The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 26, 1914, Image 3

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J. M. WOOD, Proprietor.
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Hood River, Oregon
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"In A Persian Garden"
Song Cycle for four solo voices. Words selected from
Rubaylat of Omar Khayam. Music composed by Liza Lehmann
Mrs. Ralph Root Soprano
Mrs. C. H. Henney ........ Contralto
Mr. Norman A. Hoose ........ Tenor
Mr. O. T. Wedemeyer Bass
Mrs. C. E. Coffin, Mrs. E. D. Kanaga ... Accompanists
Concert Under Auspices of Unitarian Church, to be given at the
Congregational Church
Monday, November 30, 1914, at 8 o'clock p. m.
Admission fifty cents
Reserved Seats on sale at Clarke's Drug Store
We have storage space for all kinds
of goods in a concrete building
Our Tranfer Wagons Will Move
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transfer & Livery Co.
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Copyright Nov. 1914, by 0. P. Dabney,
I (Second installment)
The next morning after a good hot
, breakfast (such as our mother used to
cook) we were seated tn our coaches
and they bounded away one after an
other. We were all eager to see more
of the wonders of that mysterious land,
As we proceeded on our way, the land
scape seemed to unfold before us, emit
; ting one beauty spot after another, or
I soma wonderful phenomena, and inter
mingled with those was wild game
i sauntering along near the roadside,
! The birds were flitting about from tree
I to tree, while the porcupine, ground
; hogs, and other small animals, were
playing hide and seek around the rocks
; and down timber. They all seemed to
i realize that Uncle Sam stood behind
them and that they should nave no
fears for either "Dudes" or "Sav
We are now passing Obsidian (glass)
mountain, which is on our left It is a
strange looking formation of black
glass, and so hard, we were informed
by our guide, that in order to remove
the undetached debris, so that a road
might be built around the base of the
mountain, it was necessary to heat the
glass and while hot cold water was
thrown upon it and in that way it was
broken up and removed.
The next objects of interest were
Twin Lakes, to the right of us, each of
which was nearly half a mile in length
In one of these the water was as blue
as the sky above it, and in the other
one the water was as green as a Sham'
rock, while between and connecting
them w as a small lake whose water
was a rich brown color.
But we dare not linger, for we were
all anxious to know from whence came
all the great noise ahead of us, and soon
we were in sight of Koaring Mountain.
towering up nearly 8,000 feet above
sea level, and resembling a great ash
heap. There are many vents on the
side and top of the mountain from
which hot steam is continually escap
ing and from some of these caverns or
vents comes the hissing, roaring noise
like that or a thousand demons.
The steam and heat has long ago
killed the scattering trees that once
grew on the mountain unmolested, but
now their white trunks stand here and
there like scarred sentinels. A little
farther on and to our right was the
"Devil a Frying Pan, a wicked look
ing basin filled with frying, sputtering
stuff, that none but the devil might re I
Our next place of interest was Horn's
Geyser basin, where we saw the first
geysers on our trip, and which are
most wonderful and interesting. Among
them was the "Black urowlur, that
continally discharges black water and
steam with such a terrible force as to
cause a growling, hissing noise like
that of many demons. While we never
tire at looking at the beautiful pools
and geysers, many of which were
clothed in purity and innocence, we
were glad to move on, when we came
to the ' Black Growler.
We have left the field of geysers and
are going down the Gibbons Canyon.
following the pretty winding river by
that name, whose waters are as clear
as crystal and whose banks are dotted
here and here with chocolate and other
colored cones of vatiuus heights, rang
ing from five to fifteen feet, and in the
crater ot these the hot water is boiling.
bubbling and running over the edges
and dripping down into the river below
We are scarcely out of sight of one
wonder until some other one is in sight.
which iB still different, so that now we
are passing the Fieryl Pool, with its
various colors, which are very beau
tiful. For some time we have been
slowly climbing up and up, until we
are several hundred feet above the
river, and are now looking at the great
falls. where the water is pouring over a
great precipice and dropping down into
a whirlpool below, from whence it
winds its way like a silver thread
through a deep gorge and around moes
covered boulders that are supporting
many evergreen trees that seem to be
imbedded in the very heart of the large
rock. We have now crossed the bridge
that spans the river a mile below the
falls, and have halted at the Gibbons
lunch camp, in the shade of towering
The morning ride through that mys
terious and beautiful country nearly a
mile and a half above the sea, had
whetted our appetites to a keen edge.
