The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 29, 1912, Image 11

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S3.00 Values $1.92
$2.50 si.62
S2.00 " $i.i8
$1.50 " 98c
$1.00 " 63c
35c to 50c Values 23c
20c to 35c 44 17c
15c to 20c 44 He
10c to 15c 44 7c
S4.00 Values $2.92
S3.00 44 $1.92
$2.00 44 $1.18
$1.50 98c
35c to 50c Values 23c
20c to 35c " 17c
15c to 20c 44 He
10c to 15c " 7c
30c to 45c Values 23c
20c to 30c 44 19c
15c to 20c 44 11c
10c to 15c 44 7c
$1.50 Values 8Sc
$1.25 44 71c
$1.00 44 63c
1"1-H"1"H-H"I 1"I"M- I i I 1 M"M-H-n.
II. S. (julliKan spent the week .end
in Portland.
A. T. Allen was a business visitor in
Lyle last week.
If you want shoes that don't go
wong bo to Jolinse-n's.
ArthurJ,McCreery was a Portland
visitor last week.
Ji,mes Campbell, of White Salmon,
was here Monday.
Now is the time to buy cheap Blah
woud. A. C. Lofts, plume 310.X.
jvirs. rreei 1'eiu nas been visiting
friends in Portland.
josepn tiupciand was
a visitor in
Portland last week.
Have yon ever tried ('risen? If yon
have yon will want Home mure. 'We
hae it. K. M. IIoIiiiu.ii, the Sanitary
market on the Heights.
H. F. Uleason spent several duys in
Portland last week.
Mrs. J. J. Gibbons is spending a
couple of weeks in Portland.
We have cash to loan upon im
proved ranch properly.
Hood River Banking & Trust Co.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G.
Hex lord, February 13, a son.
Mrs. W. G. Ingram, of Mt. Hood,
has been visiting in Portland.
Par Cheaper, yet a good in every re
spect is ('risen, it lompoiind of vege
table fats, to lie used lor cooking pur
poses instead of butter. K. M. Ilolinnn,
the Sanitary market on the Heights.
Mrs. A. Bradhurn, of Cascade Locks,
was a visitor in the city Monday.
J. K. McGregor, of Mosier. was a
business visitor itl the city Friday.
Let us put new life into your old har
ness with our new patent harness o'ler.
K. G. Yowell it Co., Miccessnrs to Ilaven
port Harness Co., New Bell building,
phone 170. tf
Mr. and Mrs. Poland Wiley were in
The Dalles last week visiting friends.
Don't fail to see the new spring hats
on display at, Gibson Sisters.
J. C. Melnnes, of White Salmon, was
a business visitor in the city Tuesday.
Wood for Sale All kinds, carlots.
only. II. K. Davenport, Phone Odell
lt6. tf
Hubert McKav. of Kulumu ivi.
.spent the week end with valley' friends!
I C. E. Jensen has returned from an
extended visit in southern California.
! M's. E. K. Pooley has had as her
(guest, Miss Elizabeth Stuart, of 1'ort-
Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Laraway are
spending a vacation in southern Cali
fornia. CKISl'O Better than butter for cook
ing purposes and far cheaper. E. M.
iMMinan, wie ,anilary market on the
Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Davidson left
yesterday for a visit in southern Cali-tornia-
I Born To Mr. and Mrs. .1 nhn A Ytit
of Mt. Hood, a son, Saturday, Febru
ary 21.
Now is the time to buy cheap slae
wood. A. C. Lofts, phone' MO-X.
Leonard Caipenter of Medfurd, was
here over the week end visiting A I.
W. Peters.
J. M. Acheson, of Portland, spent
the week end here with his sister. Mrs.
Carl P. Boss.
II )ocr shoe have gone, wrong take
them to Joliusen.
Mrs. S. W. Isenherg is visiting
friends and relatives in Portland and
Forest Grove.
Dr. J. F. Wooster, of Portland, came
up Saturday evening to look over his
ranch property.
