The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 03, 1913, Image 7

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    There's an Individual Flavor
To Our Selections, We Cannot Describe
But its there and you will notice it promptly, when you run your
eye over the splendid assortment of
both in White and Colored Goods. There's sure to be something
that will strike you as being about right. May we have the pleas
ure of showing you soon?
lii 1 1 I ! 1 IWHIWfHIWI
WW II 1 1 M I 1 M I MM I M I I 1
Mrs. H. F. Gleason was a Portland
visitor last week.
Chicken dinner 50 cents at the Hotel
Oregon from 11:30 to 2 o'clock Suu
day. tf
W. E. Shay spent Sunday in Port
land with friends.
We have some good values in Camas
Prairie hay lands, to. E. Duncan & Co.
ui2T tf
Mrs. A. J. Graham was a visitor in
Portland last week.
Before ordering your "Burbank" and
"Vermont (told Coin" Seed Potatoes,
you had better call U. C. M. Ranch,
Phone Odell-337. ml3tf
Dr. E. E. Ferguson was a visitor in
The Dalles last week.
You should protect yourself against
burglars. We insure your jewelry and
filver against burglary for $10 to $13 per
$10iK). Reed & Henderson, Inc., Agents
U. S. Fidelity & Guaranty Co. mL'ttf
Mrs. W. L. Clark is convalescing
from a recent illness.
For P.utter Labels printed in accord
ance with Dairy and Food Laws, call at
the Glacier ollice. tf
Joe G. Vogt was a business visitor in
The Dalles last week.
I will do your spraying. JIardie outfit
complete. Address II. F. Tucker, Box
244, R. F. D. 3, Phone 5t4. all
! 0. J. Nelson, of Goldendale, has been
here visiting relatives.
If you want shoes that don't go
wrong go to Johnsen's.
Murray Kay waB registered at the
Portland hotel last week.
Fresh Columbia River Smelt at Mc
Guire Bros., jlOtf
W. I. Cornell left Monday for Port
land to attend to business.
Can deliver coal or wood promptly.
Taft Transfer Co. flMtf
Miss Vernon Weaver was in Portland
last week visiting friends.
'Early Rope" Sied Potatoes best
grade. Kelly Bros. a3
R. R. Bartlett was in Mosier last
week to attend to business.
Coal or wood delivered on short no
tice. Taft Transfer Co. fUOtf
Mrs. Truman Butler visited friends
in Portland over the week end.
CATTLE, ETC. Tel. 2151. al7
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Putnam were
visitors in Portland last week.
White Plymouth Rock Eggs for
Hatching. Mrs. Jessie Thomas, 703
Pine St., Hood River. a3
II. C. Marshall and niece, of Port
land, spent the week end here.
Chicken dinner 50 cents at the Hotel
Oregon from 11:30 to 2 o'clock Sun
day, tf
Mrs. C. R. Bone spent a portion of
last week with Portland relatives.
Lime and Sulphur 8yray Place your
order early. Kelly Bros. mtitf
J. A. Byron, of White Salmon, was
in the city last week on business.
For Sale Oregon Champion goose
berry plants. $3.50 per hundred, or
$30.00 per thourand. G. H. Robbing'
Nursery, Hood River, Ore. ml3tf
Mrs. A. L. Page spent a part of last
week in The Dalles with relatives.
Buy your coal of Taft Transfer Co.
B. F. Moses is spending the week in
Eugene with friends and relatives.
S. S. Pratt, of Tacoma, was here
last week visiting Robert W. Piatt.
You should protect yourself against
burglars. We insure your jewelry and
silver against burglary for $10 to $15 per
$1,000. Reed & Henderson, Inc., Agents
U. S. Fidelity & Guaranty Co. m20tf
80 acres at
Several 5- and 10-acre tracts
city property.
One 10-acre bearing orchard
Start a Card and Get
FRANK A. CRAM, always up-to-date
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Endicott, of Port
land, were visitors in the city last
Shoes made or repaired at Johnsen's
L. G. Westfall, of Collins, Wash.,
was a business visitor in the city last
For prompt delivery of coal, call Tafl
Transfer Co. f20tf
Mark A. Mayer, of Mosier, is just
completing a handsome new residence
Home Piano Tuner G. H. Carrier, R.
F. D. No. 1 ; phone S. W. Arnold, No.
310L'. 8L'4
Silas H. Soule is in Portland, where
he is recovering from an operation on
his eyes.
Start making money in hay and
cows. Camas Prairie offers the op
portunity. B. E. DUNCAN & CO.
Mrs. H. B. Allen and Miss Allen
were registered at the Hotel Seward in
Portland last week.
Order your Dressed Chicken for your
Sunday dinner at Mctiuire Bros. "jl(it
E. J. Bronaugh has returned from
Portland to spend the summer on his
Upper Valley ranch.
