The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 28, 1908, Page Two, Image 2

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ooii Sine r (Blamr
Issued Every Thursday by
AK1I1UR D. MOB, PaMtlMr.
Terms n Bubscripllon-tl.54 a yrar b
sld to advance.
Republican Ticket.
Sobmftted to the voter of Wasc
County at the General Kleection to bo
. Id June 1,1908: e
For 1'nlted HitHenator
For Oongrrminnn
W. K. fcLUH.
Kor Kuweme Judge
KOIIr.KI n. lit API.
For Kallro d Comnilseloner
Kor Slate Hetator
kor ReprawoUtlvM-
J . L. CARTER, of Hood River.
Ha. II. C. DoDlJM, of Dufur.
Kor Dlstilrt Prosecuting Attorney
Tor County Judge
Kor County Clerk
K. K, Angle.
For County Treasurer--
Kor County Hrhool Buperlntendent
For Assessor
For County Commissioner
For County Burveyor
A. W. MO UK.
For Coroner
Justice of the 1'esre.
1 bersb announce yself candi
date for tbe otttoe Justice of the
Peace, aabject to tbe decision of the
electora at tbe poll. A. O. Buck.
To tbe Vetera of Hood Hirer.
I have been requested by frieida to
run for the office of justice of tbe
peace for Hood Klver preclnut. I
have contented an.l If elected will
oonduot tbe olUoe in an honorable
and Impartial manoer.
O. J. llayea.
Hood Klver, May 77, 11X18.
Ia all probability Uood Klver coun
ty will be voted by a good majority,
but we cannot afford to overlook any
votea which may be aecured. We
might need them. Everyone should
write their friends in other olttea of
tbe atate to vote for tbe measure, und
in turn to ask tbelr trienda the same.
Tbe action of tbe Hood Klver busi
ness houses in oloaing on Deooratlon
Day from 1 to 3:110 p. m., ooming aa
it doea on Saturday and in tbe butty
berry season, la a fitting tribute to
tbe memory of tbe aoldier dead, who
fought In defense of tbelr country
that future generations might enjoy
peace and prosperity.
There are two candidates for jua
tioe of tbe peaoe, and aa their namea
do not appear on tbe oUlulal ballot,
it will be necessary to write them In.
l'bey are A. C. BuoW and U. J.
Hayes. Both .gentlemen have bad
previous experience In this office,
and both are well known to tbe votera
of the city. Don't forget, but write
iu tbe name of one of .hee candi
dates ou the ballot for tbe otHoe of
justice of the peaoe.
Mr. Caks baa been selected as the
nominee of tbe Kepubllcan party foi
United States senator, and there baa
uot been an argument advanced In
tbe campaign wby be abould uot ie
oelve the solid Kepubllcan vote at
the election next Monday. There ia
no reason wby a Kepublloaa atate
should send Chamberlain, a Demo
crat, to the United States Senate, but
many reasons wby they should not.
Kepublioans should be tiue to party
prluolplris and vote for Cake.
It begins to look as if tbe vote lor
tbe university appropriation will be
almost unnolmouB, as it should be.
Everyone interested in tbe welfare
and developmeu1 of tbe Btate will vote
for the bill. A vote against it la a
vote against Oregon. The (migration
boosteia in the state of Washington
are alieady using Or. gon's attitude
on the University of Oregon appro
priation bill as an argumeut for the
purpose of diverting houieseekers to
their state. Siuoe the form of tbe
ballot title is, shall the appioprlation
be sustained, all frinuds of education
abould vote "ye," If you want tbe
appropriation to become effective,
mark your ballot between number 314
and "Ves."
Dulur, Oregon, May 8, l'J08.
To the Voters o'. Wasco County :
Iinvlng received tbe Kepubllcan
nomination at the recent primaries
for tepreseutatlve in the legislature
from this county, 1 am a oandidate
for that honor at the ooming election.
A very large number of my suppoit
ers have uigently requested me to
subscribe to the priuoiple contained
in Statement . No. 1, and realizing
Ring's of All
Finest Gold
Are here for all purposes.
Jeweler and
lln. H. f. Oike, w o rutir
tbe uiuini ity oi the votes cxct for
United Stairs Mutator at tbe iirimur
lex, both in tho ttut of Oregon and
Waco county, bad it all times an
nounced his unqualified allegiance to
Statement No. 1. 1 believe it to be
my duty uuder tlwse circumstances to
follow tbe lead set by the bead of tbe
Kepuclican ticket, wbo was chosen
noon this issue.