We can accept in trade $5000.00 to
$6000.00 as part payment in Hood
River property for an improved dairy
and hay ranch at Camas Prairie. B.
E. Duncan & Co. f 22
J. A. Knowling, of Vancouver, B.
C. was here over the week end in.
specting the valley.
After spending tne winter in Port
land, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Cutler have
returned to their home.
Now is (he time to buy cheap slab
wood.' A. (!. Lifts, phone':il0-..
Percival Adams, who has been here
spending the winter, left Monday for
a visit in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. A D. Moe, who have
been in southern California, will return
home the latter part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen LaKue, of
Farnum, N. D., are here visiting Mrs.
LaKue's father, George S. Johnson.
Shres made or repaired at Johnsen's
iWMiiui'iiMirinjtB' vrrnr
They Are Here With All the
Brightness of Spring
"Scratch" Hats and Cow Hair varieties
fuzzy kind with long whiskers in just
the correct shades for the season.
Then, too, a big assortment
of tha stiff ones.
Always One Price and That is
Mrs. W. E. Hansen returned last
week from The Dalles, where she had
been visiting friends and relatives.
The Ladies of the St. Mark's Guild
will meet at the usual time Friday
afternoon with Mrs. Del. Rand.
For Sale Modern 5 room bunga
low, with any site lot up to one and
one half acres, at very reasonable
prices. Call and see owner, 90S May
1 St. or phone 2bfc-L. tf
Get busy and have your roses pruned
ana planted now. Geo. Haslincer.
Heights Greenhouse, telephone 2S-1-MJ
Mrs. F. F. McCrea returned Monday
from Portland, where she had been
visiting her daughter, Miss Bess Mc
Crea. W. C. Keck and family, who have
been spending the winter in southern
California, returned to their home here
last week.
Clover, tiiiiotliv and oat seed for salt
KELLY IIRos. ' tf
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Haworth and
Brooks Haworth will leave Tuesday
for Los Angeles to make their future
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Simpson, of
New York, arrived Saturday and vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Walstroin, of the
Middle Valley.
J. H. Hicks has been very ill in
Portland. Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Hicks
and Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Hicks were
called to his bedside.
We have a customer who will take in
exchange Hood Kiver property for an
improved dairy and hay ranch at
Camas Prairie.
B. E. Duncan & Co.
Mr. IIulli well, of White Salmon,
where be owns a large ranch, whs here
last Saturday looking over the Valley.
Mr. Holliwell considers moving to
Hood River.
Mrs. F. P. Taylor, of The Dalles,
who has been here visiting Miss Ler.ote
Adams and her mother, Mrs. Arm
strong, returned Tuesday.
Phone L'L'T-.M.
Chas. Lege, who has been seriously
ill from the effects of an operation for
appendicitis, is reported to be improv
ing at the Cottage hospital.
Mrs. Jas. "H. Forden, accompanied
by her children, returned Monday
evening from a visit with her mother,
Mrs. C. W. Nottingham.'of Portland. 2
We can accept in trade $5000.00 to
$6000.00 as part payment in Hood
River property for an improved dairy
and hay ranch at Camas Prairie B.
E. Duncan & Co. tl2
Miss A. A. Miller, of Crookston,
Minn., arrived last week fur a visit
with her brother, who recently pur
chased a part of the Van Allen place.
Mr. and Mrs. Louh Nex and daugh
ter, all of whom have been spending I
the winter in SJpnlHn rntiirn.nt f-n llmir
ranch near Mt. Hood last week.
The residents of Oak Grove plan a
handsome new brick school building.
Albert Sutton has completed the de
signs, which call for a building with
all modern conveniences.
JDr. J. F. Beaumont, of Portland,
was here Sunday and journeyed to
Summit to inspect his ranch. Dr.
Beaumont becomes a more enthusiastic
Hood Kiverite on each visit.
