The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 29, 1915, Image 6

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This Is the Beginning
Of the eleventh season for us with the famous
"White Clover Ice Cream"
and our Pure Fruit Flavors. The ice cream is even better.Jthe sodas
are even better. We are enlarging to make our accomodations even
better, and are hoping to make our service even better.
Come and enjoy these things with us. Listenjto the records as
played on "the new Edison Phonograph" and go away happy.
All your wants in the drug line supplied.
Smith Block
Reliable Druggists
SAFTY FIRST is the Watchword to
day. That means a Deereing mower
and rake to harvest your hay crop.
A Louden Track and Carrier to unload it
and a set of Louden Stanchions in your
barn mean saf ty and comfort for your cows,
and a bigger milk check each month. These
tools are guaranteed best in their class
and for sale by D. McDonald.
In the circuit Oonrt of th8tata of Oregon, for
llie Uoumy or iiooa mver.
C1h Urlbble, pUlntlff
Mary Nln Hsvsks and M. Yaaul. Defendant!.
To Mary Nlus Havs!, one of Ui above named
In the name of the State of Oregon, yon are
hereby required U bppear and aimwerthe
complaint tiled agalnal you in tne above en.
tilled null on or beiore tne eipiraiion or an
week from the 161b day of July, ll, being
the dale or me nrat publication or tnie win
moon, and If yon fall to a appear and answer
aid complaint, ror want mereoi, tne piaintin
vlll lake judgment ana decree againn
you for the anin of nau.uu to.
vttther with Interest thereon from
September SKI, 1913, at the rate of 8 per cent per
annum, and for the further aum of SI4U.W) at
torney tee. and for the ousts and disburse
I menu of this suit, and will take decree
anainat all the above named defendant! fore-
cloving plalutltt'a mortgage deacrlbed In aald
complaint and directing the aale of the mort
gaged premlHea deecrlled aa the HK'4 of Sec
tion HA In Townhhlp X N K. K. w. M., eon'
talnlng MO acrea more or less, the aald land la
further deacrlbed and dealgnated on the
United Mate plau and In the United Btatee
patent aa the Nof the HK'4 and Iota num
bered I and 2 or Beet Ion Xi, Township 2 N., K.
K. W. M., Hood Ulver County (formerly
Waaco t'Oiintv.intate of ureaon. In the mau
I ner provided by law. and the application or the
I prnceeria or aald aale to the payment of the
iioata and dlaburaementaof thla ault. to pay
ment ol the auma round due the plaintiff, and
barring ana rorecioaing earn ana an aaia de
fend until and all peraoni claiming under
them from all right, title. Internal and claim
In and to aald mormaited nreinlaea.
This summons Is served upon ynu by pub
lication thereof for six consecutive weeka In
the Hood Klver ulacler, purauant to an order
I of the above entitled court dated the lat day
of July, lttlfi. KOHfcKT v. MEAKUI,
Aiiorney lor riaiuun.
First publication .Iifly 16, laif
ImhI publication Auguat 2, 1015.
CaoL Otla Traibcr ia tnotUr Hood
River boy who is making food. B
eauso of tha aoeccM of a boat built by
bimaelf for tha Underwood-Hood Kivar
ferry lyitan. recently old to Bert
Kent, to was called by county official
of the Puget Sound district to con
struct aimilar erafc Hie latest success
occurred last week, when be was com-
missionen to eonetroct the Rrst doooie
end propeller type of ferry boat, driven
by a LMeael oil burning engine, ever
built in tbe world.
Tbe Seattle Poat-InteUtgencer In
speaking of the proposed boot ssys:
'Tbe King eounty board or commis
sioners bas authorized capt. uus
Treiber to Drenara olant and soeeiQca-
tiuni for a new ferryboat to ply be
tween Seattle and Vaebon Island. Tbe
ferry will be of tbe double-end propel
ler type, operated bv Diesel oil burn
ing engines, and Its dimensions over
II will be 120 feet in length. 86 feet
beam. 13 feet hish. with an 8 foot
draft, and will have a total capacity of
600 Dissenters. 275 of whom msy be
seated Inside the boat, with a oecit cs
pacity sufficient for 33 automobiles.
