The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 10, 1911, Image 3

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Star OrcKard
The STAR is the Lightest, Strongest Orchard
Ladder on the market and the Price is the
Same as that asked for Inferior Ladders.
We Carry a Full Line of
Builders' Supplies, Stoves, Ranges, Wagons,
Agricultural Implements.
Blowers Hardware Co
Phone 99
Oak and 1st Sts.
Deflating that Horticultural Inspec
tor K. A. Huntley has failed to warn
the rancher in time to prevent damage
from the red npider. County Commis
sioner M. K. Olson, who is also ranch
er and president of the Yakima Valley
fruit Growera' association, is gending
out another warning to the valley urg
ing immediate action in all parts affec
ted by the pest, nay a dispatch to the
Spokane Spokesman-Review.
The simple remedy suggesed by In
spector lluntlev. namely, the use of
plenty of water, is nol aumcieni, accor
ding to Olson. A spray is needed. Ury
sulphur is found to be effective in some
cases, but a wet milxure uison nas
found more effcetive. Dr. J. S. Kloeb
er recommends the use of the Bordeaux
mixture, half strength. Olson calls
attention to a bulletin of the Califor
nia exneriment station, which has
been working on the red spider
lem for years, and recommends
the Yakima growers.
Ia tht Circuit Court of rhaal Kiver County. Or
un. Fred C. Huuiw and Hattw M. rUu. Flmtiit.v.
Afe-lt A. Stranahaa. Eila May wa. A B J. ,
Atbert K. Sttanahan. lutrt-an Si taii;han, V 1 !iei
Antlrwui, K.v AiwT"tn. May M..Ui-l.w, t I.-.I
M.itu-haw. t'linl.Ml M'.'ney. Iv-w M"iM.'y.
llHye M.mwtey, a nim.r. hlnx-r K. iH mv. l.Uiir
dtan of H'i, a minor. 1. II. M'uf
tam. Sr. S A. M.t u i-ti-i. J.-nas 1. t link.
Amur B. t'lma. Mary K Mnh.ll. Sah.i II
Cartiint. kathannr S. Ami-woith and h. W.
llaia. IVIeii.huit.
To Klla May A- R J"fe. K'hel Ar..len-n,
Hoy Ai..l. r-..n. Ma. H..lli,li.,.tr..l M ..Iti-liuw I
Hi' ataM:.-v. li..)- M...e-. a minor. II II.
M. UdtH.n. .r . and S. A Mil .llvta.ii. .1.1. ml- j
fenls. imnn-a.11 with tttr o' In r d.-f. mlunlft .
abutr ha:m.l. and eaeti ut lt nir I
In tm iivm.. ..f ti... IhI ..f Y.rti art 1
t-ampuell, iNohear.e j herrtiy ret-uin-.! U. aw-tar and an-wer lite cm- ;
HI 4 Ktultltf Neil II 1 plainl lile-l aam-t )..u. and -n. h of i. in llu.- '
. ' ' a..
it to
Nerve 5pecialist and Chiropractor
A Relief for All Diseases
Ferguson Building
Telephone 222
Valley Christian Church.
The I.oyal Sons were victorious Sat
urday by a score of 9 to 0. There
must have been something wrong with
the Live Wire's generator, for only
one Live Wire showed up. We are
afraid to Ray what we think of them
they could have us arrested. Tutting
it mild, however, they're a bunch of
pikers. The bantpiet that wer'e going
to get maybe may serve to appease
our wrath somewhat.
If you want to secure a good seat at
the forum now being held at the
church every Sunday evening. Come
early for the speakers face a crowded
hvuse every evening, rurmermore, u
you are at all timid don't come at all
for the singing lasi sutwuy rose in
such mighty volume as to shuke the
house. Prof. Kodwell spoke for over
an hour on his observations during his
sojourn in the Fhillipines. His talk
was prouaoiy me most, instructive
ever given in this church ; that is,
outside of the regular lecture courses.
Those who stayed away from the
concert last Wednesday night because
thoy .thought they could hear some
thing "just as good" at the forum
were not disappointed, nom with.
Armstrong's vocal solo and !Uoy Cor
nells cornet solo were received wun
a cataclysm of applause.
