The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 30, 1913, Image 7

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Can't Bust 'Em
$20.00 Suits now $16.00
i j 1
i -i-M 1 1 1 1 1 1 i r H-i-:
wiiimi'MiiiH H-iimm
Shoes made or repaired at Jolmecn's
Get GUARANTEED Eastern Blue
stone at McDonald's.
Oscar Vanderbilt was a visitor in
Portland Monday.
Money to Loan On firct mortgage
security. T. I). Tweedv.
Order your Dressed Chicken for your
Sunday dinner at McGuireBros. jlHtf
F. G. Whaley, of Underwood, was in
the city Saturday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Earl left Satur
day for a visit with Portland friends.
II you want shoes that don't go
wronx to to Johnsen's.
Mrs. B. E. Wright spent the week
end in Portland.
Fresh Columbia River Smelt at Mc
Gnire Burs. jltitf
J. B. Anderson was' in Portland the
latter part of last week on business.
Pruning and Grafting A. J. Kosen
stthl, Hood Kiver, Ore. 120
R. H. Haselton, of Underwood, Wn.,
was in the city on business last week.
If your shoes have gone wrong take
them to Johnsen.
A. F. Howes was in Redmond last
week on business.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C McGuire were
Portland visitors over the wetk end.
William Chandler was in Portland
Chicken dinner 60 cents at the Hotel
Oregon from 11:30 to 2 o'clock Satur
day, tf
D. H. Raymond, of the Hotel Ore
gon, visited friends in Portland last
Miss Blanche Stewart and Miss Edith
Ordway left Friday for a visit in Port
land. Deputy Sheriff Allan Hart was in
The Dalles last week on otiicial busi
ness. J. C. Skinner returned Saturday
from a business trip to Newport and
R. E. Harbison, of Hillsboro, was
here the first of the week attending to
Ur. and Mrs. T. F. Hawkins and
child visited friends in Newberg over
the week end.
Chicken dinner 50 cents at the Hotel
Oregon from It :3u to 2 o'clock Satur
day, tf
Fred (J. Dunnicliff, editor of the
White Salmon Enterprise, was in the
city last Friday.
Mrs. C. P. Bishop, of Satem, is
spending the week end with her sister,
Mrs. C. I. Roberts.
Mrs. J. L. Hutchins left Tuesday for
Portland where she will spend a week
visiting friends.
Upper Valley citizens in the city last
week were W. L. Mason, J. F. Thomp
son and H. C. Rose.
Money to Loan In amounts $'00 to
$1,51)0 on first class real estate security.
ill also buy mortgages in like amounts.
Reed & Henderson, Inc.
Dr. J. F. Watt was in Portland last
weeK on business and to see Daivd
Warfield in "Ihe Return of Peter
R. D. Gould leturned last week from
Grand View, Wash., where he ie in
stalling a municipal water system.
Mr. Gould states that he will not re
turn until the weather has moderated
to a greater degree.
What is a home without some kind of
music in it? What will a music house
in Hood River be without your patron
age? Waggener's Mubic House has the
goods, and " Waggener Wants Your
Trade.-' j'-'tf
The service at the Unitarian church
next Sunday are as follows: 10 o'clock
Sunday school; 11 o'clock, service of
worship, with sermon on "The Relig
ion of Socialism;" 6:30, Young Peo
ple's Religious Union.
Your evenings at hone will be enjoy
able if you have a Talking Machine and
a few Records Wegener's Music House
sells the Victor. Edison and Columbia
machines and records. Call end bear the
new Edison Disc Phonograph. "It's a
W. R Laravvay
Doctor of
Over 30 years' ex
perience. Eyes Tested and
Glasses Ground
Even in W orkingmen's Clothing
We are just as particular about our Overalls as we are about the
highest priced item of Men's Clothing, and our business in this line shows
the results in a constant increase of customers and the volume of busi
ness. We are always ready for any reasonable call, and we try to give
you the best to be had, whether it be a 5c pair of socks or a full dress
shirt, you save money, time and patience by concentrating your business
with an organization like ours.
Norman Tostevin was in Portland
over the week end to be with Mrs.
Tostevin, who is ill there.
Miss Mary Allen spent the latter
part of last week in Portland with her
friend, Miss Lucy Cutler.
Mrs. J. B. Higdon, of The Dalles,
was here last week visiting tbe family
of her brother, J. M. Wood.
Lost Ordinary door key attached to
narrow red and green ribtion. Finder
please leave at Glacier ollice.
