The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 08, 1910, Image 9

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L. A
Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Cut Glass
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.--71 Lrtl U LI LrxA U U ltj U
The Oldest Jewelry Store
in the County
Better Fruit and Hood
River County Map
Better Fruit
Hood Hiver't one
Tluvs host fruit grow
er's paper in
the world
National Map and Publishing Co.'s
Multicolored Map
of Hood River County
Showing all roads, triangula
tion lines, ditches, elevations,
Htreatn measurements, and giv
ing a complete history of Hood
River and its resources.
A year's subscription to Better
Fruit and the
Now IfnnH Pivor fniinfv Man MSO
ill w
Four Thousand a
There has been forty thousand prescriptions
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ThcIGlacier Pharmacy
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Harness Repaired & Made
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Davenport Harness Co.
I noticed in an article in theOregonian,
some time ago, written by Mr. Lonsdale,
who is a large fruit grower in Southern
Oregon, where he advised the orchard
istn of Oregon to ascertain the particular
varctius of fruit which were suited to
their Bevorul districts. This was good
advice and I have no doubt that it was
(ollowod by many people in the orchard
The following led mo 10 the thought
that the best keeping and finest flavored
apples will always command the
market's highest price. As yet we have
not demonstrated which district in Or
egon is the best for the keeping quality
of the apple.
True we have many apple show in the
apple season, at which nil varieties show
to advantage. This is hardly justice,
however, to the intending invester who
is always in evidenco at these shows, but
who cannot secure the definite evidence
there as to the keeping qualities of the
Hence, I would suggest a Mid-Suni-nier
Apple Exhibit. At such a show, the
districts that produce the best keeping
apples would take first place assuch and
thus iiiBiire the investor of the fact.
Where this method might detract, in
some measure, from some districts, the
districts of merit that produce the best
keepers would inherit their own. Ve
know there are districts that do produce
a pies which retain their flavor and
keeping qualities until past mid-summer.
So why not advance a Mid-Summer
Apple 'Exhibit? It would be a
great feature for Oregon as an advertise
ment, particularly as Oregon apples are
today one of the foremost products of our
State and destined in tho future to lead
as such.
It appear) to me that an apple show
held in one or more of the largo cities in
mid-summer would create a lively inter
est, and I do not see any reason why this
could not be done. e claim that we
have the keeping quality why not dem
onstrate it in the season that would
prove it and awaken the must interest
lor our most famous product the Ore
gon Apple? J. K. McGregor, in Mosier
Writes Letter Which May Be of Great
Interest to Skin Sufferers
of this City.
I must say your D. D. II. certainly
is the only thing a person ought to us.
Our children had sores on thier
heads. The doctors called it eczema
ringworm and we couldn't get any
thing to cure them till we tried D. I).
I). VVc used two bottles of it and I
must say our children were cured.
Therefore I commend the I). D. D.
Mr. and Mrs. George Grantz.
So many convincing statements,
similar to the above, have been made
to us privately by sufferers from
aggravating skin diseases to whom
we have sold the D. 1). D. Prescrip
tion, that we feel bound to give it our
unqualified endorsement. By special
arrangement with tho U. D. D. Com
pany we can furnish anyone who has
not tried the remedy with a special
size bottle for 25"cents. Keir & Casa.
Value of Fruit Land.
The Western, a monthly magazine
published at Seattle, has the following
to say of Oregon's fruit land and their
production :
"In Rogue River Valley an average
of twenty furms a net production of
$1)78.77 per acre, And this is done be
neath 'Italian skies,' without any arti
ficial application of moisture. This
average applies principally to fruit,
including apples, peaches and pears' but
the showing for diversified farming in
this wonderfully delightful valley is an
overage of about 20 per cent per acre
upon a value of $500. It should be re
membered that one important element
always governing the price of farming
land is the distance from the city or
shipping center. First-class fruit land
cleared and ready for trees, within a few
miles of Medford, which is the metropo
lis of this famous valley of Oregon, are
selling now at from $250 to $500 per acre.
By going farther out, but still upon the
main highway, land well suited to the
apple, pear, peach and apricot, as well
as berries small fruits, can be bought at
from $50 peracreupward. Italsoshould
be remembered that the price of land is
governed by the value of the of the im
provements npon it, considered aside
from t he intrinsic value of the land."
Take Care!
Bememlier that when your kidneys
are affected, your life is in danger. M.
Mayor, Rochester, N. Y. says: "My
trouble started with a sharp" shooting
pain over my back which grew worse
daily. 1 felt sluggish and tired, my kid
ney action was irregular and infrequent.
I started using Foley Kidney Pills. Each
dose seemed to put new life and strength
into me, and now I am completely cured
and feel bettor and stronger than for
years." For tale by C. A. Flatli.
