The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 23, 1911, Image 2

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ARTHUR D. MOE, Publisher.
Subscription, 81.50 Per Year.
The controversy of the (appointment
of a city attorney has been the dis
turbing element in the city council ut
every meeting that body has held this
year. The majority of the council,
who favored the appointment of Judge
Derby, refuse to confirm the mayor's
nimointment of Attorney E. C. Smith
nnd submitted a contract with Judge
Derby. When the agreement came
before the mayor, he refused to sign
it, asserting that it was an illegnl pro
cedure. The reasons for their deter
mination to appoint Judge Derby are
certainly reasonable. The present
body, with the exception of one mem
ber, is composed of holdover members,
who have had the opportunity to see
the work that Judge Derby has done
toward straightening out the legal
affairs of the city and making it possi
ble for the council to accomplish some
thing. Judge Derby has proved highly
satisfactory in his official "apauty.
Hut it should not be interpreted from
this assertion that it is intimated that
K. C. Smith would not make an effi
cient officer. This is the point to re
member, the majority of the council
know how they stand when co-operating
with Judge Derby. From past ex
perience they are ready to enter under
takings for the city's needs without
the fear of being inundated with intri
cate legislation. They have a weigtity
argument. But what has been the
attitude of the mayor? Ho has blocked
the progress of the council's action at
every possible turn by an unfavorable
stand toward the Derby ordinance.
His sinceritj nnd persistency in up
holding the action of the minority muy
be admirable, if he has some benefit
for the city up his sleeve that the
ordinary citizen ha not been able to
The Derby ordinanco had its final
passage. At the next meeting of the
council lifter this important 'event,
Councilman Hrosius moved that the
ordinanco be reconsidered at the next
meeting. The motion was carried
Tlw muvnr had nrenared a veto, but
it was not filed till after this meeting.
At the next regular meeting of the
council, following up his plans to keep
the ordinance out of the way of the
mayor's veto, since it would have been
impossible to have passed it over his
head on account of the absence of
Councilman Arnold, Councilman Hro
sius moved that the ordinance be re
considered and placed in the hands of
the finance committee. The motion
was ruled out of order, tne mayor
asserting that the procedure was
illegal. Indeed, the procedure would
perhaps have been out of order, if the
veto had been filed before the motion
to reconsider was carried at the pie
ceding meeting. Leaving aside the
story of the parliamentary procedure
of the ordinance since the above date,
turn to an asertion made by the mayor
in defense of his action at the Monday
night meeting of the council. In
plain words he concedes that the ordi
nance will be successfully ultimately.
If the mayor had had hopes of winning
the tight, though his policies are at
present opposed by the majority of the
council, he might have been justified
in bis conduct. Hut when be realizes
that bo is fighting in vain, be would
show the proper spirit by bringing the
matter to a close as soon as possible by
capitulating or compromising.
The apple, the big red 'tSpitzenbuig
or the Yellow Newtown l'ippin, has
been justly granted the rank of royalty
among the Hood River Valley's prod
ucts. Indeed, it has become a deep
rooted opinion not only locally but also
abroad that fruit raising is the valley
sole resource. And it is true that it
must be granted that horticulture will
perhaps continue the foundation upon
which the fortunate tection must build
its future success just as it has done
in the past. However, it is gratifying
to know that there are oilier possi
bilities of marvelous proportions ready
for the industrious exploiter. Whil
celery culture has been conducted only
on tho very smallest scale it is sulli
cient, to show that a golden harvest
may be garnered from the fertile noil
aided by the unexcelled climatic con
ditions. As some one has tersely
stated the fact, a net profit of Jfll'.UO on
an acre of celery in the Hood River
Valley shows that all of its resources
are not up a tree.
Hubbard, who delivered his
The March of the Centuries,"
here Monday night at the Heilbronner
Hull, was greeted by a large audience
of appreciative admirers. 'I he Fra
arrived here from Portland, where he
spent last week filling an engagement
with the Orpheum circuit, Monday
noon on the Oregon-Washington
Limited. C. A. Mosely was host of an
informal luncheon given at the Mt.
Hood Hotel in honor of Mr. Hubbard,
at which were present J. E. Montgom
ery C. L. Wheeler, W. H. Walton, J.
D. Thomison and Ceo. M. Hyland, who
accompanied the guest of honor from
Portland. One of the features of the
menu of tho luncheon was the serving
of the Valley's famous apples. The
Fra was delighted. "They've got to
hand it to you," he said as he munched
a Spitzeuburg and emitted one of his
Fast Aurora, Roycroft smiles, "You
produce the goods." Although he has
been long interested in the Hood River
Valley this was his first visit here.