I therefore aunouuee that if elected
to tbe legislature 1 will vote tor tbe
people's choice for United States sen
tor as provided in Statement No. 1.
Respectfully yours,
11. V. Dodds.
Needs More Help.
Agent Fredrioy. of the O. R. A N
said yesterday that be wai veiy much
disappointed at not being able to te
cure additional help, as the growth
of tbe business Is getting beyond the
capacity ot the present working force,
Mi. Fredricy is working sixteen hours
a day and sevf n days a werk to keep
up with the work, besides paying for
the services of three men out of bis
own pooket, yet is unequal to tbe task
of givlog tbe patrooa of tbe road that
prompt and efficient service which
they have a right to expect.
Mi. Fredrioy la one of the most
efficient agents ever in ebsrge ot tbe
Hood Klver station and is doing tbe
best be can under the circumstances,
but feels that he abould not be blam
ed if patrons have to stand around
to wait their turn, even if tbe wait Is
sometimes a long one.
Hank Open Monday Afternoon.
I be uood Klver banks will open
from one until three o'clock p. n
Monday, June 1. for the conveninere
of their cu-tomeM. It is a leiial hull
day, but owing to having to clrse
Saturday and Huuday and many rle
airing to go in to Poitlaml Iuiday
morning, they are agreed iu the ma!
ter ot opening to receive and pay
during tbe hours Indicated Mondiy
Terry Tickers Supplied.
Strawberry growers wanting pickers
and packers will do weil to call at tbe
Ilnod Klver Fruit Grower? Union
offioe. We have letters from 100U peo
ple wantiug to pink an I pack. All
you have to do is to come to the
union, look over these letters, pick
out tbe siz party you want and write
them wben to come.
Uood Klver Fruit Urowon' Union
lleptibllctui Nominee For County
Martha M Ahahar.
Mrs. Maltha M. Absber, wife of W.
H. Absber, ot the eaet side, died at
their home on May 24. Sim was born
in Burleson county. Texas. December
U, lBbf, and was aged 40 years, five
months and Utteon dura Mr. and
Mia. Ahahar lived iu Texas until
Maioh 29, lUOti, and then moved to
Oregon. Hhe joined the Church ol
CbrUt in 1880 and was bttbtized lv
Hrother Date Fouuiugton, cf Aubtiu,
lexas, and Has been o cona stent
ohriatiau since that time. She was
man led to W. il. Abutter In 180U aud
eaves a husband and nine children.
the rouugest being four years of age.
Tbe oldest daughter is the wife of J.
H. Hicks, ot this place. Five other
girls and three boya are left at home.
and Mr. Absber baa tbe sympathy ot
the entire oommuuity in this peculi
arly sad dispensation of 1'rovideucu.
Mothers of the community, you can
not take tbo mother's plnce, but you
cau more nearly do it than any oue
elite on earth. Those little buys and
girls want some oue to whom the;
may go with aching hearts in time of
trouble, and there Ib your opportun
ity to do the Lord's service. We do
nut fear that you will fail to grasp il.
Tbe father and tho older girls have
a great responaibility resting upop
tbem now, and jour ocuusel aud sym
pathy will be of great value to them.
Vou know whut you would want your
neighbor to do for your children uu
der like conditions. Doit. Mr. Ab
sber has been employed hauling lum
ber from the planer to tbe city, dur
ing tbe entiie weeks going home on
Saturday evenings of each week.
un last Maturady be was later thau
usual with bis day's work, aud was
compelled to stop for the night, but
no one knew when the summons oame.
Oue cf her little ohildreu was with
her iu bed, but kuew nothing of the
mother's death until morning. Mrs.
Abshor was subject to epilepsy, aud
it is supposed that sbo paused away
Iu oiih of those spells..
The funeral services wereoundnuted
at the Pine drove cemetery ou Mon
day afteruoou at 3 o'clock by Kev.
Troy Shelley. S. E. iiurtmess had
charge of the Interment.
- X
Y : W
V4 irs
Signet, Engagement, Wedding and Memorial Rings
None Such, plain red tipped, rubber
in end, each lc. Diagraph pencils,
regular 5c, each 2 l-2c. Mepbisto
Copying Pencils, each 5c.
Advertised Utter Lift.
