The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 29, 1912, Image 3

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Delays are dangerous. A bad cold may fill
up the lungs and poison your system very
K. C. Cold
break up the cold in the
Red Spruce, Pine and
Syrup quickly relieves the tickling in the
throat and reduces the inflammation.
system, while our
Eucalyptus Cough
ft Smith Block
Reliable Drug'gist Q
accounts ;$B3326Pl supervision
1 - : - - -: 1
L 1 1 1 1 " T-W -
The financial standing and integrity of the
men who compose our Board of Directors has con
tributed largely to the success of this hank and is
worthy of consideration on the part of all who
contemplate opening accounts.
F. S. Stanley D. McDonald
J. W. llinrichs A. D. Moe
C. Dethman
You've Wanted Something Better Than
Printing for a Long Time. You
Will Find it in the
At (He
. MrPonnM. euperii.teti ! 1 1 f.r
liu! t'Luiu Otvhuril " I'fti v, it
id la-t ttttk from a Lurst? Uji
in Wiccu i-ou;:ty ami a riMiit l ri.i;ult two lire tvam- to 1 1
ue in the dt-vHopmi'iit work Ht I), - c
l,!,ro ami in the Hood Kiver L'r.t tir.
churl in (.'tu tral Vale.
All t hi Imrft'S are ountf oi.o. rt in
iiiK four live josr ul N this et
Summer, nnii their weiM.s run frt-irt
1 JMI to llMU iolinl.-l. '11'' l:'tf''.t l iilM'
it a lilue tilboi:tr Mid f tin fj st
three turs lias Ue: famine ,.,.ti.e
the liit l'ri.'i's in hi eid-s !'r 11 the
Salem hi.i1 The Dalii'fl ;'aii-. :,- is a
fine 'Shire fiiechnen and will .it . n
more weight in a few yeitrs. it. 1 r
ci.eron strain pri dominates in t-.e etii r .
three hcr:es.
In Fpeikiiit; of conditions i,i the
adjoining cou.ity Mr. MrlVni.l.i m.uI
the tari.irs there have (in s; orl" t..r
one of the lies'- years they h.ave enj . i .! ;
in a tuin lime. "They hav h id u u -iially
I envy sih w and rail fall m ii the I
ground is full of moisture w hu h means :
a 11112 erain crop. The f aruui si in the'
ieiiiity of Pufur are all in a itiesier
uus eomlition. A Lumber of f 'iciun
eoiiipaiiies ha e recently urn e into that
country mid lit out apple orchards hut
the h.ciil people in the etrnn, unity aie
stiekinti to the general f ui in 11 i; its they
have never hud the success vi h their
home orchards w hich would w ai r tut
them in tryine to crow unit eoumier-
70 Years
We have had seventy years
of experience with Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. This
makes us have great confi
dence in it for coughs, colds,
bronchitis, weak throats, and
weak lungs. We want you
to have confidence in it, as
well. Ask your own doctor
what experience he has had
with it. He knows. Keep
in close touch with him.
Stanley- Smith Lumbc Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Lath, Shingles, Ete
Lumber Delivered to Any Part of the Valley
We are Now Taking Orders for
Apple, Peach and Pear Boxes
Would Advise Ordering at Once
Stanley-Smith Lumber Co.
Phone 124 Hood River, Oregon
Fins, Furs, and Feathers.
I This eulogy of the old house tut hits
been culled forth by the leceut adveu
i lures of a man, who, awakening from
la deep slu-p of peace, like Ahul Hen
j Ahuid. his- slumbers having been dis
i turbed by a peculiar wailing r.oise,
donned his bath lobe and crept softly
to his back yard to rescue the infant
I that he had concluded had been de
! scried and left there to his care. In
stead of a yo'jiiK human being, his
astonished hhzh, as lMm as U'e kitchen
door was opened, met the fleeting
shadows of. a half dozen old beau fe
lines. Ihey had evidently bee:: set
tling, or were preparing to setile, some
ittl'air of honor, or some dilliculty
brought on hy an affair of the heart.
