The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 29, 1912, Image 2

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ihuofc Hiurr (Blarirr
ARTHLK U. MOO. PuWl.her.
Sul)-M r'.tltn, 81. .10 1'rr Year.
Tto recent ri'ort!i to the effect that
Portland hucksters and fruit merchant
have been making the purchase of cull
appleft here and selling them an fancy
. product, and the reports stem well
founded, Bhould lead to hanty prosecu
tions. It is naturfcl that a great many
of the lower grade apple should find
their way into local and neighboring
markets. But this fruit should be sold
as cull product and not labeled to ap
pear as fancy grades. A large clien
telle in these neighboring markets
demands the choicest product. When
they call for extra fancy Hood River
apples, the law as to packing and the
Hood River reputation as to pack
should be so stringently maintained
that the lower grade apples could not
be palmed off on the buyer.
It would be a pretty kettle of fish, if
such indiscriminate use of brands were
allowed in our niuct favored foreign
markets. It would take but a tiiort
time for serious damage to be done to
the reputation of the local honesty for
pack. liecause Portland is a neighbor
ing city, some one has said, "Oh well,
what's the difference, the people there
know what we have here, that our
extra fancy aplpes are the finest in the
world." However, this idea, that any
old thing is good enough for Portland,
because it is a neighboring market,
should he "swatted," and "swatted"
hard. It may be all right to sell the
lower grade apples there, but don't try
to sell them as fancy grades.
Professor Lawrence says that the
merchants alone are not to blame, but
that numerous local growers have been
skimming close to the thin edge with
their pack. Indeed, he intimates that
packs have been found that no Hood
River man should be proud of. Such
a state of affairs is lamentable, al
though their actions might injure the
Hood River community, the hucksters
might be expected, because of the
profit to themselves, to change the
brands. However, a grower, when be
lowers the standard of the pack and
spoils its reputation, does himself
an injury.
Suppose an eastern man comes west
with the intention of looking up Hood
River property. He will in all prob
ability reach Portland before he comes
to Hood River. If be is really inter
ested in Hood River apple land, he will
more than likely go down on the street
Jmong the apple and fruit markets and
ask to be shown some of Hood River's
product. The merchant shows him one
of these poor packs. What are his
natural conclusions? Why it will take
a guud bit of argument to show him
Our New Spring Line of Hart, Schaffner &
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Commencing Friday, March 1, and Continuing for One Week
we are going to make a special that will be of interest to one and all. We have the largest and one of the best lines of Footwear that can be found anywhere,
and when it comes to style, they are strictly up-to-the-minute in every way. Our Principal lines are made by the Hamilton & Brown and the Brown Shoe
Companies, two of the largest shoe manufacturers in the world. We have shoes in all leathers, styles and lasts, and in prices on this Special Sale, from a
splendid all solid leather shoe for children, has a nice kid upper and flexible sole, for 35c up. We want you to try a pair of these shoes and see the superior
quality that this company puts into its stock, and in order to get you all to do this we are going th have a SPECIAL SHOE WEEK, commencing March first,
when we are going to reduce every shoe in the house and thus give you a chance to try these superb shoes at a price much below their real value. Below
we give you a few descriptions and prices. Read on.
k 4.4
military heel, buckle front, e;ood medium round
toe, about all sizes, regular $3. 00 sellers. Special
for this week $1.98
American Lady Hlucher Oxford, chocolate kid
upper, Goodyear welt soles, round toe, some have
low tlat heel and some medium high heel, all
sizes. Good values at $;UK) a pair. Special for
this sale, the pair $1.98
Ladies' Russia Calf l'.lucher Oxford, McKay
sewed sole, low Hat heel, big values at $1.00.
Special for this week .v $1.43
Ladies' Russia Calf Rlucher, Goodyear welt
sole, fancy inlaid front of tan suede medium
high heel, round toe, a splendid $3.00 value an-
Our N ev Spring Millinery is beginning to arrive
will soon be on display
that Hood River people are not "four
Hood River growers, by all rr.ear.s.
should be jealous of their 'pack and
maintain its high standard, not only
abroad, but at home and in neighbor
ing cities.