B. E. Duncan, who spent the first uf
last week in the city, returned to Port
land Thursday to join his family.
D. L. Kerr, of the L. G. Westfall
Lumber Co., of Underwood, Wash.,
was in the city Friday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Butler were in
Portland last week to see David War
field in "The Return of Peter Grim."
C. F. Gilbert was in Portland last
week to attend the Hardware Men's
convention which was held in that
C. P. Johansen and little daughter,
of Parkdale, passed through the city
Friday enroute to The Dalles to visit
Mrs. Charles H. Henney was in Port
land Friday to witness the performance
of David Warfield in "The Return of
Peter Grim."
Dr. and Mrs. J. H. McVay have
taken the Ross house on Cascade av
enue and will make thier home there
until spring.
Chae. T. Early, manager 'of the Ore-
son Lumber Co. und the Mt. Hood
Railroad Co., is in Ogden, Utah, this
week on business.
Mrs. Flora Hartley and daughter,
Miss Katherine, were in Portland last
Friday evening to see Warfield in "The
Return of Peter Grim."
Jonh W. Weaver, who is now in Port
land, came up the first of the week.
Mr. Weaver has been in Portland
studying the commission brokerage
business. He contemplates entering
a business of this kind at Bend.
What is a home without some Ki-id of
music in it? What will a music house
in Hood Rimer be without your patron
age? Wangetier's Music House bin the
goods, and " Waggener Wunts Wir
Trade." -'u
Wanted The address of a ritizeon at
Hood River interested in Bible study
along lines of the International Bible
Student's Association-Millenial Dawn
series. V . Mcftercner, z-iu niaru bi.,
Portland, Ore.
To Trade 8 acres, sub-division prop
erty oh Oreiton City car line below golf
links, for Hood River property all im
proved, three houes. W ill trade part o
all Price JlJi.rWO. To loan $1,-00. A. W.
Monosmith, Hood River. jltitf
James E. Montgomery, formerly
editor of the Glacier, and connected
with C. R. Bone in the real estate
business, is now in Minncapol's, where
he is connected with the Wells-Dickey
Co., who do a large loan and banking
business ' throughout the Middle West.
Your evenii gs at home will be enjoy
able if you have a Talking .Machine and
a few Records. Wiu'gener's Music tlouse
sells the Victor, Edison and Columbia
machines and records. Call and hear the
new Edison Disc Phonograph. "It's u
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Bone and Miss
Lela Kelsay spent the week end in
Portland, having gone down to see the
Saturday evening production of David
Warfield in "The Return of Peter
Grim." Mr. and Mrs. Bone remained
to see Ben Hur and Sarah Bernhardt.
The services at the St. Mark's Epis
copal church were conducted by Prof.
J. W. Crites as Lay Reader last Sun
day. Bishop R. L. Paddock, who was
in the city last week, will conduct the
services next Sunday, and in the event
that Rector Simpson's successor has
not been appointed by the following
Sunday Frof. Crites will again conduct
the services.
Beekeepers and Orchardists who ex
pect to get any bees or bee supplies this
season will find it to their advantage to
see me or drop me a card at once stat
ing their wants. I will meet Por land
prices or better and give a liberal dis
count for cash or early orders. I am here
to help you. Help yourself by patroniz
ing me. Do it now and save time and
money. W. V. Dakin, 1205 7th St Hood
River Ilieghts. jl-fl3
'wfk W Wife-:
Reference: Over 2,000 fitted in Hood River, U.S.A.
S. A. Milton, manager of the Milton
Nursery Co., spent last Thursday here
with Robert T. Newhall. local repre
sentative of the nursery company.
- Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Frary came up
Monday from Portland. Mr. Frary was
called here by business and while in
the valley he and Mrs. Frary visited
Born To Mr. and Mrs. C.E . March
and at their home in Portland, on Sun
day, January 20, a daughter. Mr. and
Mrs.Marchand were formerly residents
of the valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert E. Rand and
the Missess Seabrook were in Portland
over the week end, having gone down
to see David Warlield in "The Return
of Peter Grim."
Mrs. Guy Y. Edwards and little
daughter, Rosalie, left Monday for
Portland, where they joined Mr. Ed
wards, who is there undergoing medi
cal treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer A. Rogers, for
merly of the Upper Valley, r.ave lo
cated in Portland, where Mr. Rogers
is connected with the F. N. Clark real
estate company. I
A special meeting of Huod River
Lodge No. 105, A. F. & A. M., on Sat
urday evening, February 1. Work in
the M. M. degree. Visiting brothers
are cordially invited.
