The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 04, 1911, Image 3

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Great Piano Contest
1(1 yiw'', 'i JJ r -I
' s - " - -Mil
III I' . i ,, . - r T W t 1 E v
1 t ' c - - " i ( r
I ; v ;b i - '
ii aim it1 n
No. 1.
No. 2.
No. 3.
No. 4.
No. 5.
The Lyon-Taylor Co.,
of Chicago, is coins to
give away $1,330.00
worth of their celebrated
the contest that has been
inaugurated at our store
If you want one of
these instruments get in
the race at once.
This contest will be
put on and conducted by
J. M. Wood, proprietor
of Wood's grocery store,
Hood River, Ore., and
A. D. Moe, proprietor of
the Hood River Glacier
S350 Krai
ui v L-ll jrxway k IVILiCj.
Z9. allwed on new Piano if purchased within a year.
. , " , h ",v vjiriiucmaii, .nurcn, louc or any Society that brines in the most
UM' ,ne M.ore o-Kroccries, or to the Hood River Glacier for subscriptions. Any cash counts, whether it
unouT tne counter, cash the first of the month on monthly accounts, or cash on back accounts.
. .. ?nl"t. W'" b l,l'Ci'kd by a syslcm of vo,inB- on thc bl,sis of one-half cent for each vote. (For illus-
.. ... i.. ii. nariwig win carry the key tothe box containing the votes.
...- ... o,.en me dox anu count the votes every Monday and the result will he published weekly.
. ... .UM , Mall .M,nl , 0lld cnd Juiy 3i 19I1 The iffc of ,rics wi nQ be raifjed T.
U7lll f " 1 . 1 lh,t .... il (..
.... .. UH.y a,C M)1U , ,ne 0(ler sforcs , ood Rjvi,r fo. Koods (f jjkc quaIi(y
of the Glacier will be SI. 50, the same as it has been all the time. We expect to get our money back from the
nicrcaseu amount 01 misincss we will do.
Tilt1 Pi;illf f.iil u.ion Iii ... ..C Wr ,.. . .
. , U(HI s jrrotery storl. torae , alld try it -J hu piano is war.
.in, in iv Lit- nKti vi;.ss in every particular.
Yours for business,
Wood's Grocery
J. M. WOOD, Proprietor
Hood River, Oregon
Having sccurcil the services of an cxiiorfc sliect nictal
worker, wearo prepared to liandle in Hie best possible
Sheet Metal Work
Automobile Fenders
Tanks and any class of Sheet
Sheet Metal Work
R. D. Gould, Plumber
Hood River, Oreg'on -
Fresh Flour and Feed
The Celebrated
White River &
Maltese Cross
Made From Selected
Hard Wheat
Utah Land Plaster
For Sale By
Alt. Hood Railroad
Effective April IT, 1011
So. liouiul STATIONS
. A SUCCLSSFL'L IJAK1NO 1 ollows t lie use of the White lliver ami 1W
J'atont Maltese Crow Kloiir, When yon bake bread, pim, cakes or any
kind of i.xsiry yon wiil.luid this Flour a safe and reliable standby. Try it
once and yon will never ti8u aDy other.
8 ::;5.
il :45
1 1 :L'5
10:50 Arrive
No. Hound
p. M.
.Hood ftivcr. .
.Switchljack.. .
.anllorn 2:'A0
.Odell 2:15
.Summit L;05
. lilouclier 2:00
. Winans 1 :fio
I'ee Leave 1:45
"ee Arrive 1:25
1 routcreck 1 ;2()
Hood worth 1 :o,r)
rarkdale. .. Leave 1:00
Sunday's nortli bound train will run
two hours late, above schedule, lcavinu
have ever seen before."
That is the keynote of the success
of the Al G. Harriet Big Three Ring
Wild Animal Circus that comes to Hood
Rimi navt fiii turn ti.vC.n
i'va v w t v i (IliliiceS.,
Tuesday, May 9, the first of which will
begin promptly at two o'clock in the
afternoon, and the second at eiflit in
the evening.
