The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 29, 1912, Image 1

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hood hivki:. onwiox. tiuksday. l.. mn
VOL. X.N 111
xo. 4o
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ri 1 t nnm(mnnlf""n ,H,i,:t "f vitW lhe Norlh
III IV I IL L L I L 1 1 ' western Fruit Exchange does not meet
I ijin 1Lil LiA. 1 lAf , our present requirements.
At the meeting on January 27 when
I the Rogue K'.ver plan was placed be-
I NAMMOIS ADOPTION' OF REPORT i fore U8 ';' Mr- )il Mr- UwiV-
NutlivuVitrn's Selling Agents Found Not
tn be Kxriusive Inion Prices
Kueod Kx hi nVs. tl.e 11 mss ir.L'cti'iir of apple
v'rott'iis Mas ealled to order Tuesday
ii .moon, A. 1. Mason aliliessed tl.o
i.jiliLiiie, stating ttuit his name had
Uen ustd twice 111 (lie com iiiunic ti 1 1011
i-'-ued to the local growers and which,
a it ii s 1 ri a great deal of feeling, ilid
mm h to swrll the crowd present in
Hi iliironner's hall. "However, " said
Mr. Mason, "1 was in the ulliccs ot
the Kxchnnge on the afternoon tie fore
ihe letter was mailed, not for the pnr of looking over evidence, hut to
confer with a niemlu r of the organiza
tion, who is a fellow committeeman
with me, on the Sulzer Apple liox till.
Still, I believe that we should set here
as a jury this afternoon and listen to
evidence from both sides, and I told
the oliicials of the exchange that I
would do all in my power to secure a
healing for them. "
The letter of Mr. (Iwin to the grow
ers is given below :
rortlaml, Oregon, February 21, l'.U2.
To the Apple iirowers of Hood River
Valley : Before passing judgement Ioj
hastily, or too linally. in the matter of
thu recent "conference" held at Port
land, perhaps you will consult with Mr.
A. 1. Mason, who spent yesterda,
afternoon in this otlice, examining
some original files of correspondence,
and other original documents, which
furnish incontrovertible proof that
theie are at least - two sides to the
'I o prefer charges and at the same
lime to muzzle the jury with a pledge
of secrecy ; to deny the uccuscd the
inalienable right of si lf-di fense, and
to condemn him unheard, is both un
American hihI unicvilizi'd.
If the alleged "disclosures" can be
proven, then the writer of this letter
will stand convicted of falsehood. The
writer gives w.iy to no man in jealousy
of his personal integrity. If the "dis
cIobuum" cannot be proven, then a
great i ijiistice has been do e.
The writer pielVis to believe that
there is sullicient red-blooded Ameri
e 11 ism in the Hood Kiver Valley to
8.1 p at nothing short of the whole
truth in this matter, and to demand
thi pproofs to be submitted to a public
lribtiiial.composi il.siihs(a itially.of the
same men who wen J in-sent at the mass
meeting held in Hood Kiver on Januaiy
twenty -seventh. And that this Ex
change be allowed to present thereto
its evidence in rebuttal.
This Exchange knows that it is
clean ; knows that its spokesmen have
stated the truth in all things; that it
has played the game with its cards all
on the table. It asks only treatment
in kind; for simple justice and an ex
position of the facts; all the facts.
Other than this, the Exchange has
1.0 favors to ask of the growers in the
Hood Kiver Valley.
That you may understand the atti
(ude of the ('oinmilliviiieu from Rogue
River, Cashmtie and Mosier after
hearing the alleged "disclosures," Put
in e to say that these gentlemen spent
the day following the conference in the
oilices of the Exchange, where they
were shown the same original evidence
submitted yesterday to Mr. Mason, aid
they were ho completely satisfied that
they immediately turned their atten
tion to the fiaming of a contract be
tween the Exchange and their n spec
live Associations, looking to the mar
keting of the coming apple crop of
At a full meeting of the Hoard of
Directors of the Rogue River Fruit
and Produce Association, held in Med
foid yesterday, the report of its com
mute was heard, and the Hoard voted
unanimously to contract with this
Exchange for the marketing of their
entire crops of pears and apples, and
not stopping at this, to purchase a
block of stock in this Exchange.
