The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 23, 1911, Image 3

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Spring' is on the Way
And we are prepared to take care of
your wants with a complete stock of
Hardware, Vehicles and
1 1
We can sell you a good
Top Buggy for $60, better ones,
$75 to $1.25
If you want the best try a Staver
it"C".ii.'.!,'.'ialfc Ik.
-J--" lUII' 'i-
'iiHl 1 "'"".iir?
J. I. Case Disc Harrows
Are known wherever Harrows are used.
Buy a Case and own the Best
Our Spring Tooth Harrows Give
King of the Road for 76 Years
Wm. J. Oliver Chilled Plows and
J. L Case Steel Plows
Are in use in every part of Hood River Valley and are giving entire satisfaction. We are Exclusive
agents for this ponnfy
Phone 99
LP L T 4mmm
Cor. Oak and 1st Streets
Menominie, Wis., Feb. 13. 1911.
Dear Editor--! thought I would drop
you a iew lines ana leu you now I
found things in my old town. I arrived
here the 7th inst. It is somewhat
colder weather than we generally have
in Hood Kiver. The thermometer was
10 degrees below zero this morning
and a cold northwest wind blowing.
Our local fruit stand here has Hood
River fruit for sale, fancy (165) Jona
thans grown by E. Shelley Morgan.
They are asking $5 per box. They
were well colored but badly affected
with dry rot. They also had Ben Davis
grown at Zillah, Wash., which were well
colored and neatly packed. They were
Belling at 1.65 per box.
At Minneapolis, Minn., at the Don
aldson Glass Block, they have a pure
food exhibit including western apples
and California oranges. Here I found
Hood Kiver Winesaps and Rogue River
Yellow Newtowns which were very
green and off on color. They were
branded extra fancy and some of them
had fungus and a great many had limb
bruises and the skin broken. They
were selling at $3.60 and and $4.00 per
I asked the clerk, a man who has an
orchard at Zillah, Wash., how the
western fruit opened up, and he replied
by saying that a great deal of it was
liks the Yellow Newtowns like we had
been looking at, that often these apples
were not graded right. Choice fruit
was stamped Extra Fancy and marked
80 per box when they contained nearly
double that amount. He said that the
fruit received from the - Hood River
Apple Growers Union was more satis
factory than that which was obtained
from the various fruit associations.
He also stated that they were going to
be more careful when purchasing their
fruit, for often they received fruit
oranded a certain variety and when it
was opened it proved to be altogether
something else.
The people here are very anxious to
learn about the West and many are
making preparations to go West this
Spring. The most of them will visit
Hood River and some will probably
locate there.
I took with me a number of Com
mercial Club folders and they have all
been given out, and many more would
like to have copies of them to read.
This country was visited by a severe
drouth last year and it looks as if they
might have another this year as they
didn't receive the usual amount of rain
this fall. But very little snow has
fallen and consequently they are short
on moisture.- The wells are almost dry
and the rivers and small streams are
very low. 1 expect to be in Hood
River about March 1 and will be able
to tell you more about the East then.
Resp't yours,
F. A. Massee.
Praises "Better Fruit"
One of the handsomest trade papers
that come to The News is "Better
Fruit," published at Hood River, Ore.
It is a model of typographical beauty
and contains articles of interest to
fruitgrowers all over the country.
Chicago Produce News.
Merited Praise for Valley.
Whoever knows the valley of Hood
River admires it." In its beauty of
situation, overlooked by the great
mountain, and by it and by its lesser
neighbors protected, watered by the
rapid river and the smaller streams, it
does not stand alone among the valleys
of Oregon. But so far there is no
other of its limited extent so highly
improved and cultivated, where so
many attractive and prosperous hold
ings are to be seen, where small areas
of orchard, developed to the full, bring
more phenomenal returns. Portland
Journal, Editorial.
If This Medicine Does Not . Benefit You
Pay Nothing.
A physician who made a specialty of
stomach troubles, particularly dyspep
sia, after years of study perfected the
formlua from which Rexall Dyspepsia
Tablets are made.