We can accept in trade $5000.00 to
$6000.00 as part payment .in Hood
River property, for an improved dairy
and hay ranch at Camas Prairte. B.
E. Duncan & Co. f22
The members of the Booster club
are planning for a minstrel show to be
given in the city in the near future.
Rehearsals, under the directorship of
Arthur Clarke, have already begun.
Next Thursday night an oratorical
contest will be participated in by six
young men of the Heights Literary
Society. The contest is under the
auspices of the W. C. T. U.'
HThe Pierian Class, of the Methodist
church gave an exceptionally enter
taining program at the Methodist
chruch last Friday evening. The exer
cises were in ehargeof Mrs. Louise
', Geo. P. Christie, former owner of
the Handy Corner feed store on the
Heights, was here on business last
week. Mr. Christie also attended the
dance given by the Heights Baseball
Association. He was manager of the
organization last year. - ,r.T
During Lent services will be'heldTn
St. Mark's Episcopal church on
Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p. in. fol
lowed by choir practice. On Friday
afternoons there will be a service at 4
p. m. Sunday service as usual, 11 a.
m. and 4 :30 p. m.
J. M. Wi Vhtii Co., having installed
more new machinery are now pre
pred to make all kinds of finishing
materials for buildings, sjiecial sizes and
designs in windows, doors, rafters,
etc , at substantial saving in coHt. They
are also in position to figure on budding
contracts at lowest figures. Call on
t':em either in room hi lleillironner
building, or at Factory in old Armory
building. tf
J. R. Shelton, who has been spend
ing the winter in Topeka, Kan., ar
rived here last Friday evening. Mrs.
Shelton, because of the illness of her
mother, will remain in the Middle
West for a time.
We have a customer who will take
in exchange Hood Kiver property for
an improved dairy and hay ranch at
Cam is Prairie.
B. E. Duncan & Co,
Mrs. Flora Hartley has been i -1 1 i i ; lt
friends in Portland.
See advertisement in this paper.
D. J. Treiber, of Rupert, Idaho, is
here visiting relatives ami friends.
A slide west of here Sunday delayed
the mid-dav trains for a short time.
C. 11. Stranahan is mentioned as a
candidate for the state henatorship
from this county and Wasco.
The Schubert Trio concert, adver
tised for March 13, is postponed in
definitely. .
W. E. King, it is rumored, will make
the race for the State Senatorslnp
from this county and Wasco.
Miss Melissa Hill, of Cascade Locks,
was here the latter part of last week
visiting her sister, Mrs. L. H. ling
gins. J. M. Schtnelt'.cr, who is now count)
treasurer, it is said, may become a
candidate for nomination for represen
tative from this county and Wasco.
1 he Woman's Club, of Hood Run,
is planning to give another one of it
big card parties at Heillironner's hull
on the evening of April 10. Do not
forget date and reserve table.
J.I. W. McDonald returned last week
from the eastern part of the state,
here he had been purchasing horses for
the Centriil ( In-huril Co Mr Mi.M,,n.
aid brought back with him four hand
some neasis.
Without bearing any name, having
in its place one of her photographs, a
letter heitrinir u tn utmsit-b of I'hihi.
....... -"P. .... .... .. v.. a
delpliia, was delivered to Mrs. Trafuid
omim, oi ims vaney.
George Watson, who was seriously
injured here last vear. is recoverinu
at the Cottage hospital. Sunday, a
year from the time of the accident, he
was atile to walk a few steps.
Josell A. Wilson who lius
sneralinu thi. uontci ut th hmno if
his brother m Homer City, Pa., will
pronaiiiy tie present at Washington to
tight the Sulzer Apple Box bill.
J. C. Skinner hus removed f mm tht
house in Which tin formci-lv livid on
Cascade Ave. to the tesidence on the
same street recently vacated by Mr.
and Mrs. Robert R. Carter. Mrs.
