The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 03, 1908, Page Three, Image 3

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H. M. Williamson, secretary of the
Oregon btate Board of Horticulture
Claims mat tba raise in freight rate
on trait shipments going east will re
lara me development of orrbaids in
Oregon The argument Mr. William
oo advance is as follows:
"Evidently the routinental railroad
peopie minic uiegoa appligrowei
hiiub ioo niui'u money
and tbe stockholders naut ome o it!
ine aaranae lu tutea will put a stop
u iud iuuiiuk oi now oretiard, it en
forced, and make us kttep the most of
our arpiea ai uome.
"There has been a cood deul of mis
lepieseutation about tbe uiouey made
by applegrowcrs of Oregon aud the
rauroaa people reel justified in an ad
vauce in Height rates ou products
that yield such euormons profits The
troth ia that only fancy apples bilna
uiK iriur iu .BW I 01 K aud ljOndOU
and that the proportion of such ap
pies ia small compared to tbe anre
gate yield. Last yeBt amies were ah
normally bih and their consumption
at boron was restricted to a consider
able degree. Ibe good Units we en
joyed just previous to the sudden
panic were the culmination of prog
parity, and things have had to settle
back to uorinal oouditiotiB once more.
A paitiul failure of the apple crop in
tbe east helped prices along out here,
but we cannot expect a repetition of
oonauioua every year We un,ht de
pend on the markets of the middle
west to sell the ntlk nf our apples
wuiuu are uoi or me sincny fancy or
der.. To do this we must put the
pnoee down tc eomtete with the com
mon apples sent west from New York.
With tbe proposed advance ot lOoents
a box iu freight to Missouri river
points, we will be shut out from tbe
great markets of tbe middle west.
"With all the talk of heavy profits
in tbe apple growing business, there
is not more than an average of Slfl) no
aore net profit in tbe raising of ordin
ary grades of apples. The oiobard
that produces 300 boxes of apples an
aore ia doing pietty wtll and the add
ed freight of 10 tenia a box will ab
sorb this. It can readily be seen bow
the proposed advance in freights is
going to discourse the planting nf
new orcbaida in Oregon aud Washing
ton. I be orchdrd I list producer 15
per cent of fancy appb'9 is above the
average. Tbe bulk of our yield will
therefore be Ho per cent g lod market
able apples that will have tn compete
with tbe New York apples in Minne
sota, tbe Dakotas aud states along t' e
Mississippi valley farther south. New
York apples are sent to these states at
30 oents a box frtight aud sell at tbe
various stores at 90 cents a box. Tbe
proposed advance in freight does not
adept New York growers in sending
theii apples into the iniddlo west,
while tbe rate from Oregon to Minne
sota would be about 60 cents a box.
It oau thus be seen what the Oregon
grower will be up against if tbe ad
vance materializes. "
Hest Treatment fr a Hum.
If for no other reason Chamberlain's
Salve should be kept in every house
hold on account of it" great value in the
treatment of burns. It allays the pain
almost instantly, and unless the injury
.is a severe one, heals the parts without
leaving a scar. This salvo is also on
equaled for chapped hand", sore nipples
and diseases of I lie skin. Price, 25
cents. For sale by Keir & Cass.
Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition.
There is every indication of a most
cordial co-operation On tbe part of tbe
commercial bodies of Oregon and
Washington in advancing tbe interests
ot tbe Alaska-Yukon Pa i lie Exposi
tion, and in every otbei moremeut
having for its purpose the upbuiliiing
of the north Pacific coast. An evi
dence of thU is a recent interchange
of visits by the active officers of com
mercial bodies in Portland, Seattle,
Taooma and other northwestern cities.
Co ope'ation of the same chHraoter
exists between tbe livestock associa
tions of tbe different sections, aud
through their working in harmony
there is assurance that, beginuing
with tbe first meeting this fall, the
finest horses from tho best ttables of
the entire country will participate in
the events planned for Oregon, Wash
ington and Idaho.
A Traveling Man's Experience.