P.y their heaity co-operation and the
subscription of merchandise and cash
to be used as premiums, the merchants,
business men and bankers of the coun
ty have made it possible to hold a suc
cessful school fair here in September.
As to whether or r.ot the fair will be
of the greatest benefit is now left to
the teachers of the different county
schools and the children themselves.
The teachers should create among their
pupils an interest that will arouse en
thusiasm. Althuugh a good premium list is
offered, unless the children take a
pride in the work of producing their
exhibits and vie with all earnestness.
the fair will fall flat. As the month
of September approaches, the en
thusiasm phnuld reach such a warm
point that the exhibits of the school
fair should be the central topic of con
versation among the boys and girls,
and no doubt it will. I!y August we
expect to see the family's youngest
eager to show every visitor his garden,
his chickens, or the npplt s that he is
watching ripen and making ready to
pack, and he will tell you that he is
going to be miles ahead of that neigh
boring lail.
The mere holding of the school fairs
may appear insignificant. Yet they
will create a new feeling of the young
er country generations toward the soil
and the actual producers of the state,
in coming years, will be increased.
The young men will remain on the
farm instead of Reeking professional
careers or the work of city businesses.
The State Hankers' Association has
faith in the movement and is backing
This sentiment: "One dissatisfied
and unsuccessful farmer induced to
come to Oregon does more harm than
$1,0(10 and even more spent in advertis
ing can overcome," as expressed at the
Irrigation congress last week, is per
haps no exaggeration. And the re
verse, "Every colonist, who makes a
success will benefit the state far more
than great sums spent in advertising,"
is just as true.
The cul nist's success d 'peuds largely
on his own personality and element of
business management and energy.
Still the suggestions of the delegates
at the Irrigation Congress, to instruct
him properly, in order that this ability
may be properly applied is to be highly
commended. Colonists are going to
pour into every part of the state in
great numbers during the next few
weeks. We want them to remain with
us, be satisfied and drink from the
Ladies' Tan Oxfords,
t.i.. .1 ti i . ..
Wt,)t solos, medium
high heel, Russia calf
material, value $.'5.50,
all sizes $1.98
American Lady Tan
Oxford, Russia calf,
Goodyear welt sole,
where. Special the
pair $1.98
American Lady
Tan Llueher, Good
year welt sole, cap
toe, Argenta last,
fancy perforated tip
and vamp, medium
great "Horn cf Plenty." The greater
portion of the new comers will be hard
working, thrifty, honest citizens from
the Middle West. The result of their
seeking new homes will be watched
with interest by hundred, who have
remained at home, a little fearful to
make the move themselves until after
they have been able to see what the
pioneers have accomplished. The suc
cess or failure, satisfaction or dissatis
faction will be heralded, mind you,
among those who remainel at home,
and it will have its good or bad effect.
As to whether or not the colonist?
are satisfied depends to a great extent
on tbo;-e among whom they decide to
make their new homes. Those who
have already solved the problems of
the West, and are successful, by offers
of friendly suggestions, by hospitality
and by making the new man feel him
self at home, wield a great influence
over feelings of those who settle among
them. Make the ncv man feel that you
want him, and you know you do, and
he will be content and prosperous. Of
couise a very, very few will come in
with the influx who would not have
been satisfied in the Old Garden of
IMen much less the Modern Paradise.
Their harpings, however, will not hurt.
They aie chronic knockers, and always
make comparisons of whatever part of
the country they are living similar to
that made by Sheridan, when he
weighed in the balance Texas and the
Nether Regions. They don't believe
what they say themselves, nor, for
which the world should he particularly
grateful, do others.
Local users of the weed will Soon be
enabled to secure the "long green"
tuar home. A dispatch states that Hu
sum farmers have made successful ex
periments with tobacco, and will plant
a goodly amount the coming year.