Hon. A. A. Jayne will address the
forum next Sunday on the subject or
the Ministry and the Gospel.
The teacher of the Live Wires wants
a lull attendance oi me ciass, next
Sunday morning. He is going to vary
the monotony somewhat and- hold the
session of the class at eleven o'clock
instead of at ten, the regular hour.
G. K. Wilbur, a lawyer of Hood Kiver,
will speak at the forum next bunuay
lxiyai sun.
People Should Support Home Industries.
Authorities on the manmulacture of
furniture assert' that Grand Kapids
alone sends $5,000,0(10 worth ot lurni-
ture to the i'acitie Coast every year,
and yet we have in Oregon a number
of factories which are manufacturing
fumiture.of the highest grade at prices
that Zare" as low, or lower, than those
demanded by the Grand Rupids manu
facturers. Oregon has many naro
An.,,ni7 those who have enjoyed the
hospitality of Cloud Cap Inn the past
wwii uifrt the following:
Mrs. Henry M. Kales, Clark K.
Fales, Mrs. C. C. McCornack. Van-
couver, Wash., flirts. oeorc --.-rii-r.
Jr., Miss S. II. Uiwrtnce, n.. i.
Strong, G. F. Mackenzie, Lloyd O.
Mayer," b. A. Thaxter, J. K. Mackie,
Mrs. Chas. A. Gra, Mrs. David Lor-
..... i. -., Uicd I I!
me. William n. run, -
King, M. A.
L' k. IJ. 1 1 . . r.
rroillll wuiiun, ra. -' " .. '. Can uilllr.l.iin.nii..Uuil .... ,.r lad.irp Itn"
Troost. 1. C. Butt, rorllanil, tjre., , lat dMJ , sl wu , ,,,..,,. f
Mis Kvrtha K. Watson, icw I urk, , it,Pi,r-i i,ui.ikn.i ..( ini mmi as ii. -m
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Cook. A. W.
Cook Jr.. Cooksburg. Fa. ; Mabel ,Y.
Pierce, Riverside. Cal. ; Mr. an.) Mrs.
Coffman, Chehalis, Wash., Miss KnoU
Oakley, Seattle, Wash.; Miss Rat-had
Reed, Kstacada, Ore.. Homer A.
Rogers. W. H. Orr, A. T. Allen,
Wyeth Allen, G. C. Hoggins, w m. A.
Cass, Roger W. Moe, John H. Ct.pp.-r.
Chas. D. Msh, Mrs. .nas. u. t imi.
Alice G. Fish.
Grace Mabel, daughter of C. H. and
S. K. Scott, was born February lllh,
18SU, in Lincoln county, Wash. She
died July 30th, 191L tier life was sur
rendered to Christ in the act of Christ
ian hautUm. while residing at Ci-iitral-
ia. Wash , when 11 years old. She
first united with the Baptits Church,
but later placed her membership with
the Christian church at White Salmon.
About a year ago she came with her
fa'milv to Bingen, Wash., where she re
sided until the time of her fatal ill
ness. She leaves her mother, one
brother and two sisters to nu.urn her
"Where thou art gone?
Adieus and farewells are sounds un
known. May we but meet thee on that peace
ful shore.
The parting sound shall pass our lips
no more."
After a short service in the Metho
dist church the body was laid to rest
in the White alinon burying ground
Card of Thanks.
Mrs. S. E. Scott and family desire to
express sincerest thanks to their many
friends for their kindly services ren
dered durintr the sickness and death of
their daughter and sister, Grace.
