The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 11, 1907, Page Four, Image 4

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Tbe many friend of li. T. Young
are clad to welcome hini home again
Mr. Vonne if able to walk a very . lew
fcteni with tbe aid fo crutch's but be
cause of a stoppage of a poitiou of tb
veins of one limb be uiuxt ote tbat
member vry eHrltijly in tba bope
tlmt by ao doing tl.e v Id remaining
in workimt ordnr may sraduallT ao
commodate themselves to tbe added
burden falling upon them.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wilson are
now at borne in Udell. Last Katuiday
evening tbe member of Kemp Lodge,
of wbiob Mr. Wilson la a member.
serenaded tbe yonng couple and were
invited in. introduced to tbe bride
mid treated to ciuara and candy. Mr.
Wilson baa many frieuda bere and
t hoy welcome bis wife and wish for
tbem a long, bappy and prosperous
Mr. and Mrs. Uyren Kodgers were
Portland visitors lunt week. Mrs.
Jiodgers will be remembered as Miss
i:tbel Wood, of Udell.
Mrs. i'nrguaoi) la bere from Astoria
vlstiiug her brother, M. Hawthorne.
Mis. Dunbar's sister is visiting ber,
Guy Taluiage, R. S. Shelley and
l.'alph Lewis were borne from tbeir
duties as forest iangera a few days
Just week.
Odull people celebrated tbe glorious
J'ourtb some at borne, others at Mood
ltiver and still others at Mt. Hood, in
the taoes ac Hood Klver, Denver and
Winnie Wilson woo tbe three-legged
race and Milton Itodgera tbe raoe for
boys under eight years of age.
L.1). linyed'a team met tbe auto on
llootb bill. A broken wagon and a few
scratches on one horse was tbe result.
It is with sorrow for our tneail car
rier, A. J. Frledley, and bis family,
we received the accidental death by
drowning of bis sou Willard. Tbe
young man whs drowned IhsI Hatur
day in tbe Sandy river at 'Iroutdule
nnd the body was recovered and
brought home Sunday and the funeral
held fiom tbe M. K. church in Hood
Klver Monday. Willard substituted
for his father ns carrier on route 1
and had many friends bere wboiegret
to hour of bis sudden and untimely
Hot. Troy Shelley prenobed to tbe
people of Udell Sunday n eermou that
was full of good thoughts.
Rev. Woods will preach at Udell
next Sunday.
Tbe C. K. held consecration meet
ing last Sunday evening. M, D.
Udell, loader.
The people of Mt. Hood could not
have wished for a more beautiful day
thon wag theirs to enjoy the Fourth
ot July. 1 Lie grovo was Ideal a .d a
liirgo crowd enjoyed it, many of
whom CHtno trniii Jong distances. All
ririotared tboy had u splendid time.
The plonlo lunch, with the barbecue
meat free to all, was quite an attrac
tion. It ia said that buibeoua meat
is delicious when properly cooked,
and K certainly was cooked well for
it wa delicious. Hie following pro
gram was enjoyed by all: Children's
chorus, "My Own United States."
Kncltation, "The ttitttlo of Manila
liny," Lura Miller. Heading of Deo
Juration, K. (J. Millur. Speech by Mr.
JUoBsoni which was very good and
tniioh appreciated, lioii, white and
blue drill, nine young ladies. After
the prog rum evury one enjoyed tbe
foot races and hoise races. Following
the racos was tho buna Jball game be
tween tbe boys and married men. Tbe
boys were victorious, tho score being
20 to 0. The dunce in the evening
proved a grand sucoosa. Tbe musio
was 'furnished by tbe Udoll orohestra
and a splendid oyster supper was
served. The expenses of the day were
made and a goodly sum remained.
The day of the 5tli found several on
the sick list, the most serious were
W. 8. Urlbble ami Mrs. 1). It. Cooper.
We are glad to lici.r tlicy are rapidly
Miss Nan Cooper and Mildiod loft
Portland Saturday ou their trip to
Jamestown to attend the exposition.