"I must tell von my experience on an
east bound O. II. & N. K. K. train from
Pendleton to La Grande, Ore.," writes
8am A. Garber, a well-known traveling
man. ' "I was in the smoking depart
ment with some other traveling men
when one of them went out into the
coach and came back and said, 'There
is a woman sick unto death in the car.'
I at once got up and went out, found
her very ill with cramp colic, her bands
and arms were drawn up so yon could
not straighten them, and with a death
like iook on her face. Two or three la
dies were working with her and giving
her whiskey. I went to my mit cape
and got my bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
(I never travel without it) ran to the
water tank, put a doublo dose of medi
cine in the glas.8, poured some water
into it and stirred it (villi a pencil; then
1 had quite a time to get tbe ladies to
let me give it lo her, hut 1 succeeded.
I could at once see the effect, and I
worked with her,-rnbhint! hrl' hand.-,
and in twenty minutes I gave her an
other dose. By this time we were al
most in I.a Grande, where I was to
leave the train. I gave the bottle to
the huBband to be used in c t-e another
dose should be needed, but by the time
the train ran into La Grande sliu wn
all right, and I received th" thanka of
eery pasi-eni-t-r in the tar." For Mile
by keir & Cass. .
Sentimental Young Lady Ah, Pro
fessor I what would this idd oiik say
if It could tBlk?
Professor It would say, "I am au
They Take the Kinks On'.
"I have used Dr. King's New Life
Pills lor many years, with increasing
satisfaction. They take the kinks nui
of stomach, liver "and bowels, wiilmul
fuss or friction," says N, H. Brown, of
Pittafield, Vt. Guaranteed sat sfacti.m
at Chas, N. Clarke's drug store. L'le.
lie Pirfi rreil (hi".
When J. M. Ilirrie, t'le author of
"Peter Pan," t:ddre?sed au aaiince
of one thousand gi:ls at S ith cslleg'
during his i-it of last
year, a friend aeked l ira t or be In I
fouud tho exue.'ienc
"Well." rei-lw-d Mr flariie. "u.
tell you the tiuth l' t much rM r
talk on thmiMiid tines t i nineirl
than talk oia tuie I" a thou.-and
How to Ot s r np.
P. J. Dalv, '.f 12 7 W. C. lures- Si.,
OMcrihi, tells of a way tn he onv strui g
Ilesavs: '"Mv nmtber who iJ M
very feeble, isderi ii g si much benefit
from Electric Bitiers that I it's my
ouiy to tell thoie who need a tonic and
strengthening medicine about it. In
my mother s case a marked gain in flesh
m rrsuue.1, insomnia baa been over
nilim ah. I .1.- - . ...
" " eieaauy growing
Uronger." F.lectric Bitters quickly, uver ana Kidney com
plauits. ild under guarantee at Chas
v-iurse a arug store. fOc
The m no who
bread and butter
eat bis words.
quarrels with bis
sh iuld be made to
General Kuhert E. Lee
as the greatest g-neral the world has
ever known. Ballard's Snow Liniment
is ttie great. ;-! Liniment. Quickly cures
nu rani, r is wiinin ttie reach ol all
i. ii. lomter, Hempstead, Tex. .writes
l his h to certify that Ballard's Snow
Liniment hat been nm-A in mv Imnu.
hoid fur years and has been found to be
found to tie an excellent Liniment for
Kiieumatie. pains. 1 am never without
It." Sold bv Cha. X. I'larko
Kind Hearted Old Gent to beggar
nuai aid VOU do. mv unnr frinnrl ha
fore you were blind?
Beggar-What did I doT Well, air:
before be ns blind I m Haf and
Cures Winter Cough.
J. K. Gover. 101 S. Main Lt.. Ottawa.
vniis., wrnes: "&verv lau it lias been
my wile s tmulile to catch a severe to d
and therefore to coueh all winter Ioiib
tail 1 got her a bottle of Horehound
yup. She ased it and has been able
to sleep soundly all night long. When
ever the cough troub es her two or
three doses stops the couch, and she is
sme to be ot) and well." V6c. 50c and
1.00. Sold bv Chas. N. Clarke.
when a man's wile laughs at his
jokes tbey are pretty good or sbe is.
