The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 23, 1911, Image 7

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Makes the most nutri
tious food and the most
dainty and delicious.
Absolutely Pure
The only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
No fussing or fretting over
the biscuit-making. Royal
is the aid to many a
cook's success.
Royal Cook Bool 800 Receipts Free. Send Name and Aiireu.
Sunday evening with special music,
talks, etc. Mabel Kemp, leader. Ser
vices Tby Rev. Crenshaw next Sunday
evening following the C. E. meeting.
Miss Ethelwyn Albright is visiting
relatives in Portland.
Mrs. W. B. Allen returned last week
from a short stay in Indianapolis.
Mr. Armstrong and family arrived
here Friday fivm Kansas and are the
guests of J. I. Miller.
Ed. Bowman arrived here last week
from Cincinnatti for a short visit with
his brother, J. C. Bowman.
W. P. Vinina and family, who have
been located on Mid Oaks Farm, owned
by Geo. W. Simons, departed last week
for Portland where they will locate.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newhall, of
Hood River, spent Sunday with Miss
Gerturde Irwin, on Allegheny Orchards.
Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Young and son
Hail spent last week in Portland.
R. E. Miller attended Farmer's week
at Corvallis last week.
Mrs. Neil and baby have been
seriously ill but are now improving.
Mrs. Tilson has been caring for the
sick and Miss Taylor has been house
keeper for the family during their
H. Ii. Kingsbury has sold to Apple
Land and Orchard Co. 160 acres on
Odell Heights.
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan have moved
from the Bowerman home to C. T.
Roberts' place in Pine Grove. Mr.
Duncan will be in the employ of Mr.
The ladies of the M. E. society of
Odell invite the lades of Odell and
vicinity to an afternoon tea to- be
given at the home ot Mrs. T. W.
Atkinson Friday, February 24, from 2
to 5 P. M.
An entertainment will be given by
Odell school Friday, March 4. Com
plete announcement in next week's
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Eggert will soon
enjoy a pleasant, comfortable new
home as Chas. Ehrck is advertising for
bids for the construction of an eight
room house, concreted basement and
many conveniences.
After several months spent in the
East Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Pilson have
returned to their home in Odell.
C. P. Knapp has sold to Henry May,
of Wisconsin, the tract lying one half
mile east of Odell. Mr. May is a
friend of E. T. Hull and he expects to
be at home in Odell within one month.
Mrs. L. T. Stephenson returned
Saturday from a week' visit with her
parents at Camas, Wash. Mr. Stephen
son's father, L. C. Stephenson, of
Camas, accompanied Mrs. Stephenson
home and will visit his son at the cot
tage of the Home Tel. Co.
Members of the school and a few
friends enjoyed a pleasant evening at
the home of Rev. and Mrs. T. W.
Atkinsn Tuesday evenng, February 14.
L. A. E. Clark returned home from
IStanfield, Oregon, Saturday evening.
He left for Mosier Monday morning
and will prune a 40 acre orchard for
Mrs. Jennie DeBussey. He will then
go to The Dalles where he will prune
for the Stadelman Ice Co. and perhaps
Louis Rhoades is home from a
week's stay at Corvallis.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Thomson, of The
Paris Fair, spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. W. O. Ash.
Mrs. C. C. Masiker is visiting her
mother at Columbus, Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. McCoy. Miss
Delia Rusn, Miss Susie Crapson, Mrs.
Sarah E. Tousey and M. Hawthorne
attended the Hubbard lecture in Hood
River Monday evening.
A petition is being circulated asking
that the name of the post olhce, New
town, be changed to Odell.
JC. M. Davenport, of Arizona, is here
tor a visit with his brother, H. ft
Davenport, and hiis father.
Mrs. Henry Hickox and children
visited Mrs. G. E. Boweiman a few
days this week.
Now while as correspondent i. am
perfectly willing to note entertain
ments of any form 1 decidedy draw the
line at notices such as appeared in last
week's notes where 1 appeared to com
mand attendance at a dance to be
given at Pine Grove and wish all to
understand that I had not the slightest
knowledge of the item in question until
friends called my attention to its ap
perance in the part assigned to Odell.