Yours very truly,
VV. F. (iwin, Treasurer and General
Noithwestem Fruit Exchange.
Mr. Rutler, who was the chairman
of the committee appointed at the
meeting of January 27 and composed
of P. S. Davidson, W. Ii. Diekerson
and himself, stated that it had not
been their intention to report unfavor
able to the Northwestern Fruit Ex
change, and not to make public the
great amount of data secured by them
from confidential sources until the re
ceipt of the letter.
The members of other committees
stated that they had notseeured similar
information whereupon the local com
mittee proposed to them that they
should take no action until thev had
made investigation along similar lines.
However, the other committees ex
pressed a willingness to receive the
local committee' report. Hecause of
the fact that this information was
secured from a confidential source,
they were asked to keep it in confi
dence." If we had thought of the atti
tude it might have l.-ft the officials of
the Northwestern Fruit Exchange in,
we would certainly not have placed
anv bonds of secrecy on them." said
Mr. Puller, "and as soon as we learned
of the wav thev felt about it we lm
mediately communicated with the
members of the committees and 1010
them not to consider the information
The report of the committee was as
follows :
"In the first place let it be distinctly
understood that we have 110 unfavor
able report to otrer on the Northwest
ern Fruit Exchange. Our position is
just this, thBt the resulotion under
which we were appointed, proviueo lor
us to consider the matter of amalga
mation of three of the large friuUsec
tions of the Northwest and that we
should investigate the Northwestern
Fruit Exchange as a means of accom
plishing this amalgamation.
In our opinion the fact that neither
Yakima or Wenatchee are at all inter
ested in the Rogue River plan is Prima
Facie evidence that the best interests
of Hood River could not be served by
this plan, and, without casting any
reflections on the Northwcs'ern Fruit
('.reliance, vour committee has con
sidered the exchange with special ref
erence to its value as a means of
I accomplishing our chief aim, that of
working out a practical eo-0erative
plan under which the fruit district-
might work a-id it is our opinion that
certain n'aiures 01 me pian were mane
clear. We were told that the North
American Exchange had bW branches
or selling agencies and that the ser
vices of this system included the ex
clusive use of these lot! agencies. The
expression "a perfect selling machine"
may not have been used, but we were
certainly led to believe that the plan 1
included an exclusive service of rare
merit. Free Use was made of the
prices received by the Northwestern
Fruit Exchange for the lull crop in a
way that would lead the causal Lb
server to believe that the return
through this system were much larger
than through any other agency.
After the meeting the attention of
the committee was repeatedly called to
the rumor that the North American
Fruit Exchange was controlled by
I'rutchtieid & oolfolk, a commission
house of Pittsburg. Our attention was
naturally directed to these three
points: First, the elticiency of the
machine; second. Ihe pi ices it obtaimd
as compart d with other returns and
third as to whi ther the machine was
controlled ty Crutchlield iSi VY oolfolk
or not.
F'or general information we selected'
.r0 of the 1 0( agencies in various parts
of the United States and addressed a
letter to a bank in each of the towns
where the agencies were located, re
questing information in a general way
and witu especial reference to the lines
along which we were conducting our
investigations. The replies from halt
a dozen of these letters will serve to
show that there is a very general opin
ion at the selling end of the machine
that is controlled by I'rutchtieid &
We quote :
A hank in Virginia says "The agent
refrered to is in the general brokerage
business anil does not confine himself
to representing the North American
Fruit Exchange, lie is on a commis
sion basis and also represents Crutch
Held & Wool folk and advises that he
would handle apples from other
A bank in Pennsylvania says: "As
representative of the North American
Exchange receives only a salary and
no commission and whatever business
he 111 11 y 011 a commission basis, he does
strictly on his own responsibility. It
is supposed that he represents I'rutch
lield ifc W oolfolk in this market, who
in turn are regarded as controlling the
Exchange. He is,helieved to be honest
and is a hard worker but the market
in this city for box apples is very lim
ited as the local trade is confii e I
largely to barrel apples."