Skinner and children, who have been
visiting relatives in the Kast nt'p nt.
pceted to arrive here soon.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Bone, who have
been spending the winter in Southern
California, returned to Portland. Mr.
Bone came to Hood Kiver Monday
night, in order to attend the meeting
of the apple growers of the valley here
Tue-day afternoon. Mrs. Bone re
mained for a short time with her
mother, Mrs. Middleton.
Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Brayford have
arrived from England anil are now
visiting Mr. Bray-ford's sister, Mrs. E.
T. Edwards, of Caldale, Pa., where
they expect to visit for several months.
vn uie return irip made on the steam
ship Carmania, Mr. Brayford was the
c'-.airman of an entei taimrent given
lor the benefit of the Seamen s Char
ities of Liverpool and New Yui k.
Grace II. B. Church, Oak and Sixth
street, J. B. Parsons, pastor. Sunday
school at 1(1 a. m. Sermon and mcrn
ing worship at 11 a. m. Pitt Parker
will give an illustrated lecture at the
vesper service ut 4 p. tn. This will
be the only chance to hear this great
and resourceful man in Hood Kiver.
He has devoted many years to Y. M.
C. A. work and is especially helpful to
men and boys. Everybody welcome.
Next Sunday at the Unitarian church
will be a Rally Sunday. In the morn
ing the theme will be "Some Aspicts
"of Unitarianism." At five o'clock will
be held another of the popular "Full
moon" conferences, including music,
readings, etc. Also as a special feat
ure a debate will be held on "The
Single Tax " The two speakers are
M. M Morrison, who will defend it,
and E. K. Coad, who will oppuse it.
Everyone is cordially invited.
Sunday, March 3, will be parents'
day at the Baptist church, on the
Heights. In the morning Mr. Johnson,
of Portland, will preach and Sunday
school scholars will have a part in the
service. Parents and friends of the
children are earnestly invited. For the
afternoon at 4 o'clock a communion
service is being planned. In the even
ing at 7:30 there will be a general song
service with several special musical
selections. A cordial greeting to all.
Notice to Contractors and Builders.
The detailed specifications of the
installa ion of fixtures to be placed in
the offices of the city water depart
ment and the office of the city recorder
on Oak street may be seen at the ollice
of the city engineer in the Heilbrnnner
building. The street committee of the
city council will receive sealed bids on
this proposed work up to Monday (.veil
ing at 7:30, when the meeting of the
council will take place at the County
Court House.
Lenttn Services.
The Lenten devotional services at
the Chucrh of the Franciscan Fathers
was begun Sunday evening with a good
attendance. Father Pius announces
that next Sunday morning services
will be held at 8:30 and 10 :30 o'clock
and 7 :39 p. m.
Lenten Devotion (TheWay of the
Cross) will be observed every Friday
afternoon at 4 o'clock until further
notice. On all Sundays except the
first services will be held at 10:30 in
the mornings and at 7:30 in the evenings.
, At the adjourned meeting of the
I Council, Tuesday afternoon, the ordi-
I ounce, prov niing ior city control or tne
extension of the wires of electric and
poer comparies in the citv limits.
passed finally, and, an emergency be ng
ueciareu, was made ettective at once.
N. C. Evans, president of the Hyi r
Electric Co , and A. K. Grenier, prea
i lent of the Pacific Power & Light Co.
we e both present, and in argument of
the ordinance, warm words flowed.
Mr. Grenier, was strongly opposed to
tie passage of the ordinance because
of its effect on the Hood Kiver Gas &
E e 'trie Co.
l'p to Tuesday evening the number
of voters, who had registered with
County Clerk W. E. Hanson, numbered
ii2'J. The Republicans of the county
number almost three times more h in
the combined voters of other partita
The total registration up to dme of
fie different parties is as follows:
Republicans, 4"2; Democrats, 107;
Prohibitionists, lti; St cialists, 35 ; In
dependents, IK; Social Demofiat , 1.