Such actioiu are impossible under the
scrutiny of strange cats, much less the
observation of dogs or men, and the
tievy of Sir Thomases, with but few
farewidl greetings scuttled over the
hack fence, licked their ruffled coats
into shape and made ready to go home
ami meet their wives and kittens in
the morning.
The gocd citizen, who had always
been a peaceful man, wiped his puzzled
brow with a fringe of his robe and
took a solemn oath of everlasting en
mity to all cats, collectively and indi
vidually. He has purchased an auto
matic revolver and woe to the cat that
decides to join a convention in his hack
l'eculiar hea ts are cats they pos
sess nine distinct lives and two ''felin
ities" (if a man's temp rament and
other elements combine I are called his
personality, why can't we term cotres
ponding attributes in a Tom Cat, his
felinity?) liut every old house cat has
two distinct natures. He may spend
his days purring before a warm tire
and eating food from the hands of a
ireiille old maiden, all gentleness both
the tat and the maiden lady. Yet let
the sun be down a couple of hours and
he gets bristles up, becomes a ver
itable feline Caruso and a little bit
more, lie can whine softly, making a
noise like the cry of an infant, shrill
"Maria" the next minute in a shrill
falsetto, and punctuate the concert
with snorts like the exhaust of a Mo
gul locomotive. To see the old boy
lying under a cooking stove, with 11:1s
eye closed and licking his paw, you
would never place your money on him
as a fighter. Yet the most "ornery"
looking old yellow cat can raise more
rumpus in 10 minutes than any other
form of animal energy of equal weight
in the world. When you hear his wail
at night, don't shoot him; his cries
increase as he lives nut his lives, and
when he reaches the ninth life.jlhe end
of which will drop him over in to that
"bourne" that Mr. Shakespeare makes
Hamlet soliloquize over, his whine
sounds like the sneeze of the dog, Cer
ebus from across the River Styx.
While the stories of the "boys" are
usually about some experience of hunt
ing or hsning, thev sometimes use up
all the material for such diversion and
trivial anecdotes are related. Once in
a long time a good one is sprung. And
a "good one," you know, always re
culls another "good one," until some
evenings a series of stories come forth.
The boys grow eloquent and their lan
guage "flamboyatcs" around the ceil
ing of the room. Sam lllythe could
catch hundreds of suggestions to pickle
for winter use on the "Who's Who"
page of the Saturday Kvening i'ost,
and even that versatile slang slinger,
tieorge Ane, would occasionally run up
against a fable that would make some
of his own look like a picked gander.
The story of the horsefly and the
Dutchman, recently told, when seived
properly, is above the mediocre yarn.
Down in southern Indiana one of the
fattest Dutchmen in the state kept a
road house. He was a dirty old cuss
and the tap room of his joint was al
ways a seething mass of Hies in the
Summertime. Hut the Dutchman had
become used to them. Although his
head was as bald and slick as a peeled
onion and was used by the Dipteral
Society (the buzzer's fast set) as a
dance hall, on which they did the
Texas Tommy to the musical drone of
a blue bottle tly, the Dutchman never
seemed to care in the least. He was
absolutely indilferent until one day,
! while in the back yard diawing a mug
of suds for a customer, a big horse fly
came buzzing over the lea and zipped
down on the bald pate. 'I he horse fly
hadn't eaten that day and deciding
' that the blood of a beer soaked Dutch
' man was better than notning, inserted
j his proboscis to draw some of the
"red" from a little vein on the bald
'crown. It was a little too much for
! the Dutchman and with his free hand
' he brushed every last irrseet from his
!head. "Now py tarn," he said, "when
I it conies to that yeu'll all have to get
cially. 'The wheat land
rest,' they say, and that is
most they predict for the a
try in their section. The
which the trees are planted
blown with powder. The
know the country are well
go on raising good wheat."
When lier child is in dniu
will risk her life to protect it.
act of heroism or ri-k of life i
to protect a child from n.
