 p. m. Prayer
meeting 1 hursdsy evening at 7.30
o'clock. The public is cordially invited
to attend tneae services.
Christin Science Services.
Christian 8eience Service will beheld
in Room 2, Davidson Building. Sun
day, 11:01) a. m Subject: "(iod, the
freaener or Alan."
Pondav School at 10 a. m.
Wednesday service, 8 p. m.
The reading room is open daily from 8
to 5 p. m., room 55, Davidson building
Grace United Brethren
Bible elsssea at 10 a. m. Christian
Endeavor at 7 p. m. Preaching ser
vices at 1 1 a. m. and 7.30 p. m Sub
jects. "The God-Man." and "Jesus.
the Helpless." A cordis! invitation ia
extended to alL
Be'ghts Baptist Church
Sunday, Jan. 9. preaching by J. L.
Allen. Morning subject, 11 o'clock.
"Rebuke Your Soul.'1 Evening, 7 80.
"Unfold Your Lite in Ilia."
W. N. Winter, who has been here for
the paBt five years engaged tn different
capacities with the telephone company,
leit luesday afternoon with his family
for Everett, Wash., where he will
make bis home and assume the active
management of the Puget Sound Tele
phone Co., a merger of some 25 ex
changes, both of independent lines and
of the Bell interests, in the Sound dist
rict. x
The now merger will operate toll
lines into Seattle and as far north sb
. Mr. Winter, who will continue ss
Resident of the Oregon-Washington
elephone Co., conducting the execu
tive business of the concern from Ev
erett, is also president of the new
company. '
Commandery and Council Install
The officers of the Commandery of
Knights Templar and Council of R. &
S. M. were installed at a joint meeting
last Thursday evening.
The officers of the Commandery in
stalled were as follows: D. McDonald,
E. C.;W. L. Clark, Gen.; C. K. Mar
shall, C. (i. ; E. 0. Blanchar, tress.;
H. L. Dumble, rec. ; A. D. Moe, S.
W. ; W. F. Laraway. .1 W. ; J. K. Csr
son, W.; A. Canfield. St. B. ; H
Hershner, Sw. B. ; Walter Waiters,
The officers of the Council, who
were installed by Grand Master of the
State, W. F. Laraway, were: J. K.
Carson, T. I. M.; W. L. Clark, R. 1.
D. M.;W. F. Laraway, P. C. W.; E.
0. Blanchar, treas. ;H. Hershner, rec. ;
C. K. Marshall. C. G.; A. 0 Moe, C.
C. ; D McDonald Ste. ; Walter Walters,
Night School '
Persons may join the regular classes
in manual training, cooking, sewing,
typewriting bookkeepirg and penman
ship any time during the first two
weeks of January and take up the work
with the classes.
A beginning class in stenography will
be organized if five persons wish to be
gin tbe work at this time. '
The schedule of classes is as follows,
all classes meeting at 7.30 p. m. :
High school building Cooking, Mon
day evenings ; sewing, Wednesday even
ings; bookkeeping and penmanship,
Monday and Wednesday evenings.;
stenography, Tuesday and Thursday
evenings; Manual training building
manual training, Monday and Wednes
day eveniegs.
Library Spauith, Monday and Thurs
day evenings
if you sre intent-ted, call city super
intendent of schools. Phone 2792.
J. 0. McLaughlin, Superintendent.
Business Girls Active
There ia no more active business or
ganization in Hood River than the
Girls' Club, an affiliation of the Wom
an's Club, composed of the business
women of the city. During December
the young wumen aided the Woman's
Club very much in the distribution of
food and clothing for the poor. During
Christmas week the club was enter
tained by Mitsea Meta Carter and
Madge Otis at tbe home of the latter.
On New Year's Eve Mr. and Mra J.
P. Lucas were host and hostess for the
young women. As tbe yesr 1916 wss
born a excellent dinner was served the
Grls' club.
While the auxilliary organization will
hold no meetings during January, it
members will conduct specisl work in
conjuction with the Women's club.
Portland Men Open Tailor Shop
Under the firm name of Dale & My
er. Allan A. Dsle snd Joseph C. My
er, both of Portland, are rearrsnging
the interior of the old Hood River
studio building on Third street, where
they will open a tailor shop next week.
Both men are skilled tailors snd they
will make a specially of men'a suits,
all made in Hood River. They wll also
engBge in cleaning and pressing.
Schermann & Jackson Cease Business
Schermann and A Jackson, who have
been operating a horseshoeing shop' on
Cascade avenue, have discontinued bus
iness. Mr. Jsckson has accepted a po
sition from W. G. Snow, and is now en
gaged in the letter's shoeing shop at
the corner of Fourth and Columbia
Ferry System Continues Operations
While the Columbia is filled with
much floating ice, tbe Hood River
White Salmon ferry ay stem continuea
operations. Tbe river toat lines con
tinue on their usual schedule. Tbe
Dalles City, of the Regulator line,
roaoe ber regular down river trip yes
terday and ia expected to return today.
Job printing, at tbe Glacier office
Everything good because
you got it here. And
bought at the right prices,
Grocery of Quality
E. E. KAESSER, Proprietor Phone 1012
The Wintry Wind Blows
And It Snows
and good things to eat are demanded by
our increased appetites. Just call the
Arnold Grocery Co.
Phone 2121
The New Year Right by assuring your family
of protection, by using nothing but Govern
ment Inspected Meats. There are no inspect
ed meats other than that from GOVERN
Insist on the
Purple Stamp
Every carcass that has passed this Government
inspection bears this stamp. We are the only
market in Hood River that carries exclusively
Government Inspected Beef. It costs no
more to give your family this protection.
Dressed chickens for your New Year dinner
all ready, for the oven at 18 cents per pound;
if your order is received before 12 o'clock on
Friday, Dec. 31.
Hood River Market
W. B. McGuire & Son :: Phone 4311
, f V j
Hood River, Oregon
Maud Powell
Noted Violinist who
will appear here at the
Heilbronner Hall
on evening of
Friday, January 21st