The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 10, 1911, Image 9

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It Costs So Little and Looks
So Neat. Hundreds Say So.
Why Not You?
Straw Hats at
Miss Luelia Hawky and Miss Minnie
HaUorHen are at Seaside.
Harold Rounds, of Portland, was in
the city yesterday on business.
Meed potatoes at Whiteheads.
" Miss Until Kadford is spending a few
days in Portland for her health.
C. L. and Ellis Moore.of The Dalles,
were here Friday visiting friends.
C. A.JMacargar, of Mosier, was in
the city last Thursday on business.
Insure your automobile against acci
dent. See Hood River Abstract Co.
Geo. R. Wilbur "and family are
spending an outing on the East Range.
A. li. Gearev, of St. Paul, Minn.,
spent the week end here with relatives.
Now is the t into to buy cheap slab
wood. A. O. Lifts, phone S10-X.
John Sutthotf, who has been with his
father in Seattle, returned home
Matt Troy and Austin Flegel, of
Portland, were here on legal business
B. K. Duncan and Charles L.
Wheeler. were in Ortley on business
Monday. '
Christian Science services are held in
Reading Room No. tl Davidson Building,
Sunday 11 a. m. and Wednesday 8 p. in.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McLucas visited
the family ot F. E. Harris at Bingen
last week. '
Dr. E. O. Dutro and family are
camping on the West Fork of Hood
River near Lost Lake.
Hazel wood lee Cream is the best.
Free delivery in any quantity over one
quart. Kat Ha.elwood once and yon
will have no other. For sale by C. A.
Richards & Co. tf.
Mrs. W. E. Hanson, who has been
visiting with her sister, Mrs. John
Marden, in The Dalles, returned home
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Frederick, of St.
Paul, Minn., have been spending
several days with Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
If you want shoes that don't go
wrong go to Jobusen's.
O. F. Brisee, of Hanson, Ida.,
arrived here the first of the week to
look over his ranch in the Central
ale district.
For a nice prime beef roast go to the
Central Market.
Misses Isabelle and Ellen McGregor,
Mrs. Chas. McGregor and James
McGregor, of Sleepy Eye, Minn., spent
the week end here looking over the
All kinds'of insurance in old com
panies. G. Y. F.dwards Sl Co. Phone
Misses Sophia and Rosa Morris, of
Portland, and Hugo E. Birkner and
Hume 1'ritchard, of Lincoln, Neb., were
the guests of Miss Virginia Juhnson
Mr. and Mrs. II. T. Parsons, and
child of Portland, are located here
temporarily. Mr. Parsons is in charge
of a surveying party of the Pacific
Power & Light Co.
Fine line of automobile gloves. Dav
enport Harness Co.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Hubbard, of
Colorado Springs, Colo., are here
looking for a permanent location. Mr.
ana Mrs. Hubbard are friends of Mr.
and Mrs. J. R. Shelton.
Half Price
Mrs. K. I). Gould and children re
turned yesterday from Goldendale,
where she spent several days with
Shoes made or repaired at Jolmsen's
Messrs. Keeley and Dubois, who
own one of the oldest orchards in the
Underwood community of Skamania
county, were in the city Saturday.
Grace U. B. church. Sixth and Oak,
the Rev. J .1). Parsons, pastor. Sun
day school at 10 a. m. At 11 o'clock a
merriorial service will be held in honor
of Mrs. Elizabeth Brayford.
See our auto gauntlets. Davenport
Harness Co.
Jos. A. Wilson left Saturday for the
Soda Springs on Wind River above
Carson, Wash. Mr Wilson thinks that
a few weeks at the springs will benefit
his health. He carried tackle with
him and will enjoy the tine fishing of
the region.
Now is the time to buy cheap slab
wood. A. C. Lofts, phone 310-X.
Mr. and Mrs. McCatferty, Misses
Winilred Douthit, Erma Steed, Anna
Huntley, Ruth Stopp and Messrs.
Charle9 Bonn, Lee Steed, Edward
Crier, and Fred Walther, of The Dalles
made a trip to the Devil's Punch Bowl
last week.
Try our pure pork sausage. We stand
back of it. at Central Market.
F. B. Snyder andlB. B. Towell have
established a new plumbing shop in
the Davidson building on Cascade
avenue. Mr. Snyder was formerly
connected with R. D. Gould in the
plumbing business.
Mr. anu Mrs. i. w. vvieuricK ami
daughters. Misses Kuth ana florence,
of Portland, were the week end guests
of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Hinrichs. They
are spending the week at Winan's
hotel near the Punch Bowl.
If your shoes have gone wrong take
them to Johnsen.
