The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 28, 1908, Page Seven, Image 7

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this season
The Dieti Studio for photos.
Mrs. Everett spent Monday in Mo
Bier. Clover and Timothy seed at White
head's. Chicken for Sunday dinner at Mc
Guires.. Early Rose seed potatoes at White
head's. R. O. Spear was np from Portland
Juft arrived Eastern white fish at
Pickled pork and corned beef Me
Ouire Bros.
Li nie and cement in any quantity at
Maple Syrup and New York State
Buck Wheat at Jackson's.
Vetch, timothy, clover and garden
seeds at Jackson's.
Get your berry tickets priuted at
tbe Glacier office.
y. Soule spent part ot last week, in
Portland on fiusiuess.
Fresh halilmt, salmon and razor
clmus at McGwire's Friday's.
Land plaster both kinds. Utah ani
Ore., at Whitehead's feed store.
Timothy, red and white clover, vetch
and alfalfa seed at Whitehead's.
CiotoW. S. Gribble. Mt. Hood, for
the District No. 7ti Shoe. tf
lilark Leaf Tobacco Extract, sure
death to aphis, at Whitehead's.
C. A. McCaigar, of Portland, visit
ed Hood River tbe latter part of the
July 4th at Grange Park will be a big
day for Hood River County. It will be
its first celebration, you know.
The Royal Tailors of Chicago and
New York are the largest and test
merchant tailoring house in the world.
See their line of samples for spring at
The Toggery.
If you are in need of knives, forks,
spoons, etc., take advantage of tbe
silverware Bale going on at Arthur
Clarke's. Begins Saturday, May 1G,
for one week.
Now is the time to order your Spring
Suit The very latest and best things
out will be found ai the Toggery. Con
fluence in the Royal tailors means better
clothes for you.
If yon want to buy or sell real estaie
go to Onthaiik &' Otten. Money to
loan on first mortgages. Abstracts and
legal papers carefully prepared Nota
rial work of all kinds.
Cleveland's Unking Powder, in 3-lb.
rans only cost fl, and 51b can $1.5.
Both these cans have the metal handle
under the regular cover. They are use
ful when empty. Sold by Hanna &
it you wish to save 850 to $75 when
yon buy your piano, buy direct from
tb factory dealer and not fmm agents
or canvassers. Several beautiful in
struments just received from Chicago
nt Soule's Pimio House Second band
pianos and orgaus takeu in exchange.
Kalauoe cash or time payments
It cannot help hut he good. Why?
Because Cleveland's Baking Powder
has been need for the paHt forty years.
This certainly an excellent recom
mendation. Ask II Coiiiinwuy.
Panorama Post Card TENTS BERRY SETS
Beautiful Dmible View Cards, WhII end Wedge TenU in all In plain and Wutifully deco-
ot' Hood Uiver. Made expressly jteR Little Prices. rated glass, T5c t H. HO Set.
for u. Ooine and B"f them.
LEMONADE SETS , H,M ,,.50 Keep iUri ()ff (illr ,x.rriM
I'Uin hi . I Fancy Colored Styles. 2 Mole 1.7 I0sl2 $3.00
Pretty shapes. T: to 2 2 a 4 hib 2.i0 jn,i6 ...3.7
set. iiieluiling 1 j lint of pii.
Ice Cream Freezers CAMP FURNITURE
The very best makes in all sizes. FoUigCot.,l 'amp PUn m7 rde" . of
Little Prices. ChairsfR dining Chairs.T.hles Fresh seeds hereat LlttlePrnes.
o r..,i H em mo ks, Etr. JUST THE THING
The New Perfection
Oil does not smoke ii.-r CROQUET SETS for this time of year. Boy's
smell, will not beat jour kitch- Now is the time t play th e en- Overall Suits. Blue, Gray and
en conks fine ami eo-te one- jovable game. All styles of sets They save cl thea.
hull cent per h...rl.r..ii. $1 25 to ,3.m $1.01) per Knit
If Yon Onlv
" j
The House of Hig'h-Grade vShoesPriced Right
If not get in
has simply surpassed anything ever predicted. Another
out tney win oe 01
Barefoot Sandals
Good Ones. 50c
Have You Seen the New Tans?
