The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 08, 1910, Image 2

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ARTHUR D. MOE. Publlther.
SubHcrlptlon, S1.50 Per Year.
The result of the city election, in
ipite of the fact that two of the old
administration failed of election by a
narrow majority, is a vindication of
the work of the present administration
in their efforts to provide the city
with good water. If the new admin
istration carries out the wishes of the
citizens and taxpayers, they will
continue the efforts of the present ad
mintration to secure a municipal water
system as! soon as possible. The
council will stand as a majority on this
question in fact, five to one even if
the newly elected member opposes it.
It is to be hoped that it will be unani
mous, even to the mayor.
The unbroken line of victories which
Hood River has achieved in the sever
al apple shows around the country
maintains our reputation. It has got
to a point where we cannot afford to
lose if we would keep at the head.
There Is no reason why we should lose
if our standards are maintained, if we
put up an honest pack and make the
Hood River label a standard of excel
lence, which can be depended upon by
the buyer. The quality of the Hood
Kiver apples cannot be excelled, or
even equalled, but the pack is being
closely imitated by our competitors.
It is this reputation which is of the
utmost value to us in a commercial
way. The heavy increase of acreage
all over the Pacific Northwest in ap
pies must make some difference in
time in market values. It is our ex
cellence in quality and pack which will
be depended upon more and more in
the future to give us the extra price
for the apple which is the profit. It
will be the best apples that will have
the first sale, and the best apples
which will be in demand for the high
priced trado. An extra ten cents
box adds a profit of GO an acre to the
grower who can produce 600 boxes per
acre, and adds $f00 an acre to the
value of his land. Let us maintain our
reputation and keep at the head of the
It is rather a hard and diflicult prob
lem to reconcile Jim Hill to bis old
prophecies with those of his latest ones.
He made theaiiiuniticcineir two or three
years ago that dire cala nity would fall
upon the American people If the rail
roads didn't spend several billions on
expensive improvements. There was
not anywhere nuar that mm used in this
country, and yet we escaped tho dire
Now that we again have bumper crops
and reasonable prospects, Mr. Jim tells
us that the railroad companies are not
ordering anything worth mentioning in
the way of additional equipment or im
provements. He also predicts a icries
of lean years to come, with many unem
ployed and thefcurtailnient of produc
tion and trade. Really what has hap
pened In the past two years bus revo
lutionized the railroads mid the indiis
trial condition.
Bo far, Jim't gloom baa not overtaken
us, but now ho claims that we are living
too high and that the "dire calamity"
will surely overtake us in the course of a
few moons.
Fortunately, for us, there are those
who are always watching for the pot to
boil over, but it even has not come to a
boil, so tho anticipated calamity never
Evidently Mr. Hill goes "galaliooting'
over the country making predictions of
calamity disasters in order to produce
a moral reaction, in the endeavor ti
make the average American citizen
hopeful and determined to prevent a
calamity in busiiienl b prudence, com
mo n ten e and economy.
The wife of a wealthy Colorado mer
chant is suing her husband for a divorce
on tho grounds that her husband would
not give Her money enough to buy
new bonnet. She claims to have lived
with him for the past 30 years and dur
ing all of that time she has never bee
the proud possessor of a new piece of
headgear. She wants that division of
the property which amounts to
State Land Agent Applegate has his
report ready for tho legislature when
they convene. Since he has been
the land office, ho has flatly refused to
help any monopolies grab land tha
should go to the state. He also has
an idea that the state's business
worth looking after and that lond hogs
should be barred from the state's
jii mo nrsi uay oi relirunry liUI, is
the date Bet for the inauguration of
train servioo into Interior Oregon ovc
the new line of tho Deschutes railroad.
By that time it is expected that the
line will be in-opemtion to Mutolius,
150 miles souht of the Columbia rive
Kails have been laid about 30 mill
south of the Columbia.
It has been reported that there wi
omy dc a zu-oay session of the legis
lature instead of the long drawn out
40-day limit. This idea is getting
strong among the Representatives and
Senators. Evidently tne people will
be as well satisfied.
