The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 04, 1911, Image 2

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ARTHUR D. MOB, Publisher.
Subscription, 81.50 Per Tear.
Although Hood River may tuke on
a more metropolitan air if a telegraph
office is established in the up-town
business district, since it is learned
that the office will not be opened after
8 o'clock at night, an effort will be
made to have the office continued at
the new O-W R. & N. Co. passenger
station, where messages may be sent
at any time of the night. Small shoes
are said to be stylish, but they pinch
sometimes. Citizens of Hood River
like'styles that are convenient. The
old'fashioned telegraph office at the
railroad staton should be maintained in
order that local residents may continue
to have the opportunity of sending tel
egrama at night. Furthermore the
railroad station' is just about as con
venient any location that might'be
secured in the city. It is but a short
walk from any office or business house
in town to the depot.
Another change that will tuke place
when the new pussenger station is
completed, which will be found incon
venient, will be the removal of the ex
press office up-town.
It was Solomon, wasn't it, who said
that there was nothing new under the
sun? In a way the wise man of biblic
al lore may have been correct. He hud
much experience, matrimonial ami
other wise, and even the seers of
modern times declure that experience
counts. But the old king would have
to modify his sayings in these strenu
ous times and modestly admit that
some incidents are deucedly peculiar
For example, one of the larger Port
land department stores recently an
nounced a seres of lectures in their as
sembly hall by Raymond JJuncan, the
great Twentieth Century apostle of
8uolight,"almoHt. For a business or
ganization that bases its foundation on
salea of petticoats, corsets and panta
lotns it seems strangely inconsistent
when it announces to its patrons that
it will give them the opportunity of
listening to the ideas of a man who
cornea forth in the morningjclothed in
"the peep o' dawn," a sheet and a
pair of sandals.
Tho White Salmon Enterprise, culling
attention to the fact that Lyle is
advertised, the town opposite Hood
River, states that it is good to be so
lamous that'a distaco of from 20 to 30
miles up and down the river is "oppo
ite.IIood River." We often wonder
just how' long it will be before all of
the status in the Northwest will be
included in the Hood River Ditrsict.
The territory seems to be growing ex
traordinarily fast at present.
Supreme Court Decides Ferry Case.
Unusual interest was manifested
here in the decision last week of the
Orgon Supreme Cuort in its action
relative to the controversy which arose
here four years ago over the right of
vessels navigating the Columbia River
to land on private property which wan
overflowed during the Summer freshet.
The suit which reached the highest
court of the state, as Doan vs. Wash
ington Navigation Company, appealed
forWacso county, was reversed and
the Buit dismissed, the opinion holding
that a petitioner for ferry license must
show his ownership or control of the
firound in Oregon where his ferry
ands, and that the County Court in
such matters, acts'as a court of limit
ed jurisdiction, and every fact essen
tial must Hllirmati vol v appear.
In the other suit. Chapman vs. Dean,
also reversed, tho opinion holds Hint
apfHilluiits are entitled to an injunction
against respondents restraining them
from trespassing upon appellants land.
Novel Clubhouse.
Mrs. F. R..Hrydle returned Tuesday
from a three months visit in the r.ust
Mr. iirydle, who is now in Iowa, will
remain there two weeks longer, llo
willlvisit Chicago and return here by
way of southern Idaho, where ho has
property which ho will inspect. Mrs.
ltrydle states that the family will live
in tho Hotel Oregon until tho comple
tion of a residence on their no acre
tract in Dukes Valley. Mr. Hrydle
will build a unique clubhouse on his
place this summer for the arcommoda
tion of eastern teachers and business
people who'have purchased an interest
in the proprety owned by him here.
Want Commission Government.
A revision of tho city charter is
strongly urged by 1'. II. Davis, who is
an advocate of the commission form
of government for The Dalles. The
city recorder boinir. the instigator of
me movement oi mis system oi munic
ipal rule here. He wishes to see the
charter changed so that the commis
sion government may bo adopted.- The
Dalles Chronicle.