Fresh ranch eggs at McGuires.
Pickled pigs' feet at McGuire's.
See that Clover Seeder at McDonald
Our work guaranteed. DeiU Etudio
Finishing for amateurs at DeiU Stu
dio. Best line of Spray Nozzles at McDon
Wood For Sale-Phone 3595. L. E.
Wheat and Timothy hay at White
head's. For Flower and Alfalfa Seeds go to
Metal house numbeis at Hunt's Wall
Paper store.
Fresh made sausage at McGuire Bros,
every day.
See W. S. Gribble for Duck Eries,
Fead overs. tf
Yucca Tree Protectors, kept in stock
at McReynolds.
I'etaluma Incubators for sale at
McReynolds St Co.
Rex spray in any quantity at White
head's feed store.
Clover, Timothy and Alfalfa hay at
McReynolds & Co.
Smoked halibut, herring, salmon at
Get your herry tickets printed at
tbe Glacier office.
Stock foods of different kinds at
McUeynolds & Co.
Get your berry tiokets printed at
the Glaciei office.
J E Cameron came np from Poit
land Snturday on business.
Wheat, alfalfa, clover, mixed clover
and timothy hay at Whitehead's.
Cabbage and tomato plants. Earliest
and best vaiiet es at Whitehead's.
Geo. IS O'Bryon and wife, of Stev
enson, visited Hood River Friday.
The coming "event" will be the big
celebration at Grange Park on July 4th.
All the leading teachers of cookery
use Cleveland's Baking Powder. Sold
by Chapman Co.
Hood River's big braes band will
make the woods ring at Grange Park
on July 4th.
It never fails to make light wholesome
food Clevelands Baking Powder sold
by Chas. F. Wetherell, Bingen. Wn.
Mips Emily Wilson and I-ena Evans
are prepared to do dressmaking at 274
Ninth Street. Phone Main 1441. al6
II. V. Woodcock, or Tygb Valley,
candidate for the legislature on tbe
Demooiatio ticket, spent Saturday
and Sunday in tbe city.
Everybody in Hood River Valley,
Moeier and Vhite Salmon are going to
Grange Park on the 4th of July to help
make the eagle scream.
Those who have used It the longest
praise it the most -Cleveland Baking
Powder. Recommended by Henry F.
Ixige, the East Side Store.
Call at Soule's Piano House for
Edison phonographs and reoords.
'Vith the exoeption ot one house in
Portland this is tbe largest stock in
Attorneys E. II. llartwlg, of Hcod
River, and M. J. Van Vorse, of Wbits
Salmon, left Monday morning 'or
Goldendale, where tbey will attend
oo art.
th treat amount of pleanre jour whole family
would get out of a Talking M chine, you would rome
in tj-inorr w and let us ell j'on antmifit Think
il over and deeide to art tome enjoyment out of life
. .
the procession early
snort miration. Don't be among tne disappointed ones.
There's a last and sue for every foot we will find that size give
you comfort at less than you'd pay the other fellow.
Dr. David Robinson, of M osier, was
in town xoeeday.
John Booth was in White Salmon
hut Friday looking after bis interests
Mrs. L, Clark and daugbtei, Mrs.
Hadley, spent last Saturday in Tbe
Geo. Sutherland, of Aurora, Ore.,
spent few days in tbe city visiting
Mrs. Stevenson, of Portland, bas
been visiting ber aunt, Mrs. lurner,
for a few days.
F. R. Angle came down lrom The
Dalles Saturday to look after bis
political fences.
Mrs. Elmer Davldhizer and daugh
ters and Mies Edna Root, of Moeier,
spent Tuesday in town.
Mrs. Hairy Kemre. of Odell, spent
last Friday and Saturday with tbe
borne folks at Mosler.
Mies Wright left Saturday evening
for Portland, wbeie sbe will visit
friends tot a few days.
Miss Carrie Brown left lor Portland,
after visiting her aunt, Mrs. Z. C.