A bank in Canaan says: "We beg
to advise that although the agent men
tioned is representative of the North
American Fruit Exchange, he also acts
us agent fur several other concerns
which we understand he runs on strict
ly a brokerage basis Although repre
senting the above oientioned Exchangt
and also Messrs. Crutchflcld & Wool
folk, we understand that he would be
perfectly willing to handle apples from
any o'.her source. "
At the very hist of our work it was
apparent that many of these agencies
would take business through other
haunels than the Northwestern Fruit
Exchange, so we asked the manage
ment of the union to ascertain for us
just how many ot tl.eni were in the
market lor liusiness tnrougn tuner
sources and we 1 omul incy were al
ready getting this information for
themselves. We felt justified in tak
ing this course through the invitation
of the ollicers of the Northwestern
Fruit Exchange to make the closest
investigation of their organization.
Hefore ie 1 es could be iic.iiJ ll.i
North Ameiicai! Fruit Exchange
learned of the investigations which
were being made and wired presumably
all of the branches substantially as
follows: "Do not answer Hood River
inquiries, reler all lelleis to us.
IhiH, of course, made it dillieull tor us
to get all the inlormation we wanted
and only 41! replies were received. Out
of these, seven advised that they were
agents for the North American rruit
Exchange and could not accept busi
ness through other channels, 11 gHve
evasive or (ondilionai replies anu z.i
out of the M unconditionally stated
that they were out fur business from
any source and wuuld be glad to handle
Hood River apules direct.
Copies of the various letters received
were read by Mr. Culler.
Mr. Davidson then took up the com
parative prices received on the past
year's crop as between the Exchange
and the Union. It was shown that
except in two varieties, in which the
Exchange had secured a few more
cents per box, the net aveiage price of
the Union to the grower had been
materially greater than that of the
Exchange. At first glance, reading
from the Exchange s bulletins, it ap
pears that its prices are greater than
the U;. ion's. However, it must be
remembered that to bring ihe prices
to an equalized basis, from the printed
prices of the Exchange 10 cents must
be deducted for the charge of the Ex
change and 10 cents added for the
charge of the Union for handling the
A naraeraiih of the committee s
summary statid: "In rebuttal, the
oflicers of the Exchange may show you
that all of the capital stock of the
North American rruit hxchai ge is
held and owned bv the oHicers and
directors of the Company they may
even tell you if all of the stock of the
North American Exchange were owned
n bv the Pittsburgh firm with which
its name has been connected, it would
not affect the elticiency of the machine.
We will not attempt to meet this argu
ment and would simply ask you to
weigh all the information you have
from any source and draw your own
conclusion. They may tell you their
machine has only been in operation
two years and that it is as good as you
could reasonably expect it to be under
the circumstances and that wnerever
they find an agent who is not doing his
duty they will get a man in his place.
tiranted, out we ure dealing wiui a
condition, not a theory."
K. S. Miller, of Medford, who pro
posed the "Rogue River plan." and
W. F. C-win, manager of the Portland
agency, were present. Roth addressed
the meeting. Mr. Miller said: "J
have not come to re open the matter
of the Rogue River plan, and only
wish to suggest that you pursue the
matter to the end with ail facts of
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Construction liv Cuiivids Around Sl,e!l
Funk May llctj'bi in Next ill) Ias,
It Is Dvtlartd.
That within the next "1! days a crew
of convicts will Le at work con
structing a highway around Shell
mountain, the bar-ier between the i:il
and west portions of the st.ile, provid
ed Hood River cmnty take advantage
of the offer of $1 1,0'Hi mad- by S. S.
Penson, a million. die lumberman, wms
the expression of (n.veinor iiswa'd
West, who w;is here Tue.-day ii:lil
with E. E. Cooveit, a i ro'ti'nei t Port
land attorney, bnth of then iiddressini'
several Fundi id enthusiastic citizins
nt the aseii'.Sily had of the Commticial
lub. Mr. Penson has long been inter
ested in the biiiliinig of a road a'ui.i'
the Columbia. With Mr. Convert t.i
represent him he iccentlv made the
oiler of flO.IK'ui to he applied tuwiud
its costructio.i. Mr. Convert began an
investigation of the matter, lie found,
as he stated Tuesday evening, that
Multnomah had built 0 road lo
within one mile of Multnomah fulis.