Mis. Will Kdiok went to Portland
Monday to visit her parents.
Mrs. Warron Cooper left July 5tb
to be with her huHljiiud on tbe range
for tbe rest of tbe summer.
Meanra. Charley Sbaw and Oliver
Antley have gone to eastern Oregon
to work In tbe harvest fields.
J. T. Cooper and family, of Tbe
Dalle, bave coma to Mt. Hood to
spend tbe summer.
Rev. Levi Jobnaon, of Pendleton,
beld cburcb services bere Sunday,
botb lo tbe morning and evening
His sermons weie enjoyed by all and
we each feel inspired to be better and
do bet tel.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Ilelme buried
tbeir lufant child Saturday Jane 2.
Our fourth of July plcnlo was a
great mooes and everyone seemed to
bave an enjoyable time.
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Tenold and
obildren are going to move this week
Irom tbeir borne on Norway Flat to
Rig White Salmon, wbeie Mr Tenold
intends to work in tie camp.
Mrs. Ed Underwood and obildren
and Mr. and Mrs. Pete Howell and
nephew retained Thursday evening
from Little White Salmon wbere tbey
have been camping and visiting Mrs.
Underwood's daughter, Mis. Tyrell,
for tbe patt week.
Mr. Haynes and family and Mr.
Cash and family are away on a camp
ing trip and we all bope for tbem a
successful return.
Our Sunday school seems to bave
lost some io number as there were
about 22 less tbe Sunday after tbe
Fourth than upon the previous Sun
Mrs. Margaret Wise died last Wed
nesday morning in Iront Lake of
consumption and was buried tbe af
ternoon of tbe Fourth In tb Under
wood cemeteiy.
Ora. tbe five v ar old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs Ira Rollaiid. died last
Saturday afternoon aud was taken to
M osier, Uregon, wbere she was buried
on Sunday.
Dr. Dumble was called over from
Hood River Sunday to see Mrs. C. K.
Lrsen who bas been very siok for
tho past week.
Tbe little son of Mr. and Mrs.
Mose Thornton was very badly bitten
in tbe face by a big dog. He was
taken to Hood River for treatment.
Henry Rolle, of Oregon City, made
flying trip to Underwood one dav
last week and we wonder what it all
Flagrant Disloyally.
The publicity committee ot the
Commerolal olub organized this
spring, bas made arangements to ex
pend 12000 or $11000 of the funds col-
ected from the merchants and others
about town, and results from the ad
vertising aie expected to roll in in a
short time.
The first oontraot that was made for
advertising was captured by D. K.
Magtnnls, a prince of smooth KDb-
raiius, who baa been trying unsuccess
fully for three or four yeais to lope
in a commercial organization some
where on a proposition to advertise
in a string of cheap and practically
unknown farm publications in tbe
cant. Mr, Maglnsis made hit first
killing bere, after be bad praotioally
hung up bis fiddle and gone out ot
Last week Seoretary Zuppman made
a contract with a Seattle engraving
house to print 50.000 Damnulet. 1
agreeing to pay tnerefor between f 1100
and C1200.
Local printing offices were not giv
en a chance to bid on tbe work, not
withstanding tbat anything that can
be piinted on a printing press can be
done in this city and done just as well
and as cheaply as In Seattle.
There baa been a good deal of com
ment about tbe letting ot this con
tract, most people who bave referred
to the mutter seeming to agree thet
advertising matter for a town of 10,
000 people bearing tbe imprint of an
outside printing house ia not just ex
aotly what is needed here. Yakima
tbe child to tbe ground, severely bit
ing him about tbe throat and face.
Tbe laceiatloos are of mob a 'nature
tbat it will practically be impossible
to sew them up; iu this case tba tad
will be badly distlguied for life. It ia
stated tbat tbe -log was never known
to bite before and that be was not
naturally vicioua animaL Tba dog
belonged to an ancle, Mike Thornton,
who immediately ordered him killed.
