The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 23, 1911, Image 12

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han Implement Go
ead Bars
otary Plows
ongue Springs
ineyard Plows
as Engines
ncubator Extras
lower Sprayers
liver Plows
IF you bought a pair of trousers from a merchant, and you had the
misfortune to lose a button, you would be badly disappointed to
find he did not have an extra button, and you would be more disap
pointed and inconvenienced if you couldn't find one in town that
would fit, wouldn't you? And besides that, you'd be out the use of
your trousers.
Now the same argument holds good when you buy a power
sprayer. If we didn't carry a stock of extras to fix you up when
you get into trouble, you'd think we were running a queer dump,
wouldn't you? Sure you would.
When you buy a sprayer from the peddler, how much attention
do you get after he has your money? Where are you to get your
extras which are absolutely necessary? You can't fix everything with
a piece of baling wire.
Another thing: Do you want to pay for what the manufacturer is
learning? Do you want to pay for his experiments? You can't help
but realize how much it is to your interest to buy a sprayer which has
been tried under all conditions and which has made good.
We have a sprayer ready for you now. They can't come too fast
after them we have a big stock and then some. Three men busy
every day setting up sprayers.
After all, though, our best ad is what users say of them. We have
no written testimonials, but would ask you to call on any Hardy user
personally and get his opinion. If you take the trouble to do this, we
are sure of your business.
Valley Christian Church Notes
Mr. and Mrs. I'.. W. Sweany opened
their home last Saturd-iy evening Id
twenty live young people, their Sunday
s;hool classes, the "Loyal Suns" i-iiil
the "Loyal Daughters. " The evening
was intensely interesting. The house
was nicely decorated. Some original
names were played, tee cream, cake,
colTee and milk were served.
On Tuesday evening the Live Win
Bible Class mot at tin? home of Mr.
and Mrs. W. E. Caullcr. The evening
was a lively one. Sparks from the
live wires flew in every direction until
the house was full of chain lightning.
The live wires departed in the light of
the moon saying, "What a jolly good
time wo all had ! Three cheers fur Mr.
and Mrs. Uauller !"
The Aid met at the home of I'rof,
and Mrs. Auhagen Thursday afternoon.
The day was delightful and so was the
crowd.' Prof. Aulmgen entertained the
men by giving tnem a few pointers in
astronomy, in which science he is a
master, having been in the service of
the government in that capacity for
several years.
New Town Established.
A dispatch from White Salmon to
the Cortland Journal says that Hamil
ton's addition starts a new townsite on
Underwood Hut just across the White
Salmon river. The new town will he
about -It) feet higher than the railway,
which is reached by the ranchers going
do'vn a long, steep grade. Nearly all
the business lots have been sold.
Charles Spencer of the White Salmon
Valley hank and L. A. McChntock,
White Salmon hanlwaro dealer, each
purchasing choice lots.
Installs Veterinary Hospital.
Dr. E. K. Jackson, veterinary sur
geon, wishes to announce that he has a
well equipped hospital nt the Hartley
Stables, Twelfth and Kim Streets.
Such an institution has long been
needed in Hood River. Dr. Jackson
has been here two months and has
worked up a large practice. Phone
For sale III or 20 acres; no better
land ill the Viillevr for rmi ticiilat-. u.t
dress, 100, cure of Glacier, fltJ
W. C. T. U. Notes.
Mrs. Ada Wallace Uimih, State
President of the W. C. T. U., met with
a painful accident ho whs unable to be
present at the Frances K. Willard
Memorial Fund program as announced.
We are glad to lay that at this writing
she is much improved.
The Frances E. 'Willard Memorial
Fund program held at the Baptist
church, February 17 was well attended
and enjoyed. The lunch served at the
close netted $15. 50.
Mrs. J. II. Gill, the local president,
has been ill for several days.
The next meeting of the Union will
be at the home of Mrs. Ceo. P.
Crowell, February 28 at 2 P. M. Mrs.
Orr will have a mother's meeting pro
gram. A full attendance is desired.
Mothers are especially invited to be
CPHI 11,V'"H ri'"l- l'llv a home
M IIP' on su, 8t i,,st t f
St. Lot tWx75, 4-room house
Price $1,500. Half down.