Phillips, for a few days.
Mrs. Aide Kingman, of Cook's
Landing, Wash., was a visitor in
Hood River last Fiiday.
Mrs. Porter MaoMillian and son,
Fred, left last Saturday to spend tbe
summer out at Willow Flat.
Dr. T. L. Eliot was up from Port
land the latter part of tbe week look
ing after bis building interests.
Mrs. Margaret Martin, of Portlaud,
spent a few days with ber daugb'.er,
Mrs. Porter NaoMllllan, last week.
Mat Russell's obildren went op to
Tbe Dalles Saturday to see their
mother, wbo is iu tbe bospltal tbere.
A party of young folks, chaperoned
bv Mrs Kinnaird and Mrs. Brock,
spent Sunday at tbe Devil's Punch
Mrs. A. C.'Sly, Cecil and Alfred,
of Stevenson, were tbe guests of theli
sister and aunt, Mrs. Porter MacMIl-
liao, last week.
Miss Eva Cnshow returned Satur
day evening from Portland, where
sbe has been visiting friends for a
couple ot weeks.
Dr. Mary Jordan aad wee daugh
ter returned boms last Friday from
Tbe Dalles. Although tbe baby Is a
tiny morsel of humanity, sbe promises
to be a bright young woman.
Mrs. Elsie Giles Scott, of LaCrosse,
Wis., arrived the first of tbe week
from San Francisco, and is tbe guest
of Mrs. P. 8. Davidson. Sr. Mis.
Scott is on ber way fiom a trip
eround tbe world.
Prof C. Grouse and family lefl
Minday morning for Louisville. UL,
where tbey will make tbelr future
borne. Prof. Crome will tsaon in me
publlo schools there. Tbe many
friends of Mr. and Mrs Croose regret
to lose tbem from tbe community.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Stykes and
daughter, Miss Grace, of Buffalo, N.
V., who have been tbe guests of their
old friends, and neighbors, J. W.
Wledriok and family, left lor tbetr
home last week. Ihev are simply de
lighted with Hood River and in all
probability will locate nere in toe
this year for the wav neonle have hnncrht Ovfrnvic
All stores and places
of business will close
from 1 p. m. to 3:30 p.
m. Saturday, Decora
tion Day.
The Republican mooting adveitised
to be held at tbe opera bouse tbis
evening bas been called off.
Rev. Perry was in Tbe Dalles Sat
urday. C. D. Ilenrich was in 'I he Dulles
Harold Tucker returned Monday
from Portland.
Mrs. C. O. Stob, of Mosler, transact
ed business here Thursday.
Miss Nettie Buck left Thursday to
spend a few days ia Wasco.
Miss Mills returned yesterday fron
Tbe Dalles, after being there on a run.
C. II. Stranaban returned Monday
from Poitland whore he transacted
H. C. Day, of Portland, leturned
Wednesday, after spending several
days nere.
Preaching services at the Christian
church next Sunday, both morning
ana evening.
J. E. Niohols W88 iu Portlmid lat
week attending a boaid meeting of
tbe Oregon State Uudertiikers Associ
Mrs. Z. C. Phillips, ot Cascade Ave
nne, has some very lino Royal Ann
cherries. Tbe cherries sro of good
size and very sweet.
Mrs. Wm (lancer left Sundav to
visit Mrs. E. l' Held, of St. Johus,
nd also will visit llollawells at Mil
waukee on her return tiip.
Ada Wallace Uuiub. national lect-
nier for the W. O. T. U . will preaoh
at tbe Baptist church on the hill Sun
day evening at 8 o'olook. Special
Rev. M. M. Bates. D. D.. of Chica
go, and Rev. lsaao Hess, missionary.
of Woo Chow, China, are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. F. Deitz while in the
oity holding tbe M. C. A. convention.
Tbe ladies of the M. E. ohuich will
serve ioe cream, oebe and strawber
ries next Saturday afternoon and
evening, May 30, from the poroh in
front of Mrs. Cowley's residence.