-tin ') '
ou oei
r wnen you gci s
J with the name
after KtaiM. if VfU fail fci-p; mi 1
ianr, frr wuol lhrf .Hi.titT will Hi'Wy t j
this rourl f.r tht r-lt-f tl rtmiult-, m
OKTipUliit. hittl will lukt J')ttKt'i-'H ils-r- i J
( thin NMirt in tluit iint , in-t u. ui.J (
! yHi. for th n forrnattttii uf ihrw rrrtjain iltt1 uf
cnveyaii" oi.l I ut in H roni uhk'U- rham f
title, hy amendniir mi corrt-clniK on eniitais I
deHi'ritun f irtiui nmtanutl in uni itnwuiitf
down through all f mhI thai th- aitu
j will ciforn U the real and tt ue tistt hi f t lie
iir(ieK wiereio, ailtl xixv kH1 uw i umu'h ih h-iii
read at fnlluwit:
BtvininiiK at a int on th quarier svtnm line
ruMiiinn north aitd muiIi (hnn.vrli rct khi tint t v-
five (;iM til ttitishlp three lint til, riive tenl li't
el of Wiltantelte M.'i hi.itn. tT v and ninet -I
utie-lmtnlreiths (Ti C't Iihim noith if t lie i) ui.t U r
ae'hon eitrtier mi the wtulh tnnuiii v line of !:ml
neethin thirt-liv i;i'; then- rutttimtr sith.
n tw east, eve?iand nevent v-tiveme-liuiidiinit hi
i. ':' chmtiK; thenee riinnmtt imrth. iatulU-l It
said ijuarler wi-tMin line, nix mid Intt live one-
HtitroItliH i 4.(1 hams: tlieiH1 t iumnK ninth,
i ttfi WeHt. seen and m eiit y -In e one hllhd-
reilihH (7.7M t hHins, to snid mini ter se lion line:
and runniiiir thenee tumU nUmtt nl ni'lttter-WM"-twin
line, mix and forty-live one-huiidietKhs 1
chain!. In the phiee of liet'inntinr.
Said deli- to sought to U reform! are lri-tl
BcrilNtl at. follow:
One deed fiinn 4. 1 Sti rtnidian and Ad. Iia A.
Straitahatt, litisland and wife, to 1) II. Mtt'uiH
tton. Sr., duteil July I'M h. Meil f..r lecuni
with the (Vuiity 1 lerk of t ounty, Oreenn.
on August 7th. Ii"tl. mid rvortiet ly h.m in lei
Ket-ord IW .'t2. on imt'e LMl, and utterwunts trttns
enhed to iI.wr. Kiver I'unty. tlreoll, where the
Hame mw appears iif itn-oitl on iafe 117 of 1 !
Keeord I '
Onedeetl from D. II. Me( instiiMi, Sr., and S. A.
Mrt'uiition. hultand and wife, tu Joitaw T. 'hnk.
lated thtler l.til. I'.HNi. ile for record with Ihu
untv t'lei k of V asM I ount v, dr-voti, on t
lier'itith. I'.it'i. and by him record . in 1 ! Kiv
onln No. 4'J. n pare :.:!4. and afterwards tran
crdied to IIihnI Kit County, (niton. here the
name now appear of reeoi-U on payes litli-Kof
CiitH ami bruiflea may lo lualtkt In
hI.oiiI one-tliirtl the time reiuirMi by
the usual treatment by HvlymK ("ham-
berlain's Liiunient. It ih an Hiiii.Mdic
and eaunes aueh Injuries to heal without
maturation. Ihw nmmeni aitt re
Iiva HoreneHfi of the muscles ami rheu
matic paias. For sale by all ileahrs.
Fx i I KruilH (rout tne propny nue iy me mim
wouilR capable of being made into good TniefirHid dUtnnce u the width of h itet
Notice of Improvement of Streets.
Notice h hereby Klven puraiiHitt U Ordi
nance No. 817, paHHfd ttieumiirumi tmtiieH oi
ihei .lv of Htaid River, on the 17th dny oi
.1 ti I v . 1911. and annioved by the Mayor on
th'l7lh day of July, lttli, providliut for tht
linnroveincnt of the somu aiue oi nia; rireei
fnun a noint lfU feet phhI ot I tin Knat line ot
Mtxlh Htreet U the Weal Hue of Hewmd strmH,
eieeut in front ofthe east halfot Ud K. hip
Utta 4. H and J, UimkI River proper, pennlta
fur whleh have been Inaued, that bida will be
rtaeMW-ed i.v ih iniderHltfiied 1 1 1 V Keitrder al
lila olltce in the Hetlbronner litilldniK iu Kaid
i iiv mi ui Wo'cl.M'k. noon. on the IHth day ot
AnKiiHl, lyil, for the Imprtivenu-nt of Maid
Ktrtel by gradlii dowu to I lie estublinhrd
rudH (mm ine uroueny iiue iu mr num
Opposite Postofftce
Electrical Contractors
Bartmess Bid?. BAILEY & COLBY Phone 60-x
Kstimates rhcorfully furnished
High Grade Electrical Fixtures
Up-to-date Line of Glassware
Westingliouse Electric Motors
lleatitig Apparatus, Etc., Etc.
