The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 10, 1913, Image 6

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i Mr.
:.-n. VVi
"Rough hauling?"
"I don't mind. This is
a Studebaker Wagon9
that's why I bought it. I noticed that
men were using die Studebaker where
ever the work was hard hauling steel
girders in the city, logs in the woods,
s;one in the quarry.
"My work is hard ar,c3 I know it. My vrjfcn
is on my payroll an J must earn its salary. I hat s
why I bought a Studebaker. I can't afford to
buy a cheaper one."
"Get in touch with a Studebaker dealer, lie's
a gcxxl man to know."
F'.rrr. Waffnna
( 'itrctcr' Wagons
Kunr bouts
Dump Wun
Src our Dealer or write uj.
South Bend, Ind.
"wtwkt turn .if-- 'i'-iiwrfiiiifcitt aiwffli r.iii--
We are Now Taking Orders for
Apple, Peach and Pear Boxes
Would Adviso Ordering at Onco
Stanley-Smith Lumber Co.
Phone 124 Hood River, Oregon
Are You Ready for SpringjM?
We do all kinds of repair work and are ready to put
your machine in tirst-class working order.
Grubbing Tools and Land Clearing Implements
Never throw away a shaft or pole, or any other part
of a wagon. Bring (hem to us and let us make
them as good as new at but a slight expense.
Power Blacksmith and Wagon Shop
Phone 2G11, 4th St., North of Cascade Ave.
Mr. ar.'l Mrs. M. Ztller returrd last
rsda trull) I'urtiar.U alter naing
ie't U.t wiMtr in mm cuy. jus.
HlT's- gieter, Mr. Wirnlle a-com-I'anifd
tl tm and expects to eptrd the
sunimtr here with Mr. mid Mrs. Zelier.
Mr and Mr. C. A. Witt Itft last
k fur tl-t-ir home in i.jie, u.-n.
and Mrs. H. I). Shelley, ol Lar-
h. curl f Mcr the tirs"t 01 tlte
Mr M.tiltV remained for a
' 1 LLII..
-Kurt l.uslfcts vi.-il ar.u ,rj. oneiiey
Uj it.t KVt r:il da.s vi.-itinR her friend,
i Mr. W. t.
1 J. 1'. Natm.ta ami ton, Edward, re
! i. ,ri'nl 1; t uiik from an extended
Uiuv it! ( 'LiratMi. Jll. V hiiu tlure
; l ndatiws and appeared as a
I witnifS i" a iry ituj.urtai.t coal lands
Clintui Wood went to The Dalles
i S;itiiri!iV ( n hiif mess. Ho' paid taxes
: oi, his Was.;t) county properly and re-
turned iioti.e Saturday afternoon.
1 ",ave Miller hiI his family are now
jat hone in H. K. Merrill's hmii-e. We
I ui.dc-rMaiid "K. I". Mehnney expects to
I occupy tin: house vacated hy Mr. Mil-
i !t'r-
I I l,e society tiow know n as the Sun
Ishii.e (iuild met at tre home of Mrs.
it;. K. liowerinan last Thursday after
1 i.uiin. The followiiii? ladies are ollicers:
'Mrs. Mary Moore, president; Mrs.
I Mu.nie Odell, vice president ; Mrs. Guy
Mi.itli, chairman; Mrs. Mary Masiker,
I trca-un-r ; Mrs. Margaret Kade seere
Itary. Mcctiiu:s will he held on the tirst
ami third Thur.-day nftririxiiiS of each
n until. A supper and entertainment is
heii'K'plaimed for about April 1H. Com
! plcte announcement next week.
lleim mlior the Sunday school insti
tute or rally 'Ihursday, tonight, at the
Methodist church. Kev. Chas. A.
I'hippH will he present and a profitable
and er.tei taininf? mel ting is expected.