Thirteen mole miles remained to he
constructed to tip; Hood River county
line. However, he continued, the
county of Multnomah is willing to
complete its portion of the roadway.
and the money Mr. Renson is now
available for the purpose of beginning
operations on the dillieull Shell Rock
portion of the highway, tf Hood River
county will give an assurance of build
ing a connecting Imk in this county.
through the levy of special road
taxes in the (wo districts through
which the road must pass, the sum of
approximately SflT.,000 has been made
available, mid by the expenditure of
this money mid what may be done on
(he Shell Rock by the funds of Mr.
Renson, it is thought the roadway may
he made passable in a short time.
tiovernor West addressed the audi
ence, stating his present prison policy.
that of phicing the convicts on parole
and making them work on the roads.
It was shown that by proper manage
ment roads could be constructed for an
amazing cheapness. For the sum of
$10,000, judging from past expenses, it
was declared that 20 men could he kept
at work on the Shell Rock construction
for a year and a half, the $10,000 cov
ering all of their expenses.
Hecause of the fact that County
.Judge Culbertson at his home in Port
land rested under the impression that
the meeting of fruit growers to con
sider the report of the recently ap
pointed investigating committee would
be held T uesday night Instead of Tues
day afleriioon, the hi Id 1 esses of Gover
nor West and Mr. Cooveit came veiy
near being deferred. Judge Culbeil
son bad communicated to the governor
US.l because of the meeting, it would
he impossible to get a hearing Tuesday
night. The governor's sicretary t
Salem communicated this fact to Pres
ident Chas. IN. Clarke, of the Commer
cial rl'il, who in 0 1 dately reach d
uovornor VWsl over the wires aid
informed him correctly as to the mei t
ing, enabling him and Mr Cooveit to
catch the afternoon local.
Addieises were made by W. I
Clark, a member of the ('ommertiiil
club committee on roads; J. P. l.ucas.
postmaster; and C. T. Early, supelin
tondent of the Mt, Hood Railroad.
Mr. Convert met yesterday morning
with the county commissioners and
talked over the propi scd plans, going
over a map and data secured by County
Surveyor Murray Kay.
Apple stocks are being cut down
rapidly. A eonsei val ive estimate of
the supply left in all hands in the
Northwest is 20 cars and the actual
iimnunt may fall under this. Thise
holdings represent only about nie
month's requirements.
Stocks in the city are very small and
most of the country points ure entirely
cleaned up. Five cms remain at Cove
and a little is left lit Cashmere and
Chelan. There are no apples at We
natchee except what are owned by
Seattle and Tacoma dealers.
The largest supply on the Const is in
storage at San Fruneiseo, but the stock
there is not topheavy, as is shown by
the firmness of the San Francisco
market. California Newtowns are in
light supply and very firm.
Firmer triple markets are reported
from nearly' all points in the East, and
Middle West, particulaily Cleveland,
St. Louis and Chicago. Oregunian.
Roosevelt Fa vs "Ye."
Theodore Roosevelt, in a letter to
the eight Republican governors, who
urgul him to become a candidate for
the piendency, Monday announced thai
he would again enter the political field.
Mr. Roosevelt says that he has no per
sonal preferences in the matter but
that the rule of the people must pre
vail. In the closing paragraph of his
letter he says :
"One of the chief principles for
which I have stood and tor which I
now stand and which I have always
ende vond and always shall endeavor
lo reduce to action, is the genuine ride
of the people ; and, therefore, I hope
that so tar as pos- inie me pmpie may
he given the chance, through direct
primaries, to express their preterei.e
hs to who shall lie the nominee of the
Republican presidential convention.
Fruit, and liusiness Men to Co-operate.
The directors of The Dalles Fruit.
Growers' association have arranged f 1 r
the holding of a number of educational
meetings dining the cming few
months with the object, of bricgiiig
inio closer touch not only the lru;t
growers but also the busine.-s nu n ot
The Dalles and the fruit groirs. In
the past, it is said, there have been
misunderstandings and it is hoped nt
these meetings to bring the various
organizations that have for their ohje t
betterment of te country surrounding
the city as well as The Dalles itself,
into closer understanding.-;T he Dalles
Mrs. ThomBS Avery has had as her
guest Mrs. F. F.figert. of Portiend.