Our experience with Rexall Dyspep
sia Tablets leads us to believe them to
be the greatest remedy known for the
relief of acute indigestion and chronic
dyspepsia. Their ingredients are sooth
ing and healing to the inflamed mem
branes of the stomach. They are rich
in pepsin, one of the greatest digestive
aids known to medicine. The relief
they afford is almost immediate. Their
use with persistency and regularity for
a short time brings about a cessation
of the pains caused by stomach dis
orders. Rexall Dypsepsia Tablets will insure
healthy appetite, aid digestion and
promote nutrition. As evidence of our
sincere faith in Rexall Dyspepsia Tab
lets, we ask you to try them at our
risk. If they do not give entire satis
faction, we will return you the money
you paid us for them, without question
or formality. They come in three
sizes, prices 25 cents, 50 cents and $1.
Remember you can obtain them only
at-The Rexall Store. C. A. Plath.
The Dalles-Dufur Booklet.
The cities of The Dalles and Dufur
have recently issued an attractive 48
page booklet, under the community
plan of the O.-W. R. & N. ,Co., des
criptive of the natural resources and
scenic beauty of the country surround
ing them. The booklet is filled with
artistic photographs and well worth a
careful study even thouigh it were not
replete with valuable information. It
is another convincing proof that the
citizens of Oregon's Columbia River
fruit section are on the job. The city
of The Dalles bids fair to have a
gratifying growth along manufactur
ing lines. The citizens of Dufur,
which has a population of only 600,
deserve much credit for the part they
have taken in assisting their big sister,
the county s;at, in the work of
If troubled with indigestion, consti
pation, no appetite or feeling billions,
Kive Cliainlx-rlnin's Stomach and Liver
Tablet a trial and vou will be pleased
with the result. These tablets invigor
ate the stomach and liver and strength
en the digestion. Sold bv all dealers.
Wyomin? lump coal is the best and
the most economical. For sale by the
Transfer Company, phone 5.
For furnished housekeeping apart
ments call 504 Oak Street or phone
304x. j29
The basket social at the Grange Hall
Friday evening, February 10, was
attended by a large number of our cit
izens. In connection with the baskets
being auctioned off, quite a literary
program was rendered by our local
talent. First on the prgram was a
recitation rendered by Miss Evylin
Zeek in her usual pleasing manner.
Second, and old fashioned spelling
match by the pupils of Barrett; and
Frankton schools. Prof. Murphy
selected twleve of his pupils who
promptly challenged the house. The
maiority of those selected from the
audience were pupils from Frankton.
F. H. Isenberg was chosen to take
charge of the contest. The spirit of
rivalry between the two school dis
tricts became very enthusiastic from
the beginning. Some of the adult per
sons who were chosen to spell were
soon relegated to the down and out
club and the finish fell on the shoulders
of the younger persons. Finally the
contest was reduced to four persons,
three from Frankton and one from
Barrett. Miss Irma Boyce, represent
ing Barrett, missed the last word
given as had already two on the Frank
ton side thus leaving Miss Erma Noble
to successfully spell the word and save
the day for Frankton.
Next on the program was the sermon
of Deacon Brown, colored, rendered by
our local burnt cork artist, Mr. Oxbor
row, who is indeed a past master along
this line. Deacon Brown took bo well
that the house called him back again
and in a fine tone rendered an old south
ern plantation lullaby. This was fol
lowed by a reading. "Buying the
Dress Pattern," well rendered by
Mrs. Goss, who kept the house in
laughter much of the time.
Mr. Staten, the "Worthy Master,"
called on Messrs. Morse, Robbins and
Prof. Murphy. All of these gentlemen
fi-we short optimistic talks, which
were well "chosen for the occasion.
Then Prof. Stubbs, of Frankton, was
asked to make a few remarks. His
response was that the Frankton con
tingency had enjoyed themselves so
much and had stayed so late that he
felt it was his duty to offer prayer for
their safety in trying to reach home at
that late hour.
Last but not least on the program
was the auctioning of the bankets.
This little stunt was done in a highly
successful manner by Marsh Isenberg.
The way he handled those baskets, and
the English language as well, was very
much to his credit. And say, -tome of
the boys voted that if it had not been
for the berg ending his name they
would have been certain he hailed from
Fight Over County Division.
The only opposition to the White
Salmon County division ended in a
fight today when a committee from
White Salmon met a body of Lyle
citizens at Lyle.
County Commissioner Morganson
came to blows with one of the promi
nent citizens of Lyle, when it appeared
that he was left alone in the opposition
and the mass meeting adjourned to the
street, where Morganson and his op
ponent from Lyle proceeded to throw
rocks at one another.
