The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 17, 1913, Image 4

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Notice For Publication
Depaitineut of the Inwrlor, (' 8. la d Oflii
at ltie Imllin. Oregon, April 11, 11.4.
Notice li hereby glvm tlmt h1nr N. Vu.
derllp, of Iwe. Orison who on Jin) lit b. 111.
made HomeMead, So. fur ij .1, r-;
JiWij. Nec. 5, Twp. 1 Nortu, Kuont-lO r.Ht, nun
fliVjS', ,8- ctlon ft. Toii-iil..'i.rlu, Khiie
10 Kant, Wlliitni?tte MiTlitlMii, liw- flleil uolire
Of taieDtlOO to llotke Kllttil ( OIlllllUtMIloll
Proof, to etati!tii claim to tt.c I x ml mive
dt-M-rtOed, before K. A. I'.iMioii, 1. w i ommi,.
lourr, at tlla oltli-e, at Hood Kiu-i, on-goo,
on the ilth day of May, lH.
L'lMllIIHUl name as wHoeM: I i -ortfe W.
Kollaa, Frank Ni-ale, HikhX it vi-r, orttfoii:
I'liarles U. Kotxrui, Julinu I'. ISi-olt, Iw,
C. W. M'MiKK,
al7ml5 It-iM. r.
Vou Want
I lati !i th-m in
"Mancly Lee"
1913 "MAMQY LEE"
Incubloii Heat Quickly, Run Evenly
nd have the
Lee Triple Automatic Control
I hu ke?p your incubator n-fht rtiglil or tUy
Egg Level Ventilation - Freah Oxygen
nt nil tnTif is anuther f luive Let ff at h
3F Lee Ittcubninrt ait. gu-i nimd t
hntth vmre tin ft brttir rftnks than ur,y otluf
incubatur vr the ttu'tlur tu n.
Tr.e new ain are 120, 150. 200, 240, 300
and tli new atylo ttdiunai f00 to rgg.
Our 1913 CATALOG
of "Dtamorvl jpty' Poultry Supplies
liatintr everyrlwna nrrranriry hit trV pnXf.iMr
production of poultry, mini HiC valuable Ltt
booktt$ e on ftctjuesf.
Portland, Ore.
Write Today for Cataln". No.')2 1
Anyone in need of
Dirt and Gravel
Apply to
and W. E. SHAY
"Young man, when you buy a
buggy, be sure it's a Studebaker"
Sound advice from the man who has leen
driving one for twenty years.
Wlir-n yon Luy a Studt-hnkr-r ttigpy you are buying
all the skill, experit-nce ami scirnce ia linggy building
that half a century can produce. You are protect
ing yourself against the mistakes of younger builders.
You will always lie proud of the Studebaker
natneplate, for there isn't a bui-'gy on the road that is
its equal for style, luxury and good looks.
Flexible bent-reach pear, graceful lines, solid cor
ner, plugless body, tlouble-imiied nhafli, are a few of
the special Studebaker features.
The new close fitting shifting rail is enough in
itself lo make you buy u Studebaker buggy.
Farm Wstinns
lluftinusa Wauon,
See. ottr IoUr ur uri!t. m,
STUDEBAKER South Bend, Ind.
HINNEU'OI.'.S SAl.l I.AkKCIIY S.iN FtlANl !S. O 1'i.UI TI.AN 1 ', ORE.
Are You Ready for Spring Work ?
Wo do all kinds of repair work and are ready to put
your machine in first-class working order.
Grubbing Tools and Land Clearing Implements
Never throw awav a shaft or pole, or any other part
of a wagon. lring them to us and let us make
them as good as new at but a slight expense.
Power Blacksmith and Wagon Shop
Phone 2011, 4tn St., North of Cascade Ave.
Q&0mmA Holed for the Excellence
Situated in the Hub of the Principal Theater and Shopping District
Recently Redecorated and Refurnished Throughoijit, and
Metier ('.quipped Today Than Ever Ilefore.