G. K. Rogers demonstrated a process
r.. -..: .... R.f4 L1.....I
1UI null JI trnci V Ml Ob IHC JIH. UVUUj
Hotel rriday. the process, winch la
is stated will keep the natural flavors
of the fruits preserved, is said to be
very economical. Mr. Rogers will
endeavor to secure capital for the
erection of a plant at this city.
If you have a snap in real estate or
want one let us know. (
Guv Y. Edwards & Co., Agents.
Nile Walther, station agent at
Lyons, Neb., arrived in this city Sat
urday for a visit with his coilsins, Mrs.
Ella Otis. Mrs. Chas. L. Clapp and
Mrs. A. D. Moe. He left Monday for
a tour of the Central Oregon country
but will re'urn later to look over the
Valley. Mr. Walther contemplates
locating in the West.
See the new up-to-date ownership
map of Hood River Valley, for sale by
Hood River Abstiact Co.
Miss Margaret, Mcintosh of, Port
land, who was here spending the week
with Mr. and Mrs. Duncan at their
summer camp near Lost Lake, return
ed home Monday. Mr. and Mrs.
Duncan and little daughter, Dorothy,
and Charles Wheeler, accompanied by
Miss Mcintosh, returned home from
the Lost Lake country Friday.
Automobile insurance written by
Hood River Abstract Co.
I By mistake I Jpaid to someone lest
week or the latter part of the week
before a fifty cent piece coined in 1831.
Will possessor of said coin please re
turn to me and receive reward.
Jerry Blower,
If You Are
Taking a Trip
or planning one, just remember
we are right here with the goods
you will need.
Ladies' Riding Skirts, Walking
Skirts, riiddies, Town and
Country Skirts, High Boots,
Leggings, Auto Coats and Dust
Splendid Values
Every Pair Reduced in Or
der to Move Them Quickly
Children's Sizes Reduced
Mrs. Henry Evenham., of Glenwood,
la., while on the way to Eugene for a
visit with her daughter, Mrs. Seth
Laraway, has been spending several
days with Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Lara
way. Mr. Laraway sent his automo
bile down by boat Monday afternoon
and he, Mri. Laraway, Mrs.
and Miss Cora- Shafer will
motor to
Eugene. They will make a trip later
to .Newport on the coast.
Now is the time to buy cheap slab
wood. A. U. Lofts, phone 310. X.
For Sale -- Household goods : One
Grand Rapids refrigerator, holds GO
lbs. of ice; one washing machine; one
solid 'oak dining table; one large rock
ing chair, one small rocking chair, one
heating stove, Charter Oak, 6 cap
range. All articles are practically
new. The rerfigerator has been used
but two months. Call and see goods at
780 May street or inquire at Wood's
Grocery store.
Seed jiotatoes at Whiteheads.
Mrs. M. H. Dorsey and Miss Dorothy
Dorsey have returned from Southern
California, where they have been
spending the winter and spring. They
were accompanied on their return by
Misses Isabello Layman and Alice Wil
son Bixby, of Indianapolis, Ind., who
will make an extended visit here.
Hood River Sweet Cider, Hires Root
Per and Soda Waters of all flavors can
be obtained for family use at all the
confectionery and grocery stores at
$1.00 per dozen with an allowance of
fit) cents per dozen for the return of
bottles to the party from whom pur
chased. Keep a few bottles in a cool
place during warm weather.
Hoou Rivkk Apple Yinkoar Co.
About 75 young people attended the
ice cream social of the Baptist Young
Peoples' Society on the Belmont road
Tuesday night. A highly instructive
and- entertaining program had been
prepared and the evening was
very pleasantly.
For Rent Modern furnished
on Columbia street; plumbing com
plete. I. Inland Henderson, (Inc.)
The Misses Letta and Vera Miller, of
Tacoma. Wash., arrived last week for
a visit with friends in the city and val
ley. Miss Caroline Tomlinson, of Lansing,
Mich., is the guest of Miss Marie
Lemmon in the Oak Grove district.
Lucile Patchen Takes Second Purse.
Capt. C. P. McCan has received the
good news that his mare Lucile Patch
en, sired by The Patchen Boy, the
famous stallion, also the property of
Capt. McCan, took second money in
the 2:20 trot at Salinas, California
last week. The purse for the race was
$8(K). Capt, McCan has been meeting
with a gratfying success from his
horses which he had in training at
Pleasanton, California, the past
winter and spring.
The Loyal lierean of the Christian
Bible School will hold an ice cream
social on the lawn of Mr. W. II. Peugh,
Thursday evening, August 17. You are
cordially invited. al7
Water Rights Case Begun. .