A meeting of Hood River Chapter
No. 27, R. A. M., will be held on Fri
day evening, Jan. 31. Work in the M.
E. & P. M. degrees. Visiting brothers
are cordially invited.
Miss Ruth Cooper, of Underwood,
w as here last Friday evening to'attend
the third of the series of dancing part
ies that is being given by the ladies of
the St. Msrk's Guild.
A number of Hood River Masons,
members of the Al Kader Temple of
the Mystic Shrine, will attend the an
nual initiation and banquet to be held
in Portland Saturday evening.
The room of the Morrison building on
Second street that has remained va
cant for the last year, is being over
huuKd and fitted for a restaurant,
which will be opened there soon.
A good haarty 1; ugh is better than
the most efficient medicine. See "The
Old Maids' Convention" and "Smythe
vs. Smith," at the Valley Christian
church tomorrow evening, Friday, Jan
uary 31.
Mrs. Bert Stranahan left Saturday
to visit with relatives at Rufus. Her
sister, Mrs. Charles Lamb, who was
recently visiting here, left Rufus the
first of the wetk for her home in Se
dalia, Mo.
Grace U. B. church, Sunday school at
10 a. m, G. A. Partis, superintendent.
Sermon on "The Revelator's Revival
Message," at 11 a. m. Junior C. E.
at 3 p. m., Mrs. Bretherton in charge,
C. E. at 6:30. At 7:30 special music
and discourse on "The Conquest by Co
operation." Everybody welcome. J.
ti 1'iirsoi s, minister.
Mrs. John F. Be&unicrt, president of
the Regents of the Daughters of the
American Revolution, of Oregon, has
been endorsed for re-election to the
place. Mrs. Beaumont, whose picture
appeared in the Sunday edition of tlu
S unday Journal, is the wife of Dr. J.
F. Beaumont, who is an enthusiastic
Hood River orchardist. The home of
t"e Beautnonts is in Portland, where
Dr. Beaumont is engaged in the prac
tice of medicine.
Dr. M. E. Welch has just received
word from his son, Frank M. Welch,
of New Richmond, Wis., that fire has
destroyed the publishing plant of tho
News-Republican Voice of that city.
1 he younger Mr. Welch is one of th;
owners of the paper, which is tha larg
est in thnt part of the state. The me
chanical work of the newspaper, until
a new establishment can be installed
will be done in a neightorii g city,
where Mr. Welch also operates a news
paper. The next meeting of the Weat Side
Improvement tlub will be held at the
Park Grange hall at the time of the
Oregon Agricultural College extension
lecture", which will be given here Feb
ruary 17-21, inclusive. It had been
planned to hold the meeting at the
Frankton school house. However, it
ma be that the lecturers will want to
aidress the West Side orchardists on a
school cay and it would be impossible
to f.nd a meeting place in Frankton.
Mrs. E. E. Stanton was a Portland
visitor over the week end.
Attorney A. P. Keed has bten in
Portland this week on business.
Miss Anna Fisher, of Portland, is
here visiting Miss Margaret Nickelsen.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ferguson kft
yesterday for a visit with friends in
Mrs. Carl P. Ross, who has been suf
fering with erysipelas, is recovering
at the Hotel Oregon.
A. J. Nelson is in Argyle, Wis.,
where he will spend the next two
months visiting friends.
C. H. Sproat and R. H. Weber left
yesterday for Portland to lee Surah
Bernhardt and Ben Hur.
Nevin L. Weidner, who has hiid
charge of the ranch of C. H. Sprout
left last week for Portland.
Newton Clark, who has been in Port
land for medical treatment, has re
turned to his home here.
Mrs. Ross Sherwood, flfer having
been ill for some time at the Cottage
hispital, has returned to her home.
TI.e local congregation of Christian
Scientists, who meet in theJDaviuson
building, have installed a new organ.
H. G. Colton and daughter, of Cort
land, were up the latter part of the
week to visit their Oak Grove ranch.
The members of the gymnasium club
of thelmmanuel church have organized
and are now holding regular meetings.
Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Bronson were
in Portland Ibst week to see David
Warfield in "The Return of Peter
Howard Pealer has been called to
Spokane, near which city his father
resides, because of the serious illness
of the latter.
Mr. and Mrs. Noah Bonf entertained
a number of friends with a series of
parties Monday and Tuisclay nights 1 1
their home on Oak street.