The Al G. Barnes is the real
wiM onimu piwua in thfl umvS.I In
are other combinations that advertise
trained animals as n aaju';ct to their
exhibitions, but Barnes is the oniv one
presenting a performance lasting two
hours which is given entirely by 2(0
trained nnimals from the
... J S'-' IUU
wildernesses of strange countries
animals so schooled as to perform the
feats that human acrobats. com.iii:ina
etc., customarily consider their chef
Thpri are lion th'ii
leopards, panthers, cheetas, monkeys!
and f.ther mora familiar jiiiim-il
Vi.oiiu iiinrveiH 111 ine way ui norse
manshiu. leaoincr on and oil t .
of fleet stteds as the travel at elec
trical speed around the three big rings.
Again, mere are eiepnants ttiat re
produce scenes in a barbershop with
such humorous effect that the audi
ences are kept in a constant roar of
sincere laughter. Also these comic
fellows do a laundry "stunt " that is
irresistibly funny; besides they play
upon musical instruments and go
through a score of tricks never before
olfered at a public entertainment.
a particular ieaiure ot t!,e Al U.
Barnes Big Three Ring Win Animal
Circus is thf nmii-. I.-.
. v " . m iois
stronghold are inclosed at each perfor
mance uie mosi uniamaoie ot beasts
and their human master: for a' beast
may be untamablo, but stills yield
under human dominion, to training.
Men and women both are the trainers
-a fear ess. lnHomitMlO .it..f,..
direct the movement of savage lions,
cougars, leopards and jaguars with the
readiness of a school teacher handling
a class of philHrn
The nnlv tr.inrm rf norrnrn.i,,,. 1
Bengal tigers, the same representing
an expenditure of $20,0oo, that is
known in the tlnitpd Kt.nt.i i .,r.,.t
by Al G. Barnes. There is one other,
but t.hflt i4 a trnllno nwtiij ...i.l
. . v wt.iilw null ujil!-
ated for the pleasure of the Maharajah
iun. iiies nerce ueasts do re
markable tricks in thf Hteel
their size and sinuous grace is such
that many artists throughout the
country have used them as models.
Hears arp alumna nnnnf.j,. 'I'l. ......
, . ""J jujumi. Allele IS
something almost human in their attri
butes, and in th trniin nf tnrim .i,;.,i,
b . i ,i " viiiv j.
Mr. names nresents am a,'rili.,ij
comedians that never fail to score
"big hits."
Columns would bo nnnwun t
describe all the marvels that are
olfered in this big show, in which every
act is a thrill. But too nmh stress
cannot be laid
and pony circus which Mr. Barnes has
provided. In this kthere appears'edu
catcd coats, nics and nlinoo ti,.,,.
is not a dull moment durini' the net
which in itself is a monument to the
trenins of thn man aihn .,.. .,:... I :t
. - ...mi. nilulUMIClVUU II
and the man who has devoted his life
to the development of tho animal cir
cus Al G. Barnes,
The intelligence int 'iUa ci.mI ; ,il
known. But "Hih firhnni iD"
somethin? new. Mr Uam.. ko, ii,..
13 - ..... u.kUvd IUU i. Ill,
Ihis group of amphibians dt every
thinir but talk. The rirlo h
the ease of the nrsr-tinoft nmn.atri.,n
play ball and juggle flaming torches!
just the same as you would yourself if
ui me sawousi ring.
Music? To be
has one of the best musical organiza
tions possible to obtain, and that is
Professor Nichols' Military Concert
Band, whieh win ;. ,.,,,,.. .
. ..... u L J1IU-
ceding each performance.
Old folks Should be Careful in Their
Selection of Regulative Medicine.
We have a cnf H
- v.v iiiuuuio IIU
altogether ideal remedy that is partic
ularly adiinted to tl,.
i -"v. ..1u..viii;iilo V-i
aged people and persons of weak con
stitutions who suffer from constipation
or other bowel disorders. We are so
certain that it will relieve these enm.
Dlaintsand five nl, solute cut;ufr.f; :
. . n ,..,vUUVmlal.uu, ,,,
cvciv iimiiuuiur inai we oirer It wit i
our personal guarantee that it ahull
cost the user nofhmcr if it fuiln ..i.
. 7 , ft no IU DUU-
fltantiate our o ainm TMa wnm.i..
called Rexall Orderlies.