Cleik Hansno urges that all who have
not registered to visit V e court bouse
at once, because of the fact that the
primaries are drawing very close.
Additional fon'ributors to Fair.
Additional contributors to the prem
ium list of the County School Fair are
given below :
Joe G. Vogt, $2..r)0; W. F. Lara way.
$.r; Apple Land & Orchards Co.. $.r;
Geo. if. Wilbur, $2. : C. II. Jenkins,
f.' KViK.uf C Smith IW I V
Watt, $1; Dr. II. L. Humble. $": Dr
Kronson, $2.,r0; J. O. Porter, J'.no:
John Baker. $2; J. P. Lucas, .r; and
Connaway Mercantile Co., $.'.51'.
A Puzzling Applicant.
When neily Mrs. Cadeiette require
a letter of Inlrodin lion to the benevo
lent Mssoihilion Jules import, proud
of his ability to express himself In
English, obligingly helped her out.
Imagine the bewilderment of the sec
retary when a large, robust lady In
search of work presented what well
meaning Jules had written:
"This Is Miss Ciideiette that I In
duce wherewith to everybody. This
lady has I i sick for a long time anil
Is still In lied. She has live children,
all little anil partly dead, niiil Is In
very poor condition, as she have no
money. Her husband went away two
years ngo and has uot never been
heard of since. This man has rheu
matism, Is a cripple and cannot help
herself. This lady Is his brother's
glil. Help her and she will be very
As the sick abed lady could nptak
io English, she was unnlile to explain
why nlio looked so well, but the secre
tary made her "very comfortable"
Willi steady employment in a laundry
Youth's Companion.
Origin of "Canard."
The French name for a dink I
eatiard and a French journal iwalls
the etymology of "eniuird" in the
pejorative Journalistic sense. A Paris
reporter once upon a time In the hot
weather could hud no news and he
fell back upon his Imagination. He
published tin account of a renuirkahle
experiment conducted in a farmynrd.
A farmer took twelve ducklings,
choppe-d one up fine ami gave It 'o
the eleven others to eat. , second
was chopped tun! Hie remaining ten
gobbled him up. For eight more days
one duckling wns served up to the
others. At last, when only two were'
left, one of the two was giwu to the
other to eat. This remarkable exnerl
inent reselted, therefore, in the one
remaining duckling havug eaten up
his eleven brother.
The sleiry of the "Twedve I.IMe
Ducks" sprang at once Into fame. A
"canard" In a newspaper has ever
since meant a statement nearer fic
tion t tin ii fac'.
Just Like Himself.
The cheerful patient needed all bis
gootl spirits, for the severe operation
hail been a failure and the doctors
we're hesitating to tell him. The phy
sician stood by Ids bedside In the hos
pital, ami from his grave expression
the patient suspected the truth.
"Well, doc," he said, with a sad
smile. "It must have been like this."
He fumbled under bis pillow and
produoe'd an envelope which had been
errone-oiisly delivered In another ward.
On (he envelope was scribbled In pen
ell, "Ope'iied by mistake." New York
Mighty Jupiter.
Jupiter, the largest of the planets. Is
1,3(10 times the bulk and 310 limes the)
mass of the earth, and accomplishes Its
rotation on Its axis in nine hours fifty
minutes. As the equatorial circum
ference Is 27.1.O00 miles, tin; linear rota
tional velocity of a point on the equator
Is nearly eight miles a second.
Hit Writings.
Kidder Do you write for art's sake
or for the money? Scribbler- For Isdh.
i write for the magazines for art's sake
and to my father for money. Toledo
The Desr Innocent.
Mother When he attempted to kiss
you. why didn't you enll tne? Daughter
(innoeontlyi-Well. mamma, dear. I
illiln't know you wanted to be kissed.
Spoke From Experience.
Willie Good Pa. our teacher says
that "colleH-t" nnd "congregate" mean
the same thing. Itev. Mr. Goes!-Well,
you tell your teacher, my boy, that
you have Information that there Is
considerable difference between a con
gregation and a collection.-UverjHol
Jumping at Conclusion.
