The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 17, 1913, Image 7

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flora- "
For the !$tX Wl Jm W? ' fnf
Man Who Hjwf ffl&gk. &kw sO WlWlll t
Cares A 00W J' Tmler
Here 8!OW ON C, Easiest
1 on Earth
Boys. Shoot Shoes mm Qjgfil OTOCS-
don't go
f i h i 1 1 1 m 1 ih-h n .wH$
Shoes made or repaired at JolinBen's
Buy your coal ol Taft Transfer Co.
F. H. Stanton was a business visitor
in Portland last week.
I.illlC and Klltnlmr Kerne l'l.,..., vnni
order early. Kelly Bros." mlitf
Joe G. Vogt spent Sunday in The
fanes wun relatives.
If you want shoes that
wrong go to Johnsen's.
Can deliver coal or wood
Taft Transfer Co.
L. M. Beritley was a Portland busi
ness visitor the first of the week.
Fresh Columbia River Smelt at Mc
(itiire liros. jititf
A. A. Hail, of Portland, spent the
latter part of last week here.
If your shoes have gone wrong take
them to Johnsen.
Miss Constance .Henderson is recov
ering from a severe attack of mumps.
For prompt delivery of coal, rail Tale
T- f.. n., .
j i mirier IOll
John W. Weaver came from Portland
over the week end to visit friends.
Coul or wood delivered on short no
tice. Taft Transfer Co. fltltf
CATTLE, ETC. Tel. 2151. al7
Louis Schell and family, of Parkdale,
were visitors in the city the first of the
Chicken dinner 50 cents at the Hotel
Oregon from 11:30 to 2 o'clock Suu
day. tf
Keymnnd B. Early was in Portland
last Saturday to witness the Columbia
track meet.
We have some good values in Camas
Prairie hay lands, li. E. Dunccn & Co.
Geo. C. Sawyer, of Walla Walla, was
here the latter part of last week on
Home Piano Tuner G. II. Carrier, R.
h. It. .No. 1 ; phone .S. W. Arnold, No
3102. '&-i
Mr. and Mrs. R H fimnt nf Pn.i.
land, were in the valley the latter part
oi ihsi ween.
I will do your spraying. Ilurdie outfit
complete. Address II. F. Tucker, Box
244, R. F. I). 3, Phone 5li48. aIT
The last number of the U. B. Ly
ceum course will be the Pasmore Sis
ters trio April 2-1.
For Butter Labels printed in accord
ance with Dairy and Food Laws, call at
the Glacier office. tf
Mrs. C. G. Lemmon left last week
for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. C.
S. Snow, of Portland.
Chicken dinner 50 cents at the Hotel
Oregon from 11:30 to 2 o'clock Sun
day, tf
Mrs. G. W. Kennedy returned the
latter part of last week from a visit
with her son in The Dalies.
We have some good values in Camas
Prairie hay lands. B. E. Duncan & Co.
in27 tf
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Michell have re
turned to Seaview, Wash., where they
will spend the summer.
Start making money in hay and
cows. Camas Prairie offers the op
portunity. B. E. DUNCAN & CO.
Clarence F. Gilbert was in Mosier
Monday adjusting spraying machines
that the Gilbert Implement Co. has
sold in that city.
You should protect yourself against
burglars. We insure your jewelrv and
silver against burglary for fit) to f ifi per
$1000. Reed & Henderson. Inc.. A (TP n t q
U, S. Fidelity fc (inarnntv Ci n.Ofltf
John Baker was a business visitor in
Portland last week.
Mrs. Wm. Nichols has been visiting
friends in The Dalles.
Mrs. F. N. Sexton'rvisited relatives
in The Dalles last week.
Carl II. Vaughan is in San Diego,
Calif., attending to business.
Mrs. Norman Tostevin was in Port
land last week visiting friends.
Order vour Dressed Chicken for your
Sunday dinner at MeOuire liros. "jlilt
Fred S. Stanley, nf J'm-il unit uiuu n
business visitor in the city last' Satur
day. Mrs. W. T. Hates and daughter, of
Fort Sheridan, HI., arrived last Friday
to visit here.
Paul Hanson nf tin r,ni,l
district, was a business visitor in I'ort-
lunu iasi weeK.
Will Hupeins. whn is ntlniwlinr, IU
Salem high school, was here over the
weeK enu visiting Irienus.