One railroad official has rose up on
his two hind legs and made tho remark
that the railroadsa re run solely for the
purpose of making money. This seems
to be a poor way to gain the good will
of the people.
When it comes to winning first
prizes, Oregon seems to get three
with both feet, so to speak. This time
Hood River apples and a Morrow
County heifer won first prizes at
When Miss Geraldine Farrar arrived
at her home after a trip abroad, she
again repeated her famous remark
about dukes and other foreign noblitiy.
But let it be remembered, however,
that she was wearing a hat which en
tirely hid her face when she said it.
Astoria will celebrate her one hun
dredth birthday next year. Every
Oregonian should put his shoulder to
the wheel and heln the great city to
celebrate. Everybody should be abb
to go at least once in a hundred years,
Twenty-nine "blind pigger's"twho
have been dispensing near beer to
booze fighters in Pendleton and the
surrounding country, have finally met
with their "Waterloo." They donated
$100 each to the county treasurer.
Charles E. Hicks has resigned his
position as editor of the Independence
Eriternritfe. Henry E. Browne has
accepted the editorialship and will en
deavor to make it the leading paper in
that part of the state.
It cost the New York Democatic
Slate Committee $328,870 to elect
its state ticket. This is even more
than the Hood River municipal election
cost last Tuesday.
There are strong indications that the
people of England will be able to pull
off their coming election without hav
ing a German war scare, as usually is
the case.
Mr. Pepper, Congressman-elect,
from Iowa, should have but little
trouble in being the genuine hot stuff
when he gets inside the White House
President Taft has directed that cer
tain sections of his message be cut
out which will reduce it "to 0000
words. It will go to Congress as an
On the first day of each year all
Chinamen pay their debts and begin
the new year with a smile. But then,
who wants to be a Chinaman?
The record for hunters who were
mistaken for deer and killed has been
broken totals 113. It is a remarkable
year for broken records.
Don't send your Chriamas order to
some mail order house. Spend your
money with the home merchant.
Ninety-two thousand bales of hops
is tho crop for Oregon this year, while
last year the crop was 85000 bales.
We are mighty thankful that we
are not compelled to buy bacon to
keep warm.
Two hundred feet high will be the
limit for skyscrappers in Chicago here-
a f ter.
President Taft is a pretty busy man
these days working on his message to
Thero is once in a great while a
magazine comes out without an article
referring to the Hon. John D. Kock-
A French woman has succeeded in
remaining up in the air in a nying
machine for 50 minutes. During ail
of that time three was nobody whom
she could talk to.
James J. Hill predicts that many
thousands of men will be out of em
ployment next year in this county.
owing to .the public's past extravu
gance. Baseball magnates will go
right on increasing the capacity of
their park.
It is reported from Hillsboro that
whole family is dying from the effects
of eating raw pork aauasge spread up
on bread. I heir oodles are pronounc
ed by attending physicians to be fairly
impregnated with trichina from tin
uncooked pork. These mocrobus null
tiply with great rapiditly and it is only
a matter of time until the victims are
actually eaten alive. There seems to
be no method that will eradicate the
avaricious worms after once they have
gained foothold in the human sytsem.
Married In An Automobile.
Near Indianapolis, ' Ind.. an auto
mobile dashing along at the rate of t0
miles an hour, on the Riverside boule
vard, Miss Ella Wilson anil Erve RuoM,
were married by Kev. Lewis. The
preacher stood on the steps of the car
while the bridegroom guided the ma
chine with his left hand while he
joined hands- with the bride. The
ceremony whs punctured with bumps
and jolts. The tieing of the knot was
witnessed by two friends, who claim
that it was done "according to
A New Innovation.
The Southern Pacific railroad have
decided to try a new innovation in th
matter of feeding its passengers on the
train. With this end in view, 'the com
pany is having tfvo cars built which
will he called lunch cars and whi
are to be especially designed for the
purpose of feeding people who ride in
the day coaches. No doubt but what
the "lunch cars" will become quite
popular ior uiose who ride in tho
Pullmans, who would prefer a lk'lit
i i. .... . t. ... .i .
luiK-ii ,io inarm me expensive one m
the diner.
hl . i , ... . . .
ine insme arrangement ot the cars
will tie about the same as that of
short order counter in the city. Th
cars will carry everything to be hud in
tne market, in iront of the counter in
stead of tho revolving stools, will be i
comtoitable high-backed revolving
cnair, wnien win permit safety and
comfort while eating.
