The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 13, 1909, Page Eight, Image 8

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    D i , .... . ,
Absolutely Pure
V j made from
of Tartar. ft
The only baking powder
made from Royal Grape Cream
The First National Hunk is ninkiuK
in i h ii mtuitu to bolld t.ln- tm miner
on the corner ot Oak and Third sfieet
which they recently (iiiicbutied. J
M. Furry & Co., had a leaie on the
building until November, but, they
have deponed of theii stock of v I-
to the Paris VlM and Hurrendered the
Ihmhu, so tiiat ground will be iiroken
for the new building as soon m the
stock is transferred to the Paris Fair.
While plans for the new building
have not been delinitely decided up
on, it Is settled that the new building
will be a hiiudsonie two story struct
ure, of i ressed brick, and the bank
will occupy the entire Oak street
front mid fifty feet deep. The rear
Hit v feet of the building will be made
into atore rooms with an enteraiice on
Third street.
A proportion has been made to the
Cnmmerciiil Club to lease the top
Door for five years and is now being
considered. If the lloor Is not leased
for this purpose it will he made Into
modern ollloe munis.
.). M. I ':n i y A Co., having disposed
of their stock of goodt, will retire
from this line, but may conclude to
put in another line of good in some
othor looation. Fleming & Taft will
seek a new location foi their feed
atore, ad will also J. M. Culbertson
foi their real astute ofllce,ui the bank
wish to commence buildng operutinus
aa IMS aH possible, aud the present
wooden structures will have to be re
moved the Urtt tiling to allow excav
ating for the basement.
Mrs. Mary A. Wllcoxson
.Mrs. Mary A. Wllcoxson died at
I'' Wash., Monday, May li, aged
1IC yoara. Her aickness was llrights
dli-euae, and she had been a suffeier
lor some time but not been seriously
sick for more than two weeks.
.Mr. and Mrs. Wilooxaon bnd lived
at I'ulila tor hut one year, and had
lived at Ht. Johns, Oregon, for two
jean prior to that time, i'hey oamo
to Oregon frcmJCIevelaiid, Ohio, where
tl.-y had resided tor Uo years. The
Im bfJQd who survlve-i her hail I - n
in (lie employ of the (juke Hhore Kail
ro:d In Ohio for 45yeuiH, as engineer,
Uni ty six yearn of that time on a
piir-Henger engine, and wits tortunate
oqgk to pass Mnoiigii that lung ser
v i i'ii without a tioai accident. A
Ulan prominent iu railroad work in
Cleveland, Ohio, acnompuuied by his
arrivedrfrom the east about one
Keek before the mother' death.
Mia. Wllcoxson leaves a hus!,and
ami three children of the immediate
family mourn the loss, hbe was
born in llellevue, Ohio, and lived In
tbiit state almost all her life. A sou,
Haiauel M. Wilooxsou, Of Cleveland,
Ohio ; u daughter, Mrs. Lola Battel
Hki'lly, of Ful la, Wash,; a sou,
I'rioiklln I''. Wilaoxsou, of Hnllalo,
N. V.
Kev. Sheldon F.wing, of I'uldu,
conducted the funeral services at the
QllBMf Valley church. Interment in
Milmer cemetery. The body may be
shipped to Ohio later.
I In fuuiily of Mrs. Mary Wllcoxson,
decerned, desire to express theti
heartfelt, gratituilo to the friends aud
iieluhbnrH for their kindness iu the
llokDMS and iloath of the mother.
Menard Thomas MIIIn
Milliard Thonm-i Mills died at his
liomu in 1 1 nod Kiver valley Muy D,
19(19, aged 70 years, lie was born In
London, Lngland, February J9, 1839;
came to the United Status In ffl&T.