Mr.. Mosa lboroton brought bar
son to Hood River for medical treat
ment, and be ia now at tba boma ot
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Thornton. It
difficult to tell just what tba outcome
ot tbe oasa will he.
Fm Falling
Dog; Almost Kills Child.
Tbe seven year old sou of
Thornton, of Wblte Salmon, was bad
ly bitten by a dog last Sunday at tbe
Thornton lumber camp on tbe Wash
ington side. The lad was going from
tba roomimt house over to tbe mess
bouse, when tba dog sprang from bis
hiding place along tbe trail and threw
Scale and Aphis Abound.
Editor Forest Urove Times:
I spent three days lart week In tba
southeastern part of tba county look
ing over orchards. Found soma in
fair condition, but moat ot tbem In
bad shape. Some of tbem have not
been sprayed or pruned for yeaia and
are intested with all kinds of peats.
I be apple tingles, tba green, black
and wooly aphis. San Josa scale, tent
caterpillar, oodlio motb and xvlobor-
ous, besides fungal. With belD aoaroa
anu Dara io get at any price. 1 am
convinced that fruit growing should
become a specialty, to nenleet tba or
chard meana ruin to tba trait as wall
as tbe trees. Tbe pesta have been ex
tremely aotiva this year and unless
every one prunes and sprays tbeir
trees tbey had better out them down
yet i am aura tnt it wa will giva our
orchards tbe proper care we oan raise
first class fruit. The Han Josa scale
la tbe moat dangerous Dest wa have.
for unless we subdue it, it will kill tbe
trees iu a few years. It ia spreadinu
very rapidly and we slioud do all In
our power to keep it in check.
Wbile out 1 examined a furlt div
ing bouse and in tbe oracks In walla
and tloor ot tbe apple bouse there
were hundreds of oocoons of tbe cod
lin motb which bad left tor tba r.eai
by oicbarda to deposit tbeir eggs on
tbe young apples and I dare say that
very apple in those orobatda will
have worms In tbem. A little fore
thought aud they could all bave been
destroyed by dipping tbe boxes in bot
water when through with tbem.
Xhe apple are very numer
ous in some oiobards and unless
sprayed wltb keresone emulsion and
destroyed tbe second blood coming
out will not leave a greeu leaf on tbe
trees. 1 also find some of tbe sniav-
iug done for tbe San Jose scale bas
failed to kill tbem and that there are
enough live scale to oover tbe trees
by tall. 1 am aware tbat one spray-
ng will not kill tbe soale on old
mossy trees. Such trees should be
cut back and the moss and loose bark
soiaped otf so that every part of the
tree can be reaahed by tbe spray. Wa
should be careful to see tbe spray rua-
tei talis propel ly prepared and
plied or it will be a ft ilure.
We now have excess to tbe bulletins
published by tbe experiment station
at Corvallis und can get tbem by ask
ing for them, so we oan inform our-
lelves. There are but very tew or
chards in Washington county where
marketable fruit can be grown with
out spraying.
1 am satisfied that tbe best time to
spray for tbe San Jose scale Is as oou
as the trait is gathered in tbe fall as
the scale ia not yet coma to maturity
a .d is easily destroyed. By spring
the scale is thick and tbe moss has
grown over it making it bard to reach.
County Fruit Inspector.
Meets Untimely Death by Drowning.
The citizens of Hood River were
gratly shocked at the aunuouoement
of the drowning of Willard E. Fried
lov which renobed this city last Sat
urday afternoon from Troutdala. it
appears that there were several boat
loads of young men who staited up
the Sandy ( river from Troutdala to
take a bath on last Saturday after
noon and tbat tbe unfortunate young
man was a member of tbe company.