AdHniF.'f Alice Miss; Blolceuson,
Jobu Mis : Hall, A. M. Mis. i lien
ninsseu. Peter Mrs; Ilnlmss, Lola
Miss; Hooker, J. O. Mrs. Jewell,
Mamaret Mlsa; Jobnson, Mrs A
Maue, Mary Mrs.; Moore, Mildird
Miss; O'Neill, II. A . Miss; Ott,
Kdua Mm; K we, Bertha A. MIks;
Carrol, P. II ; Ceutrsmta, K ; Clem
ens, trank; Crane, Lou; (iarrlnou.
U. U. ; Uaitoux, J. M ; Hoover, How
ard; Hurlbui t, O. ; Jones, Wtllard;
Kenuctt. !'. A. : Kikes. Liousis 13
Mclluney ti. U. : Muhry, Bob.; Mert,
U. II ; Miller, Albert; Netno, J
Noble, Win. ; Ott, Cbsihs J.; Ott,
Mr. and Mrs. J. (J.; ('tutou, Mr
Payne. (I W. ; Perkliif, Hobert H
Kowe, Mat; Shields, VV. S ; Wells,
Advertised parcel. May 25. 1008
llndlton, W. ; Olaud, Alfred; Hay-
nold linkery Co.
Wm. iVi. Vales P. M
Miss CI nt'a Bailer, a former compos
itor at tbi) Ulaoier otllce, uow with
the Kt. Johns Keview, is visiting
friends In ilnoa hiver.
A. U. Lawrence, of t'itohbure,
Mass , uuoie of Mrs. J. E. Btantou, is
visiting at tbe Liawieuce ainftuuoch.
Mr. l.awreuRe is .J years old and in
Knod health.
Shall Von 11k Then !
(By Mrs. E. C Oeltz.
Wben tbe roll is exiled up yonilet,
Sbnll you auser to it then?
Brave brutheis of ojir tbnuinK lankn,
Who'vn"quit yourselves like men,''
W ho ahrauk not from shot and shell,
Nor bayouet aud sword.
But responded to tbe bugle call,
And your leader's cheering woM
Vou have served your couutry nobly,
O, veterans biave and true,
Bu. the King of all the nations
Claims a loyalty from you;
O, have you been aslesland hrave
lo tight tbe wily lo?, whose scouts
are lurking everywhere
To drug men down to roi ?
We have called you brave and loy 1,
And are heroes oue sod all;
Shall you be there to answer
Wben tbe hemes usmes are culled?
Are you "ready to be ottered"
With the "good light" woo at lust?
Shall you wear the crown ot victory,
Wlieu life s battles all are passed?
Shall you snswer to tha roll call,
When tbe hosts are gathered home:
When our King Iu loyal splendor,
Bids his ransomed ones to come,
When tbe army of tbe Loid ahull pass,
lo "grand review" ulong,
Shall you be there, my bi other,
lo join tbe welcome song?
O, my brothel, BJveur allegiunce,
lo our universal King;
Ho who pleads for you lu glory,
Was the lowly Nazareue;
While your ranks are growlug tbiuner,
He calls for voluuteers,
Koi teu thousand times ten thousand,
Aud the time is endleta yeais.
Memorial Day, 1008.
Our Heroes.
Dedicated to the (1. A K. veter
a ne, foi Memorial dsy.
they lie 'neath the lilies, they rest
'ueath the roses,
Ihey sleep, white the flag that they
once tell to save,
Artistic Make
Door to Postoftice
O'er shadows tbe
hero reposes,
And waits the recall
sod where eaoh
the true and
tbe brave.
Wben Ueioe raged tbe strife, 'mid the
din ot tbe battle.
How proudly, bow bravely, this dear
flag they bore 1
No bugle shall wake them nor loud
cannon's rattle.
Yet here lo our heart shall tbey live
Then calm be their rest till the last
trump shall call them
In Liberty's uaoie to arise liom the
Till then shall tbe emblem of freedom
tluat o'er them,
1111 then o'er their pillons tbe lUies
b(ih1I bloom.
Then w eiitue them with loses, tbe
fairest of flowers;
Oh, give them their garlands tbe
true and tbe brave !
Aud o'er them, as o'er this free land
of ours,
Tbe flag that we cherish forever shall
Evermore, Evermore, while tbe flag
shall float o'er them,
'lis bere lu our hearts tbey shall live
-Warrendale, May, 1908.
A wedding which will be of great
iuietest tere to tbe many friends of
the hi Ida iathat of MissAlvena llond
ley to Jobn K. Dickey, which was
celebrated in the presence ot the im
mediate f i lends and relatives at tbe
home of MUb Mary Matthews in Port-
laud last Sunday. Although the
groom Is not known heie, bis home
being lu Wolf Cretk, Ore., tbe biide
has many frleuds aud the Ulaoier ex
tends heartiest congratulation.
