The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 10, 1911, Image 10

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Dues your watch vary ten eeiomls in
mi twentv-fuur hours? Does it vary
. h.rtu ,--,.nila in a week, whether in
hot or cold weather or if held upule
.limn fir itht-r unuMial nositonb? 1 he
t the uniiloves of the
Southern Pacific Company mut show
ii. h a record as the ahove. At any
...... thui ihxv mhv t.o' such varia
tloim they muit he reflated. Lut
this rt'K"latio ' "'v l'art 1
tests that are made t,t the time pieces
i,f the Southorn Pacific employes
l-.,... lav., who in anv way
comes in contact with the operation of
trau.s on the Southern racinc, oe nc
the superintendent, signal inun or 8ec
tioo foreman, is required to own a
watch, so adjusted as Jnot to exceed a
variation of ten seconds in any twen
ty-four hours. lhe examination 01
each man's watrh include the subject
ing of the instrument to a pevere text
of temperature and the placing of the
watch in si vend different pobitions in
an endeavor to discover the variation.
To bo retained in service a watch must
not show a variation of nioie than a"i
seconds per week. All cmployes-the
term employes including olhcials -are
required to have their time pieces in
spected at least four times a year.
The watches must be compared with
. .......lyta bit, I t h
a reifuiuior every ivo t" r, - -
watch lond by the jeweler during
repairs niunt be equully as good as me
.Fi lii'inir renuired.
The employes of the Soutl.ern l'ucific
Company have taken an active inter
est in the "time service" work as is
manifested in the report of the watch
inspection for the hrt charter of the
present year. Within the jurisdiction
of K. K. Calvin, vice president and
win-mi niiinaifcr. i2S. watches are
Urlv insnei-ted. During the first
iiimi-i.-r of 1111 fifi:i2 watches were
compared with standard regulators and
Hi.. uKiiKml aversL'e of the time kept
hv these wati'hes shows a record of
imarlv nerfect it me. The superintend
ents of the company subject the men
to Jdiscipline if their watches are not
ciiimiured and subjected regularly and
the Rvstein of watch inspection on the
Southern Pacific is almost perfect.
Trains meet trains exactly upon the
second at sidings, and arrivals and de
partures are much more perfect than
in former years as is demonstrated by
the recent report of tne general Huper-
iiiteiident of the northern district to
the effect that for the week ending
June ID, 191 1, out of 41(5 suburban
trains arriving at the Oakland ,pier
and 'Alameda mole of the company,
nnlv two failed to connect with the
ferry bouts.
i - i p 1 I ....,11.1 1 t am-
Huooara lay.or ou j"- (
terday for tn outmg et Columbia j
Beach. j
r. P Christie and wife spent.
. H t River Countv Thursday nd Friday in Portland. I
Claims against Hood R'ver County ' ... . ,:,. R,w imbier!
I II" unit i., J ;
recently purchased from Geo. r . .
Christie, the Corner Grocery store,
has exchanged his W hite Salmon prop-,
erty to H. P. Allen lor the Tom Chap
man residence just east of the High
School building. j
There was quite a scare Monday
afternoon when two small boys started
a fire in the woods just west ofji'hir-1
teenth street. No damage was done.
I Tim fir Ik-vs responded to Mhe bell
and were on hand with their buckets
and soon had it put out.
L. E. Taft has been entertaining his
cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crapp,
of Green Bay. Wisconsin. They went
from here to The Dalles, where Mrs.
Crapp has relatives. They were much
pleased with the west, tins ueing men
first trip.
Quite a party of the hill men went
to Viento two days last week on a fish
ing trip. They report a good time and
lots of fish.
Florence Carson was the happy
winner of the piano at Wood's Grocery
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Haker made a
trip to Dee Sunduy to visit friends.
Several parties went to i'arkuale
Sunday for an outing.
L. E. Taftjand son, Charles, Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Crapp, Mr. and Mrs.
George Steinhoff, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Taft. Mrs. J. II. Gill, and son, Charles,
made a trip to the Punch Howl Sun
day. The regular meeting of the W. C.
T. U. met with Mrs. H. M. Wood.
The Union meetinsr at the Christian
..hiir.h ihvI Sunilav evening will be
under the auspices of the Women's
Christian Temoerance Union. Kev,
Mr. Parsons and Kev. Mr. McComber
will sneak on Temperance. There will
h a Hiiecial musical program. Every
one come who is interested in Temper
ance and those who are not we will
help you to become so.
ulluwed bv the County Court at me
Auguxt, 1111. session.