If the eastern growers continue their
demands, future bills simillar to the
I.afcan and Sulzcr bills will contain
provisions for an apple box ns big as
a barrel.
Ways of tha Uyiter.
Oysters after they have heen brought
away from the sea know by Instinct
the exact hour when the tide Is ris
ing and approaching their beds and
so of their own iiccokI open their
shells to receive the food from the
sea an if they were still at home.
London Telegraph.
It Reminded Him.
"I have seen in un journey several
tribes." said the traveler, 'who vol
intarlly undergo all soils of self III
Hil led laeeral Ioiir."
"Thai's mulling." answered Mr. Tutt.
"1 know a lot of people who Insist on
shaving themselves."
Great Littla Sight.
"Where are you going so fast?"
"My wife bus Just telephoned mo
that the baby is asleep, and 1 am go
lug home to see what it looks like"
Toledo Itliiil.'.
Manhattan Shirts for Men. AU the newest pat
terns for spring on display. The guaranteed kind
high heel. Right up to the minute in style.
Regular $3.00 value. Special the pair.. ..$ 1.98
Ladies' Russia Calf Rluchor Oxford, McKay
sewed sole, medium high military heel. This
shoe was manufactured to sell at $2.,r.0 and is so
stamped on the bottom of the sole. Special this
week the pair $l.GO
No. )Sr3;). Ladies Chocolate Rump, made by
Utz & Dunn, light sole, colonial style, a very
neat and dressy slipper, worth $3.00. Special
this week the pair $1.98
No. m. Ladies' Tan Button Calf, Goodyear
welt sole, medium high heel, fancy wing tip.'reg
ular $3.25 values. Special the pair $ 1 .98
No. 7;523. Ladies' Tan Rlucher Picnic, McKay
sewed sole, nice soft kid upper, medium heel,
large brass eyelets, a splendid value at $2.00 a
pair. Special for this week $1.53
No. 711. Ladies' Chocolate Llucher Oxford,
turn sole, medium high heel, a very easy and
dressy shoe, big value at $2.2o. Special this
week the pair $1.53
THe Paris Fa
Vicrlou Candy.
A proup of children were playing la
a gutter. A passerby walked slowly,
watching the active preparatlous of a
"little mother. " ngeJ about seven, who
wag marshaling her charges into or
der, apparently In preparation for
some urban ej' iiMiin. . Something bad
gone wrong, and one small kid was
'Shut your nole. Tommy lllsgln.
and lx good ibis minuter' aduioulsbed
the mother let, with a promissory
smack. "If you don't stop like 1 tell
you I'll leave you right here In the
mud gutter. Yu can't go wld us till
jez closes jer noise and he's a gowl
boy. lio you know where we're goin'T
Well, we're piu' iu the next block to
the candy fact' ry to smell the candies
cookiii'. And do you jer know what
they're makiii' today? Well. It's
chocolate creams and pep'iuiiit." New
York Press.
Monkeys Are Fighttrc
"Most persons will guess lions or
tigers are the most dangerous ani
mals to train." said au animal trainer,
"but they're wrong. Che a Hon one
good licking and he'll remember It.
He bits back only when bis man Is
down or ha his back turned, but a
monkey will tiht against any odds,
and you never ciu tell when he'll bit
hark. Even a medium small monkey
can strike a blow that will reach
through a cunt, vest nod two shirts,
and he leaves n nasty wound. The
most daring thing I ever did was to
go into a monkey cage and take a
baby from Its mother. The ordinary
house cat Is the most stubborn animal
iimler training, but the monk is the
most dangerous if you work the larger
kinds." New York Sun.
Mildly Censuring Him.
"My goodness!" she says, with a
pretty scowl. "I think a girl would
feel di'eud fully foolish if she proposed
to a man."
"I should think so, too," replies the
dillident youth.
"I'.ut then I suppose there are some
girls w ho are just simply compelled to
do the proposing." she sighs.
After an hour's consideration of
that remark lie realizes what she
really means. Woman's World.