The life of the Valley's orchanlists to
a certain extent lit in with the philos
ophy of Mr. Hubbard; for, as he says,
they get a perfect product from their
work of tilling the soil aided by factors
of nature. While here he questioned
freely those with whom he came in
contact in order that lie might get a
better understanding of local condi
tions. In the afternoon Mr. Hubbard anil
Mr. Hyland were the guests of Capt.
C. P. McCan, who took them on a tour
of inspection throughout the Valley in
his automobile. They were very much
impressed by the scenic beauty of the
There is perhaps no living American
who can boast the versatility of
Elbert Hubbard. As author, manufac
turer and lecturer he has made a mark
ed success. His latest venture as a
vaudeville star has called forth a great
deal of critcism from some of his ad
mirers who say that, he is thereby less
ening the dignity of his place among
the world's great thinkers. Hut the
Chief Roycrot'tir, not one whit per-1
turbed by criticisms, continues to give
his twenty minute talks to patrons of
the Orpheum circuit. His first appear
ance on the vaudeville stage was more
in the way of a joke than otherwise,
lie wanted to try it for the experience
but tte number was so successful and
the Fra so well pleased with dispensing
his philosophy and humor to the large
audiences of 'the! theatre that he made
the engagement with the Orpheum
Fra Klbertua was introduced here
MoikIhv nii'ht bv Attorney Ceo. Wilbur.
Ho began with ancient history nnd
showed the rise and fall of the world s
nations. As success came to those
who worked for it they grew careless
and ceased to strive with the vigor ot
the beginnng. And thus, he said, the
Centuries inarched and we have
nothing permanent but change. Many
are the great men, he stated, who have
met an unfortunate fate because or loo
much success. Alexander the Croat
conquered the world that he knew and
died weeping because there was no
more for bis armies to contend over.
Another example was Julius Caesar,
who as the Fra tersely puts it, died at
the age of lid of compulsory vaccination.
In cone udin ' his address Mr. Hubbard
gave expression to some of his theories
of the philosophy of life, lie said in
substance: "There will never be a
single city that will control tho destiny
of the world again. The world has
been conquered by man. With airships
and wireless apparatus he has even
made himself tile master of the uni
verse. What are we going to do about
it'.' The problem is one of economics,
the science of producing and distribut
ing wealth. We know where we are
going, for the preachers have told us
that. The problem is, that we are
here. So let us devote our etl'orts in
helping each other and demand as our
reward more work and harder work.
The man who quits work is the man
who has a hard time. Let our motto
1 have lived, I have sullered,
1 have worked, 1 have loved, and 1 am
better for it. The secret of life is to
make motion equal emotion."
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Om t' In i.tii; company of President
Diaz I spent a few nights la the Mex
ican earthquake zone us the guest of
the governor of the state. As a meas
ure of prec iiiillim tho plaster ceilings
of our sleeping rooms had been re
placed with h( rips of matched board
ing. "If a trembler should come In tbo
night, sciior," remarked my host as he
was bidding me good night, "wait for
nothing, bill niiike straight for the pa
tio. I think these boards will hold un
til you get from under cover." And
that evening, when 1 took tho gover
nor's wife out to dinner, she had re
marked sadly: "We are so benighted
here In the hot lands. It Is Impossible
even to have imislc, fur no sooner do
have my grand piano tuned than an
earthquake comes along and tins It
over. K. Alexander rowen, I', it. u.
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On Their Shane Depend the Force
Birds' Wing Strokes.
Scientists cull the "wishbone" the
fuivulii, and II Is the union of what
are In man two collar bones. These
receive the brunt of tlio strokes of the
wing that turn the creature In its
Pew of us appreciate the strength
of the stroke of the bird's wing. A
swan 1ms been known to break a
man's leg by a blow of lis wing, nnd
In like manner the wing beatings t
tho larger birds are dangerous If they
strike the human bend or face. If,
therefore, u large bird is lu the habit
of making sudden turns to right or
left In its lllght It must be fitted with
a "wishbone" capable of withstanding
the great strain of the wing stroke on
the one side when uniu'coinpnulod by
action on the other.
Tor this reason we llud In the eagle
and birds of Its class that turn quickly
a furcula that Is a perfect ltoman
arch, widely ut variance with tho
Gothic nrch, which is the shape of the
"wishbone" of our common fowls. The
eagle's furcula is everywhere equally
strong and lacks those points of weak
ness that uiaka our sport of breaking
the "whiulKnc" possible. Uaruera
Tho Way to Bring Down an Overhear1
Incoming Oird.