2 Rev. Crenshaw dealt with the story
of the Samaritan in his sermon bun
day and as is usual with his .sermons
this one showed depth of thought and
thorough knowledge of the scriptures
and their application to our own lives
The executive committee of Odell
Sunday school met Sunday afternoon
and outlined plans for improving Jour
already enthusiastic bunday school. A
music committee was appointed and a
regular Jchoir will be organized. A
decoration committee was also appoint
ed to attend to proper decorations each
Sunday. Flowers and such decorations
as Nature provides will be selected in
their season. Another feature that has
not been a part of Odell Sunday school
heretofore! will be added, viz: a
Cradle Roll. The Sunday school is
also planning for an elaborate Easter
A very interesting C. E. meeting last
The sister of E. L. Dart arrived Sun
day morning from Colorado Springs.
She will remain here throughout the
G. Sarirent has a new bull nun with
legs and feet of the old time style.
From the way G. is drilling him he
will soon be ready for the Dog Charge
F. L. Dean has purchased a small
horse to match the pony already owned
by him. It is a handsome new pair.
Mrs. Brayford shipped some of her
famous Plymouth Rock eggs to Beaver
ton, Oregon, last Monday for setting
It is time the President of the Mer
chant's Association got a move on him,
as no meeting or business has been
conducted for three months. We have
a record fordoing things at Hood River.
Get a move on Carl or call on the vice
L. S. Johnson is clearing and cutting
wood on his ten acre I tract west of
C. Wallace is completing the car
penter work and painting his little
Mrs. C. E. Thompson, who lives near
the Valley Christian church, was taken
to a Portland hospital Sunday and
operated on for a tumor in the head.
We are informed that the operation
was successful.
The Rockford Store
We fall your special attention
to a lew prices, we cannot
enumerate all as our Store
is stocked and ware
house full
Best Flour, ier sack 81,25
Best Flour. ier bbl
Cane Sngur, per sack ."
Lard, the best on the market, B ib.
nnilM.. VC
(iood Breakfast Bacon, per lb S.e iii.r II, 22c
Clothespins, per doz .lc
Rolled Uats, per sacK c
Our Tinware, Granitware, Crock -
eryware, Glassware and Hardware
are Special Prices.
Ladies' and Childrens' Underwear,
Shoes, Hats and Caps at Cost.
Give us a call and we will convince you
(Sear Barrett Schoolhouse)
Free Delivery PHONE 1S3X
Rev. Crenshaw will hold services
usual next Sunday morning.
The Ladies Aid social of last Friday
evening was well attended, the society
netting a nice sum.
The basket social given under the
auspices of the Grange Tuesday even
ing was very successful.
The Memorial service of Frances E,
Willard was observed as announced
previously, meeting with Mrs. Hunt.
A pleasant company was in attendance
and shared in the program for the
Do not forget the fine impersonation
at the Grange Hall March 4, the last
the series.
Ammond Davis, accompanied by his
mother, Mrs. J. S. Davis, left tor the
Willamette Valley isaturday.
Mr. Marks' people are entertaining
company from North Dakota this
J. G. Jarvis and wife returned from
Washougal Monday'afternoon.
A. I. Mason returned from his trip
to Salem and Corvallis last week. Joy
Mason is spending a ten days' vacation
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Dr. visited the home folks
this week.
Mr. Peters, who has been taking
short term at Jorvallis, returned last
The Ladies Aid society will meet
with Mrs.E.JE. Lage Friday afternoon
of this week.
An attack of the grip is often M lotted
by a percjatent cough, which to many
proves a great annoyance. Chamber
lain's CouU Remedy has been exten
ively, used aivl with good success Jfor
the relief aui .re after all other rem
edies failed. Sold ly all dealers. '
Notice of Sale of Water Bonds
Nntira In hiM-phv mven iminuant to order of
1 1. p Common Council of lue City of Hooil Kiv
er, Oregon, that Healtd proposals for the pur-
cuase ot sau.uw oi mix loexewu mx per erm.
