The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 03, 1908, Page Eight, Image 8

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On account of having to move we have been at a great disadvantage and have a lot of seasonable
Goods which must be moved at some price, so we've decided to sacrifice profit to move the Goods;
This includes everything in Summer Dry Goods, Shoes, Clothing, Hats and Underwear. Don't fail
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,. Hood
Scientific Farm Methods Shwa.
Portland. Mors elaborate tkan
any stmlllar trvln ever run over a
railroad In the Pacific Northwest will
be the farming demonstration train
to be operated through the Willa
mette Valley by the Southern Pacific
Company In October, juit announced
by R. B. Miller, general freight agent
for the Harrlman lines In thli terri
tory. The tra'n will be run under
the direction of the Oregon Agricul
tural College, and Dr. Jumei Wlthy
eombe, director of the Oregon Ex
periment Station, will be In charge.
He will have a number of astlitanti,
and lecturea and demonstration! will
be given that are calculated to im
prove farming conditions and meth
ods. A striking feature of the train will
be a number of dairy cows that will
be carried in special freight cars and
housed In patent stalls. These ani
mals will be high-class dairy eows
and they will be milked at various
tattons by a compressed air milking
machine that will be demonstrated
to the farmers. The milk will be
run through separators carried on
the train and the various prooessee
f dairying will be shown.
The cows will show the farmers
the best types of dairy oattle and
tholr proper care will be Impressed
upon the farmers by object lessons.
There will bo a number of cars
given over to exhibits of various
kinds that will be highly Interesting
to the farmers. Modern agricultural
Implements of every sort w'll occupy
one tar. An exhibit of grains and
grasses will bo carried. Material for
horticultural instruction, showing
the best methods of budding, graft
ing, pruning, spraying anl packing
fruit, will be carried, and a special
series of object lessons will be given
to show the farmers how to pack
fruit commercially.
Hindoos Denied Tapers,
Albany A Hindoo can never be
come a cltlzon of the United States.
This Is a ruling of the Bureau of Nat
uralization of the Department of
Commerce and Labor on a test case
from circuit court of Linn county.
Early this year David Bon Kehar
and Sham Wasssn, two Hindoo labor
ers in a sawmill at Crawfordsville,
Linn county, applied to County Clerk
J. W. Mlllor to file declaraTSns of In
tention to become citizens. Their re
quest was at first refused in spite of
the fact that an attorney who rep
resented them presented authorities
to prove a native of India was a
member of the Aryan race and con'
soquently a "white person" within
the meaning of the naturalisation
Miller communicated with the de
partment at Washington, after which
the declarations were taken. Dupll
cate copies of the declarations were
forwarded to Washington and orders
have been received to revoke the dec
larations of Kehar and Wassan.
Life Saved by Linen Duster,
Tillamook It. W. Watson, pro
prietor of the McMlnnvllle-Ttllamook
auto-stage line, nearly lost his lite
last week by being precipitated into
Trask river from the high bridge that
pang the river at this place. It was
only through the presence of mind of
Andy Nolan, a Tillamook real estate
agent, that he wag saved. Nolan
grabbed Watson J nut as he fell from
the bridge by his linen duster, and
tugged desperately at his 210 pounds
of weight, Watson meanwhile swing'
lng in the air.
Watson was In the automobile
when he met buggy. The horse
backed completely off the bridge, but
tho buggy was caught and prevented
from falling by the tlmbors of a new
bridge alongside being built. In as
sisting tho rig to rights Watson slip
ped and would have fallen 40 feet
but for the quick aotion of Nolan.
oOu toward the improvement of the
road from Marshfleld to Roseburg.
A. L. Brlggs, former president of
the Drain State Normal School, has !
been elected to the faculty of the
Monmouth Normal School. He is to
fill the chair of mathematics.
While Mrs. Bernstein, who was
prominent In Jewish charitable or
ganization In Portland, was plucking
flowers last week, thorn penetrated
one of her fingers, causing blood
poisoning from which she died.
Ochoco lodge, No. 46, I. O. O. F.,
of Prlnevllle, has offered a reward of
$50 for the arreest of the person who
recently mailed an anonymous letter
to Rev. C A. Housel, pastor of the
Methodist Church of that city, threat
ening him with dynamite unless he
left town.
Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion Ackerman has completed the list
of subjects selected for discussion be
fore the County School Superinten
dents' convention, to be held at the
Capitol building in Salem, September
10 and 11, and is sending them out
to the superintendents of the several
counties of the state.
Formal announcement has been
made at the Governor's office of the
appointment of George Noland, an
attorney at Klamath Falls, as suc
cessor to Judge Henry L. Benson,
who resigned a few days ago to entor
the practice of law at Klamath Falls.
The appointment took effect Septem
ber 1.
Forest Supervisor Ireland, who has
returned from the fire area south of
Bend, says three townships have been
burnod over, half of one township
being swept clean nnd the others de
troyed except for small patches here
and there. Mr. Ireland says It was
an unremitting fight night and day
between 200 men nnd the flames, and
Miss Lena I sen berg returned Sun
day from a visit with her sisters at
Portland and Forest Drove.
Edward 3omervilie, ot The Dalles,
came Tuesday aud will with bis
uncle aud family, W. O. Sonierrille,
h few days.
Miss Pearl l!lnj lock leaves Thursday
tor j nibs Vtiliey, wheie she will visit
with tier sisie , Mrs Aiken, for a
few days mid then u ill u to her
school at vVi.uiie.
The Ladies' Aid will I rid a 10 cent
tea at the home of Mr aud Mis.
Church Wednesday evening. Every
ono invited.
Rev. Pbil Arnold, of The Dulles, b
minister of the Christian and Mis
sionary Alliauoc, preached ut the Oak
drove ball on last Stiuday evening.
On Friday aftornouu, August 28,
Miss Bert a Gamewell entertained
paity of her young friends at the
borne nf her giauduiotber, Mrs. John
son, in celebration ot her tenth birth
day. l!efrohnjents were served nnd
the usual games suitable for nicli oo
rasioiia wuie enjoyed. 'Hi use who
were present wen: Misses hlph:i and
Laura Honk inn, Mary lloin, lleloii
and Leta Martin, Alien McUuidy,
Ullja Hooker, Mildred Urapper, Her
thu (iauiewtll and 11a NicboH aud
Master Carroll Smitb.
S. J Hersher, ot near Hood River,
Httendod church ut Oak Grove ball on
last Sunday evening.
P 11. and K. D Martin returned
from their trip to t lie coast lat week.
While on bis way homo P. II cullud
upon our old friend and neighbor, J.
J. Jordan, (if North Yamhill. Joe is
u furuioi Craperite ami with Ms
usual comtesy took P. H. arcun I to
beu the various points ot iulerett In
that vieinity They niwlo a special
vinit to the luigo upplo orobatd be
ouiilnii to Mr. Lnwusdalu. If any
other of Mr. Jorduu's eld llood liner
the men conquered only after three fiiends will bo plumd to cill on lnui
Debs to Make Addreaaea.
Portland Eugene V. Debs, Social
ist candidate for President, will reach
Portland in his "Red Special" cam
paign train Monday, September 14,
and deliver an address that night.
Mr. Debs is accompanied by A. H.
Simons, editor of the Chicago Dally
Socialist. This special train consista
of four carg, decorated with oil paint
ings, bunting and slogans of the So
cialist party.
Mr. Dobs wll! spend two days In
Oregon. He will enter the state
from California Suuday, September
13, holding meetings that day at Ash
land, Medford and Grants Pass. The
following day half-hour meetings will
be conducted at Roseburg, Eugene,
Albany, Salem, Woodburn and Ore
gon City, in addition to the night
meeting in Portland.
'A man named Crow, from Los An
goles, has offered to contribute f 20,-
weeks of the hardest kind of work
back firing being largely resorted to.
Miss Arleno Train, of Albany, has
attained the distinction of being the
first woman who ever scaled Otter
Rock, a high, precipitous rock in the
Pacific Ocean, ten miles north of Va-
qulna Bay. Sho was accompanied
on the trip by Sm Dolun, of Albany,
the Notre Dame University football
player, who formerly won high hon
ors with Albany College and the Ore
gon Agricultural College, and by
"Sea Lion Charley" Anderson, a well
known boatman of Newport.