Program at The Gem Tonight.
The most interesting of the four
' long films presented by the (Jem
theatre tonight is that entitled "A
Trip over the Rocky and Selkir
Mountains in Canada, which display
in wonderful pictures the beautiful
Bcenery of the region. The remainder
of the program is as follows: "The
Tio that Binds," comic; "Abraham
Lincoln's Clemency," historical;
Lassies Uirthday, comic.
The New Theatre.
Prof. F. P. Littleiohn, who njudi
the hit of the evening at the public
assembly of tho Woodmen luesdav
night, is presented this week by Hie
JNew t.lcctnc theatre.
Purchases Locomotive.
The Mt. Hood Railroad has increased
the number of its locomotives, having
purchased last week engine No. fS
from the O-W. R. & N. Co.
Supreme Justice Ceo. II. Hurnett
was here Saturday visiting friends.
Justice Rurnett was on his way to
Fly time la approaching and you
will want screens. Give us the or
der early. Wright's Carpenter shop.
Beginning May 7, Hotel Wan Cwin
Gwin will serve special Sunday dinners.
At the elections held yesterday the
following officers of the btate Camp of
Woodmen were elected: Frank M.
Powell, of Albany, state consul ; J. J.
Thurston, of Suver, clerk; Sherman
Rhodes, of Reedville, adviser; M.
Snow, of Klamath Falls, banker; F.
G. McWilliams, of Ashland, escort; W.
S. Deaton, of Klondike, watchman; J.
K. Johnson, of Glendale, sentry.
Delegates elected to the Head Camp to
be held at Buffalo, N. Y., in June are:
F. A. Turner, Salem; Dr. A. L. House
worth, Marshfield; J. M. Fleming, The
Dalles; L. E. Freitag, Baker;, and J.
J. Gotthardt and H. F. McGrath, of
Yesterday afternoon drill teams from
Portland, Mosier, The Dalles and
White Salmon gave interesting exhibi
tons on the streets.
The base ball game was won by the
team from The Dalles, beating the
Rose City aggregation by a score of 19
to 1.
Forty candidates were initiated last
(Kniiii the Enterprise)
The Trout Lake Irrigation & Power
Co. is the name of a new organization
incorporated by 0. J. Smith, C. Guler,
J. E, Reynolds, J. M. Filloon, C. M.
Cutting, John Woider, A. (J. Belsheim,
all property holders of Trout Lake.
The company is capitaslized at $90,000,
has a ditch taking water from the
White Salmon river and carrying it
over their ranches, and may ultimately
develop a power site. Several land
deals have been made in this favored
hay and grain section this spring.
Starting from a bonfire on the ranch
of the Getchell sisters the first "forest-
fire" of the season swept through their
slashing, burned the bridge over the
canyon, consumed the slashings on the
Holton-Coe tract, a large quantity of
saw logs for Rev. Grimes and licked up
the Bancroft house ar.d barn. The
occupant of the house, (ieorge Scborne,
had recently gone to Minneapolis and
his furniture was lost. Further costly
damage was averted by hard fighting
by tho ranchers, who were kept at it a
large part of tho night.
Whilo on their way to their new
homo in North Yakima by boat, Mr. '
Eakin, father of Miss Eakin, tho milli
ner, was nearly drowned at The Dalles.
After he had walked over the gang
nlank it was removed and when he
came back in the dark he stepped off
into the river, lie was fished out, but
had it been at the other dock he would
have drowned.