June 18, UH51, he was married to
Charolettc Woixl at Henry, Marshall
county, III. August '27, lHt;, he en
listed in Co. H. OHth Illinois volun
teer and served with the Briny of the
Cumberland until the close nf the
war. In 1H71 with his family he mov
d to Iowa. His wife being attltoted
with aatbna, for the benollt of her
hoallh he kept moving through the
Dakotas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho,
Washington and to the Willamette
valley, coming to Hood Kiver in 189?
where the lamlly have since resided
He leaves a widow and one duugher,
Mrs. Mary Kobbins.
The luneral sermon was conducted
by Kev. Brown, of the Helmont M
E. ('lunch Monday after noon and the
huiial service at the grave vas con
ducted by the O A K. The pall
hearers were H. ( opple, John Wilson,
Frank Noble, H. F. lllythe, U, H
Castuer and A. 0. Huok.
Mas An !. to limine
Hilly Sunday has just nisile another
clean up of a free-will olfering of ill,
(XKI at Springfield. Ill , aud immedi
atey oama to out purchase another ot
those valuable 10 acre apple tracts
Billy has an eye to business. Union
Population Put at 750,000
While estimates as to the present
population of Oiegon vary, somo uieu
who have the right to be called well
posted feel that the state to day has
upward ot three quarters of a millon
people. With every county In the
state getting new settlers, some hn n
attracted a greater immigration dur
ing the past year than tor five yeaia
pains, he will get
of patience and
was in the Pies id
Joe Wright Knjojed Visit
Kditor (J lacier : Bblpbsttf'l Mineral
Springs Is a delightful place. 1 know
of no better place to go for rest if
you are tlied and worn out, or to tin
prove your health if you are sick,
Everything is made as cheerful there
as it is possible to make it. However
if one Is crippled with iheuuiatisio.
full of aches and
homesick and out
mean, even if be
ent'a best quaitars.
Huob was about my condition
week ago Sunday, when sitting iu the
oftloe of the hotel, tiying hard to l.e
cheerful, when on looklug out I Saw
a dozen or so of the Sir Knights and
Masons from Hood Kiver approaching
Nn,v 1 can't tell you how glad 1 was,
1 don't know the English language
well enough 1 was very much
pleased, that's sure. 1 know of uoth
nig that could have happened just
then that ouuld have pleased me but
ter When we were all at the lunch
table together I thought I would get
up and te.l the boys how much I ap
pretdated their visit, but something
kept getting in my throat so that 1
could mi'. It was a very pleasant day
for me, 1 assure yon. J. M. Wright.
Visit Itulah l.aad Orcliard
Last Friday night Mi. A. S. Pat-
tullo and wife, Mr. John Scott, gen
ei al passenger ageut of the Harrlman
system, aud wife, Mr. H. U. Cnltnn
and wife, Mr. James Nicholl and wife,
registered at the Mount Hood hotel.
They secured two teams and drove
all day Saturday through Hood Kiver
valley. Mr. Vanderbilt very kind y
ell ei lalncd them for all houi at
itnulab Land Orchard. Then the
party took lunch and inspected the
orchard and ranch of A, S Pattullo.
which Is beautifully situated on the
bunks ot upper Hood Kiver. Keturn
iog, the party drove through the
Orapper district, stopping over Sun
day at Mrs. Ilowe s on Helmont road.
Sunday a. in. Mr. Cotton's four seat
ed lumber wagou oonveyed the party
to his ranch iu Fraoktou district,
where they spent a piaasunt half day
drinking older und dodging the rain
showers, which were almost constant
al! day. 'the party returned to Mrs.
Howe's via Wan Ouln (luln Hotel,
wheie the party enjoyed the soeDory
very much, aud after taking dinner at
Mrs. Howe's, returned to Portland on
the evening tiain. I'hey were all very
much pleased with the sceueiy of the
valley aud with their trip.
E C. Ilrock has disposed of his in
terests in the Bone-Brook I e Witt Co.,
to C. K. Bone, his duties with the
Bridal Veil Lumbering Co., demand
lug his entire attention.
Wick Blue name Oil Cook-Stove
Because it's clean.
Because it's economical.
Because it saves time.
