The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 14, 1907, Page TWO, Image 2

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onfo SUurr (Blarirr
ImuiU Kvtiy Thumday bjr
ARTHIR D. MOE, Publisher.
Term of SuL iipuou-f I (0 a year
in f.rtvnr.ic.
When a gociJ jockey can earn $00,
UUO a 5 out, it in ttrnue that so uiauy
lightweights try to frl Into coDgrena.
. So tbe uavy Ij In (urobat "90, 000
gallons of oil. Wouder if tbe octupua
wouldn't be willing for ua to iedit
tbe price on that floe?
Ad Omaha editor asaeiU tbat Bryan
la weaker than be was in 18U6 and
1000. Tbe weakaeaa must be confined
to bia legi. tkeu, for bit luuga still
teem to be all right.
Ad Euglifb clentlat eaya tbat ex
cessive eating of piunea baa a tenden
cy to shorten lite and produce bald
ueea. And yet, the bald-beaded board
er la invariably tbe bappieet and mer
riest iu the lot.
A Ban Antonio piomoter baa ven
tured tbe rie Motion tbat tea yeara
bence there will be five thousand mil
lionaiiea Id Texas. In tbat case tbe
rest of tbe population will probably
be beaded tor.the poor boose.
A Virginia judge apologizes tor go
log to sleep while tbe attorneys were
arguing. It would seem to ua tbat tbe
attorneys ought to do the apologizing
when tbev can't even Intelsat tbe
judge who miiHt decide tbe issue.
"Tbe pure foud law ought to make
them state on tbe bottle bow many
headaches there are inside." sa.s the
Baltimore Sod. No use; very few peo
nle would believe tbe label ipoke tbe
truth either before or after taking.
Wouldn't there be a bowl if Uncle
Barn should advance tbe price of post
age stamps, on "account of tbe in
creased cost of living?" And yet it
la hard to tbink of any one whose liv
ing expenses have increased more rap
idly. "How meek and lowly a girl is dui
ing oouttshlp and bow strenuous af
ter marriage," remarked the New Ha
ven Leader; whereupon tbe Hartford
Post meanly callod attention to the
faot tbat tbe editor of the Leader was
just borne ftoip his honeymoon.
Ouoe more, tbe deadly olgarette hag
claimed a victim. At 'Julpurt, Miss.,
a colored man tied bia fishing line to
bis neck while be rolled a olgarette,
and a huge cat llab swallowed tbe
bait, got caught on tbe book and
jerked the llshermau Into tbe sea, to
perish miserably. Truth la indeed
stranger than any of Dr. Lung's na
ture storloa.
"We take clearing house oertlQ
cates" is a sign now to be seen in tbe
bow windows of almost every Port
luud business house. The financial
sky la clearing and there is every
prospect that two weeks more will see
conditions noruial.
In October oolouist tickets were
sold over tho Harrimau lines as fol
lows: To Portland 520, to points In
Oregon south of Portlaud, 301, Hood
Ulver 13, Tbe Dalles 13, Pendleton 11,
LaUrande IB, Baker City 14, Walla
Walla 30, Lewiston 15, balance scat
tering. The meeting of tbe Mosier Commer
cial club Saturday evening will be
well attended and a royal good time
will be bad. Hood Kiver should be
well repiesented, and quite a number
have expressed their intention of be
lug at the meeting. A delegation from
Portland, beaded by Tom KiohardsoD,
will be there, and the formal opening
of the new Mosier club will be
launched under the most favorable
auspioes. Tbat enterprising oomrouui
ty is up to the spirit of tbe times and
Is beginning to make good progress,
The Mosier valley is tbe oue plaoe In
Oregon where they raise apples "as
good as Hood Kiver."
Mr. JarksiHi FalrrUiua.
One of the mont charmioK vents
tbat ban tftkrn place in aome time was
enjoyed lat Wednexiny nicht rf Inst
week at the lon e of Mr. aud Mrs. K
K. Jarkion, heu a re.- licn wasgiv
en iu honor of IT. aud .Mrs. A. II
Latbion. Mi and Mr. Lath -ii.
