The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 12, 1907, Image 5

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OF S. B. OF I!.
fruit Culture, frmn tha tin,. ,.
tree, .liruu or lue it planted until
iuo ri. iuui dHiiverea to toe eon
tamer, will La discuss- d liy leading
horticulturist,! nt tha atai k
naal meeting uf the ntste board of
norimuiuire. twnch will be held at
nooauien m ino worM bnll, ru Kjef.
ntb ttreet. In.! eu Wn.hioKtoo and
Aler PoiIIsikI, January 14-16, inclu-
ie. fruit tioin il section ot toe
bime win on exDioitea in tbe base
went of tbe builriino hiu h n.
ary exeroiiei will be conducted in tbe
"Not fruit grower lu tbe atatecan
a lord to m I si tbls meeting," aaid
Commiaaiooer J. H. Raid, nr Mil...,.
kie, yesterday. "It undoubtedly will
vb mg ubuuoi meeting oi toe Doard In
aereral yeara. Urowera from Hood
Ri?er, Eastern Oregon, Southern Or
egon and tbe Willamette valley will
be peaent, actuated by tbe same pur
posethe advancement of Oregon
frait. Wbile tbe program baa not been
arranged it will include addressee by
several prominent horticulturists from
all paita ot tbe state."
The aubject to be discussed will be
claaailind, apples occupying one day,
pruoea aud pears another, and small
fruita tbe tbird day. Mr. Ueid, who
ia chairman ot tbe committee on ex
hibits, anoouucea that cups aud priz
es will be ottered for tho following
Beat box three tier Yellow Newtown.
Best box three tier Spitzenberg.
Best box three-tier Noithern Spy.
Best box three tier Baldwin.
Best t ox of four-tier apples of each
uf tbe four tdiitties above named.
Beet box ct such nt tha fnllnmln,.
vHrieiies: nrKNDSas
Wlueaap, tied Cheek,
Davis, Winter Kausti i.
Best exhibit of fire
box of each
-i-tt . .,. ... . .
Black. Lad v.
Wageoer, ben
nineties, oue
Best Ave boxes growu in Willamette
valley, at least three varieties. enter more than
oue box for nny oue prize.
in Judging. 1-3 points will be al
lowed for color aud foim, 33 1-3
poiuta foi freedom from blemishes and
33 1 3 points Icr puck in .
All apples 0' euuh vuriety ami size
will be ki imped together on the ta
Prizes will be offer. id for pears,
n . as follows :
ii"sl box of 1. liiiri v.
liett box of Hobo
Be.-t box of Ciiniee
Bert box ot Winter Nclis
Htfht dlxpl.iy f Italian prunes.
Uest dis(.luy of ImikIisIi waluuts.
The Science May Have Existed In
India For Long Agea.
Did ,wo learn our rule of three and
our Euclid from India? Researches
have brought to light astronomical ta
bles in India which must have been
constructed by the principles of geom
etry. Some are of the opinion that they
have been framed from observations
made not less than 3,000 years before
the Christian era, and If this opinion
be well founded the science of geom
etry must have been cultivated la In
dia to a considerable extent long be
fore the period assigned to its origin In
the west, so that many of the elemen
tary propositions rnqy have been
brought: frorn India to Greece.
The Indians have a treatise called tho
"Surya Sldhanta," which professes to
be a revelation from heaven communi
cated to Meya, a man of great sanctity,
about 4,000,000 years ago. This book
contains a.ra'tlonal sj'Btem of trigonom
etry wbjch differs entirely from the
first known In Greece and Arabia. In
fact, it Is founded on a geometrical
theorem which was not known to the
geometricians of Europe before the
time of Vjeta, about 200 years ago.
And it employs methods of demonstra
tion unknown to the Greeks, who used
others. The former have been attrib
uted to the Arabs, but It Is possible
they have received this Improvement
In trigonometry as well as the numer
ical characters from India. Chicago
Irish Stories.
An Irishman while taking a barge up
the Shannon was asked what goods he
had ou board and answered, "Timber
and fruit."
"What kind of timber and what sort
of fruit?"
"Well, an If ye must know, the tim
ber Is Just birch brooms, and the fruit,
well, it's pretaties."
An Irishman averred that the habit
of Irish landlords of living outside of
Ireland was the great grievance Ire
land had to .complain of.