Tbe estimated cost of tbe boat is $30,'
000, and iu speed at 12 miles sn hour.
' rour men will be required to oper
ste tbe vessel, and Cbsirman M. J
Carrigan expressed tbe belief thst be
cause of the efficiency thst will be pro
vided bv tha boat itaeif and all 01 lis
equipment it will be operated at so low
s cost that it will be a paying utility
from the first trip it mskea to Vasbon
isisna. "
Mrs. Treiber and children will return
to tbe Sound district with Cap. Treiber,
who was hers the latter part of last
Aeeordin to a letter received by
Wilms Sisg from C N. Ravlin, cher
ries sent by J. R. Nuns maker to tbe
Psnama-racine exposition asve won
laurels. Tbe Lamberts were the finest
submitted tbe jury of awards, and a
plau of tbe fruit was tsken by tbe
government for an oil painting. Tbe
Kings made an especial appeal to the
Jury because ol tne oecioeaiy ntgn na-
Mr. Ravlin ssys. however, that Qre-
son (rowers, can learn a lew uicas
T - A . . . , i
from tha erowera ol lAlnornia, wno
oaek their fruit more atractively. Csl
fornia cherries are packed so there is
Dossibilit of cherry being cut.
They are rounded off io a bulge similar
that used In backing apples.
An Oregon Commission bulletin ssys:
Tbe Willsmette and Kogue Kiver
valley sent Quantities of cherries, snd
some of them wonders, but Hood River
sent the box of tbe largest cherries
shown at tbe exposition. These were
Lamberts and of a sise unbelievsble to
those unfamiliar with the site to which
Oregon cherries grown. Hood River
bas a right to make a big noise."
Pimples,skln Blemishes, Eczema Cured
Mo odds bow serious, how lone stand'
ins vour case, there's help for you in
every particle of Dr. Hobaon'a Eczema
Ointment. It wipes out all traces of
your ailment, and leaves your ekin clean
and soft as a child's. Hundreds of users
have voluntary letters of thanks.
Just try one box. It will mean freedom
from suffering and embarrasment.
The county court has expressed satis
faction with tbe two miles of West
Side mscadam just south of Columbia
park, which were resurfaced in the
early summer by Roy D. Smith, super
visor of the district, with clay and
'I hsve ridden over the road in an
automobile, "says Judite Stanton, "and
It is like riding over a paved street. It
is very likely thst we will use more of
a similar surfacing on the old macad
The surface of the road, applied at a
comparatively small expense, results,
alter the top dressing baa packed, tbe
clay binding the gravel, in every re
spect similar to the Belmont road.
d. Mcdonald
Telephone 2171 or 5611
Notice of aale of real property for delinquent
Notice la hereby alven. that on July 8. 1915,
two 2 aeoarate warrant! were Only and res
u.ariv issued oy me tuv tveooraer 01 me oiiy
I of Hood Klver, Oregon, to me directed and
delivered, oommanrilug ma to lortbwltb ad
vertise the properties hereinafter deacrlbed,
ai(aliiat which sasessmeuta lor tbe coal of a
newer ayatem within Division No. dof uener
al Hewer Dlauict No.l.of the aald City of Hood
Klver, Ureaon, have been heretofore mane
aud levied, a particular deacrlpllon of which
aald properties, together with the namea of
the persons u wnoiu aaaewaeo, ana uie unpaia
balances or earn assmsuienia, is aa loiiowa,
One (I) warrant describing lota Two and
Tweutv.three 12 and 1) of Block Thlrty-ttoven
finiol 1 I nod Klver I'roner. an addition to the
City of Hood Kiver, Oregon, assessed to Ma;
11. Mortices. Amount due, Sft7.t; and
One (1) warrant deacrlblng lot Three (HI, and
the North one-quarter 0-,)ol lot Tweuty-Two
I. bock TMrly-Heven ;-t7). Hood Klver
roiier, Hood Klver. Oregon, aaaeaaed to A.