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson oined their
beuutif ul bou.e for the flrt ti:ne
since it linn luri tnni k-teil cod acids
cannot adaauatelv exrrr s its beauty,
Tbe recettion ball, which la furoMied
in antique oak, alforded a beautiful
back ground for tlio tall green palms
and vaes of lovely pink cbrysutbe
Tbe parlor is finished In tbe eld oo
lonial stvle with the beams snowing.
and frcm each cornel of tbe square
was suspended a large electrio globe,
studded with ftar , which pave a most
delicate light and made tbe loom
sbine with beauty.
The tire place wu tilled with flowers
and palms und threw out a fragranoe
tbat was really delicious.
Mr. Jackkson, not having returned
from bis hunting trip Mrs. Jackson
bad '.o lie host and hostess combined,
aud certainly proved herself an excel
lent oue. Sho received In a charming
gown of crepe de chine over tBletta.
Mis. Latbrop worn a very liaiiclwome
gown of white pongee with lace, and
Miss May t.t)IIo hh c owned in a white
luce role over chillou.
Misses llradley and Ldgington
played a very charming duet, alter
which I'ror. urouse welcomed Dr.
Latbrop and family to liood Kiver in
behalf of tho church members.
.Mrs. Purkius welcomed them in bei
delightful manner lor tbe Ladies Aid
Miss Ida wrignt spoke veiy feeling
ly in behalf of t he Kn worth League at
tbe conclusion o( which Miss Alberta
Jackson chaiuied the audience witb a
sweet sonir, booouii uuied on the piano
by Miss r.dfclnitlou.
li K. LSiudiey g ive a si.ieudid ail
drees which was crammed full of good
wishes from the Sunday school.
liev. W, t. Oilmore, of the Congre
gational church, and gave a 'Jne
sp-ecb which was over Mowing with
wit aud good fueling.
liev. Nutley, of the liaptist church,
wbo has been here but a short time,
assured the doctor and bis family
that their lot IihiI fallen in pleasant
places, as liood Kiver was certainly
good to itr miuisters.
Miss Wright theu asked permission
to soy a tew words tot Mr. and Mrs.
Latbrop, which were certainly re
sponded to by thorn In a very pleasing
The doctor aud his wife were equal
to tbe occasion and each gave a
splendid talk which delighted their
Alter a piano sclo by Miss Wiedrick
tbe guosts bad a merry time getting
acquainted aud were served a very
delectable luncheon by the ladies who
assisted Mrs. Jackson in entertaining.
Several guiuos wore played and
longs sung and alter tilling Mis.
ackson that, they wishod sho would
give a reception every night everyone
went home happy, charmed with our
new residents.
Dastardly Outrage.
Saturday eveulug some miscreant
entered the bom of W. Mom inc. d ur
ns the absence nf the occupants and
smashed tip and slushed witb a knife
nearly everything In the house. Mrs.
blaming went down town after supper
to do some shopping and wbeu she re
turned utter eight o'clock discovered
tbe home in confusion. Dishes and
glassware wcto lnoken, a new sofa
slashed from one end to the other
with n knife, bureau drawers ran
sacked aud the contents torn and cut
to pieces, olothos cut and ruined, and
burdly a thing In the house left unin-
ured. A bottle uf em bolic add was
emptied on carpets and food lott iu
the bouse, und the fiend left a scene
of desolation in bis wuke before de
parting. . Marshal (.1 auger was noti
fied, and while suspicion points
strongly to the perpetrator of the
deed, he has not yet heeu apprehend
ed. It Is dourly an act of revenge,
and it is hoped the perpetrator will
be caught and dealt witb to the full
est extent ot tbe law.
The flnauoial stiuatlon is not hav
ing any appreciable eBeot upon Ilocd
Kiver. lluslness is going aloug about
ua usual. There is no uneasiness felt
as to any of our local banks, no with
drawal of deposltn, aud everybody Is
keeping a cool bead and not trying to
make trouble by foolish talk. Clear
ing bouse certificates are being circu
lated to a small extent, but not mauy
aie using them. Most of small ao
counts are being paid In cash, while
the bulk of the business Is being done
by oheoks on the local jbanks, which
are as good as gold. I he failure of
tbe Merchants National at Portland,
has not alfeoted Buy of the bauks
here, as none of them bad any depos
its with the bauk, nor weie any indl
viduals bere doing business with the
bauk. Firmer continue to bring in
apples and are being paid for them In
the usual manner.
Kut rlcan-l.ay ton.