One of the eardinal rules of the old
time shooling sil I mill limed tin
gunner nnulust ever in lug to slop an
overhead In. ,. mini; lilid, bill lo wait
until It bud passed by and In the rear
and I lieu lake chaiii i's on ulia! is un
doubtedly the harder sliol of Ihe two.
II Is siimrlsluglv how dillbull II Is
for some sportsmen lo Mlreev-t'ii
score on their Incoming birds. Many
Who ran seemingly eope Willi game lu
any other mode of tlUdil will habitual-
Iv balk at this shot and acknowledge
their inaliillly lo make II.
Yet once its principle is understood
nod the less, hi learned the dropping
of an overhead incomer Is as easy as
anything can well be. The ndss Is al
ways made by the sportsman shoot
lug under and behind the bird, and
there is luil one way In which ttie er
for Is lo be avoided.
To make the shot the gunner should
wall until the bird Is about to puss
ovi r blm, then, bringing up Ids gun
follow In fioni behind, cover the bird
and swing in ahead ot It and, main
taining the same rate of speed, press
Ihe trigger the Inslant Ihe bird Is hid
den behind the barrels. I in not sto
the swing of tho gun and be sure th
bird shall have disappeared from
sluht. If the shooter will observe till
rule he will be surprised bow easily
and Invariably lie will kill Ids bird,
Origin of the Opera.
The opera, like nearly everything
else Inleresiing In the world of mind,
had Its origin lu ancient Atheus. The
earliest librettos were by Sophocles
and Aeschylus, such as the "Abamem-
non" and "Antigone," a band of flutes
and lyres constituting the orchestra,
tho dialogues being musically declaim
ed and the choruses sung to the best
in usle of the time. Thus do we have
the germ of nil later developments In
the lino of opera.- Exchange.
Enforcing tho Rule.
The passenger with the huge square
package persisted lu riding on the rear
platform of the car.
What have you got there r de
manded the conductor.
It's a painting of Mount Vesuvius
If you think you have to know," said
the passenger.
"Well, you'll have to take It to Ihe
front platform," said the conductor.
No smoking Is allowed buck here."
Chicago Tribune.
"That man Pufferlon has n very su
percilious manner."
"Yes," replied Miss Cayenne. "He
can't even say 'It's a pleasant day'
without seeming to patronize the cli
mate." Washington Star.
Just a Bluff.
"How Is It that the qunll on your
bill of fare Is always struck off?"
"That's just a fancy touch," explain
ed the hennery waiter. "We never
had n qunll In the Jolnt."-Phlladel-phla
Exchange of Courtesies,
".Mortiln', ltlggs."
"Mornln', llrlggs."
'T hope you're enjoying good health."
"You don't suppose I could enjoy
poor health, do your
"You could If yoii wero a new doc
ir hi a strange coiiiinuulty. Mornln'."
"Mornln'." Chicago Tribune.
Ringing For Gofer.
Among the queer church customs In
England Is the one observed at New
ark parish cliurch, called 'ringing for
gofer." This custom, which bus lasted
for over ;ioo years, arose through a
wealthy merchant named (Infer losing
himself one October night III the forest
that then surrounded Newark. He
cariicd much money, and Ihe forest
was Infested with thieves. Suddenly
he heard Ihe sound of Newark bells
and was guided safely home by their
music. To commemorate bis escape
tlofer left a goodly sum for Newark
bell ringers on condition that they
"rang for Onfer'' v" hi- on Sun
diiv nU'hln In October ri'id November.
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Jonn O'Groat's House.
John O'Groat's house was formerly
situated on Duncanshy head, the most
northerly point of Great Britain. It
took Its name from John of Groat, or
Groot, and his brothers, who came, it
is said, from Holland about 1489. The
expression so often heard, "From John
O'Groat's to Land's End," means the
whole length of Great Britain from
north to south, like the other ex
pression, "From Dan to Beersheba,"
meaning the entire length of Palestine.
The Important Question.
"What was the matter with that cus
tomer?" asked the proprietor of the
swell restaurant.
"When he was through his dinner,"
explained the waiter excitedly, "he
asked for his check, and when I gave
It to him ho Just simply went crazy."
"But did he pay as he went?"
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The defects of the mind, like those of
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"How sluuularV"
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The Language of Love.
"Has he proposed yet':"
"Not lu so many words."