I. Cunning and W. L. aud May B, Hodgea,
Amount due,
Ana aieo ut aaia juiy aa, iir, a warrant
waa duly and regularly laaued by tbe City
uity oi nooa ttiver, uregon.
tome directed and dellveied, commanding
is a tent that will stand hard wear
That won't come apart through cheap material or
That will be as good next year and the year after,
as it is the first season.
you can get such a Tent by asking for the "Will
amette" and making sure our trade-mark is on it.
Every Tent is guaranteed to give absolute satisfacton.
"Willamette" TenU art made in all itt$ and sfyfcs.
They cost no more than Tent without name or guarantee.
For Sale by All Reliable Dealers
Frmtrly WUltmttf Tut mmd Arnmine Ca.
me to forthwith advertlae the property here.
Inafter mentioned and deacrlbed. agalnat
which an aaaeaauieni ror the ooat of the con-
atractlon of a acwer ayatem within Hewer
Dlatrlct No. 1, Dlvlalon No. 2, of aald City of
Hood Klver. Oregon, haa heretofore been
made and levied, a particular deacrlpllon ol
which aald property, together with the name
of the twraou to whom It wai aaaeaaed, and
the unpaid balance of the aaaeaaiueut, la aa
followa, to-wlt:
UIM TUUl y ... . j .in- . v V " r ,
Idlewlld, an addition to the City of Hood
Klver, Oregon, aaaeaaea to u. W. llowara.
Amount due. 177. Ho:
That alaoon July , twin, two (.'int ner aepa.
rate warrant! were duly and regularly laaued
by the City Kecorder of the City of Hood
Kiver, Oregon, to tne directed aud delivered.
oonimandlng me to forthwith advertlae the
nronertv uerelnalter men'ionea ana ne-
eurlhed, agelnat which aaaeaamenta for the
coat of the Improvement of Proapect Avenue
In aald City of Hood Klver have heretofore
been made ana levied, a particular aeacrlp.
tlon of which aald properllee, together with
the namea of t he peraouato whom aaaeaaed,
and ttie amount ol aald aaaeaaiuenui ii aa lei-
Iowa, to-wlt:
one (11 warrant dnacrlhlug lot Two (i).
Hlock Thlrty-Heven (X!) of Hood River Proper,
an addition to the City of Hood Klver, Ore
gon, aaaeaaed to May H. Hodgea. Amount due,
one (t) warrant neaonning lot i nree ( i),
W. B. Arena, a son of Mr. and Mrs
r. X. Arena, and A. Uillard. Jr.. son
of Mr. and Mrs. A. Millard, St., are
authors of articles appearing in tbe
July number of Better Fruit. Mr.
Arena, collaborating with E. U. Lake,
bas written of the development of tbe
fruit package. Mr. Arens bas been
attending tbe Oregon Agricultural Col
Mr. Millard bas compiled an exhaus
tiva article on "Tbe Apple as a Farm
Product Hi8 tor v and Present Status
While he deals more specificslly with
the commercial history of tbe fruit, his
research bss brought to light interest
ing romantic history connected with
the king of fruits.
Cured of Indigestion
Mrs. Sadies P. Clawaon, Indiana, Pa.
was bothered with Indigestion. "My
atomach pained me night and day," ahe
writes. "I would (eel bloated and have
lieadachea snd belching after eating
also suffered from constipation. My
(laughter had used Chamberlain's Tab
lets and they did her so much good that
she gave me a lew doses ol them and in'
siated upon my trying them. They
I, ..I, n, .. rwV,;n alia I,.. ,lnna
iiui'vu iivi bd iiii fuiug v iDv a ma uuuvi
ror sale by all dealers.