Greatest Life Saver In the United
This simple little devioe will rtscua
trom death aud destruction und set
you dowo iu safety. Almost before
Ihe ruins of the Colliuwood disaster
bad quit smouldering thore comes a
stupe of relief to lat.'ers and motheia
iu tbe belief that it these automutio
Hie escapes are placed lu our school
buildings no such fate wilt ever befall
our cbiidren.
Meu of sympathy and biaius have
oonstiucted au appatutus th.t will be
a great life saver and a help to ore
men. Iheao brave firemen often lose
tbeir owu lives by helping others to
e-cape from tbe buildings, and after
all exit is out olf tbey die with tbe
otbor unfortunates who could uo de
soeud the old ladders
Children, siok, aged aud Infirm per
sons nud iu this utile maonine a
means of escape trom a horrible
eath. There oan be no comparison
of tbe antomatio Ore escape with ap
paratus heretofore presented to the
public. While tbe device Is in the
nature ot a tnaobina it la simplicity
iu itself. Vou bare only to fasten the
nacbiue to the inner wall of the
room, place a loop about your body
and fasten it with a clasp, Btep to
the window and fall. out. It is the
only device requiring no exertion
wben once out of tbe window. Tbe
machine does it all holds you while
vou descend iu safety to tbe sidewalk.
l'be idea is that ot a sieei came
wound ou a drum operated by gov
ernors. As tne person (largo or email j
pi toes his weight on the muohine the
troveruliiB mechanism regulates tbe
sueed. Its enpsoity is moie than
0u ever occupy tbe loom, and that is
nnother advantage It bas over all
otbors. Because of Its simplicity aud
economy It may be placed in every
room cheaper than tbe old style lad
ders can be partially plaoad on Lulld
iugi. It has been tried ondei rigid and
severe tets l eft ie tbe public at d ap
proved I v hit who have seen it. A
tire sl um atUi bed to tbe devioe while
dcaceiidiui; will awaken others.
I hi nut" - xtio tire escape is as near
p.'iVrt in -i': i I'xiiT, durability and
ecoiiiiipy as i n re built ot steel and
iron There i" no paita to get out
of workiug ii 'ir. Anyone can see
tlin ki initial itiii(i"ine by going to 307
.Monroe m: r- i l . Yoaoow, Idaho, and
beat the ui id in dn the talking. In
an interview itl Mr. Comm. the
owe r, he suld his "machine waa so
far ahead ot all other Hre escapes"
that he was lonesome, aa there was
p radically no competition.
If one life oan be saved by thia de
vice why not cover tbe bniidiugs witb
them, tor a lite cannot be estimated
lo money cost. Mr. Corum is put
ting out agents aa fast as go id meu
can be had. lie will also give it his
nudiTlded attention and put it Defoie
the public as last aa it oan possibly
placed there. Moscow Democrat.
Day Is Optimistic.
The Yakima Republic says: Horaoe
W. Day, of Sccbel & Day, of New
Uhe Paris Fair
We (lei.e to call your special attention to our excellent showing of Ladies' Shirt Waists
and Suit?. We were fortunate in securing exceptional big values in this line and cau
tshow you Waists ami Suits, latest iu material, right in style and perfect
than you can secure the material.
LADIES WAISTS of very fine lawn.
trimmed with clunv insertion to match
LADIES LAWN WAISTS Nicely trimmed with lace and insertion three
quarter sleeves, each
LADIES NET WAISTS Made of joined Cluuy and Val., and trimmed
with self color chiffon, liued throughout with JaD Silk
' CD
PRICES on broken sizes in WAISTS and SHIRTWAISTS.
Half Price. Second Floor.
LADIES' JUMPER SUITS of fancy colored lawn, yoke piped front and
back, skirt tucked with deep fold, each
LADIES' SILK SUITS in fancy plaids. Regular values $15, special
LADIES' SHIRTWAISTS all-over embroidery. Tucked front and back
sleeve. Collar and cuffs trimmed with Val insertion and lace. Each
We have just received another shipment of tan oxfords with Military and low heels, to
gether with all styles and sizes in black, from a child's oxford or slipper, size 1, to the
finest of Ladies' and Gent's, in oxfords or shoes, in kid, gun metal, patent, tan, Rus
sian calf ar kid. I'rices from a child's 50c a pair up. Some big bargains on our bar
gain counter in Children's, Misses' and Mens shoes and oxfords. Reduced from 35 to
Till rwii f'PTlt, A 1 sVmpa hi it. hrrL-an aiiaa
York, auction market salesman, wbo
probably handles more North Yakima
fruit than any other dealers in New
Yoik, bas been In this city interview
ing members ot tbe trade. Mi. Day
speut a couple ot days with tbe pro
ducers and handlers of North Yakima
fruit and to all he talked "quality."