Kexall Orderles have a soothing,
healine. stroni'theninn' tnnin oni ..
ulative action upon the bowels. They
remove all irritation, dryness, soreness
and weakness. Thou mb!u h,.
bowels and associate orirans tn mnm
VIL'OrtUS and health V nntiifit,, Tl
are eaten like candy, may be taken at
any time without inconvenence, do not
Cause anv irrioimr nnnuna rl;...l
excessive looseness, flatulence or other
disagreeable effect. Price 25c. and 10c.
Sold onlv at our atom Tho !.,. .11
Store. C. A. Plath.
Yakima Fruit Yield Lower.
That the Yakima vallnv will n..,!.,,...
, . ""-j ..... iiuuui:u
this vear not more than 1100 .Oo ,.r
fruit, or less than'one-fourth of the
total production of last year, is the
prediction made today bv l'residont
Never hesitate alKiut (riving Chamber
lain 8 ( OUIfh In ..l,il.l... T.
contains no opium or othernarcotics and
can be given with implicit confidence.
As a ouick enrw fur ,.,,,,,.), .,...1 ...11. . .
.--.w .... vv.i.iio mum iu
winch children are susceptible, it is un-
"'l""-eii. Mini ov nil dealers.
Notice to Creditors.""
Iiii'l"?' '? h,e('-v KU en " iiinlerslKtietl
,.f 1 1 . '. ". i""" ui. uy nw i otim v (Hurt
of IIicMmHm.i memoir of UihhI Kiver County
" . .T1 PNll'''h(-rrli.v reqtitrej loure-
nl Hie Kione to me, properly verlrte.t iw hv
law re,inre.l. at tl. rtiee of D.-rhv A Willmr
innMliiit H( iufr Oregon, wltliln nix
mtimliK imui the 1kIi- livrnir
1'Hleii U1UAI1I1 (tn of April A I I'll I
Kxeentrix ,.l ll.e Will of HciiJhi.Hh K. h hue-
milker, lm.s-,l. a30um
Surveyors Notice.
M.HKl Illver, Omj'Mi, April 1, 1911.
S. Nlei.ol, llertlm 1.. Ai.Min. (' J.
talklii..l,l;.,,i, M. I,ei,z. Anna l.enz, Iti.o. n
WKlHli-om, I UtiiiiHH Hro.leH.-K, K. N. NI.-1...I
" '-""K'" -ims 11. Nlcliolson, a.
(1 .lelterson, K.U-nr-l K. Muetilll.C. T. Mlllfr
. . ?.V"',"lV V-M '"''ley, John II. Kimt
Ilia N . ( In, )., fc. A. link. r. (Irwin . Hlioa.les
M. II. nut, Christine si.-ele, Mu Ni-x,
l.alph M. N-ott. Kiintii Kc I'uellU- KiOlimict
t oiiipiiny, Kohert l.tvinnsione, M I) SiH-iu-er
-I. Ajlimn Kppinn, HerthoUt Won,, (). B.
Hartley, t s. Clark Central urehai.l
' otnpany, J H. Ilillstr .in an,t ..t.,.
, , '. mM" 1,1 feellon 10, 'lowti-
siilp 1 Nortli, UaiiKe 10 Kant, an.l In ,1.
Iiieent seetlons, smile Townsliips aud Kanuo,
w illainetie Merlttian. '
In compliance with l.nwa or I'.itil ri;i ::i
etioiih, you are herehy noiined that in 11
Ply to rciiiicKt irom one or more owners of
IlllHt In Kl-ellon II), TllWIMhill I Ninth Hunm. 1
HI Ka-t ol the Wlllninr-lle 1 '1111..1 .if
ll.KMl Hlver. Stat,- ui Oreeon.Airun otlleiul inr.
v.-y et their suet thai 1 hIihII IickIii such
!" -"ay miii next, that one or inure
01 the Hues or corners of your Ian. Is in said
M-cuoii, township and ramie, or s..,-i i,m. ,i
Jiieenl therein,.,!- in liatiKe 111 Kust, W lllnmel le
.,. i.t.i, in ue aneeieii ny snhi survev. end
nun 1 Minn apiHiniim tnei-nsts of such survey
"" "(-is ' inierested. aeeord-
Itiii to Lawsol p.mi pbkcSI I, See. ui. V011 are
hirllii r nittlilc.i tn.,, 1 .1,.. 11 ...
