The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 29, 1912, Image 9

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ft 111 VI
solutely Pur
To have pure and wholesome
food, be sure that your baking
nowder IS marl f from
f vt
cf tartar and not from alum.
The Label will guide you
Royal is the only baking
povder made from Royal
Grape Cream of Tartar
No Alum No Lime Phosphates
The Womans club, to encourage the
beuulifiration of the lawns of the city
have announced the offer of a number
of substantial cash prizes for the most
handsome improvement of lawns in the
city. The work has been undertaken
by the civic committee of the club,
who state that they know that the co
operation of the citizens means a city
Any one having an unimproved yard
is eligible to enter the contest on or
before March lr, when the first inspec
tion will be made by the committee.
The contest closes September 1, when
prizes will be awarded to those secur
ing the greatest number of points
which will be given for the most im
provement in lawns, flowers, walks,
back-yards, shrubbery, trees and gen
eral appearance and parking and tree
planting, between side walk and curbs
wherever street grading has been done.
Any one desiring to enter the contest
will please notify Mrs. (..has. (Jastner,
phone lii-M or any member of ihe Civic
Committee who will be glad to enter
name ana inspect present condition of
premises or give any information re
quired concerning the plan.
Basketball was the center of athletic
interest here during the past week.
On Wednesday evening of last week a
double header game was played at the
old Armory building. The Hood Kiver
High School team playing White Sal
mon and the local "Collegiates" play
ing Odell. The local high sc ool lads
trimmed White Salmon to the tune of
51 to 9, while Odell lost to the "Col
legiate.;" by a score of 27 to 2. On
Friday evenii g tha "Whirlwind" team
from The Dalles came here and played
Odell at the gymnasium there. The
score was 30 to 23 in favor of the vis
itors. On Friday afternoon the local high
school team played the Jelferson High
School team in Portland, losing by a
score of 15 to 30. The Orcgonian has
the following report of that game:
"Hood River High Scnool basketball
team was defeated yesterday afternoon
at the Jelferson High gymnasium, 30
to 15, by Jefferson High. 'Ihe latter
team started the game with practically
its second lineup, but when the total
was only 12 to 10 at the end of the
first half the regular team was put in
the field."
During the first half, the local team
lined up us follows: Shay and John
son, forwards; Young and Sheppard,
guards; and lilagg, center. During
the second half Franz took the place
of Johnson, Lewis that of Young, and
Morse that of Blagg.
Perfect Printing Rubber Stumps of
every description made at the Glacier
Stamp Works.
A letter received last week by Mrs.
W. J. iiaker from Geo. H. Himes, as
sistant secretary and curator of the
Oregon Agricultural Society, brings
out the fact that the Hood River Val
ley's first trees were set out a number
of years before the Civil War. M
Himes, writing from Portland, said:
"Accept my thanks for the letter
you wrote, which appeared in the Gla
cier of yesterday, relating to the early
commercial orchards in Hood River
Valley. 1 know what you say is sub
stantially true, as with Mr. S, F.
lilythe 1 went through the orchards
you mention in 18S8. I think the
Bradford you mention was 1'. F. in
stead of W. H. 1 here were three of
the Bradford brothers whom ! knew
well, Daniel F., Putnam F., and Allen
G. ; and 1 know that Putnam F. Btarted
a commercial ot chard in Hood River
Valley. tie formerly had a prune
orchard near this city. There were a
number of small oichards in Hood
River Valley prior to 25 years ago,
among them several devoted to peach
raising; but none that could be strictly
classed as a commercial orchard in any
true sense. W. P. Watson raised a
little fruit on the Coe place, and the
first trees on that place were set out
in 1858 or '59, as 1 was informed many
years ago. But all such cases were
for the purpose of family use, in my
judgement. Perhaps you can ascertain
who set out the first orchard for family
purposes in Hood River Valley. 1 can
not tell, but believe it was Nathaniel
Coe, father of Capt. H. C. Coe. 1
shall have occasion to write to Capt.
Coe, in Southern California, in a short
time, and then 1 will ask him about
Dalles Pioneer Buried.
The funeral of the late Andrew W.
Lane, who died at the home of his son,
L. L. Lane, Thursday, was held Mon
day afternoon. Mr. Lane was 8 years
of age, having been born in Fountain
county, Indiana, February 11, 1830.