Word has been received of the
drowning of Wilbur Childers at or
near Estacnda, Ore. lie was one of a
party of three crossing the Clackamas
river in a frame carried by a wire
rope, and when about 'JO feet above
the stream the shore line of the cable
pulled out precipitating them into the
stream. The other two got out safely
but Childcra was drowned, He was
formerly a resident of this county, and
is well known here.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Rockhold, who
are now located in San Farncisco,
where Mr. Rockhold is teaching in the
public schools have been spending a
few weeks on their ranch in the Upper
Valley Mr. Rockhold left the first of
the week to resume his work after the
spring vacation. Mrs. Rockhold will
remain here two weeks after which
she will leave for California to join her
husband. They will then attend the
commencement exercises of Stanford
University, of which Mr, Rockhold is
an alumnus, and return here to spend
the summer.
Bayard Simonton returned Monday
from a bunions trip to Denver, Colo.
K. C. Bticklin, who recently came here
from Minnesota, has opened a black
smith abop on Twefth street.
E. M. Holman has purchased the lot
occupied at present by the Tucker
Barber shop. He will erect a new up
to date meat shop on his new purchase.
Mr and Mrs. A, L. Carmiehael
spent Sunday at Parkdale.
J. W. Tuft, of Grand Rapids, Minn.,
a brother of W. H. Taft and Mrs. Gill,
and husband of Mrs. Eli.abeth Taft,
who baa been spending some time in
tho family of L. E Taft helping to care
ior ins nine son, arrived in noou
River last week very unexpectedly
Mrs. Gill and her brother had not met
for 20 years so it was a happy meeting,
Mr. Taft will look around through the
West. Ho spent some time in Idaho
and Washington before coining here.
J. J. Wartl hud a narrow escape from
lire one day last week when ho and his
wife were gone. Some one started a
fire in his bam or tried to but found
their fuel too damp. He found a piece
of cloth Htill burning where it had been
left. It was a close call as we have no
water with which to fight fire when we
get one.
Tho Heights people commence their
new building for fire apparatus Mon
The little twin boy of Mrs. J. K.
Carson is very sick, the measles
having left him in a very bad way.
The W. C. T. U. met with Mrs. Gill
last week. There was a nice company
and the meeting interesting. Mrs
Orr, being superintendent of Mothers'
meetings, gave us some very interest
ing topics for discussion, which all en
tered into with much enthtisuism. The
next regular meeting will be at the
Baptist Keading Kooms.
Mrs. Silbnugh, of the Statu of Wash
ington, will be in Hood River, if
We are ready to show'you all the latest
inventions in the famous Nemo Corset Spe
cialties, and shall expect you this week.
We shall show you several entire novelties
of the utmost value corsets that will greatly
improve your figure while they give you in
creased comfort.
You must see the new Nfemo Self -Reducing Cor
sets with elastic hip-confining bands that reduce hips
and back as well as abdomen $3.50. Also, the very
new Nemos with Lastikops-Limshaping Extensions,
which reduce the upper limbs so that your thinnest
gown will fit without a ridge or a wrinkle $4.00.
And many others - . . " "..
Then there are the beautiful new models for
slender figures, which have already created a great
furore by reason of their slim shapeliness and wonder
ful comfort $3.50.
All Nemo Corset Represent at Least Twice as Much Value, ia
Material and Making, a Any Other Corsets Sold at the Same Prices
That's the maker's claim, and it is unchallenged.
It explains the wonderful durability of Nemo Corsets,
which are also the embodiment of correct stvle and
, hygienic comfort. Nemos are better than ever this
year. Let us show you the new models this week.