G. Y. Edwards A Co,
Club Will Present lloustons.
The Houstons are coming to Hood
River in the course of entertainments
and lectures, which is being given
under the auspices of the Hood River
Commercial Club. In their entertain
ment in the city on the evening of
March 6th, 1911, in the Assembly Hall
of the Commercial (Tub, their program
will consist of thirty minutes of music
and magical novelties. A unique
feature will be the musical imperson
ations that will occupy another half
hour. The second hour will present
Mr. Houston as "The Little German
Hand," which has been pronounced the
cleverest and most original entertain
ment ever seen on the lyceum plat
form. C. U. Heale, who was for a number
of years the leading man with Maxine
Elliott and who has seen a great
number of Lyceum coures, says that
Hood River has one of the best courses
he as ever seen. The admission to any
one of them in an eastern city he says
would be from $1 to $l.r0, while the
club is selling season tickets to the
course for $2.00
In additon to the Houstons the club i
will present at a later date Governor
Jos. Folk and The Dunbar company of
musicians and singers.
W ill Organize Base Ball Club. .
A meeting will be held Monday
evening at 8 P. M. at the rooms of the
Commercial Club for the purpose of
forming a baseball club. Enthusiasts
of the city desire to enter the Mid
Columbia League which was reorgan
ized at White Salmon last week, ltjs
planned that the organzation be more
along amateur lines than was the case
last year. In addition to White Salmon
and Hood River, The Dalles and
Goldendale will enter teams in the
Advertised Letter List.
Bishop, Alta: Chatman, Miss Ruth;
Harlane, Mrs. M. J.; '.Locke, Mrs.
Alore: Thompson, Miss Nellie; Winn
ing, Mrs. Luiza; Albers Bras. Mllg
Co. ; Dorsey, Edw. B. ; Sordon, Sidney ;
Haywood, Tom ; Hutchinson, T. E. ;
Martin, R. H. ; Martin, S. ; Martin,
Chas. ; McCafe.'Chas. ; Musetti, Luigi,
care of N. C. Reed; Reeves, J. O. ;
Kesturant, Three Six; Wheelen, C. E. ;
Wm. M. Yates, Postmaster.
Real Estate Transfers.
List of real estate transfers in Hood
River County during the week ending
February 18, 1911, as reported by the
Hood River Abstract Co. :
Noah W. Bone to William A. Combs,
10 acres in Willow Flat.
George W. Ingram to Lang & Co.,
40 acres in Upper Valley.
Luella Wirtz to Martha J. Brown,
lot 17, blk 10, Hull's Subdivision.
Cooper & Walter to Bates & Rover,
10 acres near Odell.
Mattie A. Spaulding to A. K. Stran
ahan, tract at foot of Oak Street.
Albert B. Shelley to Jessie B. Watt,
40 acres in Willow Flat.
M. Dumas to Clarence S. True and
Edward D. Homewood, lots 3 and 4,
blk 1, Baldwin's Addition.
Emma Brosi to Breckenridge Hunt,
J acre in Oak Grove District.
The Riverside Congregational Aid
will meet with Mrs. C. A. Cass, 915
Eugene street, Friday, February 24.
All members are requested to come
and ladies of the church are cordially
invited to come. Important business,
to be transacted. Secretary.
Will Sell Klickitat Realty.
J. B. Castner, of Hood River, who
bears the title of champion apple-picker
of that section, is in the city this
week looking over this city with a view
of locating. He is a baseball pitcher,
and in case he decides to locate 'here
will be a valuable asset to the Golden
dale Reds. Mr. Castner is agent for
considerable land in the vicinity of
Goodnoe Hills and will go into the real
estate business. Goldendale Independent.
The annual meeting of the East Fork
Irrigating Co. will be held in the Com
mercial Club rooms in the city of Hood
River, at 1 :30 P. M., March 11, the
second Saturday of the month, for the
purpose of electing a board of direc
tors, voting on a bond issue, voting on
the question of taking $10,000 worth of
ftock out of the treasury to be sold to
etxend and enlarge the system and the
transaction of any other matters that
may legally come before the meeting.
V. Winchell, Pres.
R. H. Waugh, Sec.