He crossed the plains to Oregon in
1853, locating first near Salem, but
later moved to Linn county, and en
gaged in wagon making in Harrisburg.
From Harrisburg he went to Spring
field, Lane county, living there until
187K, since when he has made his home
with his son in The Dalles. Mr. Lane
was father of 13 children, six of whom
are living. They are
Stream Will be Closed Tomorrow.
The stream of Hood River will be
closed tomono'v to all form of fishing
except with a hook and line. Hood
River was included in the large num
ber of streams thus closed to net fish
ing by the State Fish Commission by
its decision the first of the year.
Last Fall local disciples of Sir Isaac
Walton were incensed over the fact
that the stream was being fished with
gill nets and a complaint was made to
the State Commission.
Two for the
Price of One
ONE Box Roxford Mission
Letter Paper Free with a box
of Initial Stationery at the
Regular Price SOc
Carl A. Plath, DRUGGIST
The 'RoXCxML Store
One of the most interesting stories
in the March number of the Sunset
Magazine is "Hagar's Son" written by
LeRoy Armstrong. Mr. Armstroig
has taken for the "motif" of his story
ihe benefits that would be .derived
from the building of the Columbia
River boulevard. The entertaining
descriptions of the bit of fiction are
true to the wonderful scenery of the
Columbia and all Hood Kiver people
are familiar with it.
The plot ot the story attracts the
reaner as ne progresses and creates a
sympathy. A son of Hagar, whose
father has left to him a long narrow
strip along the Columbia river, iso
lated and uncultivable, after receiving
the news of the will and its provisions
to the effect that he must live on it for
five years to acquire title, leaves bis
Indiana home, and builds himself a
home on the mountainous tract.
The father has given to each of the
half brothers and legitimate sons a
section of fertile fruit land to the east
of the narrow strip. While entertain
ing three hunters, who happen upon
his self built home, among the crags,
but with one of the most wonderful
views in the world, the suggestion of
a road, to connect the east and west of
the continent, is dropped. lshmael
visits the Valley town. He buys pro
visions from the half brothers, wno
will trade with him but who will nut
take his hand. Later he unfolds to
them his plan of the road. He is re
fused support.
A woman, a sister of one of the
hunters, who is wealttiy, hears or him
and becomes interested and by her aid
the road is completed at once. Ismael
and the woman marry.
In speaking of Mr. Armstrong and
the story the Sunday Orcgonian said :
"That the construction of 20 miles
of road over the Cascades, connecting
the present road from Hood Kiver to
their base with the roau constructed to
Sandy, in Multnomah county, would
comprise one of the most important
undertakings in that part of the state
is the opinion of LeRoy Armstrong, of
Hood River, who was in Portland yes
terday. "Mr. Armstrong considers that if
this stretch of road were in operation
Oregon would have not only one of the
linost scenic highways in the country,
hut one that would attract tourists
from all sections. Mr. Armstrong is
an enthusiast on the subject of good
roads and has embodied his idea in a
story which appears in the March
number of the Sunset mugazine. In
this I'tory lshmael Isherwood conceives
the idea of constructing such a high
way and succeeds in interesting a rich
woman in the enterprise. Thj scenes
depicted are true to the Columbia
River country."
For Slate Senator. j
To the republican voters of Wasco and
Hood River countien:
1 hereby announce myself a a can-'
didate for state senator for Ihe sixteenth
senatorial district o( Oregon, subject to
the ill of the republican voters .f said
disttict to tie expressed at the piimary i
election to be held on th nineteenth '
dv of April, P'U.
i am a progressive republican, and
believe firmly in the Oregon system, the ,
primary law, including statement mini-i
Iter one, the initiative and the referend-
um and recall, and (irmly believe in 11, e!
extension of ier of the people, and il j
nominated ami elected I tt.ll use inv !
best fftorte to promote the interest of!
the x'"e of my district and 'he state
of Oregon, and favor all laws to further j
rest'ain ami control the operations of j
the bii: vorpoi ations.
U.e.18 I. J. COoI'Li;.
Wishart, Candidate for Commissionorship
Geo. M. Wishart, of Mt. Hood, will
make the race for nomination to the
Hoard of County Commissioners. Mr.