Saturday bveuiug Post.
Bobbie Papa uava "honesty la tba
best polioy" doesn't he, mama?
Mama lea, dear.
Bobbie Well, bow does he know?
"Woodman, snare tbal tree!"
These lofty woids upcke we
in wrath sublime.
"You oueht to know, see whiz!
ueioieeiatlou is
A deadly crime."
An Ounce nf Prevention.
worm a pmimi ot cure. Ihere are
many poor sufferers, consumptives who
are hopeless of getting well who, if
they bad taken care of themselves
would now be well. A couch is the
foundation of consumption. Ballard's
Horehound Byiup will cure that cough.
ftirs. ureal r alls, Mont., writes: I
have used Bal'ard's Horehound Svrun
my lamily lor years my children
never suffer with
Chas. X. Clarke.
coughs. eold by
When Theodore Kootevelt was po-
lioe commissioner in New York, be
asked au applicant for a position on
the foroe:
If you wera ordered to disperse a
mob what w.iuld you do?"
' Pass around tbe bat sir," was tbe
Are von just barely getting around by
the aid of crutches or a cane? Unless
ou have lost a limb or have a defor
mity if vour trouble is rheumatism.
lumbago, sprain, stiff joints, or any
thing of any like nature use Ballard's
Snow Liniment and in no time yuu can
throw away your crutches and be as
ell as anyone. Price oc, 50c and M.
Sold by Chas. N. Clarke.
To Fight the Fruit Trust.
To tight the alleged "fiuit trust"
a all its forms will be the purpose of
tbe Northwest Fruit Assooiatiou as
announced at a meeting held in Al
bany la-it week. Organized at Salem
Wednesday to enter toe prune packing
fields this fall, tbe association will
iden iti scope and operate canneries
or take any other steps necestary to
provide competition and protect fruit-
ewers Plans of the kks clhtlou now
oiyslaliziug presage a widespread
ffect on future fruit culture. The
associaticu will have its headquarters
io Albany.
dreads the fire. The dread is whole
some, but not the burn; that can be
aled and instantly relieved by apply
ing Ballard's Snow Liniment. Be pre
pared for accidents by keeping a bottle
hvavs in the nous !. tsest lor snrains,
bruises, cuts, scalds, lheumatism, neu
ralgia, bunions any and all aches and
Price, ze, ouc ana i w. noiu oy
Chas. N Clarke.
Rain Checks Fires.
Heavy rains iu Crook, Lake aud
Klamath counties did much to extin
guish tbe forest fires wbiob have been
evastating the timbered area in a
ozen places. So intense are some of
the contlsgiations, however, tba1. tbe
rain will not suffice to put tbe fires
out unless it continues for a week or
more. This being tbe case Forest Su
pervisor Ireland is Beeping an nis
men io tbe field, attention being cen
tered principally ou tbe great Ore
r Hoslaud, which has a frontage of
nearly 20 miles. The supervisors ot
adjacent districts at flume, John Day
aud Mitchell have been called upon
for men and at this time more than
200 fire fighters are io the held.
A Burglar in Town
his name is "bad cough." He doesn't
care for gold or silver, but ho will steal
our health away. If he appears in
onr house arrest him at once with Bal
lard's Horehound Syrup, it may mean
consumption If you don't. A cure for
all coughs, colds and client troubles.
Price 25c, 50c and H.UO per nouie.
Sold by Chas. N. Cla'ke.
A Fealnre of State Fair.
One of the features of the greater
Oregon state lair, September 14 to 19,
will be tbe herd or eight performing
Sbetlaud ponies, which is owned io
Fresno. Calif. The ponies will be
raed every day t tbe fair, with boy
jockies, tbe distance to be one-fourtb
mile. None of tbe Sbetlands is more
than 21 inches high. The ponies will
be at tbe service of the children dur
iog the day and a ride will be one ot
the delights of tbe big fair for the
your life agniqst 25 cents is just exactly
what you are doing if yon neglect a
cough or cold on a chest instead of
treating it with Ballard's Hoichound
Syrup. A 25 cent IiomIi- of this splen
did remedy will cure an unlinaiy cough
heal the Iuiil's mid act m a tonic fur
your entire system. SnM by Cl ss. N.