Full Line of Elect ric Wiring Supplies
furniture and Portlunil has a hardwood
mill which ia dressing Siberian oak,
Fiji mahogany and other woods which
are being manuiaciurea oy uregon
furniture factories into furniture of
the highest grade. If the people of
this State would insist on having
'Made in Oregon" furniture this one
industry would keep hundreds ol
thousands of dollars within the State
which now goes to Eastern furniture
manufacturers every year. This is
just one example of what the "Made
in Oregon movement win uo ior una
State, and there are many others.
New Station Soon Ready for Occupancy.
The contractors have finished the
constrcution of the new O-.W. R. & N.
passenger station and carpenter!?, up
holsterers and plasterers are now
busily engaged working on the inter
ior. When completed the new station
will be one of the most conveniently
arranged and Jmost handsome of the
stations along the Harriman line.
Every comfort is provided in the wait
ing and rest rooms ior ine traveler.
The men are provided with a lounging
room where they may retire to smoke.
And ladies may withdraw from the
public waiting room to a rest room,
where easy chi irs offer the best of
The handsome new structure will be
completed by September 1, when the
railroad company plans to tnrow u
open to the public. The concrete plat
form, although no larger man ine oiu
wooden walk, will be much more con
venient. The track will be moved
close enough to it for passengers to
alight from and board trains with
Dee Watchman is Found.
Missing from the mills of the Ore
con Lumber Company at Dee. Or., and
supposed to have been the victim of
foul play as he had money on his pre
son when last seen, E. II. Smith, night
watchman, aged GO years, was found
in Portland Friday night at the home
of a friend, E. M. Uallard, at 753
Ankony street.
Smith had bean ill several days
preceding his disappearance and the
night he left, his condition became
worse. He worked the night of July
2(i, ate breakfast at the mill, but as
soon as possible left for this city with
a friend, with whom he afterwards
went to Portland.
or seii-
Vs nn tlif- :n1r. That's our reason fo
Vi Wt .WW'-'w-
X ing them; we know that every pair
V we sell is giving our customer
X full value for the money;
Selz vthc biBScst vaIuc Pos"
Roval n. sible. Look for this
Mm. sLrfc CNAv mark.
These Guaranteed Shoes are
clusively by
Make the most of your week-end trips with a
Treasure for all time the happiness of today.
Kodaks, Brownies and everything for picture
Carl A. Plath,DRUGGlsT
"The Rexall Store"
mi.l Hih luy Inn of -uif nt mlf wakks Nil fwl
tn whltti a. illHlMiif-e u' wu !ti uitiii uif ihii-
. ny line upon mill Kmde HhIiI work hIihII lie
IH In HfpBriitewmtrHcla.Bml ahull be miuireit
! Imi completed lu (laya Imni I lie dale ol
awarding Hum comraci.
hkI.1 1. 1. U will be owned l)V the Street Cum
imlleeiiH (uhui a praollCHhle alter Inetlme
nd fur retwivliia- Mils, anid the Heverul bids,
i.ihi her with the nummary thereof, will he
reuirled Ui the t'oiumon ( .illli. ll al ItH tieit
fibular lueetliiK Iherealter, u-wlt, on the 2lnl
dav of Auu., 1HI1, at thM'lly Hall, In "aid elly,
at which llmeBftld blda will be conaldered.