walr bondH of the City of Uoorl River w ill tie
received by the uudeiulgnecl Recorder of wild
CltyatblHomeeln tloou Kiver, uiiKttn. ironi
1 he ante oi mis nonce up w n u mum uj
the 4th dHV of April, mil. 8hIi1 bonds will he
dated the 1st day of July, Ml, and become
rlim tlilrtv vearn after dat: provided, how
ever, that the City of Hood River shall itnil
does renerve luno iiscii me opium w utkt up
aud pay ott all ol said bonds at ten or twenty
yenrB trier uaie, en me uiuuin nimu nn-i,
I'mixwaU to buv said boudti will be opened
and considered by the Common Council on
tue4tli day ol April, mi, iu a o ciock noon 01
saldday. Said bonds will bear Interna at the
rate ol not. to exceed six per cent, per
annum, lutetest payable hall yearly, bolh
principal aud Interest payable at the
option of the purchaser, either In the
' liy OI l., ivii iu-
nols.orat Iheoltteeof thd Treasurer of tin
City of Hood Klvcr, Oregon, and said bonds
shall be Usued III deuouitualious of from JHHJ
to Sl.UUO as the purchaser may desire. All
bids must be accompanied by a certltlnl
check In the sum of I1.UU payable to the city
of Hood River, Oregon, which sum shall be
forleited to said city as nquiuaieu aaiiinge n
i h hldrir shall fail to complete the murhase
ot said bonds, they being legally Issued. The
t.llyot liiKMl Kiver win wiuiiii iuicen uv
after awarding said bonds to any purchaser,
furnish to said purchaser a certified copy of
oi all the proceedings leading up U said bond
Issue, and the purchaser will be required toex
amine and pass upon said proceedings as to
their legality within thirty days from the re
ceipt of said transcript. The Common Coun
cil reserve the right to leject any aud all bids;
said bonds will be sold to the highest respon
sible bidder thereof Tor cash.
The foregoing bonds are to be issued by the
Common council or said City by virtue of and
under the authority of au Aft of the Legisla
tive Assembly of tlie Htat of Oregon entitled
"An Act to Incorporate the City of Hood Kiver
mid to nrovlde a Charier therefor, and to de-
line Its Kiwers," approved by the Oovernorof
Ihe Stale ol oregou on me until uay oi reiiru
nry, UKil, and s amended by a special Act of
tile Legislative Asseinuiy oi uie niaie oi me.
gon eutltled, "All Act to amend Sections ),
ui. 94. 9:1. 94. 95 and lit! of an act entitled. An
Act to Incorporate the City of Hood Kiver
and to provide a cnsrier inert-tor aim in nc.
tine ltd powers', approved Keb. 2M, 1MI , and lo
provide for the construction, repairing mid
iavliur down of all necessary sewers and
drains of a capacity suIUcieut to provide for a
complete system of sewers of a whole or any
part of the City ot Hood Kiver, and to provide
tor Issuing bonds of said City lor such pur
pose and other purposes," approved by ihe
Governor and tiled in the office of the Hecre
lary of State February fi, llM.'i. aud as further
amended by an Initiative measure submitted
lo the qualified electors of said city by resolu.
lion of the Common Council thereof, dated
January lit. ItHiU. to amend Sections lirj and 11
of said act, approved by majority vote of the
qualltied electors oi saia city at a special
election held In said city on the i'lth day of
March, 19UV. Said bonds shall be known as
"Water Honda of the C'ily of Hood Rlv r, Ore
gon," aud are lo be issued lor the purpose ol
raising money Willi which to pay the costs
and expense that maybe incurred by said
city in purchasing, constructing nml equip
ping a complete municipal water system for
the citizens of the City of Hood River, Oregon,
and vicinity.
This notice Is published In the Hood River
(1 lacier, a newspaper of general circulation In
Hood River, Oregon, fin sixty lull days prior
to the date ol opening hi. for t he purchase
ot said bonus, the dale ol Hie nrsi publication
thereof being the ind day of February, hill,
and said notice will be published for at least
one Issue prior to Hie iIhI- of opening bids for
the purchase or said bonds, in a financial
uewspaiajr published In the City of New York
II. K. I.ANIill.l.K,
Recorder ol the City of Hood River,
r) CwjiMnmiMMLJ -"'' 5 iiiiii 111"? C
y we
Orders a teaspoonful of medicine. Which tea
spoon will you use the large or small one? If
you use the large you may get an overdone, or
much more than was intended, and be very
harmful to you. If you use the small, you may
' get no beneficial results then blame the doctor.
An absolutely accurately graduated medicine glass to each customer having
his prescriptions filled here. Wl'i you measure a teaspoonful in this, you get
sixty drops just what the doctor ordered. Your physician recommends tum
Reliable Druggists fl
W. F. Laraway
Doctor of
Over 30 years' ex
perience. Eyes Tested and
Glasses Ground
Reference: Over 2.000 fitted in Hood River,U.S.A.