AH are invited to patronize tbe la
dles. Sidney Henderson, Leland Bever
ldge, Clyde Pattee and Albert Oarra
brant have been Beleoted from Hood
River as bavin t the highest athletic
records to go to Corvallis Friday aad
Saturday of tbis week to participate
in tbe interscbolaetic meet at that
place. Prof. Coad will accompany
"Some Preelection Suggestious,"
or "How a Man Ought to Vote" will
be pieeented from the Christian stand
point, at tbe Baptist church next Sun
day morning at 11 o'olook In tbe
evening Mrs. Ada Unruh, of Port
land, who is a speaker of national
reputation will give an address at 8
o'olook. Special music will be ren
dered. Men especially invited to
these services.
3. A. Wilson is certainly making a
sucoess of bis display at tbe Commer
cial Club booth. La it week he had
very artistically arranged in one of
tbe side displav windows a pyramid
composed of Uano and Yellow New
town apples. I be effect of tbe red
and yellow was veiy strikins and
beautiful, and Mr. Wilson deserves
great oredit for bis work. Besides
having strawberries and asparagus on
exhibition, be has tbe following kinds
ot apples: Hydes King, Wioesap, Yel
low Newtown, Baldwin and Jeniton.
Prot. C. Crouse and wife, Masiur
Luke and Miss Dollie left on Monday
last tor their future home in Louis
ville, IU. The Crouse family bas
been here in tbe west for five years,
coining first to Albany and staying
tbere for one year aud then coming
to Hood River. Ptof. Ciouse bas
been superintendent of the soli on U
bsre and a gieat success in every way.
From tbe tiniest tots up to tlio class
who graduated last week every one
loved and highly respected their su
perintendent. Mr. Ciouse has been
very aotive in tbe oburob work here.
Being a member of the Methodist
cburcb, be kept in the harness ail the
time and served in tbe capacity of
cborister with great snooess, and also
was president of tbe Epwortb League,
besides being a teacher. Mrs. Crouse,
as well as tbe professor, has hosts of
friends and every one who knew tbe
obildren loved tbem and it was with
tbe grextest of regrets tbat tbey said
"farewell" to them, choosing tbat
word perhaps better tban "good-bye"
tor they all hope to see tbe Ciouse
family back again with us. Tbe Ep
worth Leagne gave them a reoeptlon
at tbe borne ot Mr. and Mrs. F. E.
Jackson on Sunday evening and pre
sented blmwitba very beautiful leath
er bouud hymnal as a little reminder
of tbeir appreoiatlon ot bis work iu
their midst.
Are you in and
all Supplied ?
express shipment of
We Can Give You Your
Miss May Davidson spent Sunday in
Harold Forsberg, of Mosler, was
iu iuwu oHiuruay.
A. A. .Tayno lett Saturday evening
iur ine j-ianes to attend circuit oouit
J. M. Aohesou and wife, of Port-
iMiiu, are visitiug u. f. Hess and fam
ily. Jack Davenport returned Tuesday
to Mosier, after speuding a few days
ue re.
Rev. and Mrs. Kennedy, of Dufur,
spent a few days laHt week here with
Ml. and Mra. Unliarl Parlnn h...
as their guest, Mrs. Ueo. Covell, of
-n. iionnH.
The olforiug received for missions
last Sunday afternoon at theM. C. A.
oharel ,vhm f.W.
Ilnrver Slusbor unH John Pnlhavl.
sou went to Shuttle Sunday morning
o t.uiv the llset.
Wm. Hand returned Friday from
Portland utter speuding a tew days
with bin brother there.
C. (1. King, of Chicago, arrived
numruny iu limiiu uis name Wllu If.
ti. Edwards aud family.
The Congregational Ladies' Aid will
meet with Mrs. V. 0. Brook Friday
afternoon at 2 o'clook May 29.
Mrs. tieorge Moore aud Miss Mil
dred lett last week to spend a few
days with friends in The Dalles.
Georgia Cross loft Monday tor bei
home in Oregon City, where sbe will
stay until school reopens in tbe fall.