Rooms, without bath, $1.00 per day and up
Rooms, with bath, - 2.00 per day and up
N. K. CLARKE, Asst. Manager J- G. KAl'FMANN, Manager
Kl.eumalinn, a.- a rr-u't of kidney
troiil.le, Hill an J m-hiiiir joint", bai'
and fore kidm-v ill ail vield to the ue
of Folt-v Knlii-.-y Ii II lly an- tonic
in actk'n, guiik in rcultc, al
av. tt. P. Stanley, lnd.,
a'n: "I would tiot take tlOJl-rtl.e
fr,.m Li.lm-V tr'.lllllf I ri'lflV--l
ni- mitfii- l'X of roli-y M'liM-
' I'lias". N. flarkf.
For Dyspepsia
If you auHer Stomach Trouritsi
and you try our remedy, tt won't
cost you a cent if it faiU.
To prove to you that indig-ti.D
and dyii'' l'!ia rka f-e tli'rtj'iily r"
liHfl aid tint ki-iall Iyiii
TaMuta mil du it. e will (
the ij.ed.i me ahuoluiflv free If l
fails to give you auifa tiuu.
Tlie rrmarkal.lM iuco-M of Retail
Pvprpaia 1 aU" ia d ia to the
(Jfirn-e of . ii ntific akill ufd iu de
viMiiif tli' " formula an wed a to tha
car.- ti r iwd in their manufacture,
nhrr-ljv tliD well -know ii projirtie
of lii'iiiiiih-Suhiiiiral'i a-il li'io
have lfri properly eonil-im-d with
tarmiiiativea and other anoota.
nimuth Pul.i.itrB'e and Pepein
are (oriitantiy employi") ai.d rf'JK
I,ir d Ly th nitire im-dn al profea
aioii ai invdliial.le in the treatment
of indiK'-mion and dyi-ptiifia. 'i heir
I n,ii r lomliirihtioii ii.uki a a reinHy
nr. iilttahir for eluinai h relief.
are so rert.-iin that thera i
noilniiK mj g'iod for atoinacb ilia a
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you to try tht-m at our nk. '1 hree
aiit-f, friitfl. 60 (-uts, uud $1.00.
'ou rati huy lii-iall I)yi.'Pia Tablet
to this coiiidiuuity ouly at our atom:
Hood RlvtrTAt 3J2 Jforf Oregon
TiSrt Is a Fri!I Ht-ra In r-arly avary Vwn
arul ntv in tL IViitfil biaui, ( auavla aii'i
(rrfnt (irifitin, Tlirn la ft diffirmil Kiill
lifimlv fir rarly trrv onjnmry huiutan ill
ttvU r--nHy (inniKtu-.f 1it the partiuulai Ui
(r wru h it is nfvminfinli.
Th Ra&aJI Storaj r America's CtMtMt
lrug btoraa
li.inilli-our l';iiiulv and V't-O'i in.irv
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Spices, Toilet Ankle. Rikin I'owder,
I'rrf nines. Soaps, Kir., in this i ciunly. As
our pioiliKls.'ilewell known to thi'tarmi-rs
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vestment. Our I' tee Course in Salesman
ship alone is woith many dollars lo any
man. Write today and mention tins paper.
Winona, Minnesota
Pump Waaona
An appreciative audience greeted
Kev. Chas. A. Pfcippi t tie Methodist
cl uteri Thursday everdr. hen he de
livered one of his tntertaining and in
structive addresses tmphasizii;g the
need of further improvement along the
various lines of Sunday school work.
Friday evening Kev. l'hippa ai.d Mrs.
Eerguron conducted a Sunday school
ir stitute in the U. B. church in Hood
liiver. Saturday Mrs. Ferguson went
to Cascade Locks and ehe reports a
very satisfactory institute there on
that day.
'lhe Ladies' Aid society were pleas
antly entertained at the hon e of Mrs.
('. K iiuwtrnian on Wednesday after
noon of last week. Next Wednesday
afternoon the regular meeting will he
held at the home of Miss Susie D.