"Oh, yes," answered an Englishman,
"that's the old stalking horse! I don't
believe in your absentees."
"Not belave lu 'em! Come to Dublin
with me and I'll Bhow ye 'em by the
hundred. Why, the country Just
warms with .'em."
Its Origin, According; to the Tradi
tion of Oberammergau.
According to local tradition, the ori
gin of the Obcrammergau Passion
play was as follows: When In the year
1G33 a deadly plague threatened to de
populate trie districts of Partenkirchen,
Escheloke and Kohlgrub, which are
.separated from Ammerthal, or the val
ley of the Ammer, by a rampart of
mountains, the Ammerthalers succeed
,ed for a time in protecting themselves
:agalnst the dread contagion, but one
day a native who had been working all
isunimer at Escheloke evaded the quar
antine aud entered the Ammerthal by
a secret path in order to celebrate an
annual church festival with his fam
ily. Two days afterward he was a
corpse, aud In less than three weeks
thi plague had carried off eighty-four
of the Ammerthalers.
Despairing of all human succor, the
terrified survivors addressed them
selves to God and registered a solemn
vow that if he heard their prayer and
removed the scourge tbey would rep
.resent,, every ten years, "for thankful
xemembrauce and edifying contempla
tion, and by the help of th Almighty,
the sufferings of Jesns, the Saviour of
the world."
Not a single person died of the
plague after the vow was made, though
many were affected by it. The flrst
representation of the Passion play lu
fulfillment of the vow of these simple
villagers took place at Oberammergau
In the following year, and It has been
repeated every ten years without t
,alugle omission.
tiHn i, astern
y Clark sj
Uie Jewelry vtore where
Quality is a Powerful Faction
When You Buy Xmas Presents, Buy JEWELRY
, and when You Buy Jewelry, Buy of the Store
that is Satisfied with a FAIR PROFIT.
Nineteen years in the Jewelry Business in Oregon,
and buyer for one of the largest Jewelry Stores in Port
land for the past six years, enables me to KNOW
Call and see the LARGEST and BEST selected stock
of Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware
and Cut Glass ever displayed in Eastern Oregon.
if -;-(pT
Don't Be Afraid of Undertaking Nv
If you want to succeed you must
dress the part Don't be wasteful or
extravagant lu your dress, but keep ,
yourself neat looking and well groom-1
ed. Don't go about with a slipshod,
hangdog air, as though you and success
were as far apart as the poles. It you
look helpless and incompetent no one
will trust you with work of any kind.
W'heu you apply for a post do so in
a modest yet confident manner.
Business men are not looking for
helpless, dependent femininity In ttielr
What they want is a well behaved,
capable business woman.
Dress as well as you can afford to,
but don't make the mistake of wearing
beads and laces and elbow sleeves
while on duty.
Many an applicant has fulled to win
a position because she was untidy or
If you look capable, alert and inter
ested, opportunities nre sure to come
your way.
When there is something Important
to be done your employer will say: "I
will put it In the hands of Miss K.
She looks trustworthy."
The first steps In the ladder of suc
cess are the most difficult ones to
But nothing succeeds like success,
you knovf and when you have once
made yourself known as a capable,
successful worker half the battle is
Don't be afraid of undertaking new
ventures or of doing more than your
share of the work.
Failure onco or twice or half a dozen
times does not mean failure for good
and all.
These rules hold good with men as
well as women.
Treat Them Seriously and Try
Gain Their Confidence.
When your child first comes to you
In tears and complains bitterly of this
or that petty wrong or Injury, he forces
you to one of the most important de
cisions In your parental career. Your
path lies open before you to treat his
trouble seriously, to speak to him "man
to man" or to laugh nt it as of no con
sequence. Beware before you too hastily make
your choice. You art' choosing between
your little one's future confidence, even
bis self respect and his final alienation
from you.
To the child all his woes are real and
important. Ills little fears and angers
are as great factors in his mental de
velop::: mt ..s .rour large ones are In
Many a timid child lias been fright
ened Into convulsions and death by
something which would not cause an
adult even to start, and many a pas
sionate one has lived to regret that all
his Infantile naughtinesses were treat
ed as Jokes and made simply the cause
for laughter.