Riohard Johnson, of Penawawa,
Waib., is the guest of II. P. Allen
aud family, iu tbe Belmont district.
Mrs Noble .)ft Tuesday for Oregon
City, where she expects to attend tbe
Memoriul Day exercises at tbat place.
After four woeks illness with pleuro
pneumouia Mis. A. C. Stevens is still
very low et their home on tbe heights.
Mrs. Edith Neil returned to Port-
loud Friday, after spending several
days heie visitiug her father. J as.
Mr. aud Mrs. Yaeger, of Heppner,
returned to their home Monday, after
being with their old neighbor, Mrs.
Madame Abbott loft Tuesday tor
Portland to get n peep at the new
styles i heie for tbe benefit of ber mil
linery store.
Mrs. Ueurge I. Slouom and Miss
Georgians left Friday for Portland
where they will spend a few days
with her parents.
Jus. Smith and wife, of Seattle, ar
rived last Satuiday on a visit to A.
L. Phelps aud wife. Mrs. Smith is a
sister of Mr. Phelps.
The Woman's Alliance of the Uni
tarian chuob will meet with Mrs En
tiicau Friday afternoon at two
o'clock. A good attendaone is de
sired. '- Strawberry Growers.
l'be Hood River Fruit C.roweri'
Union has letters from 1U(KJ people
wautiug to pick and aok stiawber
rie.H. Call at the olllce, get these let
tets and by answering tbem you can
get. all the help you want. Tbe union
Is here to help yo'i in any way.
Tbe blossoming season bas been
niMisually long and tbe blooms very
large, indicating a long season and
hue laige berries.
Hood River will ship the fanciest
crop of strawberries ever marketed in
the last five yeais.
All indications point to good prices.
Tbe frost whioh has damaged tbe
fruit in nearly every fruit section did
not touch Hood River lruit.
Never in the history of the valley
have apples bueu affected by frosts.
Hood River iu practically, immune
fiom any loss to tbe apple crop by
Your unions have rapidly raised tbe
price on all fruits grown heie. Straw
berries have been raised in four years
to about tl 50 not to tbe grower. The
unions have been the chief factor in
creating present values of fiuit land.
Present prices ot land sre yet low.
If you want to get good pi ices and
continue to get tbem, it ynu went to
increase tbe value of your land, ship
with tbe Hood Hirer Fruit Growers'
Union, because tbe unions get the big
prices, deduct only the actual expense
of doing I he business, hecausH tbe
union invites capital, beoause it
means futuie protection in the way
of receiving high prioes in tbe future.
Farmers Telephone Co. Mill In Field.
Iu our announcement last week
about the telephone desl, the Impres
sion was created that the farmets tele
phone ci mpany could not put in any
more bell phones, in a conversation
with an ollicer of the company we
learn tbat the deal between tbe Home
and PaoiHo States companies does not
in any way affect the rights of the
farmers company fioui extending t eir
lines, exoept as to the city, the I'acilio
States company only pulling out of
tbe local field, and will put Iu no
more phones io the city. The Farm-
tans arrived with
Worth $1.50,
Hood River Views
Columbia River Views
Oregon Views
High School Cards
Birthday Cards
Remember we have many Hood River Post Cards
that cannot be obtained elsewhere. GIFFORD'S
MT. HOOD and LOST LAKE, framed & unframed
was never so complete and the number of Frames
we are turning out daily is tho I tvst guarantee of our
work. For Good Workmanship, Good Taste and
Prompt Service Go to
Slocom's Book Store
The Place that Does the Framing
Genuine Butternut Bread Opening
Next Saturday morning, May 30, we will receive
our First shipment of Genuine Butternut Bread,
Uakes and Pastry, made by the Butternut Bread
Company of Portland. We intend carrying
these goods regularly, getting them fresh daily.
