The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 03, 1913, Image 3

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    nnnn mw.R GLACIER, TnCRSDAY. APRIL 3. 1013
Have You Bought
These Lately?
A new seamless one.Weruarantee'for
A guaranteed article
The Red Cross Brand.
Bath Sponges, Castile Soap.
K. C. Lemon Witch Hazel Cream,
The great'Cream for chaffedjor
trough hands.
That holds its bristles.
Good Toilet or Bath Soaps.
Hair Brushes and Combs.
For sprains, bums or rhumatics.
K. C. Belladona and Capsicum
For lame backs, cold on chest or strains.
-TRnffim EVENT " " ,,p
(From the Ortgoninu)
One of the pre'irioifie weddings
4W-. ko. hen eoioimiizea m (r.,.,.,
City tooklplace the h"ne of Mr. and
Vu. i. T Tooie t i. . . ' r J"Jeu out, a snnri penoa or loerty l-MrJ-
h8 t .treet lE,?" Ment5 Ur the' hJ hiT bruised body lying
fQnd ' when ty,HIailh bf8idc the twek near that city :
ter, MiBi nua -vutC wag united
marriage w yn.uUB locper,
Unrltla I Kim "V ilUI rSL rt.
ceremony was l'i ev. t,. K.
Berry, pastor 01 m.--vnnsuan church,
Mount taoor, w rurusna, in the
presence 01 u w relatives and
friends cf the contracting parties.
To the strains 01 LunenKrurs "Wid
ng March" the bride entered the
parlor, leaning on w e arm or hir fath-
Unas. i. mciwo oy ine
maid of honor. Miss Hazel Toozo, sis-
of the oriae, mey were met be
neath a floral archway m the living
rnnm hv the bridegroom and his broth-
George cooper, ui rortiand, who
as best man. lie Bridal n arch was
bv Homer a. hrun-. of Wil.
Qnnuillr. ronsin of the bride, ami nre
ceding this Miss Morieta Hickman gang
"fih Promise Me.' The marring i. r-
emony was followed by a reception, af
ter whicn me youns tuuyie itu ty au
tomobile for Portland and from that
tr departed for tneir luture home at
The bride, wno is one of Oregon
City's most attractive young women,
was handsomely auireu in wmte char
meuse embellished with shadow lace.
.r oown was matte entrain, tier hub
tulle veil was held in place by a wreath
aaeeMeBa-"i 1 i ! 1 ' 1 ' mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi ea afcr .
The strength of a bank lies in its capital and
surplus, its resources and the ability and financial
standing of the men who conduct its affairs. This
bank has the largest capital and surplus of any finan
cial institution in Hood River; it has resources in
excess of $570,000, and the men who manage its
affairs are most favorably known for their integ
rity and for their ability in business and financial
Fancy and Staple Groceries, Hard
ware, Farm Implements, Harness,
Paints and Oils, Dry Goods, Boots
and Shoes, and Powder and Caps
We have just opened a real estate office in connection
with our mercantile business and will deal exclusively
in Upper Valley lands. If you have property that
you want to sell, give us a trial.
"W- EC- I2oderLh.iser
ML Hood, Oregon
Stanley-Smith Lumber Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Lath, Shingles, Ete
Lumber Delivered to Any Part of the Valley
goes a long way from
the stockyard to the
butcher's block. Its the
quality that tells in the
end. Meat may be fresh
and vet not be first
is the standard we set for our customers. We buy
the best, and sell at prices within the reach of all.
Notice of Sale of Real Property
In the County Court of the Plate of Oregon for
Hixki Kiver county.
In the matter of Hie estate of Martha Tucker,
Pursuant to in order of the County Court
made and entered out the 10th day ot March,
19IH, in the above entitled matter, notice ts
hereby given that the undersigned, dmlnlK-
trator 01 aaia eniaie, win Neil at private miie hi
hlaofflce lu the Firm National Hank bulldln
In Hut Cllv of Hood Ulver. Ort-nou. on an
after the swih day or April, 1HK1, the following
described real property belonging to aula en
title, to. wit:
Ut Three (ft). Block Eleven (11), Ktranahan'a
Flrnt Addition to the i;ity ot Hood Klver, upon
the following terma, to. wit:
Une.half cuHb; balance to be evidenced by
proinisHory note of the purchaaer secured by
nrat mortgage on aula premise drawing in
tereat at the rate of elglit per centum per an
num. payable auuuauy, to i un ror two yeara.