The old Persian legend tella how a
pair of swans undertook to transport a
tortoise to their home in the Himala
yas. Taking hold by his mouth upon a
ytick the tortoise was borne aloft by
the swans; but passing over a village
the toolish creature became angered by
the exclamation of the villagers and
was moved to express his indignation.
lint when he opened his mouth to speak
he immediately fell to the earth and
was. Iiroken asunder.
Latest renorts from Irvin Ileft at
this writint! (Monday) indicate marked
improvement after several very trying
days following nn operation which was
found necessary mid whs performed
last week.
A sportsman, even though he he an
amateur, enjoyR a live target. If you
are a church or Sunday school worker
a lodge man or woman, n director or
other officer of the Apple dowers'
Union, a road supervisor, n newspaper
correspondent, a member of the i-chool
board, a business man or are serving
the public in any ollicial capacity and
have never been made ' a target you
may depend upon it you are not a live
Mark Cameron was a business visitor
in l'ortlnnd Monday. Messrs. Cameron
and Sheppard are making preparations
anil expect very soon to he ready to
saw lumber at their mill in the Upper
K.'T. foils was in Portland Monday
on business.
The meat market near I'urdy &
Chapman's has been moved back mak
ing the three buildings in line at. the
front and a walk extends all along the
front, greatly improving appearances
There will be pre.chiO? t the 'hurcb
by the pastor next Sur,Jay morning.
After pending a lt'i! j!?
parent Lester Jeffries returned to his
business in Portland las' Thariay.
Mr. and Mrg. Helf'. f,0L" WeS,
Hood Kiver. visited st the home ot
Mrs. Amanda Sears U't "e'i-
The Amicus club elected oii.iers for
the coming year la.-t Wedll!V us fo .
lows: Mr. Kov Bruit, (jic"-'"
Mrs. E. liatten. vice pre
'-idLi.t; Mrs.
Afcnts Sonneman, eti-retary
and Mis.
in at-
(it rtrude Jptr
Stanton and Mrs' Collier, of
he Kiver members of the dul) ere
Jonh Mohr. who has teen very ill, is
around again, we are glad t0 k,luW-
Mark Cameron and family, from
Odell, took dinner with J. 0. Jarvis
and wife Sunday.
Mrs. Rogers. frm Troutdaie, ana
Mrs..l3ert Hebbard, from Hood kiver,
were guests of Ji'ifS Mary Hunt Sunday.
Mr. and Mm. rvHrien have moved
into their new hon e.
At the mothers' meeting held with
Mrs. Mabel Lace hist Thursday after
noon an interesting program was given.
The different Lible selections read
by Mrs. MacDonald were very appro
priate to the occasion. Mrs. J. t. An
drews sang two heautif'd solos, with
Mrs. Dennison at the piano. '1 he fol
lowing readings Were given which were
helpful to all mot tiers: "Good Char
acters," Mrs. De.inison; "Sacredness
and Responsibility of Fatherhood and
Motherhood." Mrs. Jelliries; "The
Beginning of Bodily Educ ation," Mrs.
Jarvis; "Good Literature in the Home
and Libraries," Mrs. MacDonald.
Four children were enlisted among
the W hite Rihhon Kecruits.
Miss Anna Godhersen received a
message Saturday morning stating the
serious condition of her brother and
left at onie for hnr hnme in Mosier.
Later word came that be had passed
away. Mrs. Mabel l.age sup-plying her
place in the school room during her
' Mr. and Mrs. K. E. l.age went to
Mosier Sunday.
Abraham Lincoln
here. Additional shelving and other i
Forty-eight years ago the loth of this
month occura the anniversary ol Atira
ham Lincoln's death and the writer
submits the following as an expression
of deep regard for this honored Amen
can citizen :
No greater public ollicial was ever
presented to the nation than Abraham
Lincoln. Every pupil in our secular
and Sunday schools should he taught
the value of character and to render it
more impressionable on the student
mind such an example of worth as Lin
coin possessed should ever he'loved and
cherished. We regret to see in some
localities an inditi'erent attitude to
wards Lincoln's birthday. The people
have not become fully awakened to the
fact that the position he filled so ac
ceptably, so grandly, in such trying
circumstances was a test of humanity's
richeht endeavors. Lincoln was great
because he was honest, able and in
telligent. He was great because he
was loval and svmuathctic. lie was
great because he loved humanity. Prir.
cinle, not power. as Ins highest aim
all through his public career. Even his
enemies could not deny the spirit that
promoted his action was clothed with
Mrs. Peter Nelson spent the week
visiting in Silverton and Portland. Mr.