Because it gives best
cooking results.
Because its flame can be
regulated instantly.
BecaUM it will not over
heat your kitchen.
Because it is better than
the coal or wood stove.
Because it's the only oil
stove made with a
useful Cabinet Top
like the modern steel
T? It J1
ror oilier reasons see stove at our ueaier s, i
or write our nearest agency. Made in three
sizes. Sold with or without Cabinet Top.
I'10 M -V W ysM f.inmii be rniiaU'il
for its bright nnd
steadv light, simple SOnSttHClloa
ami absolute satetv. KiniipiwJ
with latest improved burner. Made o( brass throughout
Slid beautifully nnkiled. An ornament to any room,
whether library, dining-room, parlor or bedroom.
Writs to our nearest ngeney if not at your dealer's.
( Incorporated I
f I
0 I
A syndicate of which M. O Lowna
dale is president, has purchased the
Lownsdale orchard, in V'ambill
County, for iT,h,tW. The other mem
beta of the corporation are Portland
and Seattle citizens, and their names
are uot given. The laud imolved in
the deal consists of a acre tract,
sevea miles freni McMinuville, aud
I l., miles from Eafsyette. The size of
the orchard Is ItOU ucres.and the out
put of last j ear was 40. (XXI boxes. Mr.
Lownsdale is a pioneer In the apple
raising busintts in this state, and Ids
father was a successful oichardist be
fore Inn, 'the oicb rd dirpostd of is
considrred one of the laigest aud
most productive on the Pacific coast,
and is supplied with all the modern
appliances for packing, spraying and
storing. A watei syn stem with a good
pressure is utilized in spraying lime
and facilitates tba tvork ot extermin
ating fruit pests, which hare to be
fought constantly. Mr. Lowusdale
says he will stay with the Lownsdale
Orchard Company for five years, ac
cording to contract, which may be
extended at the expiration ot that
Villi Build of Brick
Laurence Blowers baa decided to
build a brick building on his lot at
the corner of Oak and first street und
permission has been granted by the
council to -let the present building in
the street until the naw building can
be l mil, on account of the present
tenants, Davis & Hughes, being un
able to find another location for their
picture show. Hie building will be
put on the si le sliect will not iucon
veoieDGS the public, and it will allow
Mr. Hlnwars to build on the full lot
instead ot part ot it. m he (list In
tended. 1'bU insures ti e building of
two mure brick bi ll :iogs on Oak
street this year, to replace old wooden
structures. If will add greatly to the
appearance of the city, lessen the tire
risk, and provide more store room
for business Let the good woik go
DeiiieiiHirale Ball Bearing Huh
Wm. Hanger left Monday for The
Dulles witii the rig that, lias been tit
ted up tor demonstrative work with
the Luokey Ball Hearing Hub aud
Lock Nut. He n ached the city after
a Hve hour drive aud Mr. Luokey
went up on the train in thae.euing.
Mr. Luckey returned Tuesday end
says that to satisfy the specttosl nues
the bail bearing hull was tilled with
sand and the rig driven round The
Dalles for some time. After its return
the wheel was lifted off the ground
aud given a spin, running over six
minutes without stopping. This de
rnnustratliiti told ten sets of the bubs,
Mr, Luokey returned 'luesday even
ing to resume tfie trip with Mr
danger. After a tour of the places
near the Dslles they will go Ihrough
to Portland on t boat and make a
tour of the Willamette valley. Kong Leaves For China
Lee I'ong, for many years cook at
the Mt. Hood Hotel, left for Ida ua
tfve land Monday evening to spend
the rest of his (lays. He has bsen
with the hotel since .it, was owned by
S. K. Kscvex, who brought him to the
place from Baker City. To celebrate
severing his connection with the hotel
he gave a banquet to Mr. and Mis.