AdmlnlKtrator of the Katate of
m'27a24 Martha Tucker, Deceaaed
Notice of Filing of Ballot Titles
Notice ta hereby given that the City Attor
ney n hk Heretofore on toe 2tn any oi aiarcn
11S. ureuared and riled In my office the fol
lowlmt ballot titles for proDoaed amendment
to the Charter of the City ol Hood River, as
follows, to DeauDinittea at a special election
held therein on the 10th day of April, ll:l:
Koran amendment to the Charter of the
Cltvof Hood River, eutilled. "An Act to Incol
porate the city of Hood River and to provide
a Charter therefor and deflne Its Dowera." ap
proved by the Uovernor on lue fltlh day of
February, llKil, as same haa Deen amended ana
is now in force, to be known as Section KU-b,
authorlilng the City of Hood River to Issue
its bonds not to exceed Heven Thousand Dol
lars, for the purpose of establishing Libraries
In said City, or in aiding Hood Kiver County
so to do witniu ssia city
K).-Yes. -Mlll.-No.
for an amendment to Section 10ft of an act
entitled. "An Act to Incorporate the City o
Hood River and to provide a Charter therefor
and aenne lis powers," approved Dy ine Gov
ernor on the ifih day ot Vebruary, 1901, pro
vldlna for the distmsltlon and use of all fundi
derived from the sale of bonds as provided lu
suia t narver.
802. Yea.
30. No.
H. L. HOWE, City Recorder,
Bi ATM or URr.uum, i
.City and County of Hood River,
I. H. L. Howe, the duly Qualified and acting
Recorder of the Citv of Hood Rlvor. hereby
certify that the foregoing are true copies of
ballot titles tiled lu my office by the City At
torney, to be submitted to the qualified elect
ors oi aaia city at a special election to oe lie in
therein or the win day or April,
now c
of orange blossoms worn by her mother of summer.
26 years ago on ner weauing day. She
ore a handsome net-mace, ci Dear
gift of the bridegroom, and ihrned a
shower boquet of lilies of the valley
nd bride s roses.
The maid of honor.Miss Hazel Tooze,
an beeomineiy aiureu in nniK crene
meteor, and carried a snower boquet of
nink carnations.
The bride is well known in Clacka
maa eounv and comes from a crominent
Oregon City family, Mr. Tooze btihg a
capitalist. She is a graduate of Mon
mouth Normal, one aiso attended the
University of Oregon and is a member
f the Chi umega sorority, oi that in
She was very popular both at Mon
mouth and -at hugene while attending
college. .She has Deen engagad in
teaching ror tne past tnree years, flav
ins taueht in the Gladstone school.
I'.Hstham school, oi ureeon citv. and
recently completed her term of achool
at Parkdale, where she met Mr. Coop
The bridegrootji is a well known
orchardint of Parkdale, where he has
resided for several years. He comes
from a well known Oregon pioneer
family, being the son ot Mr. and Mr.
City Recorder.
Notice of Special City Election
Notice is hereby given pursuant to order of
the Common Council and Ordinance No. 483
of the City of Hood River, duly and regularly
passed, that a Special Election will be held In
the City of Hood River, Oregon, on the 101 li
day of April, IW13, at the City Hall in said
City, on Fourth Street between Stale and Oak
Htreeta on said day. The doIIb will be open
at the hour of eight o'clock A. M. and will be
closed at the hour of seven o'clock P. M.of
said date. The Judges appointed bytbeCoin
mon Council to conduct said Election are J
H. (ill). John A. Wilson and Mrs. Olivia l.u
cas, the first named of which shall be Chair,
man, and the Clerks are C. D. Nickelaen and
Mrs. Chaa. Caslner.
The purposes for which aald Election Is
called and held are to submit to the qualified
electors oi tne uity oi tiooa Kiver, tne follow.
Ing amendments to the Charter thereof:
Kor an amendment to the Charter of the
City of Hood River, entitled. "An Act to In
corporate the City of Hood River and provide
a Charter therefor and define lu powers," ap
proved by the Uovernor on the SHth day of
"eoruary, iwi, as tue same lies Deen amended
and la now In force, to be known as Heel Ion
102-bofsald Charter, authorising the City o
Hood River to Issue It bonds In a sum not to
exceed Seven Thousand Dollars, for the pur
pose of establishing Libraries in said City or
In aiding Hood Ulver County to do so in aald
Kor an amendment of flection 106 of an act
entitled, "An Act to Incorporate the City of
Hood River and provide a Charter therefor
and denne its powers," approved by the (Jov
ernorouthe 2Xtbdayof February, ltiol. pro
viding for tbe disposition and use of all funds
derived from the sale oi bonds aa provided in
said Charter.