. V '-.... 1 1 isiii.iii.s.. till .(U
nets mil already esiahllslied by C. H. Surveys
I he tour exterior lines, (he K A W ami N
-v s eenier line, the boundaries of each lortv
where under ilitlerent o uerslilps.
ihe four exterior section eotners the four
exterior iiuarter eornerK, the center nunncr
corner, the cornels n. all the lollies where
under diderent ownershlns.
, , Ml'ltHAV KAY,
U-Ulnl County Surveyor.
In the Circuit Court of the Slate of Orei;on
fer Hood Kiver Cniiniy.
Adella A. stianahan. lor herself and as Ad-
..,,,,iiA, nullum, vs. n, m, Mnrllii am
L. M. Martin, Hefendi.nls.
fo D. H. Marlin anil I, M. Mi.rlln, Hefemhints
In the name of the Slute o (11C14011, you are
ncicuv iT.iiiren to H.pear and answer tin
ceuipiaini men imalnsi you In the ..hove ....
titled suit on or tietnre Hie expiration of six
weeks irom the dale of the llisl puhlicalioi.
ol Ihis suminiins as hereinafter stated and II
yon tail to so answer for want thereof t lie
1'itii.iiiii win apply o me twirl:
Mist. for ll'liritlcilt i.l.i.iiisI cm, i t...
sum ot Sim sn, together with Interest thereon
irom tne lentil day ol October, IIKHI, at Hie
line 01 eiKiit per cent per autiuni; fur llfiy
uiioars as attorney s s In this suit, and fur
in-, cimis ami (iisiiursemenls made and ex
liended herein.
Hecnnd. l'or the usual decree and (orcein.
sun- .nice. ion , ue sine or that land situated
intlieCilvol IliHi.t Hiv,.r ... 11.. .,
Kiver ami Stale of Oregon,' di sc r I he.l as lo.
..n. ,., r.LM.v ,,i, rnoea one 11), Htrana-
...... , ,,,,i n. 1111, 11,11 u, ln l My IM11
iviver, urc(;on; that 11 writ of execution may
issue to the Bherlll" of said count v ami stun.
aeeordiiiK to law and the practice of this
nun 1 ; nun sum land may tin sold and that
tne proceeds ot said sale may he applied In
.tie iiuvinent 01 the Mtimnnt i1iim 1 11, ,oui..ti,f-
llli'liulf nir ul l,,r,,...-' C,..u ....... ..1 .'
.... ., runin. Cl.l.reS HUH
disbursements as aloresald; and that, defend.
cum nun an persons claiming under Ihciu
sunseiueniiy to t he execul lonl of said Inorl.
Kane upon said land, either as purchasers, en
Ctl llihfii iici.ry ,,r . .t ... i.n . .
, , 1 ill',, ue uurre.i
and lureclosed of all rlitliM, clalnm or eiiulty
of reecinpllou In said premises and every
part thereol, and that t lie plalnlllt inay have
jiiilKinent and execution iiKalnst llin defend
ants for any dellcleiiey thut may remain
niiei HpinyiiiK an proeeens 01 the sale of said
,. ... n ,j .,., iiiiV , iNU Haiisiae-
llon ol aald JudKiiient, and for such other re-
... . nn .uc uuni . iitn utteiii eijintatile.
..... iirti-uj. se. veil oy pill.llcatloll ot
this siiminotis In accordance Willi an older
i.itM.c (iv i ue eoi n.v niiir,, ,,t o,u..i ii....
( i)unty,()i(.on, on the 2iitn day of April, lull,
,....,-1 it,t-n nun yoii snail appear
and answer said complaint on or before the
expiration ol six weeks from the .lain of H.c
first puhllcalion of Ihis siimnions. The (late
in me nrsi puuiicanon 01 this Kiimuuins Is Ihe
-. . .. ...ij t pi 11, . "i 1 .
