The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 23, 1911, Image 6

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hoes for Ladies and
ow Here
Part shipment of our Ladies' Utz & Dunn Shoes has already arrived and more are expected soon. At present we are in shape to
show you some of the newest and nobbiest styles of the coming season. Our line consists of Exclusive Dressy Lasts and perfect fits for
every foot. If you have any difficulty m getting a perfect fit come to our store in the morning. After an ill-fitting shoe has pinched or
spread your foot out of shape, a night's rest has allowed it to resume its natural shape. Then we can guarantee a good fit from the ex
tensive line of shoes we carry in stock. Satisfaction is first caused by style and comfort but the kind of satisfaction that lasts long enough
to cause the customer to call again is caused by the Quality and general Solid Construction of a shoe that gives it
Durability and Long Life. Our shoes are famed the world over for their good Wearing Qualities.
"Happiness comes through making others happy." That's why we always wear a smile when we sell Utz & Dunn shoes, and they give so
much comfort and genuine satisfaction that one cannot help being happy. We want a chance to cause you to smile by trying on your foot a pair
of our spring shoes.
Is where a woman's foot rests while wearing our "Acme" Cushion Sole Shoes. They are comfortable from the first time you put them on. Com
fort absolutely guaranteed. No pinching.
For Lively
We sell the underwaists that eight
out of ten children wear, if they wear
any underwaists at all. That's the
Nayareth Waist. The best made
and the beet wearing children's knitted
waists to be found anywhere. The fa
bric is elastic; plenty of freedom; no binding of tender muscles; porus, too. Air enters row after
row of little holes and absorbes perspiration. Fitted with tapes that carry the weight of the outer
garments directly from the shoulders. No pulling on the growing frame where it should not be.
We carry a full line of the well known Nayareth Waists and Nayareth Union Suits. The
best made and most servicable knit garments for boys and girls, ages 1 to 13. Price 20c.
Our Bargain Basement
Is still the headquarters for the greatest bargains this season has ever known.
We still have some of the Undermuslins that are astonishing in their values.
The prices still continue as last Saturday, in five different lots.
Lot 1, 25c
Lot 2, 50c
Lot 3, 75c
Lot 4,$1.00
Lot 5, $1.25
Women who demand quality in the goods they buy in these lines will be highly
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those paid for the goods of inferior grades sold elsewhere. If you Look at
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Men's Hats
We would like to have you call and see
what a splendid line of Men's Hats we are showing. We have almost any style for color
you could desire and the quality is guaranteed to be the very best to be found for the money.
Any hat in the house for
Choic? $3.00 Each
We Guarantee Our
We wish to emphasize the fact that we guarantee everyone of our Kingsbury Hats to give
perfect satisfaction and to absolutely hold its shape. Any hat in the house-spring styles all
here for
choice $3.00 Eirn;
"No one in in position to foitcll tlx?
extent of tlie influx of capital anil de
sirable settlers into the Pacific slope
country iih the result of the Nati il
Apple Shown in Spokane mid ('hicago,
last fall, but it in not over -stating it to
nay that every district in bound to re
ceive a humlrcil-foM for every dollar
expended in making the expositions
what they were. The shows confirmed
the reports given in print or by word
of mouth of the marvelous develop
ment of the apple growing indutsry
and the rapid and substantial strides
made in the Northwest."
The foregoing is a portion of an ox
stensive editorial devoted to the
National Apple Show in the February
issue of the Southern Fruit drown',
published at Chattanooga, Term.
"1'erhaps the most significant result
of the two apple shows," the writer
adds, "is the wide-spread attention at
tracted to the commercial orchard dis
tricts of Washington. Oregon, Idaho,
Montana anil P.ritish Columbia. The
expositions were gratil'yingly success
ful and, taken in all, it was the best
exploitation the apple ever had, next
to the story of its first appearance in
the (iardon of Kilen. Moreover, the
people of tin; Mississippi valley country
and the stales to the east, south and
north have better acquaintance with
the apple belts of the Northwestern
and Pacific states than ever lie fore.
"The Chicago show, which was in
stalled in the First Regiment Armory,
was attended mostly by men and
women who have money to invest ami
others who are looking for homes in
the country. The carlot displays, win
ners; of the chief prizes at the
Spokane show, headed by the grand
championship ear, exhibited by C. II.