The annual FtiBslon of the Oregon
Conference of the Methodist Episco
pal Church will be held In the First
Methodist Church at Sulera, begin
ning September 25. It is the time
when the ministers of the denomina
tion are called upon to give an offi
cial account of their stewardship for
the year, and when the presiding
bishop makes the assignments for
the pulpits of the church throughout
the four districts comprising the con
ference. Jack Hamlin, a veteran hunter and
trapper if the Cascade Range, sus
tained serious injuries lost week by
a deer. When about six miles out
from Detroit, a frightened deer, evi
dently chased by a mountain Hon or
some other beast of prey, dashed
madly Into the trail and crashed
head-on Into the horse Hamlin was
riding. The horse was knocked down
and Hamlin was thrown underneath
tho horse and deer and trampled into
unconsciousness. He lay In the trail
several hours before assistance reach
ed him.
An association of all of the apple-
growers of Albany and vicinity was
formed in that city last week. Its
object Is to pack and market all of
the apple crop of that part of tho
state on a union basis. A corps of
skilled packers, trained by the Will
amette Valley Applegrowers' Associ
ation, will be employed to handle
the crops of all growers. The regu
lations of the Willamette Valley Ap
plegrowers' Association as to meth
ods of packing and size of boxes were
adopted by the new association. With
the apples packed on a union basis.
The first conflict over the fall fish
ing season will begin after the Wash
ington state law permits fishing and
the Oregon new law says that It is
prohibited during the same period.
Fish Warden McAllister, of Oregon,
has notified his deputies to enforce
the law strictly and as the decisions
of the Supreme Court state that each
state has Jurisdiction over the river
from bank to bunk, his deputies will
be compelled to top all fishing on the
river. On the other hand, tho Attorney-General
of Washington has
notified the holders of licenses from
that Htate that they will be legally
entitled to fish and If the Oregon of
ficials interfere with them that he
will give them all protection possible.
This will result in the different laws
being tested by a Federal court, and
the Indications are that eventually
the Federal Government will take ab
solute charge of the fishing industries
on the Columbia.
Prohi Candidate to Speak In Oregon.
Portland, Or., Sept. 1. Prohibi
tion candidate for President Eugene
W. Chafin will open the campaign for
bis party in Oregon next Friday, af
ter concluding a tour ot Washington.
ho v ill extern! to tboui tbum tune
Mica Ann Pi'egge returned fioui
Portland lttt Saturday.
The Ladies' Aid Society will meet
at the home of Mrs. J. A. English on
l'liureday, September 3, at 12 p. m.
Ibis being tho llrst business meeting
for the fall a lull (ttteudanue is desir
able Light refreshments will be
On Wednesday eveuing, August 2(1,
a reception wm gireu to the newly
weds, Mr. and Mrs. C. U. Juiif'.en Hurt
Mr. aud Mis. Her:uuu Pregue, at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. (1. A. MeCurdy
by the joung people of lite neighbor
hood. Mrs.
whs ably Hi-sis'
IIhIi and Nichols. Hefretlimeiits w re i
served on the lawn, which was beauti
fully illiimiuated with Chinese lan
terns, Tho tables were eliiborutely
decorated with sweetpeus mid Oregon
Uiape leaves. There whs also a liira
bnntl'e on the side lawn around which
youug folks. Both of the young brides
and glooms received the hearty con
gratulations of all present. Botb.Messis.
Jnotzen aod Piegge are thriving and
industrious youug farmers aud had
comfortable homes already piepared
lot their fair In ides. Trey are well
known and highly esteemed citizens,
and are starting in lile with fair pros
pects. They enjoy the respect and
cuuildeuce of the entire community.
"May every blessing earth can give
Around them cluster while tbey
live ;
Ki-'be, love ai d eveiy joy
Their portion be without alloy.1'
DeWitt'e Little Early Risers, Fafe,
easy, pleasant, sure, little liver pills.
8'ifd by Keir A Cuss.