Notice la further given that uny liilereMied
party may tile his obeenn In the lettlim ol
na Id contract within the time specified lor
receiving blda, and that the ame will he
IraiiKMiilled U) the Oily t'oum-ll alontllh
nalil blda Tor Iheirconaideiatlon at wild mecl
Iiik. The lieraou, firm or corixiratloii to
Whom the n tract la let will be required
to enter Into an turreeiueiil. to the ell'rxrt that
cald coutraclor Mlmll liaik alone for payment,
for material aud work to Midi particular por
tion of the fund to be aaMcwted upon the prop
erly liable to pay for audi Improvement and
paid Into the City Treasury for that pin poae,
uh shall be assessed lu I lie properly lu trout ol
of which and to the charne of which a partic
ular part ol the Improvement U) be done by
the (Uiciwaaful bidder Ih lo lie made and col
lected and paid Into the t.'iiy i reaaury, ami
audi contractor shall In uo event require the
City of Hood Kiver or any of Ita otllceraor
aKenlaUipay the Name, except out of Much
particular portion of (tald funda an uaaeNaed
or collected Into the Ciiy Treasury, and lor
audi porl Ion ol said Improvement, nor week
to enforce payment of the nine or any part
thereol aitaiuat the City of H.aid Klver or any
of Ita oltieera by any lenal proeeNH or 'iner
wliw. except out of audi particular luud.
All bids must stale price lor grading- said
sidewalk to grade, and price lor construct
ing said sidewalk, which work shall be done
la the manner and form provided for lu Uen
eral Improvement Ordinance No. 1M of the
t'ltyoi Hood Kiver No bids will be received
which seeiry more than one price ou
said work chargeable to one bliak
In length. A bond lor I he faithful ier
forinauce of the contract loan amount equal
to Si per cent, of the estimated contract price
will be required of Ihe successful bidder, the
Council reserving the right to reject any and
all blda. . .
Dated aud first published August S, l'.h.l.
II. 11. I.ANtill.l.K,
City Kecorder.
Notice of SherilTs Sale of Real Property.
Notice Ih herehy given that I. Thorn an K.
Jol.uwm.HI.erltt oflitMKi Kiver ('ounty. re.
irao, uuntuaul to tt writ of exei'Utlon liereUt
ftire .Mined out or the Circuit Court of the
Mti.tAnf(irMnn. for Hood Kiver CouiHV, In
theAUMeol Adeli A. Hiranulmn, plaintiir,
v- h M. Martin and I. .M. Martin, defend.
hiilh. and lew heretofore made In reference
iLurum will am HHid Mtierift. Hell at auction,
lot tHJ tn block 1, of Htrunalian's Hecond Ao.
(i it if in t id I'ltv nf HchkI Kiver. Oreieou, at
iiifiviiuk tv in., ou AtiKUHt IH, Ml, at the
l')urt Houtjedoor, tn the I'lty of Hood River,
County ol Hood Kiver. and rttate ol Oregon.
jau17 Hherlir.
Ih'iHi Kcorl ' K
One ritHHt fnm J mi tin T. ( link urn! An mo It.
Clink. huslHiul and wife, to Kred C ILmM-aiul
HmKM'M. House, huftlHitui atid uift-. Ihhi(iI1s in
thiH mill, da tint March iiUh. lilml for record
With the County Clik of Wasco i otintv, Orcyroii.
on Mnieli 'MM. ItttW, ami h him nvordml in ltnt
Record No. 4.', im ve JV'V;, aiul ntierwanls tnoi;- j
rrdied to Honl Kter County, On-yon, where the I
name nitw ttppeain of re-orl on paKes ;iti7-f ut (
lAnnt Hecord M. i
On rnnh default of .iM:irncp and answer, t
ptamtirTrt will alfi lake judgment and iteciw .
HKauiHt vou, and each iu you, ihut inte m ue-
fendanta pntpe-i !y chuiveulde tii thai duty le dl- (
rectini and re)Uirel to inuhe, esm-ntf Hint deliver
new deeds of the form and suhsiam-e of the Kind
uriiriMuU. convey iiitr Kaid land ut-cordini? to tuti-li
retormed dcMi-t it ion, within a delimit iy tiatntni j
time to he tixtnl hy the Court, after the entry of i
auch decree; and in the event tliut you or either I
of you fail. neK.ect or refuse ho to do within the !