M Let RingHley, surveiyiiK.
Mt. Howl K. K.. switching oil, $5.
M. Shere, auto hire,$15.
I,. W.Tomlinaon. HA Sup,'. f210.54.
Ihos. Lacey, do. $170. ,
Warren Mliller. do, $140.
F .W. Angus, rebate on taexs, $.MU
J H. Fredricy, ticket for indg., '.
Mrs. J. D. Khoades, prisoners
meals, $12.
Journal Pub. Co.. for adv. , $1. JO.
C. B. Jenson, Kd Supv., $175.
B. F. Fadleman, do, $U1.25.
Thud Glazier, do. $100.
Roy I). Smith.Jlo, $1K2.50
W. W. Williams, bal sal rd eng., $i.
II una I itiP kd Suov.. $1K9.40.
Blowers Hdw. Co., sup rd, $19.1.
Cottage Hospital care of indg, U.
G. K. Castner, sal fruit insp., $02.-0.
Clurk liil If S5.20.
Davenport Harness Co., leather, $2. 5
Glass & Prudhomme, off. sup., $ri.&0.
W. S. Gribble, rd supplies, $187.10.
Mrs. W. E. Hanson, services Clk s
off, $x
Fred Howe, auto hire, b.:j.
Home Tel Co., phone rent, $4.r.
I.. H. Huggins, sup for indg., .r.
Howell Bros., blksmth work, $10.fi0.
J. F. Hendrick, sup for indg., burial
of pauper, $29.
Keir & Cass, druits indg., $1.75.
.1 Wl Morti.n. wit fees. $2.(0.
Pac. Tel. Tel. Co., long dist, $3.05.
Mt. Hood Milling Co., Imbr rds. 3.1b.
I). McDonald, sup roads, $:is4.H0.
Midget Best., meals prisonrs, $2.25.
S. G. Oxborrow, jury fees, $'..80.
Ore. Lumber Co., Imbr rds, $l.'.Ci.
Geo. 1. Slccom, off sup, $.U5.
Frank Sherrieb, jury fees, $12.50.
State of Oregon, Code and l'Jll
Session Laws, f 1:1.45.
Geo. M. Wishart, sal dep assessor,
B.'F. Young,Jdo, $24.
Snow & Upson, blksmth work, $11.18.
MurravlKay. survey new r-l, $28.
W. L. Clark, view new road, $5.
T. A .Keavis, do, $5.
H. K. News ptg and off sup, $2.M.
J M. Schmeltzer, advanced for
labor rds, $2,X74.15.
Thop. F. Johnson, ostage. $fi.
W. E. Hanson, postage, exp, $".30.
W. W. Williams, superv eng.. $125.
M. Lee Kingsey, inspect rds, $(I0.2..
W. G. Aldred Co., bldg macadam,
Seaton Construction Co., do, $1231. H9
P. M. Morse, surveynig, $5.
II. A. Moore, rent horse, $31.25.
W. W. Williams, advanced livery, $5.
A. O. Hershey, drayage, $1.
Seaton Construction Co., repairs acct
crusher and roller, $129.77.
Shaw & Bronson, care indg., $H.2-.
J. M. Culbertson, premium William s
The fruit growing interests of west
ern New York suffered a severe blow
last week, when a terrific gule blew
thousands of barrels of npphs ami
pears to the ground, duing- damage
that will run fur into the thousands of
dollars. Jt was one of the worst wind
storms for this season of the year in
the history of orchardists, the velocity
ranging 50 or 70 miles along the lake
whore of the fruit belt, where the wind
hud a clean sweep, pays the Produce
News. The wind was not a steady
one. and its sudden, sharp gust blew
the fruit down like hail from the sky.
Many trees of early apples and pears
.were entirely stripped, while late
apple and pear trees were practically
denuded of their fruit. The ground
was laterally covered with apples
ranging in Bize from one to three
inches in diameter.
Wind and rain caused trouble in the
irrune belt last week, particularly
Monday and Tuesday. The wind blew
a irle Monday, tearing down many
vines, now heavily loaded with leaves
and fruit. In consequence, it was re
ported that in some vineyards where
good work was not done in tying 111
the spiiim fully one-iiuurter of the
vines are lilown off the top wires. This
will meuu considerable loss to the
growers, not so much in fruit as in
the labor required to re-tie at this
1 I
watch, $24.
Geo. D. Culbertson, stamp, K. n.
fare, etc., 4$.