Men's Hats Men's Sox
Here is a bargain In Men's Hats, all shapes in stiff Men's good, everyday work Sox the pair Sc
and soft styles, in coloif, black, gray and brown. These Men's Sox in plain black, Ian and fancy stripes the
bats are worth from f 2.00 up to 2.50. Your choice pajr 10c
while they last SI. 69 Men's plain colored and fancy Sox in stripes, lace
Men's Hats, black and gray, good bats for knock- and figured, double heel and toe, the pair ,.. ISC
bo ut wear, worth up to $1.75. Your choice. . SI. 00 ' Men's Sox in fine lisle and pure silk, shaped foot, in
Men's Straw Hats for dress or everyday wear, bats pain Bnj fancy an ace effects, the pair 25c
iu this lot that are worth up to $1.25 each. Your Men's Sox in better grades of lisle and silk at per
thoice 25c pair 35c, 45c and Up
SPECIAL Men's Dress Shirts 45c SlKnpndrTS
In stripes and figures, made of corded percale and jUjpvllUClJ
madras shirting, box pleated center, pearl buttons, Suspenders for Boys with leather ends, the pair. . ,5c
louble yoke. Your choice 45c Boy's Buependers iu fancy colors, good grade elastic,
Men's Negligee Shirts of white madras, raised stripes, the pair 10c, 15c, 25c
foat Btyle, laundered cuffs, fine pearl buttons 95c Men's Suspenders, good gra.'e of elastic web, lull
Men's Summer Underwear 171 SJr: .". !?. T.. .P1te
Here is an assortment of Hummer Underwear that Men's Suspenders in heavy work or in nice light
is worth from 25c to 4Sc a garment, in balbriggan and jr(88 weights, including the "can't see 'em kind," to
porus knit, cial to close out, the garment 7c wear witll a belt, for. . . .25c, 45c, 50c, 75c and Up
SPECIAL-Underwear 50c and 60c Values 38c ;
In this lot you will find values up to GOc a garment, BOY S jUItS
in French balbriggan, poms knit and jersey ribbed. ,. , . , , ;.. ,,..
T . , ...,, , . , l ou can find just what you want in Boys Clotuing
Just about all sizes in I be lot. Your choice the gar- here, from a neat little wash suit to a nice all wool
ment 38c worsted cassimare or serge suit. All ages from 2 years
B. V. D. Underwear for gentlemen. Ath- P to 17 years. All styles and prices. Kuita for
1-tic style, in separate garment or in union suits, the 50c, 75c, 91. $1.50, 92 and up to $10
tuit.... Sl.OO, SI. 50, $2.00 SpecialBov'sall wool navy blue serge Suits,
Canvas Glove.Men's Canvas Gloves with r values $ii.00, $8 00, $10.00 and $12.00, in ages 10
. . . w , ? I I , c to 15 years, good all wool suits, straight pants. Your
good tape band top, full cut, the pair 5c choice .7 92.50
HandKerchieft"Men's red and blue Hand- Special-Boy's Suits in ages up to 15 years and in
kerchiefs, full size, each 5c values.up to $1.00 and $5 00. Straight pants. . .9150
The Store That Gives You the Best Values
osmosesa snsasnn saaDstnxiasENovnsD
nothing prevent?, on May 7, and will
hold a Woman's meeting on Monday,
May 8, at the Unitarian church at
2:!i0. Subject, "The Body Beautiful."
The Woman's Club and all other
women are earnestly invited to be
present. Mrs. Silbaugh is coming from
Washington, I). C, where she has been
attending The Mothers' Congress, hav
ing been sent there by the Governor of
Washington. She was also a very
active worker in the Washington cam
paign and helped to clean up Seattle
andassiat Mr. Gill. An offering will
be taken for the Conference work...
The ladies of the Congregational Aid
Society Bpent a very pleasant after
noon at the home of Mrs. Hershner
last Friday, 40 or more members being
present. After the business session
was over a social hour was spent after
which a delightful lunch was served by
the special committee. Receipts of
tho meeting were $16.55. Since Janu
ary 1 have taken in cash to the amount
of about $120. Our Aid is quite alive
this year.
0. 11. Baker had the misfortune to
hurt his foot badly but is now able to
go on it part of the time.
The family of F. E. Harris have
gone to Bingen to make their home for
a time.
Miss Lucile Johnson spent the week
end with friends in l'ortland.
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Williams, of
l'ortland, were here last week visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Butler.