Ihe burden ct bis song bere was
"made to order" fruit.
"I b ive been over tbe fruit belt of
California, Oregon and through tbe
Wenatcbee and Walla Walla sections
of this state," said Mr Day, "and
I think I cau say light uow that witb
respect to the fruit 1 am tbe ruont
optimistic person 1 have met. Every
where I presume is a reiction from
lsst year. Kor myself 1 am optimistic.
I tbiuk there are good reasons tor
b"ing $a. 1 would not begin to
asteit that your orchardists should
look again for tbe prices tbey re
ceived last year, hut 1 am bare as a
representative ot the other side of
the trade to say thai, as l.Jug as you
produce the quality you will get
prices which will give admirable
returus in inteiest ou tha investment.
1 do uot think that more than that
oan be expected.
"Some of your people are inoliued
to talk over production. My dear
mau, you people ure not a speck on
the map so tar as tbe aggregate ot
your crop is concerned. You aie
here uuder admirable conditions tor
sending foitb absolutely the best
quality of fruit. KmniHli the "made
to order" stutt that I spoke of and
depend npon it you will Mud tbe
money comes back to you
"l'be proposition is u simple one.
At oue end of tbe Ims is a man, my
sell or someone eUe, witb tne inouey
to exchange for a thing which yon
should have at tots eud of tbe line.
Ifaat thing is tupeiiur fruit. We
ha.o a lew ueeds hi tbe Why el quel
uy, pncKmg, etc. lurse r.etas are
easy to meet to me, Vou Mi.d out
your Iruit, packed us we want it pack
ed, aud iu retuiu get our money
Does it pay? Well, last year I sold i
oar o: apples which netted In excess
of $1,000 to one of your growers right
here in .North Vitkiuia. 1 sold anoth
er car of pears, 10 tons, which brought
au average ot B ceata each for every
pear in tha oar. Does it pay 7
"1 fould like to get a whole big
Lunch ot your fruit meu together aud
talk to them tor a few minutes over
whut we consider our ueeds in tbe
way of puck lug. I think iu a brief
talk we could come to such au under
fctandiug tbat all or your growers
would be entbusiastio over the mat
ter of a supeilor pack and would
muke il a point to pay attentlou to
tbat feature of the trade. Tbe big
red apple is a great thing but the big
red apple all around is a better thing.
"1 do not mean to say that you
must send an apple of a solid color
hut tbe coloring must uot be oon
Uued to one spot. Some ot your men
say, 'What will we do with the rest
of tbe fruit? That stud you discard
is good truit; we caunot attord to
waste it.' 1 do not unk them to.
1 suy tell it to. Seattle or some other
placo which will take it and which
i- ill uot take the higher quality of
fruit. But do not send it to ns. We
do not want it aud it hurts your
business to send il to us. In New
York we just absorb fruit at the very
highest prices. Seud us ouly tbe
very highest priced fruit you can
raise. Catch our trade Make us
ready to e:it up eveiythlng you send
out because what you send out Is tbe
kind we want. When you do that you
will get our money haok in such sums
that you will uot bother to worry
about over production. Vou will
tealize tbat in tetnm lor something
special you aie getting something
special, i hat's the way to look at it
and tbe ouly way."
Atteatlii", Hadirer!
A register bas been installed in
Keir ft Cans' drug store to teoord the
names of all Wisonnaln peuple re-i.i-ing
in Uood Kivei an I vicinity; al-i;
vlsitoij and tonriWH. All thiM t.rir,
iu Wifccuiitiu, or having rMi!rdl)eie
tot lees thnu rue yeur, aie iirinf..i
to irgistei. The ultimata objeiti'i
be to furut a Badger Club and r.tbei
social Junctions.
A Bargain.
Einlity acrc-s, four miles nnlli iif
MHir, Id null's Iiomi Hood River;
1800 spin. New town und ptach trees;
house anil barn; g"ud team hurst,
wagon, harm'sa; giM.d well; a small or
chard in U-aiing ir home use; house
hold luruiiuri; HXI sacks potatoes
lialiiuco of laud eafilv cleared. Price.