After tbey had anohored tbeir boats
they prepared themselves to swim
across the river at this point. Wil
I lard bad succeeded in swimming over
I hulf way across and when he started
I buck be discovered tbat he waa too
I weak to make the shore. When about
. 30 or 40 feet from shore ha oried three
. times, "U my Uod," and aa tbe last
I words fell from his lips he sank, nev
er to rise again. Parties were on the
spot Immediately to make search for
the body, however, it was nearly
three hours before tbe body was re
covered, and every effort kto reeuscl-
-. r -
It ;
Dr. of Opthalmology
When you notice such symptoms
as the following it is time you
had your eyes examined :
If you suffer from impaired vision, itching and
burning of the lids, head ache, styes, eve strain.
Spots or Specs Before the Eyes, in reading the letters run together
We Will Examine Your Eyes Without Drops or Probes
W;th over thirty years experience, graduated from three optical schools, we are
prepared to examine your eyes and give the glarses required. We have refitted a
new room and got as many instruments as any house in the West.
Thus cried the hair. And a
kind neijjhbor came to the res
cue with a bottle of Aver!
Hair Vigor. The hair vu
saved! This was because
Ayer's Hair Vigor Is a regular
hair medicine. Falling hair Is
caused by a germ, and this
medicine completely destroys
these germs. Then the healthy
scalp gives rich, healthy hair.
The b t kuid al a fstlwioriial
"loW lor otw sixty yaaia."
y J. C. Af tr Oo.
a a HaBl
Clem recrotu.
tata him provavd futile. 1 Many are of
tba opinion tbat tba vonne loan die.l
ot a bemnorhage as there waa no ev
idence otw atet on his lungs.
willard E. Kreldley was 18 years, 10
monine ana -i days or age. lba fun
eral services wore beld from the Meth
odist church in Hood Klver on Moo
day, Joly 8, 1907 at 2 p. ni. Rev. B.
w. Sbepard. of Michigan, pleached
tba funeral seimoa and interment was
made in Idlawilde cemetery nnder
tbe direction of 8. E. riartmesa, no
dei taker.
Willard was a member of tba Ad
vent cburcb, and was at Troutdal
tending the annual camp meeting at
tba time of hia death, lie was highly
respected by all who knew him, and
tbegrief atrioken family have the pro
fouudast sympthy ot tbe entira com
m unity In tba loss of tbeir loved one.
Will Hood River Be Represented!
Tba Portland Retail Qrooara asso
ciation plonio is seeming many new
features. Secretary Merrick ia bunt
lng for a couple wiling to be married
at tbe celebration of food purveyors at
Bonneville, July 17, and all expenses
of tba wedding are to be f upplied, be
sides, tba honor.
0. R. k Jl. Makes linprovemeatit.
Tba O. K. 4. N. Co., bas a large
crew of Greeks at work grading tbe
gronnda immediately south of tbe
passenger depot. Tbe top crust of
weeds and debris Is being removed,
and as soon as the ground oan be
smoothed off it will be seeded and
planted to flowers. Supeintendent
Campbell waa up from Portland this
wees ana gave tbe matter bla person
al attention. A concrete retaining
wan win oe Duui along tbe north
bank ot the ground, and tbe roadway
between tbe plat and the denot will be
oonaturoted of cement. Tbe stena
lending io ne mi. iiooa note! will al
so be of cement. At the east end of
tbe flower park tbe letters "Hood
tover" wiu appear In tbe grass plat.
j.uis improvement win add very ma
tetlally to tbe appearance of things
buoui ma onpoi, ana every oitizen in
Hood River will take a pride in this
new oraer or tnings.
The Smile
that won't come off, appears on baby's
inue auer one ixiuie oi Wlilte,s (Jream
vermiiuge, tne great worm medicine
Why not keep that smile on habv's fn
II you keep this medicine on hand, you
will never see anything else but amiles
on ins lace. Airs, o .black well. Ok a
writes: "My baby was peevish and fret
rui. would not eat and I feared he
would die. I used a bottle of White.s
vyivuui vuriuuug ana ne nai not had
Blckday since. Sold by Chas. N. Clarke
&mmm Cat
13 Why
What it
0 is Like?