Madame Carroll, of l'ortland, visited
her son, I'hil, Saturday at his fcountry
William H. Galvani, of l'ortland,
engineer in charge of rights of way,
property and taxation of the Pacific
Bower & Light Co. and the Walla
Walla Valley Railway Co., was in this
city Monday and Tuesday, looking
after the interests of the former com
pany. Mr. Galvani was one of the
engineers who assisted in the construc
tion of the early ). R. & N. linos.
The deed transferring the holdings
of the Hood River Light & Bower Co.
was registered last week and the name
of tho local copany will be changed to
the Pacific Bower At Light Co.
K. A. Baker and family have moved
from the Hotel Oregon to their resi
dence at tho corner of Seventh and
Sherman streets.
N. W. Bone has begun the construc
tion of a stone and concrete resilience
on Oak street.
Leo Selling, of I'ortand, was here
Tuesday visiting Mr. and Mrs. J .11.
Lew, of this city, who recenty
purchased a mining claim in the
vicinity of Drain, for which ho paid
$1,(MH), is reported to have been offered
$10,000 for the popety.
Hr. K. S. O'Neil, a prominent cap
italist and banker of Canton, S. D. is
here visiting his friend, C. G. Pratt.
Dr. O'Neil contemplates the purchase
of a home in this city and an orchard
on which his sons, both successful den
tists of South Dakota, intend to lo
cate. Mr. Caroline Hamilton, of Albany,
one of the pioners of '47, will arrive
here next week to visit her daughter,
Mrs. C. 11. Jenkins.
F. H. Coolidge, who now occupies a
part of the large corner room of the
new Johnson building, by the arrange
ment of his shelves and cases has made
an artistic display of his stock of
The vote on the piano was light
this week, being the last of
the month, but will be
heavy next week
Mondiiy Evening, May 1, the Voles Stood as Follows:
Riptist Church 84640
Florence Carson 51751
Ollie Mayes 37030
Tressie llickox 21200
Pine Grove School 17110
Mrs. K. K. Jewel 22950
Nola Radliif 4160
Eunice Odell $
Barrett School 1000
Methodist Church 1000
Gmhtm, Oregon.
Everything guaranteed as represented.
Take Electric Car atTroutdale.
K. C. BucKlin
Blacksmith Shop
Citx and Country Patron
Twelfth Street, on the Heights
Glacier Ownership Maps.
Up to date blue print, present owner
ship maps of the llootl River valley are
for sale at the Glacier office. This map
ia in two sections, the lower and the
upper valley. It has the roads and
stream! marked and the names of land
owners written over their tracts. The
price of tho map complete ii ft. It will
be sent to any address postpaid upon
receipt of the price.
Blue Ribbon Bakery
Fresh Bread and Pastries
We are Installing a Confectionery
Department and a First-class
Quick Lunch Room.
City and Country
Patronage Solicited
I To Our Country Patrons
We now operate a country delivery service
without extra charge.
We carry a full line of Staple and Fancy Gro
ceries, Flour, Feed and all kinds of Fruits
and Vegetables in season. City orders
promptly filled and delivered.
Phone 78
Kinnaird & Kinsey
The Columbia Garage
Cor. Sixth and Columbia Streets
Automobile Supplies, Ganoline and Lubricants, Automobile Re
pHiring a Specialty. Gas and .Steam Engines Overhauled,
llicyclea Repaired, General Machine Work of
All Descriptions
ri.ono 1(H)- M
3 on Linf.vrnryiTi under!