Hell, the hotel employes and a num
ber of friouds. 1'he menu omisbted
of Amei lean delicacies and also fav
orite Chinese dishes, such as boiled
shark's tin, bird's nest soup, chop
suey, etc. Kong expects to spend the
rest of his days in the land of his an
nestois, at a siiihII village near Han
kow, China
John Cnnnell, who has been work
ing at Mt. Hood for Lou Baldwin,
got some lime in his eye the lore part
of the we k and la now in Hood Kivvr
giving it his attention.
Ailyi rtLeil l.eltera
Baker; K C , Carson ; Mr. John W .
Carson; Mr. John , Clearwater; Mr
Clinton , Ciawford; Mr. Hurl.. Pink;
Mi. Lee. (2), Oobio; Mr. Kussell.,
1 1 am el on. OhaileH. lliill ' Mr Win
Kenuedy; Mr. J. E , Kirkpalrick ; Mr.
warner, uouis; jvir. ii. li.(-), lii v ;
Mr. A. RL McOustion Mr. and Mra.
Oeo., Mi Horn Mr. Perry. Keed;Jchn
C.Hauboru: Mi. U. U.. Shenard :
Mr O K. 81 ooii in; E. H.. Smith;
Mr. W. K.. Thomas : Mr. James.
Williams; Mr n. K. , Willard; Mr.
Kdward, Conn; Miss iVlalile. Conner:
Miss H., Cullen; Mrs Ague , (ioodall;
M III Ullla, Oreen ; Miss Mnttie, Jones ;
Miss Alma, Nichols ; Mary O. Noles;
Mra, Annie, Olsen ; An.-:- Caddie.
Warren; Miss Kutberlnc. Wilkins:
Wm. Yates, postmaster.
J. W. Davis hsa gone to Caisun to
took alter his ranch there.
Mr. and Mis. William Stewart,
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs Bar
I ie, ligTKor has sold his tire unr
place on Methodist Lake.
iYIIhh itess luunheru lormimdnd I,.,,
visit and toll Monday for I'ortlaud.
Jo'in Vlnsser exinx ts to -luri. lor
his eastern bourn Tuesday,
Mr. Koorn an fnthir ot h . Ran.
croft, arrived last week (tOOl Plilla
delphia and will make his home on
the ranch ftniueily owu d by Hums
Mis Donalaaa. muthar of Mm
Diwniuu. has returned lion vlaitlno
on the east side
Mrs. C. P. Men ill has been nulla
siok. we are gl d to say she is better.
Miss Vera O'N'all leturned ti tun
( iaiCSde Locks.
f iindttatlniJ ex u eu,,.. of I 'r ,,,.!. t . ,,
School will be I el, I at 1'aik (Innu,,
Hall Fbuidu efeolna. as this is the
nil. niral sol o I in the state that bun
a full high MhoO course the gradu
ates nave a, I eat reason to le proud id
oeing tne oral of 1'iankt m pupils to
finish tha course. Let a b O I l.M III
greet and congiatiilate them ou Iheir
Miss Male SomervillH lull I ,, i..v
for Ooldeiulaln and OolaplbM' Wash.
Mr. Ilrayfeid spoke at Belmont
Church Sunday morning Owing to
so many attending the label mu le
meet nigs not many weie present,
Kev. II h. Hrown preached at Odell
Sunday morning On Honda; after
uuoii he lett for Yakima In be present
at dtstnot conference. I here will lie
no serrlces at Melmoiit or Buudaj
school tor t o aaeka,
Deatli his again i"vaded i ur neigh
horlun l and i btSiade Mills has an
swered the last roH call ; one l y cue
the brave inn wh.) fought foi I he llsg
ot our QOUUtl ate ia-ing mustered
out of the rinks laps sounded.
Thee is anothei grave to tie dicorat
ed Mav the Ood ot the widow com- I
tort and help those of bis family who'
are so sadly bereft and alooa,
Mr. Lindis has sold his ten acre I
Pastime Parlors
On the Heights
Fine Line Cigars and
Confectionery, Soft
Drinks, Stationery &
Forty acres at $40 per acre, $2tX) cash
balance flu per month.