R. T. Newhall. who is now rpsiH inu
in Portland, has been here the past
week attending to business.
Chris. Uuler, J. E. Reynolds and 0.
T. Smith, of Trout I
visitors in the city the latter part of
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Al. Welch, of Portland,
were here Monady. Mr. Welch was
here to inspect recently purchased
rancmng properly.
Bishop Paddock will hold service of
baptism at the Eoiscona church Thnra
day at 8 p. m. Confirmation service
ounaay at ju:ao a. m.
Miss Helen Davidson, who is attend
ing Portland Academy in Portland, has
oeen here visiting her parents, Mr. and
mio. ii. r. uaviusun.
Miss Kitrv K matr Inft Inuf Tk.i.D.ln.1
-- j ... .wV AIIU1SWUV
evening for Snnkane nnri f'nlfuv U7
where she will spend several' wppIis
vnsiing relatives and friends.
c niches mai n Hint oil Lin.L ,.f I.-;-
work done from combings, by Mrs. l.ina
ict ann, cor. '.mi ami Columbia Streets,
Phone 2504. !
Mr. and Mrs. .1. D. Pel
here since Saturday. Mr liunim ;
member of the engineering corns of
inc x acme rower oi J.lgnt Co..
Bishop R. L. Paddock will hold con
firmation services here Sunday at the
St. Mark's Episcopal church, the ser
vices will begin at 10:30 o'clock.
Before ordering your "Biirbiiuk" ami
"eriiiont Gold Coin" Seed Potatoes
you had better call U. C. M. Ranch!
Phone Odell-337. nilntf
A. J. Kramer, who owns a place at
the top of the Tucker grade, but who
has been in Portland for the past two
years, was here Sunday on business.
Start making money in hav and
cows. Camas Prairie offers the op
portunity. B. E. DUNCAN & CO.
Robert E. Shinn. whn
the Oregon Agricultural College, was
here last week pruning the orchard of
Mrs. J. H. Osborne 111 thf Hub (Irnva
G. II. Rnush. an nrph-.r-ttuf f fii
- " vimiuil'li V 1 VIUI
uenuaie. wash., was here Tuesday to
see r'rot. U D. Thompson. Mr. Roush
is Dlantins a larce nrrhnnl in tha :.!-
dendale region.
You should nrotopt vnn
burglars. We insure your jewelry and
silver against hnrcl
f 1,000. Recdife Henderson, Inc.. Airents
L . S. Fidelity A Guaranty Co. in20tf
The U. B. Ladies will hold a Ken
sington in at the home of Mrs. John
Walters, Fourteenth and Columbia
streets, Friday afternoon, April 18.
All ladies will be welcomed. -
Walter Wood, a son of Judge Fre
mont Wood, of Boise, Idaho, has been
here for the past two weeks visitine
D... D I. I x ;i ... . n
iuy diuck hiiu lamiiy. nir. wood and
Mr. JJrock spent Sunday in Mminr
Mrs. S. B. Carlisle
eastern Oregon.
Mrs. L. C. Simnis and little son vis
ited relatives in Portland Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Taddock have
arrived to make their home with their
Mrs. CoriL'don. of I
visiting her daughter, Mrs. R. N.
Mrs. W. I). Rogers hns liiiort n.ill.-.l
to Salem because nf th illnnsu ,,t ,.
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Whi. nfn.i.
land, were here the first of the week
visiting friends.
George II. Gill, of Dufur, was here
over the week end visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Chas N. ClarltP
H. L. MacLeod, of Portland, was
up the later part of the week looking
over his Summit ranch.
ie Keep in stock a full and complete
line ot iiumberers and variety stamps
The Glacier Stamp Works.
Mike Carrigg, of Portland, was here
liiC I IM III I MM Wfifilf Ql rumlnwr !..;
ness and visiting friends.
G. D. Wnnd
house on his Upper Valley tract near
iu- cdiaiuauiua grounds.
mr. ami n,irs. a. VanAni In u;,.ro
in The Dalles last week to attend the
iunerai or the late A. H. Curtis.
J. F. Thompson, of the Upper Val
ley, was in the city the fiist of the
week seeking medical treatment.
Dr. and Mrs. J. K. Locke, of Port
land, were here last week the guests
of Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Hronaon.
Earl Dietz is recovering frcm an
operation performed Saturday at the
Cottage hospital for acute appendicitis.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Smullin anil
children relnrn.iH luot i.