Mrs. S. B Carlisle, who has been
in Goldcndale attending to buisness,
will return by Portland where she will
visit her sisttr, M. L. Lumond.
Ned will proceed to Seattle, where
Monday he will register st the Univer
sity of Washington, lie will make his
major subjects languages and litera
ture. The pupils of the Oak Grove school
were entertained by their teacher, Miss
Hazel Stanton, with a bobsled party
an(j oyster stew supper last Friday
V. Winchell left yesterday for Port
land to be with his daughter, Miss
Maude Winchell, who has been there
recovering from a recent operation for
Dr. William Post has returned from
Walla Walla, Wash., where he spent
several weeks in charge of a dental
office, th) tegular dentist in charge
having been ill.
Chas. L. Coke, who has been residing
at Cascade Locks, passed through the
city Monday enrouto to New York,
where he accepted a position with a
large printing company.
J Mrs. Willis Van Horn and son, Ned,
left yesterday for Portland. After a
short visit with friends Mrs. Van Horn
will leave for New York, where she
will si.end the remainder of the winter.
At the regular meeting of the Chap
ter of Eastern Star Monday evening
the memriers presented Mrs. A. D. Moe
with a Past Worthy Matron's pin.
Mrs. Moe was Worthy Matron of the
Chapter last year.
Mrs. J. H. Osborne and children, who
have spent the past several weeks
with her brother, E. F. Phillips at
Artjsia, New Mexico, are now visiting
friends in Los Angeles, ("al. 'J hey will
visit in Santa Barbara before return
ing to the Valley.
Two games of basketball will be
played at the rink next Saturday even
ing. The first game will be played be
tween the Frankton first team and the
Oak Grove first team. The second be
tween Frankton second team and Bar
rett first team. The first game will be
called at 8 p. m. .
Vesper services will be held at the
Immanutl church' next Sunday after
noon at 4:30. Rev. Hargreaves will
preach the third eermnn in the series
on the Commandments. Special em
phasis will be given Sunday's music.
The vesper services will continue
throughout the month of February.
On Friday afternoon Bishop R. L.
Paddock will meet the ladies of St.
Mark's Guild and their friends at the
home of Mrs. W. J. Baker at three
o'clock. The gentlemen of the Episco
pul church and their friends will meet
Kif hop Padrlnck at the home of Dr. E.
D. Kansga Friday evening.
P.iverside Church. The pastor will
speak as usual Sunday morning.
Themes: "Going the World One Bet
ter." "What Women and Children
i-utfer and What Employer! are Do
ing," will be the sul jtct of the third
of the illnstrated social problem Jlec
tures at 7:30 p.m. The public is in
vited. The band of the "Along the Kene
bec" company, wnich appeared here at
the Monroe opera house gave a concert
at the corner of.Oalt and Second streets
yesterday noon. The music of the
brass instruments made those who
heard it think that a mid-winter circus
had come to town. The company gave
a well attended and entertaining per
formance last night.
For Sale A fine Jersey cow, very
cheap if taken at orce. The cow is
just fresh. Pbone 5756.
L. T'ouscher, against whom the grand
jury returned a true bill on the charge
of illicit sales of liquor here, was cap
tured last T hursday by officers Robert
l. Lewis and ihos. r. Johnson. Tous
cher knew that the grand jury would
, b'j after him and had left the city dur
, i ig the investigations of that body.
i The return of the true bill had beta'
kept secret, and be was captured as!
soon as he came back to bis haunts. j
j The officers searched his quarters in i
the old buliding back of the Blowers '
Hardware Co. store and found enough
, bottles to start a full-fledged saloon if
they had all been full.
The penple of the city who enjoy
dancing will participate in a masquer-1
ade party to be given at the Heilhron
ner nail the evuning of Friday, Febru
ary 21. Corning before Washington's
birthday, the hull will be appropriately
decorated und many of the costumes of
the merrymakers will be Colonial.
come of the most enjoyable social
events ever held in the city have been
n the nature of masquerade partus,
and plans are already being made for
unique masquerade garments for the
evening of the propused masuqerae'e
New Gymnasium Makes Progress
The new gvmnasiuin formed recently
at Iuiinanuel church on the Heights,
has been making a mpid pruKvenH, ac-
: cording to Victor Juhnson. the presi
dent of the association. The associa
tion hns elected J. F. Volsturlf, treas
urer und A. J. Brunquist, who has had
a number of years' experience in gjm
nastic training at eastern Y. M C. fi.
gymnasiums, us dirci tor. So far only
one class of 13 members has bet.n
formed. The class meets twice week
ly, on Monday and Friday evenings.