Dated and first published this 27th day of
mai-cn, ma.
mtfa3 H. L. HOWK. City Recorder.
Notice of Final Settlement
In the County Court of the State ofOregon for
tue touuiy oi rioou tuver.
In the Matter of the Estate of Rose Mack
I'lieips, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
A. C. Emmons, administrator of tue estate of
Rose Mack Phelps, deceaaed, hfts filed
final account In the County Court of the State
oi uregon lor tne l ounty of Hood Kiver, and
that Vtednesdsy. the Hth dy of April, lUlll. at
i the hour of 10 o'clock A. M. of said day at the
Court House at!Hood River, in said County
and Htate, has been appointed by said Court
as tne tune and place lor the nearlng of OD
Jectlons to said Una! account and tiie settle.
ment thereof.
Emmons & Webster, Administrate
Attorneys for Administrator.
Date of first publication, March 13, 1813.
Date of last publication, April 3, 1913.
In the Ciwuit Court of the State of Oregon for
nood itiver county.
Hood River Banking and Trust Company,
a Corporation, Plaintiff,
C. A. Moseley, Defendant,
To C. A. Moseley, Defendant above named :
In the name of the State of Oregon, You are
hereby required to anoear and answer to corn.
plaint of the plaintiff filed in the above entitled
action on or before the 18th day of April. Ial3. and
if you fail so to answer said complaint the plaintiff
will take judgment against you for the sum of
t-OO.IM and interest thereon from the 26th day of
July, 1912, at S per cent per annum and tTD.OU at-
torneys fees and plaintiff'a costs and disbui
menta made and expended in above entitled action.
This summons is served upon you by publication
once each week for six (6) consecutive weeks
the Hood River Glacier, a newspaper of weekly
circulation published at Hood River, in Hond Kiver
County. Orevon, by virtue of an order of the Hon
w. u Hradshaw, Judge of the Circuit Court
Hood Kiver County, Oregon, made and entered
the 31st day of January, in the year lSKt. The day
of the first publication of this summons in said
newspaper is March 6th, 1913.
mal7 Attorneys for Plaintiff,
Lewis Tracy and Harrv Shadrick. the
two men who held up a Stevenson,
Wash., man last Thursday morning en
joyed out a shnrt period of liberty ar
up to this city on the morning local of
tne u.-w. K. & JN. Co. they ran into
the hands of Marshal Lewis and Sheriff
Johi son, who had been notified of the
hold up, the victim having proceeded
immediately to the office of Sheriff
Cray alter he was able to walk.
A march of the room which they had
engaged at lodging house here proved
llur guilt and they were escorted back
to SteveiiHon by Sheriff Cray Thursday
Frank P. Hough and F. L. Dean, who
arrived here last week from Minneapo
lis, state thHt they are ready to begin
the clearing of a large block of their
11'JO acre tract in the Green Point dis
trict. Mr. Hough, who is president of
the company, was here for only a few
diiys. However, Mr. Dean, a graduate
of the Maryland Agricultural College,
who is superintendent of the company.
will remain here and have active charge
of the work. They expect to have over
HK) acres ready for orchard by the end
The new company plans to clear its
and and to sell in small tracts, the
company caring lor the tracts for a
period of from four to five years. Mr.
Dean, who is accompanied by hn wife,
expects to build in the ureen Point dis
tnct. He is at present making his
headquarters at the Hotel Oregon.
Onlaccount of the four days of heavy
warm rainfall last week, tne lioou
river roBe with unusual rapidity and
the coffer dam and cribbing recently
constructed by the Pacific Power &
Light Co., was washed out. the
stream came up a great deal higher
and faster than usual at this season of
the year," says Engineer P. L. Pierce,
who has the work in charge. 'Ihe loss
of la'nor will be pretty heavy.
... - . .
tio damage was done at any otner
point. The canyon of the river is so
IceD that it ib impossible lor the water
to get out over any orchard land. Ihe
rain was welcomed oy tne orcnartnms
Malleable South Bend
Popularly known as the "LIFE TIME" Range, hag
no superior and few equals. It is not cheap but
good, and is built expressly for discriminating buy
ers who insist that the best is not too good for them.
We know of only one other range that ii ad
mitted to be the equal of the South Bnd, and that ia
the great
which is probably the best known range in America.
We have recently secured the agency for the MA
JESTIC and expect to have them on sale in a short
for a low priced range cannot be beaten. They have
been sold in Hood River for nearly 20 years and in
variably give perfect satisfaction.
Call on us when in need of anything in the
HARDWARE line, we believe that it will be to our
mutual advantage if you will do so.
Blowers Hardware Co
The Firm That "MaKet Good"
Oak and 1st Sts.