Mrs. A. -That cook was awful, and
I am glad she's gone. Mrs. H. Did
you discharge her? Mrs. A. Oh, no;
I wished to moid a scene. What I
did was flatter her so about her cook
lug that she thought she was under
paid and lel'r-lloston Transcript.
He Saw Them.
"Did .von see any sharks when yon
crossed the ocean, Mr Spil'klns?" ask
ed Miss Purling.
"Yes,' replied Spifkius sadly; "1
played ards with a couple."
The sting of a reproach. Is the truth
of it.
Self Help.
"What Is your theory about self
"Why. to help yourself if there. Is
anything itrtt, lit." Exchange.
Story of Her Adventurous Career In
the French Arm.
Evry one Luoivs the ua-berwnmau
wli i was so familiar w th Naiioleou iu
Vleforien Saidon play 'Mine? Sacs
fiene." bill the real S.tnsOne who
lived :it t!at time was a dragoon In
one of i!ic crest Corsiean's nrmim and
pent twen!y years Iu camps and bar
rack, in campaigns and battles over
Lurope. In the Musee de l.'Armee iu
Paris there is a siec!al case inside
wliili standi her equestiian statue.
Her real nme was Mar'.e Therewe
Pigueur. and she was born in Pur
guiid.r in 1774. When ten. at the
end of the reign of terror, she enrolled
In a cavalry regiment commanded by
one of her uncles and soon acquired
the nickname of Sans Cene.
Mine. Sans-Cene fought in Germany
with the French and Patavian armies,
elinrged at Ilohenlindeii. took part In
the siege of Toulon, was in the Italian.
Spanish and Austrian campaigns and
fought at Austerlitz and in Russia.
During the hundred days the emperor
conferred the Legion of Honor upon
her, and she charged at Waterloo for
the last time.
With the restoration she left the
army to get married. She wis then
thirty. Iu the course of her marital
career Sans-Getie had five horses shot
under her and was wounded eight
times in different engagements. She
died In hospital In 1S0L London Globe.
It Would Take a Hundred Millioni to
Duplicate It Today.
One of the most familiar questions
asked by "personally conducted" tour
ists visiting Kgypt and the great pyra
mid built by Cheops Is, "I wonder how
much it cost to build It?" A building
contractor with a head for figures and
building estimates has estimated that
the Cheops pyramid could not be dupli
cated today for less than $100,000,(KK).
With modern machinery and the em
ployment of 40,000 stonecutters, haul
ers, quarrynien. masons and laborers
a duplicate of the pyramid could be
erected in two years.
It has been calculated that the work
really required the services of 100,1 K)
men" for thirty years. The Cheops
pyramid occupies a space of 12 acres
and Is 74(1 feet high and contains 143.
315,000 cubic yards of stone and gran
ite. The materia! alone represents an
item of $::t!,0o0.000. while the labor
would increase this about by $72,000,
000. To this must be added $3,000,000
for tools, transportation nnd similar
Items. The pyramid is built on a solid
rock loO feet deep, and to build a foun
dation of tills character would add to
the cost to the extent of making the
total of $UM).(KI0,000.-New York World.
The Turning Point.
Minnl -I bear Jack turned up at your
bouse again last night. Kthel Yes, and
got tinned down as usual. Boston
Ill fortune never crushed (hat man
whom good fortune deceived uot. -Heu
No. 06.53. American Lady Special, gun metal
button cap toe, military heel, Goodyear welt sole,
Argenta last. This shoe has the round raised
toe, short vamp that gives the small appearance
to the foot. A shoe that always pleases and
gives satisfaction. Regular $3. ,50 seller. Special
this week $3.15
No. G719. American Lady Vici Button, cap
toe, Goodyear welt, military heel, pug last. One
of the most popular shapes out this year. Very
neat and dressy. Good value at $3.00 a pair.
Special this week $2.67
No. 2113. American Lady Vici Blucher, mat
top, patent tip, Goodyear welt sole, military
heel, round toe. A very popular seller at $3.00.