However, if it is found inconvenient
for members to attend at either of
these mcetii gs dates, the rooms of the
lmmanucl chuich, where the drill) are
h ;d, will le opened on Woilnesua.v
eveniiiKS. It is panned to form-a
girls' class ht a later date.
The initiation fee of the association
h $1. f0 and the monthly dues $1. lh?
initiation fee entitles thu entering
mem er to a physiciai.'.-Jexaniination.
The members of thu elas are:
Vic Johnson, J. F. Volsturlf, Geo.
Oiinmiek, A. J. i.r inquist, A. 0. Car
mi hael, Elliott Staten, Arlo Bradley,
K. T. Newhall, Mr. Hargreaves, John
Hargreaves, Roy Blagg, Elmer John
ston, A. Hurdman.
Mrs. Monk Dies After Lingering Illness
After a lii giring illness Mrs. Job
Mui.k died here Monday at the home o'
her daughter, Mrs. C. J. Calkins. Mrs.
Mork, who was born in England, had
reached the ago of fi4 years. She and
her husband left England 30 years ngo
and came to Portland. Mr. Monk died
about 16 years ago.
The funeral services were held Tues
day afternoon and were conducted by
Rev. J. R. Hargreaves pastor, of the
Heights Immanutd church. Interment
followed at the ldlewild cemetery.
In addition to her daughter, Mrs.
Calkins, the deceased leaves.surviving
her two other daughters, Mrs. Frances
Richards, of Hood Uiver, and Mrs. L.
A. Baker, of Spokane.
Italian Orchstra Entertains
No more delightful music has recent
ly been beard in the city than the se
lections rerdered here Sunday and
Monday by the Italian harp orchestra,
which gave a series of concerts at the
Electric theatre. The music attracted
large audiences at every performance.
The musicians rendered both ragtime
and classical selections.
Last Sunday's sermon at the Unitart
ian church was timely after the recen
investigation of the interlocking of d -rectories,
and Gov. Wilson's allirmii
tive regarding the control of monopo
lies. The fermon frankly criticised
capitalism as a great wrong which
ought to be hit hard. All the recent
movements of socialization, single tax,
socialism, etc., are opposed to this con
centration of wealth in the hands of a
few. These new movements refer back
to the ethics of Jesus, and at heart re
flect the real spirit of Christianity
cooperation. Next Sunday Mr. Mac
Donald will round out this sermon with
one on "The Religion of Socialism."
Buy your milk and cream fresh and
cle.ui ol the Valley Ranch Hairy. Tele
phone 57H4. II. (i Ziiliiicus. jan 30tf
While a circular letter is being sent
to all valley growers who are judged
littrdu to want to alliliate with tne pro-
pesad organization similar to that of
the Fellowship Association for the pur
pose of maintaining the research work
in horticulture here, it is possible that
some may be overlooked. In ca-e you
do not receive one of these circulars,
and desire to become a member of the
organization, please send in your name
to the secretary of the Commercial
Mrs. Geo. H. Lynn left yesterday
afternoon for Salem to visit Viss Pearl
Bradley for a couple of divs at Will
amete'University. US
-I vr f.-?
Kderheimer-Stein Young Men's Clothci
Christ an Science Sen ices.
Christian Science Services w ill be field
in the Room 2, Davidson Building, Sun
day, at 11 a. m. Subject : "Love."
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Wednesday service, 8 p. III.
The reading room is open dailv from 2
to 5 p. m., room 2, l'avidsun building.
The FRAME is often half the PICTURE.
Why spoil the picture with a poor frame?
Bring it to us and it will be framed right
A lot of new Mouldings in all sizes and
shades. OVAL and ROUND FRAMES.
Slocom's Book & Art Store
"The Place That Does the Framing"
Has a Full Stock of
Wagons and Spring Wagons
Agent for
Bean Power and Hand Spray
Hose, Rods and Nozzles
Bluestone and Lime
Oliver Plows and Extras
d. Mcdonald
Finished and Rough Material
We have just purchased the sawmill property of
E. T. Folts in the Middle Valley and will operate
this together with our box factory at Odell.
Saturday Night
Qj" Oddfellows' Hall
Everybody Welcome
We are olTering some
fine bargains in
Watches and
See Our Windows
Jeweler and Optician
Opposite liulltr Bunk