J. Wickham, postage, $40.
G. A. MeCurdy, commissioner, $31.
(). II. Khoades, do, $34.
Howell Bros., sup, work rds, $3.35.
Hood Kiver Glacier, printing court
proceedings, $5.
M. F. Shaw, health officer, $;0.12.
With fucc-i tunned and muscles hard
ened by their long cross country and
mountain Jiike about twenty of the
members of the Mountaineers of Seat
tle passed through this city last Satur
day morning bound for the ascent of
Mount Hood. The remainder of the 07
enthusiastic vacationists ended lheir
lona hike, which beiran near Seattle
July 15. at Cooks. Wash., last Friday
From this point they took a North
Bunk train and returned to thier homes
via Portland. Considering the number
in the party, und thot half of them
were women, it is a remarkable fact
that there was not a single case of ill
ness nor was an injury received by any
one of the Mountaineers on their stren
uous 100 mile journey. A packer, of
Glenwood, became ill while the party
was north of Mount Adams and had to
be carried for 15 miles.
The- Mountaineers organized live
veins ago and since that time they
have taken a long trip to noted peaks
each summer.
.Thcjlirst year they went 50 miles into
the Olympics, hla.inu trails and mak
ing waysjfor future trips. The second
year found them cutting 12 miles of
trail in and around Mount. Baker. The
third year tiny went to Mount Kail cr,
thi'irutirth to l-lai-ier puik and th! hit
excur i in was made to Mount Adams
and Mont Hoed this summer.
The party that climbed Hood Monday
returned through this city hy the Mt.
Hood llailroad Tuesday afternoon. All
were enthusiastic over the scenery of
the Hood Kiver Valley and the wonder
ful view to be ohtained from the noted
peak. The hist ascent was made safe
ly. The members of the party seemed
to regret the necessity of returning
from the rough garment of camp life
of the past few weeks to the more
uncomfortable garb of every day city
lite. 1'liey left here Tuesday night
for their homes in Seattle. ,
A controversy over the right to land
at the local water front between lhe
Dalles. Portland & Astoria Navigation
Company and the Open Kiver trans
portation Company, nus aireauy result
ed in a perso-ial encounter between the
loi a! agents r -r the two companies ami
may laed to a legal conflict. On last
Wednesday, when the steamer J. N.
Teal, operated hy tne upen Kiver
Company, attempted to tie up to the
wharf boat ownt-d by the competing
line, Shirley Page, agent for the J. N.
Teal, was on the floating dock. He
was ordered to get ofOhe boat hy the
agent for the owera of the wharf, Key
Koberts, but made reply mat nis com
petitor might seek a warmer climate,
when Kotierts strucK rage.
Kepreseiiting to tie Mayor, fc. 11.
Ilm-twitr. that the wharf boat of the
competing company was in front of the
rur hl-or-wav owned nv me cny, me
Open Kiver Company made landings
Thursday by the aid of the local
authorities. However, it in asserted
by O. C. Dean, one of the owners of
the Hood Kiver-W hite Salmon Ferrj,
that the wharfhoat is not interfering
with the municipal right-of-way and
the J. N. Teal will not be allowed to
land again at the floating dock. With
the exception of the right-of-way, all
the water front is under the lease to
Mr. Dean, and he asserts that both he
andtlaviwiiersof the land, the Oregon
Lumber Company, have offered the
Open Kiver Company leases at reason
able figures at various times, but that
all have been refused.
W. S. Buchanan, manager of the
Open Kiver Co., was here last week
to confer with the Commercial t luu
and business men of the city. He
asserted that unless the city would
build and maintain a municipal dock
the Teal would make a whistling
station of Hood Kiver. However, no
definite action has been reached.
Bumper Hop Crop For State.
Oregon s hop crop is another source
of prosperity for the farmer this season,
With 30 cents already paid for tht
growing crop and reports of extreme
shortage abroad, making further
advances likely, the hop grower is in
hiifh feather. The state has an ex
cellent ield of hops this1 season, the
total being estimated at 100,000 bales,
which is the biggest crop since liHii.
A well known Des Moines woman
alter suffering miserably for two days
from bowel complaint, was cured by
one dose of Chamberlain's Oli
Cholera and Diarrhoea Kemedy. For
pale by all dealers.
Job Triiiling at the Glacier office.
Columbia Beach Scene of Maneuvers.