time ho fixed lv Hum ( ouii, linn trie jutininciu j
and decree f thin Court huil stamt aM such con
veyance, and you and each of you Mhall he wholly
exclude! from any interest in and to wiid land; J
plauitiirs further pray that the aiove ruum-d de- i
tendantM. Mary l. Mu-h.-ll. hidney n v a r nine, j
Kalhernie , Ainsworin ami r.. w. imi K, 11 i-e-
quired to net fori h the nature of their claim in
and to Maid hind, if any. adverse to these plain-
tuTs, that the Court may decree that neither of
Maid defendants has any estate or interest what
ever in and to Maui land as local ml hy and accord -
iiiaT to such ref irmed desenpt urn, that their said
Uhjliat claims le forever tiuieted, that the title of
lilathtilTn to satd land l declare) vihmI and vatni,
and that said defendant tie forever enjoined and
delun red from assert iiur any ctuun whatever tti
said land advenw to therie plainliils; and plain- i
titf will take mich other am! further eiuiiahle
relief as in the judgment of the Ctiurt these
plamtilfR nmy have hhown lliemselves entitled,
toKetherwith the ciwla ami tlisbuim-incnt.s of this
You and each of you are herehy nerved hy pnl
licatiim of this Kununona !v virlue of an order of
the llonorahle detuve I'. CuIIhm-1su, County
Judfe of Hood Kiver County. Oreytin. duly made,
grunted and dated on this 1st d:iy of Aumint, lull,
for the service of this summons upon you and
each of you hy publication thereof ami in uccoid
ance therewith; and which order prescnU-d that
you and each of you shall appear and niiriwer the
complaint on or ln-fore the last dav of aix consec
utive weeks fnun the date of the liist puhlicalion
of thin mimmtms. and the :trd day of August, I'.M I,
aa the date of the first publication of this (tuni
tnoiia. and vou and each of you are hereby fur
ther notified that said date in and w ill be IheliiMt
publication of thia Buinmons.
GKOlttiK K. Wll.lM'll,
H.Kid Kiver. Oreuoii,
a3-sU Attorney for riumtillVi.
Phone 283 L
On Heights
New Parkdale Hotel
A Modern Hostelry in the Heart
of the Upper Valley, in the
Shadow of Mt. Hood
Rooms 50 Cents and $1.00
. Meals 35 Cents. Rates by the Week
J. M. Clark, Prop., parkdale
:To Our Country Patrons
We now operate a country delivery service
without extra charge.
We carry a full line of Staple and Fancy Gro
ceries. Flour. Feed and an kinds of Fruits
and Vegetables in season,
promptly filled and delivered.
Phone 78
City orders
Real Estate Transfers.
Lint of real estate transfers made in
Hood Kiver County, during the week
ending August 5, 1911, as reported by
the Hood Kiver Abstract Co.
I,nf,.l llr,.U.H fi, t, Alov
r.Mlrim 90 nrropa in llnntr VhIIpv for the sum iH linmi lima,,, wun
Gedrirn, A) acrees in upper vallty. inlf!tv,t u,rjn at me mi of ir twut i-r
(V'litnal Orchard Co. to W. J. Cower I ..,...,, . tiie nrai day of Orioiwr, mtr.
Notice of Sheriffs Sale.
Notice la hereby glveu that an execution
and order of Rule wa laaued out of the Clieuil
t'uurtot the mule urtirevuii, for the llotmly
of Hood rtlver, on the flrat day of AUKiial
iuii n,w, . oirtvmeiit uierein reuaerea in
Ihe nrl aay oi AtiKiiai, .
tlff, National Credit Ahs.'IhIIoii, and BKalnat
the defendant, J. K. M inkier; which aaid ex
ecution and order of aale la to ine directed
,i ,,, ulii. v me to sell Ihe prniwrly
herelnafler deacrioeu ior ine intw ui
lafvinu theludmuvntor plaliitill in aald cause
fortheauin iH Uneen lNllara (llfi.ou)
20 acres in Upper Valley.
Hood Kiver Development Co. to Kay
Wood Sinclair, lot in Kiverview Park.
W. A. ScharTner to A. F. Adams,
undivided 1 of lots 8, 9, blk 1, Blowers
E. C. Mahaney to Ralph R. Gill, 15
acres near Odell.
Hardinger & Baker to Harry Col
burn. 10.4 acres south of town.
Ida U. Soule to Naomi N. CantielJ,
Iota 1 and 2, block 3 Waucoma Park.