When I see a foolish youth with his
pants turned up and his speckled sock
in view; and over his left eve a little
Hat cap, with a ribbon of red or blue;
and fifteen rings and nine pins that he
got at his dear prep, school, why, it
strikes a cord, and I say: Oh, Lord! was
I ever such a fool?
Saved From Awful Death.
How an appalling calamity in his family
was prevented is told by A. D. McDon
ald, of Fayettevillo, N.C., R. F. D. No.
8. "My sister had consumption," he
writes, "she was very thin and pale,
had no appetite and seemed to grow
weaker every day, as all remedies f hiled
till Dr King's New Discovery was tried,
and so completely cured her, that she
has not len troubled with a cough
since. It is the best medicine I ever
saw or heard of." For coughs, colds,
higrippe, asthma, hemorrhage, all
broncial troubles, it has no equal. 50c
1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed
by Clias. N. Clarke.
Most Perfect Apple Ever Seen.
I -oval Oregonlans have reason to feel
proud because of the tribute to Oregon
apples paid bv Professor II. E. Van
I'enian, judge' at the Spokane Apple
Show, who declared the car of Spitzen
bergs winning the sweepstake prize,
which were grown at Hood River, were
the most perfect apples he had ever
been. Prof. VanDeman is a noted judge
of fruit, having awarded the prizes at
the Columbian Exposition at Chicago
and he has also acted in a similar cap
acity at the leading fruit shows in the
country. St. Johns Review.
The Furnish-Coe dam across the
Umatilla river at Coe station, the
second largest project of its kind in
the state, is completed and will (be
turned over to the Furnish-Coe com
pany by he contractors with in a day
or two. The work of filling the great
reservoir formed by the construction
of the dam will be started upon the
arrival of the flood season. ' The water
thus stored will be used during the
summer months in irrigating 10,000
acres of land contained in the Furnish
Coe project in the west end of the
county and with Stanfield as the pro
ject town.
. The dam is 1100 feet long, is fifty
feet high, 220 feet wide at its base
and 20 feet wide at the top. A con
crete core extends from bank to bank
and from its bedrock foundation to
within five feet of the top of the dam.
Though it extends across the Uma
tilla river, and will hold the flood
waters of that stream until they form
a lake nearly a mile wide and nearly
two miles long, the water will never
be permitted to flow over its top and
the normal flow of the river will never
be shut off, either summer or winter.
The spillway which has been con
structed to carry off the surplus water
is as large as the original channel of
the river and will therefore be
sufficient in size to take care of the
largest floods the river has ever seen.
The sides of this spillway are concrete
to prevent their cutting away the
bank on either side.
Three hundred acres of land, includ
ing one of the oldest and best fruit
and alfalfa farms along the river, will
be flooded by the water in the reser
voir which will extend up around the
famous Horseshoe curve for a distance
of a mile and three-quarters. In its
widest place the artificial lake will
be three-fourths of a mile in width.
This canal, completed four years ago,
supplied water for winter irrigation
only. This was sufficient for the grow
ing of alfalfa, but it was not sufficient
for the more intensified farming, to
which other irrigated sections are
being subjected, so Furnish conceived
the idea of building a dam across the
Umatilla river, storing its flood waters
and using them during the summer
months when the Jriver is low. This
dam is now completed, the water will
soon be stored and the work of allow
ing it to pass through the gate into
the original channel of the river will
commence next summer. The water
in excess of the Jnormal flow of the
stream will Ibe diverted into the Furn
ish canal, while the rights of other
water users below .will not be inter
fered with.
Hanks on Sure Thing Jiow
'I'll never be without Dr. King's New
Life Pills again," writes A. Schineck,
647 Elm St., Buffalo, N. Y. "They
cured me of chronic constipation whon
all others failed," Unequaled for Bil
iousness, Jaundice, Indigestion, Head
ache, Chills, Malaria and Debility. 25c
at Chas. N. Clarke's drug store.
When a woman wears a hat which
comes down over her face so far that
it is impossible for her to see and a
skirt which is so tight around her
ankles that she can scarcely walk, 'one
wonders why she doesn't handcuff herself.
For Sale by Owner
200 acres, (50 acres cleared, 11 acres planted, balance
unimproved. Price cheap and easy terms.
J. P. Thomsen
R. F. D. No. 1 box GO Phone 296 Odell
Sheet letal
Having secured the services of an expert sheet metal
worker, we are prepared to handle in the best possible
Sheet Metal Work
Automobile Fenders
Tanks and any class of Sheet
Sheet Metal Work
R. D. Gould, Plumber
Hood River, Oregon
Phone 3041,
Prompt Delivery
Columbia Laundry Co.
All our work done by hand. Neat
and Clean Work.
277 Oak Street Hood River, Ore.