. . f V n , , . I mill WB3 WCIlUHini uj ihc wiLliomioin,
David Cooper, now of Portland, but for for ,he monthg of February and March
many years in charge of Cloud Cap Inn,
near the summit of Mount Hood,
'Cooper's Spur of old Mount Hood
receiving its name irom Mr. cooper,
who was"one of the early guides of the
mountain, and also the promoter of the
Mount Hood railroad, ihe bridegroom
is well known in Portland, where he
made his home for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. Cooper were the recip
ients of many handsome and useful
gifts, among them being a deed to a
new bungalow and lot on Kiiitngs
worth avenue. Portland, this being a
gift from the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles looze,
have been lacking in precipitation.
At an urgent anpeal from the citi
zens of Hood Kiver represented by the
Commercial club through its secretary,
H. E. Scott, the members of the Kai
road Commission, Clyde U. Aitehison,
Frank Miller and Thomas Campbell,
ooBtDoned the hearing in the cases of
the oetttioni oi tne noon Kiver ijbb oi
Electric Co. and the Hydro-Electric Co.
until Monday, April 21.
Attorney Laing, or Portland, ap'
neared for the Hood River Gas At EleC'
trie Co. N. C. Evans represented the
Hydro Company.
Prof. C. I. Lewis and his assistant,
F. R. Brown, were here from the Ore
gon Agricultural College ui Corvallis
last week to make a survey cf the local
orchards preparatory to mulung an ex
tensive study of the core rot. Fror.
Lewis, who is head of the holicultural
deparment of the Agricultural College,
states that he will devote all of his
time in a study of this disease, the
cause of which is yet unknown. Mr.
Brown will spend a great part of his
time here making experiments.
"I am glad to see that so many of
the orchardists are planning- to put in
cover crops, says rroi. Lewis. I
feel sure that they win nnd this a good
practice. The young orchard does not
need any cover crop, but alter the
trees are from six to seven years old
the growers should begin to plant
vetches or clover.
A Card
This is to certify that all druggists are
authorized to refund your money tt ro
lr-v's Htinev and Tar Componnd fells to
cure your cough or cold. John Burnet,
Tell. Wis., states: 1 used roley's Hon
ey and Tar Compound lor nve years, and
it always gives the best of satisfaction
and always cures scougn or cotu. iw
fusd substitutes. Chas. N. Clarke.
Notice of Contest
Department of the Interior, United Wales
Land Umce. rorunu, vi c., mit:u
To Heirs ot Daniel Clark, deceased, of Wyelh, rn.njipH to meet the wants of
Oreaon, ('onlclce: mmnnilg and is Bo thorough
Oregon-Washington Business Directory
Just issued for 1913-14 is the only
complete work of the kind published.
It contains an accurate business direc
tory of every city, town and village in
Oregon and Washington, and the names
and addresses of country merchants
and professional men, lumbermen, etc.,
who are located adjacent to villages ;
also lists of government and county
officers, commissioners of deeds, state
boards, statutory provisions, terms of
courts, names of postofllces, express,
telephone, and telegraph offices; jus
tices of the peace ; hotels, daily and
weekly newspapers; beside much other
information useful to all classes of
business and professional men. A de
scriptive sketch of each place is given,
embracing various items of interest,
such as location, population, distances
to different points, the most conven
ient shipping stations, the products
that are marketed, stage communica
tion, trade statistics.mineral interests,
churches, schools, libraries and socie
ties. An important feature is the class
ified directory, giving every business
arranged under its special heading,
thus enabling subscribers to obtain at
a fiance a list of all houses manufac
turing or dealing in any particular line
of goods. The work, generally, is
v.,,7 r' h-r.-liv notified that William I).
Trfnr who kIvcs nil Weldler Street. Port-
lend, Oregon, as nih hii 0110 Huurm, oiu tin
March 4, lKH, "k " limuui,-
roborsted application to contest and secure
the cancellation nl yir Homestead, Kntrv
V11 o'iih. Kermi Mo 1., ,0..,
for M'-4of Lot and Nof 8'of Lot S, Kectlon
3 Towimhipi No' 111. Ranae 8 Kaal, Willamette
M.rldlan.aiid a t"aa f"T ,h! ,,,te' J"
alleges that heirs of nald Daniel Clark, de
ceased have never rwtlded on aald land, have
never 'cull Ivaict any part of It, have never
made any improvement thereon, and that
there are no Improvement n said land ex
cept an old tf scried cabin and less than one
half acre ofclnnit and a little slashing, and
that said heirs hsve wholly abandoned said
land lor more Ihan U months Immediately
receedliiK the tMUlnnlng of this contest.