The White Salmon committee conced
ed the county seat, the naming of the
county and three countv commissioners
it Lyle would stop all opposition, and
it was after this that the fight started
because of the inability of the opposi
tion to agree among themselves.
Commissioner Morganson is not
named as one of the commissoners for
the new county and has proceedad to
lead the opposition. Oregonian.
Will have German Wives.
The bachelors of the Big Bend
country near Spokane, Washington,
will have their choice of imported
wives in a few weeks, when Eugene
Beck, a farmer of the big witeat
district, one of their members, returns
from Luxemburg, Germany, where he
has gone for a supply of eligible girls.
Mr. Beck told of his errand in the
Soo-Spokane oflice Saturday, when he
contracted for passage on the Amerika
for Luxemburg, lie paid for his
ticket from a great roll of bills, the
smallest of which was $.r)0. He has
booked passage from New York for
March 2 and will return in several
Will Prevent Forest Fires.
The danger of forest fires in the
Cascade Mountains and in Western
Washington along the lines of tin;
Great Northern railway will not be bo
grave next fall, because oil burners
will be installed in 115 locomotives.
State officials and government rangers
in the forentry service have recom
mended fliirh A rhnnisp in nil miluriiva
The Great Northern is the first to re
spond in Washington. A 7,000,000
gallon storage plant will be erected at
Kverett. fnr f lip prurlo nil tn hf. lunlorl
there from vessels from California.
lhis innovation will mean a great deal
in a protective, way to the timber
resoures of the state as 700,000,000
feet were destroyed by fire last year.
Addresses Fruitgrowers.
The meeting of the Fruitgrowers As
sociation Saturday night, February 11.
was held in the Woodmen lodge rooms
in the Standard building. Trose who
attended were very well entertained
by L. A. E. Clark, of Hood River, and
by C. C. Paine with some good instruc
tion in the matter of pruning. Mr.
Clark has pruned the Page orchard for
two years and has had a great deal of
experience in that work at Hood River
and elsewhere. He expressed himself
as very much surprised at the growth
the trees in the Page orchard made last
year. His talk was greatly enjoyed by
all who were present. Stanfield
Annual Stockholders Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of the Stockholders of
the Mt. Hood Water Co. will be held in
the Public hall on Tuesday, the 28th
day of February, at the hour of 2
o'clock P. M. Dated this 18th day of
February, 1911.
G. W. Dimmick, Secy.
Falls Victim To Thieve.
8. W. Bends, of Coal City, Ala., has a
justifiable grievance. Two thieves stole
bis health for twelve years. They were
a liver and kidney trouble. Then Dr.
King's New Life Pill throttled them.
He's well now. Unrivaled for Constipa
tion, Malaria, Headache, Dyspepsia. '5c
at Chaa. N. Clarke's.
Diaolution Notice
The undersigned hereby state for the
information of the public that the part
nership of Robinson, do Reding &
Crocker has been dissolved and that
Henri de Reding and A. L. Crocker who
will continue the bliKiness will ni t be
responsible for any debts or obligations
contracted under the name of Robinson,
de Keding & ('rocker.
A. L. Chock mi,
Hi ni hk Rkihv;.
Haled Juii.'JII, lllll. CM
I can lit you out ilb ii nice ink iiiiih
tie, build you book cases, counter,-, cab
inets, anything in hard or soft, wou.l;
will do my hrsi lo give you just what yon
want l liii! lowest possible prices I.
.M. Wright, liuildint! Contractor. Cai
peiitcr Short Plume Illltix.
UuarenlMHl uuilor tli Fond
a ami Unma net of Jun Bum,
1 fe. UH. Hxrltl No. tra, l,
1 IfPV It K. Huckleu ft Co.
1 1
fm Z1 JMWius miumcRLonoroiili
Kg ? mrtfLuiD ou f..
s Issuing 9 j
1 ' brtSl
Kn Lch,cacq:,ll j
And all Diseases off
Price 50c and $1.00
n 11
4 pfzy
v lw I
m m
Tli in picture pret-entH a noble-looking
horee and hiH master. The iminter ban
brought hi in to our Hhop to have him
That in a trade that in distinctive, in it
self and no one without the proper
training and experience can properly
tthoe a horse, and if not properly tshod
the horse is liable to become lame aHd
his feet injured. Don't neglect your
horseshoeing and when needed let us
Shively & McGillivary
Spring Dry Goods
jj Have just arrived. Call and in
spect our stock.
The Parkdale Store
R. J. McISAAC & Co.