Oh, my 1 those hot rolls, butter, fried
trout, and then more trout, but I must
not dwell on good things to eat, for
there are many more wonders yet to be
seen, and after a rest of two hours we
are again on- the road, where we soon
leave the Gibbons river, with all its
grandeur, and cross the divide to Pine
Hole River, which we followed for sev
eral miles. Seemingly the farther we
drove the more romantic and fascinat
ing the grand panorama unfolded be
fore us, until we arrived at the Nez
Perce night camp, a historical spot,
where Cowen and his party were cap
tured in 1877 by Chief Joseph and his
wandering band of savages.
The camp is in the edge of a dense
forest and a hundred yards from Nez
Perce creek, where one may catch the
speckled beauties and by a turn can
cook them in a boiling pool a few feet
away. Dinner is now over and our
guide piloted us to another field of
wonders two miles distant, and one of
the strange eights was a mud geyser,
where the ashen colored mud was con
stantly being thrown into the air from
two to fifteen feet, and as it dropped
back into the crater the jets would
form themselves into shapes of various
vegetables, flowers, animals, birds,
etc., soon to settle down into the great
stir, there to be thrown out again and
again. It all seems so wonderful that
really we were mystified at its strange
actions. Among the other strange
things we saw was a well of black col
ored ink, and from which no doubt
there have been many effective love
letters written. -
On our return, the campfire was
lighted, and the evening was taken up
with singing, story telling, eating pop
corn, etc., and thus ended the second
day of our trip, on July 3, 1914.
As there were so many points of in
terest to visit on our third day, we left
camp at 7 a. m., and after a short drive
across a beautiful wild meadow dotted
over with many rare flowers, we
stopped at the Fountain Geyser just in
time to see the great column ot boiling
water thrown a hundred feet or more
into the air, and the millions of drops
in falling down looked in the sunlight
like so many diamonds. In the same
locality there were numerous other
geysers and pools, each one with its
own peculiar display, coloring and form
ation. Near by, too, is the Mammoth
Paint Pots, a boiling, bubbling mesa of
thick material in red, pink, yellow and
other colors, all stirred by the tireless
hand of nature, so that the colors blend
and the little jets' popping up have
formed a thousand little pyrmamids of
various colors.
On leaving that phenomenal field,
we diverted from the main road and
are now looking down into the deptha
of boiling pools, near Fine Hole Lake,
where a blue flame of Are intermingled
with the hot water a lew leet below
the surface. A little distance away is
the Black Warrior Geyser, a most
wicked looking crater, where, black
water and steam gushes forth in a most
terrible manner.
We have returned to the main road
and are passing many other pi sees that
are just aa wonderful, until we have
arrived at the Midway Oeyser Basin.
or "Hell a Half Acre, as it is aener
ally termed. But a few years since its
domain was enlarged oy a great explo
sion, so that now it rovers an acre of
space. To see the wonderful place,
we left our coaches and descended a
succession of steps to a foot bridge and
crossed the rine Hole Kiver. ihe cra
ter, which is 200 yards from the river.
is twenty feet deep, and one can look
far down into the blue water at it boils
up and runa over at a lower place and
empties into the river at the rate of
4.000 gallons per minute, while the
steam rides in great clouds and floats
away. While we would like to linger
and study the mysterious wonders, we
dare not, for there arc yet to be seen
so many, other places that are not less
interesting, and as we go on, we puss
Excelsior Gevset. Prismatic Lake. Tur
quoise Pool, bilent Pool and manv oth
ers, esch one bearing ita uwn individu
ality and coloring more tviuistte than
any artist could portray. Even the
coloring rises with the steam and is
borne away from some oi the pools. L
We are now at "Biscuit liasin. where
a hundred thousand biscuits, or forma
tions resembling them, have been taken
by the hand of nature from a bottom
less pool and rolled out, and are stand
ing on edge apparently to dry. The
biscuits were of uniform size and verv
strange and beautiful. We did not
sample them, but piocccded on our
way, and soon entered the Upper Gey
ser Basin, where a thousand wonders
were awaiting our arrival. We were
net a little surprised to see so manv
geysers, springs, pools, etc., and each
with its own special coloring, formation
and action. Among them was the
Morning Glory Spring, which name is
appropriate in every sense of the word.
Did you ever look I nto a blue or pur
ple morning glory when the final rays
of a summer's sun shown on its dewy
petals?? Did you see the blue and pur
ple tints as they glistened and sparkled
in the sunlight? Did you Bee the little
scalloped edges that formed its border?