!mO,i00 F're st renillc'nn.
A disastious Hie. which occurred
at Pendleton lust llmrsduv morning,
caused a loss of fVi.KlO and fur a time
threatened to wipe out one erf ire sec
tion of the city. The Ore 6tailei io
a stable and before it could b gotten
uuder control burned the bis baid
ware stni rf H II. Wlclox & Co ,
vuliibd at tiVJ'K), the W. H Jones
implement buildini-. $5,000, the Chris
tian church, $15,000, Golden Rule
hotel, fl.500 and did t2,0l0 worth ot
aamaga io snrrouodina property.
fortunate feature Id fighting tbe
flames was th fact that the Mr de
paitment succeeded In subduing tbe
flames just as tbe water supply was
about to become exhausted.
Ie Witt's Little Early Risers are small
puis, easy io uae, gentle and sure. Nld
by Keir & I ass.
Advertised. Letter List.
Brown, Mrs. 11. ; Catline, Mrs. J.
P. ; Clark, Mra. A. L. ; Uan. Mrs W.
A. ; Griffith, Mrs. Clarence; Hilaon,
cmuy a) ; Irvine, Mrs. M. v. ; John
son, Henrietta; Jail, Marie; Penny,
Mra. S. rJ. ; Pierson, Mrs. W. S.
Purcell, Mia. J. W. ; Richardson,
miss; Kobinaon, Mrs. P. 11.: Sand
era, Edna; Walters, Mrs. Fannie
Williams, Mra. U. 11. (2); Bradahl, J.
A. ; Bridwell, Prof. J. C. ; Caetell,
Halph; Countiyman, F. A.; Croud,
w. l. ; Pave, Copee: t arris, r . U
Haynes, Cleveland; Hoye, Mr.; Hoil-
gson, A. F. ; Johnson, H. F. ; Kaff
man, John; Parsons, Oscar; Patter
son,' . M. ; Peters, Albert; Purcell,
V. K. ; Tulson, C. ; Tucker, Roby;
Wallace, ti. v.
Wm. M. Yatea, P. M.
Cheerfully Recommended for Rhenma
O. G. Higbee, Danville, Ills., writes,
Dec. 2, 1001 : "About two vearj ago I
was laid up for four months with rheu
matism. 1 tried Ballard s Snow Lini
ment ; one bottle cured me.
"I can cheerfully recommend it to all
suffering from like affliction." 25c, 50c
and fl. Sold by Chas. N. Clarke.
In the County Court of the State of Oregon,
for Hood Klver County (formerly ntaco
In the matter of the UuardlanshlD of Roba J
Tucker, now Klaus, Florence K. Tucker,
now Klaus, LJMia . luener, now Klaus,
nd Koblna Tucker, now Klaus, minor
children of Roba J. Tucker, deceased, by
Cnra Belle Klaus. Guardian.
Now cnmlnK on tor hearlna the motion nf
(xra neue Klaus, auaraian oi ine person and
estate of Hoba J. Tucker, now Klaus, Florence
K. Tucker, now k laus. Leila K. Tucker, now
Klaus, and Itoblna Tucker, uow Klaus, minor
children of Koba J. Tucker, deceased, duly
appointed by order of tbe County Court of the
lounty or wasco, oy joun iiana Henderson
and win. M. Watson, her attorneys, alleging:
That ou tbe Kith day of May. li)S. the net I.
lion of aald guardian waa tiled in the above
entitled cause In the County Court of Wasco
County, wherein she seeks, as such guardian,
to sell certain realty belonging to said minors
dest-rlbed in said petition, and praying for an
ordei to show cause why said real estate
should not be sold at private sale;
1 hat on. to-wit. tne ism day or May. lwis.