Miss Hope Shelley has many friends
who will he glad to know that ehe is
now in Hood Kiver with the Earis Eair.
Mrs. aid Mrs. H. S. Caughey who
have sper.t the winter in Portland,
came up Tuesday for the summer.
Mr. Caughey looks after the interests
of tico. W. Craw, of Portland, who has
an orchard here.
Miss Jess Duckwall. of Indianapoils,
Ir d., arrives this week for an extended
visit with her lirother, John Duckwall,
and ciusin, Horace Sylvester, and with
other relatives. She won many friends
during a year's stay here and they will
he pleased to hear that she has re
turned. H. T. Parr has purchased a fine black
horse to replace one that he lost last
Mrs. Alice K. Poole and her (laugh
ter, Mrs. Nelliu Crockett, returned
Sunday from California, where they
spent the winter. Mr. and Mrs. Dane
Kemp wi'l return later, probably in
about two weeks.
Mark Cameron, Ceorge Sheppard,
Tom Cameron and William Sheppard
left Monday for the Upper Valley,
where they are a work getting the
Cameron Sheppard saw mill into oper
ation. They will cut lumber for sale
and for manufacturing apple boxes at
their box factory in Otlell. Mr. and
Mrs. T. A. Holes have charge of the
boarding hoiHe.
("has. Ehrck and Miss Anna Mam
men leave soon for California, where
they will visit relatives. They may
return for the apple harvest this fall.
An exchange of property has been
made, whereby county commissioner J.
li. Putnam becomes owner of the prop
erty known us the li. K. Tucker home.
F. E. Strang, who with Chas. Tucker
owned this propirty, now owns the Du
mas property ut Mount Hood.
Mrs. Mark Cameron entertained a
birthday whist party last Thursday
evening in honor of Mr. Cameron'B
birthday. Those present enjoyed the
evening and we are sure they wish Mr.
Cameron many happy returns of the
Mrs. S. I). Fisher, of Mosier, came
over Sunday for a visit with her moth
er, Mrs. Matilda Wood. Monday Mrs.
Wood went to Mosier for a week's visit
with Mr. and Mis. Fisher and family.
A social dance was given in the
gymnasium last Friday evening. All
arrangements were looked after by
ladies. Etuit punch and cake were
served all through the evening. Those
present report a pleasant evening. W.
O. Ash, of Hood Kiver, is spending a
short time in Otlell looking after his
interests. He is stopping with Mr.
and Mrs. H. J. iOade.
Itememher the supper and social Fri
day (tomorrow) evening Odd Fellows
Hall. Supper will be served from li to
S p. m. followed by a novelty program
and an address by liev. Ilargreaves.
Admission and supper 25 cents. Child
ren tinder ten years It) cents. Auspices
Sunshine (luiUi.
The Sunshine Guild will meet Thurs
day (today) ut 2 p. m. at the home of
Mrs. Connaway.
Mrs. Ruber, of Lyle, Wash., is at
home in the Witt property.
'lhe members of the Ferguson liible
class plan that the attendance next
Sunday is to be the record breaker for
the year. Ernest J. lSlonm will he out
and photograph the class as Rev.
Philips has requested that a picture be
sent him for the state Sunday school
convention. A room is to be completed
in the basement as the class has out
grown its quarters. The senior 1'ilile
class is show ing rapid growth, as are
all the classes of the Methodist Sunday
school. Ninety-six present last Sun
day. A recital will be given next Tuesday
evening in the Odd Fellows hall al
Odell by Prof. Arthur J. Harmon and
his pupils, assisted ny Dr. M. 11.