Special this week $2.67
Men's and Ladies Urcss and High fop Shoes
Everything in this line is reduced and you can
have the same big chances to supply yourself
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new fresh stock and latest styles.
Men's 18-in. High Top Shoes, $6.50 value $5.85
Men's High Top Shoes, $6.00 value $5.37
Hood River's Larg'est
l" and Best Store
Dresses for Ladies and Children. We have a fine
new lot just received
Waaled-Freeb nilah cow. Jeriwy nd
Hoiyirtu relfrre4. Mut pari Jvty. H.
M. uremer. I'udi-rwood Wwu I-:uj7
wLtert To imde a lionw and kl In Fort
laud lor small ecrt-ae pally improve ! in
Hood Klvrr Valley. Ad,li ear "I
li aier. tf-"s
WniiUsl-To buy a liervy h ok with I"
m-hh aud a top. Address W. K. W ureii-r
Koute No J. KiVM
Mhted-Married man for orchard work.
Mut tiirnlrti referenci-it. Dickerson lv-a.
flionea'.VK l-'lf
WuU-d-A reliable party want tn rent a.
1lace to tmimj fclruw bernei. i. U. Hos
lioue MM.. I IS
Wauled All those who are out ol employ
ment, or tlmse who want belp lo call al the
huiplopiurnl oltlee on i ascade Ave., next
door w-1 of Ml. Hood Hotel, l'hone 111 M.
Mrs. Mjrlle Moilin. lillf
M lllaser, s pert primer is open lor ena-age.
Ill ut. lest Careol A. Nuhans.
ll.Kxl Kiver. Oivkoii ISlSt
Wanted Work pruning orchard. Will
irmirHtttt-e work and 4'hii Kive l-st if reier
eiiivt. H ave Uoue woi k In some of Hie (test
orchards Id the valle . 1. a ckntHii. Hood
Kiver, ort-gou. i'iione lir. jj.ui2i
Wanted rpholstertitiz, r'ttnish!n and re
pairing. High ciasa work at reasonable prices
i'uoue lor 4tlinaleH. K. A JUif
Wanted Position u ranch. Understands
care of liois4's. Had experience at lieneral
fnrttiini; and have kiiowl4.iitce or pruning.
I'rtuty lor imtm-tiiate work r-or further In.
Jorunitlon address, it. 1. McDowell. li'A Mil
u ankle .St., t'ortlanu, tire.
For Stile A few Hhode Island Red liens and
puhetK. Also china closet, good range and
a stiiull weod healer. I'iione .-li.i-.V. K. M.
I'linlittm, 417 May Ht. I J'.iniT
Kor Hale J lot Snxlm rt.. iu Idlewild addi
tion, facing Columbia strei-t. 1'nce
Terms If desirtd. r'. H. Km, Troiildale, Ore
gon. . f'J!tlll
Kor Kaie (iood work team and harnesa.
IVatn weighs if.uiii pouuds. I'riee tiiMI. I'l.tttie
ill X. I'J'.mu
K4r Sale Two flue tt am One span nice
geldings, six yeais old, weight t It 0, true,
sound, notntng U-tlr One span niatfht-u
geldings, three years old. Just being broke.
New f u hat nsss goes with this team. J. J.
Knapp, p!ioue ;u:i!-X. i n
F'or Male-While Orpington eggs lot hunu,
ing from uHU-iatrasa stiu'ti. J. J. Knapp
phone asfj.X. t-iMl'
Kor Kale at a Hirgain fully equipped Ap
person Automobile, ttiuuire of ownor. ('. i,
I.eHimon. l'hone Iss.L. Mini;
Kor Sale or Trade A Jersey cow. Will ex
change lor heavy milking liiirham or other
heavy tut king cow. Will poy uill'erenee In
cash. M. J. Ki ley, phone ii.i. li nt?
por sale Full bred H. I. Km eggs, T5e per
selling. Also carrols tit s 0 ' per ton. And I
Itavea Jersey hull, service SI.IKI In advance.