We have some good values in Camas
Prairie hay lands. B. E. Dunccn A Co.
Frank A. Moore, of Walla Walla,
was here last week looking after Up
per Valley interests.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Timlin, of Bos
ton, are spending several weeks here
looking over the valley.
Fletcher Homan, president of Will
amette University, was in the valley
last week on business. .
Misses Frances and Kitty Bragg en
tertained a number of friends at a
card party last evening.
Miss Flora Wilson, who has been
teaching at Oak Grove, has taken a
position at the postoflice.
Alfred and Miss Irma Bennett, of The
Dalles, will spend the week end here
with Miss Helen Sutthoff.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Cooper and
child have returned from Portland to
their Upper Vallley home.
Miss Lucile Johnson, city water
clerk, has been ill and confined to her
home several says this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Root and family,
who spent the winter in New York,
have returned here for the summer.
D. D. Brewster, who has been spend
ing the winter in Portland, was up
over the week end looking after his
After an extended visit in the east,
Mrs. Moody has returned to be with
her son, Charles I. Moody, in the Up
per Valley.
- Mrs. J. T. Dolbow, who is enroute
from southern California to her home
in Spokane, visited Mrs. J. E.Andrews
last week.
Robert Walstrom returned Jlast
Thursday evening from Minneapolis,
where he has been spending the winter
on business.
Misses Helen and May Gray, of The
Dalles, will arrive here tomorow to
spend the week end with Miss Adri
enne Epping.
F. J. Beno, who has been residing at
Sherwood, has come here to take
charge of the D. E. Miller place in the
Upper Valley.
John Radliff has purchased from C.
N. Sargent a small tract of land in the
suburbs of The Dalles and will make
his home there.
You should protect yourself against
burglars. We insure your jewelry and
silver against burglary "for $10 to $15 per
$1,000. Reed & Henderson, Inc., Agents
U. S. Fidelity & Guaranty Co. ni20tf
Start making money In hay and
cows. Camas Prairie offers the op
portunity. B. E. DUNCAN & CO.
Camas Prairie for
H. R. Albee, who owns an orchard
here, is a candidate for mayor of the
city of Portland. Mr. Albee is running
on the Progressive ticket.
Alex S. Reid, who has been spending
the winter in Cameron, Wis., has re
turned to resume his duties with the
Stanley-Smith Lumber Co.
B. E, Evans, who has been with the
Stone & Webster Co. dam on the White
Salmon river, was here the first of
wee k visiting in Banks Mortimer.
The L D. K. club cave its last dance
of the season Friday evening at the
Heilbronner hall. Music for the pleas
ant event was furnished by Chandler's
R. E. Babsnn was here from the
Upper Valley Monday to attend the
hearing of the Railroad Commission in
the case of the petition of the Home
Telephone Co.
Accompanied by his brother, mother
and three sisters, Kenneth McKay, who
resides on the Livingstone place near
Odell, has returned from Scotland,
where he went on a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kimball, who
spent the winter in Boston, returned
last week and will spend the summer
here on their ranch. Their son, Ford
ham Kimball, is traveling in Europe.
Miss Christine Anderson, who re
cently left for a visit in Madison, Wis.,
will be married in that city April 10.
Miss Anderson was formerly in the
employ of the Transfer & Livery Co.
Capt. C. P. McCan, who recently
purchased the property of the Wash-,
ington County Fair Association at For
est Grove, is erecting a handsome club
house on the fair grounds near that
Mr. and Mrs. Ed H. Wheeler, of
Portland, were here over the week end
visiting Mr. Wheeler's parents a Sum
mit. Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler will prob
ably build a bungalow on their ranch at
T. H. Wilcox, who has been associ
ated with C. A. Cass in the manage
ment of ranch property at Bull Run,
has secured from J. W. Dickinson the
lease on the lodging and boarding house
on State street.
Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Armstrong, of
Peoria, III., have arrived here for a
visit with their son and daughter-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard K. Arm
strong, who have been spending the
winter in Portland.
Mrs. Marion MacRae, who has been
spending the winter in Portland, was
here the first of the week visiting Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Epping and Mrs. Mabel
Carter. Mrs. McRea will leave this
week for San Francisco.
A. D. Moe, John Otten, L. S. Miller
and Rev. E. A. Harris attended a
meeting of the Commandery of the
Knights Templar of Portland Thursday
evening, when the degree of Knight of
Malta was conferred. Rev. Harris was
one of the candidates.
Prof. Eric W. Allen, head of the De
partment of Journalism of the Univer
sity of Oregon, as a visitor in the city
Mondy. He was shown over the valley
by Joe D. Thomison. "Ideal country
life, I should think, might be enjoyed
in your region," said Prof. Allen.