,, , " "" "ecu irom
lennsylvania, where they soent the
Col. and Mro U7 J? t....i
...... ,,. lucKercame
down from LI Corregidor the first of
inc weeK and visited Hood River
1. I). Purkins ujhn l,nc I .
Azusa. Ca if.. Xuilh hio
. ' ; 1 Kiir-iiio, was
here over the week pmH vioii;.,..
friends. '
Mrs. E. R. Piuilnu nnrl v,ui ..
unic nun ar
rived here from Pnrtlnml m j
Mrs. Pooley will soon move to 'their
Last Side ranch.
Victor Johnson u-lin !,., I,
- - - uucu Bevere
V ill at thu PnKonn i ... l .
- . - iiui.fiiiMi, wnere ne
underwent an operation for appendici
tis, nas returned tn h a h,mQ
Immanuel chuich, the Heigths, Sun
day, April 20, Sunday scliuol at lu
o'clock. Evening praise service ;,t
7:30, at which Mr. Ilurgrcavcs will
Mrg Muronrnl V etul'fot nf T. li.. .
Ore., Grand Worthy Matron of the Or
der of the Eastern Star, will he lure
Friday night to pay an official jsit to
the local chapter.
Mr. anil Mrs. Geo. W. Simons, who
are well known in Hood River, where
they own ranching property, were
sliL'htlv injured in an nntoiimhi!,.
dent in Portland the first of the week.
Local Elks, whn nrp anoil nt n,., I,i
or have made reputations as twirlers.
may be drnftpd nn ihs Klkn 1 ut..l,.,ii
team that will he nut on the ithi mom!
this season by The Dalles lodge of II
P. O. E.
Hood River Lodce No. 105 A K
A. M., will hold a regular niei tinp
Saturday eveninc when work will iiu
conducted in the M. M. degree. All
visiting Masons are invited to attend
the lodge.
On Friday evening, April is, at 8
o'clock at the Asbury M. E. church, a
reception will be given to those who
have recently united with the church.
The members and friends of the church
are cordially invited.
Mrs. R. E. Scott and two children,
who have been spending the winter in
Indiananolis nnd Mifhitrmi,-rw,,i
home last Monday. They were accom
panied by Miss Nell Hewett, who vis
ited with Mr. and Mrs. Scott last fall.
Another Friday night dancing party
will be Kiven tomorrow evening at the
Heilbronner hall by the merrtuers of St
Miss Lois Ppirrnnot m.1 M.. r
Jones, of Wheaton. III., have rrivd
here to spend the summer with Miss
Peirronet's brother, J. L. Peirronet, in
the Upper Valley.
At the mnrmnc? enpiinin In iu it.
.. ..n; ,, (JUJ.
tarian church the subject will be "Un
itarianism and the Poets." Beautiful
poems will he road Po:
c n -,i ". ""-""'s ocivice
at b:.) with musical program.
ou should protect yourself against
burglars. We insure vour jewelry and
silr against burglary for f 10 to 15 per
I. ' "'." lv "enoerson, inc., Agents
P. ridelity & Guaranty Co, in20tf
. The members of Canby Relief Corns
will enjoy an all-day social at the
home of Mrs. O. C. Dean Thursday
April 24. All members are urged to
be in attendance and to invite their
friends to join them.
R. M. StnnO O.U linn I, ... .
as city night officer this winter, has
resigned Ins position and has left for
Green Point uihorn ha ; . ..
foremen of the Stanley-Smith Lumber
Judi'p T. R Kont lofi k r... a l
week to spend the summer at Central
Point. Judfe K pnl aavg Inn Cu: -
. "ic uailillg IS
reported good in Jackson county and
lum ne expects to iuily enjoy life down
Mark s Guild The
- . . ..x. vwuniiHicc
charge of the party is composed of
Mrs. C. R. lionp Mm Ptiu Po t,
and Mrs. E. II. Sheuard.
W. T. Patfersnn has u i i , . .1
from Albina to take the (ilHce m (, v
Sailing in the oflice of the O- . !..
IN. CO. Mr. Sn inir ia iii tl.. . .. . .
the Mount Ylnnd f'n u'h,.v. I I
.... . , "nvii. i.t urta Mir-
ceeded Ashley Wiison, the h t r having
been promoted to superiidcndent of
the line.