Did you feel the power of love and
beauty while you gazed intensely into
its depths? Then increase its size ten
thousand times and you will have seen
the Morning Glory Spring in the Yel
lowstone National Park.
We have now stopped on the bridge
which spans the Fine Hole river and
are watching the display of River Side
Geyser. The cone is ten or twelve
feet high and stands immediately on
the brink of the river at an angle of 45
degrees, and from ita crater gushes
forth a great volume of boiling water
which is carried into the sir a hundred
feet, and then it raina down into the
Fine Hole river that runs along over
mossy rocks, undisurbed by the beauti
ful cone of red, yellow and gold. '
It is when the geyser is playing in
the sunlight that a pretty rainbow may
be seen, coming up over the river and
extending from one side to the other.
ab some oi the dudes are growing
thirsty, we again drive a little from
the main road to visit the Devil's
Punch Bowl, where a thousand little
demons are apparently stirring the
puncn as it bubbles over on all sides,
which is constantly building it higher
and higher.
1 did not understand the ingredients
or makeup of the contents of the punch
dowi, out unaourjieaiy tne little demons
understand the art of mixing to produce
such exquisite coloring. A look at the
contents of the bowl was sufficient to
quench the thirst of the "dudes," and
we passed on to hmerslU Lake, which
is rightly named, for the water is as
green as the grass on the hill? arouid
As some of our party had soiled
handkerchiefs, wo next visited band
kerchief Pool, where piece after piece
was thrown into the boiling water,
where they immediately disappeared
from sight and after passing through
the subterranean laundry they came
to the surface of the pool washed as
clean as if they had been washed in one
of our fine steam laundries and strsnge
to say, the proprietor did not show uu
or send his bill for the washing.
from there we passed the Three Sis
ters Pool, which was beautiful and in
teresting, but from the surroundings
one would judge that they were all old
We have now passed Old Faithful (of
which 1 will speak later) and arrived at
the Shard and Powell Camp, which is
located in the edae of tall pine timber.
some thres hundred yards from and in
sight of Old Faithful Geyser. After a
delicious lunch and an hour's rest, we
were lead by our most efficient guide,
Mr. Chas. J. Powell, over the gravel
field of wonders of the Upper Geyser
(To be continued)
Best Cough Medicine for Children.
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Pittsburgh one of my children had hard
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Apples Sold in Bags
A dispatch from Galveston, Texas.
ays that a feature in the apple market
thare of late has been Idaho fruit put
up in bushel bags, an experiment of
one of the produce companies of that
city. The saving of boxing, packing,
wrapping and freight charges makes
it possible to sell the fruit at a closer
figure. The new idea has not been fully
tried out, but if it meets with favor it
will be continued.
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Try them. Sold by Cho. N. Clarke.
Court Decides Against Boundary Board
Judge Bradsbaw has decided against
the School District Boundary Board in
the case involving the. transfer of a
portion of District No. 2, Frankton, to
District No. 4, Barrett.
Immediately after the action of the
boundary board this summer, Frankton
citizens secured a temporary injunc
Put a porous plaster on the chest and
take a good cough svrup internally if
you would treat a severe case of sore
mngs properly, uet tne dollar size Bal
lard's Horehoond Syrup. With each
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Woman's Club Works for Charity f
The Philanthropic Committee of the
Hood River Woman's Club wishes to
express ita appreciation to the people
of Hood River town and valley for the
generous donations of clothing and
most of all for willing hands last Wed
nesday at the Unitarian church, where
the work of receiving, making and
mending of clothes for the worthy un
fortunates in our midst and for those
to us unknown, but who must be re
membered in their adversities, was more
than gratifying, for so much was ac
Ihe committee wishes also to state
that it has had definite information
from the Crook county colony, thirty
miles beyond Prineville, where many,
many families will suffer if help is not
given. We will pack and dispatch box
es from Hood River December 2 to,
Belgium and to Crook county, and any
one having material, clothing, new or
old, provided it ia clean, may leave the
same with the committee before that
We wish that there might bope apples
donated for the Crook county colony ;
not only for the food value but the
medicinal as well, for any one having
lived in that land of alkali water
knows ' what the longing for fruit
means. Mrs. Jav P. Lucas.
Chairman Philanthropic Committee. ,
ar under-iixe, under-weight
with pinched faces and poor blood ; they
do not complain but appetite lags, they
have no ambition and do not progress.