Our La France Rose Cream
for chapped hands and rough .kin in the result of
careful study and experiment? in putting together
the best ingredients for making a successful and
thoroughly reliable toilet cream
La France Rose Cream
Sudden changes of temperature frequently cause
the face and hands to chap and the lips to become
dry and sore. A few applications of this lotion
promptly relieves all thisstopa the burning and
chapping, making the skin soft and yplvety.
bvety one owning land under the
East Fork lirlgatlng company's dltoh
(axe nonce.
Ibe company baa re-organizad and
is now ou a mutual plan. Tbey are
selling oapital stock at tbe par value
oi one bundred dollars per share.
Each share of stock carries a perpet
nai water right tor tbrea inohea of
water, provided stuck Is purchased on
or Deroro August 1st. 1907. After An
gost 1st until January 1st, 1908, all
stock purchased will carry a perpetual
water right tor two inobes of water
for each . share ot stock. So don't
make a mistake by letting Augnst 1st
pass wicnout a water rlaht. At least
aon't blame tbe oompany for not ad
vising you of the advance on that
date. We figure tbat the oomDanv will
praciioaiiy oe maae an DV Anaaat 1st.
and some will let the data pass and
depend on buying tbeir irrigating
water. Ana no aouDt tne oompany
will serve them as beat tbey oan from
tba individual stockholders surplus.
as some have anticipated their wants
and bought mora water than tbey can
use just now, so tbe oompany will try
to take oara ot this surplus by selling
to any applioant each year. But we
believe it will only be a abort time
until all stockholder! will use all water
tbey bave contracted for and tbe man
wbo buys from year to year will have
no assurance whatever.
Tbe sale of tbe oapital stock is nn
der tbe control ot tbe board of direc
tors and limited to five hundred
shares (and they are instructed by tbe
stockholders to stop aala of stock at
any time they deem expedient to the
best interests of tba oompany. ) For
any other information enquire of any
memoer or ine Doard ot directors,
namely: C. K. Bone, V. Wincbell, F.
11. Stanton. F. M. Jackson. J. 11. Pop.
ter, U. tt. Bowerman, Ed Miller.
uy oraer ot tbe board of directors.
C. R. Bone, oresldnnt.
Dated Saturday, May 11th, 1907. jy
Quick Relief For Asthma Suflerers.
roiey s nonev ana Tar attorda im
mediate relief to asthma sufferers in
the worst etages and if taken in time
will effect cure. Sold bv Chan. N.
DR. JONES, Dentist
Crown and Bridie Wort
Teeth Without PUtes.
Treatment of diseased teeth and gums.
Office Brosiua Building. Phone 1033.
Ladies' Oxfords
--Don't fail to see them
they are the
Pink of Perfection
Moderate in Price
High in Quality
in broken lots. You will
have to see to realize how
cheap you can buy
Men's Shirts,
Men's Underwear,
Ladies Walking and
Wool Skirts
Ladies' Neckwear
Our Line of Clothing
is of the Highest Standard of tail
oring, Newest Styles and Pat terns.
and when you purchase one of our
..Miller-Made Suits..
, you have the satisfaction
..of knowing you have..
35 suits of broken lines, sizes 33 to 38,
worth from $8.00 to $14.00
One-Third Off, or from $5.50 to $9.00 the Suit
To the ! People of
Hood River Valley
it is
vvniie wheat has advanced until
higher than it has been for a good many
years, we are still selling ali kinds of wheat
products at about 25 less than the Mill
ing Trust charged you before we started
up. We will meet any price made on same
qually of goods y any responsible concern
doing a legitimate business.
We are still headquarters for the best
rolled barley in town at right prices.
Hood River Milling Co.