Wishart, who was in the city Monday
stilted that he had decided to become a
candidate on the urging of many
friends. He is well known throughout
the county, having been deputy asses
sor in the Mt. Hood district during
the past year. Mr. Wishart, who came
to the region in the year 1889 is a
member of the Republican party.
Mr. Wishart, because of his long
residence and interest in public affairs,
knows the conditions of the commu
nity. He states that be will, if elect
ed, urge the betterment of roads, but
shall endeavor to have the money ex
pended wisely and with a close super
vision over construction.
Lenten Services.
The Lenten devotional services at
the Chapel of the Franciscan Fathers
was begun Sunday evening with a good
attendance. Father Pius announces
that next Sunday morning services
will be held at 8:30 and 10:30 o'clock.
Lenten Devotion (The Way of the
Cross) will be observed every Friday
afternoon at 4 o'clock until further
notice. On all Sundays except the
first services will be held at 10:30 in
the mornings and at 7:30 in the evenings.
All kinds of Fruit
Stamps made to order.
and Mer antile
P. lone 37.
W. A. Bell for District Attorney.
To the Pepublicnn electors of Crook,
Hood River and Wasco Counties-:
1 fi.-rebv announce myself as a candi
date for the Republican nomin.iliou l,.r
District Attorney at the coming Pri
mary, April 111; that 1 have resided in
the District twenty live years, at Prine
ville and The Dalles, Oregon, and have
been in the active practice of the law
(or the past eighteen years; tliat, if
uominitifd and ceded, I will during my
term nl ollice devote mv entire time to
the duties of the ollice to the exclusion
of other law business, and give my per
sonal attention, and til's t considi ration
to the business of the olhce, mid will
personally assist the olliccis in each
coiiniy with the enforcement of Hie
Criminal Law, ami especially will I ex
ert invscll to entorce tin- law auaiiist
vice, immoral acts ami the traffic in
white slavery.
Paid adv. " V. A. I'.F.l'.L,
Candidate for District Attorney.
To the Republican voters of Wasco,
Crook and Hood Kiver Counties:
1 berebv announce my candidacy for
the Republican n .initiation for District
Attorney for the Seventh Judicial Dis
trict comprised of Wasco, Crook and
Hood River Counties at the coming pri
naiies to lie held April In, V. If
nominated and elected, the duties of
the District Attoruey'sollice will a'.wavs
fully have first coiisidetal ion. 1 shall
strive to enforce all laws, an I
the utmost of my ability, the interests
of the whole people of my District. I
Pledge, myself o give my pel -onal at
tention to the needs of lie Counties
comprising the Seventh Judicial District
Report of the Condition of
Hood River BanKing
and Trust Co.
ut Hood lliver. in the Stale of mvon, at t lie
oIok; of tuiN !uk.s Kebi uury JU, YL
LotuiN anil discounts s MMW.hj
vt'rdi ttfts, Mt'iiri'd and uiiM-fuit-tt,. '.w.ifi
llnmls Hint WHrrant
sux'kK Hint other Mcrurtttts I.O tU.iH)
Hanking house Knniittire Hint tlx.
litre ,. Hi.ryvMHI
hue from Hhproveit resrrve ItHitL ... liMtM' :
f tiecks unit other ea-li ttemR , ,'ts
I'unIi on hnml u,; 6 1 No
Total S Mi,5K7.-
1'.iiMhI stork paM In $ ?i,(HKMHi
I'lxttvhled nroiits, less expenses and
taxes miII JIH.'
PeihiMts fine Sinle 'I rraMirer H.nUiUn
Iniiivnluul le,rolls suhjeet to rlnvk W.TIl mi
I HM.antl eei 1 1 tl rut is of 0KiMt 8' 17
Time evrt HtcMteK of tit posit t'.Ui til
SftvlntiM lepositK I1.:U4 tti
Hills payable lor money lorrowl... MMmo
Total : HsX.r.HMi K
Hint of Oregon, County of Hood Kiver -.s:
I. H W. rrait, eifhier of the utiove.
named PHiik, do Noknml.v Muenr that tin
Hhove Htateinem is tine to I In best nl Hty
knowledge and heliVf. R. V. Pka i i
Subscribed and sworn to before mt this
aTUi day of Feb., PH2. .1. M Pehim'llrr,
Notary Public.