. Herbert K. Kutrican and Miss Cur
rie Laytou were married at tbe resi
dence of tho bride's parents at Port
laud luosduy evening ut eight o'clock.
K. 11. llartwig was best man and Miss
Laytou, sister uf the bride, brides
maid. The happy couple left on the
evening train for Culifornii, where
they will spend a short honeymoon.
1'hey were accompanied by Mrs. D.
O. Kutrican and daughter, Ethel, aud
Mrs. 11. U. MoUulie aud son.
Xhosn present at the wedding from
Hood Kiver wore 11. C. McUulre and
family, li. M. Huxley and family, A.
C. Lender aud wlte, 10. 11. llartwig,
Honiei Ureene and Miss Paulson.
Site fur .Sen Fountain.
Tho new drinking fountain pur
chased through tho ett'orts of the la
dies cf the W. C. T. U. will be set up
at the corner of Uak aud Third
streets, Iu front of the new bauk
building of the Hood Kiver banking
St Trust Co.
While many think that it should be
placed ut the comer of Oak and Sec
ond, or somewhere on Second street
ou account of the greuter width ot
that street, yet the fountain will be
placed at the place designated by the
To Our Customers and Friends.
Wo have some gilt edge real estate
loan applications that will interest
you if you do.-uro In place funds on
eight poi cent interest fur a year or
lunger. First .National liana-.
Fine Apples Sent to the President.
President Koosevelt aud Attorney
Ueneral Knox will have good cause to
lonieiuber Oregou when tbey receive
the two boxes of big Hood Kiver au
pics that are to be shipped to them
this evening by Sealy, Masou & Co.
The fruit is ot tbe Winter tlanuna va
i lety, raised at the Vender hilt or
chard, near the town of Hood Kiver,
iOaoh apple avorages a pound iu
weight, and la ot tho rich, creamy
nolor of a ripe bauana. On opening
the box, an aroma as of pineapple
greots the beholder, and a rich per
me permeatts tbe room.
Tbe fruit was bought by a man who
is iu tbe oity from tbe national cap
1 tat, and wbo does not wish bia name
mentioned in connection with the
transaction. It is doubtful about the
distinguished recipients ever knowing
who tbe douor is, although tney win
be made fully aware where tbe apples
came from.
The brand of apples sent, retail In
New ' York at 35 cents apiece, aud
therefore taste too much of silver to
be found in the markets iu any
abundanoe. Telegram.
To Mr. aud Mrs. Carl Lsopold,
vomber 10, a girl.
Masonic Lodge Saturday Evening.
Iiegulur meet intf 'f Musculo Lodge
Sulurday evening. Work iu K. A. de
grte. Members requested to be pres
ent. Visiting brothers welcome.
A. 1) Moe, W. M.
Frank Chandler Has u passenger for
Portland yesterday on the local.
J. 1 liatcheldei made a business
trip to Portland yesterday afternoon,
K. Smith cunio up from Portlaud
Tuesday to look otter busiuess inter
C V. Koss returned yesterduy
morulug Ironi u Lusiuoss trip to. foit
iaud. ..
MlssStrykei, of l'orliaud, visited
friends In the city the fore part of the
Petor Schmidt, the btikor, has sent
his children to Portland to atteud
Deaoou Davidson is spending a
week at bis ti illy Megutdeu ranch
uear Bald Unite;
Mrs. Douglas; of Salem, arrived
Tuesday 'on a visit to her parents,
Mr. and Mrs J. Otteu.
I '0 ,?'! &i
ft j-",
i . i i -' . r.
Mcrs and Boys'
We li.ive t like as
Miiliiu'iit of Over-
route for
Boyn, of
Men il I. (I
and Worsteds for
$3.50, $4.50, $5.50,
$6.25, 58.00 and Up
Itaineotit of tin cel
ebrated PIMESTLY
Roods for $8.50 and
$14. Hays' overcoats
in all ages from two
years up, $2, 2.50, $3
and up.
The Paris Fair
The Store That Saves You Money
SPECIAL-Men's AH-Wool Sox 19c
Here is a special for Saturday .pid Monday that
ought to interest every man in tlV valley, this cold
weather. Heavy al l-wool so v ! i ; , . , re a bargain at
the regular price of 25 etc u pair. Special Saturday
and Monday, the p i!i- J00
Special-WcnV Heavy tt'?v:i
Wei! worth $1 u Suit
Soinei hing
reed Underwear
you will ap
preciate tliiH cold weather. SjM-ial, the garment,
Another Nice Lot of Blankets 7
and Comforters
Just in. Now is when you will apprecinte
them, too. u
Ladies' Furs.