The National Guard of Oregon
pitched camp the first of this week at
Columbia Beach and will spend ten
days in maneuvers. Harry Powell, of
Cumpaiiy 11, aiid Dr. F. C. Brosius,
who holds the .rank of major in the
medical corps,' are in attendance.
This will be the first time that the
militia of the state has been in the
lield as a unit. The infantry regi
ments have operated togetha in the
field on several occasions, hut the
battery camp has always been apart.
Court Appoints Fire Warden.
At the petition of the majority of
the people of the Cascade Locks com
munity the county court at its reguiar
monthly session last week apK)inted
Sam Woodward county firewarden for
that district. The work of Mr. Wood
ward will be under the supervision of
the county court and the State Board
of Forestry.
Loss of Time it. raus Loss of Pay.
Kidney trouble and the ills it breeds
means lost time sml Ion pay to msnv a
working man. M. Ualent, Mi Littlt
Pennn. St., Streator, III., was so bad
fivio kidney and bladder trouble that
he could not work, but he tuvs: "i took
Foley Kidney Pills (or only a short time
and got entirely well and was soon able
to go back to work, and am feeling well
ami healthier than before." Foley
Kidney 1'ilU are tonic in action , quick
in results a good friend to the working
man or womau who sutlers from kidney
ills, fulev Kidney Pills will check the
progress of vour kidney and bladder
trouble and heal by removing the cause.
Try them. For sale by C. li. Plath.
Th Ladies Aid1 Society will meet
with Mrs. E. E. Lage Friday afternoon
of this week.
Rev. Geiszler, of Wasco, gave us
good sermons last Sunday morning and
Rev. Lowther, of Wacso, will occupy
the pulpit next Sunday morning.
IL M. Vannier and son, Frank, are
visiting in Portland.
Mrs. Mildred Sweetla.d. af er spend
inir several days in Saum, returned
home Friday evening.
Mrs. Biossie and daughter, from the
West Side, are visiting friends in the
Mrs.Waldmann, of Phot nix, Arizona,
is visiting her neice, Mrs. Martin Drug
seth. George Stanton is entertaining his
brother and wife.
Mrs. Violet Lage visited at the'home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Jarvis the first
part of the week.
The beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs.
E. E. Luge was thrown open Monday
evening to a reception given in honor
of the new members of the W. C.T. U.
A pleasing program was rendered after
which cake and ice cream were served.
About 30 were present.
(rroni Hie Xnterprlse) .
Miss Gregg, who visited at the home
of her brother. A. S. Gregg, has re
turned to Othello, Wash.
The State of Washington has pur
chased the $7500 bonds of the village
of White Salmon, which bonds were
voted last December.
Rev. Eraser, of Cleveland, Ohio,
arrived this week to spend some time
at the home of his daughter, Mrs.
Harold Hood, who went to Wisconsin
lust spring, has returned to White Sal
mon and is again at the ranch at Gil
mer. Kov Slocom has returned from Port
land and has been at work at the
Mrs. Win. Hartly, of Minneapolis,
is a visitor at the Pye ranch on the
Eugene Ktihne, of New York City,
has added to his recent prchase of 50
acres of the Cameron land four miles
up the White Salmon river by purchase
of the 150 acre home larm of K. U
Cameron for $50,000 and is already
moving his family onto the tlace. Mr,
Kuhne expects several families from
New York City will make their homes
While coming to town Monday Miss
Ethel McKurcher and young lady
friend from Portland met an auto, the
result fo which was a Tightened horse
and an overturned buggy. The young
ladies were somewhat bruised, other
than that there were no serious results
form the accident.
Walter Fret-land is now sole owner
of the sawmill plant, of the Advance
Lumber Co., Mr. Nichols leaving the
linn. J. W. Millsap has been re-engaged
by Mr. Freeland as foreman, a
planer put in, and other improvements
made. The mill is located on the
upper end of the canyon road, giving
them a shorter haul and all down
M iss Edna Cameron, secretary of the
White Salmon Development League,
has accepted the offer of the Seattle
Commercial Club to take charge of
their information bureau, answering
all inquiries that come to the Clul
about the Northwest, and will also be
called to assist communities in gettin;;
out ther advertising matter. Slie
will become thorougly informed about
the particular advantages of every
section of the state. The State Com
mercial Club proposes to spuni annual
ly $25,000 advertising the state. Miss
Cameron says she will have a wider
opportunity to help White Salmon than
ever, and will not fail to make 1 in
most of it. At the same time she will
do all she possibly can to bring before
state officers and legislators the need
for a law that will permit districts or
counties to build permanent highway
by the bond method.