Man K. l'lH'lp"-
Mrs. Mary E , wife of J ii. Phepls,
died at Vancouver, Wash., Friday,
August '27. The body was brought to
tbis city (Saturday aud fuueisl ser
vices held Sunday aftetnoou in the
chapel cf Nichols undertaking cstab
llsbment. The services were conduct
ed by Rev. J. C. (Jilinore and tutei
meiit wan in Idlowil le cemetery.
Mrs. Phelps fits bom lit Manor,
Wash., and was mairied to Mr. Pbelps
at, liood River on August 10. 1903.
She is survived by I er liusbmjd, tbree
children, her phiiuts, two sisters end
tbree brothers.
Teo lliarh for Medfenl.
Or. b E. Page returned yesterday
from a !o the Hood Fiver coun
tiy. The country looked irood to
bim, but tl ere is net enough of it
aud opportunities for investment
there do not begin to leach those in
the licguo livir valley hence, while
that country l'-nks good to bim, the
Rogue river vailev l'uks better. Land
vulues, he tiijs. there uie '"wny yon
der" as compared with ours Nothing
at nil uuconimon to t-ee a two year old
orubuid tin ie et-ll for 83U0 to 8100 au
acre, while a six yeiir old orchard
easily briiigs 1200 to SlilbO. Medford
' One Hollar lor a Wormy Apiile.
.lorgeusen, a Muriou county orcb
urdist, delies Fruit Inspector Ann
strong to Hud a wormy apple ou his
fur in, says the Oregou Journal. In
fact be sent a written communication
to the fruit inspector last week otter
lug bim II for every wormy apple
that could be found in his orobard.
The iettei is as follows:
"Sal' m. Ore , Aug. '27. 1908 -Mr.
Armstrong Dear Sir: If you should
meet anyone who does not believe in
the efllclency of thorough spraying
soud them cut here and 1 will con
vince tbeui. 1 sprayed three times
with atsnuate of lead and 1 believe
This is a Young
And a Growing
Young enough to hope to grow and growing
because you approve of our methoes. We
want your permanent business by proving
ourselves worthy of it. We expect to make
a small, safe profit each time you buy here,
and we believe it will be to your interest to
buy often.
!..,, kiiu.l H.o li'tt wnrm. I will nnv
McCiirdy, the hosted, j $1 for e worlny 8F(jIe Uley
ted ty Mosdames hug- ' Um) ou nny 0; my trceg- VVould
like to have you tiy your Iuck ac it
"Ueepcctfully jours,
"O N Jorgeusen,
"Hox Hi) KonleD."
Dick 1 1 o 1 1 i b, Mrs. Frank L Wuite
and Mrs. llnrroual.s. of Cascade Locks,
the guests enjoyed themsohee aud were visitors ai the home of Mr. and
each other after the usual manner of Mrs. W. lienediet this week.
Wt' could not st uvo off the nliipnn'nts of our II att r.s until
we were moved. We don't want to move them, so we
concluded to put them on the market at a
which men ns a snvinr to YOU. We have all styles and
sizes from the small AIRTIGHT to theiargv BASE-
BURNER. It will pay you to inspect our stock, get
our prices and have a heater delivered to your home.
General Hardware and Building Supplies
Of the Sotoiid Iviitern Orcein I'istrirt comprised f Wa-ro, Sliermali, Gil
I'mm, Wheeler, Crook and ll'l liiver C.mnlics will lie held at
The Dalies, T2f Fyri' Oct. 6 to 10
The Miiin Aiini.'lioiK ate: The l'aviiii-'ii in ibe City; S'eho'.l Children's
Kvlnhii ; Stork Kxliibit: Spwd Attractions; IViih oii A-ceio-i-nx. Arnold's
Aniiisciiieiil C.'inpiiiy w ill i u:d . all furmer (fforis. All ruilrwid and boat
lines will ttive tin- usual red nerd iite-.
For all exhibits, raers, tto. See l'remium List which will be furnished upon
application. Plenty of Wheat. Plenty of Fruit. Plenty of Money. A T at ot our annual resources and endless amusements in car lots are
in store for everybody.