Sprout, of Hood River, Oregon, were
viewed with interest by thousands,
who marveled at the color, size and
uniformity of the fruit : but it is con
ceded that the district booths were the
cent ;rn of attraction, largely because
of the fact that spectators were able
to grasp the extent and importance ot
the fruit-growing industry in the
Western states, through having the
evidence in concrete form before them
and listening to the talks by growers."
Having secured (lie services of an expert sheet metal
worker, weare prepared lo handle in the best, possible
Sheet Metal Work
Automobile Ponders
Tanks and any class of Sheet
Sheet Metal Work
R. D. Gould, Plumber
Hood River, Oregon
An Incident That Enraged the Actor
and Amused the Audience.
Some years ago a melodrama was
being performed In a country theater,
the chief actor In which bad made
himself, from Ids haughty and over
bearing conduit, disliked by all. In
I he last scene he was supposed to
vlil I lie tombs of bis ancestors. In
the cent er of the stage upon a marble
pedestal stood the statue of his father.
A heavy fold of frnpery covered the
figure. Knler Albert, who thus ad
dressed the stilt ue:
"I am here once again to gaze upou
those features which In life so often
looked on me with temlerest affection.
Father, thy mourning son now comes
to pay thee adoration. Lot me re
move the veil which from the vulgar
gaze shields the beloved Image of n
once dear parent!"
OIT went the drapery, and. behold,
there was disclosed the statue of the
father gracefully standing upon Its
The effect cannot lie described. It
was electric. The shouts of laughter
which followed the mistake of the su
per effectually put au end to the
scene, which changed to the next ns
quickly as possible amid the Jeers of
the uudlonce, the h tiger of the mana
ger nud the uncontrollable rage of tlio
actor. London Telegraph.
Mrs. Amanda Taylor left Monday for
four month's visit to Wasco, Spokane
and Seattle.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Siseel, of Wasco,
who have been visiting; the family of
their nephew, Hubbard Taylor, re
turned home Monday.
The Modern Woodmen have im
proved their property on Twelfth
Street by building a new board side
walk and trimming the trees on the
Henry Shields has remodeled the in
terior of his house near the end of
Mrs. Glenn Gillett is visiting Mr.
and Mrs, U. 1'. Christie.
The Men's League, of the Baptist
church, and the Push Club held a joint
meeting last Thursday night at the
reading room of the church and dis
cussed the proposed annexation to the
city that part of the Heights in the
vicinity of the ball park. It was fav
ored by all present.
At the regular weekly meeting held
Friday night in the Gill basement the
the Heights Push Club appointed
a committtee to secure some one to
remove the garbage from The Heights,
The present facilities for fighting fire
were discussed. It was suggested at
the meeting that the club co-operate
with the Baptist church and Becure a
bell to be used jointly by the church
and the fire department.
A. Whitehead whs n cnieut nf Rnhort
Tazwell Sunday.
fancy r.lhott is about the proudest
little fellow in this neck of the woods,
having killed a coyote with a 22, Sat
urday, while out by himself on the
bluffs back of Mr. Colton's place.
Miss Emma Noble gave a valentine
party last Tuesday evening to a crowd
of her young friends. A merry time
was enjoyed by all.
The la grippe has a fine hold on a
goodly number of the people at Ruth
ton. Among those confined to the
house are Mr. and Mrs, John Dicken
son, Florence La Mar, Mrs. Chas.
John McCustian had a serious attack
of heart trouble Saurday. He is at
present with his sister, Mrs. Will Bar
ton, of Hood River.
Miss Nina Noble gave a linen shower
to her friend, Miss Lizzie Eby, Satur
day afternoon. The afternoon was
merrily spent in chatting and partak
ing of a dainty lunch served by Miss
Noble and Mrs. Wm. Trigg. Miss Eby
received many beautiful pieces of
linen. Beside the young friends of the
bride-elect her mother, Mrs. Will Eby
and mother-to-be, Mrs. O. Eastman,
were present. We will tell the rest
next week.
0. A. C. Club Organizts.
The Hood River O. A. C. Club com
pleted its organization at a meeting
Saturday afternoon. A constitution
was adopted and the following officers
elected: -President, R. A. McCully;
vice president, Mrs. Koy Brock ; sec
retary and treasurer, C. K. Galligan.