I.'. K. Miller.
rot .-vtic t tieap-s one goo.i Newtown anil
I SlOt. .1,1. nr.. Ir.. il t..l.... I ... I , . .11 I
l"""1 'ft '-, " inn. ii in iiiir vpill l.
I hese are nice slock Iwo-yetirohl trees ami
ti'e line lor replacing Order now. M H
(lilies, iliiod Kiver, (ire , '., mile east ol ll
inont planer, i'iione :tl K. no
Kor Sale-' oie charter Oak range. In to. ..I
condition, 2 Iron beil steads and kit. .1.-11 talil
Bargains, impure of I. i. Parkins. I'iione
5-M. win
For Hale-High class, purebred Barred
Pl.wnoulh Itoi k cm kerels and cirgs lor hatch
ing. Also good latin leam. which will tie
sold separately. Have. ut, for sale a good H
Inch Sludeliaker wagon, t jurat Werlerhei v
It K it. No. 2. Phone, tidell H. fkii
Kor Hiile-P. tine 'i:i-X If vou w ish to buy a
Untiled number of Utst.eiass Hhode Island
Ked pullets or hens,
For Sale Apple trees, New low ns. Spitz and
Ortley. tv per hundti-d. Phillu Kollas -1
miles S W.ofOdel
hand Kor Sale-ill acres or land lor sale
from J.') pet acre up. Will sell In im.aere
tracts with part In trees. C. J. Calkins, phone
K- Jnsil
Kor 8al-A team -f horses, weight .'MKI
Will sell reasonable. A lain . I Cramer. 11 II
No. Ilex s:i A. Near Tucker's Hi Id e. f ja
j Kor Hale-Cedar posts.
I Flint la, Oregon.
inquire of A 1 1 m
Our New Spring Line of John
are now ready for you to
Men's High Ton Shoes,
$5.50 value. For this
week $4.93
Men's Dress and High
Top Shoes, $5.00 value.
For this week $4.43
Men's Dress and High
Top Shoes, $4.50 value.
For this week $3.98
Men's Dress and High
Top Shoes, $4.00 value.
For this week $3.48
Men's Shoes. Extra Snorii tti o
For this special we have bunched together an
exceptionally fine lot of Men's and Boys' Shoes
ot different sizes and leathers. Shoes suitable for
dress and every day wear. Shoe values in this
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Some of the numbers that are included in the
lot are men's patent leather button, medium
s ing last, a shoe made
to sell at $5.00. Men's
vici kid blucher, half
double sole, good round
toe, medium heel. A
very neat shoe for dress
wear, a regular $3.00
seller. Your choice of
any shoe in the lot for
For $a!e-Souje choice plea and ehnata. 1
No. 4 fhaiplrt lubior', cream aeperatur Iti
Kixd repair I'otst sO take ,I6. 1 jk, hull
Top detk. eiod ivuomou $15 1 atevi. apik--tooih
harrow, (' od coD.titloD, cheap 1
power (4-ed.cutter for hay or tod Jer, ftu. y
s and Iu tai!ou 'Buu!" milk or cream 4-an,
good uliope half pi ke, i U' tooth aitnl "Hani,
er Jr . " iiiitlvaior. 'Hie Purity Iialrv (o,
Tiio. D ( alkln. Phone :U r".'uj4
for Sie Hltkaied, Jarsy Hed ho-. 1 boar
aud I sow. tulo pix, about ."o pounds each
aud 4ue iw ats-mi "5 pounds, i'lmnenrst
K. B. Hrunif. IX'tia
KorSaleor Hire Wagou and team, t-hone
or see K. B liraK. fJKIga
Kor Sale- year 4td horse, weight 1K) pounds
work ttingle or dtiuhle, sttuud ami true I'riee
reHMtmthle, l.age Hraas. I'.MrA
For Sale hie team wtuk horsw. X. w
lioue. f.'.'iuU
Kor Sale-Kgga for setting limn standard
bred While Ixg horns. Phone ju K. iism-jsi
For Sale-Wagon, V 4 M itchell, worth for
to W. H.Tyler. 1', mile wtst tif town on
-stale road.