Water Company Enjoined.
Salem. Or.. Dec. fi PernetmiHv -n.
joining the Joseph Water works 'from
extending its water mums, the
Supreme Court reversed the decision of
Judge J. A. Knowles, of Wallowa
County, today in the case of. the City
of Joseph versus the water companv.
1 he company wished to extend its
mains to streets not already nrovided
with water, and the city started in
junction proceedings. As one defense
the company alleged thnt the city ile
al red to establish a water plant of its
own and through competition render
the present company s property value
less. Tho lower court dissolved th
injunction, which was only temporary,
ubt the Supreme Court declared a re
versal of judgment and made the in
unction perpetual.
A ew Iit. Just the kind of a present any boy or girl
would appreciate to the fullest extent these cold days. All sizes,
colors and kinds for L'tic, 35c, 45c ami 50c.
House Slipper
Felt, Leather and Carpet. Men's Slippers for 45c, 55c, 75c, $1.00
and up. faille's Slippers for 35c, 55c, $1, $1.25 and up. Child
ren's fancv felt slippers, cushion or leather wiles with fur tops
for T5e, 85c, 00c, $1 and up.
Gentlemen's Fancy Ties
In 4-in-hand, string or shield teds or bows, put up in fancy
Ninas boxes suitable for Xnias gifts, alwavs in order and appro
priate for 10c, 'it a, 45c, 50c, 75c. and f 1.
Ladies Neckwear
Makes very nice presents. We have just unpacked a Hi w chip
went of all the latect in this line.
Side and Back Combs
And fancy hair ornaments. A new lot to choose from for 10c,
15c, 20c, 25c, tile and up.
Fancy Knit Shawls and Scarfs
In woolen and silk, circular, siiUiire or Newport styles, plain and
fancy colors, some big values t fiat would plea e any one, for 50c,
75, $ 1.O0, $1.50 and up.
fin1 Intj fif ! 1 1 it it'i mt'i
mi'i iw.t n l ' J ' niiv dill WfM Jill
for you to choose from. S 'loct thorn while the
stock is complete.
See Our Display on
2nd Floor
A Christmas Mix-llp.
"No," said Mrs. Jordon, quite
grouchy, "I can't say that Julia Hop
kins is really a smart and intelligent
woman. Of course she sings well and
reads heavy novels and all such, but
she thinks too much of her personal ap
pearance to be really brainy. Why?
We went bathing the other day to
gether, and would you believe me, but
1 give you my word of honor, Josiah,
was nearly struck dumb with the way
she made herself up. No, not exactly
painted, but she told me confidentially
that she used a special kind of face
cream under her powder during the
winter months and a cooling lotion in
the hot weather, and she also uses
three kinds of hair tonic, and oh! I
don't know what all. And when we
had our shampoo - you should have seen
the extra hair she put on.
Mr. Jordan dressed tor dinner and
waited calmly for the finish of Pis
w'fe's sartorial preparations and
smiled whimsically with his eagle eye
on the dressing table before which his
wife sat. It held uuite an assortment
of dainty boxes and bottles and Josiah
knew lull well that there were many
more tucked away in various drawers
and cupboards and out of the way
places that he knew nothing of. He
kept on watching Mrs. Jordan smiling
ly touch her cheeks with a delicate
pink powder, applied a white powder
to her forehead, nose and throat,
delicately corrected eyerbows with a
tilack pencil, pinching the hairs iinto
better shape with some kind of muci
lage that was sweet smelling, rubbed
ind manipulated the lobes of her ears
until thoy were as pretty to look at as
a Hood Kiver Spitzenberg apple, added
tne untuning toueties to tier hair with
a special curling iron and pinned on
six or eight pull's und a froid. While
Hho was pinching and pressing, her
lips to perfect their shape, Josiah, the
more man, indulged in a speech.