Averring that E. O. Reade, lof the
Upper Hood River Valley, hag filed on
a government spring from which he
has been using water since 1903, Jesse
Davidson has secured an injurnction
against the former to prevent a use of
the water of the spring. Mr. Reade
filed on the spring during the past
month. The merits of the case wilt be
heard before the circuit court.
Kscss? 7
""r"H most complete
I and elegant line of
Suit Cases ever offer
ed in America, and we
name (he very
We have in block all styles
and qualities to suit you.
Prices From
$2.95 to $15.00
Albert Langsdell, who was arrested
Saturday night on the Heights by
Night Watchman Hickox, was found
guilty of assault and buttery Monday
morning by Justice of thejl'eace A. C.
Buck and asscsed a line of $00 and
costs. Langsdell first became a trouble
maker last Wednesday night. He had
taken lodgings at the Ledgerwood
lodging house on Oak street. He re
fused to pay for liis room and Mrs.
Ledgerwood, the proprietor of the
place, called on the night watchman
to eject him. However, he returned
about 10 o'clock and alter abusive
language stepped from the building
and hurled a stone through an upper
story window, breaking a number of
panes of glass.
He escaped from the city and
nothing mure was heard from him
until Saturday, when he assaulted R.
S. Hall on the county highway near
the Guignard & Rosiger orchard. A
warrant wus sworn out. for him and
the city ollicer, Hickox, accompanied
by Constable Olingcr, lound him on
the Heights and the former made the
Langsdell altepmted to escape from
the city prison Monday morning. He
broke by Marshal Lewis and was
making away, when the officer was
forced to fire at him in order to bring
him to a halt.
Mrs. Enoch Bra) ford
Mrs. Enoch Brayford passed away
August 6 at C A. M. at the Cottage
Hospital of this city. Funeral services
were held Monday afternoon at the
Burtmess chapel and the body was in
terred at the Idlewild cemetery.
Mrs. Brayford was born at Stafford,
Wolverhampton county, England. She
was married to Enoch Brayford at
Walsall, England, 'Decebmer ti, lXo'7.
She and her husband came to the
United States in 188!) and settled in
Hood River in 1893.
Many sympathizing friends gatherd
at the grave and presented many
handsome floral offerings as a token of
their respect. Mr. Brayford wishes
to express his sincere thanks for hand
some wreaths sentry T. E. Gates, the
Ideal Candy Co. and Wadhains & Kerr,
of Portland; the Hood River Mer
chants' association, Mrs. Jones, Mrs.
Rathburn, I Mrs. Haitley and Mrs.
Watts, of this city.
Mositr Club Renews Activities.
At a recent meei.inf of the Mnsier
Commercial Club over fifty new mem
bers signed up and pledged themselves
to Rlltutfirt ih.i n-Lruiiiv:tt inn fur th
ensuing year and it is the intention of
the new board to double this number
willnn the next thirty days.
The fill IriUi Mir Hiruf'tum urf num.-
" ' 1 v..... ....... ...v. .......
nutprl unit plcnt4il tlioii term f.f nffii.n
to be effective at once: F. A. Shogren,
Kd L. Howe, Dr. David Robinson, J.
N. Mosier. W K f'hntvn. II M
Scearce, Dr. R. M. Ross, C. J. Little
page, and L. D. Firebaugh. Mosier
Mrs. Thompson Moves to Goldendale, "
Mrs. Genevia Thompson, of Hood
River, has arrived in Goldendale to
make her future home. She is the
mother of Mrs. Ellinore Watson, the
expert stenographer at C. W. Ramsey's
law oiliee. Uoldendale Independent.
In Our Men's
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ual values in
Men's and Boy's Suits
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Jack Rand, a pioneer of this county,
died yesterday morning at his home
on the old East Side grade from lock
jaw, which resulted from an (injury
received last week when Mr. Rand
stepped on a rusty nail while walking
near his home. Mr. Rand, who was
born at Ravenswood, West Va., Feb
ruary 11, 1S28, and moved to this state
in 1887, was one of the earliest home
steaders of this community. He tiled
on a claim on the shores of Lost Lake
before it was placed in tho National
Reserve. He moved to his country
home on the East Side, where his
death occuretl, in the year of 18!)0.
The deceased was married twice,
lie was married the second time on
March 10, 189'., to Mrs. John Rand, the
widow of his brother. In addition to
his wife he leaves surviving four sons,
children of her lirst marriage, Charles
Rand, of Minneapolis ; Andrew Rand, of
Cortelyou, Wash. ; Marvin Rand, of
The Dalles ; and Ed. Rand, sheriff of
Baker county of this state.
Funeral services will be held at 2:30
today by Rev. J. B. Parsons at the U.