Ten a. res, three acres Jnst wt to trees,
ail under ditch ; $lnO per a re, $3u0
down, 15 per month.
Twenty-four acres; 130 apples 4 to 6
cars old. 300 two years old, all newlv
fenced, 2 scics in straw la-rrics, build
ings on place, ti inches of water from
Hpring. Price, .r,(K)0 ; $HXX1 down and
8(K) oer annum until paid.
11 acres, 10 in young trees, 250 an acre
$500 each ami IMS' a year on balance
PHONE 1492-K.
Open River Trans
portation Co.
Service between Port land, jlood River
and The Dalles. Steamer J, N. TEAL.
Should lie supported by the People.
We give special attention to fruit
shipments. Spacious accommodations
fur handling lite stuck and wagons. We
solicit your patronage,
E. M. Miller, Aat. Money K Smith Mgr
Hnoil River Portland
ranch on the Bsltnout road. Laud is
changing hands in Helmont.
A very large gathering of ladies met
at the hums rf Mrs itauisey last hri
day wfiere the Ladles Aid seivtd 10
cent lunch. Mrt. Dr. Kdglnglou gave
a be ili Ii take illustrated by charts
which was listened to quite attentive
ly. A class for instruction on health
was formed. Next meeting of the Aid
will be with Mrs. Isobell, May '21.
M. P. lsenbeig, wife and daughter,
Li na, spent Sunday at the none ot
their son Walter, on the etate rrad.
J. W Anderson royull.v entertained
the graduates nf 1'ranktou scht ol, last
luesday eveniug. A laige company
of young folks were invited and spent
a most eujoyable eveniug. 8 lent
reading, music aud games were in
dulged iu after which very dainty and
delicious lefrashnienls wete served by
tlie hnate-s and daughters. At a late
Or early hour, I know not, the young
folks left for their homes, no doibi
wishing tbeie were some graduates
every week.
Miss Nina Nolle and Miss Kliza
la th Kby, are the graduates of l-'rauk-ton
and Finishes for
Every Home Use
This is the time to freshen up the home by doing
the odd jobs of painting you have been planning. For
the buggy, the furniture, for the floors and woodwork,
for every paint purpose, we have the right Finish.
are each and every one scientifically prepared for specific
uses. Remember if it's a surface to be painted, enameled,
stained, varnished or finished in any way, there's an
Acme Quality Kind to fit the purpose. We can
tell you what to use, how much to use and
tne cost. Jisk us.
Gilbert-Vaughan Implement
J. R. Nickelsen
C. F. Gilbert, formerly of theMt. Hood Hotel and G. H.J
vaugnan, of tne Butler Banking Co., have inm-liasc.
the r arm Implement and Spray business from J. H.fc
Nickelsen and respectfully solicit a continuance of tbe
pati 'on age f his former customers.
Prescription Specialists
Hood River
Ph. C. YOUNG. Prop.
Fresh and Cured Meats
Lard, Poultry and Fish
Phone Main O Free Delivery
Sacrifice Sale
of Clothing
On Saturday and Monday, May 8 and
10, we will sell our $10, $15 and $20
$10 and $12 a suit
C. Johnsen
Oak Street
Hood River
vVhoes and Men's Furnishings
Camping Time is Here
And you will need Comforts to keep von wnrm.
$1.00 $1.50 $1.75. Cot Blankets nil prices
Men's Dress Shirts
All colors, with and with
out enloT-s.
Exceptional Value in
Men's Work Shirts
Good wenrers 50c I iich
Land For Sale
1 have about 1,0H) acres of No. 1 Apple Land,
most of it under ditch at prices ranging from $60
per acre np. In tracts from ten acres up.
Hood River - - - Oregon
Get My Prices on
j Will deliver lumber to any
parr of the valley. Mill 2
miles west of town.
J. R. Phillips
Brick, CVment ftnd PUftering
Kiu't'litli Flooring
Tel. 3x3
Hood River