tha order was entered In said cause and court
bv Judge A. E. Lake, County Judge of said
Wasco County, ordering the next of kin of
asld wards, and an persons interested in said
estate, to appear before aald Court on tbe 3'ith
duv of June, 19UH, ai lu o'clock a. in., at ine
county court room of the county court of
Wasco, Oregon In the city of The Dalles, lo
said county of Wasco, state of Oregon, then
and there to show cause, if any there be. why
an order should not be granted for the sale of
said real estate, and mrtner, ordering mat a
copy of said order be published for four suc
cessive weeks In the Hood Klver Glacier, a
newpnperof general circulation, published In
the city of Hood Klver, County of Wasco,
state ol Oregon, the first Issue of which publi
cation shall be on ihegNlh day of May, 1908;
That thereancr said order was regularly
published for the time required in aald order,
as by proof ol publication on tile In said cause
dated Jnne2i.Hi, IW:
That persoual service was had on said mln.
ors snd on Cora Helle Klaus, widow and next
of kin, on the'Mh day of May, 1'JoH, and that
acceptance of service on said minors and on
said Cora Helle Klaus Is also regularly en.
tered on said oraer, an or wuicn win ne more
fully seen by reference to the returns thereon
on rile in said cause:
Thattherealler. on said aith day of June.
IWJH. tn the Couuiy Court of Wasco County, at
The Dalles. Oregon, the said petition to sell
said real estate caineon for hearing npon said
order to show cause and process asaioresaid;
that at said hearing oDjectlous were made to
the ssle of suld real estate by B. K. Tucker
and others; that on motion of attorneys for
octltloner. both ol whom were present In
court, the objections were overruled:
i nai certinea copy oi tne oraer or ine su
perior Court of the State of Washington for
king County, duly entered, In the matternr
the adoption of said Tucker minors by Albert
Cross Klaus and Cora Helle Klaus, their nat
ural mother, was filed In said cause In the
Wasco County Court, whereby the names of
snld minors where changed from Tucker to
That at said time and place an order to sell
said real estate was entered by Judge A. E.
Lake. In siiid cause and court, authorizing
and empowering the said guardian to sell
said real estate from and after Thursdav, the
30th day of July. lUOH. as described In said
pennon anu in saia oruer oi sale;
mat ut tne general election or ine state or
Oregon, held June 1st, 100"; the electors of the
Htiite of Oregon carved out ot Wasco County
tne uoumy oi noou ruver, ana mat tne uov.
ernor of the State of Oregon, on the 23d dav of
June, 1!08 by official proclamation, proclaim
ed said County of Hood Hlver as duly formed,
and thai on the 24th day of June, limH, the
Governor appointed tne ouuty officers;
mat me real estate aougnt io rj sold, is in
he new County of Hood Klver. and Klate of
Oregon, and that all the papers In said cause,
and tbe cause Itself, has been transferred to
and la to proceed In said County of Hood
Klver, Btate of Oregon;
That aa said order of sale was entered by
the Judge of the County of Wasco on tbe 2Glb
day of June, 1UU8, on said order to show cause,
returnable at said date, and aa the said Coun
ty of Hood Klver was organited on the 21 lb
dav of June. 1608, tbe question nf the lnrisdlc-
tlon of the County Court of Wasco Countv.
Judge A. E. Lake, to grant such order, Is In
And the Court having heard the said mo
tion, and being advised In the premises, and
all the original papera In said cause having
been transferred from the County of Wasco
to the County of Hood Klver, and now pro
duced before this Court In tne City of ll.xid
Klver aud County of Hood Klver. State of
Oregon, and the Court having examined the
same and being advised In the premises, and
having carerully considered tne petition flled
In said cause by Cora Helle Klaus, guardian,
as aforesaid, on the Kith day of May, WH,
praying for the sale of the interestsnf her said
wards i i the real estate described in the said
petition, to-wit:
First tract The southeast quarter of the
southeast quarter of section twenty-seven (27),
township (2) north, range ten (10) east Willam
ette Meridian, containing forty (40) acres, ex
cepting thereout the following described por
tion inercor, neretoiore sola ana conveyed
by order of said court viz:
Beginning at the corner to sections twenty-
six (ill) and twenty-seven (27),
ana uiirty.nve (;), townsnip two (si norm,
range ten (10) east of the Willamette Meridian;
thence running north along the section line
between sections twenty-alx (2i) and twenty
seven (27), ten (10) chains to an Iron bar set
for the northeast corner of the laud herein
des-rlbed; run south SU degrees 57
minutes west parallel to the south boundary
of section twenty-seven (27), ten (10) eh i Ins to
an Iron bar set for the nort hwest corner of the
land herein described: thence run uiti mir-
allel lo the east boundary of said m"-Uod
twenty-seven (27) ten (lu) cbninsio uu Iron bar
on the south boundary or section twenty-
seven (27), set for the southwest, corner of the
land herein described: thence run north H9
degrees M minutes, east ten (10) chains to the
southeast corner of said section twenty-seven
(27), township two (2) north, range ten (10)
east of the Willamette Meridian, after a sur
vey made by John Lelsnd Henderson, sur
veyor, In accordance with a former older ol
the Couuty Court of Wasco County, Oregcn.