Notice of Improvement of Columbia Street
Notice Is hereby given pursuant to rvsolu.
Hon of the Common Council of the c ity of
Hood Kiver. Oregon, aud Ordinance o
Missed the Common Council on the 91 u dav of
January, 1H11, and approved by the mavor on
the lh day of January, Ml, providing forthe
Improvement of Columbia Htreet from its in.
terscction with the west lineor Seventh street
along I 'oluuihia St. west to the east line of
Thirteenth St., except that port Ion of the street
lu trout ol lots 9. Hi, and 11, lil.u k t. Waucoma,
lots ;i, west ao feel, and 4, block h, lilvervluw
I'sik Addn.; lots JP, ill, IP, and is. blm k 6,
Itivervlew Park Addition, for all of which
permits have been granted, that bids
will be received by the undersigned City
Hecorderat hisotllee lu Smith block In said
city up to and Including Ihe th day of
February, lyll, lor the improvement of said
street by grading snme to I he established grade
and bv constructing cement curbs along Ihe
curb lines of said stris-t In accordance with
t tie specifications Included In Sections i!t to Jti
inclusive of General ordinance No. p.u of the
City of Htxid Kiver, Oregon, providing for the
manner of such Improvement. The work will
be let iuseparatecontrsclsanii shall be requir
ed to he complex d wit bin mi days of the duleol
awarding the contracts. Said bids will be
opened bv the street Committee as soon as
i't'iu'1 h'nbio after the time fixed for receiving
lililv, and the several bids, together with the
summary thereof, will tic reported to the
Common Council at Its next regular meeting
therea'ter, to-wlt, on I he ;J7th day of February,
HU1, at the City Hall, In ald city, at which
time said bids will be considered.
Notice is further given llial any interested
party may tile his objection to the letter of
said contract within the time sp eliled lor re
ceiving bids, aud Unit the same win tie trans
mitted to the City Council along Willi said
bids for their consideration at said meeting.
'Hie person, tirni or coriorallon to whom the
contracts are let will be required to enler Into
sn agreement to the etlecl unit said contrac
tor shall look alone for payment for material
and work to such particular portion of the
fund to be assessed upon the property liable
lo pay for such improvement and paid Into
the City Treasury for that purose, as shall be
assessed to the property lu front of which and
lo the charge of which a particular part of the
improvement to be done by the successiui
Itinera Is to be matte and collected alio paid
into the City Treasury, and such contractor
hall In no event remure me city ol lusni
Kiver or any of Its otllcers or agents to pay
Ihe ssme, except out of audi particular por
t Ion of said hinds so assessed or collected into
Ihe City Treasury, and lor audi portion of
said Improvement, nor seek to enforce pay.
nienioi tne same or any pari inerem against
he city ot tttmd Kiver or any oi us omcers
bv any legal priteess or otherwise, except out
I Mien particular fund, said worn 10 im?
iono lu accordance w - It Ik said Ordinance Nu.
'A IK and General Improvement ordinance No.
Ii4 ol the City of hood Kiver, Oregon.
All bids must slate opisisite to each tract or
bliH k bid upon, price lor each class ot work
separately er cubic yard. No bids will be
received which specify more than one price
lor each class ol work chargeable to one diock
In length. A bond for the faithful perform.
am I the contract to such amount as tne
Ciiuiiell may determine will tie required of
Ihe successful bidder, tne Council reserving
the right to rt'leet any and all bids.
D tied and tlrst published February 9, hill.
II. II. 1,ANG1I,I,K,
fii-flB city Kecorder.
and our willingness to co-operate withjjour
patrons in the development of their business
should have your consideration and attention.
You can "bank on" our willingness and
ability to assist you in every way consistent
with safe, sound banking. Whether your
account be large or small we shall apperciate
your patronage.
We shall be pleased to have YOU open an
aecount with us.
Capital and Surplus $122,000.00
First National Bank
In Ihe Circuit Court of the Slate of Oregon, fot
Hood Kiver Count v
J M. Wright, plaintiff, v. W. .1. Knight and K.
H Shaw, defendau's.
To W J. Kulghi mid Hi It Shaw, defendants:
In the naiiiBof thestaieof O'egon: You are
liereb required lo apiear and answer the
complaint filed agnlnsi loll in Ihe above en
titled suit on or before the expiration of six
weeks from the dale of the tlrst publication
ol'thls summons as hereafter slated, and II
you fall so lo answer, for want theieof the
plaintiff wi II apply to the Court.