Our line of moderately priced Furs is
without a rival in the city. It includes
Mink, Otter, Isabella Fox, Marten, Er
mine, Siberian Squirrel, Angoi;i, and
French Coney. We bought these away
under value and are selling them at the
same big saving. Call and look them
over, and compare them with anything in
the city from 10 to 50 higher and
you will find them their equal if not superior.
P. W. Annus rotnrned Yesterday
from a trip to Portland.
J. M. Sohmeltzer received word
yekteiday from County Uletk liolton
tbat legal papers were now being re
Etutuett Tompklua aud Cecil Hol-
inau returned the early part of tbe
week from eastern Oregon where tbey
were bunting wild geese.
Rev. Dr. Latbron will no to Port
end today to attend a convention of
be Uome Missionary societv. wbieh
will be in sesslou until November 2G.
Ex Gov. Oeer. ot tbe I'
Tribune, passed tbroueb on the loeul
yesterday foi Portlaud, and stepped
otr the tiain to shake bauds with
E. II. bbepard. R. 11. Wallace. J.
II. lieilbronner, J W. Wilson and A.
layue attended tbe banouet nf the
Poitland Commercial club Friday
The Ladles Aid societv of th M
E. churob will bold a inusinal at tbe
opera bouse Novembei 22d. Prepara
tions are being made for a fine enter
tainment, wbiob will be provided en
tirely by borne talent.
Mrs. Clara D. Waldo, wbo was bere
attending tbe Orange meoting, left for
roruano yesterday on account of the
failure of tbe Merobuots National
bank. Mrs. Waldo Is thti owner cf the
building In which tbe tank is situat
Mr. A. 1). CanBeld left today foi
Portland, where she will i isit trieud,
for a few weeks, and may conclude to
ipeud tb wiutni iu California.
Mrs. Waller Lovirni. of Bnowdnn.
taken to a Portland hospital yes
terday, sutferiug from typhoid
She was taken sick last week.
Several statements have come to us
from purchasers of the ''Carbon Sad
Irons" tbat the party selling them
reprenented himself as working in
conjunction with us, mainly for the
purpose of introducing tbe Ironsaiid
we would after that carry them in
Block, by him doing so and gaining
the confidence of the public and en
abling bira to make the sale.
In order todinpel any erroneous im
pressions almut the matter we wish
tostnte most emphaticaly that we
know nothing whatever about those
Irons, either before or after the sales
were made, except to the extent
that we premised to carry them in
stock upon tho solicitation of the
party selling them and the many re
quest! of our customers, ''Clark Coal"
wnich is the proper thing for beating
Clurk's Heaters and would probably
win k nil right in any other well con
structed instrument of that kind.
Yours truly,
Stewart Hardware & Furnitvrc Co.
Roller Skating Rink
Comfortably heated, Fine Floor, 250 pairs Winslow
Iiiimi L-K.... 1 oi i r ii r : ciL.;
i uiiiuua a iuci ttuu oteei ran wearing o&aieg.
SPECIAL ATTENTION given to begii
regular session.
CLASS LESSONS given by Prof. Harrison, the LEAP
THE GAP MAN and formerly floor manager Exposition
Rink, Portland.
Admission Ladies Free.
Gents. 10 cents.
Skates 25 cents.
Hours Every night 8 to 1 0.
lhursdays & Saturdays
2:30 to
o p. m.
NOTE Noaily. everybody, old as well as young, are
learning to skate, so don't put it off and regret it.
Antl-Cigaretto Law Told.
Spokane, Nov. 11 The anti-cigar
ette law, wbiob banished this kiud of
smoking material from tbe state of
Washington, waa declared void by
Judge E. II. Sullivuu, in tbe superior
oooit this morning, on the ground
tbat tbe title does not confoim to tbe
body of tbe act.
Royal Arch Chapter.
Regular meeting Friday evening,
Nov. 15. Work in tbe M. M. degree.
Members requested to te present.
Visiting companions welcome.
D. MoDonald, II. l.
Kor Hale-Hpan of 6-year-old black horses.
welKhlilOO pounds; flint class In everv re.
pert. At a bargain If taken at onco. A. H.