Second tract t.ommencing at tne south
east corner of the nortl.easl quarter of tlv
Iheast quarter of section twenty-seven i27j
In township (2) north nf range ten (IU) i'ii-I ol
the Willamette Meridian running thence
north thirty (30) rods, thence west elshlv ISO)
rods, thence south thirty (:) rods, thence
east hk My (Hi) rods to the place ol bcqln-
ning, containing: niteeu (is) acres more or less;
belm sltuste In the IVnintyof Hood Hlver
(formerly Wasco) and Htate of Oregon.
Ana n appearing to ine uoun also, irorn tne
aid petition, that the Income from the es
tate of auld minors la Insufficient lo innlulnln
the aald wards, and that It la for tbe best In.
tercsts or ssld wards sail necessary that said
real estate should be sold. It Is hereby o-der.
ed that the next of kin of the said wards, and
all persons interested in said estate, app i a
before the Court on the lit h day of October,
l!OS. at io o'clock a. in,, at the court room of
the County Court of Hood River Tenuity. Ore
son, at the t.'lty of Hood Klver, in the ssiii
County of Heod River, Mate of i Iregon. Ih-n
aud tlwni to show came, II any Ihrre be, why
ar order should not be granted or the sale til
said real el;c.
lt is ttirilier ordered Ihiitaropy of std n.
der shall be published for four siuivslvt'
weeks and Hvt- Insertions, In the II, sal Klver
Olncler, a n-wpap-r of general eticulillnu,
published wei kly In Vir rl: of Hood Hlver.
Countv of Hood Kiver, Mlaie ol (In gon, Kiel
circulating In sit d County, the Hist lue ir
which I'Uhlirst'on slull he the lilh ilny or
August, l'JOS.siid the lnt ptibrcHtlon of which
hall Iw the 3-1 day of September, lisia, accord.
Ing to the statute In such caaea made him p o
Ordered this 3d day of August, 100H.
- a61 County Judge.
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Stock Grown on Full Roots.
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pljr in iit ii umber
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Shade and Ornamental Trees.
Also, all the standard varieties of apple trees. Can
supply the trade with plenty of Newtown, Spitnea
berg and Jonathan apple trees.
RAWS0N & STANTON, Hood River. Or.
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lief at Once.
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pains that alUict humanity; they
must "keep up," muttt attend to du
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buck?, or headaches, dizzy upells,
bearinxdowD palna; tbey muut stoop
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with racking painft nud many aches
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ing to my relief wheo 'hey did. I
had beeu suffering from a backbaohe,
headache nud a general dienr)"ied
coudition ot my kidueya. I bad tried
so many different remedies thut 1 did
not have much confidence iu Dunn's
Kidney Pills, but 1 procured a box at
Clarke's drug Ftore nud decided to
give them a trial. 1 was very nrich
surprised at tbe quick relief I deriv
ed. 1 continued using them, we.a
cured nud have not had the leat sigu
of kidney trouble since I enn recom
mend Doan's Kidney Pills na a reli
able remedy tor kidney trouble in all
its various forms. "
For sale by all dealers. Trice 50 cts.
Fi i'cr-Millmrn Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for the United States. Ke
niember the name Doan's and take
no ot her.
Special Jiotk'c.