Nelson went down Friday and accom
panied Mr9. Nelson home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox, of Bull Run,
were guests of Mr. and Mr. Nuna
maker several days the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox will make theii
home in Hood Kiver.
Clifford Ruge has pone to the ranch
r Hem.ner. His wife and children
expect to go in a short time. We shall
miss them in our community.
Nels Nelson is the proud owner of a
Mawxell car.
Robert Jones was severely burnt one
ifav last week while operating his
spraying machine.
Mrs. E. J. Nicholson and sister, Mrs
Sam Campbell, went to Portland Tues
day to hear Mary Garden sing in grand
Mrs. Trusty has been quite sick, but
was able to be out to services feunday
Mrs. J. W. Davis visited Mr. -and
Mrs. John Wilson in Hood River Thurs
Mrs. L. W. Bishop and daughter,
imogene, went to Portland Wednesday
to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Loss.
Mrs. Will Chubb and two daughters
snent Friday at the home of Mrs. M.
, Isenberg.
The i.adies' Aid monthly tea at the
home of Mrs. G. Galloway, senior, Fri
day afternoon was well attended, about
40 being ureseut. A delicious lunch
was served. An afternoon of enjoy
ment and get-aequainted-with-your
neighbors was well carried out, every
botly having a good time,
Mrs. Gillis is enjoying a visit with
her sister, who recently came from
Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Noble were din
ner guests ol Mr. ana wrs. iviarsn
Isenberg Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Isenberg, Mrs.
S.W. Arnold and Mrs. Will Chubb were
dinner guests of Mrs. M. r. Isenberg
Mr?. M. P. Isenberg, Mrs. Marsh
Isenberg, Mrs. Elmer Isenberg, Miss
Lena, and Howard Isenberg, also Mar
ion Wallace spent Tuesday in Hood
Kiver with Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Arnold
and family, celebrating Mr. Arnold's
The newly elected officers and teach
ers or Uelmont M. J. sunt&iy scnooi
were installed Sunday morning. Mrs.
J. E. Ferguson, of Odell came over and
gave an address to them and the con
gregation on Sunday school work. Miss
Lena Isenberg sang a solo, me ser
vices were enjoyed by a goodly num
ber, a splendid corps of olfieers and
teachers take hold. This year we look
for our Sunday school to be a great
force for good to both old and young,
renewed interest being taken in Sun
day school work by all.
. . f
f: rrc
'I.: 'A
a a B l
rt-o.j ,k
:...r m
y.'ii Wokd for the Excellence;
' " ' ' Tl i ll ITITI I I I I i i v
Situated in the Hub of the Principal Theater and Shopping District
Recently Kodeioratcd and Refurnished 1 hniiigliont, and
Better Equipped Today T han Ever Before.
Rooms, without bath, SI. 00 per day ami up
Rooms, wilh bath, - 2.00 per day and up
J. G. KAITMAXN, Manager
N. K. CLARKE, Asst. Manager
littines Hie being built in the meat
market and it will be reopened within
a few days, Some business changes
are expected at an early date.
W. C. Ehrck and bis family are now
a home on their tract northeast of the
old home. O. II. Ehrck is looking
al'er the home place.
Fred G. Coe and C. B. Sluite arc
building a house for Miss O. G. Hoetz-
ke on her tract which is a part of the
original Win, Ehrck homestead.
Word received from T. W. Atkinson,
I of Ashland, tells of the very serious
I illness of llattie Atkinson and reports
l her condition more hopeful at the time
Mr. Atkinson wrote.