There is no occasion to overestimate
their Importance. It will not be neces
sary. Simply accord to the child the
carue consideration, help and criticism
that you would give a grown person
suffering from proportionately heavy
troubles, and do not let him feel that
always he is to be the butt for the
mirth of his audiences, "Just because,"
as one small boy plaintively remarked,
"they woke up a few years before I
did!" Ills philosophy was inadequate,
but his sense of Justice was In tbt
right place.
The Jeweler
Next Door to Postoffice
Engrave Free of Charge
on All Purchases
1 he
Metlir:!:--; R :'.r (ml oitnrch A. H.
Lutbrof. (i.i-liir I'uliic t-erriee t 11
a. m. nod 7.30 p. ia. tSundny school
at 10 a Mi. Kpttmib League at 6:30
p. in In? tweeliiin ou Thursday
went,- .' 1; c : d iHlly iucited.
MotMi- v Mbeit "b? tie Urook
Kv. iiiiJii jict - ''Tho Nobloet
'.o U .;( "
K icMi'.i -Tvices nt 11 a. m. the
ili. p. . . 1 1 1 1 4 iii each mont li, conducted
b !m! 11. D. Chambers. Sun-
ln v S''i i u y Sunday at 10 a. in.
C. H. i.' .rl, .-iiblmih school, 10 a.
in. : preii -l':iii, 11 a. id.; Y. P. C. E.
7:bi i. li- ; fiviK'liing, 8:(K) i. in. Prayer
nr.'i ti-i'i -i' i- ii m. Wednesday. Junior
Soi i ' : iaii.iday at 8 p. in. All are
cohiiailv iin iit-d w attend nil or any of
tin tr Pus'.or, J. 51. Trcseniitcr.
t'l.rin- i-iii Church Preaching services
at K. n r. Hull eat li Sunday evening
-uiii ! 1 in. each lirt and iliiid Sun
i!;i , :u.ii hi Udell at 11:30 n. in. each
sn-ui d iiii.I fourth Sunday. Sunday
, I ol Mt 10 a. in. and Y. P. S. C. K. at
':-: . iii. i arh Suiiday at K. of P. Hull,
i : --'ii nl in i t n t ion In the implic.
W. A. Wood, Minister.
li.. i list chinch Sunday school 9:50
i li Huuiliiy. Preaching 11 a. m. and
:"ti in.; ml week frayei service
Vednesduy evening
Kev. C. A. Nutley, Pastor
l i iTr-ide Ci ngregatimial Church,
v. C (iiimore, psoti r. Services Sun-U-
Mt 11 a. m., Christian Endeavor
"i ji in., evening worship at 8 p. m.
t'ailiolit: Church Kiyular services
every Sunday.
Belmont M. E. Church, P. S. 10 a. in.
Preaching 11 a. in.,, Eptvorili League
8.30 p m, Preaching 7 30 p. m. At
Crapper 1st and 3rd Sundays; 3 p. in.
At Menom nee 2nd and 4lli Sundays;
3 p. in.
Whenever you feel that your stomach
has gone a little wrong; or when yon
feel that it is not in good order as is evi
denced by mean headaches, nervoiis-nef-8,
bad breath, and bclcliintr, take
something at time", and especially after
meals until relief is afforded. There is
nothing better offered the public today
for stomach troubles, dyepepeia, indiges
tion, etc., than KODOL This is a scien
tific preparation of natural digest nits with vegetable acids aud it
contains the same juices found in every
healthy stomach. KODOL is umirnii
ti'cd lo give relief. It is pleasant to take;
it will make you feel fine by digesting
what you eat. So'd by Keir & Cass
Have you seen "My Hood Iii ver
Belle" and heard "The Suiigs She Uted
to Sin?" You should get them and
leain tliein well, and let tc town with
music ring. For sale at Bouth s. d5
There is something bont Kennedy's
Laxative Cough Syrup that make it
different from others, as it causes a free
vet gentile action of the bowels through
which the cold ia fo-eed out of the ys
tein. At the same time it heals irrita
tion and allays inflamnntt.uii of (he
throat and lungs. It i pleasant to take.
Children like it. Contains no opiates or
narcotics. Sold by Keir & Cass.