Hbel ley, Udell. d5
FOB HALE While pony, weight bout 700
lb which wm taken up about the first of
November, will be sold at my premises, one
mile east of liood River, on Saturday, Dec. 7,
at 10 o'clock a. m., u pay for feed and
charnei. V. V. Hickock. dr
FOR BALE CblckerlDg piano, nearly new.
inquire of John Lelaud Henderson. 0"
FOR SALE Edlaon Cylinder Home Phono,
graph with four doten records In good order.
Would exchange for fire wood or any old
uing. Apply at the Kockford Store Hood
Vice President
We Are Just as Attentive and Fair
In Our Dealings With the Small Depositor as with the
Larger One.
thing for you that you may be offered elsewhere, but
we do agree to so treat vou that you will respect us
for what we may have to refuse to do quite as much
as for what we do do.
Our Fire Proof Vault
Is equipped with safety deposit boxes, they are free
to customers; to others we make a charge of $5.00
per year for the smaller boxes and $7.50 for the
larger sizes. You are the holder of the keys, thus
securing absolute privacy,
We deserve to be favored with a share of your business.
FJKST, Because we have had seventeen years ex
perience in the bunking business, and our record is
strictly clean, which if you intrust your business to
us, insures your receiving intelligent and honest
SECOND, We own our banking building, having
spent a number of thousand dollars in building and
fitting up in modern banking room, of which a city
many times the size of Hood ItiAer might be justly
THIRD, we tire centrally and conveniently lo
cated. Our stock is held in Hood River, and we are
a HOME institution.
Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public " ' .
J. M. SCHMELTZER, Sec-Treaa.
Vice President
Hood River Land
Real Estate, Loans, insurance, Abstracts,
Collections, Conveyancing and Surveying
Uur abstract books are up to date in every particular and abstracts of
Hood River Valley probity in one of our specialties. Conveyancing and
Surveying given special attention. We represent four of the best Fire In
surance Companies having Agents in the City, arid will give you satisfaction
in the insurance line. .
A List of Some of Our Property for S u.le
V acrea, 2 miles S. W. of . Hood River. 10 acres of 1 and 2 year old
opple trees: acres of English Walnuts;-15 inches of water; no bnildings;
S.000; 13,600 cash, balance on time.
40 acrrs of wild land, $1000 worth of timber, 8 miles out, rough, well
watered ; $1500. ' r
320 acre of raw land, timber reserved, under irrigating ditnli, platted in
10-acr lota, 12 miles out, first class apple land, at $10,000.
40 acres IJ miles from Hood River, rolling, good orchard land, 3 acres
plowed, all fenced, good well, at $4000. . . .
100 acres 11 miles north of White Salmon, over twentv acres in orchard.
70 acres in timothy pasture, plenty of water, a first class fruit and dairy
ranch at $15,000.
2 houses and four lots, close In at $2600, $1200 cash, balance on time,
rents for $26 per month for the two houses.
Iloiue and lot In Blower addition, 5, rooms, plastered, City water, at
160 acresou the east side 12 miles out, 120 acres of brush, several springs,
a fine location to start an orchard, $4000. .
the rresitient oi trie company is city i-n
vevinir end civil engineering work f
all kinds.
an I is prepared to do sur-
Opinions given on titles.
KOK HAI.E Horse, chenn fur i-uah vimh
note or exchange for city lot. A. S. Mowers. 5
For Hale Will deliver 4-fnnt nuk irnnil m
B per cord; Id-Inch oak, S7.05 per cord. David
vmu, ruuue main 02. uU
For Sale Hnron oart anrl hvmc.oa
Rhodes, Paris Fair.
For H&lfr Ynnnr
R. F. D. No. 1.
pigs. Mrs.
ForBale-As I am Iravlnir limit im-or I
offer my house and three lots for siili . White
honse, north of Episcopal church. No. I.S7.
, Grace Wilcox, Cleone, Ore. if
ForSnle 17 acres of land ahoiit im r,i
litlf miles south of the O'dell store In Hood
River valley; five acres clenrel: about 200 m.
ple trees two and thrieyeurs old. All mod
land. Enquire of J. W. Jenkins, l'h one
Grocery store In Portland, dolne cash busi
ness, trade for Hood Kiver oronertv. Hot-
cm, imae lor t
m, Hood Kiver.