Sharp, violinist, Edward Hill, reader,
and Miss Alberta Staten, pianist. As
will Do remembered b the citizens of
Otlell, Mr. Harmon gave his servcies
gratuitously for the library benefit in
which Mr. Paldwin, Mr. Harmon, Mr.
tianlner ami Mrs. Young appeared
Mr. Hill, the reader, is the artist who
painted the famous picture of Mount
Hood. Of the recital given in tb
Haptist church in Hood River last week
the Glacier says in part: "Professor
Harmon has been at no small amount
; of exertion in gathering and tiaining
ins mandolin cluli, which is already
turmshing splendid entertainment and
gives promise of much good work.
i tie sows aim titieis ny mo nrsl year
pupils are deserving of an especial
mention, each one excelling on his or
her chosen instrument. The entire
program was worthy and culled for
repeated encores. Edward Hill, the
artist, whose ability as a reader is well
known, gave two readings which were
enjoyed by all ami responded to encore.
Prof. Harmon, who is himself an ac
knowledged artist, whs ably assisted
by Dr. M. 11. Sharp, who needs no in
troduction to Hood liiver lovers of the
violin. "
The people of Odell are interested in
the advancement of the Carnegie li
brary proposition in Hood River and
they will greatly appreciate the loca
tion of the library building in a spot
made beautiful ami restful by grand
.o.l ....l. i . ... i. i i . .
urn oais oimer w tioe s'tatio those w ho
wait can rest while the men of their
family attend some business met ting.
A spot easy of nrress so that the very
young m il thme of advanced years may
reach the shaded seat or the'rest room
within tin- binary building without too
gieat i iTort.
Sunday school nt 111 a. m. Seivice
by Rev. Carson, 11 a.m. Epwnrth
League 7 p. m , at the Mt thodist
church next Sumlav.
Sunday school lti.:;n :, n, f c -
in. Si rviee by Rev. Hargveavcs. ' 7 '.
p. m., nt ti e lYien chinch next Siir
There will be no preaching service at
the church next Sunday morning as it
is the third Sunday. Evening meeting
by the pastor will be held.
.Airs. li. it. I lu.rn spent a v
Portland, returning last Mondav
( k in
J. C. Porter is on his farm for a few
days attending to his orchard business.
Miss Edith Winrhell is visiting; hfr
friends in the valley.
The Amicui club will ireet ith
Mra. Arthur Lewis this ek.
Mrs. G. H. Stanton and daughters
spent Saturday and Sunday on the
Mrs. Hans Lage went to Portland
last week.
Several from the community attended
the Harmon recital on Hood River
Heights last week Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Walker has n attack of pneu
monia. Mrs. McDonald is caring for
Arthur Hanson, who has been deliv
ering goons for Henry Lage for several
months, left Saturday for his horre in
Central Vale and will help his father
on the farm this summer. He will be
greatly missed by his many friends
Several of our citizens attended the
Congregational church in Hood River
last Sunday morning and listened to a
strong discourse on Social Purity by
Dr. Emma Drake, of Denver, Colo.
Every parent should have heard this
The Ladiea' Aid society met at the
home of their president, Mrs. J. D.
McCully, last Friday afternoon in a
very pleasant social stssion. About 20
ladies were present. A nice lunch was
served by the hostess and her daugh
ter. The ladies will hold a business
meeting with Mrs. Mark in two weeks.
The teachers went to Oak Grove last
Saturday and attended the dedication
of the new gchool house, where they
met some of the prominent educators
of the state.
The friendB of Miss Zena Miller gave
her a pre-nuptial shower at her home
last Saturday afternoon. Fourteen
ladies were present who were royally
entertained. Mrs. Viola Shoemaker
assisted in receiving the guests.
J. P. Thomsen went to Portland'on
business last week.
M. Hill was in Portland last
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Andrews beard
Dr. Drake in Hood Kiver Sunday.
The Apple Growers' Union had a
carload of spray material on the track
at Van Horn last week for the benefit
of the growers of this vicinity.
Mra. J. D. McCully and Miss Eula
enteitained the Ladies' Aid at their
home on Friday, April 4. In a guess
ing contest for bidden names Miss
Radford was most succssful. Her
prize was the sage little image, "See
no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."
Dainty refreshments were served.