C. P. Kofs has I. is bow ling alley in fine
running order, and has installed the ten
pins int-tead of the game formerly play
ed. Are you Laving trouble witli your kid
neys? Th' r are lota of people today
who woi i'er why they hae pains
across Ihe lut k, why lliey are tired and
lark in I i in-ev Mid ambition. Your
kidne H : - rone. They need rebel j
with"ir .I- :i lake L)e lit e Kidney
& Hlmlcl r I I ; t'.ey are fur w i,k I sick,
ioflii niuiiit ' I- tf t ir Ii (bier, burk iebe,
and wiak kid es So d bv Keir it Cuv.
If you wish to give 350 to $75 when
you bay your piano, buy direct from
tbe factory dealer and 1 ot ftnm .".rent
or CRnvanHrp. Several heaiit.ifi.1 in
struments junt I err he J irotn Cl.iruo
at Soule'a Piano House. Second I Hiid
pianos and oiunt tsken iu exel 1,1 fe.
Balance c:ub cr time, j ujn euts
imiiiii iu n iiiiiiii Tt
Did Likewiee.
Tpon my word, It's too bad," grum
bled Mrs. Dazzlo In a complaining
voice. "I shall really have to punish
those dreadful children."
"Why, what have the little dears
been up to nowT inquired the hen
pecked husband.
"They have made my sewing room
Into a perfect bear, garden," answered
his wife. "Nothing Is in its right place.
Cotton, wool, pins, scissors, needles
and nil my working materials are Jam
med In odd corners anyhow."
"That wasn't the children, dear," sold
Mr. Daazle In his Buavest tones. "I
did that."
"You did It, did you?" snapped his
wife. "And pray what possessed you?"
"My kindness of heart prompted me
to do it. As you straightened up my
room and arranged all my books and
papers so beautifully I thought I'd put
your sewing room In order so I did."
Watermelon Caka.
This consists of two parts, the white
portion Imitating tie rind and the pink
made like tbe center. It has a green
frosting, and in the pink part are
raisins to represent seeds. Divide the
same white cake batter iu two parts,
tinting the one portion with pink sugar
until the shade desired. A little straw
berry Juice may also be put in. Add
the raisins dredged with flour. Now It
will take two persons to manipulate
the batter when pouring In the round
mold In which It Is to be baked. Let
one put in the white part for the bor
der, while the other adds the pink cen
ter. Hake about an hour In a mod
erate oven. When done cool in the
mold, then Invert on a round platter
and 'cc thicl.Iy with Icing colored green
wit a littler spinach Juice.
F. S. STANLEY, Pres.
E. L. SMITH, Vice-Pre?."
The First National Bank
Capital Stock, $50,000. Surplus, $12,500
Prompt Attention
Will be given applications for loans
on real estate, and
I To Our Patrons
Who wish to loan money on real
estate we offer the knowledge and
experience of our Discount Com
mittee in determining the value of
the security offered.
We Solicit Your Patronage
Either in person or by correspond
ence and guarantee you faithful ser
vice. 4 per cent, interest paid on Savings Depos'ts.
jj cm eiocii com
Department of tlm Interior, I.aml Olllce ul
, i-iiiit-n. ijirKiiu, oveilllKT 1,1,
Notli-e Is hereby' nlveu That
t'HKSTKH ('. WAl.TtiN
of Ml. Hood, Oienmi. Iiivm 11 led notice of his
intention lo make llnul eoiiitiinluiluu proof in
support of her olatni, viz.: Homestead entry
Number l.V'.M niaiie (let. Nib. pmii, l.,r tho Ul i
anil BKi4NW'i4 of Heellun 19, Township 1 s.
limine 10, K., W. M , and thut s,ild proof will
he Hindu bemie the ltt-Klsier and Itweiver, i.l
iiib I'unes, (iiivoii, on .lummry uiii, kkih.
He naiiH-s i lie I. illowinn wlcri, in ir,n.
bis eonlliHious resldenie upon, mid cult I v i.
tlun i.t, i.i l ud, r.:
Itotielt II. Morton. John I'notter Mfiril,,, i-
1 1 iu kl)MV , Will M. Uribble. ull of Mi. h,m,iI.
dl-J V. W. MlloRK, Kegteter
t'nlled states tjind Offlee, The Dalles, Urecoo
AUlfllKl 14, PK17.