"My dear," SHid Josiah gently, "why
do you find fault with Julia Hokpins
fur 'making-up,' and what is the
difference between her and other
women? Hvery time you try a new
cosmetic dodge you tell me that a
the women I know are doing it, and
you seem to be going some in the
same direction of facial decoration just
at the present time. Why is it so
much worse for Julia to do such things
to her face and hair than for you to
lie doing the very same thing?"
"Josiah Jordan," stammered Mrs.
Jordan with all of her dignity, "if 1
hadn't any more horse sense than ou
have, I would certainly hide it as much
as possible. Of course, 1 use but very
little powder. The woman who
doesn t is a guy, always. Then too, 1
add a little hair, not because I need it
if the fashions weren't so severe, but
because I don't want to disgrace you
hy looking worse than the wives of
your friends. All the hair fixings I
wear are made from my own combings,
auii mere is also me greatest diller
ence in the world between usng a little
nam powder anil makng-up your face
iiko a perfect mask.
Credulous Bucktoss.
lllnuu r.uektoss, a West Carrollton
farmer, used to eoiue in to Iayton
every Saturday afternoon to shop, and
the boys at the feed store would take
many n rise out of him ou account of
his faith. He'd believe anything-accede
to the tallest propositions. One
Saturday, to see If he couldn't shatter
Hiram's proverbial faith, a wit said:
"Speaking ot buffaloes, Mr. Bucktoss,
did I ever tell you that when I was
out west 1 seen a buffalo up a tree eat
ing grapes?"
"Indeed!" said Hiram. He didu't
even look a bit startled, but only In
terested and pleased. "Indeed:"
"'flint's what 1 said." repeated the
wit. "W hy, Mr. ltucktoss, didn't you
never see no buffaloes up trees?"
"No," faltered lllrain. "No, 1 can't
say I ever did." Then be brightened
up. "Hut reoficii beard," ho added,
"how very fond they are of grapes."
New York Tress.
FlilTT (iUOWKUs:
1 caii supply you with
Choice Alfalfa Hay at a reas
onable price direct from in v
Walla Will la, Wu. V aruier
ii f fi 'iriil ii u. fill
December 22, 4:30 p. m.
Children between 4 and 7 years are in
vited. Under the auspices of
with direction of MISS STICKNEY
Foi 8;ile-8ix acres Umber land, five miles
smith or town. Will sell c'jeap. All good
orchard land, Phone 2ir2K. fl-H
Kor Kent Modern seven room lioua", turn'
Isliwl 407 Ninth street. Call afternoons
t. Jl. Hlelton. aw
fiOHt Tan rfiliiroHt, double over shoulders
'tween lop of Kasl Hide grade aud Lake's
ore. Return to A. C. Lofts for reward, da)
Kor Hale Cheap-Mare, 9 years, 1100 pounds,
Ine stock, wlud alleeted. uernia. trim uin
tra le for top buggy. 1'bone PI12-L
LuiiLN f iiii&a
Presents for Young Middle
Aged and Old.
Santa Claus Makes His Headquarters Here
Coajrrlghi Hirt Scb.faer & Mr
Frank Stanton left for Portland
Thursday to take in the apple show,
and will spend some time looking
after his ranch interests near North
Yamhill and Ranier.
Lost Black silk umbrella, with detachable
gold handle. Return to Glacier office lor
reward. da)
Wanted, Orchard
The best income producer
that can be had for five to
ten thousand dollars cash.
Prefer it without buildings;
located as near Upper Valley
as possible. Agent or owner
let me hear what you have,
but don't answer unless you
have something that is right
in every way. Address
WorKer, care Glacier
3 mfiHp q
extends a welcome to all to
visit Hood River's exclusive
jewelry store. It is his object
to carry goods of high and
standard quality. To sell them
at just and reasonable prices.
To keep faith with his patrons.
To fulfill all promises and allow
no misrepresentations.