For Slllo Hv rusiilint hiu'ki, ....(
One sound, gentle, all around hnr.n'
weight 1050. Ranch eiiuipment in de
tail, also huosehold COIIiIm. I'llil IfiHiU
etc. For quick cash sale, cheap. Also
me b room almost nioilern house to
rent. Annlu P V i'ii,,
--TI--J " ' --. ..vt. v., i nun,; llllpil.
iioou Kiver.
Mrs. J. K. McGregor, of Mosier. was
in the city last week visiting fiienc's
ana to attend the meeting of the East
ern Star. Mrs! McGregor, who is iust
recovering from an injury sustained
in a lau last winter, when she was in
Portland, is still somewhat lame from
me accident.
Grand Master Wheeler, of the Odd
Fellows of Oregon, who was making
ion Hiniuai tour, visuea idlewild Lodge
No. 107 Tupsd
Mr. Wheeler stated that the local lodge
was me one Hundred and seventeenth
he had visited this war A i,q.,,,.,.
was unuereu me urand Master.
Mr. and Mrs. R H II lien hnro un
nounced the marriage of their daugh
ter, Jane Elizabeth, to Herbert F. Cal
vin, at San Francisco, on April 5. Miss
Hoge, who has spent the past two
summers here with friends and at the
iioge cottage in the Oak Grove dist
rict, has many Hood River friends.
H. A. Hollingshead, who was mar
ried in this city last fall, his wife hav
tng come out from North Dakota, bus
mysteriously disappeared lrom his
home in Portland, lie I. f! lor south
ern Oregon looking for a hanking loca
tion, and Mrs. Hollingshead has not
heard from hi m Rilwi. l! '-n Ma ia a
member of the Masonic fraternity and
members nf thut nri,ll In V M t 1 1 . 1 1 B,a n.
. - t Blu
ing in his search.
Rubber Sl.'iniii InLa u,,A I'. lonin,;,
ouice, also Etamos made to i,r le
Camas Prairie
There is money in hay and cows, and this spring is the correct
time to get into the business.
We have some good farms, equipped with buildings. The
S ) s "Will
suit your pocket-book.
Mish Lvnnre Adums, who has been
spending several weeks in Los Angeles
has returned to the city.
News has been received here that
Judge H. J). Kolapp, who has many
friends in the valley, has liiiin rliM,.,t
president of the Amalgamated Sugar
oi i tan, to succeed the late David
The most of the Hood River boy
and girls who are attending the 1'iii
versity of Oregon at Eueene. hav..
cotno home to eniov tin. snrir.., v,..
'"Ml w II inoir imrutt U un.1 IV . ....I.,
Iliose who are here are- Misa h'vi
irocK, ( hester Huggins, Karl and
Dunald Onthank. Kill
John ( onner left Sunday for S!,.ttl..
io resume his studies at the University
ot V ashington, after having visited
here durinir the serimr i u..ui!.. m
l.opper is a member of the Psi I'psilon
i.iieiiiu.v. won van Horn, who en
tered the University of Washington at
the begmningjof the second semester,
oas oeen pledged to the Sigma Chi fra
M. Maigulis, of Portland, whore
cently purchased two tracts of land
just tins side of the Tucker bridge,
was here last week superintending im
provements that he is making there.
Mr. Margullis will plant 40.(inil straw
berry plants this year, set lr0 d'Anjeu
pear trees and set a number 1 1 f it 1 1 1 1 1
trees. He is cleariiiL x lr, ..f
and with a donkey engine.
The dedicatory pyi iis.a ul iV... ii.b
Grove school Saturday, when addiesses
were delivered by Rev. J. 1J. Hur.
greaves, not. L. II. Alderman, supei
mtendent of the Portland schools ...
J. H. Ackerman, of the Monmouth
I Normal school, were well attended.
jO. T. Weil, mever rendered a solo that
ws lippriciated by those present.
Suclair and Frank Lave port,
.!., relurnd last week from t e Stan
'' U d Stearns riienlns near Rend,
where they spent a week hunting.
vvnne there Mr. Sn clair sustained
very painful injure. While trvim
extract a earti idge that wi s jammed
in his gun the missle exploded and se
verely lacerated one of his thumbs.