B. church alter which the body will be
interred in Idlewild cemetery.
George S. McLaren, 31 years old,
one of the leading business men of
Seattle, died Wednesday night of
ptomaine poisoning caused by eating
Canned mushrooms at a dinner at Ta
coma Tuesday night. Mr. McLaren
was taken ill while returning to Seattle
from Tacoma and hurried to a hospital
as soon as he arrived there.
Mr. McLaren, who has made
frequent visits here with his mother,
Mrs. Harriett McLaren, and sisters,
Miss Mary McLaren and Mrs. Stanton
Allen, is well known to Hood River
people. lo whom the news of his death
came as a great shock. The deceased
leaves surviving a wife'and two sons.
A Puritan father of the old New
England days, living under the strict
"Blue Sunday" laws of the early per
iod, would undoubtedly have been
shocked could he have arisen from the
grave and appeared on the streets here
Sunday, when the gay crowds from
Camas and Vancouver, Wash., who
came here on the excursion boat, Kel
logg, mingled with the local residents
and listened to the baud concert of the
Lewis & Clark circus at noon. A cir
cus in Hood River on Sunday is rather
a novelty and the unusual band music
at the noon hour just as the morning
services of the churches were closing
createa a peculiar interest among the
Amusements for the day were plenti
ful. The wild west show gave an af
ternoon and evening performance and;
at 2:30 in the afternoon the Camas I
baseball team met the local aggrega-1
tion from the lower city. The game
resulted in a tie. Nine innings were I
played and the Camas boys iad to leave'
Knee pants lined all through
BathinSuits forthe Sea Bath
for the wharf to catch the homeward
hound boat. It is stated that the
Washington lails, who have met with
unusual success on the diamond this
season, are arranging for a series with
the local team.
Dr. and Mrs. Robertson, of Moscow,
Idaho, were the guests last week of
Prof, and Mrs. L. F. Henderson. Dr.
Robertson is at the head of the Civil
Engineering department of the Uni
versity of Idaho.
Edgar B. Piper, Jr., son of the man
aging editor of the Oregonian, arrived
in the city Tuesday and will spend two
weeks here with a surveying party of
the Pacific Power & Light Co.
J. U. Ridell, of The Dalles, was here
yesterday advertising the Twenty
First Annual fair of Hood River and
Wasco counties to be held at The
Dalles Octuoer 3 , 4, 5 and 6.
Mrs. Annette Ermstrum, after an
extended visit in California, arrived
Monday to spend several woeks with
friendsand relatives here.
State Labor Commissioner O. P.
Holf was here on business tho first of
the week.
M..H"l''H"M"H'i I"H"H-M 111111
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making Shop
t Room known as "The J
X Style Shop," on Oak St.
t Housekeeping rooms in .1
.. the rear. Inquire of
Heilbronner Building
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Hard Surfaced Linen Finish
Stationery on Sale For
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Mrs. Conrad, of Seattle, who was
here to attend the funeral of her
cousin, William Evinger, the fvoung
man, who was recently drowned in the
Columbia, has returned to her home.
A number of people from this city
attended the dance at Parkdale Satur
day night. The .music was furnished
by Vogel's orchestra.
Dr. Henry Dexter, of Portland, who
was here last winter, is visiting John
Goldsbury at the Little Red Cabin
Ranch in.the Upper Valley.
Mrs. Anna Mnuldeu, who has been
here visiting her brother, G. A.
Moulden, left Saturday for tier home
in Tacoma.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. R. Strother anil
two chidmi, of Nowata, Okla., are
here vistiing Mr. Strother's uncle, S.
E. Burtmess.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Winnell had as
their guests last week Mr. and Mrs.
Herman Lull, of Benton Harbor, Mich.
9 Fgie Henkle and"1 mother, of Port
land, Hie camping at the Bartniess
homestead in th Oak Grove district..
Rev. and Mrs. E. McComber were
entertained Friday evening by Mrs. F.
E. Jackson at her State street home.
Kent Shoemaker, who was formerly
with the Hood River Abstract Co., has
been appointed deputy county clerk.
After a visit with J.. E. Morse in
Morrow county, O. L. Morse and sou
returned home Sunday.
Albret L. ('rocker and Troop No. i
of the Hood River Boy Scouts are
camping at Lost Lake.
Mrs. 11. L. Muun, of Topeka, Kan
sas, is here visiting Mrs. J. R. Shel
ton. J. M. Cuibertson and family re
turned from Cannon Beach last Thurs
day. The family of Chan. N. Clarke is
spending the summer at Cannon Beach.
C. F. Gilbert was a business visitor
in Klickitat c maty Ian wiu-k.
Does the Framing