1,000, it' s .ld in :S0 days. With the ad
ditional of f00 the place will be worth
$8,0u0 in ne year. Apply to Dr. Jones
or Dr. Dumble.
C. S. Richmond wishes to announoe
to tha people ot Uood River and viol
Front of fine Swiss, embroidery
front. Short tucks in back; ach
I "
' $" .75
nity, that he is prepared to make to
order any pieoe of odd furniture, In
cluding tables, obairt, ladies' desks,
bookoasei and will fclve special atten
tion to ball and porch furniture, porch
seats and swings, ball seats, bat and
coat racks. Having had over twenty
years experience in designing aud
manufacturing Hue furniture, I will
guarantee satisfaction, aud will try to
give tbe people what they wish in my
line. Solioitiug a share of your pat
rouage,! am,
Yours Tiuly,
Pbooe 270 M.
The Churches.
A. M., Dr. Lathrop's subject will
be, "A Pre-election study of the Tern
perance Situation, with Hsfecial Ret
erence to the Roddy Ameudmeut,i;iv
lug Home Rule to Cities aud to the
Local Situation " Voters especially
invited. P. m., a joint missionary
service ot tbe Cougreghtional and
Methodist oburohes to he addressed
by Miss Margaret tidrnunds, returned
missionary from Seoul, Korea. Miss
hdmunda ia oonuected witb tbe bos
pital work at the Methodist Seoul
mission and is iu this country on
brief furlough Speoisl music will he
rendered. Mrs. Dr. Edmunds will
sing, "Hold Thon my Hand, ' by
Uriggs. Solo by Miss lorinda Coop
er, "ADide wun rae.
The Or. Lutheran Emmanuel Cliuicl
conducts services every second and
fouith Sunday in the mouth Knlish
on second and uerman on fourth Bun
day, 10 a. m.
u. a. unurcn saDDatn school, 10 a.
m. ; preaching, 11 a. m.j Y. P. C. K.
6:30 p.m.; bvangeiistic services, 7:30
p. m. Midweek prayer meeting
Wednesday, 7 :30 p. m. Everybody in
vited. J. R. Parker, pastor.
Chriatian church W. A. Wood, min
ister. Preaching services, II a. m. and
7:30 p.m. Prayer meeting, Thursday,
:M) p. m. Most cordial welcome to
Riverside Congregational Church,
w. CUilmore, pastor. Servioes Sun
day at 11 a. m., Christian Endeavor
at 7 p. m., evening worship at 8 p. m.
Catholic Church Regular services
every Sunday.
Relmont M. E. Church, S. S. 10 a. m
Preaching 11 a. m., Epworih League
o.3up. m., rreactiwg 7.3U p. m. At
Crapper 1st and 3rd Sundays; 3 p. m
At Menonunee 2nd and 4th Sundays;
s p. in.
BaptiBt Church C. A. Nutley, Pas
tor. Sunday services at 11 a. m. and
7;45p. m. Sunday school, at 9:50 a ni
F. G. Coe, Snpt. Young Peoples mee
ing, 7 p. m. Monday, 7 p. m., Young
Men s Aieri uiud. Tuesday, 7 p. m ,
Y. P. Christian Culture Class. Wednes'
day 7:30 p. m., Prayer meeting. Thurs
day p. m., Ladies' Aid or Mission Cir
cle. Notice to Con true otk.
Healed proposals will bn received by P. M.
Hnll-twa & Co., enulneiTK.iip lo noon Bulur.
day, May 80, for i"1iny ur.d laying:
WO lineal feet of six-foot cement sidewalk.
(Ml) lineal feet of 6i8ilti cement curb.
IU0 lineal Icet or ixl8 cement gutter.
10 foiir.feel approaches with xtciw to be laid
on koiiiIi l1e sime street, between 6ih and
9th street. In city of Hood River, Oreson.
mius ami sped motions n office of eriel.
neers, lvl'liin Blrtg., Hood Klver, Oreiron.
OV OREGON, lor the County of Wumco.
in the miiiterof theappllcallon of Simpson
CPI"e to register Ihe title to the following
described tract of land; situate In the County
of Wasco nuri slste nl Oregon, to wit: Lots
numbered One(l)tid To(-'),ln Block num.
bred Time (3) 01 Winun's Addition 10 tliu
town, (now eu )oI Rood n?r the re.
corded plat.
O- P. D"dge. Mrs. O. P Dolre, his wile, Clnrn
E. Jones unu A. B J0110, lui iner husband
of Clara E Jones, and all whom It may
ennoerii; Ddendaid.