Such children need the rich medicinal
nourishment ia Scoff's Emulsion above
everything else ; it pure cod liver oil con
tains nature's own blood-forminc flr.h.
building fats which quickly show la rosy
cheeks, better appetite, firm flesh and
sturdy frames.
If your children are lanmiM. t;r1
when rising, catch cold easily or find
their studies difficult, irive thi-m
EmuUion; it supplies the very food ele
ments mat uieir systems lack.
Scoff 'a EmuUion contains tin almhnl
and is so good for growing children it's a
puj 10 aeep it irom lueui.
H-47 Scott &BOWU. BfonmftM V t
That will remain moist.
Everv housewife whn tialrM hot num
hread know that If a littlp nnlatn I. A.oA
to the sponge, the bread will not dry out
at quickly, in tnts recipe potato Is utilized
to make doughnuts that will remain mnici
and fresh for several days.
K C will be found to have HLtlni-t A.
vantages over any other Baking Powder
for doughnuts. K C is a double acting
baklnu Dowder with which a ns kairh f
doughnuts may be mixed and fried a few at
a time. The last will be as light and nice
as the first
K C Potato Doughnuts
By Mm. Nevada Britres. of Balm
r i l
ocnooi iame.
&cupt Aour: teggt; 1 cup
tugar; i level teaspoonfuU
K C Baking Powder; i tea
tpwmful $alt; t teaapoonful
mace; 1 cup cold mashed
poiaw: i cup muK, or more
i f inmonoA
Sift three times, the flour, salt, trice and
baking Powder. Beat tggi with rotary
beater, then still using rotary beater, grad
ually add sugar, then work in the maihed
potato with a spoon and alternately add milk
and flour mixture. Make a toft dough, roll
into a sheet, cut into rounds, pinch a hole in
the center with the ringer and fry in deep fat.
Fat for frying should not be hot enough
to brown the doughnut until it has risen.
When the doughnut it dropped into the fat
it sinks to the bottom. Ai loon at it comet
up it should be turned and turned a number
of timet while cooking. This recipe it ex
cellent as they do not take the (at iu frying
and will stay moist for days.
, Real Estate
ING A Specialty of City Property, Residence
tots, and Hmall Tracts Clow Id. For
Bargains call on or addreas
Hood River
Home Phone 2372
New Schedule
Mount Hood Railroad
A. N.
8 00.
I Oft.
8 16..
8 HO.
S 85,
8 50.
10 00.
10 15.
EflMtlve 13:01 A. M.
Hunday. Hep I. 'JO,
Lv Hood River Ar
Van Horn
, Wlnans
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Trout Crook
Wood worth
Ar Parkdale Lv.
No. 2
P. M.
..1 40
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.is as
.12 t
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Hood River Cigar Factory
F. M. WHITE, Proprietor .
Manufacturer of
High. Grade Cigars
Civil Engineer and Surveyor
Brosius Building
Dealers in
Fruit and Farm
Are admitted to be without a peer, when you want a
"life time" range come here and buy a Majestic.
We are showing one of the most attractive lines of
Heating' Stoves
that has ever been seen in the city, it is a pleasure to
show them whether you are ready to buy or not.
We want your business, and as we are very con
servative in the matter of extending credit, the
Man who pays his bills
is not called on to pay an additional 10 to 2D to
cover bad accounts, when you trade with a merchant
who trusts everyone you must either pay the bad bills,
as well as your own, or that merchant must "go broke."
Blowers Hardware Co
The Firm That "MaKes Good"
Phone 1691 Oak and 1st Sts.
The Purity Dairy Co,
Yours for prompt service and
Good Milk.
Bridal Veil Lumbering Company
Building Material
and Box Shooks
Yard West of Freight Depot Phone 2181
Hood River, Oregon
The Tip Top Dairy
Phone 5844
Steamer Bailey Gatzert
Leaves Hood River Tties , Thurs. and Sat,, at 11:30 a. m. for Portland and
way landings. Fare Portland each way $1 ; The Dalles and return 76c.
Steamer Dalles City
Leaves Hood River Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at U:3() a. m. for
Portland and way landings.
Steamers leave Portland daily except Sunday at 7 :00 a. n.
Portland Office and Dock Foot of Alder St.
..Livery, Feed and Draying..
Hood River, Ore.
Horses bought, sold or exchanged.
Pleasure partial can secureH rat-class rigs.
Special attention given to moving furniture ans
We do everything horses can do.
Anderson Undertaking Co.
312 Cascade Ave.
Phone 1394