savings Ma Vt;y u.s.govt;
1 Ii fctM jhMgj
A substantial bank account is the first step
ping stone toward success. The large number of
people in Hood River and vicinity who have ac
cumulated very satisfactory accounts shows what
can be accomplished by doing away with useless
expenditures and living within one's income. All
deposits in our savings department draw liberal
rates of interest and are protected by capital, sur
plus and stockholders' liability of $222,000.00, by
U. S. Government supervision and by the conserv
ative management of men well known in the Hood
River district for their integrity and business
ability. I
Rosea 2 years old from 30c to 75c ; 3.50 to 5.00 per dozen. We have many
of the newest ones. Shrubs and vines of all kinds. A splendid lot of Mountain
Ash, Catalpa and Poplar, 6 to 10 ft. high. A few specimens Catalpa, Hardy
Pernnials of all kinds, a fine lot of l'iones. We have plenty of Aster, I'ansv, Ger
aniums, Salvia. Cosmos. Snapdragon, Nasturtium, Lobeliu, and all kinds of
greenhouse pot plants. Choice cut flowers on hand at all times. Floral design!
a specialty. Our prices are reasonable. Pot plants at the Frnnz Hardware store.
Phone 1972 M Fletcher (EL Fletcher R. 1. Hood River
Hldx Wsnted BUIh are Invited tar 150 cords
of KlHb wood to be delivered nt the various
Hi'hool hulldlUKS In thlMjdlntrlct before Sept. 1,
I'.HI. ltuis tu oe opened May lf, lull,
Clerk of Bcliool DiBtrict No. 3.
Wanted An extra good Jereey or Guern
sey cow for fuinlly UHe. MuhI, lie young mid
heavy milker. AddrexK hiiiUhh price and
uartlcularn. O. W.J. Keckiia, l O. box 7,
Whits Halmon, Wash. Jl
Wanted Uood 'Bl.ed secondhand trunk In
rood condition, must be cheap. Write iu
Irst Instance to K. K., care Ulaoler. Jl
Wanted A man to take contract for build.
ItiK about half mile of road, f or Information
write to U. L. Madden, care Henderson &
McKay, K. I), a. Jl
Wanted Work on Hood Klver trult farm
by young man Ul years old. Accustomed to
hard work. Heference furnished If desired.
Address, Farmhand. Ulacler. Jl
Heve hard working Greek boys desire work
clearing land. Phone 308-M, or address box
7:1, Hood Klver, Oregon. Jl
Wanted Good cow. C. K. Coffin, phone
3202 M. ml8
Wanted Girl for general housework, t'has.
N.Clarke. ml8
Wanted Position by man and wife. Have
had experience in Grand . 1 unction, 1:010., or
chards. Address T. N. Iteeser, general de
livery, 1'ortlaud, Ore. mil
Wanted Children to care for by gentleman
and wife with no children. Address Mrs. M.
A. McCay. While Halmou. m-11
Wanted Good sound team, weight 2400 or
more, uaeu iai. u. f. f.mery. m-11
Wanted Position on fruit ranch by experi
enced man with family. Apply 1), 1. Uels,
box m, city. INione 2K-X. ml
WANTED TO TRAUK S1 acres within
city limits of Kennewlck, Wash.; fenced end
llumed and partly set to trees and asparagus.
Also double corner In Corhln Park neighbor
hood, Hpokane, Wash., 100x120; fair modern
two story bouse: three street car Hum within
two blocks; no Incumbrance. Will trade the
above for Improved Hood Klver orchard land.
Address owner, H27 Frederick avenue, Kpo.
kane, Wash. in4
Wanted 4 or 5 room house, well located,
furnished bouse preferred. Phone 22. G. H.
Molden, ml
Wanted to Buy Man's saddle, not heavy,
also double-barrel shot gun. Give full de
scription and lowest cash price. Address J.
B. C. care Glacier. m4
Kor Hale-Drown mare, weight llBA; has
good life lor roadster, saddle or orchard horse
Somewhat afraid of autos; might trade for
horse lady can drive or will sell for K150.
Phone 277-M. Jl
For Sale Piano. South end of Jerlco Lane,
West Side. Call any time. K. E. Matt. Jl.