"Thai's m answer. Proposals never
do come In words. They Consist of
sighs, 'hem. haws and curdles."
Cleveland Leader.
His Wifo's Mother, of Course,
Mabel If your grandma has lost all
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rooms and bath, large living room, open stair,
large fireplace, beam celling and paneled,
hot water heating system. Will be done
about March 1st Kor further Information
enquire oft'. H, lielti, on promises.
Kor Hale Oat straw and hay. Easterly &
Kays. Phone ISl-lx
Kor Sule Timothy buy
man rregge.
H AY A N Uo ATS "lYnlue, Kelly
'phone 1U12L.
Phone Wi L. Her
Wanted Married man desires work by
mouth on ranch Phone 1ST3X fi3
llargain In Land Twenty acres near Sum
mil Stallon, five aores nearly cleared, small
house and barn, good spring and creek, wllh
five or six Inches or water, (lood drainage,
fine red shot soil, no waste land, no side hill,
no rcH'ks, no clay, no haidpau, deep soil.
Worth S. per acre; will olli r for a short time
for S5,um. E. C. Muhauey, 1207 Eugene Street,
Hood Klver, Oregon. Terms, hair down bat
nice any time. lOld
For Kent Peslrable offices In the new
Heilbronner lluliding. These are theliest
appointed offices In the city. (Jet a com
lortable office and watch your business
grow. mS J. 11. HEILBRONNER, Owner.
Kor rent Furnished room, gentleman pre
rerred. 1ST Sherman Ave., first above post
office. Phone or call lu morning at 2U1L. inlti
Kor rent Knrnlshed room.
"2.1 Oak St., Phone lutiX.
I-arty preferred,
House to rent Cot tage on lx-na street;
block from school f!5 u month. m2
Kor rent or sal? Two fonr room cottages,
pantry, closet and free water. Also have mi
nlslied rooms from tlO per month up. Apply
Mrs H. K. Frederick. Phone ML. 123
Kor Rent Housekeeping rooms at the
mona, corner Oak and Kourth streets.
Kor Kent Office room, first or second floor,
fireproof vault. Enquire al Klrst National
bauK, f-pl
Have you ever used Trojan Powder? Try
It. No freezing and no headaches. Phone
lwyX. John Kaney, Agt. imi
Three of them in tow n prop-
r.asy terms. See
Edwards it Co., Agts.
Kor Sale-Alfalfa and wheat hay; delivered.
S. J . Krauk, K. F. 1). No. 3. dltf
Kor Sale. Apperson Jack Rabbit. Th finest
al roundJorty horse power automobile In the
country. It is specially built for hill climb
ing. Will sell cheap. H interested call A. c.
Hal lain, Oregon Hotel.
Kor sale-Bay horse, 0 years old, weight
MO pounds, perfectly sound aud excellent
worker, either alngle or double. He Is of kind
aud gentle disposition and not afraid of auto
mobiles, part cask and the balance ou time.
Apply The Kockford store, pl.oue 183X. ntf
Trojan Powder is the best, It will not freeze.
A tresli supply has Just been received. Pnoue
W2X. John Raney, Agt. rat
For sale Bay horse, five years old; gentle;
will work either double or
Jersey Bull for service J2.00 and
cash. Frankton District. Phone 2UX.
Teaming done Am ready to haul wood,
hay, grain, etc. Apply If. J. Banham. Phon e
1S32X after 7 p. m. m9
Pine Grove (Irange No. 306 meets the first
and third-Saturday of each mouth at 8 p. m.
Found Indian bead pnrse, Monday after
noon, in front of Butler Batik. Owner may
have same by calling al Uiacier office and
paying for this ad, mill
Iist-Cyinbal to bass drum
road to Pine tlrove hall
call up 2.181,.
In town or on
Kinder will please
Lost-I,ast Friday night, between Hlocom's
store and 70ti cascade Ave., a gold earring a t
with coral. Finder pleaae return to Glacier
office er Mrs. Robert Curler, 706 Cascade Ave.
Pianos tuned and repaired by Paul Hub
bard. Phone Oregon hotel. All tuning and
repairing guaranteed. Prices right. m
Bee keepers and orcbadlsts If you are In
tel estcd in bees or need supplies it will pay
you to call and talk over the subject with me.
Will give yon bargains In early orders. W.
W. Dakln, 1205 7th St., Hood River, Ore. mt
Found A pnrse with coin. Owner can have
same by proving property aud paying for ad.
Apply Morleu store. in 14