The Columbia Art Co., the photo
graphic work of which will be done ly
Ernest J. Rlooin, has opened ipiarleri
in the building at the corner of Cas
cade avenue and Sor-md sir....t in
opposite the Hotel Oregon. Mr. Rlooin
has just returned from Portland where
he added to his tiuipmcnt for securing
out of door views ai d tor making ei -largement
from small films or places.
Banquet Tendered I'nion Directors
A number of the business men of the
city and valley apple growers weie
hosts Saturday night at a banouet
given in honor of the board of direc-
tors of tie Apple Growers' Union at
the Hotel Oregon. Th.. I. nurd ,,f
tors is composed of: W. If. Diekeison
Albert Sutton, O, L. Walter, L. E
Clark, C. W. Hooker, Dr. Stanton Al
len. L. E. Ireland K C llni,.,i,,u,,
and John H. Mohr. After fortifying
themselves with
banqueters spent the remairnitr of the
evening responding to toasts of fi lici
taion to the ri
harmony of amalgamation.
Picture Frames
The FRAMK is often half the PICTURE.
Why spoil the picture with a poor frame?
Bring it to us and it will be framed right
A lot of new Moulding? in all sizes and
shades. OVAL and ROUND FRAMES,
Slocom's Book & Art Store
"The Place That Does the Framing"
-- . -
1 Q Rii Ram I
i wtr i nn Bir
IIItTs. I'll y A ratt,in Sood time- I
l8 M,EN AM P'cce to tell time by. I
t M tiTY-ryjt AU H III I I IIIC
9 -M Jeweler and Optician 1
Oppovite Butler Bank I
llr7"" 1
Railroad Commission Renders Decision
The State Fiailrnuil I III.. It. luul. .1. huu
decided the (Inner Vallim mil. ,.uo.. i,,i
nas ordered the cull annle rate from
t arkda e anil I'mnt Cn ,.u uiui,,,.,u r..
duced on ksa than carload shipments
over me mi. llood railroad.
Voluntiirv rcihiri ilinu U'irci ifiiiilii l,,i
me railroad company a few weeks ao,
wnicn applied to'apples, lumlier. nota-
oe8. hav. straw and i inslnid r,,i k
Comnlaint nl;ilivi. tn il.p m,,,iui.,.
inn of a reeular iii'int nt I'urkihil,. .....u
"From the Manger to the Cross'
"From the Mmwpr tn ihn f'r.u " o
movine nicture iirnilnctinn ,,f thn 'lif.,
of ChrjHt, will he produced at the Gem
theatre next week Wednesday and
Thursday. The six reel BihhVal mas
terpiece recently unniMiroil in l',..l
at the Ilili(j theatre.
lhe picturea were taken in the Holy
Land at a cret nvnuric u,i u :n ... . r
interest to young and old: for they will
depict realistically all of the scenes of
Christ's life.
Carpenter Robbed
One of the carpenters working on
the Pacific Power & Light Company's
project on the llood river south of the
city, was robbed of $S7..ri(i Friday
Kin. ine money was taken from
under his pillow while he slept. Sus
picion fell on the head waiter at the
cook camp, one Ward, who disappeared
the night the money was stolen. Local
authorities immediately communicated
with adjoining cities that a watch
might be kept for Ward. However, he
has not yet been captured.
lotatoes make fine hog feed and
growers this season have realized a
profit by turning their tubers into high
priced pork. Potato fed pigs may be
purchased in Oregon, Washington and
Hubber Stamp Ink at this oflice.
No Garment Should Be Put Away Until
It Has Been Thoroughly Cleaned
I'irt, grease, wrinkle and cienscs ruin a gar
ment faster than proper wear.
If y..ii lay your winter clothes nny dirty they
will loi.k old and dingy next fall, and'niay be full
of Hint lis.
I 'it cleaning not. only removes all dirt, grease,
com,-, mot h eic, ,llt if ,,,,1 ttWlly i n,,'.
bov or bug in which they are returned there is
absolutely no danger of mollis, and your clothes
are ready to wear any iiiinule y.m want them in
in the fall.
Tell us hmv you mult them returned, whether
in box ni 1,,, ,,,) ,.j C11m 0)l(1 r(i(tiy (()
lav or hail.' away. We will guarantee them to
open satisfactory in the fall .
Cleaning and Pressing
Basement of Brosius Block Phone 1 124
Bearing Orchards
Centrally Located
In Exchange for City Property in
Hood River and Portland
i i
' 0
Vl"ffM I