Kor Hale Chickens.
rsc and 81. U). Phone
Kor Sale-Two dwellings close In, very
cutmp auu 011 lerma uae paying rem. .n
12, Uro
quire of A. C. liuck, room i
Urosius block.
Kor Hale llrown leghorn eggs for setting; of
best strain. Enquire of J. L. Carter, phone
'"i m. mis
Kor Hale A pony and Berkshire boar. O.
C. Easterly, phone 1S12 K. ml8
For Sale Hay gelding, 6 years old, weight
about 1150, perfectly sound. E. II. Pllson,
For Sale A new one-horse Mllburu wagon,
harness and saddle, will sell cheap If taken
at once, l'houe 2152 M. ml8
Kor Hale or Kent-Two 4-room cottages, also
furnished rooms. Mrs. 11. J. Fredericks,
phone 6d M. 111I8
For Sale Because of sickness In the family
I have decided to sell out the well established
Rock ford store, doing a general mercantile
business in the best community in the Hood
Klver Valley. Will sell the stock at Invoice
and rent the buildings, or will sell the wbole
thing at a bargain. K. orayford, R. V. No. 3,
Hood River, U1I8
For Hale At a bargain by owner, corner
lot 90x110 feet; 6 room plastered bouse, built
In buffet, all In good condition, corner May
street and Park ave. Call at residence. m!8
Kor Hale For $15.00. Showcase as good as
new at Taft Transfer Co., 3rd street. 111 1
Wanted To exchange, almost new 3";.in.
tire Hchuttler wagon tor good 2',-ln. tired
wagon. Phone red 203 L. ml8
For Hale Five acres near I'arkdale, set to
good commercial apples, 1250 per acre. Also
five-acre tracts uncleared at 12& per acre.
Uood soil: fine mountain view; easy terms.
Owner. Address F., Glacier. m!8
For Hale Columbia graphaphone in first
class order, also records at half price. Phone
210 X. ml8
For Hale We are now In a position to fur.
nlsli rough und dressed lumber of the vari
ous kinds. Apple boxes and strawberry
crates tor this season. Orders will be
Srotuptly filled. 1', miles southeast of Park,
ale. Hay & Wieiul, Parkdale, Ore. a27tf
For Hale One brown horse about 1900 lbs.
gentle, doea not scare at autos, works single
or double. Prlee reasonable. Phone M Odell
or address O. L. W. ml
Fur Hale-Forty acres red shot soil, 9 miles
from Hood Klver, less than 1 mile from Sum
mit Htation, on the Mt. Hood K. R.,2 acres
cleared with bearing home orchard. acre
vineyard, 10 acres slashed, easy clearing, fine
springs, new rough bouse, log barn. Fine
view of valley, river and mountains. Ideal
home and first-class Investment. Write own
er for price and terms. P. (. box 3:13. Hood
River, Ore. tf
For Hale One 1200 pound horse, 7 years old,
sound and true, also i old horse cheap. Phone
210-X, Custer Bros. ml
For Hale About 100 yellow Newtown trees,
prime stock, 4 to 6 feet. Being unable to
piani mis spring, ana Having mem on nana,
win uispose 01 mem. w. a. uockidhii,
Odell 117.
For sale-Donkey engine. 9x11, 1110 feet and
I Inch main line, 2UU0 feet trip line, block!
and all necessary equipment for Immediate
use. For quick sale II0U0 cash. Joseph If.
Thompson, I'arkdale. tf
Kor Sale 120 acres, 40 miles east of Portland
and miles of Butler on the North bank road
Fine fruit land and much of It ready for toe
Slow. Kor details, address or call on J. C,
kelton, Butler, Wash. mO f
For Bale-Fully equipped Hwlnson No. -2
grubbing machine. Phone Odell 2X5 mil
Lost Black overcoat near Tucker'a bridge.