William A. (Vimbs to Frank Mene
fee, 10 acres in Upper Valley.
Aroused of Stealing.
E. E. Clianlerlain, of Clinten, Me.,
boldly accused Bucklen's Arnica Salve
of stealing the sting from burns or
scaliUofany kinds the distress from
loilfl or eiles. "It robs cuts, corns,
brnises, sprains and injuries of their
terror," he says, "as a healing remedy
its equal don't exist''" Only Bit', at
Chas. N. Clarke.
Rubtier Stamps at the Glacier office.
a1 Hie further auiu of HIS coata; and the
further huiii of i:MM: and the further aum o!
tU DO: and the further auiu of IU.( atUirney
feea, and the coata Incurred upon aald writ of
Thereiore, In comillnce with aald execu
tion aud order ot aale 1 will on the VI li day of
Mepleuioer, lull, at the hour of 10 o'clock a
in , at the Court Houae dir In Hood Klver
County, Oregon, sell al puhile auction, to Ihe
hla-urat bidder forcaah In hand for tha pur
pone of fatlafylng Ihe Judgment above named,
the following deacribed real prorty, lo-wit:
UH Four (4) and the Houlhwwl of the
North weal of Heel Ion Four (I) Towuahlp
One 1) Norih, Kauge Kleven (111 K. W. M.,
all lu Hood Kiver Oiuuly, state of Oregon.
Dated thia iUtb day of Augnat. M.
alia.7 TilcM. f. JOHNSON.
Hherlffof Hood Kiver County, Oregon.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice la hereby given that the under
Igued haa been appointed adnilnlatratrix of
the eataleol Warren We! la. deceaaed, hy the
County Court of Hood Kiver County, Oregon.
All peraona having clalma agaluat the eatale
ahould preaeot them ui me al Hood Kiver,
Oregon, at tneomneoi . j. "j, .
Klrat Nalloual Bank liiilldlng, properly veri
fied, within alx tuontha from the date ol thin
Paled and Brat published Auguat 10. lull.
MAh i WKL.I.H,
10a7 AJmlQlatralrlx.
Applh'Diioii No. 5.
Registration ot Land Title.
In the Circuit Court of Ihe stale of On1on
lor I lie Count v of II ooil ltier.
In Ihe nuillcr of the npi'llcalinii of Tome,
ahlchi Aklyitinii to register I lie line to the
lollowlUK liiwcrllied real eatille, lihwlt:
Ki-gliiniiiK al llieKK corner ol'llie SK quar
ter aectlon of Hwllou IN, In Township North
Kaniieltl K.aMt of the W lllinnettc Merldliitl.
wlllell lathe inleraecllng corner of Seel Ion I,-,
IN ID and, ruiiulns Uieliee west iiiiiI piirnl.
lei with Hie aei'tion line ml roils nml ITi.H liakx
lo a point on Ine Keel Ion line; lln nec north
and parallel Willi Iheaecllun inda In a
IMilnl; thence cunt i.l nala lf :i IIiiUb to a point;
I hence north anil parallel wllh the Keition
Hne27roil lo a Hilnl; thenee east ill roda to a
lni on (lie Beet inn line between Hecliona IN
and IN, thenee Hon lb Hil roda to Hie place of
hevtuulng III lowilNliip z mono, iviiiiki' m
Kast uf the W 1 1 In luetic Meridian, In IIihhI
Klver County, male of Oregon, vcraiia Ana
Ix'aiuing. a alngle nian: I hut lea A. i,eauiiug
and aa'llh U-iiining, lil wile; n. II. IMioiug
and Annie learning, hia wile; Myrtle Ruin
ing Conway and !. c. Conway, tier uiisnauir,
Jmnea A. McDonald and Mamie Mellonald,
hla wilt, and loall whom It may concern, Ue-fendHiita:
lake notice thai on ihe I hi day oi renruary.
A.I) I'UI, an application wmh tiled hy llie
aald luiiiehlililii Aklynina In l lie circuit
Court of IDhmI Klver County lor the S'aie of
Oregon for Inlllal regiairnliou of I lie Idle ol
the land nhove described, and
Now unleaa you appear on or iietore liiezitu
dayofAuguHt, mil, mid allow cane why
auch applleat lull ahull nol he granted, I lie
aamewtll lie iiiaen as conieHKcu nun a ue-
creee w ill be entered according lo the prayer
of the application and you will ne lorever
barred from oiMpuiing ine aame.