I n si: For liiilguif nl ngi'lnst you In the sum
ol 8 isti .s with interest thereon at the rale ol
six pe cent, per annum, Ironi Ihe ;i-t tiny of
Septi iiiber, lMill; for the sum of f I 'M lecnitllng
fees; i.-r the furl her sum ol $.iti lib as attorney s
lees in the above entitled sull, and for his
costs ami disbursements made and expended
Second: For a decree of this Court foreelos
fug a cerain lien dtttetl September :id, IvlO,
II led September M, IMO, In the olllce of the
County Clerk of iltsat Hlver t'ounty, Oregon,
and recorded in Hook One of the Records of
Mechanic's I. lens, on page 1WI, and directing
that the dwelling house therein mentioned,
together with a space UK) feel si mure, with
said house as a center surrounding same, tf
gellier with a roadway, IK) feet wide, leading
west to the public highway, be soltt on execu
tion, according to law anil the practice ot this
Court, and that the proceeds ol mien sale be
applied tlrst to the costs ami expenses of mak
ing such sale and second to the payment of
the amount due the plaintiff on account of
said lien, together, with Interest, the amount
for recording aud tiling said lien, fcill.ou as at
torney's lees aud the costs uiiaI disbursements
ot this suit.
Thud: For a decree directing the Sheriff of
said County and Stale lo execute a deed for
said property on the sale of same, and that
the purchaser thereof be entitled lo the pos
session of said premises on production uf said
Fourth For Mich other and further relief
In the premises as the "otirl may deem equit
able. You are hereby served by publication of
this summous In accordance with an order
made by the County Judgcol Hood KlverCo.,
Oregon, herein ou the Hh day of Feb.llill.
which order prescribes that you shall appear
and answer said complaint on or beiore the
expiration of all weeks from the (latent the
Itrst publication hereol. The date of the first
publication Is Feb. , I'll I.
inar-'il Attorney lor l'lalntlfl'.
;H I.-I--l- l -I- I--I--t I-I M-M-M-H. t ...r.-i.HH.H-W--i"H-H"H"H"I"!-r-Hi--H-:
f 'i-Jiiili!
before you prepare it,
and tastes better after
you cook it, is the ver
dict of all who buy their
meats here. If you want
A Savory Roast
let us pick you out one. 'Twill be so tender and de
liciously good that you'll surely trade here regularly
That means a saving in expense, too, as our
meats, although best, are lowly priced.
Investigate GRESHAM, Oregon, Before You Buy
CRE5II AM is lorutwl l'l miles eimt of l'tirtlttml I'oHtutlice
H cai'lipd bv two elnrtrio suburban lilies with iiilvtintaiiHS of lilit nml power
E It'ctrie car from Portland every hour. Take ear at Kiret ami Alder SIh.
S oil of the very best, initfiition not neeeHsary
Huh splendid hinh school, and water from Portland's famous liull Knn system
At the doorway of one of the World's Oreatest Markets
Many miles of the best macadamized automobile roads
We have listed for sale many nice properties which can he pur
chased on favorable terms. These will double in a short time.
Smith Land Co. -
The Approach 0 Spring
Finds us with many articles which we find it desirable to reduce
or close out before the arrival of our new spring goods. All good
merchandise, and at prices which should induce you to buy liberally.
Pop-corn, the kind that pops. Special the
pound 5c
White Wonder Soap, a white laundry soap, and
a bargain at the price, 6 for 25c
Regular 5c per tablet, both note and letter size,
'special while they last, 2 for 5c
Globe Harness Oil, aegular 40c seller end an ex
cellent oil, softens and blackens the leather,
will not rub off. Special per pint can 25c
Household Lubricant, small funnel oil can filled
with a fine grade of oil for sewing machines,
bicycles, etc., very handy for the home, regu-
lar 15c value. Special 10c
Rice Fiber Brooms, an excellent broom for the
money. Only a few left at the price 25c
Fig Prune Cereal, regular 25c value, now 2()c
Our annual invoice showed we had too much
baking powder on hand and we are going to put
several well known brands on the bargain coun
ter and sell them regardless of cost. If you want
some good baking powder far below the regular
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Sweaters, Wool Shirts
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