Mrs. Morgan, of Modesta, Calif., is
the house guest of Mrs. J. D. McCully.
Since there will be no preaching ser
vice at the church next Sunday morn
ing it waB planned that those inter
ested bring their lunch to Sunday
school and remain for a fellowship
meeting. At the close of the Sunday
school hour the teacher training class
will meet with R. II. Waugh as leader,
lhe choir will practice special music
for the Sunday following and general
interests of the church be promoted.
On Sunday, April 27, the pastor
plans to holtl a special service in the
interest of the benevolences of the
Regular church notices: Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Preaching by the
pastor, at 7:45 p. m.
It is reported that John Ledford is
coming back to his ranch at the upper
Hugh Elliott, who has been having a
scrap with the smallpox, is getting the
best of it and is on the road to health
The Hood River and F"rankton high
school track tryout at the ball grounds
the other day was all one sided, but
the test is to come yet.
Sam Koplin says that nothing in
Hood River looks so natural to him as
the fishing places do.
F. R. Abstcnand Mr. Tazwell, down
at Menominee, have purchased a power
sprayer from the Apple Growers' Un
ion. Mr. Absten's apple trees were so
large that a hand pump was too small.
E. Shelley Morgan and family came
up from Portland last week to look
alter his apple ranch on Phelps creek.
Hans Lage and wife came over Sun
day and took dinner with his old neigh
bors, John VV. llinriehs and wife.
lhe Hairett tennis team came over
Friday afternoon and played the F'rank
tnnites. The score was in favor of
The young folks from this neighbor
hood anil llelmont went picnicking up
on Haiti mountain Sunday. We think
they were crowding the season some,
Miss Nola liadliff visited Saturday
and Sunday at Clifton with hmma No
Oat luislman lost a fine calf from
eating the poison larkspur.
John Phillips has started logging
from up Phelps creek, but the roads
are bad jt t and it will be some time
before they can expect to do much.
P. M. Morse, wife and family and R
U.tllarteitt and wife, from Hood River,
took dinner with W. T. Price and fam
ily Sunday.
Paul Hanson and wife, from Dukes
ailey, were cullers at John W. Hin
richs' last week.
The Four Leaf Clover (club) is mak
ing a good start this spring. There
was a lull house at Clifton last Thurs
day. 'Hu' next meeting will be at Mrs.
Kmg's April -Jt. with Mrs. King and
Mrs. Mason joint hostesses.
Mrs. llovt did what more of the pat
runs ought to do, visited the school the
ciuer anernoon.
Mr. ami Mrs Noble, of Frankton,
and Mr. and Mrs. Stone, of Hood Riv
er, visited at E. M. Noble's Sunday
y request of several I wish to call
at tent i, m of the road supervisor to
tie condition of the roads between
Odd! ;n ,1 ile They are very danger
ous, in p noes the mud holes are so
deep the winds sink in the mire up to
ai d over the hubs. It would only take
a lew dais1 work to make them passa
t ic. And, as these roads are traveled
co"si,, ,.,i , . thjnfc it would be advis
able to in tier them. As they are, it is
" roor advertisement for Hood River
a'ley. It must be remembered these
reads l ad to Hid Punch Bowl and
t Hied, and strangers are con
y v : s 1 1 1 1 :g these places.
and Mrs Winans spent last Sat
oio' in Hoe,! River.
Vr. and Mr. Wilson made a business
f'P to M.od K;ver Tuesday.
I'oyd h"d Fd Sturcess, of Mosier,
etc , sp, . t Sunday and Monday of this
"ecu in i ia. Wmans district.
n'phur Spray
Kelly Bros.
-Place vour
i .MTI K
ETC. Tel. 2151. '7
John Doggett and family spent Tues
day in Hood River.
Walter B. Davidson is busy superis
ing the road work.
The play at the Mount Hood hall was
largely attended. Eeryone enjoyed a
good time at the dance afterward and
the free lunch served by the ladies was
highly appreciated.
Miss Bernice Everson from Sparta,
Wis., came to Mount Hood last week
to spei.d the summer with her mother.