Clianibi'ilain's Cough K. n,i
danger is avoided. Sold by
ill eet a
about the
iple ind'.is
lu Us in
have to be
iiii'i' who
'utisT.i-d to
r a ui'iimii
ihvi ..Kan
' 1 1 ; . ClVe
d and all
ill do,tW"s.
To the Voters of the f ity of llouj
Attention !
An election is Lo be held in uir city
on Saturday, March 2, on pieposed Or
dinance :tr;j regulating ti. placing,
erection, use and maintenance i f elec
tric piles, wires, cables and appliances
in the City of Hood Kiver a: d is in
tended for the safety of the gen. ml
public as well as the electrical workers
employed in this city.
The proposed ordinance is a nearly
exact copy of the electrical oi.iinance
passed by the City of Portland and is
similar to the one passed by Si at I If
anil other western citiis.
Some states have laws insulating
all electrical construction ami main
tenance of lines and equipment, such
laws and ordinances being eiy cssen
tint to the public safety.
Many of ynu perhaps do not icaliz"
the dangers that exist in too econom
ical or careless construction or main
tenance of electric lines but it is a fact
that there are electrical lines in this
city that aie a menace to lne anal limb
of workmen and public alik
The moposi d ordinance is a much
needed act of legislation and we, u
electrical workers of Hood Kiver ask
your support in this matter on diction
dav. Electric Workers.
Christian Science Senilis.
Christina Science Services w ill beheld
In t be Commercial Clod rooms at 11a
in Sunday. Subject, "Cbri-l .b sii-."
YediiS'lay evening testimonial meet
iues are 1 1 1 i in room Ii, Davidson hiiihl
inir, at X o'clock. All are eonliallv in
vited lo attend these Heivici-'. Miuilav
School at 10 a. in., room ti, David'
building. Heading loom open da'lv
I hividsoii building.
W. J. Smith Meets Tragic Death.
V. .1. Smith, a former resident of
this city, where for a niimbi r of year:
he opera ted a box factory, was in
staidly killed hist Saturday at liav
mond, Wash., where he whb a foreman
in the Cram l.umber ( o. plant. Mr
Smith's overcoat became entangled ir
a belt and he was hurled to ii stant
His family, consisting of a wife and
four children, reside in Portland, where
the body was taken Sunday for inter
'Hie Sou ml Nli'ip oM.ood Ileal h
Is not for those sulfonii ; iroiu kidnc
ailments and inviiiihu H a s. 1 1,,. i,ro,iiiil
use of I'oley Kidnev I' lis will dispel
backache and rheuina i-ni, heal and
st lengthen son1, weak and ailing knlia
restore nor Dial action, and with it I unit I
and strength. Mrs. M . K Spnlslnm
Sterling, 111, says: ' I suit red ureal
nain in mv hack and ki lueis. could iml
lech at nigni, anil coiu i inn raise io
One of Ayer's Pills t bedtime will ciuss
ta increased flow cf bile snd produce a
tentle laxative effect the day following.
Formula on etch box. Show it to your
doctor. He will understand at a g'anc.
Dote, one pill at tiedtime, just one.
KM try t&t t. O. ITS!, CO., Lowt.l. Iik
Illumed a (mod Win ker.
1 Hamed m heal t I'oi severe dUt less '
n in v l.'lt S"le tor t o veai s. writes . i
.uls, Danville, Ya.. "but I know no.v
il was Ki-li.'st loo, as Dr. Kind's Nert
Life I'ills e.'innletelc cured lne." la st '
s'ouiaeli, liver and kidney tumbles.,
ti .i'ion, beailaehe or debility. -"(' 1
it t lias. N . Clarke s.
Notice For Publication. j
I'l.I'M.iMKNTl'l IIIK IM l-.l:nli. !
V. s. i.iii time,- at Tin' Im; ics, ui, 'iron, .Ian- i
ioo- no-' I
Nolle, i.i l.ereli UUPli llmt ItnV It UoUWin, i
I I'm W.IhU- oiet.'on, lio. on No"'K-r le, 1
tvl'i, iiuiiie lloniiii'iiil. No. ir;T', or K'.sWe,,
lion low H-.IOII 1 SmiIiiIi. liaete 10 I'.a-t.