"z'l'r Altorney for Plalntlll
Notice of Completion of Block I, High
iana Addition, Mate St. morovement
Nul tci' Ik v iritjjiM tt..i ir n i ...... j
coutnu'tor, hitM rt leit writt4n nolic HiIh 27il!
(Iy ol April, lull, of tho completion ,,f tin-
IlliUroVClliCllt of Sttttfi Ktriti-I o Ir.. in ..r
huljoiiiliiL' Hlo-k 1, MlKhlaiHt Ad.lltion in ih?
tract wilh thin (Mty Imrotolonf nnulo uinl on
tcrcti Into, and that the amount Uuc hhIJ con
tllU'tOr for Hn lliinrnponnl i.
, : liih in iifrtrii un ni;rt'M,
ant f In hcr-t)y hIuUmI to Ik- tho nihii or tm.X
And rmt ic lu innliur .rio,. 1 1, . i. ..
, , , ;, niu Liitiii niiy (MijtM
1 ItllK lit ill HiH-.ii.t,ion.. .tf i.l. ..... ... .
" pilule, in niiiti uhm n miner
ttHJ ContniCt Willi tll( WllM (titriimLi ,x tl,.
i'ili t 111 nil ill ci . v 1 1 1 11 v it n tin 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 nni ! . . .
tin tinilrwliiw.(l riiu 1 1 nii tm 1 , 1..
i t'Klod party at any time within m yen (Ih h
"i niiii Nam ikhicc, to-wit
within KCVt ii (lavs from th. 7ti iiv ..r a nrii
j J'IiIk nollcp Ih puhliHhcrl in tli Hood Hlvor
I mi iwii ituiimi'ciu ivu iHNitHN tncroot, the
ii. nit- nri luoiirauon int rt'or he hi? tin
iHy oi April, l'JII. II. h. 1,AN(41I,I
h 27 1 1 1 4
City Keoordor.
Notice of Completion of Blocks 3 and 5
Waucoma, and of Blocks 4 and 5
Riverview Park, Columbia St. Imo't
Notice is hereby Klven that the W. (I. Al.
dred Co., contract. us, hare filed written no
tlec tliis 27th day of April, Hdl, of tin- eomple.
tint, el the Improvement of Columbia Hired
ui in. in in inn. Huiumnm iiioekH ;i and ft, Wau
eoma, and blocks I and ,'i Hlvervlew I'urk, In
Ihe City ol Hood Illver, Or.-Kini, under their
contract with ibis city hitherto made and
entered inlo, an.l that Ihe amount due said
eoniraclors for said Improvement upon lis
acceptance, Is hereby slated lo he the amount
ol Jl.iV.i.lo, made up us follows; Kor ihe lie
provement of said bliM'k .!, KCj 4D; for the I in.
jirovenienl of sMid block ft, Waucoma, J,j, ()
lor the improvement of block 1, tWM- and oi
block h, t-H.i, Kivervlew 1'ark.
And nollre Is furtberisiven that any obec.
Hons to the ucceiilniice of said liloeks under
Hie contract Willi the said contractors on the
part of said City may be tiled In ihe ollice of
the nndcrslKiied City Hee.iriier by any inter,
ested party at any time within seven days
b...4 i'l. ' . ' it J 'cn"'cin ested party at any time will
L-icu iiiuiiijmoii ui me inompson 1'ruit from the dale ol filing said not lee, lo.w'il
euiojiuny. i noiniiion s estimate IS 8(KI , l"u u"" """ "i -f in day of April
Opposite Postoflice
111 1 111 1 'HBHaaraKassa&'ii
One hundred and forty acres, five
mncH noritieBHt of Jk-dford, BK.ST of
1 j'.ak anu Al'l'l.K land, all in Bond
shape for plantmjr; not an acre of
An if. Hindi lull tieantiL' orclntrd id
joining on thv Bouth. This tract lies
near orcliards on which ewecpstake
1000 prize Pp'.tzeiiburg ear at National
Apple fhow at Siiokanp, was raised: also
car of NewtowiiH taking HweeiiHtakcs
" aiiconver, is. .,., wan raised. Can
ue imitated: on v three-fonri ha mih. tr.