Folger's Golden Gate
iny re? Daiunjj r owaer
UvZie Is tomposcd of the followinn
ingredients . and . none other:
i .-. ' -
Pure Cream Tartar and
Pure Bi-carbonate Soda
A. F0LGER & CO ''
San Francisco
To malffi rnnm fnr nm. rn 11 Mill: i
closing out all of our present stock at reduced prices
nats irom OU0 up. Call and see the b'arguins.
No. 1. Five acres 1 mile from town,
all Improved, in strawberries, poultry
yard, 4-room house and 2-year old or
chard of yellow Newtowns. Straw
berries are in perfect order and bear
first crop this year. Three inches
water right. Price $2,600.
No. 2. 24 acres one-half mile from
town, 15 acres in orchard one to five
years old and standard varieties. New
nouee of 8 rooms, new barn, ( an have
electric light in house and telephone,
free mail delivery. No waste ground,
all nnder cultivation. Water. Price
No. 3. Six acres close in, land all
cleared, very rich and readv for nlnnt.
ine;. No buildings, 5 inches of water
right. Price $3,000.
No. 4. Twelve acres 8 miles from town,
good soil, beautiful location, lies upon
Mt. Hood railway. Price $100 per
No. 5, Eight acres two aud one-half
miles out, 4 acres in orchard 2 years
out, standard varieties, 5 inches water
right, 2 acres strawberries, 4-room
house. Price $3,000.
No. 6. Fifteen acres short distance out.
No waste ground, all set to young or
chard of standard varieties. 11 inch
water right, 7 acrea strawberries.
Price $6,200.
No. 7. Sixteen acres two and one-half
miles out, all in orchard, 1 acre full
bearing balance 1 and 3 years old.
This ia a beuutiful place and in per
fect order. About 12 acres straw ber-
ries. Price $10,000.
No. 8. 68 acres on East Side, two and
one-half miles out. 30 3-year old ap
ple trees, 100 2-year old, all standard
varieties, aleo a dozen mixed varieties
for home use. Home waste land.
Price $3,000.
No. 9. Twenty acres unimproved land
nnr Pine Grove school house. Price
$110 per acre.
No. 10. Forty acres 6J miles out, all
under cultivation, 6 acres fall baring
orchard, aleo young orchard of yellow
Newtowns, 3 years old, 20 acres hay
land. Small fiuits, nice large house,
out buildings, etc. This is a very de-
' mrable tract, can be divided if pre
ferred. Price $15,000
Spencer Strikes Sand Bar. ; "
On the down triD Satnrria 'th.
steamer Spenoer - was - beaobed at
Washoogal and was not released ontll
8 o'clock Monday mornlnu
qoently ahe was not able to make her
regular trip on tbat dav. Th .tm
r Teal cam. op Monday and bandied
dot passengers ana freight. She was
released from ber prison Monday at
ternoon nnd went ito Portland. ShA
sain on tbe run mnkt ncr hot ain
20 Acre Snap:
, Twenty cres of good soil, mostly all
cleared, hftlf of it black loam end bal
ance clay loam; best kind of l.n.i
berries or orchard, and raises tine gar-1 Bnce of the weTk at the FashJoY XI'
- v kuvu r in i u vm inn iai ULumni nnnniM a( v f
in large or small'tracts.. Some very good
land at low prices at ! present. Good
growing community, Six miles east oF
Hood Kiver, Also homesteads and re
linquishments. Parties wishing to buy
will do well to write or see -
Mosier, Oregon
German Coach, Stallion
Monteur, the Imported Oldenburg
RWrnau " owmsd V !thr Hood
th. !I.Ch Horf ooNpaoy. will make
i J ,Un28 M ,0,l0W8: MniiV
Ki.iT02&T J& .each " Wm.
r Wednesday at Stanton'i
creek on Und. It lays adjoining one of
the best small orchards in Skamania
county. Price, $1800 for quick sale
terms on part. Address '
Wm. A. Burdick, Collins, Wash.
Wolnh nat.
?iuVu nc'0 August 1. Mon-
h"d8. h'Kh, ight 1,500 pounds, of
uperb style and confirmation: J31tf