We have all the new designs in
Jewelry. We have expert
watchmakers and jewelers. We
do our own engraving free of
charge. Make our store your
Xmas headquarters.
Arthur Clarke
vryyuouc jjuiici oanK in uresius mock f
Fancy Hand Painted
Berry Sets, Salad Dishes, Cups, Saucers, Plates, Etc
kind of values. Second Floor.
Gentlemen's and Boys'
in fine lisle thread and silk web, fancy weaves, put up in pretty
Xmas boxes, making attractive presents, for.25c, 50c, 75c, $1 00
and $1.50 a pair.
Men's Fancy Sox
pairs of black and brown, fine lisle thread hose, put up in neat
Xmas box ; would gladden the hear, of any man ; the box f 1 00
Hart, Schaffer & Marx Suits and Overcoats
Manhattan Shirts, Press Gloves in kid, silk lined or wool lined;
Gulf Gloves of all kinds; Handkerchiefs, of Japanette, linen or
silk, plain or initialed, and dozens of other articles suitable for
Xrnas presents for your friends.
of every description. Wagons, Coasters, Sleds, Books. One of
the nicest line of books you could wish to see for old and young
and at
Big Saving in Price.
Look over our fine display of Ladie'a and
5c, 10c, lHc, 20c, 25c, 50c, 75c and f 1 each
We are carrying a very large line and can
give you what you want.
Finest Assortment
Xmas Goods in
. the City.
Kor Hale-Concrete well curbing. Gus Miller,
one mlleoiuon Belmont road. d22
For Rentr-Kurnlshed room, furnace heat,
Mrs, Newman, phone 27(ik. dtf2
For Sale Two box heating staves No. SO and
31, with water colls In; 85.00 and 6 foot saw and
sledge. Phone 83x. d22
Houses For Sale or Rent. K. W. Winans. d22
Wanted Borapetent girl tor general house
wtrk. Chas. N. Clarke. d2
Wanted A middle aged lady would like
position taking care of an old lady or invalid
couple. Phene 2172K. d29
Situation Wanted-As watchman or work
around private place or ftiside railroad work .
Understand gardvnlng, some about flowers
and poultry. Just arrived from Pittsburg,
Penn. John Shepard, Hood River, Ore.
Kor Sale Team brown mares six and seven
years old, weighing about 2300. Inquire The
Glacier. d2
liargaln In Land Twenty acres near Sum
mit Btatlon, five aores nearly cleared, small
house and barn, good spring aud creek, with
Ave or six inches of water. Unod drainage,
flue red shot soil, no waste land, no side hill,
no rocks, no clay, no baidpan, deep soli.
Worth KO0 per acre; will oiler for a short time
for J6.000. K. C. Mahiney, 127 Eugene Street,
Hood Kiver, Oregon. Terms, half down; bal.
ance any time. dlOtt
' "Tfjj
Oakdale Greenhouse
Kor Fall planting we have a choict
collection of 2 year Roses, one, two and
four year Peonies. Bulbs in plenty such
at Hyacinth, Narcissi, Daffodils, Early
and Late Tulips, some very choice Vinei,
Shrubs, Ornamental Trees. A full lin
of Greenhouse Plants. "Phone 1972-M.
Singer Sewing Machine Co. New Hood
River Salesroom opposite First National
Hank. Machines sold, rented, exchanged, re
paired. Needles and supplies. tf
HAY AND OATS for sale, Kelly Bros.,
'phone 1U12L. tf
Wanted To buy second hand set of harness.
Pnone, Odell 173. d8
Kor Sale Faultless No. 2 grubbing macblna
complete, in good condition, l'houe Odell
279. dH
Kor Sale 900 lb. mare, excellent farm, road
and saddle horse. Also light buggy and new
harness. Call and see them aud make an
oiler. Phone 214K. If
Man and wife want situation on Hood River
ranch. K. Uosse, Hood Kiver, Ore. dlf
FOR BALE-House (or sale dr to let out for
winter keep. Spragne, 11W2-K. . 15d
Wanted Two ladies, mother and daughter,
wish position as housekeeper for gentleman.