fiiippiiitf station. TIh'h is very desirable
n .ii. l iur ttnyone 10 plant anu sulKJiviile
Trice, J200 per acre; one-third cash,
balance 1, 2 and 3 years at G per cent.
company. Thompson's estimate is 300
Cars of tieachoH. fiOO earn (if ur,.,lno lor
, , - v UI'I.IUD, 1.0
cars cf pears and 100 cars of prunes
nis ngures being based on observation
of orchards, and informati OM f lltnitV,r..l
. . v.. .u.ii.Diivu
by other fruit growers.
in spite ot this prediction, which has
aroused much protest from other fruit
men, Mr. Thompson says the year will
not. 1m n hail nun f.r fhn ....
t, , .. . v.. v,i, tiuil U1UIJ.
bpokane Spokesman-Keview.
Do Miosis il an nt Swaitnis
No. never. It's fnoliah fuo f..
eie.l evil when there are real and deadly
perils to guard against in swamps and
marshes, bayous and lowlands. These
are t ne malaria germs that cause ague
chills, and fever, weak n.uu nnhca ,'n .1..!
, . ' " ."..IV.O ill me
bones and muscles and may induce tv-
plioid. lint e ectric Hitters dcHi mva an.l
caHts out these vicious terms from th
blood. "Three bottles drove all the ma
laria frotn mv Rvutr.ui " u-rtdaVV.
well. of I.ucnnia.N.f!. ."aiitl Pua i,n,i
health ever since." Lse this safe. n
1.. 1.. tn. ..,,1. , , '
iciiiuujr unij.. ouc at ciias. ix.Lilarke s
Where Jones Went.
A flprifta rif rmtiuul ant,:rtnM
being held in a Western citv. and nine.
W. W. Clasdow. fhac M. Fndlich $t?Zr'x?. w?re
1 b...i,i, 1 'v.uvu 111 i.uiin,ii;utJUC JJIaUCU.
I f hp f rtl Irturt rttr nntl.A m...
'1 his mil ice Is published In the II.hiiI Illver
Glacier lor t wo consecutive Issues thereof the
dale of the (Irsl publication thereof del in; thc
in nay or April, pill. n. Ii. I,AN(ill.I,K,
"-'('' City Recorder.
Notice of Special Election.
Notice ta hereby Riven that a specM election
will be held in the City of Htssl Kiver. Oreirnn
at the City Hall therein and at Taylor Hall within
the territory proposed to be annexed in the City
(if Hood Kiver and hereinafter set forth, on the
2d) day of May, lilll.
The polls will lie open al the pnllinvt places in
aaid City and said territory therein at Ihe hour of
8 o'clock a. m. and will he closed at the hour of
7 o'clock p. m., on said (lay. II. T. Itewit and O
H. liaker and J. II. liill will Ih- the juilnea of
election and the lirsl named shall la- Chairman in
the City of Hood Kiver. and Kalph Savage and J,
II. Haritravcs will be clerks of election in said
City; and K. N. Miller and Jesse Hohrmn and Allen
Hart will bo ju.lxcaof election in said territory
i.toeosi-o 10 ne annex. ti, anil tne lust named shall
be Chairman, and Henry KhicldB and W. Waddl
will l clerks of said election.
The proposition for which aaid special election
is called is to submit to Ihe IokbI voterH of mid
city and within the territory propositi to be an
nexed, Ihetpiestion of whet her said territory shall
be annexed to and become a part of tho City of
Hood Kiver Ori-frnn tht, ,t...
anhexed is apecilically described as follows-Ih-Kinninit
in the center of Sections .'!, Town
ah.p 3 North, KanKe 10 Kast of the Willamette
Meridian; thence South ' foet to a point
thence westerly alonK the South line of the Boule
vard to a point 4411 feet South of the Northwest
v.,. tne i-torinweai quarter of the .South-
itarKain In l and-Twenty aerea near Hum
tint Htat Inn, five acres nearly cleared, small
house and barn, iiootl stirlntr nd ereeir u.n.
five or six Inches of water, (iiiod drnlnaise.
f,ii, tit, waste land, no s ue II) .
lift rrwlru rt !..., t .. ... j . '
.tsi.Jpnti, aee 1 sol .