W li laloelle M i l lil iiiit. h Ii leil nolle' ol In
in ion lo n oilo- KimO l 'out mil tin ion I'rooi, to ;
I i I ! I Ii claim lo the Ian! uluoe! it-cit. !
neloe ! . A . .l-hon, I . S. I otil 111 'svii met , a!
oiltee hi llooil Kiver. 'i"-on, on tl,e L.tli
lav ol Mioen. lac;.
Iioninn I tialiie-. veil nes-ii's: A llrou n.
I. II. Hum', C M. Kee, o ',o kil.lle, I in voir.
Vllls stj,,,, v.s, ol Ml, llooil, lln uoli
1'. W . Vil'lHK
Isillj KefclsU'r.
hands over my In ml. Put
ui I'oley Kidney Pills i n'. i
Kidney Pills have mv he i
in t . for sale by ( '. A
West Side Club Wu
The West Side Inipn
will hold its election id
row afternoon, when its
meet at the Oak Grove ha
tee, lecently appoint t I
the by laws they have
th se will he adopted at
tWO holtles
d me. I'olev
rtiesl emloisi
I 'lath.
I Klect.
ivement Clul
illicers tumor
niembi is will
II. The commit
, will submit
t'rawri up Mid
tnat t me
We Arc Agents For
Myers Spray Pumps 1
Acknowledged the best on the market. See B
them before bin hi
Bull Dog Spray Hose
Call and et t lie names of your neighbors
w lio are usint; this hose and who are enthusiastic
boosters for it. We know it will satisfy the
most exacting.
Mitchell Wagons
Have "MADE GOOD" for 76 years. You can't
make a mistake in buying a Mitchell
Hardware Co
Oak and 1st Sts.
Till' I'lllle
.Stiller I
an, ol II,
Kl'l. Iinoli
I' 1 , , N H
. tlreyoii, Jan .'ta
lii'lel' V yo eh I loo I at.o u
o,l liiv i r. t n etoii , w no o
II tli'iul nli v. No era
',s- t .iml N I' i, 1 ,. I
I .Soul,. , ,i;e III I'. .-I,
it. lal'J.
I. Mat.
n .lint S.
i.l. lorS' ,
I'ovvlilool N.iilli, lii-.ue III I'.,..!, Will
e ,lel lillatl. lias ill.. I not lee ol lnliillaih
iii. tk" I-iii. il . om ui ii in t ion I'rooi lo immI.
ll-.ll eliiini lo I he I 1 11,1 llliove ileseilliisl.
a ioii1 K. A Itislio ., I St. t oii.'iosMiuii r nl
'Ik utile,'. Hi llooil laVIT, I llCloli, oil llie.'hit
lay ol M u ll. f'U.
I'lllilllioil lianit". as vv l nesvt s: CeomeW
kol In-, t ie. ri;e I . M :elileii, A riei W ei.l. ileum,
vs illiitin . (, Iiissi i.i K, all ol lloo.l Km l,
i euon.
riMi I'. V. MOllKK, lieuisler.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale
Ity v h 1 m m an t Ncenl ion in I ri'ltKiiri1 lul
-lift I t.v tin rifi k ol lln ircuit ( tni'l nl MtV
ui 1 1 1 v 1 Ho til Kimt. rsttiic ti ur. ut.ii lnu i
lht;tiMh iliiv ' Jitnutirv, 1'M'J, ill u rntatn
urmi in Hi1 ( iivuii I tc s.ttd rotinij,
tllil Stil't' Wht'ivill U tslf l. Itrrwil), us pluUl
itl!, rrrttv titil IihIk'm nt hi; it tn si Siinth 1 I i I -
i ll iiiitl It K. Ili-lit ti tOhl . Hcii ul tht'iit for ttit
iliilitt hiuht 1 1 llti-l rt-it ln liits (mhujii. iiiul
lllliTf-t llHTi'Oll MIIIC" Hit' a I 1 tli'V ol M.tlrtl,
I i'H i, nt i in rah Jol ' r i'i nl . ( r h tinum. iiml
On- lluiiiirt (I ( iil.x hollniN (jl.nMiO) nun iit-v
It'CtS It l Ml CtllS Hlltl (tisbmMIMMllS litxeil Ml
I W tnt V it lid ,'"( bm I ii (In 1- K? (I iitl , on tin' IMh
tl,i ol tlttiuiiit , l!U'.',ant wiilrh haul im' u I ion
Is M'iiiinsl him! it hi ft-, 1 hit I t h" lieicmnHi'i
lit KIM iti('( 1 l' (HO(' t V III -.tilt I ht Ml ' M 1 S Ittl
silt lis Hllll CO-ilS Htut CXprnsi'S ol sunt Sil".