Everybody knows that Butternut Bread is the
best in Oregon. Come and sample our cakes
Saturday. A loaf of Bread frt!e with each Cake
purchase. Yours for better bread,
Star Grocery
ers Mutual Telephone Co. has tbe
right to extend tbeir lines in tbe
country as they see tit, and have a
free exchange arrangement with all
the Home lines here, while the Home
oompany oonnect free with tbe farm,
ers lines. The only contention from
tbe start with tbe oity patrons, as
well as most of tbe oouutiy, bas been
to have but one phone. While tbere
are now two companies operating In
the held, but one phone is now neoes
saiy bb connection is made free with
either pbone. Tbere should no long
er exist any feeling against the Partn
ers Mutual Telephone Co. on tbe part
ot tbe other patrons, and for the pub
lic good as tbe Interobangefof bosinss
should be done without friction and
upon an equal basis so far as possible.
A Shower of Rosen.
A pretty and touching scene was
enacted iu tbe tbird grade room of
tbe city schools on the afternoon o
tbe last day nf school, .lust after
school was called to order for tbe last
session, tbe teaober, Miss Helen
Oeitz, became suddenly awaie of an
unusual stir in the room and immedi
ately tbe air was tilled with flying
loses and other flowers ot every bue.
Tbe merry youngsters were liteially
huiyiug tbeir teacher with a "shower
of roses," as a loring farewell tribute
to ber who bas labored so long sod
faithfully with tbem. Miss Oeitz re
signs her position, wbicb she bas
held for live years,snd will soon leavo
Hood River foi ber future home
among tbe flowers aud orange groves
ot Southern California. Sbe will be
greatly missed in Hood River.
The Y. Entertainment.
A very pleasaut evening was en
joyed last Monday at tbe opera house
when the Y's beld I heir medal oou
test, wbicb was won iu great honors
by Miss Iva Wilkeoson, through ber
exoellent recitation, "The Court ol
Last Appoals." Hei meinoiy is ex
cellent and ber delightful way of de
livering wai thoroughly appreciated.
The medal was presented by Rev.
Oilmoie after a fw good remarks.
The program for tbe evening was us
Song, Amerlaa.
- Prayer. Rev. W. C. Uilmore.
Vooul solo, Earl Bartmess.
Recitation, "Drink Did It," Mand
Vooal solo, Katbryn Hartley.
several new
Size Too
Columbia River Scenes-new
Where Flows Hood River
Better Fruit Special Hood
River Edition.
Recitation, "Who Btrock the Fatal
Blow," Olive Copper.
Recitation, "The Ooort of Last Ap
peals," Iva Wilkinson.
1'lano duet, Pearl Bradley and Jen
nie Kdgington.
Recitation, "A Terrible Change,"
Blanobe Ford.
Vocal solo, Betb Edglngton.
Recitation, "Am f my Brother'!
Keeper?" Edith Merrill.
Vooal solo, Marion Howe.
Piano solo, Viotor Motley. "
Piano solo, Lena Newton.
Next Tuesday Hoed River Day.
Next Tuesday will be Hood River
day at tbe Rose Carnival at Portland,
aud in tbe evening tbe Hood River
float will be prominent in the
inated parade, "The Spirit ot tbe
Q olden West. '
Miss Margaret Nlokelsen, tbe queen
of tbe float, will be arrayed in queen
ly robes befitting ber tank, and all of
Hood River should be tbere to see the
magnificent spectacle of tbe grandest
parade In tbe history of tbe Pacific
northwest. . ;
Special Ice Cream
C. P. Ross, Agent
Season of 1908. Special Prices made on
Plain Ice Cream
Vanila; Strawberry, Chocolate, Lemon,
Orange, Banana, Pineapple, Pistachio,
Rose, and Piach, Apricot and Raspberry
iu season.
Special Ice Cream
MAY 30th and 81st; DECORATION
DAY Lpecial Candied Fruit Ice
Cream, in bulk and in rolls.
JUNE 7th Special brick, Vanila and
Strawberry Ice Cream with Tutti
Frutti center.
JUNE 14th Macaroon Ice Cream with
Lemon Water Ice center.
Special Bulk Macaroon Ice Cream.
Special Shipping Brick Macaroon Ice
JUNE 31-Speeial Brick, Vanila with
layer of Sultana Ice Cream in center.