The club will have a charter roll of
about 25 members, the majority of
whom are graduates of the college.
Similar clubs are being organized in
nearly every county of the state for
the purpose of assisting the alumni
association in its work.
If Dean Cordley and other members
of the O. A. C. faculty can so arrange
their time during the Institute in
March, they will be the guests of
honor at a "College Evening" given
bv the club. The rloh ia nlai m.l..L
oring to have the 0. A. C. Glee Club
make Hood River a visit during their
tour in April.
hotel and Kreps has three ribs broken.
Another passenger escaped unhurt, but
the big stage was completely demolished.
Two Injured in Runaway.
A dispatch from White Salmon to
Tuesday's Journal says that a broken
line enabled the leaders of the White
Salmon-Glenwood stage to successfully
jacknife on the Jlriver, caused a runa
way which threw Robert Chubb, a
passenger for Laurel, head first onto a
rockpile, and Dick Kreps, the driver,
on to the running gear, his life being
saved by the vehicle striking a tree.
Chubb is in a serious condition at the
Doesn't Require Magto.
Closeflst I saw n magician last night
who made ten dollar bills disappear us
though they had never existed.
Rpendlt-Huh! I can do that. Phila
delphia Record.
Territorial (his first eiperlence as
sentry, going over bis Instructions)-If
any one comes along I say: "Haiti
Who goes there?" Then he says.
"Friend," and I say, "Pass, friend;
all's well." But some silly ass'H say,
"Enemy," and then I shau't know
what to do. Rotten Job, 1 call 1L-Puneh.
Indignant. ,
The mayor of a small town bad come
to Leipzig to see the fair. A stranger
who bad lost his way asked him,
"Pray, good honesi man. what Is the
Dame of this street'?"
"I am not a good honest man," said
the former; "1 am the mayor of Mar-bura."
Job Printing at the Glacier office.
The Purity Dairy Co.
Yours for prompt service and
Good Milk
A Deadly Verbal Insult That Will
Render Him Speechless.
A discreet knowledge of slang Is a
very useful accomplishment for the
etrauger er the foreign resident lu
Purls. Thus If a cabiuun Is rudo or
more than usually extortionate or If
He splashes you with mud from bend
to foot as he passes aud then turns
iltround to grin at the damage- done,
and .'ocbeis frequently do these things,
an Inadequate command of tho nice
ties of the Trench languago leaves nil
the advantages on tils side.
You might call him "Idiot" or "snu
vage," but this would only tickle him.
If, however, you were able to shout
"Va done, Colllgnon!" the result of tho
encounter would be nt ouco wholly In
your favor.
To -say "Colllgnon" to a cocher Is
tho supremo Insult. It leaves him gasp
ing snd further speoeh on bis side use
less. It Is easy to uuderstaud why.
Colllgnon was a coachman who ns
long ago ns 18r3 went to tho house of
a poor professor and murdered him be
cause lie hnd protested ngnlnst nn over
charge. It Is satisfactory to know that
Colllguon was promptly tried, sen
fenced to death and guillotined. To
this day, then, "Vn Colllgnon!" remains
the lust word. Parle Cor. New York
We have about 300
pairs Shoes, broken
sizes, that we are of
fering very cheap.
Winter Goods Sale
Ladies' Kid Gloves,
worth up to $1.50,
for 98c They have
been tried on.
W.M.rotvspecially.loairous of cleaning up as h,,ou as possible on all winter goods and are making some very
attractive prices.
1 -3 Off Regular Price Now is the time to buy warm Coats for all the family.
This means a $1 5.00 Coat for 10.00, and a $10.00 " - -
Coat for $().()., and so on from the highest to the ,l'so include in this sale at greatly reduced
cheapest, price:
Kamonas, Bath Robes, Wool Blankets,
25 PER CENT OFF Underwear, Sweaters, Ladies'
On Men's and Boy's Warm Coats. No marked upgoods, and Men's Suits
but boni tied reductions. We need the money more We reserve the right to withdraw the prices we are of-
t him the goods, so we make the price to get the money, fering after January 20th.
Black Cat Hosiery KPOQQ tlPPP fl A American Beauty
is the very best LPI ClL Mid V JJm toUlallSuinS