Antic' is lieii tiy i: Vt-iiiiirtl 1 will on itic I i
liiy il MiiM h, ilM'J, nl llu trout ttooi ol tilt
c.lM'! I .oils.. In't fit,' o( IIoimI Itivrr, Coinu
l u Hood Ki rt'iltM. OM'fc-on.iH UMt'eloi'k
. .M. it. lln- I lohooii ! st, . , w ,i( put,.
I u mit (ion hi I hf hiydi'sl Imlilcr, lor imsii. t h
lollnwliifcl it M'l llM.t It')! I pKM't'l I V, si tlln In! ill
Hood Hi v ci oit ui v , Stat e ol o f t; oi i, h i w il:
AM ol lol- minii' it I t w .-nl Hi'., i-M) hiiiI
twctii,lour i.'i). 'I h o U miiitiu ti'il ilni't1 ;'M
nl lilli Ulht Ahh'ioii to ilu City or i I i KiV
ci , a itu 1 1 1 1 ii to t hv iitii p or pi-tf l ii.'i'i'ot, now
on Ml.' unti o l i'i im m) i m 1 1 i f 1 1) i it ot t hi- it ti nit v
c ct k In Hint lor Mii'l 1 1 u1 Kiwi' founix,
oi t'on, or as in i u'h I ht'i i-ni it 1 1 1 a lie nt ri s
sju tositisu llH stiiii jii'l'iH-in iii tiivort i
-.'Hit litisii M J'.t iiwuii, imnil -l saMl Siii i'i I
lit 'lit ii ,11 I- . K' I i.n HIM ('ill ol t n.itl, u Mil In
ri." t I ht-voii.t.iuiM la-r w t . h nil o-ls it ml ills.
Imii'm iiifiMs hiil haw ic tnav iiit-rui'
I Ih is K. A ) NSiiN.
Sht'tllliil llooil Uiwt I '4111 lit , UP f(oli.
htilt'tl nt Hood itivrr, Oit yon, ,lainun .inih,
I r !i . n: sji i
rurmiure and rmm iviuveu
Draying, Express and
All Kinds of Light and Heavy Work
Wood Yard and Feed
Store in Connection
Office Phone
Residence IMione
A. & A. f. tin
Ai loriiev s.
Notice of Bond Sale.
I'ii reliant lo I hi outer ol 1 1 it f oninion Conn
nl ami the pn isions o ir-niiatii i-s Nov.
i::t, ;i.:, of lln- I Ity ol llooM Kiv.-r Ire I
lii'R'liy i:iv ll Hint i-enleil pioposals will tie re.
ceive-l hy the II IK let M l.M t ity Reeoi .Ii r 11 1
his i.llh-'e ill nieftl, o Ho...l lliu-r, Dm'tin.
up lo I .' o'eloi k noon, Satin iin , March !, l!l"J
lor 1 he piuchHsf ol mipiov eineni hon.1. in
tlilce MH nurt 'iitllo4 the sum ol jfitl l'(J,;til,
an loll.uvs:
l 'i;hli eil tiomls ol (l tl i each, niie houd
at f.-tM Ht.