Phone 277-M. mil
For Sale Party going away, two bed com
plete, good as new, and different household
goods. Also kodak 5x7 with tripod. Apply
Karstedt, 214 Fourth street cor. State. mil
For Hale Hotel. For a short time I will
offer my 20 room house, well furnished, with
two lots and outbuildings; no competition;
good business, but on account of other Inter
ests wish to go out of the business. Addresa
Mary V. Olsen, Underwood, Wash. m2&
Our stock ot barred Plymouth rocks are the
best we have ever had. Specially selected
and mated. The roosters are something
grand. The hens are well marked, good In
shape and the color cannot be beat. If you
want to Improve your stock, get the best,
which Is the cheapest. Eggs In two setting
lots r.'.SO. Phone 183.X. Kockrord Poultry
Yards, Hood Klver. m4
For Hale Eggs from the following peni for
sale Black Minorca.Plymoulb Kock, Brown
Leghorns and Rhode Island Reds. Phone
2122-L. W.H.Cory. tf.
HAY AND OATS for sale, Kelly Broi.
phone 19121.. tf
For Sale Alfalfa and wheat bay; delivered.
S. J. Frank, K. V. I). No. 3. dltf
For Sale A trap seat snney, good as new;
repainted: only used lightly one year. 8n
same at old Armory, or call up Dr. Brosius,
phone 12. Cost price 1170, Sale price 1185. mil
For Hale Piano tor a very small sum. One
of the very finest instruments made. Bee It
at once. V. E. Matt, south end Jerlco Lane,
West Hide. m-11
For Hale Twin Oaks farm. 43 acre. Tbli
Is one of the few desirable locations now left
for sale along the river front. Within 80 rods
of the town limits. Address the owner, 8. V.
Blythe, Hood Klver. m-11
For Hale-80 acres unimproved, near Pine
Grove store. Will sell cheap If taken soon.
Mrs. Ida Van Allen, K. D. 1, box 64. Tele
phone 2US3-K. m-ll
For Hale Rubber tired buggy, used four
months. Price 55. Inquire of C. P. Root,
Hotel Oregon. m.ll
For Sale Allalfa and wheat bay. Two
sound young horses, broke single or double.
Three mile out, in Barnett district, phone
L. Ralph Hlnrlchs. tf
For Rent Desirable offices In the new
Hellbronner Building. These are the best
appointed offices in the city. Get a com
fortable office and watch your business
grow, tat J. H. HEILBKONNKK, Owner.
For Kent-Furnished flat. Inquire of J. h.
Henderson, Incorporated, m4
Found Friday, April 2N, on the Heights a
gold ring. Owner may have same by crlllng
at this office. Identifying same and paying
for this adv. U
Found Small gold watch. Owner will re
ceive watch at Glacier office by Identifying
same and paying tor this ady. tf
lwt child's brown astrakan coat while
making the circle Sunday. Phone 323-M. Jl
lxst Gold chain necklace with pendant
attached with small diamond In center.
Kinder please leave at Glacier office and re
ceive reward. m4
Lost Between Park Su, school and O. k
Claim's residence. Spring Number of Teach,
era Every Day Plans. Finder please leave at
Fourth Grade room, Park St., building and re.
celve reward. mi
Bee keepers and orcbadlsts If you are In
terested In bees or need supplies It will pay
you to call and talk over the subject with me
Will give you bargains In early orders. W
W. Dakin, 1205 7th St. Hood River, Ore. tf.
Vminri PnH.Mnl,li,tn.Mln
have same by proving property and paying
for this notice. D. McDonald.
Lost Opal pendant, triangular In shape,
probably lost at Butler bank corner. Leave
at Ulacler office tor reward or telephone
1W2-K m-11
For Hale As 1 have purchased an auto
truck to deliver and haul my goods I now
offer my team of dark brown mares for sale.
They are well matched, good drivers, work
anywhere, are kind and gentle, age and 10,
weight 1030 each. Will sell at a sacrifice. t-SO
with a new set of breaking harness. Rock
ford Store, phone 133-X. mt