J. t,. Klly, Pra. M. Pattarson, Sc.
To Land Owners in llood
River Valley
That the inidoiBi:ned lias leased the
Crowell P.rick 15 ock now occupied by
the Butler Hanking Company and otuorn,
for three years, occupuncy to begin ac
o in an the Hall lllock is completed.
which will be completed about January
1st, next. I fdiftll occupy the ground
floor, including the ' link vault, for m
ollice and wish to notiiy property own
ers in llood Hiver Valley and City tlml
I have hundreds of deed?, mortgages
and other valuable papers in the differ
ent chains of titles of llood River land
that they can come and get on applica
tion by reeeiptitig for same.
I also wish to state that the upper
Hoor of said building will be for rent as
soon as it is vacated by the present
Opening Notice
Japanese and American Pro
ducts. Silk Goods, Rice,
and Tea a Specialty
Japanese Employment and Real Estate
Agency. All Kinds of Help Furnished
for Work on Timber Lands and Farms
P. O. Box 92
lk,lllU,TlllM H
Farm or Business
for (ale. Not particular about location,
wtflb to hear from owner only who
will sell direct to buyer. Give price,
description and mate when poaaeuloa
can be had. Addresa.
L DAMYSH1RE, hi SM RikWv. R. T.
Notice is hereby glved that the undersigned
tins been nooitniiti'd Htid appointed Executor
i 'the folate of Ellen K. Sllliinan,di'e,uie1, by
the County Couit of llood River t'onmy,
suit' of Oregou, unit all persons hnvlng
clHlins aeulnt snid etnte are requested and
and notified to rirewnt them, duly verified,
lollie undrrdKriu.l ill the oltlee o( the Butler
Kahklnir (' numnv. llood River. Ore . within
nix (f) monlli from the date ut find ublk-a.
uon nereiti. -Kind
puhlh'iilloti Almost 2;th. 1MV.
Till; M N ItC I'I.KR, Executor.
K. H. II iii twit;, Alto ney fur Estate. a27 fit
To lir a I Customers of the Hood
River llakery.
Until e hae coutttuoted a ins
ovei., hifh we expect to build 80n,
as will not deliver krv inoie bretn).
We will, hiwerer, luve constantly on
hand nt our tore opposite the timid-
iug of tho Dttvidtioi) Fruit Co., fresh
wheat Hud rye hi end dully, also all
kinds f rakes, cookies, doughnuts,
ciunsmnu rolls, and everything in the
bakery line. ttedriiug sua party
oskes made to order. Phone 141.
llood Kiver Bakery.
"The Best Way"
To See Hood Eiver Canyon and Valley is
Mt. Hood Railroad
Train leaves Hood River 8 A. M. every day
and returns 6:10 P. M. Spend your Sunday
in the mountains.
A. WILSON, Agent
Is a Very Low Rate From Portland
We will take a large crowd of entlinsiastiii business men and investors on
this popular excursion, leaving Porlland on the
Southern Pacific, Sunday Morning Sept. 6th
Tickets will be linii ed to Octi ber 4, (riving you lots of time to thor
oughly investigate the Klmnxth Basin, one of Oregon's most prosperous
and growing communities ti-h to your heart's content on Klamath Lake
md visit Oregon's Ureat Natural Wonder
Hound trip ticket, Klamath Fall t- Crater I ake, $17.00, inc, tiding
expenses limit three days. Train leaves Portland 1 :3d m. m., Sunday,
8, pteiubcr. Mien- will tw a special Pullman ear to Weed for this patty. ra'e $4 00, including ivglit in car at Weed. Pa-tsen er may enter
car at. any time -ifter 9:110 Saturday night
for particulars, call at City Ticket Office, 3d and Washington Ptg.
Wm. McMurray, G. P. A., Portland
Tenth and Morrison, Portland, Oregon A. P. Armstrong, LL.B., Principal
C.We occupy two floors 65 by 100 feet, have a $20,000 equipment,
employ a large faculty, give individual instruction, receive more calls
for office help than we can meet Our school admittedly leads all
others in quality of instruction. It pays to attend such an institution.
CSald a Business Man : " Keep hammering away everlastingly on thorough
work. It will win out in the end." Said an Educators "The quality of instruc
tion given ia your school makes it the standard of its kind in the Northwest"
COpen all the year. Students admitted at any time. Catalogue free.
References: Any bank, any newspaper, any business man in Portland.