Hn 1 hoiiitH nl tf:(Ml.l1 cjh'Ii, one hoiPl lit
I.Mi h'l.
him- ill honil nt -:il hi.
h.acli tlaietl .Inly I'.'M, dtie t n chik Hhci
ilnic, or ul liny senn.oiniil i'-lenst pu Hit
peitntl atl-r our year Iroin Male, upon nl I
tine tiotiee as H'intriilhv law. ls-nel tor tin
coitsiructtoii ol scueis in Hivisuni r, Ihsti'ici
ii; hiviMon i, iMsnhi'i: I n ision IHr-lih-t'J,
te-peel ive) , ol I he gnu-nil sewer hslenioti
llooM Kiv
Saul hotnts w til flmw lute
six per ceiitlllli per it'itilllll
eini iihiitiiiliy at the oflh-r
tin- f liv ol' iltio.l ;ii i, i
est nt the r:ilc ot
l Ml ' : es pnyiih e
it I ic i'l ea-llier ol
ii I H ill lie hoIiI to
the lilyhesl ies oist.,
cash, hiiiI no Iml will
I ha ti par nml fi-ciii'l
reserving the iiL'hi o i1
hhlMt r Iheri lor lot
In- eoiishh red tor Irs,!
Ilitercsl , I lie I oillirl I
.'l'l HD Hint all -nils
..Livery, Feed and Draying..
Hood River, Ore.
Hor loii),'lit, sold or exchntfil.
rieasure parties can secure first -class rig
Special attention given to moving furniture an
We do everything horses cau do.
I low to cure a
which iimnv art
cold in a tiii'.itioii in
intcresti'il tnst now.
lanilxTlain s iiul'Ii IumiiciIv intx won
its great reputation ami inuiiei)i mle
by its remarkalile cure of colilft. it tan
a ways lie depended upon. For calc hy
all dealers.
Death of Charles E. Smith.
Charles K. Sn ith, president hiii)
founder nf the 'J'nith & Watson Iron
Works and a resMrnt of Portland for
411 yeais, died last lhtirsday ninrninj;
at the tiellwood Hospital of that city
from paralysis, a disease that has af
flicted him for the past lti years.
Mr. Smith was the father of W. G.
E. Smith, of this valley.
All litntN of Fruit
:Utnpd made to order.
and Mercantile
Phone M7.
One of the intei'i-i-tinn features of
the. pingram for Hint t veninR will he
mi inlilrtss hy (Jen. 1. Sai'uent on
A liuiiMt Lost II i Life.
S. A. Stid, of Ma-oil, M it li ,will nt". it
fol oet his terrili t' t p -u i e) to a ineit i
lei'a Ftorm. "Ilguve iih' '.t I rt-rti 1 fill cold"
hit writeiV'tluitcaiisf d -re pninM in n y
chest, so it was hard I. i ine to hrealhtt
A neiijlihor gave lne s-ov ' iloesol' IT.
Kind's New liincoiiv which hrotij;lil
great relief. The duet i t-uhl 1 was on
the verge of pneumonia, l ot to contiiint
with the liM'oi'i'v. I 'lid so and two
hot ties ciiiiipfftely cun I ine." I'c only
this tpiick, safe, reluihii' medii iiie for
coughs, colds or anv t hr. at or lung t rou
hle. Price '.0c iiniUI' '. Trial Mile
free, (iiiaranteed hy ( Ir - N. t huke.
fombinatinn Formrd in Colorado.
The Grand Valley and Piodiite
Company, and the Crund Junction
rruil Uroweis Association, of Colo
rado, the to hirgtst fruit growers in
the iarge fruit valley of that state,
may merge and opurate together here
after. The (Irantl Valliyhm suhniit
ted a proposal to the Grand Junction
Assyci tion for the Fitlo of their pro
duct throughout the valley to the older
organization, says a dispatch. Th 're
is a general movement in the valley
for the elimination of as many grow
ers' organizations as possihle, and
having one association to handle the
entire product in order to avoid compe
tition in the Fasti rn trunk, ts, and alni
to reduce the expenses t f ' marketing
the fruit crop of the Grand Valley.
vtlTICK TO AtTI.K TltK.i- 11. K I' l-:U.jrj
mi- riitinittir a lia v:iitt .'on n if r N ti - cry
Wet'lin lii lliis lHi'iuie wi' are liiev,l,'tit
liiHnHKi-r. wt-ri'tMrv. tr.-HiiriT, iilnnlr, irou-
er, il ifciifr nml prfektT of our rotiii:in UV
hHVf .or mle wvpihI Mitmhinl VHriilii'H ol
otif nn'l two vent tiltl anplr trees al liiuesin
clutter prtfes. All treti Kimnthteetl Irite to
n Hue anJ, free from tli-ese. We are liK.kln
fur a i.atYHUi, ate you? Write or plinn L'ls K .