"My wile says that young man with
a title Is In n tpmiiilry " said .Mr. Cum
rox. "What's a quandary?"
"I duniio exactly, but I have tin Idea
It's I'ri'tich for 'debt.' "-Wiishliigtot)
Hans Lage 'spent the week end if
Extra Sales Ladies
During sale at Morlan
& Lathrop's. Apply
Friday morning at iO
Persia's Pipe Gu.ird;an.
The rineeii of pipes beltings to tho
shah of Persia. Why Is the great ch'et
tain eif pipes a queen? Probably !
cause pipe Is a feminine noun in
French. The little shah's pipe wan
smoke-el by his father U-tore him, and
by his uncle, and by bis grandfather,
and bow many more of the rulers of
Darius' kingdom we know not. Tho
pipe Is adorne-il with all kinds of pre-e-inus
s'ones and Is said to tie worth
tlO.tKK). It Is constantly guarded by
a high court ruiu-tiotiiuy. whose duties
alleiw hltu as much leisure as tjie super
Intendetit of the Persian arsenal, but
us there Is no arsenal lu Persia so tho
extent ef the sinecure may be Judged.
Still, this functionary is responsible.
This Is bow his ollice was created:
Once a grand lzler was found trying
to pry out a stone from the pipe with
his poniard. Then the ollle-e of guard
Inn eif the Imperial pipe was cre-ate-d.
What be'canit! of the grand vizier Is
not recortled Lotitlon Globe.
A Comedy of Economy.
A comedy of economy is reported
from St. Morltz. A stout couple, tif
etitn pan leil by a son nnd daughter who
were also "thick." as the Germans
translate stout, enlere-d a crowded
hotel at the busy time eif lunch nnd
ordered one lunch at tnble d'hote. The
father sat elown and finished two help
ings eif soup mid all the bread near
lii ii niol left the table, his place being
taken for the entrees by bis wife, who
hail been wailing with her children in
the hotel corridor until her husband
The young man then took his moth
er's plne-e to attack the Joint, ami hu
was followed by his slsier for the
sweets, all doing Justice to the menu.
In the crowd the tourists did not nolle,,
the unusual lunch, but the head waiter
dltl. and when asked for the bill pre
sented emn for four lunches. Tho
paterfamilias grumbled a good deal
and paid! Geuevn eorre'spotidence
Pall Mall Gazette.
Ernest C. Smith, Candidate Tor Distrtci
I heri.-bv announce inv f-ri n. 1 i I v for
the Kcpublii'Hii nominal ion"for iitici!
Attorney for the Seventh tl-
trict, at the primaries, April 10. I will'
peisonally prosecute violations of the
law ami assist ollicers in coiidnctinii the
business of Crook, Hood Kiver and
Wasco connfes in a vigorous, prompt
nd busines-'-like manner, if notiiiuated
Hinl elected.
I ability of eteni.
It has be-en shown that nottrlj' nil
the failures of steel occur very e'arly
In Its history. If a plate or bar of
iidld steel lasts for a year in service
It may be trusted to last for ninny
years. The most injurious thing Is
continual lifiidlng backward and for
ward as In what Is called the "pant
ing'' of a boiler end As one author
ity lulls It. steel has a somewhat "tu
multuous yoiiih." tint "In middle age
It Is trust worthy am In old age be
)' I reproach." In regard to corro
sion (here is dUTcrence of opinion,
some holding that steel corrodes more
readily than Iron.
Fire-Accident-Life-Automobile -Plate Glass
Burglary Employer's Liability, including
FARMERS and ORCH ARDISTS, also Judicial
Official and Indemnity Bonds.
Resident Agents for: Travelers Insurance Co.
Pacific Coast Casualty Co.
. Hanover Fire Insurance Co. of New York.
Pelican Assurance Co. of New York.
Hood River's Grand