W orth ICMt) twr u,.ru. u.i 1 ....- V.. . '. . .
r, - t i-1 ' " 1 ' " s"'ri nine
u .' 1,1 ' V- M"haney, 1207 Kuttene Mlreet,
Hmjd Terms, half down bah
mice any time, Will trade up to one-half the
the foliowinir norma ontu
Hell: Its Location and Ahanlnto '...
tainty. Thomas Jones, baritone solo
ist, will sing 'Tell Mother I'll Jje
There.' "May Linm'ncott's.
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j I - t111n.11 bhiii nee-
.' tinatotl I Hon lo a noint on the enst. b,,ur,,laru ,.t tk
,. nn uun iraci; inence south '.Ki
rrt to the houthcast corner of said Tract; thence
west to the southwest corner of aaid tract 3M ft
more or less; thence North 87H foet, nioro or less,
to the center of the County Koad; thence West
lonif the center of aaid County Koad to the in!r.
A toitel, cf rl.oittnoiit.,.. .....:.... . . ect.,."n "f . County Koad and the North and
. ... ..,,,, , t,K OI ouin center line of Section JiTt, Township 3 North
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. "vuurem.viiniii. :r ".V'.,' "iimineue meridian;
berlain 8 Liniment drives awav the nain ,2enc N"r,h alonx-aaid center line to the center
at once and cures the complaint qulcV ZZ Z'
i irst 8t)D lCatlOIl BIVPH r mf 1... Dated the ij7l.h Hav f aVo lull """"
all dealers. , H.'b. LANfiiLLE,
ilU)LSWc vl IhV B?f1nlns!1'ct quality ;
I 'fTfyls l&nn a,lt!l,t""e'Evtr-vr!cce :
1.111 PUV'ICi Si I F' nmn. .mu , wiher waeon k atr-sea. f.
1 i- 1
i nor
means the best quality
all thetime. Even-piece
of lumber in the Stude
baker wagon is air-sea-soncj
four to fivo years;
then iii:,)octcd rigidly
befdre beinc, uscd.w
Selected N'cw i:ng
land black birch hubs;
choice v. lute oak spokes
and felloes; the best butt cut,
second growth hickory axles;
rpok.H ate slope shouldered
and di iven into the hubs under
a hundred tons pressure; ironed
and reinforced in every way
that will add strength, with refined iiou;
painted iu a thorough and durable man-
l hat s whv the
has kept the lead from ox-tet.m days down to the pa-sent dav. Every
Studebaker wagon is made on honor. We sell the Studebaker Wacon
because it ts the kind that gives satisfaction and makes friends. Coma
in and look them over. They are made in many sh ies, from the
lightest farm wagon to the heaviest trur-W
or log wagotu Call and get a Studebaker fM
owio. we want everv int v intereolo N
' J .w.,-.w X
in vehicles to have one.
Gilbert-Vaughan Implement Co. 0i
Hood River. Orpnon. . v1
(liii,.tiJW.I.,y.i.iiii.iTi 11 iy, I.,, , m,m m mi.n hi Wfmftm 1 n ii,n mm9tjum wyemrf I
minaiwutiiiii 1 y.ii- )((. i..r 1.1,. mtmmuAimMJLiilL-di'iimmJ
Il ,1
Spring Has Come
And With it a Complete Line of
For Our
Discs, Spring Tooth Harrows, Plows,
Cultivators, Garden Tools
And everything needed to prepare and
cultivate the soil for orchard work.
R. J. McISAAC & Co.
Canned and Smoked Meats
We carry the Best in all Lines
Phone 282-L
The Purity Dairy Co.
Yours for prompt service and
Good Milk
Electrical Contractors
Bartmess Bldj BAILEY & COLBY Phone 60-x
KstiinatcH clicci't'iilly I'liniislicd
lliii (Jr;u! Lliid ricnl Fixtures
Fp-to-d.'ite Line of (Jlussware
Westiii-iliouse Fled ric -Motors
lleuting Ajtparatus, Ftc., Ftc
Full Line of Fleetrie Wiring Supplies
When You Clear Land
Come to us for tho best Logging and Grubbing
Tools. If your old ones are worth fixing
we can make them good as new.
Snow & Upson, Hood River
"'" City Recorder.