J. T. Ni'Hlemh, Hixxl Kiver, tire., I. C Neat
elgti, K No. HIierwwKl. Ore. r l&
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Notice Closing Streams.
Know All Men l.v tln-si' I'ni nt:
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I' K i Illusion, ('lr.itrni)in.
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'otist It III Ina SOtle lion til ol I' isli lili'l iln'tte
rolllllllssioneri-, f f.'l
The Younger Mem
bers of the Poultry
only are represented at
this market. We do not
handle those "rare old
birds" with neither taste
nor tenderness.
Tender Young Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys,
Geese, Etc.,
are the kind we handle to the mutual .satisfaction of
customers and ourselves. Next time you have that
longing for chicken, satisfy it with a choice bird
from this market.
t '.'m: -iXk. :iV-'.V'-i-''
v-vv.;.4.ii vji-'cw
fc "ir v'vl-- 1---Xt- 4 :;,
We liave storage space for all kinds
of goods in a concrete building
Our Tranfer Wagons Will Move
Complete Transfer Service
Transfer & Livery Co.
Phone 5
Notice to Creditors
In thf f'nmtty t'otirt ul IIm- Slide of Orison
fur llool Hiv-r ( uiitilv.
lit Hit' utiiiU r nt H.' i -i!' nl (ll.olt'ilANA
SMITH, Miiin!ini' kt iwn m- ti'-uiylrt A.
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Thf iiinItTi-iL'Hf'1 liHVinsf ti-n ii mhhi:uM(1 dy
Hironti'v ' j'wrT of tin Mii. ol tht-ir tu, lor
Hooil Ki t r omit . A I nnio-! rator of tlie -
tutf of mh1 oiui-oiit SriMth (! i'-;i-h(!, ninl
llflVlUK t'li:i'lll'-d. Ii I'let- l lit rchv Kl'li to
111 Cfl'll llO' of, Hllll itfi J- fNilS llHVhlK
riHiint atum-l -;ti't ilt-cfii Ut : I'-i-ni th-iii,
v- i !ti'-l 1 1 'j n in il hv In w, wit Inn hi
tlioii! h i'lT 1 1i' 1nt' Ol thlM li-itHV, to h;il
tinniitialor :Mh'' olli '-r .r I,, , A- A. f
liM'il, hi MttoriH-xs, ui Nn, s n.iri sio-t-t,
in tin- ;ily ol H-xmI Kimt, H o l Kivfr County,
t Z!tA I.. SMITH
r A'l iii init rut r of Hi "itut ol to-oiinnu
Smith (IwfHwrt
I 1hU1 Ktbntary 11, l'jl2. fJ!t
in fri'iliiti'
anil iniiii
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illil'IHK-. Nil ill'-i'.li-ill
III! I' lltl'il'l Hi ' llrl't'
lire in 1 1 1 1 1 Iiiikiiii! u t' null i .-i
why ttliv iiln:lll ,-liim.l wm t'V
civit il li"l liri', ,t!i rrMi'ts :tl-
ity- tiiii'i'i ttiiii rthi'ii i' will tin
lit r linking In lli-r t lit'ii 'it.
Iluw .I.i f iln it'.'. Wf liiiv our
f o ir in iiilli' iti:iiil i'ii s fur fit-l';
I'll!' Il'l III! Hit' I'iisll ; yt'll t;i'l Oil'
I t-lit til.
24 Hrcad Tickets $1
ask roi: i n k
Fourth nd State Hood River, Ore.