Glacier Ownership Maps.
lTp to date blue print, present owner
ship maps of the Hood Kiver valley ate
for sale at the Glacier office. This" map
is in two sections, the lower and the
upper valley. It has the roads ami
streams marked and the names of and
owners written over their tracts. Tlin
price of the map complete ia $1. w ill
be sent to any address postpaid upon
receipt of the price.
At Summer Home.
Doctor Brosius announces bis summer
home established at Udell. Phone i)
w here he can lie consulted morning and
eveliiim: citv office. Hood Kiver. iilnmu
Dry 10-inch slab wood for sale at $2.00 12 B. own as usual. 10 to 4 dailv: Nwhi
per cord, rine nrove wx t o. cam Hiiswered lrom Udell, phone 20 tf
will present a templing array ot
goodies if you stock tbeni with
and provisions lugbt of us. We
pride ourselves on the fresh ess
and line quality of all the Gro
ceries we sell, ami oiler a wide variety for your selection at prices Hull can
not be equaled.
Phone 7
Having secured the services of an expert sheet metal
worker, we a re prepared to handle in the best possible
Sheet Metal Work
Automobile Fenders
Tanks and any class of Sheet
Sheet Metal Work
R. D. Gould, Plumber
Hood River, Oregon
Make Perfect Printing'
Rubber Stamps
Of Every Description
We will make your Rubber Stamps just the way you
want them, and Perfect Printing.
Glacier v Stamp V Works
-bv. LAr J47fo i w
I . - ?
All Kinds of Shop Work, Band Sawing and
General Mill Work.
Old Armory Building
'hone 306-X
cordial invitation to you, personally, to call and open a
checking account. Any amount will open an account in our
savings department. We pay 3 per cent interest, compounded
semi-annually. We promise the best of service and satisfac
M. M. Hi President J. V. Coi-kland, Vice-Prea. R. W. Pratt, Canliier
Chun. G. Pratt, Wilnon Fike, Jog. CoM?lund, C. 11. Straimliftii
We get our meats in fresh every day.
Our prices will lit your poeketUxili at
Central Market.
Our Hamburger is a!ay nice and
fresh, or e will make it to order at
j Central Market.
Mt. Hood Railroad
Effective April 17, 11)11
So. Bound STATIONS No. Bound
A. H. H. M.
8:00 Hood River 8:10
8:05 Powerdale 3:05
K'l.r, Su iti'liliui'k ' T.r
8::i.v"!!!'''..Yanllorn 2:M
8 M0 Mohrs -':.r
8:55 Odell 2:15
9:10 Summit 2:05
9:20 Blouclier..., 2:00
tt:40 Winana 1 :M1
9:45 Arrive Dee Leave 1:45
10:15 Leave Dee Arrive 1:25
11:25 Troutcreek 1:20
10:40 Woodworth 1 :05
10:50 Arrive Parkdale. . .Leave 1:00
Sunday's north Ixmud train will run
two hours lute, above schedule, leaving
Parkdale 3:00 p. m.
T T T T Ti -
i KnockingSpotsf
t Out of Clothing and I
other Fabrics is our I
- business
tailor shop::
Cleaning, Pressing, and -Repairing
j :
W Do Uditi' Work
I Work Called for and Delivered T
POONE 13a f
DM 1111 l..frH'-l'I"H"H"H"H-H"I"l-
For Sale on the old Box Factory
Property Lot. See
Pbon 167-L.
Soo-Spokane Route
Excursion Rates
August H. 4, 5, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, :
215, 28, 29, HO.
September 1, 2, 4, 5,0, T.
Winnipeg, Port Arthur, lu
Inth. Minneap.iliH or St.
Paul 8 (10.00
St. 70.00
Chicago 72.50
Toronto SH.50
Buffalo ttl.50
Montreal 10.'.(o
Boston 110.00
New York lOx.oO
Proportionate rates to other Lant
ern cities.
t'lnn your trip lo take in ;lie hetautitul
Kthitfuay aud Armw lake, hIm the !a
imuN I'Hiiuillitn KNkle.
Kor furlher luroriimtiiiu unit IIHiMtrated
foldor write
Trav. Pass. Aift. (irn. Agl.
14 Wall St., Spokaiw
Library Tables, Cedar Chests, Desk
Tables, kitchen Cupboards, Book
Cases and Porch Swings.
Sad and Stat
Phone 345