Notice Is hereby given Mint in compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3, IS7H. entitled "An act, lor Hie sale of
limber lands in the States of California, Ore
gun, Nevnda, and Washington Territory ,' as
extended lo all tho I'ublic Land States by act
of August 4, lsir.',
ofMosier. County of Wosco, State of Oregon,
bus this day tiled in this oltlee tier sworn
statement, No. 47. for the purchase of tho
8ICi,4 HK ol Sect Ion No.; Ill, In Township No 2
Noith, Karate No. II K., W. M., and will-oiler
piiHiltoshow that theliiiid si night is more val
BbleforllMtiinberor stone than lor agrlcnltu
ml purposes, and to establish her claim to said
land before the Register mid Receiver at The
Dalles, Oregon, ou Ihu Kith day ot January.
Urns. ,
Khe names as witnesses; chillies K. David
son. Carl J. Kredricson. Win. Roy Woken, and
Carrie Kiev, all or Mos'i r. oregun.
Any and all peis.,ii eiiiiiiiing adversly tlio
above-described land- are reiUeslil to tl lo
their claims lu this otllec on or before said
101 Ii day ot January, '..
Ji C. W. MOORK, Register.
In paitnient ol' the Interior, Land ottlce, nt
The Dalles, Uregou, -November Hi, 1SW7.
Notice Is hereliv irlven that.
of Hood River, Oregon, Ims tiled notlco of his
Inlentlon to make lliial llve-.vrar pnaifiu Niip
portof hts clalni, viz: llomesteail Kntry No
Willi made Aug. 1H, lltol, for Itifl WI...SK'., HK'i
Sl-:u ofsecllon 1 and .SWNK'., of Hectiou
12, Town-hip IN.. ItiiiiKC III K, V. M.. and
tliat said pro. I will he made la lore the Regis
ter and Receiver, nt The. Dalles, Oregon on
December 27th, 19 7.
lie names the lollowin witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultlva.
tlon of. th land, vl..: M. D. odell, It. 1(.
Lewis, W. i'. Kemp, allofllood Itiver, O-egon.
n-'l-dii c. W. MtKiKK, Register.
Departinent ot the Interior, 1-anrt Ofllca at
The Dalles, Oregon, Noeinti-r 15lh, 1117,
Notice is hereby givi-n that
of H(Md River, Oifgon. has Hied iKitlco of his
intention to malm final commutation proof
In support .of Ills claim, vis: Homestead Kn
tiy No. IRISH, Hindu July 27, l'JOii, for the Lots 1 A
2of section HI, township 2 north, range 11 k.,
V. M., and thai s ild proof will he made be.
fore Ihe Register and Receiver, ul Tim Dalles,
locgoii, ou January 11, l.iun.
lie names the follovvlug witnesses to prove
his continuous residence iiiiiiii. and cultiva
tion of, the I e 1 1 1 1 . vl,: . I. It. Jackson, Nelson
Jackson, K. T. i'olts, Allen Jackson, all of
lloon River, Oregon.
115-JU C. V. MooRK, Register.
TliollPiu.ila of men and women in all
walks of life are BtiU'erinir from kidney
and bladder trouble?. Don't neglect
your kidneys. Delays are dangerous.
beWitts Kidney and Bladder Pilla afford
quick relief for all lorniH of kidney and
bladder trouble. A w eek treatment Sic.
Sold by Keir & Ciihh.
K. O. BLANCH A R, Casbier
V. C. 11ROCK, ABBt. Catdiier
This is a Young
Store and a
Young enough to hope to grow
and grow ing because you approve
of our methodn. We want your
pri'iirtnei.t business by proving
ourselves worthy of it.
We expect to make a small,
safe profit each time you buy
her", and we believe it will be to
r interest to buy toefn.
J. U.
We Are Just as Attentive and Fair
In Our Dealings With the Small Depositor as with the
Larger One.
tliinp; for you that you may be offorod olsewht'ivbut
wo do agree to so treat you that you will respect us
for what we may have to refuse to do quite as much
as for what we do do.
Our Fire Proof Vault
Is equipped with safety deposit boxes, they are free
to customers; to others we make a charge of .f 5.00
per year for the smaller boxes and $7.50 for the
larger sizes. You are the holder of the keys, thus
securing absolute privacy,
We deserve to be favored with a share of your business.