Having secured the agency for the
famous Edison phouogruphs and re
cords, I wish to announce that 1 have
jutt received the complete line of
machine and the entire catalog of
lecords, being all the records made fcy
this company up to January 1, 1!X)8.
Alro a large stock ot dit-c record,
lu all oter threo thntii'uiid to tolect
troui. Oue of tlie :rg( st, storks in
the st.ito. Call aud tne iu.d l,er them.
Smile's PUno Iluose,
SiIhs II. ISoule, I'rop
Mln Kiiiy n Jlooil l!lvci
The I 'uudv tliat mak m et,licp
and grow stron, called Pilwo TabUta
will sold reniilnrly by Williams
Pharmacy, Ho l h'iver. These grcHi
nerve and conslitiilion builder met only
60c per bux, six boxes, (2.50. tf
H HOME 1'llOMC 123 B
Flour and Feed
i EgOT.jaaiTi7?rrt?ffa3tikaM i
Tinrrr grape vines
I Kill AND
Bicycles, Guns, Sewing Ma
chines, Furniturs, Umbrellas,
Stoves and Locks Repaired.
liicyeles, Guns, etc., sent by express for
repairs will be neatly and promptly re
paired and returned. Can save you ffl
to (3.00 on price, of new wheels. Tires,
brakes, and all kinds of repairs sold at
Portland prices. Prices furnished on
application. Reference: liradstrec ' .
Ssioir Line
hd Union Pacific
3 Trains to the East Daily
ThroiiKli I'lilltrmn dtnnrtnrds n1 tourist
sleeplnir Pain dully lo Omaha, Cliloniro, Hpo
kiinn; imirist sleeping cum dally to Kansas
City; throat'!) I'lillnmn tourist Hlccplng car
(perwmmlly conducted) wwklv to Chicago.
IWIInlng chair earn (neat free) to the Kaat
l!nlon Ilcpot- Leave. Arrive
Chlcnjro-PortlHnd Rpcclal for
Hie KrsI via HiinllnKlnii, dally 8:30 am 8:50 pm
Hpnknne Flyer lor Kaslcrn
Washington. Walla Walla,
Lewlslon, ( 'oenr d'A leneand
Oroat Northern pnlnts, daily 8:15 pm 8:00 am
Allan tie Ex pi-ens fur the Kant
via Huntington, dally :00 pm 0:45am
I'ortlaml-l'endleton local for
all iiolnln between Pendleton
and Portland, dally 5:15 im S:lfi pm
way polntH. connecting
with Bteamer for H'-.ato
and North Uracil steam
er Haisalo, A Ml hi reel
dock (water per.)
FMU liavton, Ortgon
nty and Yamhill Klv
er points. Ash street
dock (water per.)
!:( P. M.
5:00 P. M
iu:im f. M.
m) A. M.j7:80 P. M
4:00 H. M
Idaho, and way lKilnts,
from IMparla, Wash,
Sal urday
Freight House 8 a. in, to Vi noon; 1 In I p
tn. No freight received or delivered after 6
p. m.
Pawsengcr Depot Hour for delivery of ex
press and baggage will he 8 a. m. till 6 p. in.
. General HaKsenger Agtnt.jPortlanrt.Or.
Billiards and
Bowling Alley
and Confectionery
Tobaccos and Cigars
Tbe Oregoiiisnl, Telegram and Journa
For Your
P. F. F0UTS, Prop. Hood River, Or
Steam and Hot Water Heating
All jobbing promptly attended to.
Dealer in
and Building Material
If You Want the best
Money can Buy.
We Have a Car of Fine
OATiS J'ust in-
Hood River Milling Co.
U tl?.
Nitrate of Soda,
Hood River, Oregon
Riverside Dairy
Wo can supply you with any quantity of Fresh Milk
Free Delivery.
The Kimball is the only weeder that has made good and
this season's demand will far exceed the supply, so place
your orders early, if you need a weeder. I have a large
assortment of sizes in stock at present. Reware of imita
tions. Unless the knives have the right set and temper
tliey me worthless. Sc e thut the name Kimball is on each
Exclusive Agent For Hood River
Muriate of Potash
At A