They Never Forget Hood River
After one resides in Hood River for
a year and then goes away he invar!
ably wants to get back. Tbe follow
ing letter, an example of this lure,
was recently received by W. J. Baker
from John K. Newton, who is now in
Philadelphia, where he is manufactur
ing sanitary sugar bowls:
'Do you know or any house to rent
in Hood River something like tbe place
we had;iaet winter of Mr. Nichols? 1
think it is quite likely we may be back
there lor the winter as we do not like
the idea of spending the winter here
and if we make up our minds to go
back will probably want to go quite
Block Thlrty-Heven (37) or Hood Klver Proper,
i i:uy oi tiooa Kiver. Oregon.
Hodgea. Amount due, S74.IS.
an addition to the
aaaeaHed to W. I.
And alaoon July
8, 1916, another warrant
waa duly and regularly laaued by the City He-
corner oi the Ltty oi nooa mver, Oregon
me directed and delivered, commaudlug me
to forthwith advertlae the property herein
after mentioned and deacrlbed, agalnat which
an aHaeHHiuent for the coat of the Improve
ment or Twelfth Ht reel in t he aald City of Hood
Klver. Oregon, haa heretofore been made and
levied, which warrant deacrlbed the property I
aa Una One and Two (I and 2), Hlock One (II, I
Hlowera' Klral Addition to the City of Hoed
Klver, Oregon, aaaeaaed to Mra. K. H. llrydle.
Amount due. n.s.ia.
I hat each of aaia warrant! aid further com
mand tne to aell aald properties, or eo much
d aeparately to advan
tage, auttU'leut to pay the aald delinquent aa-
HHKKiniMilA aval nal each of aald prtnwrtle!. to
gether with lulereat, coat! and dlaburaementa.
n the manner provided by law. and return
the uroceeda of auct: aale to t ne I lly Treasurer
of t he l ltv of Hood Kiver. uraron.
Now. therefore, in pursuance or tne aaia
warrauta, aud for the purpoae of Hatlarylug
the aald delinquent aaaeaamenta, 1 will, on
Haturdav, the .seventh (7th) day of Auguat,
Wlh. at the hour ol len mui o eiocg in tne fore
noon of that day, at the front door of the
City Hall, In the City of Hood Klver
County of Hood Klver, Bute of Oregon
proceed to aell at public auction to
thehiuheat bldder-furcavb In hand, the aald
several lota, tracta or parcela of land above
mentioned, or eo mnch of each of the aatne aa
cau be aold aeparately to advantage, sufficient
in oav the aa a eeverai aeunnueni aaaeaa
menta, together with the Interest, coata and
Ulahuraemeuia proviaeu oy iaw;auu win wu
tmue aald aale from day to day thereafter, un
til stld property la aold, or ao much thereof aa
may be ueoesaary to aauaiy lue aaiu
liated at Hood Kiver, Oregon, tniaara aay
of July, A. u. ii.i.
lvs.a. J. IV. i.Annun.
'Marshal of the City of Hoed River, Oregon
Notice to Creditors.
Notice la hereby given that the underalgned
haa been appointed by the County txmrt of
Hood Klver Couuty, Oregon, adminlatratorof
the extote of Barbara Caaeuave, deceaaed,
and haa duly quallded aa aucli.
A 11 perMias havlug claims against aald estate
must present tbe aame with proper voucher!
duly verified according to law, at my office
In the First National Bank Building, Hood
Klver, Oregon, wltbiu all (6) months from the
date of thla notice.
Paled and first published on the lit day of
July, A. I). IK15.
Jyl-Jy Adminlatrator
Dating Stamps, Sell Inking Stmp.,
rocket Stamps, Pen and Pencil Stamps,
Ku, made to order at the Ulacier of
fice at Portland prices.
Richards Sells First Sweet Corn
C. A. Richards has won laurels as
gardener. A vacant lot on Cascade
avenue, the scene of his efforts, is
pleasing sight. His beans, potatoes
and sweet corn have grown luxuriant
ly. Last Thursday he marketed tbe
first sweet corn at the store of the
Consolidated Mercantile Co.
D. A. Turner has also been eating
sweet corn from bis own garden.
Best Diarrhoea Remedy.