FIRST, Because we have had seventeen years ex
perience in the banking business, and our record is
strictly clean, which if you intrust your business to
us, insures your receiving intelligent and honest
SECOND, We own our banking building, having
spent a number of thousand dollars in building and
fitting up in modern banking room, of which a city
ninny times the size of Hood ItiAer might be justly
THIRD, wo are centrally and conveniently lo
cated. Our stock is held in Hood River, and we are
a HOME institution.
Roller Skating Rink
Comfortably heated, Fine Floor, 250 pairs Winslow
Famous Fiber and Steel Ball Bearing Skates.
SPECIAL ATTENTION given to beginners during
regular session.
CLASS LESSONS given by Prof. Harrison, the LEAP
THE (JAP MAN and formerly floor manager Exposition
llink, Portland.
Admission Ladies Free. Hours Every night 8 to 10.
Gents 10 cents. Thursdays & Saturdays
Skates 25 cents. 2:80 to 5 p. m.
NOTE Nearly everybody, old as well as young, are
learning to skate, so don't put it off and regret it.
Special attention given to beginners for fancy and plain
skating. See Manager C. M. Thomas for terms.
ITnlied Btnlea Land Olllce, The Dalles, Oregon,
7.lune Ui, 19(7.
Notice In hereby given that In compliance
wlih the provlKlcmn of the art of CongreHg of
June 8, 18;H, entitled "An act for the Mile of
limber IhucIh In (he Blaten of California, Ore.
Kn, Nevada, and Washington Territory," an
rx'.endeo to all the I'ublic Land HluUja by act
of AugUHl 4, 1HW,
of Mount Hood, County of Wasco, Htate of
orwion' lianthlH day tiled In thia office hU
(worn atatement, No' 4!ltf, for the purchatteof
the Lota 8 and 4 ofHeetlon No 31. in Township
No, 1 Houih, Kanne No. 10 K.. W. M. and will
oiler proot to Hhow that the land aotiKhl la
more valuable for IU timber or stone than for
HKricultural purpose, and to establish his
claim lo said land before the Kegistet and Ke.
reiver at The Dalles, Oregon, on the Mil day
of January. 1WW.
He names as witnesses: W. H.Grlbble.of Mt.
Hood, Urcg-on, 1). R. Cooper, of Mt. Hood,
Oregon, W. H. KUick, of Mt. Hood, Oregon,
J. T. Cooper, of The Dalles, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversly the
above-described Minis are requested to file
their claims In this olllce on or before auld 81 Ii
day of January, l'.KMt.
H7.J-: C. W. MOO I UC, Register,
Ettimatet larnlihd en all kindiol work
Phon' A mold. Main .
Department of tho Interior, I.aml ofliee at
The Dalles, Oregon, .November 1.1, 1WI7.
Notice Is hereby given that
of Mosler. Oregon, has filed notice of his
intention to inaae final five year proof in sup
port of his claim, vi: Honiesteu 1 ent ry No.
iol.Ki, iiisile Dee. lfi, 1111, ror thoN'iNK!,K'-
SE'4 & NKiijHE'i ofHection 10, Township 1 N,
Range 11 K. W.M, and tliut said prool will bo
made before the Register d Receiver nt
The Dalles, Oregon, on Jnnimry llth, I'.KM.
He names the fiilliiwlng witnesses to prove
hts continuous resilience uf'ti and cultiva
tion of the land, viz: C. K. Diivldson, (Jardlna
(lodbersen, I. M. Thomas, John Armstrong,
all of Mosler, Oregon.
d5-JI C. W. MOORE, Register.
Department of the Interior, Land Ottlce at
The Dalles, Oregon, November lull, 1U07.
Notice la hereby given thut
of Hood River, Oregon, has filed notice of his
intention to make final commutation proof
In surport of his claim, vl: Homestead entry
No. iWM, made July :t, UWI, for the Hy,HE
ofHection $, and H'.iSW of Section 21, T'own
shlp 1 N, Kanueil, E., W. M., unci that said
roof will b- ' 'i t'li. before the Register and
Receiver ut The dalles, Oregon, ou January
;, limb.
He names the following witnesses to prove
hercontlnuoiiH residence upon, and cultiva
tion of, the land, vl?.: John West, Oeorge
D. Culbertson, Will Davis, John M. Culbert
son, all of Hood River. Oregon.
dft-Ji (!. W. MOORK, Register.
HAY FOIt HALE ffl7 per tou at barn. J. O.
Cameron, Duke's Valley. 2