ToO- P. rH'au. Mrs. o. P. D'slee. his wife.
Clara E JonomidA B J'uiesaud all whom
t tiisj concern, Jji?im!miis.
In Ihe Name 01 the Stole nl Oregon:
Yon ie eeieby to uii ar and un.
wer the peiiiiou nudiMihcili n dtwt Hsini
you 011 I lie --! h day iil i , MIS, lu loe b .v.
en'll'ed p,iH.-ed;itif, wituin n-rt l.i tiotu the
dale til s. rM e ot mis soninntn 11Y011 on it'
wrved tvitliln tli county, or il serve t u-itli ti
n oliicr sHin:y of lis gut , tln-n unii,n
tut i"y cays from Ihe dm,- f il,e i-iMm- u
iis sinoiiious niMin i.i: 1. in it M.u mi 1,1
n:cr xoor tt' ui'Hiuv or i,uw, 1 tit.- michi, k-
lloll, tor Want ttletrof tf H :i : w II .1 ,,,
lo III C 'Oi l slid take il'Vi,-v lo- to et cl
tiitilitlr'l Hi tl'f 'l'lt n si-t tti 11, :it 1 ,i, ,ti'il
uu win it, lorrvcr b:,nei iium dir.; lulus: ;he
WUm-si " Imn. I and tliMvi ol mi,: ri.
euil C"tu1 lb - "f Mi" .
S B 'LION. Cleik.
Publish 111 11 1- l!nil Kiv, 1 1 . 11,-1, r lot A m.
-I'ltlitlis beiilliliiiK U, ."8 1'iOs.
Jot. 11 1-tMiiil 1 11 tttlet mic,
AptdiCUllI V .Cori.. v.
KOR KENT 1-1 to,. tn In h it
to lie. K. ('. Biosins or J. 11.
Itollrtli.g Atuoeinllon.
I ticsti. Apply
Kiituiig, Art 1 mi it
WANTEI-8liherry platim, irtim five to
twenty I housninl. Chus. Hall. roll
I.tHT Eastern Star pin, Sunday evening,
between Cttngrcgallontl an I I!. It. churches.
Finder please leave at Glacier office. uill
rim haI.K New .No. 5 I'nderwood type
wrllvr and case. Barry Bailey. uijU
Full weight liars, 7c
The thingto carry inyourgrip, 22c
nt ior less
UP to $7.00
Less than
Oakdale Greenhouse
Cut flowers and plants at Keir & CaBS.
Choice Roces Shrubs, Vines & Gladiolas.
White Wyandotte Egs for Setting
from Mated Pens $1.60 & 12.00.
Fletcher & Fletcher.
Fnrnlnhed Rooms for Rent: down town;
moderate rent. Inquire at 282 Oak St. tf
For Sale
J. 18
A No. 1 Jersey ;cow. Brnno Frans.
I-ost - Black Cocker spaniel pup. Bmall
white spot un breast and rllit hlud lea: but
rln worm. Heturn to The Club for reward,
Kor Sale-Team of light work liorsos, work
harness and wagon, cheap. Apply to Dr. Dur.i.
ble or Dr. Jones. m-2S
For Hale A black mare, aboot 12 years old,
weighs 1,300 pounds. J. Vauthlers, Dumas
place, Mt. Hood. m-2H
foil SALE One.borse wagon, springs, seat,
tongue aud shafts. Also heavy single harness.
John Kadlirr, Ilelmont. jn
KoR HALb Two mare eolts, one vear old,
rb for the two, or tl aud S45 separate. Van.
tillers, Mt, Hood. if
KOK HAL! Mascot sods fountain wltli
apparatus and tlxtures. Cheap II taken ufc
once. Box S5tj, Hood River. nt
I'OR wALE- -Good Work Team, quiet and
gentle, with 01 without harness. E. ! KeT
Claxti.n, Home Phoue lyftt-U Hood Klver.
lOllSvl.K-A live year'old sorrel horse
pertei tly sound. gentle, woik double or single,
alittut 1110 lbs, will be wild cheap. Itorkiord
S'Qre. Hood Kt ver, 11 ulna Phone 18.1X. nilll
liltrBSMAKINtl-MIss Snow Coppttr will
tin drcssHibklng by Ihe day. rtione Home
WJ-ii mil
1 Oli SAI.K 450 ricks of pine wool, 101) cords
of (ink. l7x. mat
Kor Sale Good JerRey cow; gentle; harvuln.