The Ladides' Aid society meets thi
week with Mrs. G. E. Iluwerman.
Lust Monday evening was the dat
for Hi!' April meeting of the Devi lop-
ment League of Odell.
The members ot the UM club were
invited to the pleasant, home of Mr
and Mis. J.W. McDonald last Nitiiiimv
(veiling, that being the fifteenth mini
versaiv of the mm ringe of Mr. and
Mrs. McDonald. A delightful evening
was spent by those who were prtsoiit.
Mr. and Mrs. E. ('. un y will be
at. home in Udell this weik. Mis. Ma
haney was formerly Mrs. Chase.
Cards received by the residents of
Odell and vicinity recently announce
that Dr. .1. II. McVay, physician .and
1 surgeon, is now locatid at his home in
I Willow Flat.
i The Parent- l'caehi r Asscoiation meet
ing will not be held tins week, an
nouncement will be made later.
Elmer Cteson lost a P. O. order Mon
day between Willow Flat and Hood
Kiver. Finder please mail to him, U.
D. No. 2, Hood Kiver.
Sunday school ll) a. m. Epworth
I eague li : 1,") p. in. Service, Key. C. M.
Carson 7:C p. m. at the Methodist
church next Sunday.
Sunday school a. m. O. E. 7 p.
in. jiorvice, i.ev. ,i. it. nargrcaves,
7 :4." p. m. at the t'liion church next
Lime and sulphur Spray Place vmii
order early. Kelly liros. mMl
kindness and generosity.
What ureatej tribute can be Riven
such a charattef than to. place before
me young on e ery. anniversary oi nis
birth sometlunf of his life that will
bless and benefit other lives in years to
come.-Mrs. J, A. Hunt.
To Our Friends and Neighbors
You know us. You know we would not that we could not
afford to go back on our word. Nor can you afford to ignore
this money-back-if-not-satisfied offer on this splendid laxative.
We honeitly believe we bave the ehould have been dispelled remain
best bowel remedy ever made tbtf 4 to poison the system.
Diost plfanaut-to-laae, most per
manently hiyieticial laxative for relief
from the miseries and dangers ariaiug
from constipation.
AVe wouldn't say this if we didn't
believe it to be true. We wouldn't
risk our reputation by making such
statements did we not feel sure you
would bud them true.
Our faith is built both on the
knowledge of what Rexall Orcierlie
are made of and on observation of
very many Bevere cases in which they
have proven their merit.
Try them at Our Risk
If they do not abundantly prove
their merit with you also if you
are not entirely satisfied with theiu
we will refund your money and we
will do that on your mere aay-ao.
Se don't a-k you to risk a penny.
Isn't that fair?
Just h't the bowels fail in properly
duiiin their work just let their
action be delayed and incomplete
and the eulira system and every
other organ suffers. Waste that
Headache, biliousness, nervous
ness and other tormenting and seri
ous ill are common when the bowels
fad to act daily a nature intended.
All this may lie avoided, if you will
accept our advice.
taste Just like candy. They are)
toothing and easy in action. They
do not cause griping, nausea, purg
ing or excessive looseness. They
tend to tone and strengthen intestinal
nerves and muacles. They promptly
relieve constipation, and help to per
nianently overcome it.
Rexall Orderlies promote bettef
spirits and better health. In all of
these things they are vastly uperior
to old-faahioued, harsh salts and
other purgatives, which are not only
unpleasant to take but which usually
leave the bowels in worse condition
than before. W e particularly recom
mend Retail Orderlies for children,
aged and delicate person.
Rexall Orderlies com in vest
pocket tin boxes. VI tablets, 10c
36 tablets, 25c: 80 tablets, 60c
CAUTION: Please bear in mind that Rexall Orderlies are not sold by all drug
gists. You can buy Keiall Orderlies only at The Rexall Store.
you can buy Hexall Ordcrlie in thi community only at our tore:
The Rexall. Store
Thora is a Roiid! Store in nearty every town and city tn the United States, Canada and
Great Britain. There is a different Kexall Remedy for nearly every ordinary human ill
eauh especially. designed lor tlie particular ill for which it is recommended.