C. E. Hickle brought in a few of the
finest apples we have seen this season
the first of the week, among them be
ing a fine Gravenstein in perfect condi
tion. Mr. Hickle'i ranch is in one of
the higher altitudes of the valley and
he always has late keepers among all
The students of the high school and
the alumni enjoyed a basketsocial and
nance at me commercial club rooms
Friday evening. The young ladies
brought well filled baskets and boxes
which were purchased by the young
men and a luncheon was enjoyed. The
proceeds will be used by the athletic
association of the high school.
If your shoes have gone wrong take
them to Johnsen.
Hood River property.
of 2- to 4-year-old orchards for
for Portland property.
a Fine Rocking Chair FREE
There will be a meeting of Mormons
held at Taylor's hall on the Heights
this evening, fcveryoouy inviieu.
Mrs. Mabel Carter will .leave todav
for Goldendale, where she will spend
several days visiting.
The social committee of the Pine
Grove grange will give a dance at the
grange hall tomorrow, Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Haworlh. who
have been spending the winter in
Pennsylvania, will return here soon to
spend the summer. t
Arthur McCreerv. who has been
spending the winter in New York, with
his parents, has returned to the north
west and will spend the summer on his
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hall and son, who
have been visiting Mrs. Hall's parents,
Judge and Mrs. Bronaugh, in Portland,
have returned to their Uak Grove
Immanuel church. Sunday, April 6.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock. Evening
praise service 7:30. It is expected that
Mr. llargreaves will preach, every
body welcome.
W. B. Price and family have arrived
here from Portland and are going to
make their home on a ranch of the Ap
ple Land & Orchard Co. in the Willow
Flat district. Mr. Price is a brother of
Mrs. P. S. Davidson.
The members of Hood River Com
mandery of Knights Templar met at
the Hotel Oregon Tuesday evening for
dinner. After the pleasant social gath
ering the Order of Knighthood was
conferred on A. W. Peters.
Great jinks were performed at the
rinK at me old armory building lues
day evening. 'I he music for the occa
sion was rendered bv Chandler's or
chestra. Prizes were won for the most
handsome costumes by Mrs. Earle
Spaulding and Charles Carson.
Tomorrow evening the St. Mark's
Guild will give another of the ion Ur
series of dances at which us u en,,
have been hostesses this winter. I
committee in charge ot the event is
composed of Mrs. W. W. liemington,
Mrs. Robert R. Carter and Mrs. E. D.
Mrs. Theodore Haas. who came to
make her home in Hood Itiver last
August, has returned to Minneapolis to
visit her sons and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. George P. Donohue and Theo. J.
Haas. After a two months' stay in
Minneapolis, Mrs. Haas will go further
euBt and visit relatives ami friends.
She expects to return the latter Dart
of June.
A large number of local people were
at The Dalles last night to attend the
Uulgin meetings that are being held
there. A special car was attached to
the evening local for the convenience
of those making the trip. The return
journey was made by epeoial. train af
ter the service was concluded. Dr.
Bulgin has converted more than 200
persons at The Dalles.
At a luncheon given lust week at the
home of her mother in Portland the
engageirent of Miss Lucile Smith to
Hon. C. N. McArthur was announced.
Miss Smith, who is a niece of R.
H. Wallace, has made frequent visits
to the valley and has a host of friends
here. Mr. McArthur, who was speaker
of the house of representatives at the
last session of the legislature, is a
graduate of the University of Oregon
and a member of the Sigma Nu fra
ternity. Jury list drawn for the April term of
the circuit court is as follows: E. R.
Claxton, A. J. Trow, Robert Orr, A.
B. Coulter, E. L. McClain. C. K; Ben
ton, L. M. Blowers, J. I). Day, C. B.
Jensen, A. Hukari, H. P. Allen, W. D.
Allen, G. S. Johnson, VV. L. Clark,
Henry Lage, C. F. Gilliert, G. C.
Gladden. W. H. Davis. M. Hawthorne,
C. E. Gove, O. M. Bailey, J. K. John
son, F. H. Blagg. A. S. Day. S. W.
Arnold, D. D. Ballard, V. C. Brock
and J. A. Davidson.
"Good Form" tu Eat Apples
"The Portland Rotary club, others
concurring, hereby amends the social
code to permit the eating of apples in
public at any time or place."
By the above resolution introduced
at the meeting of the Rotary club and
referred to the resolutions committee
for action at the next meeting, it is
hoped to let down the bars of conven
tion that hitherto have forced the lover
of the lucious apple to yearn with ap
petite unappeased, and to bring about
a glorious state in which men, women
and children may munch the Oregon
apple unrestrained at anv time in anv
place without fear of treading upon the
lender toes ot "good form, savs the
Ihe resolution is led off with two
emphatic "whereases," one holding
that the apple is pre-eminently the
national fruit of America and the other
that it is good on all occasions.