Correct - Attest: II si rutin linn, j, VV .
Copeland, M. M. Hill, Mircio n.
Notice to Architects.
The school board of school dMrict No It.
HimkI Kiver county, stale of Oregon, will In
hi session ; Oak it! rove II ill, at 10 A M , Feb
ruttry a, ivny, to consider pliittH for it t ro.m
brick school bouse complete, at an estlniHtett
cost not to ex'eed If I .UK Plant tor one Hint
two stories Willi full btts uienl to be consider
ed. The bonrd reMerves the r ijetii to reiect an
or all plans.
fl. M. t-ianslH, Clerk,
No Rough Dried
Table Linen
in the bundles of flat work that we send out from
this laundry.
Our table. linen, all our flat work for that matter,
but table linen more particularly, has a fine, velvet,
silky finish that just pleases the woman who is at all
particular about her table setting.
It's the way we iron your linen that makes it
Try us and see for yourself the difference between
our work and ordinary work.
Hood River Laundry Co.
$ 1 ,000 Reward
For the arrest and conviction of the person or
persons who maliciously short circuited our
light and power lines Tuesday night, February
20, 1912.
This reward will stand in connection with
the offense already mentioned, or for any of a
similar nature committed in the future.
Hood River Gas & Eleclric Co.
ALBERT S. HALL, General Manager
l, fr iJiU-i in Antrim IkJ
Do You Know What These Cuts Stand For?
The thnus.ui(l of oner nf our Miigio IUm.I rump now
livt au oi...rlniity of mvnl in ttiec' into pvifi-rt htt!; m,.t
outfits dirri-tly hmiik-vU'.I to our one H. '. or oiit an-t oiu'-IihK
II P. Sprayer engine by jrear tlie saun-aJ in mr regular I'miv
Mrtfhines. Just tlie thing for On-iaMiN wild a small orrhanl
or young tree ho cannot afford to buy a I'.mer iut!it this vejr
The priie reasonable too.
See our tine line of
pray Hi'oeecurirs before
buying elwwliere.
Our TIL I A Niil. K
Arsenate of l.eal is W
per rent, pure by the
I'niteil States Pepart
nient of Agrii iiltnre an
al v-is.
NIAGARA SPRAYS are still superior to alt others. Here is proof. Note the result of
this test made at the Oregon Agricultural College:
Tout l ime Tola! Sulphur Wintt-r Ktrrngih M)(,.il I)
Sample No, 1 Phoenix 10 7.' 2ti f.n 1 to tl.'J Ml1
Sample No. '2 l.ily II. W4 :0.l):t to 10 15 r.;.'
Sample No U pepi'iiilable 12 (K) Lit "I ItolO.I-.' .V,i!
Sample No 4 Itex 12 12 2.'! !'S 1 to S.::s 4t t
Sample of MAtiAltA l'.l.Ui 31.44 I till 0.1 ui
:osI IVr Hal.
1 7 .-
Don't take chances with inferior Spray. Specify NIAGARA to your spray man and avoid
consequent loss in cull fruit. No one is authorized to sell NIAGARA under any other brand.
Any representation of Lime-Sulphur Solution to be the same as NIAGARA under anoiher brand
is an infringement.
Hood River Spray Manufacturing Co.
Phone 142. Li Evenings 208-L
Office With Ceo. II. Culhcrtson & Co.
W. F. Laraway
Doctor of
Over 30 years' ex
perience. Eyes Tested and
Glasses Ground
If Xrm "rN
Keference: Over 2 000 fitted in Hood Rivor,U.S.A.
axwell Messenae
rpar " r ! 1 Vjv
$710, F. O.B. Hood River
THIS new two-cylinder 10 II. P. Roadster Rur.abau1. cj:,t3 to buy, doi'S as much work,
goes just as far, almost as fast, at half the cost of a four-cylinder car. More than two
cylinders would be unnecessary and expensive. Speed, 150 miles an hour.