The Rexall Stores are America's Greatest Drug Stores
Home Telephone Co.
K. .1. YtH'NO
EST M K K 11'
Tel. I'l M.
i 1 1 1 , 1
In cases of rheumatism relief ii.nn
pain makes sleep and ivt p.--ilii ThU
nuiv be obtained by applying t'bambei
Iain's Liniment, l or sale bv ail dealers
W. F. Laraway
Doctor of
Over 30 years' ex
perience. Eyes Tested and
Glasses Ground
I " 1 " 1 : ; : '. x v
I '.- '' .V.'V V . ...
a-"i '., ,-.i
Reference: Over 2,000 fitted in Hood River, U.S.A.
Miss Kline, a niece of M. M. Hill
sneiit last week at Van Horn . She
attending school at ht. Helen s nail at
Portland, and was hero during the
spring vacation.
Miss Anna (iodberson was called
home Saturday by the sad news of the
sudden death of her brother on Friday.
Ho has just returned from California,
where he hud spent the winter hoping
to improve in health. Though suffering
an attack of grip his condition was not
thought to he dangerous at all. Await
ing the iinival of a sister from Cali
fornia the funeral occurred on Tuesday.
Miss Ci ill cisun lias the sincere sympa
thy of in r friends here. During her
absence Mrs. K. E. Lage taught in her
Mr. in .1 Mrs. B. E. Lnge, Mr. 11. F.
I, age and Mrs. McDonald spent Sunday
with Miss Coillii rson at her home.
The Aloha cl ib spent a pleasant af
ternoon with Mrs. Frank Davidson on
Wednesday of last week. They recent
ly received seven new members: Mrs.
W. li. Allen aid her daughter, Miss
Marv Allen, Mis. Frank Cutler, Mrs.
.1. E. Andrews, Mrs. S. M. Dennison,
Mrs. F. 11. Illtukman and Mrs. W. C.
The Sunday school renort for last
quarter "was an average attendance of
ill' and average collection of
Chur. il notices Sunday school at 10
n. m. I reachiii! at 11 a. m. There
will be no evening service.
The following items of interest are
from the records ol U. A. Newman,
director of the government weather
bureau station established here over
one ve ,r ago. The precipitation was
for the year ending March 31, 1913,
was as follows: April. t4 ; May l.Oti ;
.Line .17; July .19; August 1.73. ; Sep
tember .(',;); October 2.09; November
l.:;l; Du'emlur fi.til; January fi.OtS;
February March 3.13; total 27.91.
Snortt u! in h,.i.,.niber 6 in. : January
In i". : February 3J in. ; March 3J in. ;
total i;o inches, 'lhe warmest aays
" e July 15. lb, -at. on
f thes days mercury reached
colile: t day was reniuoij o. ; above zero.
recti! ar meeting of the school
bcai.l of iosir-.f Nn. 7 held Monday
right i t the school building all four of
I . is were reelected, ihey are
M.-Cov nrincipal. : Miss Anna
, i !;,'n,mr erades: Miss Eve
.!-.. ;., immediate: and Miss
1 i s, primary.
Senator Alhee, of Portland, visited
Friday and Saturday with Mr. and Mrs.
E. W. Sweany.
Mrand Mrs. W. E. Cau'ler spent
Saturday and Sunday with Prof, and
Mrs. George I'orbes at White balmon.
The ladies are cousins.
Mrs. E. W. Mills is entertaining her
daugtiter-in-law, Mrs. Albert Meserve,
of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. George Green, of Port
land are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Mrs. Marv Pferdner has been suffer
ing with blood poisoning in a finger,
but is improving.
Mrs. Elmer Royee and son, Shelley,
are uoth ill with the grip.
A. L. Paddock has returned to the
valley, having spent the winter in the
east. He expects his parents Inter.