W. r,. ll Am tn,
W. J. MAKKI.l M, Cleik.
Attorney for Applicant. J!,u.i
The Diillea, Oregon, July Alb, lull.
Notice la herehy given dial lilchard N. Hrenl
of llee. Oregon, who on December I il ll . 1!"IK,
made llome-leail entry, No tr.vtn tor r-r.v.
SW'i.and W',Hr.'4. Hi c. H and NVt4 MV,
MtH'lloll 17, ToWnahlp I Nul l ll, Kllllge III Klist
Willamette Meridian, haa hied mil ire ul in
tenllon l,i nilike Kllial ,'oniinulallon I'rool to
eatahliah cliilin lo the land aliove deHi rlhed
before K. A. IIInIiO'i. C H. Commissioner, III
hla oftiee. al IIikmI Klver. Oieaon, on Ihe dh
day of SeptciiilHT, hil I.
Claimant names a wltnessca: Albert Hehil
ler. Jainea (I. Kairfowl, It. A. Collins, Cbai lea
(1. KolH ila, all of Dee. Oregon.
a.'l-a:il C. W. MooltK, Iteglaler.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale.
In Ihe Circuit Court of the Htule of Oregon
for Mullnolnah I omit V.
Charles W. Minuii'li, plaintlll, va. J. K. Key-
nolda, de'endnhl..
I.v virtue of an exM iiliou. ludginent, order
decree aud order of aale issued out of I lie
above entitled Court in the above entitled
cuuae. lo ine directed and naieil ine nil n uny
uf June, mil, upon a Jiidguient and deen-e
remlrred and entered iu the whiiI I ouil on the
Villi ila of Kehrunry, ll, In luvor ol i Inn li s
W. Minnich, In i il 1 1 II . and agalli'-l J. K.
Keynolds, Ihe ih lendaiil, for I ne recovery
from aud againsl the mid J. HI. Keynohla tiie
Mum ol IKMI llll. Willi Interest- nl the rale of I)
ler cent per annum Ironi Ihe Nth dav ol
March, mm, and Ihe furlher mm of f II '.ti
coata and disbuiseuunla, an t the ts of
and upon thia writ, c uiiui ling ine lo make
sale of the billowing real 'Iik iIv. lo.w it:
Allot Ulla Z'lBlld at, lllia k ll, IdlewUil 1
dlilon to Hiaid Kiver, Oregon, haether w ith
all and every Improvemenl llieieon, or mi
iioleh Iherei f aa may be aullieletit lo raise
the am it due to planum, lor the principal
and Hilereai, and costsol anil, and expenses
of aale.
Sow therefore, by virtue of said execution.
Judgment, order, deen-e and order of sale aud
in compliance with I lit- cnuimanits of said
wrll I will on Friday, the Hili day of Septem
ber. 1'Jll. at 11 ncloek a. in., at the front ihsir
of the County Court House, In lliaul Klvei,
Hood Klver County, Oregon, aril al public
auction (subject lo redemption i 'o the highest
bidder for cash In baud, all the rlglit, title
and InureHl which Die Within named de.
fendaul had ou Die Huh day of Juue, mil, lo I
Ratialy aaul execullou, Judgment, order ami
decree, interest, costs and accruing insts.
Dated Hint lat day of August, mi I.
Hherllt of HKd Klver County, Oegou.
First Ume Aug. ;i, mil.
Lal Uaue Au. 31, 1 Jl 1.
Kinnaird & Kinsey
The Middle Valley Mill
Is now in operation and ready to fill orders for
Three and One-half Miles South of Odell
Mt. Hood Milling Company
..Livery, Feed and Draying..
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Hjieciul ftttontioii given to moving Inriiitnre n
We do evi'rything horsns can do.
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Humes ltenairt'd & Made
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Wagon Covers, Water Bags, Etc.
Davenport Harness Co.
Funeral Director and Em
EataMlihed 18 Yeara