Roy Blagg spent Sunday at the home
of his aunt, Mrs. O. A. Everson.
Miss Leasure, who has been ill, is
able to be out again.
Luis Hanel began work on the Dav
idson ranch Monday.
Miss Hattie Bailey spent Saturday at
Parkdale with her sister, Mrs. Fred
E. L. Rood went to Hood River to
attend lodge Tuesday of last week.
Miss Helen Ward, of Pine Grove, is
visiting friends in the Upper Valley.
Mrs. I. T. Real and Mrs. A. Kelley
visited the Mount Hood school Arbor
Rev. Van Nuys went to Presbytery
meeting last week so there were no
services at the Mount Hood church
There was no preaching service at
Belmont Sunday morning. Rev. An
derson preached at Oak Grove church.
He will continue to preach there two
Sunday mornings each month from
now on.
Mrs. E. E. Rugg, Miss Jessie, Miss
Wollum and Stanford Rugg attended
services in Hood River Sunday morn
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Galloway, Jr.,
and son, Holbrooke, attended Sunday
school in Hood River Sunday morning.
Mrs. Harry Steele enjoyed a visit
with her brother Sunday, who came
from Portland and returned Sunday
Mrs. VV. L. Bishop and daughter re
turned from a week's visit with rela
tives in Portland Wednesday.
Will Chubb, of Trout Lake, Wash.,
came Wednesday to visit his wife and
two little daughters. On FYlday they
went to Portland to spend a week vis
iting relatives. They will also have
dental work done while there.
Will Davis took his car out Monday.
He will be on the road all summer,
taxing passengers over the valley.
Will takes great pride in keeping his
car in good shape.
Miss Ezma Jones, of Barrett, was a
very welcome caller at the Somerville's
Saturday. Miss Jones has been visiting
and doing missionary work in Hood
River. We are glad to have her home
Neil Nunamker was able to be out to
Sunday school again, after an absence
of some time. Neil has had considera-
hle trouble with a very sore foot.
Mrs. Galligan, of Almeda Way, is
visiting at the home of Mr. and Mr.
Shoemaker in Barrett.
Mrs. Will Warren is visiting rela
tives and friends in Portland.
We hear that Mr. Maynard and fam
ily are soon to move uack to Oklaho
Fred Blalock is busy working the
Barber orehaid.
Everyone around Belmont seems to
be on the jump pruning and spraying
C. Burrows spent Saturday and Sun
day in Portland.
Mrs. H. M. Poe left Tuesday for
Aumsville, Ore., to see her father and
mother. When she returns they will
accompany her and remain here on the
homestead with her.
Messrs. V. Ginger and C. A. Hage
were business visitors in The Dalles on
P. L. Arthur spent Monday in Port
Mrs. E. E. Ward came from Portland
Monday to stay a few days with her
aunt, Mrs. M. Fiarlan.
BornApril 8, to Mr. and Mrs. E.
A. Race, a boy.
Mrs. Sarah McVey, of LaGrande,
spent Wednesday with Mosier friends,
going on to Portland on the afternoon
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Rowland, the
Misses Lurline and Olive Fisher, Miss
Nada Clarke ana I.add Fisher were in
Hood River Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. James Cherry entertained the
ladies of the Aid Wednesday afternoon
at her home in Mosier.
Mrs. J. T. Davenport who has been
suffering from poison oak, is improv
ing. She will be able to leturn home
in a few days.
J. M. Elliott returned from a week's
say in Portland Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Moody, of Shaniko,
spent a day or so here with her daugh
ter, Mrs. West, during the week.
E. 0. Winans was in The Dalles
Mrs. Robert Hardwick left on the
boat Thurdsay for a few weeks' stay in
Mrs. A. J. Landon and children, of
Olinda, Cal., are visiting J. P. Erhart
and family. Mrs. Landon is a sister
of Mr. Erhart.
Mrs. S. D. Fisher spent Sunday and
Monday with her mother and brother
near Odell.