Hoard on ly if light work. Mrs. L. A. Alger,
lilnifen, Wn. dift
IMt-Five month's old Scotch collie, white
with black spot ou back. Answers to name
'Hancho." Finder pleaae phone Odell 288. dl5
Wanted Everyone in Hood River and vi
cinity to read the opening chapters of the new
serial by Robert W. Chambers in the Novem
ber number of the Cosmopolitan Magazine.
It is tae greatest novel or the year and is Ulna
trated by Charles Dana Uibson. dl5
Day Work Wanted A Japanese boy deslrsi
housecleanlng and other kinds of work by
the hour in the city. Call phone JI.IL. di6
Wanted To let a contract tor the grubbing
snd plowing of 'i acres or more. Will fur
nish good house for right party. Would like
work to start at once. Address A. J. Rogers,
K. K. D. 3, Box t8, Hood River, Ore.
For sale or rent-8.roora house, corner of
Oak, State and Ninth street. Price, (H.OOO.
Kor rent, furnlsoed, by the month or lease.
Dr. Broslus, at the otlice.
Kor sale-Fine arlvlng and saddle horse, 7
years old, sound and gentle, together with
open buggy, new this summer, harness, cow
boy saddle, bridle, winter and summer lap
robes. Good cart for muddy weather. Will
make an attractive price on entire outfit for
quick sale. Phone ilOli L.
Kor sale Iase on business building. Cal
aUltyie Shop
Wanted Horses to take to pasture above
The Dalles. Pasture, l per mouth, j.5) a
head for delivery of horses to pasture. OH.
hert Edgtngton, Phone 140 B. I) I ft
For Sale Coucri t well curbing. Otis Miller,
one mile from town on Belmont road. at
Wanted A good home for a good horse for
the winter. Call up 1WL. d8
Want-d A general housework girl. Phona
Mrs. H.T.l'arr, 111 Odell. ds
For Rent Two nicely furnished rooms
within one block of poslofflce. Phone 102B.
For Sale Large spring chicken fries and
For Sale Rooming house, good paying bus
iness. For particulars address H. D.J. , rare
Wanted-A chimney cleaner forlOl&Twellth
street. a
For Sale One good Jersey cow and Bun" Or
pington chickens. Phone 1992L this week.
lxist A gold handle umbrella. Finder
please return to Glacier office. Reward. Ai
Kslray-Ruunlng at large contrary to herd
law, one Jersey heifer branded o or ti on let t
hip. Owner can secure same by paying
charges. Troy Shelley. dlS
For Sale.-Apperson Jack Rabbit. The finest
ail round forty horse nower automobile In ma
country. It Is specially built for hill climb
ing. Will sell cheap. If Interested call A. C.
naueui.uregon Hotel.
Wanred-1300 pound team for its keep this
winter, Call A. U. Hallam, Oregon Hotel.
WfllllMl lon anri urifu ........ .. 1.
.. . ....... ,,c naul HUH
ranch. Apply Ramona Hotel.,
ror hale. n.vear.old huv iiimi-h u.i.i.
about 10U0 pounds; good ?or general farm
work' good roadster; single or double, will
sacrifice for quick sale at $75. Phone 216-N .
For RiLlO A lfnlfa anA nhn.,
.......... n ii l iia i , uciivcimi.
S. J. Frank, K. F. 1). Wo. 3. dltf
Furnish. rinnm ntilU ...n-.. L. i
. . , , ""-'t "hii auu cvm j uuiiK ixUi
tbU office. ' (i2y
. , i- luuiwt uiiuai - iiMu irnuuiriii'
nnvnilinl an lnl - l ......
' - v ic uoibui uihco Willie y uu
are way. F. U it., care Glacier. Jltt
Gilt-lav Tmnslr flv uau.nn,nia..
eer s trauslt with solar attachment. Guaran.
teed to be Iff first class condition. Price 1223.
J- L- Henderson, Inc., Hood Kiver. d22
The White Lunch
The Best Lunch in the City.
Prompt Service.
In C. A. Richard's & Co.'s
Building on Oak Street
A. M. Boyce