I . J. Uoodnongli, route 1. Home Phone. Jll
Little P'gs for sale; six weeks old; write or
call on J. p, HUlstroin, Hood River, route IU
Lost Eye glasses In case, on Tucker hill,
about three weeks ago. Return to Ulacier
ortlue for reward. (4
FOR HALK Newtowns and Bourre 4'Anlooj
pear trees. C. D. Thompson. 10-14,
.fi.05It,,J l h""y that 1 did on the
251 b day of April, 1908, In the City of Hood
Klver, take up one Roan Cow, dehorned,
branded HP on left hlpcrop and under bit on
fJi nd ' bat! wl ll on the 5tU day of M ay
1U0S, at toe hour of 1 o'clock P. M of said day
In front of my office In the City of Hood River.
Oregon, sell said property at public auction to
the highest bidder lor casta on hand. W.
ese grocries, cigars arid tobacco. Employers
please nouiy ior Japanese farm bands. P. o
box io4. Hood Keregon. ang'20
FOR 8ALE-F0X Terrier Put s.the Hnestthat
money can buv. Ktnm .wi. ui
and dam took two first and two second prises
".'E11""1 Kene Show. Roektord Store.
m21J18 . Hood River. Ore.
FOR SALE Single Harness and Ton Hmrirv
n good condll Ion. J. E. Malory. Phone WU K
FOR SALE Hav MnrA Inn. vmh nM
double or single; also New Wagon and' Har
nesa. J. C. Hliuunton. m21iui
When In need of a Bull of Cinlhpa It will miv
yon Uiaee 11. P. Allen iu n,u r, .!....'
on Belmont Road, representing R. fie A Co.!
Uilcago. feu years exterience In measuring.
FOR RK.NT S'nnr lt.,. Ii..
, - .. . . "' i.uunc null lull
1.1 'tH, on IliKltt Klver Hi,li7l,ta- nucl, .... t.
to keep cow all summer. Ap'plv to Tompkins
Bros. Cigar More, or address Box 134, Hood
Klver, Ore. m"iiiM
WANTED An exDerieneeri tnn . uu.
mouths, who unci, i-sintum tha t,UPr 1...-.1.....
aud Irrigation. W. 11. Sllchae,. bt. Ore. iuiu
Tor Sale Portland
J.F. Batcltel.ler, Phone "wm. ,f
WanUd - Man tn ni,nin,
to sell slock for a liirgi 11, utter mid i,ir
Liberal cominissltins. S15 rt,,t.i.ii.i
irtlniid, Oregon. .in.
Winded v gtinH ii,,nw. ,. 1 t. 1 rr
III trade ftf aointt iinuroveil or tinlmnnivd
rty. E. T. Foln, Home Phoue
Rhode Kilt ltd htf n. 11. w il-,..ti!. , ....
J is
nipelciit rook wanted at the
I- Apply lo tne bospllHl. J1S
I'oitJtgc ii p 11
For sal, .Ki(.v cow will ne fresh tyM.tV
:u. A plt-ndid milker. Phone 2tM M. c. 1'.
1 ...
.' Mmp-I
i m e, luuxi;
tt,t iiin t,t,n
"I 1 vv.itilii U11 'iHi.-, our lioiiio
m l ei. gi a-s .. IJijOGn
the inline). A. ll!oWei.
lot Sui. rreMi milk wive
ami li.rge ml.Ler. .1. Butts
1 1 - 1 l.Ht . I
young, gent e
H l.iinni 01.1,1.
O . "At.!-.- Neatly UeWMpilllK Whio.ii with
" ' lop anachett VetysiiltHltletorhiiul.
in tn tri.-or anid-s. Will he. tlj chm,.,..n
.tne if d-tntl. Apply t u-x-kford More.
I .hl ItiVi r, O e. j,
I'liK KAl.E-Oite Piny, IUriiis ttit.t Top
i,'ief ".tin 'WH' v r"ril"1y drive or tide.
I'.l.y. SI 10, J. K. Mloy, Phone Itw K. Ji
F'lft MALE A tine Jersey Cow.
Dr. Wlllisms, piione 19a M.
Itiq ilrx of
r u n n a 1, c-ijtwl sert intt.b .ntl Hnggy, ued
tlO. A. Hukarl, puooe 18I.H-M. j4
1 TP.11.,1!-1'" LHr" Hn saltable for
L,f. ,ilH,'?ue.k.'T,,,n;.r.l"e "toegronnds.
pply .Mint Abbott Millinery store.