Simple Construction. The design and operation of this runabout are so simple to under
stand that anyone can learn to drive it in fifteen minutes. No matte how inexperienced', you
can take care of it in fifteen minutes or less each day. Sturdily built, of first-class material,
with the best two-cylinder opposed heavy duty motor ever made it is designed to give constant
and economical service for years.
Style. Bristling with new features its stylish flush side fore-door torpedo body delight
fully finished in dark blue, light blue wheels, is the prettiast design of the season. Plenty of
leg room, with comfortable tilted cushions and large fuel capacity make the "Messenger" ideal
for touring.
Easy to Drive. One lever controls all speeds. Push it ahead to engage low speed -push
it further ahead and you have high speed. Pull it back to reverse. That's all there is to it. That's
why so many physicians, merchants and salesmen use this car. That's why it is so popular as a
ladies' car.
Economy. The Maxwell "Messenger" holds economy records by the score -nonstop
and endurance records, too. It has proved in public test that it can do three times the
work in half the time at half the cost of a horse and buggy. It increases earnings where used
in a business way.
21,000 Owners. Endorse It. Over 15,550 physicians, and 2,1:55 firms in Ki7 different kinds
of business, some using as many as 35, employ Maxwell cars. All enthusiastically endorse its
reliable service. Not a weakness has ever developed not a mechanical change has been neces
sary in five years, since this Maxwell was first introduced.
Price. At $710, f. o. b. Hood River, the Maxwell "Messenger" offers wonderful value.
Equipped with top, gas lamps, generator, magneto, it is ready for touring without a penny of
added expense. We want you to see it, ride in it, learn how simple it is to drive. Note its style,
test its speed, and you will be convinced that the Maxwell "Messenger" is the classiest and
lowest priced high-grade runabout on the market.
MOTOR: Two cylinders, horizontal opp iaeil, 4Jx4 in
rlii'H, uivini; Hi horn-power aiMinil at normal tipeeil.
Ample for iili neeiln, mid more economical than a f ur
cylinder besides being nimple and eacily cared for.
Valves mechanically operated and interchangeable.
Valve cama and cam shaft, contained in ttepurxtc
frame, can tie removed without ('limine of tiininn Mo
tor thoro 'iihly protected by sheet metal pan, keeping
engine five from dirt and contact with road ohHaclcM.
Carburetor: Maxwell design, improved type, stand
ard lloat-feed design, single adjustment. Kxlremely
Ignition: dual, iimuncto and liatterv, constant spark
Cooling: honeuHinib type radiator, thermo-syphon
system, no pump. I'ositivc cooling a sured under all
Oiling: compression oiler, located on froot of dash,
under hood, oils engine automatically, sight feeilH in
view of operator. Klow eanily adjusted, action positive.
CHASSIS: Iiw frame, tirst quality pressed Steele; hot
riveted, w ith cross members and corner plates; axle,
rear, genii Moating; front, tubular type, extra strong.
Wheels, artillery pattern, L,kt inches, tirst (pialily
II llliies.
i-v ruliii'j!
tI0 indie'
insii'iiig easy
hickoiy, unhreiik ible, heavy hubs am
Tires: 'Js.v't incites, clincher type. K
ipiickly changed.
Wheel base: rtS inches. Tread ri' iuelie
for Southern trade
Springs: full elliptic Iront ami rear,
ruling over roughest ro.ids, and 1 ng life to tire".
Hiakes: two, one on rear IiiiIh, one in irausin -i m.
TRANSMISSION: Planetary type, tw- speeds for
ward, one reverse. Simplest, st ront'c-t, most durable
transmission ever devised. A child can oper tte it.
Clutch: metal, multiple-disc, po-itive action, di cs
run in bath of oil allow coiiiinuil slipping without
Drive: shaft, wilh bevel gear, two universal joints.
No friction, no lost power, du-t preol and muscles:.
BODY: Two pa'scuuer, tolpedo type Made of pit --ed
steel with stamped molding. rpholste'ed in hi;'ii
grade black leather, plenty of hair, divided seat,
('lined deck in rear uilli metal t .1 liox.
Fuel Capacity: gasoline. 11 gallons; oil, quarts;
water, If tiallons; weit'lil , about 1 ,."iOii pound-.
Color: dark blue body with light blue wheels.
Tip-Top Auto Co.
C. P. McCAN, Manager 3