VmTare then lore, further notified that the
aald allegations will be taken by this office as
having been confessed by yon. and your said
entrv will be c.n.-elM thereunder without
your further rleui 1" heard therein, either
before this office r on appeal. If you fal to
file In this office wlililu twenty days after the
KiifKTH public sflon of this notice, as shown
below vour answer, ander oath, specifically
meeting and rvpondin to these allegations
ofonttst or If' you tall within that time to
Ale In this r.ftvc dm; proof that you have
served a cony of answer on the said con
testant either in person or by registered mall.
If this ""vice li made by the delivery of a
cony of your answer to the contestant In per
i'Vroof f such service must be either the
...tA I. .i.m written acknowledgment of
his receipt of the copy, showing the date of Its
receipt, or the affidavit oft be person by whom
the delivery was mate statlag when and
where the copy was ,t;!lvered; II made by reg
...ii Mroii of such service must con
sist of the affidavit of tbe person by whom the
copy was le i anting when and the post,
office to which it was n ailed, and tola affida
vit must be accompauirfl by the poatmaster s
rn. Ih. Ilrir.
You should sta-.e In oor answer the name
of the postofflce to which yon desire future
oollce,l"W!Wm,i-,K: II IOBY. Register.
J. C. ARliRfeY. Receiver,
Dale of first publication, Mareb l! mi;
" second " April i. 1U;
third " APr" ".
fourth " APr" l7-
as to deserve tneir noerai (jHirooKKtr.
Price $. Offices Seattle, Portland,
Spokane and Tacoma.
Bill Hayward May Visit School Again
"Rill" Havwards' return from
his trip through eastern Oregon, March
10 to 17, when he lectured before the
students of six high schools on.tracK
methods, he has been invited to'return
over the same route during the Easter
vacation, April 12 to V). and ohserve
the work outs of the different teams,
says a dispatch from Eugene.
Shoudl tie mane ine trip.nis expenses
will be paid by the schools, which are
Hood Kiver, daner, renoieton, ine
Dalles and Salem. During the last
trip "Bill" was unable to meet all the
men personally and watch them on the
track. This time he wil spend a day
at each institution and instruct the
men, giving them practical demonstra
tions of the right and wrong methods
used by track men in the different
t onstipation brings many ailment in
its train and is the primary cause of
much sickness. Keep your Isowels reg
ular madam, and you will escape many
of the ailment" to which women are
s ibject. Constipation is a very simple
thing, but like many simple things, it
may lead to serious consequences. Na
ture often needs a little a-sistance and
when Chamberlain's Tablets are given
at the first indication, much distress
and suffering may be avoided. Hold by
all dealers.
1 Phone 1691
t 1
Before buying a Motorcycle be sure
to investigate the
1913 Excelsior Auto-Cycle
Model 7C-$265.00, F. O. B. Hood River
Holds world's speed record of one hundred miles an hour.
Won first, second, third and fourth placeB in Portland bill
climbing contest.
The clutch is controlled by the left grip a feature, well worth
considereng in a billy country.
For literature and information drop postal to
E. G. REXFORD, Local Agent
R. F. D. No. 2, Hood River
Successor to
Phone 3454 F'actory at Armory Building Cascade Ave.
Fresh Vegetables and Fruit in Season
Flour and Feed
Phone 2121
Hood River, Oregon
Rolled Barley, Bran, Short and
PHONE 4443
Fourth Street Between Oek and State
Third St., btwet Oak and State
Clve me e call, and keep your feet dry
Stops Falling Hair
HalFa Hair Renewer certainly stop9
falling hair. No doubt about it what-
ever. Yon will surely be aatignftq.
cordial invitation to you, personally, to call and open a
checking account. Any amount will open an account in our
savings department. We pay 3 per cent interest, compounded
semi-annually. We promise the best of service and satisfac
M. M. II i li., W. W. Rkminoton, Vice-Pres. R. W. Patt, Caibiar
Wilson Fike, W. W. Remington, C. II. Stranahan
Hunt Paint & Wall Paper Co.
Complete line of PAINTS, OILS, BRUSHES, Etc.
PRATT & LAMBERT'S VARNISHES. CALCIMO. For room tintina; mixed
to order. CHI-SAMEL. For old furniture and wood work ; any color. ROOM
MOULDING. Plate and Card Rail. Dry Paste. OILCLOTH for walla and
nice line of Wall Paper. Painting, Paper Uanning, 8i?n and Carriage Work
Carriage Shop ,.hone 109L Store phone lift 16 Oak Street