The old time concert given Friday
night at the Christian church was
greeted by an enthusiastic audience in
spite of the inclement weather. One
of the most successful- numbers was
"Annie Laurie," sung by Mrs. Keavis
and Miss Gladys. A round, ""Shut
the Door, Johnny, sung by six ladies,
was much enjoyed. Mrs. Reavis render
ed "O Fair Dove, O, Fond Dove," in a
very pleasing manner. Readings by
Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Evans and Mr. Cole
man were vrey much enjoyed. "Come
Where the Lillies liloom," was sung by
the Rennett quartet and a male quartet
sang "I'd Like to go Down South Once
Mo'." The concert will be repeated
next Tuesday evening.
101. Tl
At lb
the t,
C. K
lyn 'I
Cot til Alt WTFF.R Eastern Blue
stone .it V, 1 1, maid's.
li ii vr; ,-r.od monthly bloomers
buy from the
Heights Greenhouse
Vegetable Pl.mts and Sprint! Hants
ill be ready April 10th. &
Miss Hazel Stanton returned Sunday i
evening from a short stay in Portland, i
II. A. Cunning was a business visitor
in Hood Kiver Wednesday and Thurs-1
day of last week.
Miss Irene Irquhart spent last Sun-!
day at the home of her parents, Mr. i
and Mrs. W. L. Nichols, and returned,
to Portland Sunday evening. I
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Gladen left Sat-;
urday to spend a week in town, where j
Mr. Gladen is a juror for the present
term of court.
Friends of Miss Gertrude Irwin will
be sorry to learn of her resignation as
teacher in the primary grades ot tne
Oak Grove school. Miss Irwin was
forced to give up her work on account
of ill health, and hopes, with a much
needed rest, to regain her strength in a
hott time. She will be succeded by
Miss Anna Hinrichs, of the Karrett
Ms. V. J. Rlackburn and children
have located on the Simons ranch, hav
ing come here recently from Univer
sity Place, Neb,
Mr. I'ierson and family are now liv
ing in the i naries airananan nouse,
after spei.dn g the winter in Portland.
They expect to erect a residence in the
near future on their own rancn, wnicn
is located in tlrs district.
Mrs. Osborne and children moved out
to their ranch Friday, atter spending
the winter in California and Hood
Extensive plans have been made for
the teachers meeting and dedication
of the Oak Grove school next Saturday,
the 12th, and a profitable time is as
sured all who attend. Oak Grove resi
dents are requested to provide enough
lunch for their own family, and for
two or three extra, as there will be a
number'of visitors ; also bring cups and
silverware. ColToe, plates and paper
napkins will be furnished at the school
Church services will be held in the
Oak Grove church next Sunday morn
ing ut 11 a. m. and Sunday school at
10:15 a. m. Following this services
will be held every second Sunday morn
ing instead of in the afternoon, as has
been the custom heretofore.
Rheumatism, as a result of kidney
trouble, stiff and aching joints, backache
and sore kidney will all yield to the use
of Foley Kidn;-y Pills. They are tonk
in action, quick in results, curative al
ways. W. S. Skeltuii. Stanley, Ind..
savs: "1 would not take f UKj for the
relief from kidney trouble I received
from- one single box of Foley Kidney
Pills." Cha. X. Clarke.
how much of your time you spend in bed?
Just think of -it sometime and you will
make up your mind to be as comfortable
as posssible. You will buy a
S. E.
Oak Street
Furniture, Undertaking and Embalming
Not Tufted
Guaranteed 20 Years
Cooper's Spray Fluids
Tested practically for three years in Oregon, and clean trees
from Sari Jose scale, funjru3 scab, antracnose and pear blight.
247 Ash Street, Portland
r. Mcdonald
Hood River
The Purity Dairy Co.
Yolirs for prompt service and
Good Milk
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of Our Many Bargains
Shaker Salt
2-Pound Package
Arm & Hammer Soda
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Washing Powder
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