Mr. Issom and family arrrived Sun
day from Wilder, Montana, and will
make their home on the E. J. Middle
swart place which Mr. Issom lately
purchased. C. A. McCargar and family came
Monday from Portland and will spend
the summer here on the ranch.
F. C. Young, who has charge of the
dredging across on the North Bank, is
occupying Mrs. Johnson's cottage with
his family.
In cases of rheumatism relief from
pain makes sleep and rest possible. This
may be obtained by applying Chamber
lain's Liniment. For sale bv all dealers.
Get GUARANTEED Eastern Blue
stone at McDonald's.
It you want good monthly bloomers
buy from the
Heights Greenhouse
Vegetable Plants and Spring Plants
will he ready April 10th. &
"Our Personal
to all
tVr have been In business in this town
for some time, and we ate looking to
IniiM up trade hy always advising our
patrons right.
So when we tell you that we have
found the eczema remedy and that we
stand back of it with the manufacturer s
Iron clad guarantee, backed by ourselves
you can depend upon it that we cive our
advice not in order to Bell a few bottles
of medicine to skin sufferers, but be
canoe we know how It will help our
business if we help our patrons.
We keep In stock and sell, all the well
known fkin remedies. Hut we will say
this: If you are sufferinK from any
kind of skin trouble, eczema, psoriasis,
rash or tetter, we want you to try a full
size bottle of D. li. V. Prescription.
And. if it does not do the work, thin
6:30 a. m. 2:00 p. m. 7:00 a. m. 2:30 p. m.
7:30 a. m. 3:00 p. m. 8:00 a. m. 3:30 p. m.
8:30 a. m. 4:00 p. m. 9:00 a. m. 4:30 p. m.
9:30 a. m. 5:00 p. m. 10:00 a. m. 5:30 p. m.
10:30 a. m. 6:00 p. m. 11:20 a. m. 6:30 p. m.
11:30 a. m. 7:00 p. m. 12:30 p. m. 7:30 p. m.
1 :00 p. m. 8:00 p. m. 1:30 p. m. 8:30 p. m.
No. 5 6:56 a. m. K. c
No. 7 2:30 p.m. No' 6 11:17 a.m.
No. 1 5:20 p. m. No. 8 8:28 p. m.
Lands in slough north of O-W. R. & N. depot. The new Team and
Auto Ferry "Jessie Woodrow" just put in commission.
YVateh the Schedule and the Underwood Ferry.
how much of your time you spend in bedP
Just think of it sometime and you will
make up your mind to be as comfortable
as posssible. You will buy a
Oak Street
Furniture, Undertaking and Embalming
Operators Wantet
Home Telephone Co.
The Purity Dairy Co.
Yours for prompt service and
Good Milk
Below are Listed a Few
of Our Many Bargains
Shaker Salt
2-Pound Package
Arm & Hammer Soda
Per Package
Washing Powder
"GOLD DUST," Large Size
Laundry Soap, 11 bars 25c
Cash Grocery
Increase the Productivity of Your Land
By Laying
Cement Drain Tile
And if You Are Going to Build, You Want to
Investigate the
Miracle Concrete Building Block
Skin Sufferers"
bottle will cost you nothing;. Tou alone
to Judge.
Again and arain we have seen how a
few drops of this simple wash applied
to the skin, takes away the itch. In
stantly. And the curea all eem to ba
D. D. D. Prescription made by the
D. D. D. Laboratories of Chicago, is
composed of thymol, glycerine, oil of
wlntergreen and other healing, soothing,
coolinK Ingredients. And If you are
Just crazy with Itch, you will feel
soothed and cooled, the itch absolutely
washed away the moment you applied
this D. D. li.
We have mad fast friends of mors
than on family by reeommerding this
remedy to a skin sufferer here and
there and we want you to try it now
on our positive no-pay suai mtee.
KEIK li CASH, Druggl U
Ferry Schedule
Not Tufttd
Guaranteed 20 Years