Kor Sale on account of buying a fir si class
young team, i nowoth-r my team nftdd plugs
foraele. Weight alaitit l.tu each; boih tml
enough lo vote, used In orchard and laud
cleaiiug work, giod and true pullers, uy
aitould he p4'nsioued hut I nerd tiie tnouey
and to any one wanting a fair team that have
plenty of giaid work hTi in them, ihiy are a
bargain at SUN). Address P. (j. box No.
1'mlerwood, Wash, I'rjrjy
Kor Sal44 Spring tooth harrow In p.'rlc.-t
condition, a bHiguiti. Jjicker.son A- Peek.
Phone JuVuK. tsitjn
for sale Klve room cottage, :t lots on Mav
street. K.usy terms. luiiitie It. M. Hun'
ham. Phoue X M. f.-Jrjs
For Sale One tr two do.en chlckeus. Also
chicken wire. Cheap. At N. C Kvana'
farm. Ili'.'liis
For Sale Team. .1', w agon and harness new
wagon, and new harness. I', s. Wilkinson
stlt and Pine St. l.';i'.-
Kor Sii'e Six head of horses weighing from
1 to Imm pounds. One span of mares. Also
three :"4 Sttidebaker WHgoiis. nearly new
chi ap il lakuii tit ouee. Phone Udell 1T;I. '
tK'kereis Kor Sale-Thorouglibreil while
wyandotl cockerels lor $j..0u each. Call eiitlv
11. C. lieii., Phone J7.VX. i n '
F'or Sale I Mover pneumatic rubber lire
biK'gy; A kitchen chairs: 2 cuts'
i5 S foot 4xii cedar jaists, sawed and cut'
II tlx 10 ct dar corner posts; I Rile rum, No. ai;
1 set double chain harness, brand new: uu'
nierous other aril "lea. One hor.-e, 2 buggies, i
sets single harni'ss, I Mayer road wngin, 1
Milbiiru wagon and double box, 1 frntt r-k
for wagon. All chean If sold within a week.
(1. C llawiirth, phonelilu X. I'.r.'ii
For Sale A choice lot near high nchool, on
easy lernis. luijuite of A. W. Oiitliank. m2l
ForHale White Wyandotte and black Ml
narea eggs for netting. J. H. Mohr, phone
JUS-X. in;
For S lie lim sacks or l ate Hose stM-ii KiIh
loes. Llelhmau llros , telephone ;iil-K. mjl
For Sale-A lew blooded White Plymouth
cockerels and Karied l ock roosters. Have
stump puller lor rent. Wanted i Ineli jiiow
Mini diaj. 8.'eil p taloes lor wile. Huckwall
A Sylvester, telen! e Odell M. m7
hor Sale one disc, one truck, spike toothed
harrow and l plows. August Nlehans, phone
V.C.Y.. ni7
For Kent Clean, sunny, housekeeping
rooms, reasoieilile rent. SI0 Columbia St.. be
tween stli and Ulh Sis. Phone ,'ir.' M. Climr
TVI'KW'BITKKS For sale or rent on easy
terms. A. W. Outhituk. . atl-tf
Kor Itent-I.itrge, conveniently located of
llee rootn, lit F irst National llauk llldg. tl
For F;xchange-Kii acres of Hue red shot soli
at Underwood, two miles from Stallon. on
Columbia Kiver Bluir, 5 acres In one year
trees, in acres slashed and burned, .-inn 1 1
house, tools, etc. will trade for unlncumlii r
ed Hood Kiver properly or intcri'sl btiiring
paper. Kecd A Henderson Inc. fjitusa
Notice to Cow Owners- I have a Jersey hull
mat I am siauiiing ni my piee tlireeouari
ers ol a mile wcsl of the flail Park. M. J.
Foley. ejni-.'i
B. Stetson Hats
choose from.