For Hale I.IVA nhwumnla r'hlni. 1
1.00. (ioldcns and Hi Ivers. Stl.00 each. Mr
G. H. Kobhlns, Route 1, Hood Kiver, Oregon.
ruuue farmer lw.
For sale 40 acres of Al fruit limit i.. .,.,..
of valley. Easv terms. Ilmu Hmi Ri..
Oregon. sawf '
FOR HALE- Elffhtv acres it lnnriT
ot flue fir timber, 12 aeres In apple orchard,
i years old this fall, and bore several hun
dred boxes of apples Northern Hdy, Bald
win and Winter Kd all inmr Vatir ! .,.,1
all under good fence; four flelds all In clover;
.....v. ...lllu iinuugu HiuHii uilcii t inonriis
In the vean no waste Innrt nr iwt
and no;tl)lon the land: can be plowed any
time In winter when not rutnimr ui,.r.
church aad school nearby, two miles from"
bslacada; railway; good plunk road; no b'lllrt.
lugs on lend: several million feet ol lumber
can be got out of trees. Water can he had by
J.'Jffi!? 20 fcet- W!" 8e" ,l,e wes for
12,6O0. C. H. Guttrtdge. Spring Water. Ore.
FOR HALE One hl.i-k mora 1.J in I't .An
old, weight, HO pounds; JIUO: One while
mare, Li years old, weighs from 1100 to 1-J00
S.; ff ,J"on-8ry '" 4 years old,
weight 1200 Rounds, nriw (tuti )
(mares), price H0 each. M. Uiinia's. Mt.Hcmd
FOR BALE New rax car not.
cut. Address Box 111, or call on
Elliott, Hood Kiver Heights.
Neve b ien
Mrs. 11. W.
FOR 8A1 E Good farm tea .u very reason
able If taken at once. Phono Farmer's 4 111. uSS
FOR SALE Kerkshlrontm. a in
old. G. W. Simons. Cranner 'district
FOR hrALE Household
man Young. '
Mrs. Nor-
Lost and Found
LOST Black r.nn hpturoon i,
and BChool house. Return to Sam Ulowera. d&
If 11
stock is all new, made this year, of correct designs, and best fabrics,
and every suit is a bargain at the low prices at which we i re offering
them. They all go Men's, Youths' and Boys' Suits-at greatly re
duced prices as long as they last. Every day is sales t!r?y. and every
Suit is a bargain. See them and price them before buying your Fall
Suit. - - . ;'VV,:,
Straved One l.rlnrfi. o.i
and one black and white heifer, all two.vHur.
'fnl? ,bra?1d?on right hip, left ear crop
ped and right ear split and underblt; bo h
steers and h unk .nA mv.i. " '
Reward ofiw perhead wll 'be ;
il.1g tne,m,,"P and notifying me. K. W.
Jochlnsen, No. 1, Hood Kiver, Ore? nU
River, to rere,mt 's"T. 'ZZZ l.
point on ctimmlssion basis. Page A Hon
Wholesale Fruit, Portland, oregou dr, '
WANTEDGood fresh, young cow, Call ou
R. H. Coshow, at the Toggery. n!
WANTKii-iun i . ir. r
Ch'rubethman. acres o. tana.
WANTEb A irond hnmoefoori tj,.h,...i..l.
ment, cheap. Address C ., care of The Ul,'i,
. I M
For Rent
FOR RF.NT-riirai.i,.H
at McDonald", more.
II. All-' III
FOK KENT.jir. !.. . -TT TT
.irouiwi ot ii,x predion. Oak HI. It
R. H. Coshow,
AUgus? H nd 0fflCe Tbe Da"es- 0reKn-
fir W "An ac l lo'r Z o
timber lands in ih aiu,.. ..r .,,.; ? . .. 1 1
gon. Nevada, and WashlugVon Terrirv "
No. p. "r" he "porch of 'the
l1 k. oi S-tl No. 84, IttowiihloKo
B"K o. II E.. W. M.. and will ..nU
guiles, uregon, on the 10th day ot
- H
bhe munes M witnesses, Charles E. I)avlit
abt?e darBiLBeri"ODf clal'"'lf dversly the.
th7lrcl.Z.b.h andare reJted u. Hl
Vay'oflu'irJ,06 " r befo"
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