If vou have ever used Chamberlain
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
you know that it is a success. Sam r.
(ruin, Whatley. Ala., writes, "I had
measles and not caught out in the rain
and it settled in my stomach and bowels
1 had an awful time, and bad It not been
for Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy I could not possibly
have lived but a few hours longer, but
thanks to this remedy, I am well and
strong." For sale by all dealers.
Montague Writes For American
James J. Montague, brother of Mrs.
Geo. 1. Sargent, is now writing for tbe
International Magaaine Co. (Hearst a)
His poems of beautiful sentiment hsve
been appearing recently in tbe Amen
can Magazine. Mr. Montague, whose
poems hsve long been favorites with
the American public, is now dealing
with tha European war situation. As
the cartoons of Hy Msyer, Puck
cartoonist, whose animated pictures
sppear at the Electric theatre, make a
strong appeal against the horror of the
war, so do Mr. Montague's poems.
When Hot Weather Oppresses
When you suffer from a feeling of op
pression, when a naturally keen and
alert brain seems dull and stupid, when
bodily strength seems lacking and you
are inert and languid do not blame it
altogether on hot weather. Tbe hot sun
will not effect you half so much if the
bowels are regular and the liver active
and healthy. Foley Cathartic Tablets
are the ideal remedy for indigestion and
constipation. They give stout persons
prompt relief from that uncomfortable
bloated and congested feeling. For sale
by Chas. N.Clarke.
Marshall's Sale
Notice of sale of real property for delin
quent assessments.
17. M1&. a warrant waa duly and regularly la
aued by tba City Recorder of tbe City ol Hood
Klver. Oregon, to me directed and delivered.
commanding me to forthwith advertlae the
property bereinarter aeacrined, agalnat wnicn
aa aaaeaamenl fur the cost ot tbe Improvement
of Twelfth street In tha aald City of Hood
Klver, Oregon, naa neretorore neea maae ana
levied, which warrant deacrlbed the property
A), mvs D), nix io) ana seven m,
BlocH one (i), onepier e euo-aivision of nes
to Arthur H. St. Clair and '.
antvlew addition to the city of Hood River,
I. White, amouut due, tMe.tO.
And alaoon said July 17, l91&,e warrant waa
duly and regularly laaued by the r)lty Kecord
er of the City of Hood Klver, Oregon, to me
directed and delivered, commanding me to
lorwllb advertlae tbe property hereinafter de
scribed, againit which an anaeeament for the
eosl of the Improvement of Fourth street In
the aald City of Hood Klver, Oregon, bss here
tofore been made and levied, which warrant
describee the property aa Lou Eleven III) and
Fourteen (M), nioca i niny-aeven (svj, nooa
Klver Proper, an addition to tbe City of Hood
River. Oregon, aaaeaaed to John A. Beckwltb.
amount due, tAM.
That alaoon aald Jnly 17, 1915, a warrant waa
duly and regularly laaued by the City Kecord
er of tbe City of Hood River, Oregon, to me
directed and delivered, commanding me to
lortnwiin aavertiae tne property nereinaner
deacrlbed, against which an asaeasrueut for
tbe coat oi tue improvement or stay street in
the aald City of Hood Klver, Oregon, has here.
Utfore been made and levied, wblcb warrant
described tbe property aa Lou Four (4),Flve (61
8li()and eleven (7), Block One (I), Bhepler'i
sub-dlvlslonofFleasantvlew addition lo the
City of Hood Klver, Oregon, aaaeaaed to Fran
ce M. Wblte, amount due,
NOW. THEREFORE. In pursuance ot the
aaia waxranu, ana ror toe purpoae or satisfy
ing the aald delinquent aaaeaamenta, I will on
Saturday, the Twenty-first (Wat) day of Aug-
nat. llllfi. at tbe hour of Ten 101 o'clock In the
rorenoon oi mai aay, at iue irom uoor oi me
City Hail, in the city or nooa Kiver, count;
of Hood Klver, Bute ot Oregon, proceed toael
at public auction to tbe blgheat bidder for
cash In band, the aald aeveral loU, IrarU or
parcel! of land strove mentioned, or ao much
of each of tbe same as can be sold separately
to advantage, sumo lent to pay tne aald sever
al delinquent asseaamenu, together with the
interest, oosu ana aiauursemcuts proviaea oy
Isw; and will continue aaia sale Irom aay to
day thereafter, until aald property la sold, or
so niucn mereoi aa may ue ueuesaary w satis
fy the said assesameuu.