Organ Recital
HanB Hoerlein will give his fifth
monthly organ recital at Riverside
church next Sunday evening beginning
at eight o'clock, assisted by William
Chandler. The following program will
be rendered :
Overture to Straudell Flotow.
Prelude and Fugue Bach.
(a) Evening Song Seiss ; (b) Spring
Song Mendelssohn.
Violin Solo Selected, Wm. Chandler.
Triumphal March Guilman.
(a) Meastoso MacDowell ; (b) To a
Wild' Rose -MacDowell.
Fiat Lux - Dubois.
The services at Riverside church
next Sunday morning will include the
celebration of the Lord's Supper, the
reception of members and baptism of
children. The pastor will make a
short address.
"(Iiaiulpa" Ellis Celebrates Birthday
"Grandpa" William Ellis celebrated
his eighty-fourth birthday at the Dick
inson house Sunday, when Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Dickinson surprised him
with a dinner party. Mr. Ellis is one
of the oldest members of the local Ma
sonic lodge and live of his Masonic
brethern were invited to enjoy the
feast with him. Those spending the
evening with Mr. Ellis were: Judge
G. R. Castner, A. C. Buck, Truman
Butler, C. K. Carson and D. McDonald.
In the morning Mr. Ellis hud spoken
into a blank record of a phonograph.
The machine was brought in and the
speech was made at the dinner.
Upper Valley Thespians Please
Ono of the mott enjoyable social
events of the season was the play
given by Upper Valley Thespians at
the Parkdale hall last Saturday even
ing. "A Box of Monkeys" proved the
histrionic ability of the participants.
The players were: K. E. Babson, Mrs.
Chas. 1. Moody, Miss Blanche Shehan,
W. I. Cornell and Miss Leura Miller,
The vaudeville sketches were excel
lent, the numbers consisting of sketches
by Moody and Mason, R. Fairburn,
Walton and Moody and Walton, Moody,
Babson and Boe.
The scenery for the show was painted
by C. E. Craven.
Pardon Left Here for Convict
A pardon for H. W. McCourt, who is
working on the Shell Rock road west
of the city, traveled in rather a cir
cuitous route from Governor West at
Salem'to the recipient of the executive
leniency. Governor West sent it here
to Mrs. C. A. Bell, whom he knows to
take an interest in the pim le system
and who sends magazines to the con
vict camps. Mrs. Bell sent the docu
ment on its journey by the engineer of
the O.-W. R. & N. work train.
Tax Collections Are Good
Sheriff Johnson says that he is find
ing the tax collections very good this
year. The collections up to date have
reached a sum of $113,576.10, approxi
mately the same amount as was shown
by the sheriff's books at this timi last
year. Many people thought that Mon
day was the last day to pay taxes and
Sheriff Johnson and Deputy Dimmit k
were very busy that day receiving pay
ments. Smith Wants Photos
Dorsey B. Smith, who is secretary
of the Oregon Travel Bureau, has
written to Secretary R. E. Scott, of
the Commercial club, asking for views
of the Hood River valley district that
he may publish them in a booklet to be
issued by the bureau. The secretary
has sent 11 photos to Mr. Smith and
states that any valley residents having
fine pictures of local scenery will con
fer a favor by contributing it. Credit
will be given for the photographs.
Ralph Barton and Miss Lela Emry
were married Sunday afternoon at A
o'clock at the Methodist parsonage by
Rev. W. B. Young, pastor of the As
bury Methodist church.
A. I. Mason returned yesterday from
a business trip to Portland.
For nice embosstyped stationery call
at the Olacier office.
The FRAME is often half the PICTURE.
Why spoil the picture with a poor frame?
Bring it to us and it will be framed right
A lot of new Mouldings in all sizes and
shades. OVAL and ROUND FRAMES.
Slocom's Book & Art Store
"The Place That Does the Framing"
Patronize a
I have secured the services of a tailor,
who has had experience in cutting and
making suits, both in ladies' and gent's
clothes, in some of the country's largest
establishments. ....
We know that Hood River has needed
such a man and that the people of this
city have desired to have their work
done at home, provided they could feel
assured of the best of workmanship.
We solicit the opportunity of
Showing You.
Cleaning and Pressing
Basement of Brosius Block Phone 1 124
JL Big Ben I
HAVING purchased the entire interest of E.
Brayford in the Rockford Store about three
months ago, we are now in position to serve you with
all the highest class groceries at reasonable prices.
We invite your patronage and will serve you to the
best of our ability.
Give Us a Trial
A .pM, I
Home Tailor
A rattling good alarm
to wake up with.
A rattling good time
piece to tell time by.
Jeweler and Optician
Oppoalt Butlar Bank