uaiea bi noou mver, uregon( wis iiu uay
a. It. t-AIUHin,
of July, A. D. 191ft.
Marshall of the City of Hood
mver, uregon,
of the First National Bank, of Hood River,
County of Hood Klver, Hlate of Oregon, show.
ing tue amount sutnaing loinecreaitoi every
depositor July 1, 1915. who has not made a
deposit or who haa uot withdrawn any part
of hi! deposit, principal or interest, ror a per
lod of more lhau seven (71 yean Homed lately
nrlor lo aald date, with the nsme. last known
Dlaue of residence or post office address of
ancb depositor, and the fact of hi! death, if
Woody, R. r., Hood River, Ore., 110.00.
Haper A Coleman, Hood Kiver, ti.ll.
State of Oregon, County of Hood River, ss:
. B. O. Blancbar. being first dnly aworn
depose and say upon oath, that I am the
Cashier of tbe First National Bank of Hood
Kiver. Connly of Hood Klver, Stale oruregon
that the foregoing atatement le a full, true,
correct and complete statement, sbowtug the
name, last known resiaence or posiomceaa-
dress, fact of death, If known, and amount to
tbe credit of each depositor aa required by the
provisions ot Necuoni 73i8-7.ii, inclusive,
Lord's Oregon Laws.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st
day of July, A. D. lvlo.
Notary Fublic for Oregon.
My commission expires Oct. lUlt.
Do colds aettle on your chest or in your
bronchial tuhjri ? Do coughs hang on, or
are you subject to throat troubles?
Such troubles should have immediate
treatment with the strengthening powers
ol Scott's Emulsion to guard against
consumption which so easily follows.
Scott 'a Emulsion contai ns pure cod liver
oil which peculiarly strengthens the res
piratory tract and improves the quality of
the blood; the glycerine in it soothes and
Deals tne tender membranes ot tne throat.
Scott's is prescribed by the beat special
lsu. You can get It at any drug store
Scott Bowne, Bloom&dd. N.J. ,
Hood River's Medical
Open to the public for treat
ment of Medical and Surgi
cal cases.
Cottage Hospital Assn.
Oakdale Greenhouses
The first 15 days in December
is a good time to plant Roses,
Shrubs and all hardy plants.
We have them. Have also tu
lips and daffodils. Pot plants
for winter at Franz', where
orders for cut flowers will be
Fletcher (H Fletcher
Phone 47J Hood River
We Don't Keep
We Sell Them
E. E. KAESSER, Proprietor
Phone 1012
When Your Visitors Are Here
From the East Let Us Take You for that
Spin over the Valley
Our Motor Cars at Your Service
We are local agents for the Maxwell; would be
pleased to demonstrate its qualities. Garage located
at the foot of Fourth and Columbia Streets. Acces
sories and garage equipment, gasoline and oils. Re
pairs made. But the most interesting message we
have for local car owners concerns the
Brown Scientific Non-Deflating
Pneumatic Tubes
Not an experiment but proven of worth by actual
test. Don't dread punctures and blowouts.
Let us show you the Brown.
Fourth and Columbia Sts.
Tel. 1361
Does Your House Need
Sherwin-Williams Paint
"The Best On Earth"
The Glacier Pharmacy
Oregon Lumber Co.
Dee, Oregon
Both Phones
Estimates Furnished
We have storage space for all kinds
of goods in a concrete building
Our Tranfer Wagons Will Move
Complete Transfer Service
Transfer & Livery Co.
Phone 4111